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Noun1.Austronesian language - the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia
natural language, tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language
Malayo-Polynesian, Polynesian - the branch of the Austronesian languages spoken from Madagascar to the central Pacific
Aboriginal Australian, Australian - the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines
Formosan - the Austronesian languages spoken on Formosa
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Though divided by geological boundaries, the two indigenous groups both speak a language belonging to the Austronesian language family.
The Austronesian language family encompasses over 2,000 languages that include Taiwan's indigenous languages, as well as the languages of the Micronesian, Melanesian, and Polynesian islands of the Pacific, many of the major languages of Southeast Asia, and a geographic outlier in Madagascar.
His and others' attempts to unravel it, without the Austronesian lexical etymologies now available, relied on concentric wave diffusion models and ad hoc appeal to resemblances in canoe vocabularies cutting across Austronesian language subgroup divisions.
Chamorro is an Austronesian language and its speakers would have found the desinence -an familiar.
In addition, another map of the series, Our Austronesian Friends, projects Taiwan as the northern-most point of a vast network of the Austronesian language family, while We are the World/So Far Away, yet So Close in Spirit shows Taiwan at the center of expanding concentric circles.
As we know that the Austronesian language family is one of the largest language families in the world.
"The people of the Austronesian language family lived near the ocean and were very mobile," said Chen.
of pull' RAJA 'an Indian prince' SANTO 'a saint' SI 'a musical note' TAXI 'a cab' Noun B ALAS 'an Indonesian people' BUS 'a large motorized vehicle' CRUS 'a part of the leg' DAS 'Hindu slave' KAS 'a Dutch cupboard' KAMIAS ' East Indian evergreen tree' LIS 'a flower' MANAS 'mental perception in Hinduism' MANUS 'an Austronesian language' MARQUES 'a marquess in Sp.
However, even though the Shau Aborigines moved from the territory of the Chou, they did not adopt the culture type of Chou Aborigines, who belonged to the Austronesian language culture and who espoused headhunting, tooth drilling, and also the Shau did not observe certain taboos that were part of the Chou tradition (Dasiwulawan, 2003; Lai, 1990; Zhou, 2004).
The Austronesian language of Maori (Te Reo Maori) is spoken by the Maori people in regions of the North Island of New Zealand and in other urban centers of the country.
"There are dozens of internet entries in endangered languages, from native American Cherokee to the Austronesian language Tetum, spoken by less than a million people in East Timor, to the Maori language of New Zealand.