SweetLove: A BBQ Stain on My White TShirt

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A BBQ Stain on My White TShirt

Besides crafting & sewing...and loving Mr. Sweet Cream - my next favorite thing has to be food.  I'm not talking about shoving some Doritos down my face (although the Spicy Nacho are my fave) or a box of Mac & Cheese (although I may not admit it to some, has gotten me out of a jam after cooking a meal too exotic for Mr. Sweet's palate).

I love reading cookbooks, picturing the ingredients simmering together and the possible delishness that could be tasted.  I love watching old episodes of Julia Child on the Cooking Channel.  And I LOVE looking at the thoughtfulness of delish arrangements of food that compliment each other like instruments in a symphony.  So that especially makes me prone to sigh over wedding menus.

I was definitely excited to get some trendy food goodness woven into the wedding.

Think food truck fun! (Mrs. Earrings makes it look like such a good choice!)

Her orange mexican food truck looks adorable & amazing... at the same time!
Source / WeddingBee

And a truck...that serves ice cream! We all scream for ice cream!

Think mini, tini-tiny versions of favorite foods (just look at these adorable small pop-tarts on a stick!)
Source / ForeverMore Events

Think comfort food.  Grilled cheese & tomato soup. Burgers. Mac & Cheese.  Yes please!

I know that mashed potato bars were all the buzz... but how could one resist??  Mashed potatoes + bar = Happy guests!
Source / WedAlert

With all of these thoughts spinning in my bridal brain, I connected with an uber trendy caterer in the city (who I was hoping with all my might could pull off something within our budget).  She mentioned all of these ideas... but then she mentioned three little letters that were like magical bells...


I'm not talking about throwing another shrimp on the barbie or even favorites at a Forth of July picnic.  I'm talkin' slow roasted pork, corn bread...and all the fixins'.  I've seen other Bees do it -- so I know that it's not a totally new idea -- but some of their eye candy at some bbq bees' weddings truly makes me wish I could jump into the picture.  Just take a look at the wedding of Mrs. Mary Jane and Mrs. Cola's rehearsal dinner! 

My mouth was watering as I slowly described to Mr. Sweet Cream all that could come with our very cool BBQ package from the uber trendy caterer.  Then - like I am sure that some of you bees do -- I whispered what came last... the bottom line.

Of course, Mr. Sweet Cream thought that triple digit number per guest was a little insane -- especially for BBQ.  And while I could feel myself beginning to feel all sad that is something so amazing was crossed off the list of possibilities... He surprised me with three little words that were like magical bells...

Sweet. Lucy's. BBQ.

Who knew future hubbies could come out with such amazing ideas? -- just. like. that.

We've been to Sweet Lucy's so many times.  The place is rated the #1 BBQ joint in the city and I seriously think that their BBQ sauce could make a man weak in his knees.  And it turns out that they DO in fact caterer... so much so that they only had 2 Saturday left in October.

Since we had the immense pleasure of having Sweet Lucy's BBQ sauce grace our lips before, we said "Book us, Please!!! Pretty please!!"

The options include everything from paper plates to renting china... so we have lots of options. And it's very funny that even the most traditional guests get so excited after hearing what we'll be serving (we so wanted it to be a surprise from our nearest and dearest - but of course couldn't keep our mouths shut about that one).

Of course we took the fam there to do an official "Taste Test" even though we knew exaaactttlyy what it tasted like (heaven).  A Smoked Beef Tenderloin, Baby Back Ribs, Rotisserie Chicken, Pulled Pork and Smoked Kielbasa kind of dream land.
Mr. Sweets & Me after battling it out for our favorite menu item at Sweet Lucy's...
Mr. Sweets looks all droopy eyed b/c it was an all you can eat buffet -- so he did just that! Nap time!

So that is how our menu came to be.  I kinda wish we got to taste test our way around town.  That is what I thought would happen.  But when Sweet Lucy calls (with only two Saturdays in your choice wedding month left) -- you can't turn your back... can you??

How did you decide on your menu? Is there any particular item that you and the FH are so excited about?  Are you doing something completely out of the ordinary -- like Street Vendors -- or something crazier?

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