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Popular music genres & subgenres With examples and playlists

Discover music genres, listen to music examples, find top artists in each genre and find similar genres. Choose a genre to start from, then you will get a playlist and a list of artists who belong to this genre sorted by popularity. Also, you will get a list of genres that are similar or somehow related to that genre.

A lot of different types of music are here. Discover what every genre of music sounds like. Just click the genre you want to explore.

We collected 5000+ genres from Spotify API and then separated them into groups using an algorithm developed by our team. Each main genre represents a well known big music genre like Pop, EDM, Jazz .. And you can see all the sub-genres under it. We created a Spotify playlist from the popular music tracks that belong to every genre, again by developing an algorithm for that purpose.

Most popular music genres in 2020

In order to find the top music genres we analyzed Spotify’s Global Top Tracks of 2020 playlist using our Playlist Analyzer tool. And here is the result is this genre chart:

top music genres 2020

So clearly the Pop genre was on top in 2020, but Hip Hop is also very popular followed by Latin, EDM (Dance/Electronic) , R&B and Rock.

Now we looked at the main genres, let’s take a look at subgenres chart:


The top subgenres are pop, rap, dance pop, post-teen pop, pop rap, melodic rap, slap house, trap .. and there are much more subgenres. You can click this link to see the live analysis.


Music genres list

Main (Parent) Music genres

Sub genres