The sequel to Tom Hardy's Venom is releasing in June of next year with the title Venom: Let There Be Carnage, starring Zombieland actor Woody Harrelson in the role of the murder-crazed insane villain. 2018's Venom, might not have been received well by critics, but the box-office performance speaks a different story. The writing might have been weak, but it was liked by fans worldwide. Both Carnage and Venom have been a big part of Spider-Man's chronicles in the comics and the three of them share an extensive history.

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It is about time fans got a film featuring the three of them together, and they may get their wish soon. Here are 5 similarities between the two symbiotes, and 5 differences.

10 Similar - Both Are Stronger Than Spider-Man

While Spider-Man might not be as strong as some other superheroes on his level of popularity such as Superman and Wolverine, many people tend to underestimate exactly how powerful he is, perhaps due to his comparative slim and human physique.

Although his power levels vary from time to time in the comics, he can easily lift more than 20 tons if not more. But being an alien symbiote, Venom and Carnage are much more stronger than Spidey. Venom amplifies the strength of its host by more than ten times, and it's not held back by any physical human confinements.

9 Different - Carnage is Stronger

Although on the surface Carnage and Venom might seem very similar, there are significant differences between the two. They've faced off against each other many times in the comics, and strictly going by facts Carnage is stronger, and can lift heavier weights. Despite being the offspring of Venom, he is stronger than both Venom and Spider-Man combined. Another aspect that gives Carnage an edge is his insanity and lack of moral boundaries.

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The original host of Carnage, Cletus Kasady is a psychopathic murderer and Carnages nature is not too different. The two of their deranged personalities combined creates a character who has committed unspeakable acts in the comics.

8 Similar - They Share a Blood Bond

The similarity in the appearance of Venom and Carnage isn't only due to the fact that they are of the same species. Klyntar, the race that Venom and Carnage belong to, is a species that can reproduce asexually.

At one point in the comics Eddie Brock, the original host of Venom Eddie Brock and the soon-to-be host of Carnage Cletus Kasady shared a jail cell. Venom was "pregnant" during that time, and while Brock tried to break out of jail with Venom's help, Venom left behind is offspring which later bonded with the serial killer Cletus Kasady to form Carnage.

7 Different - Venom Is Smarter

Venom has had his fair share of incidents in the comics where he has acted in a disturbing and insane nature, but never on the level of Carnage. Carnage and its host together are a very unstable entity, and although the two of them share a stronger bond, Venom and Brock have worked together as a team many times to resolve difficult situations.

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While Carnage might be more powerful in terms of raw strength and its insane psychotic nature might make him more dangerous, this doesn't always ensure victory for him. Venom and Brock are more rational-minded, making them smarter.

6 Similar - Relationship With Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the common factor present between Venom and Carnage. It is Eddie Brock and Venom's mutual hatred against Spider-Man/Peter Parker which initially forms a bond between them.

As the Venom symbiote was originally used by Peter Parker as an alternative Spider suit, even after they separated Venom still held a connection with Spider-Man, which can be seen by the slight similarity in their appearance. Venom also mimicks Spider-Mans powers, such as shooting web. And although Venom has grown as a character in recent years, in their most primal form they've always been a core Spider-Man villain.

5 Different - Their Origin

Peter Parker has always been the most popular Venom host, and for some time it was assumed that he was also the first until in recent storylines where it has been revealed that many characters have bonded with the symbiote in the past such as Deadpool. Carnage is simply a direct descendent of Venom, but Cletus Kasady has a far deeper relationship with the symbiotes.t

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It was revealed in a recent comic, Ruins of Ravencroft, an ancestor of Kasady named Cortland Kasady was "the first mass murderer in the New World" and a worshipper of Knull, the God of Symbiotes.

4 Similar - Same Species

Although the two have vastly different origins, Venom and Carnage inevitably are part of the same species of living organisms. Venom is part of a species called The Klyntar, a race of extraterrestrial symbiotes created by the God of symbiotes, Knull. A great deal of the history of the symbiotes has been revealed in the Venom comics.

Countless centuries ago, the symbiotes were created by the evil deity Knull and used to take over planets and annihilate entire civilizations. Knull was later defeated by Thor and the symbiotes were set free and spread around the entire Universe.

3 Different - Nature And Personality

Venom started out as purely a Spider-Man villain, essentially as an evil version of Spider-Man himself. But over the years he has gone through many changes and although he isn't exactly a good guy now, he cannot be considered a straight-up villain either. On the other hand, Carnage has never gone anywhere near the "anti-hero" status.

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Carnage's original host Cletus Kasady was a serial killer and a certified madman and all the future hosts were corrupted by Carnage itself. But Venom has done many heroic things throughout his history as well, alongside some occasional villainous acts.

2 Similar - Weaknesses

This similarity between Carnage and Venom is directly tied to the fact that despite the differences in their personality, at the end of the day they are still part of the same species. Thus, they share some common weaknesses along with all other symbiotes.

Most symbiotes have are vulnerable against intense sonic vibrations and heat, and this weakness unintentionally originated when they were being forged by Knull. It has been told in the comics that through evolution some of the newer symbiotes have grown resistant to these weaknesses, but even then they're not completely invulnerable.

1 Different - Powers and Abilities

Carnage and Venom share some similar powers and abilities, but they also differ from each other a lot when it comes to that. Venom mimics Spider-Man's powers and appearance due to their time together, and this feature was also passed on to Carnage as well. Both of them make use of self-created webs or tendrils to get around.

The bond between Carnage and Kasady is on a cellular level, which makes it stronger than Venom's bond with its hosts. Also, Carnage has more control over the fluidity and flexibility of the physical composition of its body, which allows Carnage to be more creative when it comes to forming weapons with its own body.

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