❤️💥💜💥💙 LIVE CHAT ❤️💥💜💥💙 Welcome everyone!! 🙋🏻‍♀️....... To our “LIVE CHAT” session for Season 3 # 10 - “The World is Purple” If you haven’t already done so, please pour yourself a glass of 🍷wine, beer🍺, whatever wets your whistle, prop your feet up from your comfy chair to watch the “BEST DAMN” show on 📺 TV.... “YELLOWSTONE”🤠 Remember to follow ALL our rules, we are here to have FUN!! During each Sunday night episode this season we will not be approving any posts or allowing entry into the group....we want to enjoy the show too. Now feel free to jump in and comment while we all watch Yellowstone together. 🥰 It goes crazy fast but is highly fun and contagious. Now, sit back.....and enjoy the ride for another episode of Season 3!! ##CHFY
G’morning Monday Cole Fans!! This post is for anyone who wants to chat about the episode last night. (S-3 / E-9) 🔺🔹 “Meaner Than Evil” 🔹🔺 Your guesses, theories and even your predictions. Let’s “Chew the Fat”!! 🤠
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