Colonel Mujeeb ur Rehman Shaheed Public Schools & Colleges Jutial Gilgit

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Colonel Mujeeb ur Rehman Shaheed Public Schools & Colleges Jutial Gilgit
old acronym PS&CJ or PSCJ; Genre: Jutialianz

MottoStriving for excellence
School boardFBISE, University of the Punjab
PrincipalLt. Col. Muhammad Ejaz Awan (October 14, 2019-present)
GenderMixed (Both Male and Female)
Number of studentsMore than 7,000
Education systemFormal education system
Classes offeredPreschool, Primary Education Classes, Middle School Classes, SSC, HSSC and Undergraduate Program (ADS/ADA)
LanguageEnglish Medium
ScheduleDay school
Area18.46 acres (7.47 ha)

Colonel Mujeeb ur Rehman Shaheed Public Schools & Colleges Jutial Gilgit formarlly known as Public Schools & Colleges Jutial Gilgit is an English Medium institution located at Jutial Gilgit covering more than 18 acres (75,000 sq. meters) area. It is one of the largest institutions in Gilgit Baltistan having a strength of more than 7000 students and around 200 faculty members assisted by more than 120 other supporting staff. It takes inspiration from the English public school model. It was established in 1980.[1]


The school was established in 1980 as Federal Government Primary School Jutial Gilgit Under the resolution of [KANA Division, Government of Pakistan. Principal of the school is an Army Officer of the ranks of Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel who is held for a period of two to four years. Initially, it had strength of 150 students up to Grade VII. By 1983, it was upgraded to F.Sc (Pre Engineering/ Pre Medical) for boys. In 1989, F.A/F.Sc classes were started for girls. By 1995, its volume rose for the undergraduate program.

Administrative authorities[edit]

One of the features of Public Schools & Colleges Jutial Gilgit is that it works under the strong supervision of the Pak Army and Local Government GB. The institution is governed and administered by the board of governance (BoG). Force Commander FCNA is the chairman and Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan is the co-chairman of BoG. The principal, who is one of the members of BoG, has overall internal control and administration of the institution assisted by vice principals and wing heads.


Public Schools & Colleges is segregated in five wings.


Entrance gate of PSACJG

Following are the wings with their range:[2]

ECED Students Observe Yellow Day
Entrance Boys Senior Wing
Wing Range
Prep Wing Preschool to Grade II
Boys Junior Wing Grade III to Grade VII
Girls Junior Wing Grade III to Grade VII
Boys Senior Wing Grade VIII to Grade XII
Girls Senior Wing Grade VIII to Grade XIV

Boys Senior Wing and Girls Senior Wing are administered by Vice Principal (Boys Wing) and Vice Principal (Girls Wing) respectively. Each of the other wings is administered and controlled by a wing head. The wing head is responsible to manage class and teachers time table, make teachers and students aware of yearly college calendar and addressing any issues within the wing.


Champions , Boys Senior Wing & Girls Senior Wing, Annual Sports Week 2018
Opening Ceremony, Annual Sports Week 2018- Prep Wing

The institute is keen to provide each student an opportunity to participate in various indoor and outdoor games, therefore game period for each class is included in regular timetable. In order to promote harmony, sportsmanship and to build sense of competition, the institution organizes Inter House Sports Competition during second week of October each year. Usually Sports Week include 7 to 10 different events like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Running, Gymnastic etc. The institution has following sports facilities for students:

Competitions include Tug of War, Gymnastics, and Long Jump.

Sports rivalry[edit]

Public School's biggest rival in academics and sports is Army Public School and College which is also located in Jutial. The slogan PUBLIC VS APS is very popular among the students. The clash in any games is considered as the game of prestige and students make all the efforts to win the game.


Achievements at national level are:

Old Jutialian, Diana Baig is our proud who is former player of Pakistan Women Football Team (selected in 2012) and now represents Pakistan Cricket Team (international cricket debut in 2015 against Bangladesh).

  • Three Gold Medals (to Abdul Rahim Chopa, Saad Zulfiqar and Zahid Jamal), two Silver Medals (to Jibran Faisal and Usama Faisal), four Bronze Medals (to Sumair Ahmad, Ayan Yamin, Naeem Ahmad and Aftab Ahmad) in inter divisional Taekwondo championship at Gilgit Baltistan level in April 2015;
  • Bronze Medal in inter provincial basketball tournament held at Gilgit in October/November 2014;
  • One Gold Medal (to Mehvish Karim), one Silver Medal (to Zahid Jamal), two Bronze Medals (to Zainul Abideen and Asadullah) in inter provincial Martial Art Judo Championship at Quetta in 2010;
  • Three Gold, three Silver and two Bronze medals in inter provincial Judo Championship at Lahore in 2009.
  • Ahsan Aman Secured 3rd Position in the national Table Tennis event held by PSB(Pakistan Sports Board)
  • Aziz ullah Baig – (an old Jutialian) bagged third position in all Pakistan easy writing competition conducted by Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) in 1989


Chairman BOG, Force Commander Maj Gen Saqib Mehmood Malik visits Chemistry Lab (14th June 2017)
Preparing Exhibition Zoology Lab 2015

Medical Facilities[edit]

For quick response and Primary Care of medical related issues, the institution has got three dispensaries where three qualified Nurses have been appointed by the Government of Pakistan. Basic medication and treatment is provided in these dispensaries for staff members and students.[3]

Banking Facility[edit]

Though students can deposit their dues and make any financial transactions in Bank Alfalah Jutial, Askary Bank Gilgit and Karakuram Cooperative Bank Kashrote. But for making the system even more smooth, the institution has a sub branch of Karakuram Cooperative Bank in the school that works during office hours of the institution.

Other Facilities[edit]

Bus facility is available for students at PSACJG


Courses at degree level[edit]

Degree level courses Associate Degree of Arts (ADA), Associate Degree of Science (ADS) only for women. The college is affiliated with University of the Punjab for this program. List of the courses offered at this level is as under:

Associate Degree of Science (ADS)[edit]

Compulsory Courses: English Language (100 Marks); Islamiat/Ethics (100 Marks), Pakistan Studies (100 Marks)

Elective Subjects: Students have to select any of the following groups; each subject in a group carries 200 Marks:

  • Physics, Mathematics A, Mathematics B
  • Zoology, Chemistry, Botany
  • Applied Psychology, Botany and Zoology
  • Applied Psychology, Physics and Chemistry

Associate Degree of Arts (ADA)[edit]

Compulsory Courses: English Literature (200 Marks); Islamiat/Ethics (100 Marks), Pakistan Studies (100 Marks) Elective Subjects: Students select any two subjects (200 Marks each) from the list: Arabic, Applied Psychology, Economics, Education, Islamic Studies and Sociology

Optional Subjects: Students select any one subject (100 Marks) from the list (other than the two selected from elective subjects): Arabic, Applied Psychology, Economics, Education, Islamic Studies and Sociology

Courses at HSSC and SSC Level[edit]

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)[edit]

Compulsory courses: English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies

Optional Courses: Sciences: 1- Pre-Engineering (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry); 2- Pre-Medical (Biology, Physics, Chemistry); 3- Intermediate in Computer Sciences (ICA: Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science) Humanities: this program is offered only for girls. Students opt any three subjects from: Applied Psychology, Economics, Education, Islamic Studies and Sociology.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)[edit]

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies

Optional Subjects: Basic science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science are taught at this level. Students have the only choice: either to study Biology or Computer Science along with Physics and Chemistry.


Students have been allotted the following houses:[4]

  Jinnah House
  Iqbal House
  Kernal Sher House
  Lalik Jan House
  Razia House
  Zubaida House
  Fatima House
  Rabia House


PS&CS Overview Jutial Gilgit

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