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Let's talk about Star Wars: Empire at War and Forces of Corruption


Let's talk about Star Wars: Empire at War and Forces of Corruption

I've spend most of my time today playing Star Wars: Empire at War and the expansion Forces of Corruption again after 2 years.

Not many talk about this RTS anymore and I thought it would be time we have a chat about it!

As a Star Wars fan myself Empire at War has everything I wanted from a RTS. The most fun I've had was in Galactic Conquest mode and a build massive fleet of Star Destroyers.

The ground aspect of the game is a mixed bag personally. It isn't as much fun as space battles, but depending on the map and mood I enjoyed it.

Sadly the game story isn't canon anymore, including the expansion Forces of Corruption, which centered around Tyber Zann.

What did you enjoy about EaW? Let's discuss it here in /r/games

For those interested, here is the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/32470/ The game is also available on GoG.

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I freaking love Empire at war, and I still play now and again.

That being said, the land based portions of the game isn't very good, the FOC expansion was incredibly unbalanced, Enemy AI spammed defilers like there's no tomorrow, and neither the rebel faction or Zann could match the Empires super star destroyer, and the Death star was (understandably) Game breakingly OP

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28 points · 4 years ago

Which is where the modding scene comes into play

From the clone wars, to Halo, the skirmishes for the game have been made better for everyone's tastes

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The only one that could match the superstar destroyer was the rebel dildo bombers cheese that they send in like 50 waves . Though in campaign they only have that one fleet.

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Yeh I got the feeling every battle didn't matter if you chose the empire and just smashed through any space defense and just bombed the planet. They where just WAY to strong in space combat.

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45 points · 4 years ago · edited 4 years ago

Does anyone have any love for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds?

Ahh, sweet memories...

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Best thing: Star Wars AOE2 Worst thing: Star Wars AOE2

If that's what you wanted, you were going to be happy camper. If not, tough luck.

Thankfully, that's exactly what 12 year old me wanted.

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I recently bought it on GOG... All I can say is I hope they do a HD version a la AOE2, given the engine and all. It hasn't aged well.

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7 points · 4 years ago

That is one of my favorite games ever. A very underrated Star Wars title.

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How about Force Commander? Honestly the only thing I remember about the game is the Imperial March remixes released to hype it.

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24 points · 4 years ago

Alright this is the perfect thread actually since I've spent the past year playing this game very intensely and I spent a good majority of my childhood playing both the base game and it's expansion.

The main appeal to me as a kid was just the ability to control and use the awesome ships we see in the star wars movies. The game just captivated me as a kid and seemed to be perfect. That was me as a kid, however.

Playing the base game now is just not as fun as I remembered it. The vanilla game seemed so shallow and didn't have much going for it. The campaign was alright but seemed to not have any real major highlights, the skirmishes are kinda boring and the same with the galactic conquest, which is really where you will spend most of your time. The ground combat is an awful experience and seems to take away from the real meat of the game which is the space combat.

The expansion added a lot of cool stuff but also seemed to break the game. While the base game was kind of bland, it seemed balanced enough to not give me as a child any real problems. The expansion on the other hand, added a new faction that was really just too powerful. The units and special abilities the Consortium had, made them annoying to fight and easy to win with. The expansion, however, turned out to the saving grace for the game.

after getting tired of the base game and it's expansion, I started to look for new ways to enjoy the game. This lead me to find one of the greatest, most dedicated modding communities I had ever seen. The amount of mods for the expansion are astonishing. There's mods that add new units, new factions, new maps, pretty much anything you could ask for.

That's what my fondest memories of this game are. The modding community is the life blood of this game. I've spent the last year playing different mods for this game on my youtube channel, and I've been having such a great time. The game isn't a deep RTS and it doesn't have any really complicated aspects to it, but it does give you a chance to just play around with some of the amazing ships and weapons in the star wars expanded universe.

If I had to recommend some mods for this game, I'd recommend Thrawn's Revenge, and Absolute Corruption Mod. Thrawn's Revenge is to me the most interesting mod I've seen so far for this game. It's like the sequel we never got. It adds in a veriery of different factions, units and a new time progession system into the Galactic Conquest that makes it much more interesting. It takes place in the time right after the fall of the empire up until right before the vong invasion. The level of polish for this mod is just incredible. So far it's been my favorite mod because each of the factions seemed unique and enjoyable in their own way.

Absolute Corruption Mod is more of showcase of some of the coolest ships in the Star Wars Universe. It isn't structured around an almost story experience like Thrawn's Revenge. It seems to just add in a bunch of new units and changes some of the mechanics a bit. I've found it to be a lot of fun just getting to see some of the awesome ships in action. That, to me, is what this game is about. letting you experience these awesome battles in the Star Wars Universe.

So, is the game perfect? of course not. In a lot of ways, it's a forgettable game. The biggest selling point is the fact that it's a star wars game. Because of that, it has such a strong modding community that is dedicated to making it an awesome Star Wars experience. If you're a fan of the Star Wars lore, you should definitely think about trying out this game with some of the mods available. If anything, you can fanboy out on how awesome these ships can look.

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5 points · 3 years ago

Sorry to reboot a pretty old thread but you seem passionate about the game, and after spending a lot of hours in SWEAW, I've finally gone and bought FOC (because my new laptop doesn't have a DVD drive...).

I spent a lot of time with Steiner's Advanced Unit mod for EAW which changed the balance and gameplay quite a lot, and also Conflicts in Space (which is hilariously unbalanced looking back). I'm going to play FOC without mods for a bit to get used to the changes, whatever they may be, and then probably try both the two mods you suggested.

Are there any other exceptional mods to try, bearing in mind that I like the feel or SAU, and also will probably spend more time in skirmish battles than GC because I don't really enjoy land battles too much. If you can provide a compelling argument for GC I could be tempted, but I was never that good at the management side of it to be honest.

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Oh damn its asdf! I watch your stuff on Youtube! Fancy seeing you here.

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I played vanilla EaW and FoC back then but you actually made me want to return back to the game with your text! Are there any go-to sites where I can get the mods you suggested?

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19 points · 4 years ago

As someone who grew up playing Star Wars: Rebellion, EaW was kind of a let down as an RTS. Yes, it was graphically superior but it was dumbed down and way too scripted compared to Rebellion.

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Boy, the money I would pay for a Rebellion remake.

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