List of women anthropologists

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This is a list of women anthropologists.

Name Description Birth Death Image
Adeline Masquelier American anthropologist 1960
Adrienne L. Kaeppler American anthropologist 1935
Agnes Conway British archaeologist and historian 1885 1950
Agnès Humbert French art historian 1894-10-12 1963-09-19
Aihwa Ong Malaysian sociocultural anthropologist 1950-02-01
Aileen Fox English archaeologist 1907-07-29 2005-11-21
Alana Cordy-Collins American archaeologist specializing in Peruvian prehistory 1944-06-05 2015-08-16
Alanah Woody American anthropologist 1956-03-24 2007-07-19
Alba Zaluar Brazilian anthropologist 1942-06-02 2019-12-19
Alba Maria Zaluar.JPG
Aleksandra Dunin-Wąsowicz Polish archaeologist 1932-06-10 2015-07-22
Alessandra Melucco Vaccaro Italian classical scholar 1940-04-04 2000-08-29
Alette Schreiner Norwegian researcher 1874-05-18 1957-12-26
Alexandra David-Néel Belgian-French anarchist, Buddhist, explorer, spiritualist, writer 1868-10-24 1969-09-08
Louise Eugenie Alexandrine Marie David 19th century.gif
Alice Beck Kehoe American anthropologist 1934
Alice Cunningham Fletcher American ethnologist 1838-03-15 1923-04-06
Alice Fletcher2.jpg
Alice E. Gillington British author, poet and gypsy folklorist 1863 1934-05-22
Alice G. Dewey American anthropologist 1928-12-04 2017-06-11
Alice Kober American classical scholar and archaeologist 1906-12-23 1950-05-16
Alice Mossie Brues American physical anthropologist 1913-10-09 2007-01-14
Alice Roberts English physician, anatomist, physical anthropologist, television presenter, author 1973-05-19
Alice Roberts -West Hanney, Oxfordshire, England -archaeology rally-11Sept2010-2.jpg
Alicia P. Magos Filipino anthropologist
Alison Galloway American forensic anthropologist
Alison Spedding British anthropologist 1962-01-22
Alison Wylie British-Canadian philosopher of science and archaeologist 1954
Alla Ter-Sarkisiants Russian anthropologist, historian and ethnographer of Armenia
Amalia Signorelli Italian cultural anthropologist 1934-08-06 2017-10-25
Amanda Adams American author and archaeologist 1976-09-12
Amber Case American cyborg anthropologist
TEDxBend 2013.jpg
Amelia Edwards British novelist, journalist, traveller and Egyptologist 1831-06-07 1892-04-15
Amelia B Edwards 1890 in Amerika.jpg
Amélie Kuhrt British historian 1944
Ana María Groot Colombian historian, archaeologist and anthropologist 1952-08-29
Ana María Groot.jpg
Angana P. Chatterji Indian anthropologist, activist, and feminist historian 1966-11
Angana Chatterji.JPG
Aninhalli Vasavi Indian anthropologist 1958-12-20
Anita Álvarez de Williams American anthropologist, photographer and historian 1931
Anita Brenner Mexican writer 1905-08-13 1974-12-01
Ann Dunham American anthropologist, mother of Barack Obama 1942-11-29 1995-11-07
Ann Fienup-Riordan American cultural anthropologist 1948-10-13
Ann Peoples American anthropologist and camp manager, McMurdo Station
Anna Curtenius Roosevelt American archaeologist 1946
Anna Czekanowska-Kuklińska Polish musicologist and ethnographer 1929-06-25
Anna Lomax Wood American anthropologist and public folklorist 1944-11-20
Anna Lou Dehavenon American urban anthropologist 1926-11-24 2012-02-07
Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri Italian archaeologist
Anna Maria Di Sciullo Canadian linguist
Anna Pujol Puigvehi Spanish archaeologist and historian 1947-08-16
Anna Pujol Puigvehí.jpg
Anna Sadurska Polish Classical scholar 1924 2004
Anna Tsing American anthropologist 1952
Annah Robinson Watson American author and folklorist 1848 1930
The International folk-lore congress, Annah Robinson Watson.png
Annamaria Orla-Bukowska Polish social anthropologist
Anne Allison American cultural anthropologist
Anne Chapman American anthropologist 1922-11-28 2010-06-12
Anne Chapman.jpg
Anne Dambricourt-Malassé French paleoanthropologist 1959
Anne Johnson British archaeologist 1951-08-28
Anne Macaulay British musicologist 1924-03-11 1998
Anne Salmond New Zealand anthropologist, environmentalist and writer 1945-11-16
Dame Anne Salmond WORD (cropped).jpg
Anne Stine Ingstad Norwegian archaeologist 1918-02-11 1997-11-06
Anne Stine Moe Ingstad (1918-1997).jpg
Anne Walbank Buckland British anthropologist, ethnologist, and travel writer 1832 1899
Anne Zeller American physical anthropologist, specializing in primates
Annemarie Mol Dutch ethnographer and philosopher 1958-09-13
Annette Laming-Emperaire French archeologist 1917-10-22 1977
Annette Weiner American anthropologist 1933-02-14 1997-12-07
Annie Brisset Canadian linguist
Annie Marion MacLean early American sociologist 1869 1934
Annie York elder of the Nlaka'pamux, ethnobotany contributor 1904 1991
Antonia Arslan Italian writer/academic of Armenian origins 1938
Antonia Mills Canadian anthropologist
Aud Talle Norwegian anthropologist 1944 2011-08-16
Audrey Butt Colson Social anthropologist 1926
Audrey Meaney Archaeologist 1931 2021
Audrey Richards Anthropologist 1899-07-08 1984-06-29
Audrey Smedley American anthropologist 1930 2020
Bambi Schieffelin American linguist 1945
Barbara Freire-Marreco English anthropologist and folklorist 1879 1967
Barbara Harrell-Bond British academic 1932 2018
Barbara J. Heath American archaeologist 1960-12-27
Barbara Myerhoff American filmmaker and anthropologist 1935-02-16 1985-01-07
Barbara Rylko-Bauer American anthropologist 1950
Barbara Smuts American anthropologist
Beatrice Blackwood Anthropologist 1889-05-03 1975-01-29
Beatrice Blyth Whiting American anthropologist 1914-04-14 2003-09-29
Beatrice De Cardi Archaeologist 1914-06-05 2016-07-05
Beatrice Medicine American anthropologist 1923-08-01 2005
Berit Wallenberg Swedish anthropologist and archaeologist 1902 1995
Berit Wallenberg in Travemünde, Germany.jpg
Bertha P. Dutton American anthropologist, archaeologist, ethnologist 1903 1994
Bertha Parker Pallan archaeologist 1907-08-30 1978-10-08
Bertha Parker Pallan (Cody) (1907-1978) (6891503755).jpg
Bertha Phillpotts British academic 1877 1932
Portrait of Bertha Phillpotts by Philip de Lazlo.jpg
Beryl Esembe Sociologist/Anthropologist/Philanthropist, Christian 1972-07-10
BERYL ESEMBE Researcher, Author, Preacher, Inspirational Speaker..jpg
Betsy Bryan American Egyptologist 1949
Bettina Hauge Danish anthropologist 1964
Betty Meggers Archaeologist 1921-12-05 2012-07-02
Bianca Williams Black American cultural anthropologist 1980
Birgit Zotz Austrian writer and anthropologist 1979-08-07
Birgitta Hoffmann British archaeologist 1969-05-18
Birutė Galdikas primatologist, conservationist, and ethologist 1946-05-10
Birute Galdikas.jpg
Blanche Wheeler Williams Archeologist and teacher 1870-01-09 1936-12-09
Blanche Wheeler Williams after leaving Delphi.jpg
Bonnie Nardi American academic
Brackette Williams American anthropologist 1955
Bridget Allchin English archaeologist, specializing in South Asian archaeology 1927 2017
Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich German anthropologist
Brit Solli Norwegian archaeologist 1959
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway Italian art historian 1929
Butet Manurung anthropologist or education activist 1972-02-21
C.H.E. Haspels Archeologist 1894-09-15 1980-12-25
Camilla Wedgwood British anthropologist 1901-03-25 1955-05-17
Carenza Lewis British archaeologist 1963
Carla Obermeyer
Carmel Schrire anthropology and author 1941-05-15
Carmen Baroja Spanish writer and ethnologist 1883 1950-06-04
Carmen Guarini Argentine anthropologist, teacher, film maker 1953-01-18
Carobeth Laird Ethnologist 1895-07-20 1983-08-05
Carol Breckenridge American anthropologist 1942 2009
Carol Delaney American anthropologist 1940-12-12
Carol J. Greenhouse American anthropologist 1950-01-04
Carol Laderman Medical anthropologist and writer 1932-10-25 2010-07-06
Carol Meyers American archaeologist 1942
Carol R. Ember American cultural anthropologist 1943-07-07
Carole C. Noon American primatologist 1949-07-14 2009-05-02
Caroline Furness Jayne American ethnologist 1873 1909
Caroline Humphrey British academic, anthropologist 1943-09-01
Caroline Malone British archaeologist 1957
Caroline Moser British sociologist and anthropologist.
Caroline Wilkinson British anthropologist 1965-10-27
Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban American archaeologist and anthropologist
Dr. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban.JPG
Carolyn Hamilton
Carolyn M. Heighway British archaeologist 1943
Carolyn Sargent Medical anthropologist
Caterina Magni Italian-born French archaeologist and anthropologist 1966
Catharine McClellan American anthropologist 1921-03-01 2009-03-03
Catherine Berndt Australian anthropologist 1918-05-08 1994-05-12
Catherine L. Besteman American anthropologist
Catherine Lutz American anthropologist 1952
Catherine Morgan 1961-10-09
Catherine Namono Ugandan archaeologist
Catherine S. Fowler American anthropologist
Cathrine Hasse Danish anthropologist 1956
Cathrine Hasse.png
Cathy Small American anthropologist 1949
Cezaria Jędrzejewiczowa Polish scientist and art historian 1885-08-02 1967-02-28
Cezaria Jędrzejewiczowa.jpg
Chantal Boulanger French anthropologist 1957-01-04 2004-12-27
Charlotte Booth British archaeologist and Egyptologist 1975-04-06
Charlotte Booth.jpg
Charlotte Gower Chapman American ethnologist 1902 1982
Charlotte Gower Chapman (1902-1982) (5493789731).jpg
Charlotte Lewis character from the American mystery fiction television series Lost 1971-07-02
Rebecca Mader crop.jpg
Charlotte Roberts bioarchaeologist 1957
Charlotte Viall Wiser American anthropologist 1892 1981
Chie Nakane Japanese anthropologist 1926-11-30
Christen A. Smith Associate professor of anthropology and African and African diaspora studies
Christian Maclagan British antiquary and archaeologist 1811 1901
Christiane Desroches Noblecourt French Egyptologist 1913-11-17 2011-06-23
Christine Niederberger Betton French archaeologist 2001
Chuni Kotal Indian Dalit anthropologist 1965 1992
Cindy Cruz American ethnographer
Claire Barratt Industrial archaeologist, steam engineer and television presenter 1974
Claire Smith Australian archaeologist 1957-07-15
Clara Passafari Argentine anthropologist 1930-03-20 1994
Clare Selgin Wolfowitz American anthropologist 1945-11
Clarisa Hardy Argentinian-born Chilean politician, anthropologist and psychologist 1945-12-15
30.08.2011 Seminario Internacional “Protección social, inclusión y equidad” (6099943487).jpg
Claudia Roden British writer 1936
Claudia Roden - 2.JPG
Claudia Zaslavsky American ethnomathematician 1917-01-12 2006-01-13
Clea Koff Anthropologist 1972
Clémence Royer French philosopher 1830-04-21 1902-02-06
Clemence Royer 1865 Nadar.jpg
Clementina Panella Archaeologist
Cleo Odzer American writer and anthropologist 1950-04-06 2001-03-26
Constance Cox Canadian interpreter 1881 1960
Constance Goddard DuBois Ethnographer 1934
Constanza Ceruti Argentinian anthropologist 1973-01-06
Cora DuBois anthropologist, academic 1903-10-26 1991-04-07
Courtney Angela Brkic American anthropologist and writer 1972
Cristina Rémond Canadian public servant 1980
Cynthia Beall American anthropologist 1949
Cynthia Irwin-Williams Archaeologist 1936-04-14 1990-06-15
Daisy Bates Irish Australian journalist known for her work with Aboriginal People 1859-10-16 1951-04-18
Danielle Stordeur Archaeologist 1944
Danijela Stefanović Serbian Egyptologist
Daphne Berdahl American anthropologist 1964-06-14 2007-10-05
Daria Khaltourina Sociologist and Anthropologist 1979-01-04
Daria Khaltourina.jpg
Dawn Atkins Anthropologist 1962-02-13
Dawn Prince-Hughes American scientist 1964-01-31
Dean Falk American anthropologist 1944-06-25
Débora Diniz Brazilian anthropologist 1970
CDH - Comissão de Direitos Humanos e Legislação Participativa (19131283041).jpg
Deborah Fouts American anthropologist
Deborah Hyde British anthropologist and editor-in-chief 1965
Deborah Hyde QEDcon 2014 01.jpg
Deborah M. Pearsall American paleoethnobotany 1950
Denise Schmandt-Besserat Professor of Art and Archaeology 1933-08-10
Denise Schmandt-Besserat.jpg
Dia Cha American anthropologist 1962
Dian Fossey American zoologist, gorilla researcher 1932-01-16 1985-12-27
Diana Kirkbride British archaeologist 1915-10-22 1997-08-13
Diane Barwick Canadian anthropologist 1938 1986
Diane Bell Australian writer and anthropologist 1943-06-11
Diane Massam Canadian linguist
Diane Zaino Chase American archaeologist 1953
Dina Lévi-Strauss French anthropologist 1911-02-01 1999-02-25
Dolores Piperno archaeologist
Donna Gerdts American linguist
Dorinne K. Kondo Anthropologist
Doris Bartholomew American linguist 1930
Doris Zemurray Stone American Mesoamericanist 1909-11-19 1994-10-21
Dorothea Bate Welsh palaeontologist and archaeozoologist 1878-11-08 1951-01-13
Dorothea Minola Alice Bate.jpg
Dorothea Bleek German anthropologist and philologist 1873-03-26 1948-06-27
Dorothea Bleek01.jpg
Dorothy Burr Thompson American archaeologist 1900-08-19 2001-05-10
Dorothy D. Lee American anthropologist 1905 1975-04
Dorothy E. Smith Canadian anthropologist 1926-07-06
Dorothy Garrod First female Professor at Cambridge 1892-05-05
Dorothy Garrod.jpg
Dorothy Jean Ray Anthropologist 1919-10-10 2007-12-12
Dorothy King American self-described archaeologist and historian 1975
Dorothy Way Eggan American anthropologist 1901 1965
Dounia Bouzar French anthropologist, writer and educator 1964
E. S. Drower British cultural anthropologist 1879-12-01 1972-01-27
Edith Durham British artist 1863-12-08 1944-11-15
Edith Durham.jpg
Edith Porada American art historian 1912-08-22 1994-03-24
Edith Turner anthropologist 1921-06-17 2016-06-18
Eilat Mazar Eilat Mazar is an Israeli archaeologist, specializing in Jerusalem and Phoenician archeology. 1956-09-10
Eilat Mazar (cropped).jpg
Eileen Krige South African anthropologist 1905 1995
Eleanor Leacock anthropologist 1922 1987
Eleanor Myers English archaeologist 1925 1996
Eleanor Robson British academic 1969
Elena Berezovich Russian linguist 1966-01-02
Berezovich EL.JPG
Elena Efimovna Kuzmina Russian archaeologist 1931-04-13 2013-10-17
Eliane Karp First Lady of Peru 1953-09-24
Eliane Karp.jpg
Elinor Ochs American anthropologist 1944-10-22
Elisabeth Croll Croll [née Sprackett], Elisabeth Joan [Lisa] (1944–2007), Sinologist and anthropologist 1944-09-21 2007-10-03
Elizabeth American anthropologist
Elizabeth Brumfiel Archaeologist 1945-03-10 2012-01-01
Elizabeth Burgos Venezuelan anthropologist 1941
Elizabeth Colson US social anthropologist 1917-06-15 2016-07
Elizabeth Cowper Canadian linguist 1952
Elizabeth Fentress American archaeologist 1948-10-30
Elizabeth French British archaeologist 1931 2021
Elizabeth Grant Australian architect and anthropologist 1963
Elizabeth Jacobs American anthropologist 1903 1983-05-21
Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey American actress 1956-04-17
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas American anthropologist and author 1931-09-13
Elizabeth Mertz American anthropologist
Elizabeth Spillius Anthropologist 1924-03-03 2016-07-04
Elizabeth Thomas American Egyptologist 1907-03-29 1986-11-28
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea American anthropologist, writer and filmmaker 1927-10-21 2008-12-02
Elizabeth Fernea.jpg
Elizabeth Wayland Barber Archaeologist 1940-12-02
Ella Cara Deloria Yankton Dakota Author 1889-01-31 1971-02-12
Ella Sophia Armitage English historian 1841-03-03 1931-03-20
Ellen Dissanayake American anthropologist
Elli Köngäs-Maranda Canadian anthropologist 1932-01-11 1982-11-01
Elsie Clews Parsons American anthropologist 1875-11-27 1941-12-19
Elsie Clews Parsons aboard Malabar V.jpg
Emeline Hill Richardson American archaeologist 1910-06-06 1999-08-29
Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney Japanese-born anthropologist 1934
Emiliana Cruz American anthropologist
Emilie Demant Hatt Danish artist 1873-01-21 1958-12-04
Emily Martin Anthropologist 1944-11-07
Emily Vermeule American archaeologist 1928-08-11 2001-02-06
Erica Lehrer American anthropologist 1969
Erika Bourguignon American anthropologist and university teacher (1924-2015) 1924-02-18 2015-02-15
Erika Simon German classical archaeologist 1927-06-27
Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin American anthropologist 1903-04-02 1988-07-10
Erminnie A. Smith American anthropologist and folklorist 1836 1886-06-09
Erna Gunther American anthropologist 1896
Gunther Erna 2013.jpg
Ernestine Friedl American anthropologist 1920 2015-10-12
Eslanda Goode Robeson American anthropologist, author, actor and civil rights activist 1896-12-12 1965-12-13
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B0708-0014-004, Oberstes Gericht, Globke-Prozess, Publikum.jpg
Estelle Lazer Australian archaeologist
Esther Boise Van Deman American archaeologist 1862-10-01 1937-05-03
Esther de Pommery Swiss activist
Esther Hermitte Argentine anthropologist 1921 1990
Esther Newton Anthropologist 1940
Esther Schiff Goldfrank American anthropologist 1896 1997-04-23
Ethel Alpenfels American anthropologist 1907 1981
Ethel Bristowe 1862 1952
Eugenie Scott Anthropologist 1945-10-24
Eugenie Sellers Strong British archaeologist and art historian 1860-03-25 1943-09-16
Eugenie Sellers Strong.jpg
Eva Justin German psychologist 1909-08-23 1966-09-11
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1986-044-08, Stein-Pfalz, Eva Justin bei Schädelmessung.jpg
Éva Pócs Hungarian anthropologist, historian, ethnographer 1936
Eva pocs 2014.png
Eva Verbitsky Hunt Argentine anthropologist 1934 1980
Evelyn Byrd Harrison American art historian 1920-06-05 2012-11-03
Ewa Klonowski Polish anthropologist 1946
Fadwa El Guindi Egyptian-American anthropologist 1941
Faina Petryakova Ukrainian ethnographer 1931 2002
Fatimah Jackson American biological anthropologist
Faye Ginsburg American anthropologist
Faye V. Harrison American anthropologist
Felicitas Goodman American linguist and anthropologist 1914-01-30 2005-03-30
Felicitas Goodman and student, ca. 1988 (cropped).jpg
Fiona Caroline Graham Australian anthropologist 1961-09-16
Sayuki playing flute.JPG
Florence Connolly Shipek American anthropologist and ethnohistorian 1918-12-11 2003-01-09
Florence Hawley Anthropologist 1906-09-17 1991
Florinda Donner American writer and anthropologist 1944-02-15
France Martineau Linguist 1960
France Winddance Twine American ethnographer 1960
Frances D'Souza, Baroness D'Souza British academic, life peer 1944-04-18
Baroness D’Souza of Wychwood (cropped).jpg
Frances Densmore American anthropologist 1867-05-21 1957-06-05
Frances Densmore.jpg
Frances J. White American anthropologist
Frances Toor American author 1956
Francine Saillant Canadian anthropologist 1953
Françoise Claustre French archaeologist 1937-02-08 2006-09-03
Françoise Henry Art historian 1902
Françoise Héritier French anthropologist 1933-11-15
Françoise Héritier(2).jpg
Françoise Pommaret French Tibetologist 1954
2 Nov 2008 lvdv Francoise Pommaret - 411 kb.JPG
Freda Ahenakew Author 1932-02-11 2011-04-08
Frederica de Laguna American ethnologist, anthropologist, and archaeologist 1906-10-03 2004-10-06
Frederica Annis Lopez de Leo de Laguna (1906-2004), standing and talking at meeting with Kaj Birket-Smith (1893-1977).jpg
Frédérique Apffel-Marglin Professor emerita/Anthropology
Fuambai Ahmadu American anthropologist
Fuambai Sia Ahmadu (1).jpg
Gabriella Coleman Internet anthropologist 1973
Gabriella Coleman, Feb 2012.jpg
Gail M. Kelly American anthropologist 1933-02-09 2005-08-17
Galia Sabar Israeli professor of African studies 1963
Halyna Lozko Ukrainian ethnologist 1952-02-03
Galina Starovoytova Russian academic and politician 1946-05-17 1998-11-20
Gayatri Reddy Anthropologist, professor of gender studies 1982-06-23
Gayle J. Fritz American paleoethnobotanist
Gayle Rubin American cultural anthropologist, activist, and feminist 1949
Gayle Rubin.jpg
Gene Weltfish American anthropologist and historian 1902-08-07 1980-08-02
Genevieve Bell Australian anthropologist
Genevieve Bell.jpg
Georgina Born Musician, academic, anthropologist 1955-11-15
Geraldine Finlayson Gibraltarian historian
Gibraltar - 300 años de Utrecht 13.7.2013 33 (9292015500) (2)-2.jpg
Geraldine Harris British Egyptologist 1951
Germaine Dieterlen French anthropologist 1903-05-15 1999-11-13
Germaine Tillion French anthropologist 1907-05-30 2008-04-18
Gertrud Pätsch German ethnologist and philologist 1910-01-22 1994-12-14
Gertrude Bell English writer, traveller, political officer, administrator, archaeologist and spy 1868-07-14 1926-07-12
BellK 218 Gertrude Bell in Iraq in 1909 age 41.jpg
Gertrude Blom Swiss Mesoamericanists 1901-07-07 1993-12-23
Gertrude Caton–Thompson British archaeologist 1888-02-01 1985-04-18
Gertrude M. Godden British academic
Gillian Cowlishaw New Zealand-born anthropologist who researches Aboriginal Australian culture and people 1934-12-19
Gina Athena Ulysse a Haitian-American anthropologist, feminist, poet, performance artist and activist
Ginette Aumassip
Gisela Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg German ethnologe, sociologe, writer 1929-08-02
Gisela Richter British art historian and archaeologist 1882-08-14 1972-12-24
Gladys Reichard American anthropologist 1893-07-17 1955-07-25
Gladys Tantaquidgeon Native American anthropologist, Medicine Woman, author 1899-06-15 2005-11-01
Grace Crowfoot British archaeologist 1877 1957
Grete Mostny Austrian anthropologist and archaeologist (1914-1991) 1914-09-17 1991-12-15
Gudrun Corvinus German archaeologist 1931-12-14 2006-01-01
Guillemette Andreu French Egyptologist and archaeologist 1948-08-03
Halet Çambel Fencer, archaeologist 1916-08-27 2014-01-12
Halet Çambel.jpg
Halleh Ghorashi Anthropologist 1962-07-30
DirkvdM halleh gorashi.jpg
Hallgerður Gísladóttir Ethnologist and poet 1952-09-28 2007-02-01
Hallgerður Gísladóttir.jpg
Hannah Landecker author and Associate Professor of Sociology at UCLA
Hannah Marie Wormington American archaeologist 1914-09-05 1994-05-31
Harriet Boyd-Hawes American archaeologist 1871-10-11 1945-03-31
Harriet Cosgrove American archaeologist 1887 1970
Heather Botting Canadian anthropologist 1948
Heather Burke Australian archaeologist
Heather Horst American anthropologist
Heather Hurst American archaeologist 1976
Heather Levi American anthropologist
Heather McKillop Canadian-American Mesoamericanists 1953
Heather Pringle Canadian non-fiction author and journalist
Heleen Sancisi Weerdenburg Dutch archaeologist and historian 1944-05-23 2000-05-28
Heleen sancisi weerdenburg.jpg
Helen Codere cultural anthropologist 1917-09-10 2009-06-05
Helen Fisher Canadian anthropologist 1947
Helen Fisher at LaWeb 2008 in Paris.jpg
Helen Geake Archaeologist 1967
Helen Leach New Zealand anthropologist 1945
Helen Perlstein Pollard American academic 1946
Helena Hamerow British archaeologist 1971-09-18
Helena Wulff Anthropologist 1954-02-07
Helene Hagan American anthropologist 1939
Helene J. Kantor American archaeologist 1919-07-15 1993-01-13
Henrietta Moore British social anthropologist 1957-05-18
Henriette Mertz American lawyer and history researcher 1898 1985
Hermine Hartleben German Egyptologist 1846-06-02 1919-07-18
Hilary du Cros Australian archaeologist
Hilda Kuper South African anthropologist 1911-08-23 1992-04-23
Hilda Lockhart Lorimer 1873 1954
Hilda Petrie British Egyptologist 1871-06-08 1956-11-23
Petrie and Urlin in 1903.jpg
Hilde Danielsen Cocial anthropologist 1971
Hilde Frafjord Johnson Norwegian diplomat and politician 1963-08-29
Hilde Frafjord Johnson (2016) (cropped).jpg
Hilma Granqvist Finnish anthropologist 1890 1972
Homa Hoodfar Iranian anthropologist 1950
Honor Frost Underwater archaeologist 1917-10-28 2010-09-12
Honor Frost.jpg
Hortense Powdermaker American anthropologist 1900-12-24 1970-06-15
Ida Halpern ethnomusicologist 1910-07-17 1987-02-07
Ilse Schwidetzky German anthropologist 1907-09-06 1997-03-18
Ineke van Wetering Dutch anthropologist 1934-10-17 2011-10-18
Ingeborg Scheibler German art historian, archaeologist and anthropologist 1929-08-31
Ingrid Rüütel First Lady of Estonia 1935-11-03
Arnold and Ingrid Rüütel - Laulupidu 2009.jpg
Irawati Karve Name of the scientist 1905-12-15 1970-08-11
Irit Ziffer Israeli archaeologist and art historian 1954
Irma McClaurin American anthropologist
Isabella Abbott Educator, ethnobotanist 1919-06-20 2010-10-28
Jacqueline Roumeguere-Eberhardt French anthropologist 1927-11-27 2006-03-29
Jacquetta Hawkes British archaeologist 1910-08-05 1996-03-18
Jacqui Wood British archaeologist 1950-01-04
Jane C. Goodale American anthropologist 1926 2008
Jane Dieulafoy French anthropologist 1851-06-29
Jane Dieulafoy photo.jpg
Jane Ellen Buikstra American anthropologist 1945
Jane Goodall British primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist 1934-04-03
Jane Goodall HK.jpg
Jane I. Guyer British anthropologist 1943-12-31
Jane MacLaren Walsh American anthropologist
Janet Bennion American anthropologist 1964-10-02
Janet Bennion.tif
Janet D. Spector American archaeologist 1944-10-21 2011-09-13
Janet Davidson New Zealand archaeologist
Janet Roitman American anthropologist
Janice Boddy Canadian anthropologist
Janine R. Wedel Scholar on international policy 1957-10-09
Jean Briggs 1929-05-28 2016-07-27
Jean Comaroff American anthropologist
Jean Comaroff.jpg
Jean Lave American anthropologist
Jean Schensul American anthropologist
Jeanne Arnold American archaeologist
Jeanne Guillemin American anthropologist 1943-03-06 2019-11-15
Jennifer Moody American archaeologist
Jessica Greenberg Anthropologist
Jill Pruetz American anthropologist and primatologist
Jill Rosemary Dias Anglo-Portuguese anthropologist and historian
Jo Anne Van Tilburg American archaeologist
Joan Breton Connelly archaeologist and academic 1954
Joan du Plat Taylor British archaeologist 1906-06-26 1983-05-21
Joan Halifax American Zen Buddhist roshi, anthropologist, ecologist, and civil rights activist 1942
Joan Lee Tu Linguist 1981
Joan M. Tenenbaum American academic 1945
Joan Metge New Zealand anthropologist, academic, educator 1930-02-21
Joann Kealiinohomoku American anthropologist 1930-05-20 2015
Joann K.gif
Jocelyne Dakhlia French historian, anthropologist and academic 1959
Jocelyn Toynbee British archaeologist and art historian 1897-03-03 1985-12-31
Johanna Mestorf German prehistoric archaeologist and Professor 1828-04-17 1909-07-20
Johanna Mestorf.jpg
Johnnetta B. Cole American anthropologist 1936-10-19
Dr. Johnnetta Cole, Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.jpg
Jolan Babus Hungarian ethnographer and teacher 1917-10-17 1967-05-05
Jorun Solheim Anthropologist 1944-11-18
Jovita González American writer 1904-01-18 1983
Joyce Marcus American archaeologist 1948
Joyce Tyldesley British archaeologist and Egyptologist 1960-02-25
Judith Becker Ethnomusicologist 1932-09-03
Judith Berman American writer 1958
Judith Berman 2008.jpg
Judith E. Glaser American businesswoman
Judith Lynne Hanna American anthropologist 1936
Judith Shapiro American acthropologist 1942-01-24
Judy Birmingham Australian archaeologist
Julia Averkieva Soviet anthropologist 1907 1980
Julia Elena Fortún Bolivian historian 1929-10-09 2016-12-05
Juliet Morrow American archaeologist
June Helm anthropologist 1924-09-13 2004-02-05
June Nash American anthropologist 1927 2019
K. Aslihan Yener Turkish archaeologist
Karen Boswall Filmmaker
Karen Ho American anthropologist
Karen Mc Carthy Brown American anthropologist 1942 2015-03-04
Karen Nakamura American academic 1970-10-23
Karen Ramey Burns forensic anthropologist 2012-01-07
K R Burns 2007.JPG
Kari Bruwelheide American anthropologist 1967-03-16
Karla Poewe American acthropologist 1941-01-27
Karla Poewe, anthropologist (2007).jpg
Karolyn Smardz Frost Historian
Käte Bosse-Griffiths Welsh-German Egyptologist 1910-06-16
Kate Fox British anthropologist
Katharina C. Rebay Austrian archaeologist 1977-12-16
Katharina Galor Israeli woman archaeologist 1966
Katharine Elizabeth Dopp American anthropologist 1863-03-01 1944-03-14
Katharine Luomala American anthropologist 1907-09-10 1992
Katherine Dunham Dancer, choreographer, songwriter, activist 1909-06-22 2006-05-21
Katherine Dunham.jpg
Katherine Routledge British archaeologist 1866-08-11 1935-12-13
Katherine Routledge.jpg
Kathleen Gough British anthropologist 1925-08-16 1990-09-08
Kathleen Kenyon British archaeologist 1906-01-05 1978-08-24
WithKathleen Kenyon.jpg
Kathleen M. Adams American anthropologist
Kathleen Musante DeWalt American anthropologist
Kathleen O'Neal Gear American writer 1954
Kathrine S. French American anthropologist 1922-06-05 2006-06-14
Kathryn Woolard American linguistic anthropologist 1950
Kathryn Woolard.jpg
Katherine Ann Dettwyler American anthropologist 1955
Kathy Reichs American writer, anthropologist, forensic anthropologist 1948-07-07
KathyReichs2 cropped.jpg
Katrina Karkazis anthropologist, bioethicist
Katy Gardner British writer 1964
Katya Gibel Mevorach American anthropologist 1952-06-18
Kay Warren American anthropologist 1947-02-10
Keewaydinoquay Peschel American Ethnobiologist 1919 1999
Kelly Dixon American archaeologist
Kim Yeshi French-American anthropologist and tibetologist 1966
Kira Hall American linguist and anthropologist 1962-10-10
Kirsten Hastrup Danish anthropologist 1948-2-20
Kris L. Hardin American anthropologist 1953-03-07 2012-08-21
Kristen Gremillion American anthropologist 1958-11-17
Kristen R. Ghodsee American ethnographer and a Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Bowdoin College 1970-04-26
Kristen Ghodsee Podium 2.jpg
Kristina Killgrove American anthropologist, bioarchaeologist, writer 1977-03-10
Kristina Killgrove.jpg
L. Taylor Hansen American writer 1897-11-30 1976-05
Lady Hester Stanhope British archaeologist 1776 1839
Hester Stanhope.jpg
Laura Bohannan Cultural anthropologist 1922 2002-03-19
Laura Nader American anthropologist 1930
Laurette Séjourné French-Mexican scholar in ancient American cultures 1911-10-19 2003-05-25
LaVerne Jeanne American linguist
Layla AbdelRahim Canadian comparatist anthropologist and author
Layla AbdelRahim in Sebastopol, May 2006.jpg
Lee Ann Newsom American anthropologist
Leela Dube Indian anthropologist 1923-03-27 2012-05-20
Leela dube.jpg
Leila Badre Archaeologist 1943-02-20
Leith Mullings American anthropologist
Lélia Gonzalez Brazilian activist 1935-02-01 1994-07-10
Lesley Gill American anthropologist
Leslie Milne British anthropologist 1860 1932
Leslie Van Gelder American archaeologist 1969
Lvangelder image.jpg
Leyla Neyzi Turkish academic 1961-07-29
Lida Shaw King American classical scholar and college dean 1868-09-15 1932-01-10
Lida Shaw King.jpg
Lila Abu-Lughod Anthropologist 1952-10-21
Lilian Hamilton Jeffery British archaeologist, classical philologist and epigraphist 1915-01-05 1986-09-29
Lina Fruzzetti American film director and anthropologist
Linda Braidwood American archaeologist 1909-10-09 2003-01-15
Linda Dégh Folklorist 1918-03-19 2014-08-20
Linda Fierz-David German philologist 1891 1955
Linda L. Barnes American anthropologist 1953
Linda L. Layne American anthropologist 1955
Linda M. Hunt Professor - Medical Anthropology
Lisa Curran American tropical forester
Lisa Redfield Peattie American anthropologist 1924
Lisa Rofel American anthropologist
Lisbeth Haas American historian and anthropologist
Lissant Bolton Australian anthropologist and Keeper of Africa, Oceania and Americas at the British Museum 1954
Lívia Járóka Hungarian politician 1974-10-06
Liza Dalby American writer and anthropologist 1950
Lorna Marshall American anthropologist 1898-09-14 2002-07-08
Lorraine Copeland British archaeologist 1921 2013-04-27
Louise Burkhart American academic 1958
Louise Lamphere American anthropologist 1940
Louise Leakey Kenyan paleontologist 1971-03-21
Lourdes Gutiérrez Nájera Anthropologist
Lucy Goodison British archaeologist
Lucy Mair British anthropologist 1901-01-28 1986-04-01
Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell American historian and writer on archaeology 1845-03-20 1888-03-10
Lucy Suchman British sociologist
Lucy Suchman.jpeg
Lucy Taxis Shoe Meritt American archaeologist 1906 2003-04-13
Luisa Accati Historian, anthropologist, feminist 1942
Luisa Maffi American anthropologist
Lydia Cabrera Afro-Cuban poet 1900-05-20 1991-09-19
Lidia cabrera.JPG
Lydia T. Black Ukrainian American anthropologist 1925-12-16 2007-03-12
Lydia White Canadian linguist
Lyla Pinch Brock Canadian Egyptologist
Lyn Miles American anthropologist 1944-08-05
Lynne P. Sullivan American archaeologist 1952-12-25
Mabel Cook Cole American anthropologist 1880-04-18 1977-11
Mabel Lang American archaeologist 1917-11-12 2010-07-21
Madawi al-Rasheed Saudi Arabian academic 1962
Madeleine Colani French archaeologist 1866
Madeleine Pelletier physician, psychiatrist, feminist, socialist 1874-05-18 1939-12-29
Madeleine Pelletier.jpg
Madeline Kneberg Lewis American anthropologist 1903 1996
Mai Yamani Saudi Arabian anthropologist 1956
Makaziwe Mandela daughter of Nelson Mandela and Evelyn Ntoko 1954
Makaziwe Mandela.jpg
Makereti Papakura Tuhourangi woman of mana, guide, ethnographer 1873 1930
Makereti Papakura, 1908 - (unknown photographer) (4585763974).jpg
Malathi de Alwis Feminist scholar/activist:International Centre for Ethnic Studies/Colombo/Sri Lanka
Malika Zeghal American academic 1965
Marcela Lagarde Mexican academic, author, researcher, anthropologist, feminist activist and politician 1948-12-30
Marcia C. Inhorn American medical anthropologist 1957
Marcia Langton Aboriginal scholar and activist 1951-10-31
Marcia Theophilo Brazilian poet 1941
Marcia Theophilo.jpg
Margaret B. Blackman American anthropologist 1944
Margaret Bender American anthropologist
Margaret Conkey American archaeologist 1943
Margaret Elizabeth Ashley-Towle American archaeologist 1902-01-12 1985-11-02
Margaret Hasluck British scholar 1885-06-18 1948-10-18
Margaret Lantis U.S. Anthropologist 1906-09-01 2006-09-08
Margaret Lock anthropologist 1936
Prof. Margaret Lock, Montréal, 2013.jpeg
Margaret Mead American anthropologist 1901-12-16 1978-11-15
Margaret Mead (1901-1978).jpg
Margaret Murray British Egyptologist 1863-07-13 1963-11-13
Margaret Murray 1928c.jpg
Margaret Rule British archaeologist 1928-09-27 2015-04-09
Margarete Bieber Art historian 1879
Margarethe Lenore Selenka German academic 1860 1923
Margherita Guarducci Italian archaeologist and epigraphist 1902-12-20 1999-09-02
Margrét Hermanns-Auðardóttir Icelandic archaeologist
Marguerite Dupire French ethnologist 1920-10-12 2015-03-04
Mari Lyn Salvador Anthropologist 1943
Maria Czaplicka Polish anthropologist 1884-10-25 1921-05-27
Czaplicka My Siberian Year 1916.JPG
Marianne Nøhr Larsen Danish anthropologist 1963-03-26
María Elisa Velázquez Gutiérrez Mexican anthropologist
Maria Fadiman Botanist 1969-07-04
Maria Reiche Peruvian archaeologist 1903-05-15 1998-06-08
Maria Reiche 1910.jpg
Maria Teschler-Nicola Austrian human biologist, anthropologist and ethnologist 1950
Marianne Gullestad Norwegian anthropologist 1946-03-28 2008-03-10
Marie-Claire Foblets anthropologist, lawyer, professor 1959-11-04
Marie-Françoise Guédon Canadian anthropologist
Marie-Lucie Tarpent Canadian linguist
Marija Gimbutas Lithuanian-American archaeologist 1921-01-23 1994-02-02
Marija Makarovič Ethnologist 1930-08-15
Marija Makarovič 1963.jpg
Marika Moisseeff French anthropologist and psychiatrist
Marilyn Houlberg American anthropologist and photographer 2012-06-30
Marilyn Ivy American anthropologist
Marilyn Strathern British anthropologist 1941-03-06
Marina Cunin social anthropologist
Marion Elizabeth Blake American classical scholar 1892-03-23 1961-09-11
Mariza Corrêa Brazilian anthropologist 1945-12-01 2016-12-27
Marjan Mashkour Iranian archaeologist
Marjan Mashkour,june 2005.jpg
Marjorie F. Lambert American anthropologist and archaeologist 1908-06-13 2006-12-16
Marjorie Halpin American-Canadian anthropologist 1937 2000
Marjorie Shostak American anthropologist 1945-05-11 1996-10-06
Marta Lamas Argentinian anthropologist 1947
Marta Turok Mexican anthropologist 1952
Marta Turok.jpg
Martha Crago Canadian linguist
Martha Kaplan American anthropologist 1957
Martha Rhoads Bell American archaeologist 1941-04-27 1991-11-12
Martha Warren Beckwith American folklorist and ethnographer 1871-01-19 1959-01-28
Martine Franck Belgian photographer 1938-04-02 2012-08-16
Mary Albright
Mary Ann Ochota British broadcaster and anthropologist 1981-05-08
Mary Cabot Wheelwright American anthropologist 1958-07-29
Frank Duveneck - Mary Cabot Wheelwright - Google Art Project.jpg
Mary Catherine Bateson American anthropologist 1939-12-08
Mary Catherine Bateson-2Nov2004.jpg
Mary Catherine Ferguson Irish writer and archaeologist 1823 1905
Mary Doria Russell American novelist 1950-08-19
Mary Douglas British anthropologist 1921-03-25 2007-05-16
Mary Frere English author 1845-08-11 1911-03-02
Mary Hamilton Swindler archaeologist 1884-01-01 1967-01-16
Mary H Swindler 1924.jpg
Mary Leakey British paleoanthropologist 1913-02-06 1996-12-09
Mary Leakey.jpg
Mary Lindsay Elmendorf American applied anthropologist 1917 2017
Mary Lou Ridinger American archaeologist 1945
Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton American artist, author, educator 1889-03-25 1971-07-26
Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton (portrait).jpg
Matilda Coxe Stevenson Ethnologist 1849-05-12 1915-06-24
Matilda Coxe Stevenson circa 1870.jpg
Maud Cunnington British archaeologist 1869-09-24 1951-02-28
Maud Oakes American ethnologist 1903 1990
Maxine Margolis American anthropologist
Maya Haïdar Boustani Archaeologist
Meave Leakey Archiologist 1942-07-28
Meave G Leakey (15202074890).jpg
Melba Padilla Maggay writer and social anthropologist 1950-09-10
Mercedes Doretti Argentine anthropologist 1959
Mercedes Fernández-Martorell Spanish writer and anthropologist 1948-11-25
Mercedes fernández-martorell.png
Meredith Small American anthropologist 1950-11-20
Merrill Swain language scholar
Merryl Wyn Davies Welsh Muslim scholar 1948-06-23
Micaela Portilla Spanish anthropologist 1922-07-30 2005-10-08
Michelle Rosaldo American anthropologist 1944 1981
Mildred Trotter American anthropologist 1899-02-03 1991-08-23
Mildred Trotter (1899-1991).jpg
Minou Tavárez Mirabal Congresswoman 1956-08-31
Miranda Aldhouse-Green British archaeologist and academic 1947-07-24
Mireya Mayor American anthropologist 1973
Miriam Tildesley Tildesley, Miriam Louise (1883–1979), anthropologist 1883-07-01 1979-01-31
Miriyam Aouragh Dutch anthropologist 1972-11-18
Miyako Inoue American linguistic anthropologist 1962
Mizuko Ito Japanese cultural anthropologist 1968-07-22
Mona Bhan cultural anthropologist
Mónica Pellecer Alecio Guatemalan archaeologist
Monica Wilson South African anthropologist 1908-01-03 1982-10-26
Montgomery McFate Anthropologist 1966-01-08
Muazzez İlmiye Çığ Turkish female sumerologist 1914-06-20
Muazzez İlmiye Çığ.jpg
Muhibbe Darga Turkish archaeologist 1921-06-13
Myra Shackley British archaeologist 1949
Myrna Gopnik Canadian psychologist and linguist
Myrna Mack Guatemalan anthropologist 1949-10-24 1990-09-11
Nadia Abu El Haj Academic 1962
Nancy Abelmann American anthropologist 1959
Nancy Dupree American archaeologist 1927
Nancy Dupree speaking in 2012.jpg
Nancy Oestreich Lurie American anthropologist 1924-01-29
Nancy Romero-Daza
Nancy Scheper-Hughes American anthropologist 1944
Nancy Turner Canadian ethnobiologist 1947
Nancy Turner ethnobotanist.jpg
Natalia Polosmak Russian archaeologist 1956-09-12
Natalie Curtis American ethnomusicologist 1875-04-26 1921-10-23
Natalie Curtis - The Crisis Feb 1921 p170.jpg
Nathalie Beaux-Grimal French Egyptologist 1960
Nathalie Luca French anthropologist 1966
Niara Sudarkasa American anthropologist 1938-08-14
Nicky Milner British archaeologist
Nicole Loraux French historian 1943-04-26 2003-04-06
Nicolette Bethel Bahamian anthropologist
Niède Guidon Brazilian archaeologist 1933-03-12
Niede Guidon e o deputado Paes Landim cropped.jpg
Nina Etkin American anthropologist 1948-06-13 2009-01-26
Nina Frances Layard British writer and archaeologist 1853 1935
Nina Gagen-Torn Russian writer and historian 1900-12-02 1986-06-04
Nina Gagen-Torn 1900-1986.jpg
Nina Jablonski anthropologist and palaeobiologist, known for her research into the evolution of skin color in humans 1953-08-20
Nina Jablonski.JPG
Nita Kumar American anthropologist
Nora Ahlberg Professor 1952
Norma Mendoza-Denton sociolinguist and anthropologist 1968
Odette du Puigaudeau French ethnologist 1894-07-20 1991-07-19
Odille Morison Canadian linguist 1855-07-17
Olga F. Linares Panamanian–American academic anthropologist and archaeologist 1936-11-10 2014-12-02
Olga Najera-Ramirez American anthropologist
Olive Pink Australian botanical illustrator, anthropologist, gardener, and activist for aboriginal rights 1884-03-17 1975-07-06
Olive Pink.jpg
Olivia Harris Social anthropologist 1948-08-26 2009-04-09
Orly Goldwasser Israeli Egyptologist
Paloma Gay y Blasco Social anthropologist
Pamela Erickson Medical anthropologist 1951-04-12
Patricia Alice Shaw Canadian linguist
Patricia Barchas Anthropologist and behavioral neurobiologist 1993-07-06
Patricia Birley British archaeologist 1948-06-27
Patricia Sawin American anthropologist
Patricia Wright American primatologist 1944-09-10
Patricia Zavella anthropologist and professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz
Patty Jo Watson anthropologist
Pauline Turner Strong American anthropologist
Pearl Primus American dancer and choreographer 1919-11-29 1994-10-29
Penelope Wilson British Egyptologist
Penny Wolin American photographer 1953-06-05
Phyllis Kaberry Australian anthropologist 1910-09-17 1977-10-31
Phyllis Morse American archaeologist 1934
Phyllis Williams Lehmann American archaeologist 1912-11-12 2004-09-29
Pirkko-Liisa Lehtosalo-Hilander Finnish archaeologist
Polly Hill British social anthropologist 1914-07-14 2005-08-21
Polly Schaafsma American archaeologist
Priscilla Reining American anthropologist 1923-03-11 2007-07-19
Prudence Hero Napier British zoologist 1997-06-06
Rae Bridgman Canadian writer
Raquel Brailowsky Puerto Rican anthropologist
Rayna Rapp professor of anthropology at New York University, specializing in gender, reproduction, health and culture, science and technology
Rebecca Grinter American computer scientist
Regina Bendix Swiss academic 1958-05-31
Regina Bendix 2009.jpg
Regna Darnell Canadian anthropologist
Regula Tschumi Swiss ethnologist 1957
Reina Torres de Araúz Argentinian anthropologist 1932-10-30 1982-02-26
Renée Friedman American Egyptologist
Rhoda Bubendey Métraux Anthropologist 1914 2003
Riane Eisler Austrian sociologist 1931-07-22
Rita El Khayat Moroccan anthropologist 1944
Rita P. Wright American anthropologist
Rivke Jaffe Dutch anthropologist and professor 1978
Roberta Gilchrist British archaeologist 1965
Rosalind Moss British Egyptologist 1890-09-21 1990-04-22
Rose Mary Allen Curaçaoan anthropologist
Rosemary Cramp British archaeologist
Rosemary Firth Anthropologist 1912 2001-07-09
Ruth Amiran Israeli archaeologist 1914-12-08 2005-12-14
Ruth Behar Jewish Cuban American writer 1956-11-12
Ruth Behar.jpg
Ruth Benedict American anthropologist and folklorist 1887 1947
Ruth Bunzel American anthropologist 1898-04-18 1990-01-14
Ruth Cardoso Brazilian anthropologist 1930-09-19 2008-06-24
Ruth Cardoso.JPG
Ruth Cernea American anthropologist 1934 2009
Ruth DeEtte Simpson American archaeologist 1918-05-06 2000-01-19
Ruth Hill Useem American sociologist 1915-05-31 2003-09-10
Ruth Landes American anthropologist 1908-10-08 1991-02-11
Ruth Sawtell Wallis American academic and physical anthropologist 1895-03-15 1978-01-21
Ruth Shady Peruvian anthropologist 1946-12-24
Ruth Tringham British archaeologist 1940-10-14
Ruth Underhill American anthropologist 1883-08-22 1984-08-15
Ruth Murray Underhill (1883-1984).jpg
S. Lochlann Jain American anthropologist
Saba Mahmood American anthropologist 1962
Sabina Magliocco American folklorist 1959-12-30
Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser German anthropologist, paleontologist, archaeologist and prehistorian 1965-06-25
Sada Mire Somalian archaeologist 1977
Sada mire.jpg
Saddeka Arebi Anthropologist, author 2007-07
Safi Faye Ethnologist and film director 1943-11-22
Salima Ikram Pakistani Egyptologist 1965
Salima Ikram.jpg
Sally Falk Moore American anthropologist 1924
Sally Larsen American artist 1954
Sally Price American anthropologist 1943-09-16
Samar Minallah Anthropologist and Documentary filmmaker. 1970
Sandra Morgen American anthropologist 1950-03-31 2016-09-29
Sandra Morgen.jpg
Sara C. Bisel American archaeologist and anthropologist 1932-05-13 1996-02-04
Sara Yorke Stevenson American archaeologist and Egyptologist 1847-02-19 1921-11-14
Sara Yorke Stevenson.jpg
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy American anthropologist and primatologist 1946-07-11
Sarah F. Maclaren Italian sociologist and anthropologist 1964-06-04
Sarah Franklin American anthropologist 1960-11-09
Sarah Green Social anthropologist 1961-03-09
Green Sarah photo Ari Aalto.png
Sarah J. Mahler Anthropologist 1959-09-08
Sarah Milledge Nelson American archaeologist 1931
Sarah Parcak American archaeologist and Egyptologist 1979
Sarah Parcak, 2014 (crop).jpg
Selma Al-Radi Iraqi archaeologist 1939-07-23 2010-10-07
Seodi White Malawian lawyer, activist, feminist, anthropologist
Setha Low American anthropologist 1948-03-14
Shana Poplack Canadian linguist
Shannon Lee Dawdy American anthropologist and archaeologist
Sharada Srinivasan Indian academic
Sharon Claydon Australian politician 1964-04-26
Sheila Kitzinger British activist 1929-03-29 2015-04-11
Shelly Errington American photographer
Shereen Ratnagar Indian archaeologist
Sherry Ortner American anthropologist 1941-09-19
Shirley Heath American linguist and anthropologist 1939-07-26
Sidney Robertson Cowell American ethnographer 1903 1995
Sidney Robertson Cowell NYWTS.jpg
Signithia Fordham American anthropologist
Smadar Lavie Israeli anthropologist
Smadar Lavie.jpg
Sohini Ray Indian anthropologist 1966-08-25
Solveig Nordström Archaeologist 1923
Sondra Hale American anthropologist
Sonia Álvarez Leguizamón Argentinian anthropologist 1954-01-16
Sonia Mary Cole British anthropologist 1918 1982
Sophie Bledsoe Aberle American anthropologist, physician and nutritionist 1896-07-21 1996-10
Stine Rossel Danish archaeologist 1975 2007-10-20
Suad Joseph American anthropologist 1943-09-06
Dr. Suad Joseph.jpg
Sue Black Forensic anthropologist 1961-05-07
Sue Hamilton British archaeologist
Sue Hendrickson American paleontologist and archeologist 1949-12-02
Sue Savage-Rumbaugh psychologist 1946
Sue Savage Rumbaugh 2011 Shankbone.JPG
Sula Benet Polish anthropologist 1903 1982
Sumaya bint El Hassan Jordanian princess 1971-05-14
Princess Sumaya.jpg
Susan Cachel American anthropologist
Susan D. Gillespie American Mesoamericanist 1952
Susan E. Alcock Archaeologist
Susan Gal Anthropologist and linguist 1949
Susan Hirsch Legal anthropologist
Susan Irene Rotroff American archaeologist
Susan Kane American archaeologist
Susan M. Ervin-Tripp American linguist 1927-06-27
Susan Visvanathan Sociologist and Fiction Writer 1957
Susana Pinilla Peruvian anthropologist 1954
Susanne Bickel French Egyptologist 1960
Susanne Osthoff German archaeologist 1962-03-07
Susanne Schröter German anthropologist 1957-09-24
Suzanna W. Miles American Mayanist 1922 1966
Suzanne Miles 1942 Shimer College Wiki.jpg
Svetlana Pletneva Russian historian and archaeologist 1926-04-20 2008-11-20
Pletneva SA.jpg
Sydel Silverman American anthropologist, writer, educator, and administrator 1933
Sylvia Leith-Ross English anthropologist and writer 1884 1980
Sylvia M. Broadbent American anthropologist 1932 2015-07-30
Taisha Abelar Author and anthropologist 1944 1998-04-29
Tamasin Ramsay Australian actress 1967
Tanya Luhrmann American anthropologist 1959
Tatiana Proskouriakoff American Mayanist scholar 1909-01-23 1985-08-30
Charsolomon TProskouriakoff.jpg
Temperance "Bones" Brennan fictional human 1976
Teresa Giménez Barbat Anthropologist 1955
Teresa Porzecanski Uruguayan anthropologist 1945
Theodora Kroeber American anthropologist 1897-03-24 1979-07-04
Theresa Goell American archaeologist 1901-07-17 1985-12-18
Tullia Magrini Italian anthropologist 1950-04-15 2005-07-24
Tullia magrini.JPG
Unni Wikan Norwegian anthropologist 1944-11-18
Ursula Cowgill American biologist and anthropologist 1927-11-09
Ursula Graham Bower British anthropologist 1914-05-15 1988-11-12
Ursula McConnel Australian anthropologist 1888-10-27 1957-11-06
Val Curtis British scientist
Veena Das Indian anthropologist 1945
Vera Grabe Colombian politician and anthropologist 1951
Véréna Paravel French anthropologist and artist 1971-04-21
Véréna Paravel Viennale 2013.jpg
Veronica Seton-Williams Australian anthropologist and archaeologist (1910-1992) 1910-04-20 1992-05-29
Vibha Tripathi Indian archaeologist 1948
Victoria Wyatt American art histotrian 1956-08-03
Vilma Sindona Eichholz Canadian linguist and Esperantist 1926 1995-07-15
Viola Garfield American anthropologist 1899-12-05 1983-11-25
Virginia Abernethy Professor 1934
Virginia Grace American archaeologist 1901 1994-05-22
Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda 1921-11-04 1999-09-02
Virginia R. Domínguez American anthropologist 1952
Vronwy Hankey British archaeologist 1916-09-05 1998-05-11
Wendy Ashmore American archaeologist
Wendy Fonarow American anthropologist
Wendy Fonarow 01.jpg
Wendy Orent American anthropologist
Wendy Rose anthropologist, poet, painter 1948-05-07
Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski American archaeologist 1910-07-10 2007-12-24
Winifred Brunton British and South African artist and Egyptologist 1880-05-06 1959-01-29
House Brunton JHF 003.jpg
Winifred Lamb British art historian 1894
Yeda Pessoa de Castro Brazilian ethnolinguist 1937
Yolanda Murphy American anthropologist 1925
Zagorka Golubović Yugoslav/Serbian sociologist 1930-03-08
Zagorka Golubović.jpg
Zainab Bahrani Iraqi archaeologist 1962-08-29
Zakia Zouanat Moroccan anthropologist (1957-2012) 1957 2012-08-30
Zalpa Bersanova Russian writer
Zeineb Benzina Tunisian anthropologist and archaeologist
Zelia Nuttall American archaeologist and anthropologist 1857-09-06 1933-04-12
Zelia Nuttall.jpg
Ziba Mir-Hosseini Iranian anthropologist 1952-04-03
Zora Neale Hurston American folklorist, novelist, short story writer 1891-01-07 1960-01-28
Zsófia Torma Hungarian archaeologist 1832-09-26 1899-11-14
Torma Zsófia.jpg

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