Amazon Prime Video has finally allowed subscribers to create personal profiles on the streaming service.

According to Variety, after initially being launched in India and Africa, users in the U.S. and other countries can create up to six profiles per account. A similar feature has been available for years on Hulu and Netflix, while Disney+ and HBO Max both launched with the ability to create profiles.

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Amazon will recommend different content to each user based on what they watch, while also tracking season progress. Each profile will also be able to build personalized watchlists.

The new feature also includes a Prime Video Kids profile option, which gives parents and guardians more control over what younger viewers watch. Under the Kids profile, only TV shows and movies with content ratings for viewers 12 and under are visible. Purchases will also be blocked. However, all downloads on the Prime Video account will still be accessible on the Kids profile, regardless of rating. Amazon previously offered prenatal control, but those have been specific to individual devices.

The feature launched today on the Prime Video website, as well as Android, iOS, Fire TV, Fire tablets (10th generation or higher) and specific connected-TV devices such as the PlayStation 4.

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