Best-selling author Dan Brown has been sued by ex-wife Blythe Brown for stealing money from their joint property. He would have done that to make possible the double life that she believed led financially.

"This lawsuit is about standing up for myself and regaining my self-esteem," Blythe Brown, who had been married to Dan Brown for twenty years, told People . "I have constantly tried to conceal the shocking truth about the reason for our divorce, that he lived a double life."

The 56-year-old author, who became world famous with the Da Vinci Code , is said to have used the money to support several mistresses. According to the AD , one of them was the Dutch dressage rider Judith Pietersen, but she does not want to comment on the reports against the newspaper.

Dan Brown says in a statement he is baffled by his ex-wife's "false claims". "I don't like to lose her in public, and I don't like doing it in a courtroom. But for some reason, she and her lawyer chose to tell a made-up and vengeful story. world. "

Dan Brown and Blythe Newlon (who later took her husband's name) tied the knot in 1997 and broke up in December last year after not living together for a while. It is not yet clear when the lawsuit will take place.