Ben Affleck Finally Returns as Batman In New Trailer (Photos)

Ben Affleck Finally Returns as Batman In New Trailer (Photos)

By Gillian Blum Updated:
The Flash Ben Affleck

The first trailer for Ezra Miller's upcoming The Flash dropped online, and with it comes the first glimpses at Ben Affleck's Batman return.

The Flash's place in the DCU continuity remains nebulous, as it is not quite part of James Gunn's new slate, but will seemingly set the stage for it.

Affleck's portrayal of the Dark Knight in the film does not ease that confusion, as it has been confirmed that a "new actor" will be playing Batman in Gunn's upcoming Gods and Monsters chapter.

Regardless, Affleck is not done playing the Caped Crusader, with the first footage of his return being included in the new trailer for The Flash.

Batfleck is Back

The Flash's new trailer includes a clear look at Ben Affleck as Batman, a return to his role in Zack Snyder's DCU films.

Batman lunging on the side of a road, holding out what appears to be a grapple gun.

The glances of Affleck's DC hero include him both in and out of his new costume, as well as talking with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen, and getting in on a couple of action sequences.

Batman on a motorbike driving away from a wrecked car on a city street.

One such action scene even sees Batman driving away from a wrecked vehicle on his version of the Bat Cycle.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in a dark suit and tie.

Bruce Wayne out-of-costume looks sharp too, as would be expected of the billionaire playboy.

Watch the full trailer here:

A Multiverse of Batmen

With Michael Keaton's Batman appearing alongside Affleck and given the movie's themes of timelines and the Multiverse, it is inevitable that a conversation about different Batmen will occur.

Perhaps this will set up the "new actor" primed to play the Caped Crusader in James Gunn's new DCU. 

Maybe the Batmen in The Flash will be able to be mentors to the new one, or perhaps there will be some clear division among the three established in the new film.

Regardless, fans can get excited to see Affleck don the cowl one more time when The Flash releases on June 16.

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