60+ Epic Die Hard Quotes That'll Have You Yelling Yippee-Ki-Yay

Yippy Ki-Yay, Mother F*ckers! 63 Quotes From Die Hard, The World’s Greatest Christmas Movie

die hard quotes
(20th Century Fox)

In 1988 something truly spectacular happened: We watched Die Hard and met Bruce Willis’ salty, sassy John McClane. The New York detective was the stuff of nightmares for bad guys everywhere…especially Hans Gruber (RIP Alan Rickman). He was a boss’ worst nightmare. He cursed worse than any sailor or trucker we’ve ever met, even as adults. And, you guys, he was so freaking cool. The movie was full of quotable lines, which earned it instant icon status and us a firm talking to or a mouthful of soap if our moms ever heard. That didn’t exactly stop us, though… did it?

John McClane started off old and crotchety and has only gotten better with age. We’re now thirty-something years and five movies into the franchise. He’s like a fine wine because he only gets better with age. Was A Good Day To Die Hard our final chance to hang with John McClane? We hope not. We need to keep watching him age to know how we’re supposed to do it properly. The film also started one of the longest-running debates in film history: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? In fact, according to the latest search data available, there are nearly 2,500 Google searches for that same question a month. A month!

Warning: (Read this in a John McClane voice). Obviously, this isn’t PG-13. Get over it and don’t read it around children.

Iconic Quotes From Die Hard

1. Dwayne T. Robinson: How do you know that?
Sgt. Al Powell: A hunch, things he said. Like being able to spot a phony ID.
Dwayne T. Robinson: Jesus Christ, Powell, he could be a fucking bartender for all we know!

2. John McClane: Glass, who gives a shit about glass?

3. Hans Gruber: Mr. Mystery Guest? Are you still there?
John McClane: Yeah, I’m still here. Unless you wanna open the front door for me.

4. Dwayne T. Robinson: This is Deputy Chief of Police, Dwayne T. Robinson, and I am in charge of this situation.
John McClane: Oh, you’re in charge? Well, I got some bad news for you Dwayne, from up here it doesn’t look like you’re in charge of jack shit.

5. John McClane: Now I know how a TV dinner feels.

6. Hans Gruber: We do NOT alter the plan!
Karl: And, if HE alters it?

7. John McClane: Welcome to the party pal!

8. Hans Gruber: Uh, no, I’m afraid not. But, you have me at a loss. You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he’s John Wayne? Rambo? Marshal Dillon?
John McClane: Was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually. I really like those sequined shirts.

9. Hans Gruber: Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.

10. John McClane: [huddled in an air vent, recalls his wife’s invitation] Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

11. Hans Gruber: You asked for miracles, I give you… the FBI.

12. Hans Gruber: [Hans’ radio turns on] I thought I told all of you, I want radio silence until further…
John McClane: Ooooh, I’m very sorry Hans. I didn’t get that message. Maybe you should’ve put it on the bulletin board. I figured since I’ve waxed Tony and Marco and his friend here, I figured you and Karl and Franco might be a little lonely, so I wanted to give you a call.

12. Store clerk: (looking at Twinkies) I thought you guys just ate donuts?

13. Hans Gruber: (On the radio) You are most troublesome for a security guard.

14. Hans Gruber: Who are you, then?
John McClane: Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. A monkey in the wretch. A pain in the ass.

15. John McClane: It’s okay, I’m a cop. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for eleven years.

16. Takagi: You want money? What kind of terrorists are you?
Hans Gruber: Who said we were terrorists?

17. John McClane: I’m a cop from New York.
Hans Gruber: New York?
John McClane: Got invited to the Christmas party by mistake. Who knew? (Hans looks at John’s bare feet) Better than getting caught with your pants down. (Laughs) I’m John McClane.

18. Sergeant Al Powell: Hey Roy, how you feeling?
John McClane: Pretty fuckin’ unappreciated, Al.

19. Hans Gruber: I spent a weekend at a combat ranch. You know that game with the guns that shoot red paint? Probably seems kind of stupid to you.

20. Holly Gennero McClane: You’ll have to forgive Ellis. He gets very depressed this time of year. He thought he was God’s greatest gift. You know?

21. John McClane: I think he’s got his eye on you.
Holly Gennero McClane: That’s okay. I have my eye on his private bathroom.

22. John McClane: No. [hands him the gun] Time for the real thing, Bill. All you gotta do is pull the trigger.

23. Marco: No more table! Where are you going to go now? Let me give you some advice: Next time you have the chance to kill someone, don’t hesitate!
John McClane: (Kills him) Thanks for the advice.

24. John McClane: Why don’t you take THIS under consideration, motherfucker?

25. John McClane: You throw quite a party. I didn’t realize they celebrated Christmas in Japan.
Joseph Takagi: Hey, we’re flexible. Pearl Harbor didn’t work out so we got you with tape decks.

26. John McClane: “Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.”

27. John McClane: No fucking shit lady, does it sound like I’m ordering a pizza?

28. Ellis: Hey babe, I negotiate million-dollar deals for breakfast. I think I can handle this Eurotrash.

29. John McClane: You’re pretty tricky with that accent. You oughtta be on fuckin’ TV with that accent.

30. Hans Gruber: You Americans are all alike. Well, this time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.
John McClane: That’s Gary Cooper, asshole.

31. Holly Gennero McClane: Only John can make somebody that crazy.

32. Hans Gruber: Do you really think you have a chance against us Mr. cowboy?
John McClane: Yippie Ki Yay Motherfucker!

33. Hans Gruber: I am going to count to three. There will not be a four.

34. Tony: You won’t hurt me.
John McClane: Oh, yeah? Why not?
Tony: Because you’re a policeman. There are rules for policemen.
John McClane: Yeah. That’s what my captain keeps telling me.

35. Dwayne T. Robinson: We’re gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess.

36. Hans Gruber: I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult, cooperative. Not a lot to ask.

37. Hans: The following people are to be released from their captors: In Northern Ireland, the seven members of the New Provo Front. In Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of Liberte de Quebec. In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement…
John McClane: (listening on the radio) What the fuck?
Karl: (mouthing silently) Asian Dawn?
Hans: (covers the radio) I read about them in Time magazine.

38. Hans Gruber: Alas, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way… so he won’t be joining us for the rest of his life.

39. Hans Gruber: We can go any way you want it. You can walk out of here or be carried out. But have no illusions. We are in charge.

40. Dwayne T. Robinson: Oh god I hope that’s not a hostage.

41. Hans Gruber: That’s a nice suit. It’d be a shame to ruin it

42. John McClane: Happy trails, Hans.

43. John McClane: Is the building destroyed?

Sgt. Al Powell: No, but it’s gonna need a new paint job and a shit-load of screen doors.

44. John McClane: Who’s driving his car, Stevie Wonder?

45. John McClane: Asshole? I’m not the one who just got butt-fucked on national TV. Now, you listen to me, jerk-off, if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem. Quit being a part of the fucking problem and put the other guy back on!

46. John McClane: Hans! You motherfucker, you made your point. Now let them pull back!

47. John McClane (after looking down an elevator shaft): Fuck me.

48. John McClane(just before he blows up James and Alexander with the C4): Geronimo, motherfucker!

49. John McClane: I’m on your side assholes!

50. John McClane: You’d have made a pretty good cowboy yourself, Hans.
Hans Gruber: Oh, yes. What was it you said to me before? ‘Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker.’

51. Theo: All right, listen up guys. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except… the four assholes coming in the rear in standard two-by-two cover formation.

52. John McClane: Why’d you have to nuke the whole building, Hans?
Hans Gruber: Well, when you steal $600, you can just disappear. When you steal $600 million, they will find you… unless they think you’re already dead.

53. Hans Gruber: When they touch down, we’ll blow the roof, they’ll spend a month sifting through rubble, and by the time they figure out what went wrong, we’ll be sitting on a beach earning twenty percent.

Quotes From Die Hard 2: Die Harder

54. Capt. Grant: Too bad, McClane. I kinda liked you.
John McClane: I’ve got enough friends!

55. John McClane: How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice.

56. Marvin: You like it, huh? How ’bout you give me twenty bucks for it.
John McClane: How ’bout I let you live?
Marvin: Man knows how to barter.

57. Capt. Grant: You are just in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
John McClane: Story of my life.

58. John McClane: Just once, I’d like a regular, normal Christmas. Eggnog, a fuckin’ Christmas tree, a little turkey. But, no! I gotta crawl around in this motherfuckin’ tin can!

59. Flight Attendant: (to Holly) What did you do?
Holly: Knocked out two of his teeth.
Flight Attendant: Would you like some champagne?

60. Lorenzo: Yeah, yeah. I know who you are. You’re the asshole that’s just broke seven FAA and five District of Columbia regulations, running around my airport with a gun, shooting at people. What do you call that shit?
McClane: Self-defense.

61. McClane: Powell, put down that Twinkie and talk to me!
Powell: John! How the hell you been?

62. Holly McClane: Listen Dick. That is your name? Dick. If you’re gonna continue to get this close do you think you might consider switching aftershaves?
Thornberg: Anything else?
Holly McClane: Stronger mouthwash would be nice.

63. John McClane: (To Captain Lorenzo) Hey Carmine, let me ask you something: What sets off a metal detector first? The lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?

When Your 3-Year-Old Wants To Have A Tea Party

‘Friends: The Reunion’: Long List of Guest Stars Makes Up For Lame Trailer

Friends The Reunion Trailer
(YouTube/HBO Max)

It seems like ages ago that the Friends reunion was announced. And then Covid hit and it was delayed. And delayed some more. Well, it’s finally coming, and soon!

Today, HBO Max released a completely empty teaser trailer – seriously, it’s just a shot of the cast walking away from the camera as an overly dramatic instrumental version of the familiar theme song plays – and announced that the special will land on the streaming service on May 27th.

They also made up for the lack of sizzle in the teaser by laying out a long list of guest stars who will appear in the special, along with all of the original cast (Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc). Many of the guests have tenuous – at best – links to the popular sitcom.

The list includes David Beckham, Justin Bieber, BTS, James Corden, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, Elliott Gould, Kit Harington, Larry Hankin, Mindy Kaling, Thomas Lennon, Christina Pickles, Tom Selleck, James Michael Tyler, Maggie Wheeler, Reese Witherspoon and Malala Yousafzai.

Malala Yousafzai?! Wait, what?

Given that the special is an unscripted reunion, as opposed to a scripted look at where the characters are now, my money is on most of those guest stars giving testimonials about what the show means to them, but that’s just a guess.

We’ll find out for sure in two weeks! Until then, here’s that underwhelming teaser trailer:

Italian Firefighter Overcome With Emotion After Saving Kitten

Italian firefighter emotional after rescuing kitten from hole

Few occupations allow you to experience the full spectrum of human emotion quite like being a firefighter. The rush of adrenaline as you respond to a call, the highs of successful days, and the lows when things don’t go as planned. Firefighters have the unique responsibility of addressing unusual emergencies, staying calm while quickly formulating plans for action. There aren’t many things quite as satisfying as saving a life (or so I imagine), but it’s rare that we get a glimpse into the lives of heroes celebrating their wins.

In a recently resurfaced clip, we’re invited to share a touching moment with an Italian firefighter after an incredible rescue. A small kitten around three weeks old fell into a hole in the road, and the small bundle of fur had neither a route or the motor skills to escape. Fortunately, someone heard the kitten’s cries and contacted emergency services.

Without a doubt, working as a firefighter has its fair share of heartbreak. The firefighter in the viral 28-second clip likely really needed a win, and the tiny kitten needed a hero. When the two came together, it was nothing short of magic.

The clip opens with a group of several firefighters surrounding a hole in the ground, one of them laying on his stomach as we hear the heartbreaking cries of a terrified kitten. As the firefighter sits up, we see that his mission was a success – he managed to pull the tiny kitten to safety.

Our hero holds up the kitten, gently petting the small ball of fur as he continues to let out panicked mews. Taking a deep breath as he realizes the initial danger is gone, the firefighter truly looks at the kitten for the first time and becomes immediately overwhelmed with emotion.

In 28 seconds, the team of firefighters moves from the tense focus of addressing a dangerous situation to the celebration of a job well done. The hero of the day sheds happy, relieved tears as a fellow firefighter pats him on the back both in comfort and congratulations.

Though the video is several years old, it received over 200,000 likes on Twitter when it was reposted by a user named Thund3rB0lt. Twitter users praised the hero for saving the small kitten’s life and celebrated the emotional win right along with him. No matter what’s happening in the world, we’ll never get tired of watching touching moments like this.

Father Figures: Show and Tell

“The year was 1992 – I was in second grade at John J Jennings Elementary School in Bristol, CT.

Show-and-tell was a weekly highlight for our class. Some classmates had their parents come to talk about their important jobs as a Fireman or an EMT; they would bring plastic fire chief hats or stickers for everyone.

My dad was a proud feeder driver for United Parcel Service (and also my best friend and hero), so logically I begged him to come as my special show-and-tell guest. After lots of convincing (by me) and some behind the scenes logistical work (by him), my dad was granted permission to bring a set of tractor trailer doubles to my elementary school for show and tell.

My classmates were given a tour of the equipment, a photo in the driver seat, and a model UPS airplane as mementos of the special day. The visit was even featured in UPS’s publication, ‘The Big Idea.’

This is one of many examples of my dad going above and beyond – a fun and memorable day! He taught me that family comes first, and the way to a good life is through hard work.

My dad passed away unexpectedly on March 12, 2021. While losing my best friend has been undoubtedly devastating, I’ve found strength and comfort in hearing stories from others – near and far – who have been impacted by my dad’s personality, humor, generosity and straightforward outlook on life.

Thanks for everything, Daddy – I’ll always make you proud.”

– Becky Faulkner

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

First Images of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Revealed by Netflix

Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation

By the power of Grayskull!

Netflix has revealed some brand-new images in a press release today for Kevin Smith‘s upcoming ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ animated series.  Powerhouse Animation, the same studio behind Netflix’s Castlevania series is bringing He-Man to life, so needless to say, this show is going to look very slick.

Voicing these characters is an all-star cast that includes Mark Hamill (Skeletor), Lena Headey (Evil-Lyn), Chris Wood (Prince Adam/He-Man), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela), Alicia Silverstone (Queen Marlena), Steven Root (Battle Cat), Jason Mewes (Stinkor), Justin Long (Roboto), and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith (Ilena).  Alan Oppenheimer, who was the original voice of Skeletor, will instead this time be lending his talents to the voice of Moss Man.

You can take a look at the official images for yourself down below.  Skeletor is looking as handsome as ever I must say.

Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation Skeletor
Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation

Part 1 of the series will premiere on July 23rd, and consist of five episodes.  Here’s the official synopsis:

“The war for Eternia culminates in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION, an innovative and action-packed animated series that picks up where the iconic characters left off decades ago. After a cataclysmic battle between He-Man and Skeletor, Eternia is fractured and the Guardians of Grayskull are scattered. And after decades of secrets tore them apart, it’s up to Teela to reunite the broken band of heroes, and solve the mystery of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to restore Eternia and prevent the end of the universe.”

If you don’t remember any of that, you can watch the original Masters of the Universe on YouTube to catch up before the new series starts.

In the press release, showrunner Kevin Smith explained how he didn’t want to try and reboot the beloved series, “Narratively, our show is set up as the next episode in the legacy ‘80s animated series that aired from 1983-1985.  This is a continuation of that story. We’re playing with the original mythology and characters, and revisiting and digging deeper into some of the unresolved storylines. Visually we also made the conscious decision to lean into the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE line of toys for inspiration as well. Mattel owns this entire vast library of that artwork, so right away we wanted the show to open with classic pieces of that artwork. Mattel has been committed to this look since they first started as a toy line in the ’80s, and now we’re leaning into it and honoring it.”

If you have fond memories of the toys, Mattel is also planning on releasing an all-new Masters of the Universe toy collection, which will consist of He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man, Evil-Lyn, Skelegod, and Battle Cat.  Personally, I’m waiting until they release a new Snake Mountain playset so I can relive my childhood and show my kids just how cool I am.

Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain Toy

I mean, they better release a new Snake Mountain.  That thing was the BOMB.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres on Netflix July 23rd, 2021

Guy Motivates Paralyzed Pal’s Rehab By Promising He Can Kick Him in the Nuts

Paralyzed Man Kick in Balls

A traumatic injury earlier this year left a young man ‘completely paralysed under [his] shoulders.’ Chase faced a long rehab and was even told he’d be leaving the facility in a wheelchair. But his friend Dan offered him a ballsy reward to help inspire his recovery. He promised that once he regained movement in his legs Chase could kick him right in the nuts.

It was exactly the motivation Chase needed, as he began a robust rehab program to rebuild the strength in his body so he could walk again.

But more importantly, to finally kick Dan in the balls.

@chasegetsbetterGood luck, Dan ##fyp ##foryou ##paralyzed ##disabled ##kickinthenuts♬ original sound – Chase Gets Better

He documented his recovery on a TikTok account, Chase Gets Better. It starts with him barely able to move and shows his dedicated work with the recovery team. One of the therapists working with him to train his legs noted it would be the left leg to use for the job, saying it had “way more force” than expected.

He got out of the hospital a few months later, and it was finally time for Dan to take HIS medicine. He introduced himself in a follow-up clip, where he lays it all out pretty simply: “Hey guys, I’m Dan and I’m about to be kicked in the balls.”

He covered his eyes so he wouldn’t see it coming, and then that’s exactly what happened, as Chase delivered a swift and clean kick, dropping Dan to the floor. After he regained his composure, he said he felt good. Chase thanked him for helping him during “the most difficult challenge” of his life.

@chasegetsbetterYou all asked for it, so HERE IT IS! ##WorthTheWait ##fyp ##foryou ##nutshotforchase ##kickinthenuts♬ original sound – Chase Gets Better

That is what true friends do, help each other no matter the cost.

19-Yr-Old Adopted by Former Caseworker After Aging Out of Foster Care

Caseworker adopts 19-year-old after she aged out of foster care
(YouTube/FOX 13 Tampa Bay)

Every single child deserves to grow up with a loving family, people who support and encourage them through all of life’s most important milestones. For children who end up in the foster care system, through no fault of their own, a stable home and family seem like a faraway dream. Over 20,000 children age out of foster care every year in the United States alone, leaving them to cope with adult life having never truly experienced a childhood. For 19-year-old Monyay Peskaledi, however, aging out of foster care meant finally having the family she always wanted.

Leah Peskaledis, Monyay’s caseworker, first met Monyay when she was just 13 years old. Over the years, Peskaledis watched Monyay overcome everything life threw her way. The ambitious teen did volunteer work, excelled in school, and even graduated early as she prepared for life after aging out of foster care.

The bond between Leah and Monyay grew stronger over time, and recently, the caseworker fulfilled the promises she made years ago.

“I made her a promise that I would find her an adoptive family. I just didn’t know that I would be the adoptive family,” new mom Leah told WGN after making Monyay’s adoption official.

Previously, Leah’s role as Monyay’s caseworker made her unable to adopt her. But once she was no longer classified as a foster child, the new little family seized the opportunity to make their dream a reality.

“Everything is official, the one thing that I wanted since I was a kid has finally come true,” said Monyay.

In an emotional clip, the two sit side by side as the judge signs the adoption papers.

“With my signature, it is official – happy adoption day,” the judge says as the courtroom fills with celebratory cheers.

The pair tearfully embrace, their first act as mother and daughter. Though Monyay is grateful to finally have the family she always wanted, she will continue advocating for other teens in foster care.

“Most people believe that we’re in here because we got into some kind of trouble, but really it’s just the circumstance and, no, we don’t want to be in here either,” she said. “…I want to continue to raise awareness for teen and adoption and adoption period.”

Stern Pinball Reveals Their New Star Wars: The Mandalorian Pinball Machines

The Mandalorian Pinball Game
(YouTube/Stern Pinball)

All you Star Wars and pinball enthusiasts out there looking to fancy up your living space, look no further.  Stern Pinball has revealed their Star Wars: The Mandalorian Pinball Machines and they are beauties.  I have spoken.

Announced in a press release, this action-packed pinball quest will transport players to “a galaxy far, far away as they play as the Mandalorian, teaming up with key allies and protecting Grogu, while battling dangerous enemies and forces across their journey.”

You can check out all the flashiness in the official game trailer to see how it looks and plays in action.

“Star Wars is timeless and our players have enjoyed every pinball machine reimagined by the iconic space saga,” said Gary Stern, Chairman, and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc. “Stern’s new pinball machine, inspired by The Mandalorian, continues that tradition with an engaging and exciting story for an entirely new generation of fans around the world. Collaborating with Lucasfilm, we have brought all of the suspense, excitement, and action from the Star Wars galaxy into a one-of-a-kind pinball adventure perfect for any location or home game room.”

As with most Stern releases, there will be three different versions of The Mandalorian pinball machine available for purchase: There’s the Pro ($6,199 US), Premium ($7,799 US), and Limited Edition ($9,199).  I’ve put them in order down below for your viewing pleasure.

Mandalorian Pinball Machines
(Stern Pinball)

The press release also mentions various features that each machine comes packed with which include “a large custom sculpture of Grogu, authentic video and audio from seasons one and two, and exclusive custom speech performed by actor Carl Weathers (Greef Karga). The game includes the iconic title theme song by Ludwig Göransson and stunning hand-drawn artwork by Randy Martinez, one of today’s most popular comic artists. ”

According to Stern, there will only be 750 limited edition machines available. This version includes an exclusive full color mirrored backglass inspired by Beskar armor, custom cabinet artwork, custom high gloss powder-coated pinball armor, a custom autographed bottom arch, exclusive inside art blades, an upgraded audio system, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

I have to say it again but these look amazing.  I’d love to have any of these machines in my home, it might be time to start an arcade.  If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you can head on over to SternPinball‘s official site for more info.

These Resident Evil Village Head-Swapping Mods Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

Resident Evil Village Head Swap Mod
(NexusMods/JTeghius Kittius)

Resident Evil Village has only been out for less than a week, and modders are having a field day.

We’ve seen Barney the Dinosaur make his debut in the survival horror game.  Now, we’ve got characters swapping heads.  It’s all insane, but it definitely puts a smile on my face.

“This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this,” JTeghius who created the Baby Rose and Chris Redfield mod says on the NexusMods page, “So the baby actually has facial animations too which work on the mini-me. Some aspects may look a little weird, but it’s all for the 10-second joke am I right?”

Here we have Baby Rose on Chris Redfield’s body…

Resident Evil Village Mod
(NexusMods/JTeghius Kittius)

…and Baby Rose doing her best Zoolander pose.

Resident Evil Village Mod
(NexusMods/JTeghius Kittius)

Up next, we have Chris Redfield on Baby Rose’s body.  The horror… THE HORROR.

Resident Evil Village Mod
(NexusMods/JTeghius Kittius)

Okay, he kind of looks cute in this one.  You know, if your baby could grow facial hair.

Resident Evil Village Mod
(NexusMods/JTeghius Kittius)

There’s even a mod by Crazy Potato that puts a Thomas the Train head on fan-favorite villain Lady Dimitrescu’s body, because why not.

(NexusMods/Crazy Potato)

While the community is running rampant and having a blast creating these mods, Resident Evil Village is breaking all sorts of records.  It’s currently the fastest-selling Resident Evil game of all time, with 3 million copies sold within the first 4 days of its release.  On Steam, it peaked at 100,000 concurrent players and had 600,000 viewers on Twitch, which is a first for the popular series.

I’ve yet to play Resident Evil Village myself, but the hype is too much and it’s definitely next on my list of must-have games.  Have you played it yet, and if so, is it as awesome as everyone says it is?