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    Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine

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    Chris Hemsworth's Workout Routine & Diet

    What does Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine look like?

    Chris Hemsworth is a popular Australian actor who first rose to prominence in the television series ‘Home and Away’.

    Today, he is best known for portraying Thor in the Marvel franchise. 

    Hemsworth has established himself as one of the leading and highest-paid actors in the world.

    He has starred in movies such as ‘Star Trek’, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, ‘Red Dawn’, ‘Blackhat’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Rush’. 

    Within this article, we’ll discuss Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


    Current Stats

    • Height: 191 cm – 6’2″
    • Weight: 91 kg – 200 pounds 
    • Age: 37 years old 
    • Birthday: 11th of August, 1983 
    • Accolades: G’Day USA Excellence in Film Award, Winner, 2015 


    Workout Principles

    Chris Hemsworth likes to stay in a good shape and when he has prepared to play Thor he put on 20 pounds of muscle weight. 

    His workout features heavy weightlifting, bodybuilding, lighter fitness exercises, and resistance fitness routines. He works out 6 days a week. 


    Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine 

    Chris Hemsworth had to make some huge changes when he prepared for his role as Thor in the Marvel movies.

    His workout regime involves many different factors, and he mostly hits different heavy lifts exercises. 

    When he performs a high weight, low-repetition lifts it improves his muscle mass. Today he is known for being one of the sexiest actors alive.

    Here is Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine


    Monday and Thursday: Chest, Back and Abs

    On Monday and Thursday, Chris Hemsworth performs 14 different chest, back, and abs exercises.

    Here is Chris Hemsworth chest, back, and abs routine

    Chest and Back:

    1. Barbell Bench Press

    2. Dumbbell Flys

    3. Bent-over row

    4. Bent-over Lateral Raise

    5. Weighted Pull-Ups

    6. Weighted Dips

    7. Cardio (15 minutes) 


    8. Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

    9. Cable Crunch

    10. Upper Body Ab Crunches

    11. Reverse Crunches

    12. Roman Chair Leg Raise

    13. Oblique Crunches

    14. Side Oblique Crunches


    Tuesday: Legs and Cardio

    On Tuesday, Hemsworth performs 6 different legs and cardio exercises.

    Here is Chris Hemsworth’s legs and cardio routine


    1. Barbell Squat

    2. Stiff-Legged Deadlift

    3. Hamstring Curls

    4. Leg Extensions

    5. Seated Leg Curls


    6. Surfing 


    Wednesday: Abs and Arms

    On Wednesday, he performs 13 different abs and arms exercises.

    Here is Chris Hemsworth’s abs and arms routine


    1. Weighted Chin-Ups

    2. Bicep Curls

    3. Hammer Curls

    4. Cable Triceps Extension

    5. Barbell French Press (triceps)

    6. Mixed Martial Arts


    7. Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

    8. Cable Crunch

    9. Upper Body Ab Crunches

    10. Reverse Crunches

    11. Roman Chair Leg Raise

    12. Oblique Crunches

    13. Side Oblique Crunches


    Friday: Legs and Abs

    On Friday, he performs 13 different legs and abs exercises.

    Here is Chris Hemsworth legs and abs routine


    1. Barbell Squat

    2. Stiff-Legged Deadlift

    3. Hamstring Curls

    4. Leg Extensions

    5. Seated Leg Curls


    6. Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

    7. Cable Crunch

    8. Upper Body Ab Crunches

    9. Reverse Crunches

    10. Roman Chair Leg Raise

    11. Oblique Crunches

    12. Side Oblique Crunches


    13. Surfing 


    Saturday and Sunday: Rest 

    On Saturday and Sunday, Chris Hemsworth rests and refuels with organic food. 


    Chris Hemsworth Diet 

    Chris Hemsworth changes depending on which movie role he is preparing for. Hemsworth gained 20 pounds when he prepared for his role as Thor.

    His food was measured to keep him lean and he ate a lot of cheese, chicken, protein shakes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 

    Here is Chris Hemsworth’s diet: 


    1. Breakfast

    • Oatmeal 
    • Fruit 
    • Fat-free milk
    • Protein shake


    2. Brunch 

    • Nuts 
    • Turkey 
    • Protein shake


    3. Snacks

    • Beef jerky 


    4. Lunch 

    • Chicken
    • Brown rice
    • Beans 
    • Broccoli


    5. Dinner 

    • Salmon 
    • Quinoa
    • Yogurt 


    6. Snack 

    • 2 eggs 
    • Brown bread 
    • Protein shake 



    Chris Hemsworth uses the following supplements to help fuel his gains: 



    Chris Hemsworth is the middle brother of the Hemsworth trio acting brothers.

    Hemsworth began his career when he starred in the soap opera ‘Home and Away’. His first appearance in Hollywood was in ‘Star Trek’ and in 2011 he starred in the leading role in ‘Thor’.

    In 2014, he was voted the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine. 

    What do you think about Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below. 

    Emmy Wallin is a writer for Jacked Gorilla. She is a young Swedish girl from Uppsala, who is currently traveling around the world. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Emmy has been studying celebrities careers, lifestyles, and workout routines for over 3 years. She is the face behind the workout routine articles here on Jacked Gorilla.

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