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Creole may refer to:


  • Creole peoples, ethnic groups which originated from linguistic, cultural, and racial mixing between colonial-era emigrants from Europe with non-European peoples
  • Criollo people, the historic name of people of full or near full Spanish descent in Colonial Hispanic Americas and the Philippines.
  • Creole language, a language that originated as a mixed language. Many creole languages are known by their speakers as some variant of "creole", for example spelled Kriol.


  • Creole music, a genre of folk music in Louisiana, the United States

Performers and record labels[edit]


  • La créole, an 1875 opéra comique, with music by Jacques Offenbach
  • Creole (album), a 1998 album by David Murray released on the Justin Time label
  • "Creole" (song), a 2006 song from the album B'Day by Beyonce


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