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18 Most Common Causes of Stress in students

Most students either teenagers or college age are said to be facing a lot of stress that makes their life in school to become hell.

Causes of stress among students

Various factors have been closely regarded as the main causes of stress among students. Some students have found school life so hard that it can’t accommodate them because of the kind of stress they face. Because of high amounts of stress among the student, their performance has been greatly affected. Some have even been forced to drop out of school simply because they can’t bear the amount of stress they are undergoing through. Some of the common causes of stress among the school students include the following;

  1. Academics

Students suffer from stress because of the academic pressure whereby they are involved in tackling very difficult assignment. Also parents and teachers exert a lot of pressure on student to perform better. This makes them to work tirelessly a situation that ends up creating stress. To encounter stress among the students, teachers ought to introduce UK Essays to their students to stress management techniques.

  1. Dating

Dating is one of the things that ring in the mind of the high school and college students. They try their luck through dating, failing to date or being damped. The mating process in much involving and is said to be one of the major causes of stress among students.

  1. Environment

Some students find it difficult to accept the fact that they are moving to secondary school. They don’t think whether they will leave their home and join high school with a totally different environment. This even causes home sicknesses among the majority of the students.

  1. Extracurricular

Schools put more pressure on their students to engage themselves in participating extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, choirs or volunteer works. This adds up to student stress.

  1. Peers

Peer relationships have been considered to cause stress as dating. Peers apply huge amount of pressure on behaviour, dressing code, music choice of friends among other factors.

  1. Workload

Students from both high school and colleges receive heavy workloads from their teachers. For instance high school students are forced to work on several subjects. This ends up overloading their schedules creating stress among the students.

  1. Time management

Time mismanagement is another factor that causes stress among the high school and college students. For instance, it becomes hard to balance home activities, dating, peer activities among the many activities that they are required to play.

  1. Parental pressure

Students experience stress from their parents. For instance parents push their children to study hard in order to succeed. This builds pressure among the students.

  1. Poor sleeping habits

Research indicates that those students who don’t have enough sleep or have poor sleeping habits are likely to experience stress. Good sleep allows the recharge of the brain without any stress.

  1. Physical stress

Sometimes the adolescents undergo physical and emotional changes that leave them stressed. Some don’t even understand the body changes that they undergo which causes tension.

  1. Financial stress

Research indicates that students also get stressed because of lack of money. They tend to worry more about raising money for their tuition fee and scholarships.

  1. Traumatic stress

Children suffer great impacts when dealing with traumatic events such as death of a family member, accidents, and instances of mental or physical abuse. This causes fear, pain and stress among the teenagers.

  1. Drastic changes in life

Teenagers seem to be reluctant in a accepting new changes which may result to stress. For instance, changes such as changing school, additional of new members to the family such as step-sibling or step-parent among others tend to affect them. All these changes make the teenagers to feel uncomfortable thus develop stress.

  1. Poor self esteem

Teenagers develop different perceptions concerning the emotional and physical changes they undergo. This creates self-doubt which leads to poor self-esteem which may cause stress.

  1. Unhealthy competition

When the healthy competition among students turns unhealthy which raises eyebrow that brings feelings of resentment and jealousy ends up adding stress to the student.

  1. Sibling rivalry

Sometimes differences among siblings may go a notch higher which may result to wars. This might to be very much stressful among the parties that have been involved.

  1. Social stress

Sometimes teenagers may need to be accepted by their friends by being famous by going out with friends or attending parties. They can even give preferential treatment to friends than the way they do to their families. They become under pressure to dress differently, speak teen language among other aspects. They may create additional stress on teenagers.

  1. Attitudes and beliefs

Students have different ways in which they view the world. This can be a big source of stress to their life.

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