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List of museums in South Korea

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There are over 500 museums and galleries in South Korea.[1]


National museums

Buyeo National MuseumBuyeo, Chungcheongnam-do
Cheongju National MuseumCheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do
Chuncheon National MuseumChuncheon, Gangwon-do
Daegu National MuseumHwanggeum-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Gimhae National MuseumGimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
Gongju National MuseumGongju, Chungcheongnam-do
Gyeongju National MuseumGyeongju,Gyeongsangbuk-do
Gwangju National MuseumGwangju
Jeonju National MuseumJeonju, Jeollabuk-do
Jeju National MuseumJeju City
Jinju National MuseumJinju, Gyeongsangnam-do
Korea National Arboretum, South Korea
Lighthouse Museum, South Korea
National Museum of Contemporary ArtSeoul
National Folk Museum of KoreaGyeongbokgung, Seoul
National Maritime Museum, South Korea
National Museum of KoreaYongsan-dong,Yongsan-gu, Seoul
National Palace Museum of KoreaDeoksugung, Seoul
National Science Museum, South KoreaSeoul

Museums in Seoul

Museums in Gyeonggi province

MuseumLocationTel.(Country code 082)FaxSite
The Amore Museum031-285-7215031-285-6218
Batangol Art Center031-774-0745031-772-5999
Changjo Natural History MuseumSincheon-dong, Siheung031-435-1009031-318-0091
Chunghyeon MuseumSoha 2-dong, Gwangmyeong02-898-050502-898-2507
Dockpojin Educational
Durumea Museum031-958-6101 ~2031-958-7433
Freedon Protection Peace Museum031-860-2058031-860-2675
Gail Art Museum031-584-4700031-584-6393
Gimpo tea Etiquette Museum031-998-1000031-987-3948
Gyeonggi Provincial Museum031-288-5300031-288-5339
Haegang Ceramics Museum031-634-2266031-634-1629
Hanam Museum of History031-790-6876031-791-4599
Hankuk Art Museum031-283-6418031-284-0471
Hanul Ancient Documents Museum031-881-6319031-881-6318
Hanul Industrial Design Museum031-881-6319031-881-6318
Hanul Medicine Museum031-881-6319031-881-6318
Hanul Old Books Museum031-881-6319031-881-6318
Hanul CameraMuseum031-881-6319031-881-6318
Ho-Am Art MuseumYongin, Gyeonggi-do031-320-1811031-320-1809
Hyundai Ceramic Museum031-884-0940,0950031-884-0960
Icheon City Museum031-644-8741031-644-8745
Ie-young Contemporary Art Museum031-213-8223031-215-9317
Jebiwool Art MuseumGalhyeon-dong, Gwacheon02-3679-001102-3679-0888
Joseon Royal Kiln Museum031-797-0623,0614031-797-0740
Jukpo Museum031-881-5905031-881-5906
Korea Camera MuseumGwacheon02-874-874302-874-7102
Korea Church History Museum031-632-1391031-632-1392
Korean Deung-Jan Museum031-334-0797031-339-4913
Korean Folk Village MuseumYongin031-288-2933031-286-4604
Land Museum of Korea031-738-7767031-738-8895
Latin America Cultural Center031-962-9291031-964-8218
Lighting Museum031-820-8001032-820-8105
Mok-A Museum031-885-9952031-885-9951
Mok-am Museum of
Moran Museum of Art031-594-8001~2031-594-6335
The Museum of Face031-765-3522031-766-8813
Museum of Maga031-334-0365031-334-4177
National Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea)Makgye-dong, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do02-2188-600002-2188-6123
Oedo Botania031-717-2200031-718-2200
Samsung Transportation Museum031-320-9900031-320-9920
Sejoong Traditional Stone Museum031-321-7001~4031-321-7002
Seoul Design MuseumGumi-dong, Bundang, Seongnam02-740-125502-745-0785
Shinsegae Coomercial Museum031-339-1234(240)031-339-1240
Sojeon Museum031-313-1211031-311-6275
Woljeon MuseumGwango-dong, Icheon02-732-377702-734-1521
The Woman's Living Museum of Korea031-882-8100031-882-5873
Woo Seok Hoon Natural History Museum031-572-9555031-572-7720
Youngeun Museum031-761-0137031-762-4189
Young Jip Bows and Arrows Museum031-944-6800031-945-3800

Provincial and private museums

MuseumLocationTEL +082FAXWEB
Ojukheon & Gangneung Municipal Museum033-640-4482033-640-4771
Gangjin Korea Celadong
Goseong Dinosaur Museum055-832-9021055-670-2826
Galchon Tal Museum055-672-2772055-674-2133
Gwangju Art Museum062-529-7123062-514-0397
Kwangju Folk Museum062-521-9041062-525-8632
Manhae MuseumHongseong, Chungcheongnam-do031-744-3100031-744-3190
Uiryong Museum055-570-2230055-570-2230
Naju pear MuseumNaju061-331-5038061-330-8548
Daegwallyeong Museum033-640-4482033-640-4726
DaeSeong-Dong Tombs Museum055-331-2357~8055-331-2359
Daejeon Art MuseumMannyeon-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon042-602-3200042-602-3299
Dokdo MuseumUlleung County054-790-6432~3054-790-6439
Mungyeongsaejae Museum054-572-4000054-550-6427
Mungyong Coal MuseumMungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do054-550-6424054-550-6428
Mireuksa MuseumIksan, Jeollabuk-do063-836-7804 /840-3772063-836-7807
Miryang Municipal Museum055-354-3294055-354-3294
Boryeong Coal Museum041-934-1902041-934-1903
Busan Museum051-624-6341054-621-6251
Bucheon Museum of Education032-661-1282~3032-661-1284
Bucheon Museum of Suseok032-655-2900032-613-2900
Samcheok Municipal Museum033-575-0768033-575-0769
Seogwipo Citrus Museum064-735-3381064-735-3496
Andong Folk Museum054-821-0649054-840-6549
Yanggu Prehistoric Museum033-480-2677033-480-2249
Nangye Jorean Classical Music Museum043-742-8843043-742-8843
Yong-il Folk Museum054-261-2798054-261-7579
European Porcelain Museum032-661-0238032-661-0237
Incheon Metropolitan City Museum032-832-2570 /2152032-834-0391
Buchon Natural Ecology Museum032-678-0720032-676-0721
Jeollanamdo Agricultural Museum061-462-2796~9061-462-2795
okgwa Art Museum061-363-7278061-363-7279
Jeongju Historical Museum063-228-6485~6063-228-6484
Jeju Education Museum064-752-9101064-752-9104
Jeju-do Folklore & Natural History Museum064-722-2465064-752-2465
Jincheon Bell Museum043-539-3847~8043-539-3849
Changyeong Museum055-530-2246055-532-1790
Cheongju Early Printing Museum043-220-6580043-220-6757 ,
Cheongju Historic Museum of Baekje043-263-0107043-263-1070
Chungju Museum043-850-5692~4043-850-5838
Taebaek Coal Museum033-552-7730033-550-2947
Korea Comics Museum032-661-3745~6032-661-3747
Hanbat Museum of Education042-626-5393~4042-622-5399
Gachon Museum032-833-4747032-833-4750
GeojeFolk Museum055-637-3722055-637-3722
Geoje Museum055-687-6790055-687-5345
Gyung-Bo Fossil Museum054-732-8655054-732-8654
Gyeryongsan Natural History
Gongju Folkdrama Museum041-855-4933041-855-4911
Daehan Textbook Museum041-861-3141 ~5041-865-5385
The Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon063-584-6770063-584-6772
Geumo Folk Museum054-481-9194054-481-9190
Nampo Art Gallery061-832-0003061-832-0004
Dasan Art Museum061-371-4111/1300061-371-0037
Dangrim Art Museum041-543-6969041-544-5237
Daewonsa Tibetan-Buddhism Museum061-852-3038061-852-4767
Daecheong Dam Water Culture Center042-930-7332042-930-7335
Deorimi Art
Independence Hall of KoreaCheonan, Chungcheongnam-do041-560-0114041-557-8167
Dongsan Pottery Museum042-534-3453042-484-7776
Dongjin Irrigation and Folk Museum063-540-1114063-547-1174
Manhae Museum033-462-2304033-462-2275
Mu Leung Museum033-763-1534033-763-8218
Miribeol Folk Museum055-391-2882055-391-2552
Banglimwon064-773-0090, 0435064-773-0088
Sunwha Christian Museum of Art042-525-3141042-525-4224
O'sulloc Tea House Museum064-794-5312064-794-5314
Sound Island Museum064-739-7782064-739-7783
Songgwangmae Memorial Museum053-981-4562
Sudeoksa Museum041-337-2902041-337-9913
Space Mom Museum043-263-7767043-263-7767
Cyan Museum054-338-9391054-338-0305
Shin Museum of Art043-264-5545043-264-5546
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema Museum064-764-7777~9064-764-7780
Achen Museum of Art061-471-1107062-382-9225
Artsonje Museum054-745-7075054-745-7077
Museum of African Art, South KoreaSeogwipo, Jeju-do064-738-6565064-738-4411
The Andong -Soju & Tranditional Food Museum054-858-4541054-858-0760
Yeo Jin Budda Gallery042-934-8466042-933-8477
Yeongi Folk
Youngwol Book Museum033-372-1713033-372-1715
On Yang Folk Museum041-542-6001041-542-6005
Woojaegil Art Museum062-224-6601062-224-6600
Woongjin Education Museum041-853-4569041-850-1279
Museum of Won Buddhism History063-850-3240063-850-3246
Woljeongsa Museum033-334-1817033-334-1817
Ui-Jae Art Museum062-222-3040062-228-7385
Incheon Childeren's Museum032-432-5600032-432-8600
Museum of Natural Dye Art053-743-4300053-766-5764
Junwon Art Museum032-934-3560032-933-0294
Jeju Geum-o-dang Art Museum064-747-8931064-747-8932
Jeju Folk Museum064-755-1976
Jeju Folk Village Museum064-787-4501064-787-4504
The Museum of cadastre and Local History043-651-5115043-651-4114
Jikji Museum of Buddhist Arts054-436-6009054-436-3087
Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Museum033-652-2500033-652-1198
Iron Museum043-883-2321043-883-2322
Cheongju Oengki Museum043-222-8882043-222-8881
Chocolate Museum064-711-3171064-792-3122
Chiak Folk Museum033-747-6956033-747-6977
Woodblock Prints Museum033-761-7885033-766-7886
Taeyeong Folk Museum041-754-7942041-754-7941
Jeju Teddy Bear Museum064-738-7600064-738-7800
Tongdosa Museum055-382-1001055-384-0030
Pan Asia Paper Museum063-210-8101063-210-8105
The POSCO MuseumPohang054-220-7720054-220-7729
Hahoe Mask Museum054-853-2938054-853-0114
Hankwang Art Museum051-469-4111051-469-4111
Korea Silk Museum043-236-1321043-231-5997
Handok Medico-Pharmna
Haegeumgang Theme Museum055-632-0670055-635-0672
Haeinsa Museum055-934-3150055-932-3154
Hyangam Museum054-787-0001054-787-0001
Currency Museum042-870-1000042-861-5245

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