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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Reveal Quarantine Wine Sold Out in 8 Hours

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"We've raised, like, a million dollars," Kutcher said Monday during the couple's appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis revealed that their Quarantine Wine was an overnight success while virtually appearing on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The couple launched the charity wine late last month. In a social media post, the couple explained that all profits would go to a handful of groups helping amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kutcher shared that they didn't expect for their wine to be a hit. "When we first started it, we were just like, 'All right, we'll see if we can raise a little bit of money and see how it goes,'" said the actor.

"You have to do an allotment of cases. You have to pre-order juice. So we were, like, let's just play it safe," added Kunis. "We bought 2,000 cases."

The couple explained that the only promotion they did for the wine was a video they posted to social media. "In eight hours, we sold out 2,000 cases. We were shocked," said the actress. Added Kutcher, "We've raised, like, a million dollars."

Kunis said that "people have been incredible" and she wants "people to keep giving and knowing that it's going to the right places."

The pair also explained the origin of the wine initiative. Kunis said they got the idea after having virtual date nights with their friends. "We would have dinner or drinks or whatever and I realized, not to encourage drinking, but the one thing that we can all gather around is food and entertainment or having a glass of wine and just relaxing," she said. 

Kunis added that a lot of their friends reached out to them to see where they could donate. "We were trying to figure out how to navigate our friends to help them to donate and I realized how good I selfishly felt when I was able to donate," she said. "In a weird way, I just combined both of my favorite things: drinking and donating."

"We don't want money. It wasn't about that. It was just about allowing people to have a way to feel good about themselves, donate their $50 and get something in return," the actress continued. "And know that your money went somewhere useful."

The couple credited their partnership with Nocking Point Wine for creating the initiative so quickly. "We were actually thinking about doing a wine and our friends Nocking Point Wines do this and turn things around really quick," said Kutcher. "We called them up and said, 'Hey, if we do a quarantine wine, how quickly can we have it out?' And within three weeks we had a label approved, we had trademark, we had samples, we figured out what's going in the bottle and we were ready to ship."

Earlier in the segment, the duo shared how they are handling the homeschooling of their daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri.

"I realize I'm a fantastic TA," said Kunis, noting that Kutcher is a good teacher.

"I like me some teaching," he said. "We set up for the week and plan it out and figure out what the kids are gonna learn throughout the week." The couple said they have already taught their children about various topics including energy, electricity and architecture.

They also shared a homeschooling "hack" that they have implemented into their curriculum. "We've enlisted our friends to do 20-minute Zoom sessions with our kids. It would be like, 'Teach our kids anything.' And it can be anything from making flower arrangements to architecture to anything," Kunis explained. "It gives us 20 minutes of not parenting and also allows our kids to have another type of interaction."

The couple also played a game called "Voice Swap" with Fallon. The late night host explained that he would conduct a normal interview, though Kutcher and Kunis would have to answer for each other. While one person answered the question, the other would have to move their mouth in order to look like they were answering the questions.

Throughout the game, they came up with silly answers for questions including what music they have been listening to and what they are looking forward to doing most once they can leave their home.