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This is a list of dragons in film and television. The dragons are organized by either film or television and further by whether the media is animation or live-action. They are sorted alphabetically by name or if there is none, by the name of the media. Further information is the title of the media, the type of dragon, whether it transforms to/from something else, the voice actor if it has one and additional notes.

Dragon Types:

  • European: 4 legged and winged. Common in films involving dragons being slain or ridden.
  • Drake: 4 legged, not winged, and commonly possessing a short body. Frequent in 20th century animation when wing animation was difficult for the artists.
  • Asian: 4 legged, not winged, and possessing a long body. Often found in anime, western animation and films with East Asian themes.
  • Wyvern: 2 legged, winged. Common in films involving dragons being slain. Their popularity increased in the 21st century with the rise of live action CGI but the difficulty in animating classical 6 limbed European dragons remained
  • Serpentine: has no legs or wings and frequently appearing in animation as a lake monster
  • Amphithere: has no legs but possesses wings. These are uncommon
  • Alien: Dragons with unusual alien physical appearance. These appear in Sci-Fi films
  • Other: The Dragon has a shape not conforming to any of the above categorizations

Dragons in film[edit]

Live-action film[edit]

Name of Dragon Title of Film Year Type Transforms, if so from what? Voice Actor Notes
Adelaid, Smite George and the Dragon 2004 European No
Unnamed Adventures Of Rufus - The Fantastic Pet 2020 Wyvern No
Unnamed Age of the Dragons 2011 Wyvern No A gigantic albino dragon, various other dragons
Arman On - drakon 2015 Wyvern Human Matvey Lykov[i]
Alina Beyond Sherwood Forest 2009 European Human Katharine Isabelle[i] Transforms in sunlight due to curse
2 unnamed Arabian Nights 2000 Asian No
Bahamut SIN Final Fantasy VII Advent Children 2005 European No
Bard Baby Shakespeare 1999 European No A dragon puppet that hosts the video
Unnamed Bright 2017 European No Seen from a distance flying over the city.
Bio Dragon Dragon Fighter 2003 European No A genetically engineered, cloned 1,000-year-old dragon
Celestial Dragon D-War 2007 Asian Imugi
Charizard Detective Pikachu 2019 European No A Flying/Fire/Dragon type Pokémon who battles Pikachu.
Unnamed The Christmas Dragon 2014 Wyvern No
Condor Dragon Ewoks: The Battle for Endor 1985 Alien No It gets temporarily knocked out by Wicket.
Unnamed The Crown and The Dragon 2013 Wyvern No
Unnamed Cry of the Winged Serpent 2007 European No
Dagahra Rebirth of Mothra II 1997 European No
Unnamed Damsel 2024 European No Shohreh Aghdashloo
Darksmoke Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer 2010 European Dog
Unnamed Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings 2018 Asian Stone pillar
Diaval Maleficent 2014 Wyvern Raven Sam Riley[i]
Dolvarnög dragon Dragon Warriors 2015 Wyvern No
  • Draco
  • Drake, Griffin
  • Drago [a]
  • Siveth
1996, 2000, 2015, 2017, 2020 European
  • No
  • No, Human
  • No
  • Multiple Animals
Unnamed Dracano 2013 Wyvern No
Unnamed Dragon (2006 film) 2006 Wyvern No
Dragon Army Merlin and the War of the Dragons 2008 European No
Unnamed Dragons of Camelot 2014 European No
Unnamed Dragon Crusaders 2011 Wyvern No
Unnamed Dragon Dynasty (2006 film) 2006 Wyvern No
Unnamed Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real 2004 Multiple No A speculative documentary that looks at how dragons could have lived, behaved, evolved and gone extinct.
  • Dragon Fury
  • Dragon Fury: Wrath of Fire
2021, 2022
  • European, Wyvern
  • European
Unnamed Dragon Hunter (2017 film) 2017 Asian No
Unnamed Dragon Knight 2022 European No
Unnamed The Dragon Pearl 2011 Asian No
Unnamed The Dragon Ring 1994 European No
Unnamed Dragon Soldiers 2020 European No As well as breathing fire, can breathe a gas that possesses people.
Dragonstorm Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 European [3H][b] Cybertronian A three-headed combiner Cybertronian dragon made up of 12 individual Cybertronian Knights
Unnamed The Dungeonmaster 1984 Amphiptere No are summoned in a combat scene.
Unnamed Dwarves of Dragon Mountain 2018 Wyvern No Appears briefly in the beginning of the film.
Unnamed Earthsea (miniseries) 2004 European No Peter Kent
Eborsisk Willow 1988 Hydra Troll dubbed "the Eborsisk" in honor of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel
Elliott Pete's Dragon 2016 European No John Kassir Furry, Mammalian, sounds provided by John Kassir
Eustace Scrubb The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 2010 European Human Will Poulter[i]
Fafnir Die Nibelungen 1924 European No
Fafnir Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King 2004 Drake No Slain by Siegfried
Fafnir Die Nibelungen Part 1: Siegfried 1966/1967 European No
Unnamed, Fáfnir, Sockburn Worm, Rhodes dragon Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury 2012 Multiple No A National Geographic documentary looking at various dragon myths.
  • unnamed red and gold dragons
  • Falazure
  • Unnamed
2000, 2005, 2012
  • European
  • European
  • Wyvern
  • None
  • Unknown
  • None
Alignments depend on type of dragon
Falkor 1984, 1990, 1994 Asian No
Fire Dragons Thor: Ragnarok 2017 European No Flies via jet propulsion in place of wings, and is killed by Thor
Fire and ice dragons Dragonquest 2009 European No
Unnamed Free Guy 2021 Wyvern No Are seen briefly in the game Free Life
Alien Dragon/Bird Evolution 2001 European No
Unnamed Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles 2008 Amphiptere No Fire and ice dragons
King Ghidorah Godzilla Series 1964–present Wyvern [3H][b] No Godzilla's nemesis
Ginko-Who-Soars Dolittle 2020 European No Frances de la Tour Guards the Eden Tree
Gorynych Ilya Muromets 1956 European [3H][b] No
Great Dragon Viy 2: Journey to China 2019 Asian No
The Great Protector Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2021 Asian No 1,000 years ago it saved the village of Ta Lo from the soul-consuming demon known as the “Dweller”.
Emperor Han The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008 European [3H][b] Human Jet Li[i]
Unnamed Hellboy (2019 film) 2019 Wyvern No Seen in a vision as Hellboy's mount.
Hydra Hercules 2014 European [?H][c] No
Hydra Hydra 2009 European [?H] No
Hydra Jason and the Argonauts 1963 European [7H][c] No
Hydra Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 2010 European [5H][c] Humans
Unnamed The Invincible Dragon 2020 Asian [9H] No
Jabberwocky 2010 European No Christopher Lee Slain by Alice
Jabberwocky Alice in Wonderland 1985 European No
Jabberwocky Jabberwock 2011 Wyvern No
Jabberwocky Jabberwocky 1977 Wyvern No
Ladon Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 European No Made of wood, breathes blue fire
Unnamed King of the Lost World 2005 European No Main characters are offered as a sacrifice to them and giant ape.
Unnamed The Last Dragonslayer 2016 European No Richard E. Grant
Lingzun Jade Dynasty 2019 Asian No
Unnamed L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2016 Various No
Liu Kang Mortal Kombat Annihilation 1997 European Human Robin Shou[i]
Lockheed The New Mutants[1] 2020 European No A puppet that is brought to life by Illyana's magic.
Unnamed The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon 2008 European No
Unnamed The Magic Sword 1962 European [2H][d] No
Maleficent Descendants 2015 European Human Kristin Chenoweth[i]
Mother Malkin Seventh Son 2014 Wyvern Human Julianne Moore[i]
Manda Atragon 1963 Asian No
Mendax [e] The Secret Kingdom 2023 Drake Shroud Matt Drummond Has the ability to transform his body and grow a pair of wings.
Unnamed Merlin (miniseries) 1998 European No
Mizuki 47 Ronin 2013 Asian Human Rinko Kikuchi
Unnamed The Monkey King 2 2016 Asian No Defeated by Wukong
Unnamed Mythica: The Darkspore 2015 Wyvern No
Norbert(a) Norwegian Ridgeback, Hungarian Horntail, Ukrainian Ironbelly Harry Potter series 2001-2011 Wyvern No Norbert(a) was initially mistaken as a male in Sorcerer's Stone, Hungarian Horntail is encountered by Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire, Ukrainian Ironbelly is freed from Gringotts bank in Deathly Hallows Part 2
Olly Stanley's Dragon 1994 European No
Orochi Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon 1994 Asian [8H] No
Orochimaru The Magic Serpent 1966 Asian Human Fights a giant spider and frog
Unnamed P-51 Dragon Fighter 2014 Wyvern No
Pendragon Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) 1962 Wyvern Human Torin Thatcher[i]
Queen Narissa Enchanted 2007 European Human Susan Sarandon
Quetzalcoatl Q (film) 1982 European No
Quill Dragons Dragon Storm 2004 Wyvern No Named for their ability to throw quills
Rakor, Themberchaud, Stone Golem Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 2023 European No, No, Stone Statue A Black Dragon, an overweight Red Dragon, a stone statue brought to life by magic
Rathalos, Gore Magala Monster Hunter (film) 2020 Wyvern, European No
Unnamed Reign of Fire 2002 Wyvern No The species is made up of thousands of females and a single much larger male.
Reptilicus Reptilicus 1961 European No
Reptisaurus Reptisaurus 2008 Wyvern No
Saphira, Shruikan Eragon 2006 European No Rachel Weisz
Sewer Dragon Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire 2024 Asian Tangible ghost
Shenron Dragonball Evolution 2009 Asian No
Unnamed Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage 2014 Drake No
Smaug The Hobbit Trilogy 2012-2014 Wyvern No Benedict Cumberbatch
Unnamed The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2010 European Dragon Dance Figure
Unnamed Sucker Punch 2011 Wyvern No
Unnamed Supernatural Events (film) 2017 Asian No Chinese only release
Taro The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958 Drake No
Unnamed Tolkien 2019 European No Appears in war scene
Vermithrax Pejorative Dragonslayer 1981 Wyvern No
Unnamed Willy McBean and his Magic Machine 1965 European No Alfie Scopp
Unnamed Wyvern 2009 Wyvern No
Yamata no Orochi The Three Treasures 1959 Asian (8H) Human
Yamata no Orochi Yamato Takeru 1994 Asian (8H) Human
Yowler Dragonworld 1994 Wyvern No Richard Trask
Zephrak Teen Knight 1999 Wyvern No Unknown

Animated film[edit]

Name of Dragon Title of Film Year Type Transforms, if so from what? Voice Actor Notes
Unnamed Animalympics 1980 Drake No Its fiery breath is used to light the Animalympics torch.
Argenta, Geraint, Karas Dragon’s Nest: Warriors Dawn 2014 European Human, Human, No Bianca Collins, Lucas Grabeel
Animus Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry 2017 Wyvern Human Makoto Furukawa / Michael Sinterniklaas Several other dragons appear in flashbacks
Babe Luck 2022 Drake[6L][f] No Jane Fonda A magical creature capable of sniffing out bad luck who is also the boss of the Land of Luck.
Beast Boy Teen Titans Go! To the Movies 2018 Wyvern Shape Shifter Greg Cipes Beast Boy transforms into a fire-breathing dragon during the climactic battle sequence
Beowulf's son Beowulf 2007 Wyvern Human Ray Winstone
Boris My Father's Dragon 2022 European No Gaten Matarazzo
Boris Elmer's Adventure: My Father's Dragon 1997 European No Megumi Hayashibara
Burner The Seventh Dwarf 2014 European No Norm Macdonald / Daniel Welbat
Devon and Cornwall Quest for Camelot 1998 European [2H][d] No Eric Idle and Don Rickles 2 headed dragon
Unnamed The China Plate 1931 Asian No
Dexter The Dragon That Wasn't (Or Was He?) 1983 Drake No grows in size when he is angry or excited
Dingo A Wizard's Tale 2018 European No Keith Wickham Various other dragons also appear
Unnamed Beowulf 1998 European No
Dragon Belle 2021 Asian No Takeru Satoh, Paul Castro Jr. An Avatar within the Virtual world “U”.
Dragon Burn the Witch 2020 Alien No only be recognized by humans in Reverse London
Dragon Grendel Grendel Grendel 1981 Drake No Arthur Dignam
Dragon Shrek 2001- European No Donkey's girlfriend, made children known as Dronkeys
Dragon Where's the Dragon? 2015 Asian No Leehom Wang
Dragon King The Monkey King 2023 Asian giant fat dragon Bowen Yang
Unnamed Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker 2012 European No
Various Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight 2008 European No
Dragosha, Uncle Dra, Julias The Princess and the Dragon 2018 European Multiple Creatures, No, No David Grout, Steve Elliot, Andrew Fribin
Unnamed Fantasia 2000 1999 Drake No Is seen along with a Unicorn and Griffin in the Pomp and Circumstance segment.
Unnamed Dragon Hill The Magic Cube 2002 European No
1977, 2002, 2023 European No Charlie Callas
Firebottom Welcome To Smelliville 2021 European [6L][f] No Tony Clark The Oggly family pet.
Firedrake Dragon Rider 2020 European No Thomas Brodie-Sangster various other dragons also appear.
Genie Aladdin 1992 European Genie Robin Williams
Gorbash, Smrgol, Bryagh, Lunarian, Shen Zou, Various The Flight of Dragons 1982 Multiple No
Gorbash is the house dragon, Smrgol is Carolinus' dragon, and Bryagh is Ommadon's dragon, there are many other unnamed dragons, including an Asian dragon named Shenzou ridden by one of Carolinus's brothers and a female dragon named Lunarian ridden by another of his brothers.
The Green Dragon Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword 2009 Asian No Brian Cox
Gwythaints The Black Cauldron 1985 Wyvern No
Haku Spirited Away 2001 Asian Human Miyu Irino,[i] Jason Marsden [i] Haku is a river spirit that helps Chihiro
Hector Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book 2009 European No Michael Mittermeier
Herman The Tale of Tillie's Dragon 1995 Drake No John Kassir In some versions of the movie, an adult dragon attacks Tillie and Herman in a dream sequence.
Hydra Hercules 1997 European [?H][c] No
John John, Marina, Vildrok Dragones: destino de fuego 2006 European No Gianmarco Zignago, Silvia Navarro, Jésus Ochoa
Unnamed Journey to Saturn 2008 European No
Jozo Brave Story 2006 Other No
Keroro,Dororo Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors 2009 European Frog Kumiko Watanabe, Takeshi Kusao
Ladon Hercules (GoodTimes Entertainment) 1995 European No Guardian of the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides.
Unnamed The Last Unicorn 1982 Asian No Is slain by Prince Lír.
Lela The Loud House Movie 2021 European No Jan Johns
Unnamed The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 1985 Asian No
Unnamed The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 2000 European/Asian Birds
Lollipop Dragon SVE filmstrips 1970 Drake No
Long Wish Dragon 2021 Asian Human John Cho Revealed to be a human emperor who was turned into a wish dragon.
Ludmilla Bartok the Magnificent 1999 Drake Human Catherine O'Hara Transforms while singing after drinking a magical potion.
Madam Mim The Sword in the Stone 1963 European Human Martha Wentworth
Maleficent Sleeping Beauty 1959 European Human Eleanor Audley Defeated by Prince Phillip and the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather with his sword the Sword of Truth
Lord Maliss Happily Ever After 1989 Wyvern Human Malcolm McDowell[i]
Matches Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School 1988 Drake No
Unnamed The Missing Link 1980 European No Bill Murray
Unnamed Monkey King: Hero Is Back 2015 Asian No
Morgan le Fay Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob 2021 European Human Grey Griffin Revealed to be a Robot.
Mōryō Naruto Shippuden the Movie 2007 Asian No Daran Norris
Mushu 1998, 2004, 2023 Asian No Eddie Murphy, Mark Moseley
Nimona Nimona 2023 European Multiple Animals Chloë Grace Moretz
Various Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King 1979 Asian No Various
Unnamed Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor 1936 Asian No
Orochi Legend of the Millennium Dragon 2011 Asian No
Orochi Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji 1963 Asian [8H][c] No
Unnamed The Pagemaster 1994 European No
Penelope,Hugo Barbie as Rapunzel 2002 European No Cree Summer, David Kaye
Unnamed The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie 2008 Serpentine No
Po's chi Kung Fu Panda 3 2016 Asian No Jack Black Chi is ability to control spirit-like dragon which Po uses to defeat Kai
Professor Thurdigree Burns Casper's Scare School 2006 European No Maurice LaMarche
Puff the Magic Dragon Puff the Magic Dragon 1978 Drake No Burgess Meredith
Puffy, his mother, Drizelda Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon 2014 European No, No, Human Vicki Lewis
Purple Dragon Noah's Ark 2007 European No
Unnamed The Railway Dragon, The Birthday Dragon 1989 European No Barry Morse Other dragons appear in Railway Dragon
Raiden the Moon King Kubo and the Two Strings 2016 Asian Human Ralph Fiennes
Reluctant Dragon 1941, 2023 Drake No Barnett Parker
Ricky The Hero of Color City 2014 European No Owen Wilson A paper dragon who is the leader of the unfinished drawings.
Scales Sintel 2010 Wyvern No
Servum Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters 2017 Wyvern No A wyvern-like species that are related to Godzilla.
Shernomore The Stolen Princess 2018 European Human Yevgen Malukha
Sisu 2021, 2023 Asian Human Awkwafina There are other dragons present in the movie as Sisu's Siblings
Slyder Barbie & the Diamond Castle 2008 European No Mark Acheson
Smaug The Hobbit 1977 European No Richard Boone
Spike 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019 European Dog, Fish Cathy Weseluck
Spike [g] My Little Pony: 2006 Drake No Brian Drummond Was asleep in a cavern deep under the Celebration Castle for 1000 years waiting to declare the first person to touch his flower a princess.
Spike My Little Pony: The Movie 1986 Drake No Charlie Adler
Unnamed Stowaways on the Ark 1988 Drake No Unknown A female dragon carrying an egg who attempts to embark on Noah’s ark. She accidentally drops her egg and is kicked off the Ark
Tabaluga, Mythia, Tyrion Tabaluga 2018 European No Wincent Weiss / Cameron Ansell, Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Rick Miller
Tatsu Taro the Dragon Boy 1979 Asian Human Sayuri Yoshinaga
Therru Tales from Earthsea 2006 European Human Aoi Teshima[i] There are other dragons as well particularly in the beginning and ending
Targon, Aroara, Thoron 2004 European No Richard Newman (Thoron) Many other dragons also appear
Toothless, many others How to Train Your Dragon 2010- Multiple No
Unnamed A Tree of Palme 2002 European No Palme's companion
Unnamed A Warrior's Tail 2015 Wyvern No The mount of Anggee's father
Whimsey Weatherbe My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure 2009 European No Keegan Connor Tracy
World Gobbler Dragon Hunters 2008 European No
Zmey Gorynych Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych 2006 European [3H][b] No Oleg Kulikovich
Zog, Madam Dragon Zog 2018 European No Hugh Skinner, Tracey Ullman Various other dragons also appear.

Dragons in television[edit]

Appearance lists when the dragon appears

Live-action television[edit]

Name of Dragon Title of Series Year of Episode Type Transforms, if so from what? Voice Actor Appearances Notes
Dragons of the Abyss and the Hudson and East Rivers The Magicians 2015 Asian No Ambyr Childers, Sera Gamble, Ingrid Oliver Recurring
Aithusa, Kilgharrah Merlin (2008 TV series) 2008 European No John Hurt (Kilgharrah) Recurring Aithusa is a young white dragon who sides with Morgana, Kilgharrah is a Great Dragon who was imprisoned under Camelot who aids and advises Merlin.
Albi The Racist Dragon Flight of the Conchords 2007 European No Jemaine Clement Drive By
Arrax, Caraxes, Dreamfyre, Meleys, Seasmoke, Sunfyre, Syrax, Vermax, Vermithor, Vhagar House of the Dragon 2022 Wyvern No Recurring The skull of Balerion also appears.
Blothgaar Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 2007 Asian No Charlie McDermott Out of Luck
Braxus Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 1997 European No Unknown The Lady and the Dragon
Colchian Dragon Jason and the Argonauts 2000 Drake No Part 2 Guards the Golden Fleece.
Cordelia Angel (1999 TV series) 2004 European No Not Fade Away (Angel)
Drageeen, Pyre, Tyrune Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog 1998 European No Recurring
Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal Game of Thrones 2011 Wyvern No Recurring Daenerys' dragons
Dudley The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon 1993 European No Alex Galatis Main
Eustace Scrubb The Chronicles of Narnia 1989 European Human David Thwaites The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Eustace later references his transformation in the final episode of the serial, The Silver Chair, when his party encounters a dragon.
Unnamed Eureka 2012 Wyvern No The Real Thing
Gorwen Through The Dragon's Eye 1989 European No Seán Barrett (actor) Main
Dragreder and Dragblacker Kamen Rider Ryuki 2002 Asian No Recurring Contract Beast
H.R. Pufnstuf H.R. Pufnstuf 1969 Other No Lennie Weinrib Main
Krayt Dragon[2] The Mandalorian 2020 Alien No Chapter 9: The Marshal
Unnamed Legacies (TV series) 2018 European Human Recurring
Maleficent, Lilith Page Once Upon a Time 2011 European Human Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nicole Muñoz[i] Recurring
Magellan Eureeka's Castle 1989 European No Noel MacNeal Recurring
Unnamed Monster Warriors 2006 European No Dawn of the Dragon!
Oliver J. Dragon Kukla, Fran and Ollie 1947 Drake No Burr Tillstrom Main
Many zords and monsters Power Rangers/Super Sentai 1993 Multiple No Several Recurring
Read Alee Deed Alee Read Alee Deed Alee 1994 Drake No Randy Carfagno Main character
Scorch Scorch (TV series) 1992 European No Ronn Lucas Main A 1,300-year-old puppet dragon had his own ALF-esque sitcom
Shou-Lao Iron Fist 2017 Asian No Episode Dragon Plays with Fire Only his eyes are shown
Unnamed Sliders 1996 European No Dragonslide
Hypolyes, Cloverfield and two unnamed dragons Supernatural 2011 European Human Like a Virgin
Smirkenorff Knightmare 1987 European No Clifford Norgate Recurring players were required to ride upon his back to the lower levels in exchange for a large gem stone
Unnamed Special Unit 2 2001 European No The Drag
Spot The Munsters, Mockingbird Lane 1964 Wyvern No Underground Munster pet dragon
Unnamed Stargate SG-1 2006 Wyvern No The Quest
Unnamed Tic-Tac-Dough 1956 Other No Recurring
Water Dragon Mako Mermaids 2016 Asian No Recurring Made out of water the Dragon's sole purpose is to turn Mermaids into humans by stealing their powers/tails.
Wick Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation 1997 European No Lee Tockar Recurring

Animated television[edit]

Western animated television[edit]

Name of Dragon Title of Series Year of Episode Type Transforms, if so from what? Voice Actor Episode Notes
Adamai, Grougaloragran, Phaeris Wakfu 2008 European Human Dorothee Pousseo, Benoit Allemane, Jean Barney Recurring
King Allfire, Queen Griddle, others Blazing Dragons 1996 European No Several Main Characters
Prince Aragon, Princess Dora Danny Phantom 2006 European Ghost Dee Bradley Baker, Susanne Blakeslee Beauty Marked
Asteroth Mighty Ducks 1996 European Human W. Morgan Sheppard The Return of Asteroth
Unnamed Avengers Assemble 2016 European No Into The Dark Dimension
Azymondias, Zubeia, Avizandum, Sol Regem, Rex Igneous, Pyrrah, many others Dragon Prince, The 2018 European/Wyvern No Nicole Oliver, Adrian Hough, Chris Metzen, Ben Cotton Main Character Azymondias is a main character
Baby-san Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 1989 Asian No Usagi Yojimbo
Unnamed Dragons Backyardigans, The 2008 European No Tale of the Mighty Knights, Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon
Balthromaw Rick and Morty 2019 Wyvern No Liam Cunningham Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty Several other named dragons also appear
Basil My Little Pony Tales 1992 Drake No Slumber Party
Beau, many others Dragon Booster 2004 Multiple No Recurring often used for competitive races and other sporting events
Belchy, unnamed Jake and the Never Land Pirates 2012 Wyvern No Dee Bradley Baker Cubby's Tall Tale, Jake Saves Bucky
Unnamed Ben 10: Alien Force 2008 European No Clancy Brown Be-Knighted A Dragon-like alien mapmaker that was imprisoned by the Forever Knights
Unnamed Bibi Blocksberg 2009 European No The Witches Horoscope
Benedict Animaniacs 2020 2020 European No Fred Tatisicore How to Brain your Dragon
Bird Dragon Alvin and the Chipmunks 1990 Wyvern No Kong!
Unnamed Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1990 European No Beast of the Temple
Cassie, Zak, Wheezie, Ord Dragon Tales 1999 European No Chantal Strand, Jason Michas, Kathleen Barr, Ty Olsson Main characters Many other named dragons appear in some episodes of the show
Charmcaster Ben 10: Omniverse 2014 European Human Kari Wahlgren Third Time's a Charm
Chinese Dragon Garfield and Friends 1989 Asian No Gregg Berger China Cat
Chorlton Chorlton and the Wheelies 1976 Other No Main Character
Chroma Conclave The Legend of Vox Machina 2023 European No various Recurring antagonists
Unnamed Chuck's Choice 2017 European Lizard How to Restrain Your Dragon
Cledwyn, Unnamed, King Neptune the 8th, Neptune's mother, Various Rupert 1994 European/Asian No Unknown, none, Billie Mae Richards, unknown, none Rupert and the Knight, Rupert And The Dragon Festival, Rupert and the Sea Serpent, Rupert and the Dragon Race
Crackle Sofia the First 2013 European No Ellie Kemper Recurring
Crystal Dragon Ben 10 (2016 TV series) 2017 European No Shhh!
Dagron Pirates of Dark Water, The 1992 Wyvern No The Dagron Master
Darlene, Percy, Unnamed Popeye the Sailor 1960 Drake No Unknown Popeye and the Polite Dragon, Popeye and the Dragon
Dennis James the Cat 1984 European No Unknown Recurring
Destiny Pucca 2008 Asian No Garu Hood
Dezadore Bo on the Go! 2007 European No Andrew Sabiston Main Character
Diagon Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 2011 European Squid John DiMaggio[i] A Knight to Remember
Dingo Here Comes the Grump 1969 European No Main Character
Dojo Kanojo Cho, Sapphire Dragon Xiaolin Showdown 2003 Asian No Wayne Knight, Michael Donovan Recurring
Ninja Tribunal, Shredder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2006 Various Human Sam Regal, Michael Sinterniklaas, Wayne Grayson, Greg Abbey, Marc Thompson* Legend of the 5 Dragons
Doom Dragon Mighty Max 1993 Wyvern No Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!
Doris Henry's World 2002 European No Fiona Reid Recurring
Dragon A Bunch of Munsch 1991 European No Mark Hellman The Paper Bag Princess
Dragon Dragon 2004 European No Frank Meschkuleit Main character blue dragon
Dragon Jane and the Dragon 2005 European No Adrian Truss Main character A 300-year-old orphaned dragon.
Dragon Noah's Animals 1980 European No John Culhane Last of the Red-Hot Dragons An old dragon who is unable to breathe fire encountered by the animals of Noah's Ark.
Dragon Skunk Fu! 2007 Asian No Rod Goodall Recurring
  • The Dragon
  • Evil Dragon
  • Ivanhoe
Teen Titans Go! 2016
  • European
  • European
  • Lindworm
  • unknown
  • David Kaye
  • Peter Rida Michail
  • Riding the Dragon
  • The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day, parts 1–4
  • Hafo Safo
Dragon Wacky Races 1968 European No Recurring in Creepy Coupe 2
Dragon Bolt Hero Factory 2013 European No Brain Attack
Dragonburn Monsuno 2012 European No Recurring
Dragoness PopPixie 2011 European No unknown Amore and the Quarreling Dragons
Dragon Lord Captain N: The Game Master 1990 European No Don Brown The Trojan Dragon
Dragon Toby Ephram, Ephram's mother Adventures of Puss in Boots, The 2015 European No Frank Welker, Laraine Newman Dragon
Shredder, Drako Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 TV series) 2003 Multiple Human, No Scott Rayow,[i] Marc Thompson Recurring
Various Named Dragons Dragon Flyz 1996 Multiple No Recurring
Various Dragon Hunters 2006 Multiple No Recurring
Dragonous Humongous, Dreaded One Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears 1985 Multiple No Some Day My Prints Will Come, The Magnificent Seven Gummies
King Draykor Wander Over Yonder 2014 European No Fred Tatasciore The Hero
Unnamed Dreamstone, The 1992 European No The Monster
Druk, Ran and Shaw Avatar: The Last Airbender 2010 Asian/European hybrid No Recurring Masters of the Sun Warrior, others are fire nation familiar/spirit animal (not to be confused with Lion-Turtle)
Many DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms 2021 Multiple No
DTZ Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 1989 Drake Alien Jim Cummings Dale Beside Himself The Character is an Alien Shapeshifter
Duffy Jellabies 1998 European No ? Main Character
Dulcy Sonic the Hedgehog 1993 European No Cree Summer Recurring
Unnamed Eek! the Cat 1997 European No Eekscalibur
Elandra, Thorne, Zonya, Merina, Gust, many others Lego Elves 2015 European No Recurring
Ember DC Super Hero Girls 2020 European Human Amanda C. Miller The Fresh Princess of Ren Faire
Iggy, Dedic Planet Sketch 2005 European No Spaghetti
Faffy Dave the Barbarian 2004 Other No Frank Welker Main character pet dragon, other dragons appear in the show
Farfus Mickey Mouse Funhouse 2021 European No Jan Johns Recurring dragon who used to cause trouble in the village, but is actually playful
Farting Dragon Samurai Jack 2002 European No Clancy Brown Jack and the Dragon
Father Codename: Kids Next Door 2008 European Human Maurice LaMarche Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.
Figaro Gumby Adventures 1988 Drake No Unknown The Elephant and the Dragon King Otto's watch-dragon
Fin Fang Foom Iron Man 1994 European No Various Recurring in multiple series
Flamor Mad 2010 European No Unknown TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon / The Walking Fred
Flurr, Slusho Mixels 2014 Mixel Mix, Max, or Murp Phil LaMarr, Griffin Burns Several
Foghorn Draghorn Tiny Toon Adventures 1990 Drake No Jeff Bergman Ditch in Time
Unnamed Gawayn 2009 European No Unknown A Pain in the Dragon
Geldon South Park 2001 European No Matt Stone It Hits The Fan
Glasburgh Dragon, Chinese Dragon What's New, Scooby-Doo? 2004 Wyvern, Asian No John DiMaggio, Paul St. Peter Large Dragon at Large, Block-Long Hong Kong Terror A disguised robot, a disguised pickup truck
Granymyr, Various unnamed dragons 1983, 1985 European No John Erwin Recurring, Darksmoke and Fire
Green Dragon Histeria 1998 Asian No China
Great Wall of China Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, The 1990 Asian Wall 7 Continents for 7 Koopas The wall is turned into a dragon by the Mario Bros
Grimm Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders 1995 European No Peter Fernandez Recurring
Heart's Blood CBS Storybreak 1985 European No Dragon's Blood
Unnamed Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater 1987 European Cat Rumpledogskin
Unnamed He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002 European No Dragon's Brood, To Walk With Dragons
Unnamed Honey Halfwitch 1965 European No Baggin' The Dragon
Groliffe The Ice Dragon Noggin the Nog 1959 European No Oliver Postgate Main character
Idris Ivor the Engine 1959 European No Olwen Griffiths Main character
Jake Long, various other dragons American Dragon: Jake Long 2005 Multiple Human Dante Basco, others Main characters
Jana and Jason Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic 1995 European [2H][d] Human ???, Michael Sorich Through the City Darkly
Karnex Dragons Star Wars Resistance 2019 Alien No Episode From Beneath
Ke-Pa Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness 2012 Asian Pig Alfred Molina Enter the Dragon
King Wretch, Winged Wretch Last Kids on Earth, The 2019 Various No Rosario Dawson Recurring Dragon-like monsters that are the servants of the shows main villain Rezzoch
Kukulkan Star Trek: The Animated Series 1974 Amphithere No James Doohan How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
Ladon, Unnamed Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus 2001 Drake, European No Unknown Orions Belt, Laughter of the Sphinx Guards the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides, The Sphinx's dragon Husband and several other dragons are brainwashed with magical collars by Dracchus
Unnamed Laura's Star 2008 European No Unknown Halloween
Unnamed Legend of Zelda, The 1989 European Lizard The Ringer
Unnamed Legends of Treasure Island, The 1995 European No Dragon
Lindworm Hilda 2018 Lindworm No Title theme, The Lost Clan
Little Big Guy Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure 2020 European No Pascal's Dragon
Unnamed Looney Tunes 1955, 1978 Drake No Mel Blanc Knight-mare Hare, Bugs Bunny in King Arthur’s Court
Megatron Beast Wars: Transformers 1999 European Cybertronian David Kaye Master Blaster
Malchior Teen Titans 2004 European Human Jonny Rees Spellbound disguises himself as the wizard Rorek
Malcho, Zin and Zang Aladdin (TV series) 1994 Amphithere, Asian No, Human Hector Elizondo, Brian Tochi Rain of Terror, The Return of Malcho, Opposites Detract Feathered Serpent
Mantigrue (Condor Dragon Ewoks 1985 Alien No The Haunted Village
Mama Dragon, Various 7D, The 2014 European No Grim and the Dragon, recurring
Medea, Multiple Mythic Warriors 1999 Multiple Goddess, No, No, No Sally Cahill Recurring
Melty Lilo & Stitch: The Series 2003 European No Melty a.k.a. Experiment 228
Midgard Serpent Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The 2011 Serpentine No A Day Unlike Any Other
Morgaine le Fey Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2009 European Human Tatyana Yassukovich Day of the Dark Knight!
Mr. Dragon Ni Hao, Kai-lan 2008 Asian No Frank Welker Dragonboat Festival
Napalmeon, Moorna Kaijudo 2012 Multiple No Grey DeLisle (Moorna) Recurring
Neceron, Gladius, Kobrax, Treek/Drakemon, Vlad, Artic, Petris Dinofroz 2012 European No Andrea Ward Main character
Neddy Adventure Time 2015 Candy No Andres Salaff Bonnie and Neddy
Nelly Quack Pack 1996 European No Kath Soucie Leader of the Quack
Various Ninjago 2011 Multiple Darkness (The Overlord) Scott McNeil (The Overlord) Recurring Character mounts
Ogre Cap'n O. G. Readmore 1988 European Ogre Hal Smith Cap'n O. G. Readmore's Puss In Boots
Unnamed Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2013 European No Betrayus Turns The Heat Up
Unnamed Paw Patrol 2016 European No Pups Save a Dragon
Peepers Dexter's Laboratory 2002 European Dog Tom Kenny Jeepers, Creepers, Where Is Peepers?
Pendragon Huntik: Secrets & Seekers 2009 European No Recurring
Penn Zero Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero 2014 European Human Thomas Middleditch Main Character
Penny Fitzgerald The Amazing World of Gumball, 2011 European Shape Shifting Fairy Teresa Gallagher Recurring Cannot transform into it willing and is only able to do so when upset
Unnamed Pink Panther 1968 Drake No Pink Valiant
Pixiu DuckTales (2017) 2017 Asian Statue Title theme, Woo-oo! A dragon that consumes gold
Pocket Dragons Pocket Dragon Adventures 1998 European No Various Main Characters
Pongo Oswald (TV series) 2001 Asian No Richard Kind Pongo the Friendly Dragon
Unnamed Potatoes and Dragons 2004 Other No Mark Camacho Main Character
Power Dragon Godzilla 1979 Wyvern No The City in the Clouds
Predaking Transformers: Prime 2010 European Cybertronian Peter Mensah Main Character other Predacons also turn into dragon forms
Prince Cinnamon Boots Replacements, The 2006 European Mule Daran Norris The Majestic Horse Pet Mule
Professor Thurdigree Burns Casper's Scare School 2009 European No Dragon Quest
Purple Dragon Tom and Jerry Tales 2007 European No Unknown Fire Breathing Tom Cat
Razzle, Dazzle Hazbin Hotel 2024 European Demon Recurring
Unnamed Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show, The 1981 Asian Statue 'Rickshaw Scooby
Unnamed Ricky Gervais Show, The 2012 European No The English
Queen of the Night ABC Weekend Special 1994 European Human Samantha Eggar The Magic Flute
Unnamed Sabrina's Secret Life 2004 European No What's In a Name?
Shendu, his son Drago Jackie Chan Adventures 2000 Asian No James Sie, Michael Rosenbaum Recurring
Shorty Bashful Buzzard, The 1945 European No Mel Blanc The Bashful Buzzard
Simon, Valhalla Sea Dragon Little Mermaid, The 1992 Drake, European No Brian Cummings, none Message in a Bottle, Heroes
Various Simpsons, The 1989 Multiple No Several Recurring
Unnamed Simsala Grimm 2010 European No Unknown The Four Skillful Brothers
Singe Dragon's Lair 1984 Drake No Arthur Burghardt Main Character
Skippy Goldie & Bear 2016 European No Fetch Skippy Fetch
Unnamed Smurfs, The 1981 Drake No St. Smurf and The Dragon Red baby dragon and his mother
Sneezing Dragon Knighty Knight Bugs 1981 Drake No Mel Blanc Knighty Knight Bugs Yosemite Sam's (Black Knights) steed
Snowball, Timmy, Cosmo, Various Fairly OddParents, The 2002 European [3H][b], Multiple No, Human, Fairy, No This Is Your Wish Main Characters, Recurring Cosmo's pet, antagonist, Main characters, Many other dragons also appear
Sorrowful, Brightstar She-Ra: Princess of Power 1985 European No Erika Lane, John Erwin Recurring, Darksmoke and Fire
Soup Dragon Clangers 1969 Drake No Oliver Postgate Recurring
Sparkie, Squirt Mike the Knight 2011 European No Martin Roach, Andrew Sabiston Recurring
Sparky Shirt Tales 1983 European No Kip's Dragon Very young dragon
Spike, Princess Ember, Garble, Smolder 2010, 2023 Multiple No Cathy Weseluck/Martin Roach, Ali Milner, Vincent Tong, Shannon Chan-Kent Recurring An older version of Spike returns in Make Your Mark. Many other named and unnamed dragons also appear.
Spike My Little Pony 'n Friends 1986 Drake No Charlie Adler Main character Many other dragons also appear
Spike My Little Pony: Pony Life 2020 European No Tabitha St. Germain Recurring A spin-off of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Spyro, Dark Spyro Skylanders Academy 2016 European No Justin Long, Jason Ritter Main characters
unnamed Star vs. the Forces of Evil 2018 European No Total Eclipsa the Moon
Steel Wing Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart 2014 Wyvern No Tommy Blacha I Love You Mao Mao Other dragons appear as monsters
Stone Dragon Gargoyles 1996 European No Pendragon
Stuffy Doc McStuffins 2012 European No Robbie Rist Main character Stuffed blue dragon
Unnamed Sym-Bionic Titan 2011 Asian No Disenfranchised
Tabaluga Tabaluga 1997 European No Dietmar Wunder Main character
Tarragon Herbs, The, The Adventures of Parsley 1968 European No Gordon Rollings Recurring
Tiamat Dungeons & Dragons 1983 European [5H][c] No Frank Welker Recurring
Tiamat, Unnamed Real Ghostbusters, The 1987 European No I Am the City, Egons’s Dragon
Tobias The Reluctant Dragon & Mr. Toad Show 1970 Drake No
Toothless, many others DreamWorks Dragons 2012 Multiple No
Warlock Blackstar 1981 European No Recurring
Weather Vane Loonatics Unleashed 2005 Amphiptere Human Kaley Cuoco[i] Weathering Heights
Various Winx Club 2004 Multiple No Recurring
Wip Xcalibur 2001 European No Tom Clarke-Hill Recurring A small talking dragon
Woody Allen Dragon Tiny Toon Adventures 1991 Drake No Maurice Lamarche Brave Tales of Real Rabbits
Zok Herculoids, The 1967 European No Mike Road Main character
Zook Martin Mystery 2003 European No Mystery of the Vanishing

Anime television[edit]

Name of Dragon Title of Series Type Transforms, if so from what? Voice Actor Episode Notes/Source
Unnamed Aikatsu European No "Aikatsu!: The Targeted Magical Aikatsu Card"
Aura, Vivian Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Wyvern Human Kotono Mitsuishi, Houko Kuwashima Recurring
Azzurro, Sylphid The Familiar of Zero European Human Satomi Arai Recurring Sylphid is a blue dragon
Bago Zatch Bell! European No David Rasner Recurring
Bahamut Rage of Bahamut: Genesis European No Recurring
Various Battle Spirits Various No Recurring
Various Beyblade Multiple Tops Recurring
Blau Panzer Dragoon OVA Wyvern No Don'l Johnson Recurring
Bloody August Sorcerous Stabber Orphen European Human Emi Shinohara[i] Recurring
Blue Dragon Blue Dragon European No Masaya Takatsuka Main Character
Blush Live on Cardliver Kakeru Multiple No Several Recurring
Bolshack Dragon Duel Masters European No Recurring
B'T Raidou B't X European No Ryuji Mizuno Recurring
Celes Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle European No Sword of Demon Destruction Kurogane's Kudan
Unnamed Cardcaptor Sakura European No Sakura and the Nameless Book
Various Cardfight!! Vanguard European No Recurring
Carmine Dragon Century European No Toshihiko Seki Main character
Many Dragon Type Pokémon Pokémon Multiple Various Pokémon Shin-ichiro Miki Recurring Dragon-types appear in some episodes such as Rayquaza, Dragonite, and Salamence
Chibisuke Dragon Drive Multiple No Chinami Nishimura Main Character Chibisuke is a baby white dragon, other dragons appear in the show
Devaul Super Doll Licca-chan European Human Eiji Takemoto Recurring
Drago, various others Bakugan Battle Brawlers Multiple Sphere Jason Deline Main Character Many other dragons appear in the show
Drago Ω1 Mazinger Z Asian No Recurring
Various Dragonar Academy Multiple No Various Recurring
Various Dragonaut: The Resonance Multiple Human Various Recurring Many characters have a dragon form
Dragon Cloth Saint Seiya Asian Human Recurring
Dragon of the Darkness Flame Yu yu hakusho Asian No Recurring
Dragon Kings Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings Asian Human Various[i] Main characters
Dragon Warriors Yona of the Dawn Asian Human Various Recurring
Dramon-type Digimon Multiple No Various Recurring
Drum Bunker Dragon Future Card Buddyfight European No Brett Bauer Main character Other dragons include Drum Bunker's father and Jackknife Dragon
Elder Dragons Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! European No Various Recurring
Envy Fullmetal Alchemist Serpentine Human Wendy Powell[i] Laws and Promises Homunculus turns into a dragon when he crosses the gate
Escaflowne The Vision of Escaflowne European Robot Recurring
Esmeraude Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R European Human Mami Koyama[i] Jealousy's Just Reward
Falarion Endride European No Ayaka Ohashi Recurring Pet of Alicia
Fastener Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Wyvern [2H][d] Demon Christopher Bevins Chuck to the Future
Filia Ul Copt Slayers European Human Houko Kuwashima EP01 Ryuzoku
Fire Drake, Yurlungur Zettai Bouei Leviathan European No Recurring
Five Ancient Dragons Record of Lodoss War Multiple No Recurring
Flame Dragon Gate (novel series) European No Episode 3
Fredrika Chaika - The Coffin Princess European Human Chiwa Saito Recurring
Friedrich, Voltaire Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Multiple No Mikako Takahashi (Friedrich) Recurring
Garyun, Dagwon, Wyverion Dennou Boukenki Webdiver Multiple Transport Several Recurring
Genryū Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles Multiple No Recurring
Gigano Dragon Dinozaurs: The Series Asian Robot Bob Papenbrook Recurring
Grandora Shinzo European [3H][b] No Ryuma, Lord of the Reptiles
Great Red, Midgardsormr, Ddraig, Albion High School DxD European No Multiple Recurring
Grigori[3] Dragon's Dogma European No David Lodge Recurring
Hakuryuu Gensomaden Saiyuki Wyvern Jeep Morota Kaoru Recurring Cho Hakkai's pet
Harumi Planet With European Human Mai Fuchigami Avenger 2
The Heraneion Campione! European Stone Pillar A Hero Arrives
Hiryu Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Asian No Kunihiko Yasui Recurring Pet black bomber
Hyōrinmaru, Kusaka Bleach Various Human Kenji Hamada, Keith Silverstein[i] Dragon of Ice and Dragon of Flame! The Strongest Showdown!
Ian, Mugen Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero Other No Ryoko Shiraishi, Yuka Iguchi Recurring
Ice Dragon Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Other No Dedede's Snow Job
Igneel, Acnologia Fairy Tail European Human(Acnologia) Hidekatsu Shibata, Kōsuke Toriumi Main characters Many other dragons appear in the show.
Julia Rave Master European Human The Truth About the Dragon Race
Kagutsuchi My-HiME Other No Recurring The Child of Mai
Kanna, Tohru Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Various Human Maria Naganawa, Yuuki Kuwahara Main Characters Other dragons appear in the show.
Karisu Dragon Rider European Human Ikue Ôtani Main Character
King of Dragons Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic European No Dungeon Baal
Labyrinth Dragon Little Witch Academia European No Main Character
Letty, Varney Dragon Goes House-Hunting European, Wyvern No Shun Horie, Kenjiro Tsuda Main Character, recurring
Lunie Lord Marksman and Vanadis European No Recurring
Masotan Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan European No Main Character
Melan DokiDoki! PreCure European Turtle Fukagawa Seria DDPC30
Mandragon Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Other No Recurring
Momonosuke One Piece Asian Human Ai Orikasa Recurring
Various Mon Colle Knights Multiple No Recurring
Unnamed Moomin European No The Last Dragon on Earth
Nidhogg Accel World Other No Episode 19
Onyx Dragon Crisis! European Human Kamiya Hiroshi Engage
Papi Dragon Collection European No unknown Recurring
Peterhausen Demon King Daimao European No Jouji Nakata Recurring
Pina,X'rphan Sword Art Online European No Izawa Shiori Recurring
Pirate Dragons Monster Rancher European No Moo Revealed, Holly's Rescue
Porunga Dragon Ball Asian No Various Recurring The Namekian counterpart to Shenron
Name Unknown Power Stone European Human Unknown Crisis in the House of Falcon
Quox Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk European No Recurring
Ravendia A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized Drake No Houchu Ohtsuka, Xing Kaixin Recurring
Rubrum Amagi Brilliant Park European No Jouji Nakata "Not Enough Money!
Ryoku Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri Asian No Risa Hayamizu Recurring
Ryūkotsusei InuYasha Asian No Kazuhiko Inoue Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei, The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Technique A dragon demon from whose inflicted wounds ultimately killed InuYasha's father
Selece Magic Knight Rayearth European Robot Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God
Serendipity Serendipity the Pink Dragon Other No Mari Okamoto Main Character Pink Dragon
Shenron Dragon Ball Asian No Various Recurring There are other forms of Shenron
Shiron, Ranshiin, and Greedo Legendz European No Kazuhiko Inoue Main Characters
Skeletal Dragons Overlord European No The Dark Warrior
Sodom The Betrayal Knows My Name Other No Recurring
Takaokami no Kami Shounen Onmyouji Asian No Atsuko Tanaka The Flame of Kagutsuchi Shines Majestically
Tama Natsume's Book of Friends Other Human Sayaka Aoki A Chick Hatches
Tong Tong Pororo the Little Penguin European Giant feral dragon Recurring South Korean character
Unnamed Those Who Hunt Elves European No The Red One or the Blue One?
Veldora Tempest That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime European No Chris Rager (English) Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese) The Storm Dragon, Veldora
Yatterdragon Yatterman European No Koichi Yamadera Recurring Robotic dragon
Various Yu-Gi-Oh! Multiple No Recurring
Various Zoids Multiple No Recurring
Zombie Dragon The Rising of the Shield Hero European No Curse Shield

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