Billy Brown, patriarch of Alaskan Bush People, left his estate to his family when he passed, but now they are being sued for failing to pay investors. The family is scrambling to hold onto their money, as evidently, Billy kept his purse strings tightly closed.

The Wolf Pack’s leader died back in February at the age of 68 due to failing health and a seizure. After his passing, Ami Brown was made the personal representative of the estate and revealed that her husband had no valid will. The mother of seven revealed that her husband’s assets were only $439,000, which seemed to include the property, which is four parcels of land at $415,000.  The Brown family has also had to deal with the scandal from their oldest son, Matt Brown, who recently revealed that his own parents gave him drugs and that his father stole money from his children and hoarded it for himself. The family is still grieving their loss, and now it feels like the vultures are circling overhead. 

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The Sun reported that the Alaskan Bush People star’s estate had been sued for $500,000 as Billy failed to pay profits out to an investor. It looks like the money owed came from the show’s success and from book sales. The outlet revealed that a Tennessee doctor by the name of Robert Maughon filed a lawsuit against Billy’s estate and the family business, Alaska Wilderness Family Productions, due to a breach of contract on April 27.

The court documents show that Robert alleged he had a contract with Billy and that he invested $20,000 back in January. The agreement was over the publication and sale of books he had written under the Alaska Wilderness Family Productions umbrella, which included 10 percent of the income from the units sold. The court documents show the contract lasting for ten years. In the court documents, Robert claimed, Billy Bryan Brown failed to pay to Plaintiff Robert Micky Maughon the monies called for in the Ten Year contract.” He also alleged he had made a second contract with the star back in 2009, where he invested $10,000. 

Robert is said to have provided the contracts to the court, which had Billy’s signature. It goes without saying that Billy made enough money off the Alaskan Bush People to pay him, as it is estimated he made $500,000 an episode last season. Fans are worried that Ami Brown would be overwhelmed at the news and hope she finds herself a decent lawyer to represent her late husband. 

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Source: The Sun

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