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The Cast of Neighbours – Then and Now

With 33 seasons and over 7,000 episodes, Neighbours is without a doubt one of the longest running and most popular soap operas in television history. It was its fairly mainstream storylines and likable characters that made it become such a sensation. In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars today started their professional career on the successful Australian show. Let’s check out what some of the most memorable residents of Ramsay Street have been up to. After all it has been over 30 years since the show’s first episode aired in 1985 (and is still running today!)

Annie Jones – Then

The Adelaide born actress starred on the Australian soap opera as Jane Harris, however it wasn’t a smooth start for the aspiring actress. When she originally went in to audition for the role of Charlene Mitchell, she apparently wasn’t as successful as she had hoped, and the role ended up being played by Kylie Minogue. Her bad audition actually prompted her to be very persistent as she kept ringing the producers trying to get them to cast her for different role, and her hard work paid off as she was eventually cast as Jane Harris or “Plain Jane Superbrain.” Her first on screen debut was in July 1986.


Annie Jones – Now

Jones’ character as Jane Harris actually had some of the most interesting storylines revolving around the young girl who goes through a major makeover, going from the geeky and intelligent one to that of a heartbreaker, just to win the attention of Mike Young. Jones left the show in 1989, as she wanted to pursue other career opportunities. However she made a comeback during the 20th anniversary of the show, along with many of her ex co-stars. Since she left Neighbours, Annie’s career has taken off quite well and she went on to star in other tv shows such as Wentworth.


Kylie Minogue – Then

The famous actress turn singer started her acting career when she was just 11 years old, but it was being cast on the long-running Australian soap that won her her big breakthrough. Minogue was on the show for two years from 1986 to 1988, and although her time on the show wasn’t of the longest ones, she did appear in the most-watched scene in Australian tv history, where she married her on-screen co-star, Scott Robinson, a character played by Jason Donovan.


Kylie Minogue- Now

Kylie exited the show to pursue a singing career, leaving her feisty, tomboy character behind to become a music sensation. Her debut album was released in 1988 and since then she released 12 more. Kylie is definitely one of the most successful Australian talents, and among her many projects to date, appeared in the musical film Moulin Rouge, as the Green Fairy. Her successful and public battle with breast cancer had a very deep impact on young women. It’s hard to believe but it has been over 30 years since she first appeared on the Aussie show!


Liam HemsworthThen

The hunky actor is made his on-screen debut on the show in 2007 when he played Josh Taylor, Bridget Parker’s love interest. The two met during physiotherapy sessions, as an athletic paraplegic who offered her his support after her accident. Liam originally started when he was a guest star, however he ended up staying for more than a year. Liam actually followed in his big brother Luke’s footsteps, after he starred on the show. After he left the show he continued to star in a couple of television programs including Satisfaction.


Liam HemsworthNow

Like many other Australian actors who flew to Hollywood in order to try and pursue their career on the big screen, Liam’s breakthrough came when he played the role of Gale in the successful Hunger Games movie franchise. Liam is also famous for having a very public relationship with singer Miley Cyrus. Their on and off relationship as well as engagements have been a story of interest, and they seem to be very happy these days with their high profile lives.


Rachel Blakely – Then

Blakely was cat on the successful show after she was spotted by the casting director when she was featured on a magazine cover. She auditioned for the role of Gaby Willis, the beautiful and intelligent daughter of Doug and Pam Willis, who opens a clothing boutique in Erinsborough. Rachel Blakely was on the show for a little over two years from 1991 to 1994 and she later reprised her character when she appeared in the 20th anniversary episode of the show.


Rachel Blakely – Now

After Rachel left Neighbours, she continued to be in the acting world and appeared in small screen films and had other guest appearances. Some of the programs she was part of include, City Life, The Lost World and Blue Heelers. The 48 year old actress married actor Peter Craig in 1990 but the two divorced a few years later. She is now focusing her time on her family with partner, Sean Rigby and their two children


Paul Keane – Then

Paul Keane was one of the twelve original cast members to first appear on the successful soap opera. Te actor played the role of Des Clarke alongside his on screen wife, actress Elaine Smith. It was in fact actor, Stefan Dennis who first auditioned for the role of Des, however he ended up landing the role of Paul Robinson. Keane’s time of the show in many ways cost him his health as he couldn’t handle his sudden fame and as a result started to develop drug issues and depression. His character was written off the show in 1990.


Paul Keane – Now

Unlike his other famous co stars, after leaving show, Keane had to deal with his depression and drug problems for a very long time, a few years in fact. He did return in 2015 on the 30th anniversary special as one of the former stars. The special was titled Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite and millions of people across Australia and the U.K watched the epic episode with their favorite stars of all time.


Elaine Smith – Then

When Elaine Smith went in to audition for the show, she came for a guest appearance, however it was her short hair and somewhat ‘scandalous’ image that won the producers and a casting directors’ hearts that they decided they want her as a regular. Smith landed the role of Daphne Clarke, Des’s wife, and she was actually the first regular character that died after she was killed of by the writers.


Elaine Smith – Now

After Smith’s character was killed off in 1988, the actress continued to appear in other television shows like the famous Home and Away and Sons and Daughters. She also appeared inThe Flying Doctors and All Saints in 2006. Elaine actually had a major career change when she went back to University to earn a teaching degree and now she’s a Drama teacher in primary school. She can definitely share from her professional experience along the years.


Dan Falzon – Then

When Falzon was cast to play the character of Rick Alessi, he was amongst some of the youngest cast members to be cast on the show as he hadn’t even turned 18. Besides Neighbours, he was also in the drama show, The Alice where he played a park ranger. His character first appeared on the show in 1992 and was introduced as part of the Alessi family, a new gang that arrived in Ramsay Street after many of the regulars left the show.


Dan Falzon – Now

Dan Falzon remained on the show until March 1995, and soon after he continued in a whole different direction. He had a small sting in the music industry when he founded with his brother Milk, a pop group that didn’t do so well. These days, Falzon s busy with running his Earth Sanctuary where he teaches visitors about the importance of ecotourism as well as serving as an ambulance paramedic in Alice Springs.


Guy Pearce – Then

Before he became a big Hollywood star, Pearce played the role of Mike Young when he made his first appearance in January, 1986. His character’s storyline evolved around him being abused by his own father, becoming friends with Charlene Mitchell, who was played by Kylie Minogue and having a relationship with Jane Harris. Surprisingly enough, before he landed his unforgettable role on the soap opera, Pearce started his acting career in films, where it’s usually the other way around.

guy pearce Neighbours

Guy Pearce – Now

Needless to say that Pearce’s career took off incredibly and he is now playing in the big leagues with numerous Hollywood films up his belt. He has starred in films such as LA Confidential, The King’s Speech, Iron Man 3, The Rover and is also the lead actor in the Australian tv film series, Jack Irish. In 1997 Pearce married his long time childhood girlfriend, Kate Mestitz, however the two divorced after 18 years of marriage. He recently had a child with his girlfriend, Carice van Houten.


Alan Dale – Then

The New Zealand born actor was also one of the twelve original cast members on the show. He wasn’t the original actor who was cast to play the role of Jim Robinson, but he eventually landed one of the most prominent jobs in his acting career. Interestingly enough, when Dale was offered to play Jim Robinson, he was enchanted by the character’s storyline and even felt that it reminded him of his own life. Dale ended up appearing in 1,064 episodes in total throughout his time on the show!


Alan Dale – Now

When Dale retired from Neighbours in 1993, Dale had struggled landing different roles in Australia due to his long time typecast as Jim Robinson. In 2000 he relocated to the U.S, which was a very smart career move on his part as he landed many roles, especially in television. He starred on the O.C, Ugly Betty and had other guest roles in shows such as Lost, The West Wing, Entourage, 24 and more. The 69 year old looks better than ever.


Scott Michaelson – Then

The good looking actor was cast on Neighbours as Brad Willis and made his first on screen appearance in 1989. He wasn’t actually the original. ‘Brad Willis’ as his character had already been played by actor, Benjamin Mitchell. This type of ‘role recycling’ is very typical to soap operas. When Scott Michaelson took over the role two later, he came back after he was said to be leaving to pursue a basketball career in the U.S when he earned a scholarship. His character changed from being a pro basketball player to a surfer


Scott Michaelson – Now

After Michaelson left the show in 1993, he didn’t really continue acting and he turned to the business world. He even managed at one point his ex co star and singer, Holly Vance. The 48 actor went on to appear on Shortland Street, a television show from new Zealand and he also made appearances on The New Adventures of Flipper and Sabrina, Down Under, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Paradise Beach.


Kym Valentine – Then

The Sydney born and raised actress began her acting professional career at the young age of three when she was a dancer. At the age of five she landed her first commercial gigs and acted in a several stage plays. When she was 17, she was cast as Libby Kennedy, the daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy. She stayed for ten years on the show from 1994 to 2004, then took a break, returned briefly in 2005 and then again in 2007. Her latest return to Neighbours was in 2014.


Kym Valentine – Now

Besides her on and off recurring appearance in the show, Valentine landed the lead role on the stage production of Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story back in 2005, and later reprised her role when the production was relocated to London. She also appeared on Nine Network’s Fat Tony & Co playing a housewife. After being married once, Valentine and her partner, former AFL player, Trent Croad gave birth to their son, Phoenix in 2016.


Dan Paris – Then

Paris landed his role as Drew Kirk when he attended his first ever audition. The actor was born in Western Australia, and in the 80’s he moved with his family from Perth to Esperance, a town alongs the coast where he also lives these days with his family. Paris’s appearance as his character of Andrew ‘Drew’ Kirk was in March, 1998. His character evolved around him being the nice country boy from Oakey.


Dan Paris – Now

Paris decided to depart Neighours in 2002 after being on the show for four years, to try and pursue other projects and his the writers decided to kill off his character, making his last appearance take place on September 13, 2002. He did have an X-Files type of return on the show when he later appeared in Stephanie Scully’s dreams. His passion for sports took off when he competed in a numerous triathlons and between 1990 and 1994 he was hitting waves as a Surf Lifesaver.


Kimberley Davies – Then

The blonde bombshell was on the show from 1993 to 1996 when she played the role of Annalise Hartman. Her character was often portrayed a having a conspiring personality and the storylines that evolved around her character included being a plane crash survivor, having a cancer scare and being left at the alter on the day of her wedding. Davies was actually spotted when she was out one time with her boyfriend at the time, Neigbours actor, Scott Michaelson and the producers offered her the role of Annalise.


Kimberley Davies – Now

Davies left the show in 1996 to pursue other challenges and returned to appear on the show’s 20th anniversary special alongside her former co stars. Kimberley, who is 43 years, is mostly spending her time with her family. She married Jason Harvey, a model turn doctor, and they have three children together named Isabella, Josh and Ashton.


Anne Charleston – Then

Before playing the Ramsay family’s main matriarch, Charleston rose to fame in the seventies when she took on many different guest roles on different shows such as Homicide, Division 4 Hunter and Ryan in 1973. She also had roles in other soap operas such as Bellbird and Class of ’75. Before her role of Madge Bishop, she was a regular on Possession, but the show was eventually cancelled. Not long after, Charleston was cast as Madge Mitchell in Neighbours.


Anne Charleston – Now

Charleston had on and off appearances on the show, when she first stayed from 1986 to 1992, then came back in 1996 for five years until her character was killed of. Her character died of pancreatic cancer, leaving many fans extremely sad. She did however reprised her role on the show’s 30th anniversary special in 2015. Charleston stayed in the entertainment business when she was part of the stage production of Calendar Girls and later even appeared as a contestant on BBC’s Celebrity Masterchef.


Jesse Spencer – Then

The blonde hunk started his professional acting career when he was cast to play Billy Kennedy on the Australian soap opera. His first appearance was in 1994 when his character arrived with his family, the Kennedys. They were a family of five who moved into Ramsay Street number 28. Spencer played the role of Billy Kennedy for six years, and became a mega sensation and was very popular among teen girls.


Jesse Spencer – Now

Besides his role in Neighbours, Spencer without a doubt landed his second prominent role when he was cast as Dr. Robert Chase on the hit medical drama, House. He played on the show the entire time it was running alongside Hugh Laurie and actress Jennifer Morrison, whom he was also engaged when they were on a romantic vacation in Paris in 2006. However, the two called off their engagement in 2007.


Brooke Satchwell – Then

Before successfully landing the role of Anne Wilkinson, Satchwell was a model who started her acting career in 1994 when she was cast to appear in a few commercials, including Just Jeans. When the aspiring tale t decided she wanted to make a deeper step in the show business, she got herself an agent who helped her land an audition for the popular soap opera. Brooke Satchwell first appeared as Anne Wilkinson on November 19, 1996 and her final appearance took place in 2000.


Brooke Satchwell – Now

Brooke’s film breakthrough was in 2008 when she was cast in Subdivision, landing the lead role. The beauty became a regular on the comedy show, Dirty Laundry Live, a celebrity gossip segment. She had a high profile five year relationship with Matthew Newton which came to an end in 2006. In 2008 she rose in the news again under unfortunate circumstances when she was present in the building where the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks took place.


Fiona Corke – Then

Fiona Corke actually started her acting career when had some minor roles including a role in I Live with Me Dad began her career with a minor role in the film ‘I Live with Me Dad’ and later in 1986 in Prisoner Cell Block. It wasn’t until 1987 that she joined the memorable cast of Neighbours when she played Gail Robinson until 1989. After she left the show in 1989, she returned to make a few more appearances the following years.


Fiona Corke – Now

Corke took an entire different turn in terms of her professional career. She didn’t really stay in the show business and is now focusing her career as a wildlife activist campaigning for different causes such as saving the endangered species. Corke is happily married to hubby and fellow actor Nick Carrafa. In 2009, her short film, Wounded was selected for the St. Kilda Film Festival, a film she not only wrote but also produced.


Russell Crowe – Then

Yup, the Gladiator star and the multi awarded actor and Oscar winner, made some of his first professional steps in the soap opera when he appeared in four episodes in 1987. With his edgy mullet, Crowe played the role of Kenny Larkin, an ex-convict who was friends with Henry Ramsay. He definitely stirred things up in Ramsay Street until a series of incidents made him leave Erinsborough and never return.


Russell Crowe – Now

Russell Crowe is one of the most successful actors to have left the land down under to make it big time in Hollywood. After his minor role on the soap opera, Crowe moved to the U.S and from there the rest is history. His role as Gladiator won him several awards as well as an Academy Award for Best Actor. Some of his other famous films include L.A. Confidential, Cinderella Man, American Gangster and his latest film, The Nice Guys.


Margot Robbie – Then

The stunning actress whom we all know from when she played alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, was actually cast on Neighbours to play the role of Donna Freedman from 2008 until 2011. When she was first cast she was supposed to be the stalker of musician, Ty Harper, however she soon became a regular on the show and due to her role she was even nominated twice for a Logie Award.


Margot Robbie – Now

Since her big break on Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and the success of the film, the beauty hasn’t stopped and she has appeared in many films as well as television shows. She even hosted an episode on Saturday Night Live in 2016. Margot recently married her boyfriend of two years in a private and beautiful ceremony in Byron Bay, where she was surrounded by only 50 close guests looking gorgeous in an Oscar De La Renta bohemian dress.


Chris HemsworthThen

Just like his other two brothers, the Aussie hunk had a minor role on the soap opera when he appeared as Jamie Kane for only one episode in 2002. He appeared on the show five years after Liam was in it playing Josh Taylor. His short-lived character was featured working with Steph Scully at a garage. You could say that Hemsworth’s career took off massively since then but before he became a big Hollywood star he was part of the cast of Home and Away playing Kim Hyde, and was a contestant on Australia’s Dancing With The Stars.


Chris HemsworthNow

Chris Hemsworth became a very successful Hollywood star when he played in famous films such as The Avengers series, Rush, Ghostbusters and more. He met his future wife, Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky in the beginning of 2010 and by the end of that year, they tied the knot. The have three children, a daughter and twin sons and while they first resided in Los Angeles, the Hemsworth family moved to Byron Bay where they now happily live.


Stefan Dennis – Then

Stefan played the role of Paul Robinson on the show, from the very first episode all the way through to today. Stefan took a break from playing Paul back in 1993 but has since returned to the show. Stefan had a hit song back in 1989, Don’t It Make You Feel Good, which he is also very much remembered for. Stefan has said to always be interested in music and acting, from a very early age. It seems as though his dreams weren’t for nothing, he managed to really land a role of a lifetime.


Stefan Dennis – Now

Since the beginning of Neighbours, Stefan has been linked to the show even when he was off it. His name and that of Paul Robinson have become synonymous with one another. Stefan is now a happily married man with three children. As we said, he currently still plays the role of Paul, although he did take two breaks in between 1985 and today to pursue other projects and passions that he has.


Jason Donovan – Then

Jason landed the role of Scott Robinson on Neighbours in 1988. Jason replaced actor Darius Perkins, who played the role of Scott for the first year of its appearance. Jason was on the show from 1986 to 1989 and was the love interest for Kylie Minogue’s character, Charlene Mitchell. As with all television soap operas, the lovers had a tumultuous relationship, but they sure did make a good looking couple!


Jason Donovan – Now

Jason decided to go with his heart and move on from acting into the music world. In 1988, while still on Neighbours, he signed with a record label to produce his own music; a move that Kylie Minogue also did. His first single, Nothing Can Divide Us, which was released in 1988 made it to the top five on the UK charts. These days, Jason is busy making more music and  being a father to his three children.


Jackie Woodburne – Then

Jackie has been a part of the Neighbours cast since 1994. She plays the role of Susan Kennedy. Jackie’s character has been a part of several health issues on the show, keeping it as interesting as the writers can with the long-running series. Susan Kennedy has been involved in surrogacy, amnesia, and a battle with MS. If this were real life we would feel sorry for the woman, luckily this is all fictional!


Jackie Woodburne – Now

Jackie is still playing the role of Susan today. She is officially the longest running female character on the show. She has been nominated for a Soap Opera award at the international Rose d’Or television festival for her role as Susan. Jackie is also a narrator for an audio series, as well as participated in the documentary about the soap opera, Neighbours, celebrating it’s 30th anniversary.


Janet Andrewartha – Then

Janet played the role of Lyn Scully on Neighbours since 1999. Like many of the actors and characters on the soap, she was on the show consecutively until 2006, wreaking havoc on the dramatic show, along with the other members of the cast. She decided to take a break from the show in order to spend more time with her family.


Janet Andrewartha – Now

Since her break from Neighbours in 2006, Janet has spent a lot of time with her daughter and pursuing her own personal projects. Janet has made a few appearances on the show in 2011 and most recently returned full time as Lyn Scully. We guess it’s true what they say, you can take the girl out of the soap, but not the soap out of the girl.


Craig McLachlan – Then

Craig landed the role of Henry Ramsay on Neighbours. He played the role from 1987 to 1989. Henry was a the joker character on the show, always making a fool of himself and trying his hand in off the books business deals and money making ventures. During his brief stint on the show, Craig won three Logie Awards for his portrayal of Henry.


Craig McLachlan – Now

Like other actors on the show, Craig also went into music. He released three albums in the 1990s, and reached mediocre success with his music. His acting continued to keep his name in the papers. He has been in films all throughout his career, most recently appearing in a 2016 film, Restoration. We have to say though, the cast of this show is unusually well preserved!


Caitlyn Stasey – Then

Caitlyn played the role of Rachel Kinski from 2005 to 2009. Her role was a little more saucy than the rest, as she continuously had issues with parents and figures of authority, as well as a questionable romance with a much older man. In 2009, Caitlyn decided to quit the show to focus on her schooling, so writers wrote her off the show accordingly.


Caitlyn Stasey – Now

After Neighbours, Caitlyn went on to star in a very successful Australian film called, Tomorrow, When the War Began – this is what most people consider to be Caitlyn’s breakout role. Caitlyn has broken out of the Australian continent with her two year role as Lady Kenna on the American show, Reign. She is currently working on other projects but are all based in the United States.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 19: Actress Caitlin Stasey arrives at the CBS Summer Soiree at The London West Hollywood on May 19, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Holly Valance – Then

From 1999 through 2002, Holly played the role of Felicity Scully on Neighbours. The stunning blonde, a native of Australia (naturally) was all about the drama! Felicity Scully manages to change relationship status faster than her clothes on the show, and for being on Ramsay Street for only three years, she has gone through a very dense love life change.


Holly Valance – Now

Since her Neighbours days, Holly has also gone into music, winning over fans and hearts with her two studio albums. Holly is now married to Nick Candy, and continues to work both on her music, as well as her continued acting career. In 2005, Holly made a guest appearance on Neighbours’ 20th anniversary episode.


Carla Bonner – Then

There was something about 1999, many of those characters were the ones to truly leave a mark on Ramsay Street. Carla Bonner played the role of Stephanie Scully from 1999 to 2010. She has since returned to the show in 2012 and permanently in 2015. The character of Stephanie goes through many hardships in the show, from being a step-mom, to battling breast cancer and surviving a stabbing. Woah!


Carla Bonner – Now

Carla is still on Neighbours. It’s amazing how long the show has been on the air. Carla reprised her role as Stephanie in 2015 and is being written into a same-sex relationship! We love how modern the soap opera is, keeping up with the times is very important these days. Carla, other than changing her hair color, looks pretty much the same as she did 15 years ago. Something in the water over there!


Madeleine West – Then

Madeleine, in a sheer stroke of luck, landed the role of Dee Bliss three days after landing an acting agent. She ended up being cast in the main cast after only a few episodes as Dee Bliss due to the fact that many loved her character. Madeleine played Dee from 2000 to 2003.


Madeleine West – Now

Most recently, as in the last month or so, Madeleine has actually returned to Neighbours! The now mother of six, yes, SIX children, is as gorgeous as ever and as committed to her acting as she was in the very beginning. Over the years she has been in shows like, Underbelly, and Winners & Losers. In 2016, West published her first book, Six Under Eight, about her life as a mother of six children.


Ian Smith – Then

Ian has been on Neighbours four separate stints. Ian plays the role of Harold Bishop on the show, who was a stock broker. Ian played the role of Harold from 1987 to 1991, again in 1996 to 2009, 2011, and most recently in 2015. He is one of the longest running characters on the show, critics seem to really like him and his influence on the rest of the characters.


Ian Smith – Now

Between the off and on he has been doing on Neighbours, and since his last stint on the show, Ian has been a prominent figure on Australian television. He has been on many talk and reality shows, including the 30th anniversary documentary for Neighbours.


Eve Morey – Then

Eve has been a part of the Neighbours cast since 2009. While relatively new, Eve is one of the purer souls on the show. Playing the character of Sonya Mitchell, a dog trainer, she quickly became a part of the main cast. Sonya lives on 30 Ramsay Street along the other ‘neighbours’ on Ramsay Street.


Eve Morey – Now

Eve is still playing the role of Sonya, fans and critics love her on the show and it seems as though she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In 2015, Eve married boyfriend, Jonathon Dutton and in 2016 the two welcomed a baby together.


Josef Brown – Then

Josef, good looking and sweet Josef, has been on Neighbours since 2013 until 2015 and once again in 2016. Josef played the role of Matt Turner, the local police officer and head of the Turner family. There is, just like in any soap opera, a lot of familial drama with wife Lauren and his children. There was a corruption charge on the officer too!


Josef Brown – Now

Josef, in addition to being an actor, is also a dancer and choreographer. He is married to fellow dancer,Katherine Griffiths, and has two children with her. His character of Sergeant Matt Turner was killed off the show but managed to come back in 2016 postmortem in an interesting plot twist.


Sam Clark – Then

Fro 2007 to 2010, Sam Clark played the role of Ringo Brown on Neighbours. He played the love interest for Margot Robbie’s character, Donna Freedman. He landed his role by winning a competition given by Dolly. He got a three month contract to be on the show and continued on thanks to his acting skills and the fan’s approval of his character.


Sam Clark – Now

Post-Neighbours, Sam is has been on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Mental, and Grease: Live – all located in Australia. The 29-year-old is focused on his music career in addition to his acting gigs. His album, Take Me Home, was released before he was on Neighbours but has made a comeback in recent years.


Peter O’Brien – Then

Peter was on Neighbours from 1985 to 1987 in the role of Shane Ramsay. Peter was in 290 episodes in those two years, a very respectable amount considering the size of the cast. The character of Shane was training to he an Olympic swimmer, as well as enduring not one but two car accidents while on the show. His relationship with Daphne Lawrence was one major storyline fans particularly liked.


Peter O’Brien – Now

Since his short time on Neighbours, Peter has sent his acting career into double-time with his roles in television and films in Australia and later in the United States. He has landed roles in hit shows like Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, and 30 Seconds. He has been in films like, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, alongside fellow Ausie, Hugh Jackman, as well as Rogue Nation.


Natalie Imbruglia – Then

The gorgeous Australian actress turn singer made her Neighbours debut in 1992 and she was on the show for only one year. She played the role of Beth Brennan who eventually married Brad Willis on the show in 1993 before she left. Her character did come back for a brief stint in 1994. She must have been completely Torn when her first relationship on the show ended up pretty badly before she met Willis. A few years after she left the show, Imbruglia turned to music career.


Natalie Imbruglia – Now

After Neighbours, Imbruglia has become a big music sensation in and outside of Australia and one of her most famous hits is ‘Torn’ which was one of the most played songs on Australian radio. She has released several successful albums and continued to eye to the acting world when she starred in films such as Johnny English and Closed for Winter. She was joined as a judge on The X-Factor Australia and appeared as a guest star on the U.K version of the musical reality show. Imbruglia divorced her then husband of three years, Daniel Johns in 2008 and she never remarried since.