Are Aliens Real?8 Facts which proofs that Aliens are real (One Bonus Story)

Are Aliens Real
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2019)


Aliens are real? What are aliens? Are they real or not? So they are friend or enemy?

There are many questions but no one answer. Yet it is the world’s largest secret. A secret that seeks to solve the problem of the whole world is scientific, but the hands are still empty.

Scientists of the world are divided on the issue of aliens and hold different opinions. While some scientists want to find them on the one hand, on the other hand, some scientists say that it will be wrong to do so and the existence of the earth and the earth will be in danger.

In all the Hollywood movies, we have seen that when aliens come to the Earth, then what kind of catastrophe is on everyone’s side.

The story of the film is second but if every man is able to establish contact with the aliens then what will happen? Will this be the beginning of the end of the earth? In the forthcoming stories, we are going to tell you some things related to aliens that will really force you to think.

Aliens have always been on the earth

At the show called Ancient Aliens, which was broadcast on History TV, there are aliens. They have always been coming to the Earth and contacting humans. In order to strengthen their claim, they gave examples of Hinduism.
He told in the show that the first thing about an aircraft was in Hinduism.

It happened when someone could not even think of it. Where did the thinking of thousands of years come from? The technique which has been adopted by the Kailas Temple has not been done once again, whereas today techniques, tools etc. are better than before.

How could the sage-monkey think about the flying planes, not the flying planets, but the divine powers and the shocking weapons?

Was he in contact with Alien at that time?

Were these techniques alien?

The story of the ancient aliens, which was broadcast on April 20, 2010, was told that Sanskrit books are filled with aircraft and weird weapons. And all this was written about 6000 years ago.

In the next story, find out why the aliens came on Earth?

Why did the aliens come on earth?

The ancient aliens raise many questions and is one of those questions that if it is to be believed that aliens have come to the earth and contacted humans, then the question is, why was this done?

The answer to these things is not hidden in the script written on those old stones, which tells about the Sumerian civilization.

According to this theory, God who lived on the 12th planet created the human being. According to another theory, almost all the old religions of the world have been told about the organisms which were half human and half of the animal.

Who were these people and did they make aliens?

Are the aliens doing any tests on humans? People who used to ride on cruise ships often used to claim to see strange museums but their things were considered delusional.

Will they return again?

It is believed that Alien and Earth have been the old ties. He has always been here and has been in touch with people here. According to legends, ancient Egypt, Maya civilization, Peru and ancient civilizations of China knew about aliens.

According to the ancient aliens, aliens have left their marks in many places around the world and whenever they come, they will return to the same place.

Questions such as time traveler and Bigfoot were also raised in this show and it was said that they were aliens and in time people came to this world to understand seeing them.

We do not know the claims and the facts of this show, nor do they make any claims on the basis but they force it to think. If you are also compelled to think, then share this news further.

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So Are Aliens Real?These unexplained facts really make us think, yes they are very real!

Stonehenge’s Secrets

In England’s Wiltshire, numerous substantial stones, similar to rocks, remain in the state of roundness. Scientists gauge that it was begun in 3000 BC and crafted by making it endured until 2000 BC. That is, it is just about 5000 years of age.

Made of the Middle Ages, this Stonehenge has dependably remained a riddle for the most that why it was made. The stones of these stones, which are associated with one another, and remaining in the round, are yet to be comprehended.

Commonly its development is additionally observed by interfacing with different planets. Stonehenge’s stones are so substantial and colossal that it doesn’t appear that they can be brought here without satisfactory assets or they can be brought up in such a way. ‘

Well known author, Eric Von Danican says that the outsiders, with the assistance of people around then, would have improved it so precisely with the utilization of their science. It is said that individuals having a place with Stonehenge were from a place like a burial ground.

A great many human skeletons and broken bones were found there hundreds of years prior. One thing is included this that it probably be a place in which there will be a divine capacity to fix individuals’ sicknesses.

This is said on the grounds that the bones found here have been found in all sicknesses or any kind of contamination. As per, it is trusted that there was a blue stone in Stonehenge which had the ability to fix infections.

The Secret of the Nazca Lines

Have you at any point known about Nazca Lines? There are numerous plans found in the Nazca desert in Peru, South America, which likewise put the archeologists in astonishment.

These are a few sorts of straight lines and numerous other geometric shapes that have been molded by feathered creatures, people and creatures.

They are big to the point that they can be seen in the meantime from the best. Yet at the same time, it is accurate to the point that it was made with a scale.

Give us a chance to let you know here that there are individuals from Nazareth 300 years BC to 800 AD. In any case, there is no such proof that he has made a flying saucer.

Outsider specialists trust that outsiders used to come there and these lines used to be sprinters of their claim to fame. That is, these structures have been made of outsiders which still exist.

There are a few cases that even those individuals of that period have any thought of making things like the airplane that is the reason the runway stays there even today.

Author Eric Von Danicke writes in his book ‘Philanthropies of God’ in 1968 that Najka was a place to arrive for outsiders originating from different planets. This was their runway.

The thing written in his book is to take note of that in Peru there are numerous kinds of mineral substances on the planet and there can be incredible research on Earth. In this way, the Alien picked this for his outdoors. They came here to comprehend the Earth.

Then what were the planes?

You have read and heard many stories of mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Many of them are referring to traveling between Gods or the planets of Asurus in many stories.

So, in cognition, it is believed that the planes were nothing but the spacecraft of the aliens. According to, aircraft were also a sign of the aliens’ flyover.

In India, the story of seeing no UFO or a flyover is heard. But the presence of planes in our mythology is seen by linking with UFOs. In the Vedas, where the elephant’s face was told about the aircraft, many birds were also made the faces of these planes.

Even on the pillars of the 3000-year-old New Kingdom temple of Kyero and Giza, many types of flyovers have been found. Some of these are oval and some flattened. It is clear that they have been painted like they are flying in the air.

If we look at the existence of planes with scientific spectacles, then we may believe that our ancestors were so farsighted that they had the idea of flying aircraft or something made by a human.

In the year 2012, a cave of Afghanistan was revealed to have found an aircraft of 5000 years old. According to reports, for the search and removal of his kingdom, the first team had also 8 people from the US Army. But, he could never get out again.

The strange figurines of the Easter Island

The Easter Island of Western South America or the Moai Island of Easter Island is a question for everyone. But there are many things that are difficult to explain about. Located in the island of Chile, there are such human sculptures whose heads are very big. Even the heads of the common man are not like this and even after thinking of them; it is not possible to make the head of every idol so big.

It is said that the people of Rappa Nui civilization were a resident of Moai. These stones were erected in honor of the great personalities of that time.

It is also said that standing up these stones meant that neighboring countries should point out that these values are people of the people. The same thing is said here that the kind of stones used to make it, even though the stones are not found anywhere in the entire island, no residue can be found. Those who work on aliens say that aliens may have come here and they have left their mark.

Pumapunku also a question

There is a place called Pumapunku near Bolivia in South America, but there is a series of large stones that have been created in a mysterious and interesting way. Most of these stones are designed in H and U shape of English. Every stone of it has been cut in a very neat manner. It seems as if every design and cut would have some significance. Each stone has 800 tons.

Archaeologists say that the closest stone mines from Pumapunku were also miles away. Bringing stones here is a great job. So how are they brought here is an unsolved puzzle.

Then the technique has been adopted in that too. These remains are 1000 years old. When such questions arise, then it is said that there are aliens behind them.

It is said that people of Pumapunku believed aliens as their God. Aliens had ever come to Pumapunku, they had talked about making this place from them.

The aliens had some help in making it and it may have been considered as the place to worship their Lord. Well, scientists are also supposed to have been a place of worship and around four lakhs people will be living around this place.

Know About the Crop Circle?

Do you know that there are strange designs found in fields in the United States and in many places in crop fields? Never Round, Than Any Other Geometrical Shape.

These complicated patterns have been named Crop Circle. Many families have claimed that when they got up in the morning and came to their fields, they got such patterns in the field instead of the crops, how they got made overnight, they did not know.

It is worth noting that Crop Circle’s design is perfectly found everywhere. Also, wherever the crop circles have been built, people do not even know about UFO sighting anywhere. It is said that the aliens have a hand behind the crop circles, but now they are being found in many places in such a number of places that it seems that now people also make it come in a small discussion.

For instance, in January this year, a crop circle found in California had big headlines, Buttoni. The discussion was made by the aliens have created a crop circle at the place named Chaucer.

According to CNN, a mobile processor company later revealed that they had done crop circles for marketing. In the same way, in 1991, two men had also told that they had created the crop circle for their deliberate pleasure.

Why do foreigners look aliens only?

In January last year, there was news from HuffPost that the sighting of UFOs has increased around the International Space Station.

NASA has recorded several footages by the ISS cameras, which have been seen around the ISS and unknown things passing through. But they are meteorites or the aliens’ orbits, it cannot be given any details.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that UFO sighting is more in places where nuclear tests are conducted. Such as Japan, America or China.

It is believed that the atomic tests that we perform; it seems somewhere that aliens are able to meet their techniques and mechanisms. Maybe they come here to come round the circle.

But the second thing also comes along that it may also be that there are many methods of testing during the nuclear test and therefore people in the terrain and other such things fly only humans, but the world understands something else is. Site ratings of UFOs show that it has been seen 26 times in the nuclear test area, only 13 times in such areas where such tests are not conducted.

Many films made

Now after telling and discussing so much, if we do not talk about UFOs and aliens, then there will be some incomplete remuneration. Alien has always been the subject of such discussions and curiosity that people like many aliens have liked it.

You must remember the Hollywood actor Will Smith’s Independence Day Special Nomads. In this film, the aliens have been shown in such a creature who wants to ruin the earth. Its Alva Wars of the World, Starman, Alien and Steven Spielberg are the specialties of ET.

In India, the first movie about aliens was made, ‘Koi Mil Gaya came in 2003. Hrithik Roshan’s film won the hearts of the people.

The Story of Byod Bushman

Former Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman was one those persons who studied UFO’s and Aliens more than anyone else exists. Before his death in 2014, he spoke with Mark Q. Patterson an aerospace engineer about his extraordinary encounter with the alien technology and ET.

According to his claims, these aliens were primarily from Quintumnia, some 68,000 light years away from earth. It would only take just 45 minutes to cover this galactic distance. Yes, they can travel faster than light!

This is incredible!

Is this a false statement?

What’s a dying man to lose or gain from telling the truth?


He even claimed 19 of the crew members were killed due to some experimentation to reverse engineer the alien technology!

We do not know if there are aliens or not, if they are, they are only machines or they have emotions or how they look. In our imagination, they are almost like humans, except that their eyes are strange, sometimes they have some structures like snakes, and sometimes they are a mixture of creatures like humans and snakes.

He sometimes knows to be invisible, and then he is the master of unfathomable power. Even today many people claim that they have seen the creatures of other planets.

From time to time, such people also come to know that those people saw flying in the sky, i.e. the unknown flying saucer i.e.

There are also claims of people that they have seen flying saucers and even made sex with aliens.

But till now there is no convincing scientific evidence that there is life in some other planet or in this universe there is life other than the Earth. Alliance and UFOs are just tales until all this proves.

The Wow Signal!

Jerry Ehman in the year 1977 has noticed an amazing radio signal using Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope. It is one of the most significant signals regarding the alien signal.

The radio signal came from the group of stars called Chi Sagittarii.


Image Source

It is a 72-second long radio signal which Ehman circled and noted as “Wow!” and remained one of the most mysterious signals ever received by the humans!

Finally, Antonio Paris, of St Petersburg College has seemed to crack the mystery. The signal is considered came from 266P/Christensen and 335P/Gibbs.

These are comets of hydrogen gas which naturally emits the similar type of radio signals!


Recently A Nasa scientist, Silvano P Colombano has also suggested aliens may have been already been in the earth and may look quite different compared to our expectations.In as research paper,he also suggested the aliens may be carbon-based organisms – which would allow them to remain undetected.

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