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Middle East and North Africa map

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The region of the Middle East and North Africa covers an extensive region, which extends from Morocco to Iran, including all the Mashreq and Maghreb countries of the Middle East. The term is more or less synonymous with the term "Greater Middle East".

The population of the Middle East and North Africa region in its smallest extent is considered to be around 381 million people. This constitutes approximately 6% of the total world population.

List of countries in the Northern Africa and the Middle East with their political seat, national territorial area, number of inhabitants and population density.

CountryCapital AreaPopulationDensity
AlgeriaAlgiers 2 381 741 km²42 200 000 pop. (census 2018) 15,9/km²
BahrainManama 778.3 km²1,425,171 pop. (est 2016) 1,831.1/km²
EgyptCairo 1,010,408 km²94,798,827 pop. (census 2017) 96/km²
IranTehran 1,648.195 km²81,672,300 pop. (est. 2018) 48/km²
Iraq Baghdad 437,072 km²37,202,572 pop. (est. 2016) 82.7/km²
IsraelJerusalem/Tel Aviv 20,770-22,072 km²8,998,370 pop. (est. 2019) 408/km²
JordanAmman 89,342 km²10,171,480 pop. (est. 2018) 114/km²
KuwaitKuwait City 17,818 km²4,621,638 pop. (est. 2018) 200.2/km²
LebanonBeirut 10,452 km²6,006,668 pop. (est. 2016) 560/km²
LibyaTripoli 1,759,541 km²6,653,210 pop. (est. 2016) 3.74/km²
MoroccoRabat 710,850 or 446,550 km²35,740,000 pop. (census 2017) 50.0/km²
OmanMuscat 309,500 km²4,424,762 pop. (est. 2016) 15/km²
PalestineEast Jerusalem/Ramallah 6,020 km²4,816,503 pop. (est. 2016) 731/km²
QatarDoha 11,586 km²2 641 669 pop. (est. 2017) 176/km²
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh 2 149 690 km²32 275 687 pop. (census 2016) 15.01/km²
SyriaDamascus 185,180 km²18,284,407 pop. (est. 2018) 118.3/km²
TunisiaTunis 163,610 km²11,434,994 pop. (est. 2017) 63/km²
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi 83 600 km²9 575 729 pop. (census 2018) 114.54/km²
YemenSana'a 527,968 km² 27,584,213 pop. (est. 2016) 44.7/km²

Other countries sometimes counted as part of the Middle East and North Africa: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chad, Djibouti, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Turkey.

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