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Netflix logo, 2015

Netflix is an American global on-demand Internet streaming media provider, that has distributed a number of original programs, including original series, specials, miniseries, documentaries and films. Netflix's original films also include content that was first screened on cinematic release in other countries or given exclusive broadcast in other territories, and is then described as Netflix original content.

Feature films[edit]

Title Genre Premiere Runtime Language
What Happened to Mr. Cha? Comedy January 1, 2021 1 hour, 42 min. Korean
Pieces of a Woman Drama January 7, 2021 2 hours, 6 min. English
Stuck Apart Drama January 8, 2021 1 hour, 36 min. Turkish
The Heartbreak Club[a] Comedy-drama January 14, 2021 1 hour, 41 min. Indonesian
Double Dad Comedy-drama January 15, 2021 1 hour, 43 min. Portuguese
Outside the Wire Action/Science fiction January 15, 2021 1 hour, 54 min. English
Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy Drama January 15, 2021 1 hour, 35 min. Hindi
The White Tiger Drama January 22, 2021 2 hours, 5 min. English
June & Kopi[a] Drama January 28, 2021 1 hour, 30 min. Indonesian
Finding 'Ohana Family January 29, 2021 2 hours, 3 min. English
The Dig Drama January 29, 2021 1 hour, 52 min. English
Below Zero Drama January 29, 2021 1 hour, 46 min. Spanish
The Last Paradiso Romantic drama February 5, 2021 1 hour, 47 min. Italian
Malcolm & Marie Romantic drama February 5, 2021 1 hour, 46 min. English
Space Sweepers Science fiction February 5, 2021 2 hours, 16 min. Korean
The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman Comedy February 10, 2021 1 hour, 39 min. French
Layla Majnun[a] Romantic drama February 11, 2021 1 hour, 59 min. Indonesian
Red Dot Thriller February 11, 2021 1 hour, 26 min. Swedish
Squared Love Romantic comedy February 11, 2021 1 hour, 42 min. Polish
To All the Boys: Always and Forever Romantic comedy February 12, 2021 1 hour, 49 min. English
Geez & Ann[a] Romantic drama February 25, 2021 1 hour, 45 min. Indonesian
Crazy About Her Romantic comedy February 26, 2021 1 hour, 42 min. Spanish
The Girl on the Train Thriller February 26, 2021 2 hours Hindi
Moxie Drama March 3, 2021 1 hour, 51 min. English
Sentinelle Action March 5, 2021 1 hour, 20 min. French
Yes Day Comedy March 12, 2021 1 hour, 26 min. English
Paper Lives Drama March 12, 2021 1 hour, 37 min. Turkish
Get the Goat Comedy March 18, 2021 1 hour, 37 min. Portuguese
Caught by a Wave Romantic teen drama March 25, 2021 1 hour, 39 min. Italian
A Week Away Christian musical March 26, 2021 1 hour, 37 min. English
Bad Trip Hidden-camera prank comedy March 26, 2021 1 hour, 26 min. English
Pagglait Comedy-drama March 26, 2021 1 hour, 54 min. Hindi
Tersanjung the Movie[a] Drama April 1, 2021 1 hour, 54 min. Indonesian
Concrete Cowboy Drama April 2, 2021 1 hour, 51 min. English
Just Say Yes Romantic comedy April 2, 2021 1 hour, 37 min. Dutch
Madame Claude Drama April 2, 2021 1 hour, 52 min. French
Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? Comedy April 9, 2021 1 hour, 54 min. Turkish
Night in Paradise Drama April 9, 2021 2 hours, 12 min. Korean
Thunder Force Superhero-Comedy April 9, 2021 1 hour, 45 min. English
Ride or Die Psychological thriller drama April 15, 2021 2 hours, 22 min. Japanese
Ajeeb Daastaans Drama April 16, 2021 2 hours, 22 min. Hindi
Awaiting release
Get the Grift[1] Comedy April 28, 2021 TBA Portuguese
Things Heard & Seen[2] Horror April 29, 2021[3] TBA English
The Disciple[4] Drama April 30, 2021[5] 2 hours, 7 min. Marathi
Milestone[6] Drama May 7, 2021[7] 1 hour, 38 min. Hindi
Monster[8] Drama May 7, 2021[9] 1 hour, 38 min. English
Oxygen[10] Science fiction/Thriller May 12, 2021[11] TBA French
I Am All Girls[12] Thriller May 14, 2021 1 hour, 47 min. English
The Woman in the Window[13] Psychological thriller May 14, 2021[14] 1 hour, 40 min. English
Army of the Dead[15] Zombie/heist May 21, 2021[16] 2 hours, 28 min. English
The Divine Ponytail[17] Biopic May 26, 2021[18] TBA Italian
Sweet and Sour[19] Romantic drama June 4, 2021 TBA Korean
Diana[20] Musical October 1, 2021[21] TBA English


Title Premiere Runtime Language
The Minimalists: Less Is Now January 1, 2021 53 min. English
Tony Parker: The Final Shot January 6, 2021 1 hour, 38 min. French
Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy January 11, 2021 1 hour, 29 min. English
What Would Sophia Loren Do? January 15, 2021 32 min. English
Strip Down, Rise Up February 5, 2021 1 hour, 52 min. English
Pelé February 23, 2021 1 hour, 48 min. English
Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell March 1, 2021 1 hour, 37 min. English
Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal March 17, 2021 1 hour, 39 min. English
Seaspiracy March 24, 2021 1 hour, 29 min. English
Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute April 7, 2021 55 min. English
Why Did You Kill Me? April 14, 2021 1 hour, 23 min. English
Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist April 17, 2021 21 min. English
Awaiting release
Searching for Sheela[22] April 22, 2021 TBA Hindi


Feature films[edit]

Title Genre Premiere Runtime Language
Summer '96[23] Romance July 2021 TBA Turkish
Awake[24] Science fiction/Thriller Mid 2021[25] TBA English
Beckett[26] Thriller Mid 2021[25] TBA English
Fear Street[27] Horror Mid 2021 TBA English
Fear Street 2[27] Horror Mid 2021 TBA English
Fear Street 3[27] Horror Mid 2021 TBA English
The Kissing Booth 3[28] Comedy/Drama Mid 2021[29] TBA English
The Last Mercenary[30][31] Action comedy Mid 2021[25] TBA French
There's Someone Inside Your House[32] Horror Mid 2021[25] TBA English
A mil kilómetros de la Navidad[33] Christmas film December 2021 TBA Spanish
A Castle for Christmas[34] Romantic comedy Late 2021[35] TBA English
Back to the Outback[36] Animation/Comedy Late 2021 TBA English
Single All the Way[35] Holiday romantic comedy Late 2021 TBA English
The Princess Switch 3[37] Romantic comedy Late 2021[35] TBA English
Untitled Telfaz11 film[38] TBA Late 2021 TBA Arabic
8 Rue de l'Humanité[39] Comedy 2021[40] TBA French
A Classic Horror Story[41] Horror 2021 TBA Italian
Afterlife of the Party[42] Comedy 2021[40] TBA English
Against the Ice[43] Survival 2021 TBA English
America: The Motion Picture[44] Animation/Comedy/Historical fiction 2021[45] 1 hour, 38 min. English
Angry Birds: Summer Madness Animation 2021[46] TBA English
Apollo 10½[47] Animation 2021[45] TBA English
Battle: Freestyle[48] Romantic drama 2021 TBA Norwegian
Beauty[49] Drama 2021[40] TBA English
Blonde[50] Biopic 2021[40] TBA English
Blood Red Sky[51] Thriller 2021 TBA German
Bruised[52] Drama 2021[53] 2 hours, 9 min. English
Carter[54] Action 2021[55] TBA Korean
Chicken Run 2[56] Stop motion/Comedy 2021[45] TBA English
Dancing Queens[57] Drama 2021 TBA Swedish
Desert Dolphin[58] Coming-of-age/Sports/Drama 2021 TBA Hindi
Don't Look Up[59] Comedy 2021[40] TBA English
Escape from Spiderhead[60] Thriller 2021[40] TBA English
Forever Rich[61] Action comedy 2021 TBA Dutch
Fuimos Canciones[62][40] Romance 2021 TBA Spanish
Happiness Ever After[63] Romantic drama 2021 TBA English
He's All That[64] Teen romantic comedy 2021 TBA English
Intrusion[65][66] Thriller 2021[40] TBA English
Jagame Thandhiram[67] Action-thriller/Black comedy 2021 TBA Tamil
A Jazzman's Blues[68][69] Drama 2021 TBA English
Kate[70] Action 2021[40] 1 hour, 46 min. English
King of Boys 2[71] Thriller 2021 TBA English
Love Hard[72] Romantic comedy 2021[40] TBA English
Lulli[73] Science fiction/Drama 2021 TBA Portuguese
Metal Lords[74] Musical drama 2021[75] TBA English
Moral Sense[54] Erotic drama 2021[55] TBA Korean
Munich[76] Historical drama/Thriller 2021[77] TBA German/English
Nightbooks[78] Fantasy/Horror 2021[40] TBA English
Night Teeth[79] Thriller 2021[40] TBA English
No One Gets Out Alive[80] Horror 2021[40] TBA English
Passing[81] Drama 2021 TBA English
Pinocchio[82] Stop motion/Fantasy/Drama/Musical 2021 TBA English
Prime Time Thriller 2021 1 hour, 31 min. Polish
Red Notice[83] Action/Comedy/Thriller 2021[40] TBA English
Sweet Girl[84] Action 2021[40] 1 hour, 36 min. English
The Guilty[85][86] Thriller 2021[40] TBA English
The Hand of God[87] Drama 2021[40] TBA Italian
The Harder They Fall[88] Drama 2021[40] TBA English
The Power of the Dog[89] Drama 2021 TBA English
The Starling[90] Comedy-drama 2021[40] TBA English
Tick, Tick... Boom![91] Musical 2021[40] TBA English
Untitled Alexandre Moratto film[40] Drama 2021[40] TBA Portuguese
Untitled Alicia Keys film[92] Romantic comedy 2021[40] TBA English
Untitled Nora Fingscheidt project[93] Drama 2021[40] TBA English
Vinterviken 2021[94] Romance 2021 TBA Swedish
We Couldn't Become Adults[95] Drama 2021[96] TBA Japanese
Wendell and Wild[97] Stop motion/Fantasy/Horror comedy 2021[98] TBA English
Amor De Madre[62] Comedy 2022[99] TBA Spanish
Black Crab[100] Thriller 2022 TBA Swedish
Centauro[101] Action thriller 2022[99] TBA Spanish
Escape from Hat[102] Animation/Fantasy 2022 TBA English
High in the Clouds[103] Animation/Musical 2022 TBA English
Monkey Man[104] Thriller 2022 TBA English
My Father's Dragon[105] Animation/Adventure 2022[106] TBA English
The Beast[107] Horror drama 2022[99] TBA Spanish
The School for Good and Evil[108] Fantasy 2022[109] TBA English
The Sea Beast[110][111] Animation/Adventure 2022 TBA English
Slumberland[112] Fantasy/Adventure 2022 TBA English
Troll[113] Monster 2022 TBA Norwegian
Untitled On the Other Side of the Tracks sequel[114] Action comedy 2022 TBA French
White Noise[115][116] Drama 2022 TBA English
Xtremo[117] Action 2022[99] TBA Spanish
13: The Musical[118] Musical TBA TBA English
A Perfect Fit[119] Drama TBA TBA Indonesian
A tombeau ouvert[120] Action-thriller TBA TBA French
ALICE[121] Musical TBA TBA English
Along for the Ride[122][123] Drama TBA TBA English
Army of Thieves[124] Zombie film TBA TBA English
Asakusa Kid[125] Drama TBA TBA Japanese
A través de mi Ventana[126] Drama TBA TBA Spanish
Auntie Claus[127] Christmas film TBA TBA English
Bigbug[76] Science fiction TBA TBA French
Black Island[128][129] Thriller TBA TBA German
Blue Miracle[130] Drama TBA TBA English
Brazen Virtue[131] Romantic thriller TBA TBA English
Carga Máxima (Overhaul)[132] Action drama TBA TBA Portuguese
Carnaval[133] Comedy TBA TBA Portuguese
Casamento a Distância[132] Comedy TBA TBA Portuguese
Cobalt Blue[134] Romantic drama TBA TBA Hindi
Damsel[135] Fantasy TBA TBA English
Day Shift[136] Fantasy comedy TBA TBA English
Death and the King's Horseman[137] Drama TBA TBA English
Dhamaka[138] Drama TBA TBA Hindi
Distancia de Rescate[139] Drama TBA TBA Spanish
È stata la mano di Dio[140] Drama TBA TBA Italian
Empress[141] Science fiction TBA TBA English
End of the Road[142] Thriller TBA TBA English
Eres tú[126] Romantic comedy TBA TBA Spanish
Exit West[143][144] Drama TBA TBA English
Fondeados[145] TBA TBA TBA Spanish
Freedom[146] Drama TBA TBA Hindi
Fuzzy Towers[147] Comedy TBA TBA English
Haseen Dillruba[148] Romantic thriller TBA TBA Hindi
Havoc[149] Action-thriller TBA TBA English
Heart of Stone[150] Spy thriller TBA TBA English
Hello, Universe[151] Family TBA TBA English
Here Comes the Flood[152][153] Heist romance TBA TBA English
Home Team[154] Sports TBA TBA English
Huck[141] Science fiction/Adventure TBA TBA English
Hustle[155] Sports TBA TBA English
Hypnotic[156][157] Thriller TBA TBA English
Interceptor[158] Action drama TBA TBA English
Ivy & Bean[159] Family TBA 1 hour English
Janet[160] Biopic TBA TBA English
Kid Alpha One[161] Action TBA TBA Filipino
Knives Out 2[162] Murder mystery TBA TBA English
Knives Out 3[162] Murder mystery TBA TBA English
Las niñas de cristal[99] Drama TBA TBA Spanish
Lou[163] Thriller TBA TBA English
Love Me So Much[23] Drama TBA TBA Turkish
Luckiest Girl Alive[164] Mystery TBA TBA English
Maestro[165][166] Biopic TBA TBA English
Me Time[167][168] Comedy TBA TBA English
Meenakshi Sundareshwar[169] Romantic comedy TBA TBA Hindi
Mixtape[170] Coming-of-age comedy-drama TBA TBA English
Mochileros[171][172] Romantic comedy TBA TBA Spanish
Most Dangerous Game[173] Romantic comedy TBA TBA English
My Dearest, like a Cherry Blossom[174] Drama TBA TBA Japanese
Navarasa[175] Anthology film TBA TBA Tamil
Our Man from Jersey[176][177] Spy TBA TBA English
Pashmina[178] Animation/Adventure/Fantasy/Musical TBA TBA English
Players[179] Romantic comedy TBA TBA English
Prey[51] Thriller TBA TBA German
Quem Nunca?[133] Teen romantic comedy TBA TBA Portuguese
Rebel Ridge[180] Thriller TBA TBA English
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie Animation, Action, Adventure TBA TBA English
Redd Zone[181] Drama TBA TBA English
Satellite[144] Science fiction TBA TBA English
Sharkey the Bounty Hunter[141] Science fiction/Action TBA TBA English
Spaceman of Bohemia[182] Science fiction TBA TBA English
Strangers[183] Dark comedy TBA TBA English
Swallow[184] Drama TBA TBA TBA
Tall Girl 2[185][186] Teen romantic comedy TBA TBA English
Tenzing[144] Biopic TBA TBA English
The Adam Project[187][188] Science fiction TBA TBA English
The Battle of the Scheldt[189] War drama TBA TBA Dutch
The Bubble[190][191] Comedy TBA TBA English
The Division[192] Action TBA TBA English
The Girls I've Been[193] Thriller TBA TBA English
The Good Nurse[194] Drama TBA TBA English
The Gray Man[195] Spy thriller TBA TBA English
The Last[76] Multilingual post apocalyptic thriller TBA TBA English
The Loud House Movie[196] Animation/Comedy TBA TBA English
Thelma the Unicorn[197] Animated musical TBA TBA English
The Magician's Elephant[198] Animation TBA TBA English
The Mother[199] Action TBA TBA English
The Mothership[200] Science fiction adventure drama TBA TBA English
The Noel Diary[201] Drama TBA TBA English
The Other[202] Anthology film TBA TBA Hindi
The Pale Blue Eye[203] Gothic horror-thriller TBA TBA English
The Perfect Find[204] Romantic comedy TBA TBA English
The Piano Lesson[205] Drama TBA TBA English
The Royal Treatment[206] Romance TBA TBA English
They Cloned Tyrone[207] Science fiction TBA TBA English
The Young Wife[144] Comedy-drama TBA TBA English
Treffen sich vier[51] Drama TBA TBA German
Trigger Warning[208] Action/Thriller TBA TBA English
True Spirit[209] Biopic TBA TBA English
Tunga[210] Animation/Adventure/Musical TBA TBA English
Uglies[211] Fantasy TBA TBA English
Untitled Adam Sandler film[212] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled Bird Box spin-off[213] Post-apocalyptic horror-thriller TBA TBA Spanish
Untitled Bright sequel[214] Urban fantasy TBA TBA English
Untitled Kevin Hart film[167] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled Kevin Hart film[167] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled Kevin Hart film[167] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled Kunle Afolayan film[184] Historical drama TBA TBA TBA
Untitled Kunle Afolayan film[184] Folklore fantasy TBA TBA TBA
Untitled Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass film[215] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass film[215] TBA TBA TBA English
Untitled SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off film[216] Animation TBA TBA English
Untitled SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off film[216] Animation TBA TBA English
Vizinhos[132] Drama TBA TBA Portuguese
Wedding Season[217] Comedy TBA TBA English
Where I End[218] Science fiction/Thriller TBA TBA English
Yara[41] Drama TBA TBA Italian

In development[edit]

Title Genre Language
13 Minutes[219] Thriller English
36 Questions[220] Fantasy English
A Catfishing with a Happy Ending[221] Romantic drama/Thriller English
Amnesty[222] Drama English
Amy and the Orphans[223] Drama English
Animal Farm[224] Fantasy/Drama English
A Time Lost[225] Drama English
Bad Dad[226] Comedy English
Ball and Chain[227] Superhero English
Beyond Good & Evil[228] Hybrid live-action/animation English
Bird Box 2[229] Psychological thriller English
Black Stallions[230][231] Comedy English
BRZRKR[232] Epic fantasy action drama English
Bulbul Tarang[233] Comedy Hindi
Button Man[234] Crime drama/Action English
Caste[235] Historical drama English
Cocaine Hippos[236] Comedy English
Cold Warrior[237] Thriller English
Dark Days at the Magna Carta[238] Post-apocalyptic thriller English
Dead or Alive[239] Action English
Dial A for Aunties[240] Romantic comedy English
Dorothy & Alice[241] Fantasy English
Dr. Rapp[242] Drama English
Dragon's Lair[243] Fantasy English
Extraction 2[244] Action English
Failsafe[245] Action English
Family Leave[246] Comedy English
Faun[247] Supernatural/Adventure English
First Ladies[248] Comedy English
Flash Boys[249] Drama English
Forty Acres[250] Thriller English
Girls & Boys[251] Romantic comedy English
Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu[252] Horror English
Hamlet[253] Drama English
Harvey[254] Comedy English
Hello America[255] Science fiction English
Hometown[256] Comedy English
Humbug[257] Comedy English
I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter[258] Drama English
I Slept with Joey Ramone[259] Biopic English
Idol[260] Drama English
Jaadugar[261] Comedy Hindi
John Henry and the Statesmen[262] Adventure English
Kingdom Come[263] Heist English
Lady Business[264] Drama English
Last Sons of America[265] Science fiction English
Leave the World Behind[266] Drama English
Life Sentence[267] Science fiction English
Lift[268] Action heist English
Mega Man[269][270] Science fiction/Action English
Mika Model[271] Science fiction English
Mimi from Rio[272] Science fiction English
Mr. Harrigan's Phone[273] Horror English
Mystery Girl[274] Mystery English
My Wife and I Bought a Ranch[275] Horror English
Old Man's War[276] Science fiction/War drama English
Once and for All[122] Drama English
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin[277] Drama English
Parallel[278] Science fiction English
Past Midnight[279] Superhero thriller English
Penthouse[280] Thriller Hindi
Plus/Minus[281] Fantasy English
Prodigy[282] Superhero/Action English
Pyros[283] Science fiction English
Quartermaster[284] Thriller English
Reborn[285] Science fantasy English
Rescued by Ruby[286] Drama English
Ripple[287] Science fiction romance English
Running with Sherman[288] Drama English
Rustin[289] Biopic English
Sandkings[290] Fantasy English
Sardar Ka Grandson[291] Comedy Hindi
Scarlet[292] TBA English
Sexcastle[293] Action/Comedy English
Sherlock Junior[294] Mystery English
Shoe Dog[295] Biopic English
Six Years[296] Thriller English
Steps[297] Animated musical comedy English
Sulwe[298] Animated musical English
Super-Normal[299] Superhero-Comedy English
Teddy and the Guardians of the Night[300] Family adventure English
Tell Me Everything[301] Mystery thriller English
The Bluff[302] Drama English
The Boys' Club[303] Drama English
The Cactus[304] Romantic comedy English
The Chameleon[305] Psychological thriller English
The Cipher[306] Thriller English
The Council[307] Crime drama English
The Formula[308] Drama English
The Helicopter Heist[309] Thriller English
The Hills Have Eyes for You[310] Romantic comedy-horror English
The Hunchback of Notre Dame[311] Drama English
The Invisibles[312] Comedy-drama English
The Killer[313] Neo-noir thriller English
The Legend of Cocaine Island[314] Comedy English
The Ogun[315] Action/Thriller English
The Other Mrs.[316] Thriller English
The Outlaw Ocean[317] Thriller English
The Selection[318] Coming-of-age/Science-fiction English
The Shambling Guide[319] Urban fantasy English
The Stand Off[320] Period drama English
The Thing About Jellyfish[321] Drama English
The Three Musketeers[322] Adventure English
The Unsound[323] Horror English
The Upper World[324] Fantasy English
The Wicked Deep[325] Horror/Romance/Fantasy English
The Witch Boy[326] Animation/Musical/Fantasy English
This Beast[327] Horror drama English
This Lullaby[122] Drama English
Uncoupled[328] Comedic thriller English
Untitled Ava DuVernay film[329] Buddy film English
Untitled Beverly Hills Cop sequel[330] Action comedy English
Untitled Death Note sequel[231] Horror thriller English
Untitled Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom adaptation[331] Biopic English
Untitled GameStop film[332] Drama English
Untitled Gore Verbinski film[333] Animation English
Untitled Gorillaz adaptation[334] Animation English
Untitled Gundam adaptation[335] Mecha TBA
Untitled Hulk Hogan biopic[336] Biopic English
Untitled Jason Bateman film[337] Action comedy English
Untitled Jonás Cuarón film[338] Fantasy/Adventure English
Untitled Juneteenth film[339] Musical English
Untitled Murder Mystery sequel[340] Comedy/Mystery English
Untitled Patrick Osborne film[341] Animated fantasy English
Untitled Prentice Penny film[342] Holiday English
Untitled Redwall adaptation[343] Animated fantasy English
Untitled Ronnie del Carmen film[344] Animated fantasy English
Untitled Solvan "Slick" Naim film[345] Hip-hop musical English
Untitled Steve Carr film[346] Comedy English
Untitled The Chronicles of Narnia film[347] Fantasy English
Untitled The Girls of Summer adaptation[348] Sports drama English
Untitled Vince Vaughn film[349] Action comedy English
Untitled Wyclef Jean childhood film[350] Animation English
Upstate[351] Comedy English
Valhalla[352] TBA English
V.I.N.[352] TBA English
Virunga[353] Drama English
Void[354] Science fiction English
VOR[355] Crime drama English
War Party[356] Action/Adventure English
Water Margin[357] Action/Adventure English
Way Station[358] Science fiction English
Your Place or Mine[304] Romantic comedy English
Yuba[359] Western English


Title Premiere Runtime Language
The Nailbomber[360] 2021 TBA English
Untitled Ben Crump documentary[361] 2021 TBA English
Diomedes[362] TBA TBA Spanish
Kangaroos[363] TBA 90 min. English
Microworlds: Reef[364] TBA TBA English
Murder by the Coast[107] TBA 1 hour, 33 min. Spanish
Stamped from the Beginning[365] TBA TBA English
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You[365] TBA TBA English
Untitled Britney Spears documentary[366] TBA TBA English
Untitled Dennis Nilsen documentary[367] TBA TBA English
Untitled Nipsey Hussle documentary[368] TBA TBA English


Title Genre Premiere Runtime Language
Robin Robin[369] Stop motion/Musical 2021[370] 10 min. English
We Lost Our Human[371][372] Animation/Interactive fiction 2022 TBA English


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