Danai Gurira turned her co-star into boyfriend. Will marry soon?

We are showered by fantastic Hollywood movies presented by talented Hollywood actors. And we praise them saying many beautiful statements to them but when they are like single, unnecessary and unusual matters of gay immerses all over the world. It does not mean that they are gay just they might get only very less time of it. And while seeing the on-screen couple together off-screen, it is not less than the most adorable thing that the fans want from them. Let’s dig deep into the life of Danai Gurira who turned her co-star into boyfriend!!!

Is she dating her co-star or just a rumor?

Gurira is a successful personality when it comes to her career and has fans following her on every step of her life. But when you are a celebrity, you are often a victim of several rumors about your life and the same can be said about Gurira as she was rumored to have dated her co-star in “The Walking Dead”, Norman Reedus.

Therefore, now you might not know who she was linked with, but once back in 2015, the iconic Norman Reedus locked lips with Gurira while on the sets that prompted fans to assume if the two could be dating off-screen. Norman portrays the role as Daryl Dixon in the series.

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While Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) was interrogating his co-stars on how they feel being back for the 6th season of TWD, Norman kissed Gurira, and after the smooch, Michael asked Norman,

“Are you excited to be back, Norman?”

Norman replied,

“Now I am!”

Also, Gurira added,

“What a day! I love my job!” 

That prompted the fans to assume that the two were dating one another, but then again, the two never addressed the rumors and the expectations of the fans to see them as an off-screen couple.

Furthermore, in an episode of TWD Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) had an intimate encounter after the fans enjoyed them develop a strong friendship with one another.

Wonderful on-screen and off-screen chemistry

The chemistry they had on-screen led them to wonder if the two had something off-screen. But this curiosity of the fans was also not addressed by either the two, so the facts remain confined with the couple. However, everyone would also like to know if she is dating her boyfriend or is married to her husband.

The star, however, has not revealed anything about her love life and marital relationship which leads us to assume that she is just too busy with her thriving career and does not want any personal distractions in her life. Moreover, let’s just hope she reveals any critical information about her dating life in the days to come.

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Short Bio on Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira is an American actress who portrayed the fearless Michonne on the AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead. In 2013, she had a role in the film Mother of George. More bio…