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Infographic: Cows cause climate change? Agriculture scientist says ‘belching bovines’ get too much blame

A recent interview by Caroline Stocks, a UK journalist who writes about food, agriculture and the environment, of air quality ...
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Males=hunters, females=gatherers? Not so fast. Many early big-game hunters were women, research suggests
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man getting vaccine web
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If your disposition is cheerful, you’re less likely to experience memory decline
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Beyond Meat launches plant-based pork in bid to outcompete Impossible Foods in China
EU needs new guidelines to evaluate environmental impact of gene-drive mosquitoes, food safety officials say
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200 million people contract malaria each year. A genetically engineered vaccine might soon be coming
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Almost 50 years after brutal rape and murder, DNA cracks cold case, suspect commits suicide before conviction
Lab-grown meat requires fewer farm inputs than livestock, but more energy. Is it really better for the planet?
Global crop yields projected to drop as temperatures rise, new study finds
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