The meet-cute. The jump scares. The ticking time bombs. We’ve all seen the clichés Hollywood uses. Some feel too convenient for lazy screenwriters and some just make our eyes roll. But why are they so common? That’s what the Netflix special Attack of the Hollywood Clichés is about to break down.

The special, presented by Rob Lowe, will gather over 25 Hollywood A-Listers including actors, journalists, film critics, screenwriters, producers, composers, and comedians to talk about making art and how the clichés end up factoring into it. From funny to weird and controversial, they’ll dissect it all using footage from some of the most famous films in cinematic history.

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The trailer released by Netflix gives some insight into some common clichés that will be discussed in the special, such as car chases, fistfights, angry desk sweeps, and many more. The movies featured include Forrest Gump, Juggernaut, Independence Day, R.I.P.D., The Silence of the Lambs, Titanic, and others. Surprisingly, there is even brief footage of Song of the South, the movie Disney decided to never ever release in home video due to its content, so it will be interesting to see how deep the conversation goes.

Guests from Attack of the Hollywood Clichés include Florence Pugh, Aisha Harris, Andie MacDowell, Andrew Garfield, Richard E. Grant, James King, Mark Strong, Jonathan Ross, Sam Hargrave, Sanjeev Bhaskar, and The Lucas Brothers.

Netflix premieres Attack of the Hollywood Clichés globally on September 28. Check out the trailer for Attack of the Hollywood Clichés below.

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