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Highlighting means you will receive a message when your keyword is said in chat. The matching is approximate and works really similarly to discord search (basically, if you search your keyword in discord search, you will find messages that would trigger the highlight, roughly speaking).


You will only be highlighted if you have access to the channel and if you haven't posted in the past 5 minutes.
For multi-word highlights, it will look for a sequence of words, not a substring.

Name Example Usage
[highlight|hl] [+|add] <word(s)> !hl add carl Adds a word that will notify you.
hl [m|match] <sentence> !hl match carl is cute Tests a sentence and sees which if any words would notify you.
hl block <members/channels> !hl block @Kintark#0588 #general @angryloser#0001 #bilderberg Messages sent in this channel/from this user won't notify you.
hl unblock <members/channels> !hl unblock #general Unblocks the user/channel
hl show !hl show Shows which words you have set to highlight you
hl clear !hl clear Removes all of your highlighted words
hl del <word> !hl del math Removes a word from your highlighted words