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I’m excited to bring you the next interview in the #SHEIS series and introduce you to the beautiful Amy Manson. Amy is a passionate Scottish actress who is trailblazing her path with impressive roles in theatre, film and tv. She is well know for her role in Once Upon A Time where she played Merida; a character who is known for being BRAVE. Merida is a Disney Princess that doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotypical ‘princess’ mold. She is strong, capable, she wears her heart on her sleeve, speaks her mind, fights for what she believes in, has a never give up attitude and likes people to be real. I know right, we all need to take a leaf out of this Princess’ book.

Amy similarly shares so many values and characteristics with her Brave character. She is a hard working actress who passionately loves what she does and is always learning and willing to push herself further. Amy stands up for what she believes in. She sees self-belief as a strength and knows the value of being your own biggest fan. Amy is a champion for kindness and is all about supporting the women around you and knows the importance of surrounding yourself with people that lift you higher and challenge you to be your best self. (Heck to the freaking YES!!) Her #girlgang is the perfect example of everything a girl gang should be: women that keep her sane, always have her back and make her strive to be a better person and it’s a two way street with her returning those sentiments.

After reading Amy’s interview below, you will walk away reminded that you are you and that is your power, so embrace your uniqueness. It will remind you that kindness should rise above all else: and that goes both ways, being kind to yourself and to each other. Not to mention the fact there are so many beautiful take-aways about self belief and working hard to reap the results and I am pretty sure it will inspire you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. You’ve got this!


How would you describe yourself in one word? 
Passionate… #sheisPASSIONATE

‘The harder you work the luckier you get.’

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
18; Put your foot on the breaks, stop and breathe for a second, it will all go too fast, you are where you should be, have fun.

What is the key to living your best life? 
For me, taking time for myself to reflect and recharge is the key. Walking in the mountains in Scotland is my ultimate time to reflect.


Do you have any tips on shining bright and being confident with who you are at your core? 
Always walking around with a smile on your face.

Why do you think it’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone? 
I try to always believe there is someone working harder than myself and that keeps me motivated. It’s important to surround yourself with people who you feel can teach you something.

Why is it important to practice positive self talk and make it a priority? 
Giving yourself a daily mantra of self believe is something I’ve got to work hard at and understand that that’s a strength rather than a selfish act.

‘Understand that self belief is a strength rather than a selfish act.’

How are you kind to you? 
Being kind to myself is taking quiet time. It’s something I see as cleansing my mind and recharging my batteries.

Do you have moments of self doubt and how do you shift your mindset? 
I think you need people in your life that believe in you more than you do yourself sometimes. You need to be reminded of your achievements so that you can wash self-doubt away. Believe me, self-doubt happens daily. And that’s okay.


In your opinion, what is true strength of character? 
True strength of character is being able to know when you’re wrong, pick yourself up and smile through pain. There’s always someone worse off than yourself.

Why do you believe in kindness? 
Like any deed, kindness takes effort, but like karma it always has a positive result for me. It’s a great high putting others first.

Who is the kindest person you know and how do they inspire you? 
Marty Hassell for inviting me to become involved with his charity work with ‘Autism Speaks’ and feeding the homeless.
He made me feel so welcome when I arrived in LA and introduced me to his family and friends.
Marty always finds time to make me laugh and have fun and has the biggest heart of anyone I know, he always puts other people before himself. He always has a smile on his face and never asks for anything in return. The amount that man does for charity makes me want to be a better human being.


‘I think you need people in your life that believe in you more than you do yourself sometimes.’

How can we cultivate more kindness? 
I have a friend who sends me positive quotes or affirmations daily, he focuses my life meaning to a different task every day and I seem to have a more get up and go approach after I read them. And if more people have time to do something similar, kindness would be cultivated.

Is there anything you wish was universally instilled in girls from a young age? 
Uniqueness in looks and mind should be celebrated from a young age, and especially cultivated through teenage years.


Your real advice on believing in yourself and your dreams? 
The harder you work the luckier you get. I truly believe that. My business revolves around a lot of rejection, you have to have a hard skin and a lot of self-belief to pick yourself up every day and get back to the hustle.

Life is to short to tolerate…

Your favorite quote that always inspires you? 
A D. H. Lawrence Quote:
“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

Images via Amy and her Instagram account.


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