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Centre for Applied Ethics

Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE) at Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1992. It is the first of its kind established in China and one of the earliest in Asia. The Centre strives to stimulate critical reasoning about fundamental ethical concerns in contemporary society, to raise awareness of moral values, and to further strengthen the University's commitment to research and whole person education. To accomplish its mission, the Centre has been active in organizing various academic activities, publishing research results in different fields of Applied Ethics and developing a co-operation network with other institutions.

Centre for Applied Ethics
Formation13 May 1992
TypeResearch Centre


The development of ethical centre is urgently needed in Hong Kong as it is undergoing unprecedented rapid economic and socio-cultural changes, bringing ethical tension and disorientation. And although similar centres abound in Europe and North America, the results of their research are not always immediately useful to Asian societies in general and Hong Kong in particular. At the same time social-ethical issues relevant to them are not always identical to those in Hong Kong's situation. The centre, while seeking to formulate ethical solutions on the basis of universal principles, aims to be culturally sensitive in its endeavors.


  • The Centre is committed to research which covers the whole range of applied ethics. It is particularly concerned with different areas which are of high importance to our society.
  • The Centre will take keen interest in avoiding any sort of ivory-tower mentality and make sure that its efforts benefit society and public at large. This will be achieved particular by organizing symposia, conferences and individual lectures open to the public and publishing research papers and articles in academic journals and taking up ethical topics in newspapers.


Director: Dr. Ellen Y. Zhang
Associate Director: Dr. Benedict Chan Shing Bun
Research Fellow: Dr. Kwok Wai Luen, Prof. Lo Ping Cheung, Prof. Sumner B. Twiss, Prof. Ruiping Fan

Research AreasEdit

The Centre actively promotes and coordinates research in the areas of bioethics, business ethics, professional ethics, and social ethics. It encourages the development of ethics across the curriculum.

Academic ActivitiesEdit

The "Public Lecture Series: Applied Ethics in Hong Kong" was launched on 1992 and regularly invites local and overseas scholars to deliver public lectures on bioethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, family ethics etc. Distinguished international speakers, include Jürgen Habermas and Hans Küng. In order to foster research in the field of Bioethics in the Chinese context, since 2007 the centre has organized an annual Summer Class on "Sino-American Perspectives in Bioethics" and Symposium on "Bioethics from Chinese Philosophical/Religious Perspectives."

Research PublicationsEdit

The Centre has published the International Journal of Chinese and Comparative Philosophy of Medicine since 1998. It also publishes a newsletter annually to facilitate the exchange of ideas between the local academic community and other institutions worldwide. Some of the Centre’s recent publications include:


  • Construction of Chinese Bioethics: New Investigations (2017)[1]
  • Collected Essays from the Conference on Pre-Qin Philosophers and War Ethics (2016)[2]
  • Chinese Just War Ethics: Original, development, and dissent (2015)[3]
  • The Common Good: Chinese and American Perspectives (2013)[4]
  • Bioethics: A Reflection from Traditional Chinese Philosophy (2013)[5]
  • Ritual and the Moral Life: Reclaiming the Tradition (2012)[6]


Co-operation NetworksEdit

In order to establish and coordinate regional and international network of Applied Ethics, the Centre has co-organized symposia and conferences with other institutions such as:

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