Famous Scientists - Biographies of World Famous Scientists

A comprehensive directory of world famous scientists highlighting their works and achievements.

A typical view of a scientist is that of a person in a white coat, conducting experiments. The truth is that a scientists can be defined as a person who is involved in the systematic and documented study of the phenomena that occur in nature but are not limited to just physics, chemistry or biology. They even indulge in studies related to the makeup of the earth and social scenarios where they study and try to understand the behavior of a group of individual of a particular species, sub-species or any other such classification. They can be classified into various categories based on the branch of science that they are involved in. Some such categories are social scientists, astronomers, physicist, biologists, chemical engineers or chemists, agriculturists and earth scientists. There are many more branches of science which a person can become a specialist of. Some of the notable people from this field are people like Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Scientists have always led the way in understand the environment we live in and this is a collection of the biographies of these studious people, along with information about their professional and personal lives, including their life stories, timelines and trivia.

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Albert Einstein Albert Einstein
German, American

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla
Austrian, American

Marie Curie Marie Curie
French, Polish

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
British, American

Larry Page Larry Page

Carl Sagan Carl Sagan

Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell
Canadian, Scottish

Sergey Brin Sergey Brin
Russian, American

Jonas Salk Jonas Salk

Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell
British, Welsh
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John von Neumann John von Neumann
Hungarian, American

Alexander Fleming Alexander Fleming
British, Scottish

Hypatia Hypatia
Ancient Roman

Sally Ride Sally Ride

Leonhard Euler Leonhard Euler
Swiss, Russian

Dian Fossey Dian Fossey
Rwandan, American

Gabe Newell Gabe Newell

Euclid Euclid

Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer
Juliane Koepcke Juliane Koepcke
German, Peruvian

Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford
New Zealander, British

Terence Tao Terence Tao
Australian, American

Enrico Fermi Enrico Fermi
Italian, American

James Watt James Watt

Jean-Paul Marat Jean-Paul Marat
Swiss, French

Zbigniew Brzezinski Zbigniew Brzezinski
Polish, American

Kurt Gödel Kurt Gödel