Welcome to the web site of the Belmont High School Class of 1954 – Belmont, MA

At our 50th Reunion, some thought that it would be good if we could  continue to ‘keep in touch’. Given the technology which was available then and now, this web site was developed for that purpose. We hope you like what you see.

Below are links to our Chat pages: (Chat 14 to Chat 21). Please notice that Chat 15 has lost significant data due to a Windows 10 crash, (cause unknown). Our Chat Pages are similar to blogs. As classmates send their information  (via email) their comments are posted. Click on any Chat link (in blue) under the designations to see what classmates have written since our 60th Reunion. Sorry to report that Chat 04 through 13 went missing after a hard drive crash. Some have submitted photos from our high school days, and earlier times. They may be seen on the Chat or Photos pages.

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Links of Interest: As they appear (in blue) click any link.
In Memory is a Memorial Page listing classmates of whom we are aware that have passed on.

Our Authors page contains the names of our classmates who are ‘published’.

Downsizing Q&A – Thinking of giving up the lawn as well as the lawnmower. Get some questions asked and answered here.

Past Reunion Photos Page contains group photos with associated photos if available.

Photos Page consists of photos from other times and places, which and where our classmates were involved.

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The BHS – ’54 Yearbook, is a recent addition to our Other Links of Interest

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