Previous COVID-19 Mailings - Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon - Portland, OR

Previous COVID-19 Mailings

  • M August 10, 2020   NO MAILING

    F August 7, 2020      NO MAILING

    Th August 6, 2020   Archbishop Sample – Vicariate Meeting
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        Holy Communion to the Homebound
                                        Updated Hospital Coverage Memo
                                        Oregon Catholics Press – FREE Break Bread Missals
                                        Parishioner Personal Missal Program
                                        Breaking Bread Digital Music Library – 60-day Free Trial

    W August 5, 2020   NO MAILING

    T August 4, 2020    Archbishop Sample – Talks on Unrest and Racism
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        Other Resources to Eliminate Racism

                                        College Connection – Reach Catholics in College
                                        Worship Aids Now in Spanish, English, PDF & Word
                                        Food, Family, Faith – Over 200,000 Boxes Distributed!
                                        Divine Worship August Newsletter
                                        Ethics and Medics – July & August Issues

                                        Death of Fr. Tom McCarthy, S.J.
                                        Key Pastoral Resources – Reminder on the Solemnity of the Assumption
                                        Reminders and Resources

    M August 3, 2020     NO MAILING
    F July 31, 2020         NO MAILING
    Th July 30, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    Videoconference Summary
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        Summary of FAQs
                                                    How Many Worshipers Can Gather at Church?
                                                    What are the Face Covering Requirements in Churches?
                                                    Are Sign-Ups for Mass Still Required?
                                                    Can Satellite Sites Still Be Used?
                                        “Helpful Reminders” Poster
                                        Key Pastoral Resources
                                        Reminders and Reopening Resources

    W July 29, 2020       NO MAILING
    T July 28, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                    Chapel Chat on Protests
                                        Portland Protests – Articles and Resources
                                        New:  How Many Worshippers Can Gather at Church
                                        New:   Face Covering Requirements
                                        New:   Are Sign-Ups for Mass Still Required?
                                        Can Satellite Sites Still Be Used?
                                        One-Time Use Worship Aids Available
                                        Key Pastoral Resources
                                        Reminders and Resources

    M July 27, 2020        NO MAILING
    F July 24, 2020         NO MAILING
    Th July 23, 2020      New Restrictions Impact Churches
                                        Safety First Grant Program Canceled
                                        PFT Rate Announcement
                                        Don’t Forget to Register! Armatus and Background Check Administrators
                                        Vatican Speaks on Evangelizing Mission!

    W July 22, 2020        NO MAILING
    T July 21, 2020        New Directory for Catechesis:  Webinar and Ordering Information
                                        New Instruction on Evangelizing Published by the Vatican
                                        Local Response to Protests:  Prayer
                                        OHA Contact Tracing and Testing Webinar July 27
                                        NFP Week (July 20-26)
                                        Reminders and Resources
    M July 20, 2020       NO MAILING

    Th July 16, 2020      Pastors, Mail in ACA Packets
                                        Statewide Restrictions Reminder
                                        Masks Required
                                        Families Growing Together
                                        Fall Study Day for Priests Oct. 16
                                        Church’s Reception of PPP Loans

    W July 15, 2020        NO MAILING
    T July 14, 2020         Archbishop Sample
                                                    Priests’ Meeting – Direct Contact with Governor’s Office
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        New Statewide Restrictions
                                        Parish Life Continues – How to Stay Connected
                                        Families Growing Together – Virtual Hour of Community, Prayer and Reflection
                                        DATE CORRECTION:  Study Day for Priests is October 16, 2020!
                                        The Lord’s Day – How to Keep Sunday Holy During the Pandemic
                                        Important Update – Food Box Distribution
                                        Media Covers the Church’s Reception of PPP Loans
                                        Solemnity of the Assumption – Liturgical Options and Requirements
                                        Reminders and Resources
    M July 13, 2020       NO MAILING
    F July 10, 2020        NO MAILING
    Th July 9, 2020        Archbishop Sample – Strategic Visioning Process
                                        Livestream Schedule
                                        Free Movie on St. Benedict – through Saturday!
                                        Return to Work Guidelines To Be Sent Out
                                        Reminders and Resources

    W July 8, 2020        NO MAILING
    T July 7, 2020         Archbishop Sample – Vicars Meeting
                                                    Livestream Schedule (Wednesday Rosary Will Continue till the
                                                                End of July)
                                        Help Feed the Hungry
                                        Child Protection Office –Training via Zoom for New
                                                    Armatus and Background Check Administrators
                                        Save the Date – Fall Study Day for Priests – October 17, 2020
                                        Submit Your Year-End Financial Report!
                                        Divine Worship July Newsletter
                                        Resources and Reminders
    M July 6, 2020         NO MAILING

    F July 3, 2020           JULY 4TH HOLIDAY – NO MAILING
    Th July 2, 2020         NO MAILING
    W July 1, 2020          Archbishop Sample
                                                    Meeting with Priests
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        State of Emergency Extended
                                        Face Masks Update
                                        Divine Worship Newsletter
                                        100,000 Food Boxes Distributed! USDA Program Extended!
                                        Keeping the Lord’s Day
                                                    Aleteia Article:  Keep Sunday Holy
                                                    Pastoral Letter:  Importance of Sunday
                                        Resources and Reminders

    T June 30, 2020       NO MAILING
    M June 29, 2020     New Mailing Schedule – COVID-19 Mailing on Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                    Starting July 7
                                        Reopening Update – Reminder to Follow Plan for Limited Reopening
                                        Face Coverings Required in Church
                                        New Child Protection Training for 2020-2021 Available July 1
                                        Religious Freedom Week – June 22-29

    F June 26, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    June 30 – Special Address to Confirmandi
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                        Face Masks Required for All – Effective Immediately
                                        Religious Freedom Week – June 22-29

    Th June 25, 2020        NO MAILING

    W June 24, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                              News from Area Vicars Meeting
                                              June 30 7 PM - Special Address to Those Who Have Been or
                                                      Will Be Confirmed
                                               Livestream Schedule
                                        Want to Be Confirmed by the Archbishop?
                                         Religious Freedom Week – June 22 – 29
                                        20th Anniversary of the “Eucharist 2000” Celebration in Portland
                                        Beware of Scam/Malicious Emails
                                        Steps to Take If Your Diocesan Email Account Has Been Hacked

    T June 23, 2020       NO MAILING
    M June 22, 2020     Archbishop Sample Livestream Schedule
                                        Check Out the USCCB Resources for Religious Freedom Week
                                        Blazing the Trail Weekly Podcast
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources and Reminders

    F June 19, 2020      Update on Phase I/Phase II Reopening - Link to Mask/Face Covering
                                        Monday Begins Religious Freedom Week
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources and Reminders           

    Th June 18, 2020      NO MAILING
    W June 17, 2020      Archbishop Sample
                                              Livestream Schedule
                                              Wednesdays at Noon - Angelus & Rosary 
                                              Fridays at 6 PM – “Chapel Chat” LIVE
                                              Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        24 Hours of Prayer for Peace – June 18-19 – St. Michael Parish
                                        Rosary to End Racism – June 24 at 3 PM
                                        Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders
                                        Food – Family – Faith – 74,400 Boxes Distributed
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources

    T June 16, 2020       NO MAILING

    M June 15, 2020      Archbishop Sample
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesdays at NOON – Angelus & Rosary
                                                                Fridays at 6 PM – “Chapel Chat” Live
                                                                Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        Combating Racism – Prayer Opportunities on the Archdiocesan Facebook
                                        Leadership & Courage: Parish Webinar for Pastors
                                        Reopening Resources

    F June 12, 2020      Archbishop Sample
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesdays at NOON – Angelus & Rosary
                                                                Fridays at 6 PM – “Chapel Chat” Live
                                                                Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        Combating Racism – Check the Archdiocesan Facebook Page for Information
                                        PPP Flexibility ACT of 2020 – Updated Guidance
                                        Mothers in Need – Walking With Moms in Need
                                        Re-Imagining the Catholic Parish
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources

    Th June 11, 2020       NO MAILING
    W June 10, 2020     Archbishop Sample
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesdays at NOON – Angelus & Rosary
                                                                Fridays at 6 PM – Chapel Chat LIVE
                                                                Saturday, June 13, at 11 AM – Diaconate Ordination
                                                                Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        Combating Racism
                                                    Archbishop Sample’s Chapel Chat on Racism
                                                    Statement of Cardinal DiNardo-Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
                                        PPP Flexibility Act of 2020 – Updated Guidance on Loan Repayment
                                        Free Marriage Summit – June 11-13
                                        Walking with Moms in Need – Parishes Asked to Identify Pregnancy Help
                                        Information About Contact Tracing
                                        Food, Family, Faith Program Still Looking for Refrigerated Trucks
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources

    T June 9, 2020         NO MAILING
    M June 8, 2020        Archbishop Sample
                                        No Angelus & Rosary This Wednesday
                                        Livestream Schedule  
                                                    Fridays at 6 PM – Chapel Chat LIVE
                                                    Saturday, June 13, at 11 AM – Diaconate Ordination
                                                    Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        Clarification on Confirmation Delegation
                                        Phase Two of Reopening
                                        Guidelines for Returning to the Workplace
                                        Resources for Combating Racism
                                        Food Family Faith Program – Need for Refrigerated Trucks
                                        Calendar Dates
                                                    June 9: Priests Zoom Meeting w/Archbishop
                                                    June 12: Priests Assignment Notices To Be Sent Out
                                                    June 13: Diaconate Ordination of Tony Galati
                                        Reopening Resources
                                        New FlockNote Mass Sign-Up

    F June 5, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    APC Meeting This Saturday 
                                                    Fridays at 6 PM – “Chapel Chat” LIVE - Tonight
                                                    Saturday, June 6 at 3 PM – Mass for the Preservation of Peace and Justice
                                                    Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral 
                                        Clarification on Delegation to Confer the Sacrament of Confirmation
                                        Phase Two of Reopening Guidance
                                        Combating Racism
                                                    Parish Resources, Prayers and Statements from the USCCB and
                                                                Archbishop Sample
                                                    Prayer Service for “Peaceful Coexistence” in the US, led by
                                                                Kevin Cardinal Farrell in Rome
                                                    USCCB Prayer to Overcome Racism
                                                    Address by Bishop Shelton Fabre, of the Diocese of
                                        Guidelines for Returning to Work
                                        NEW: FlockNote Mass Sign-Up, Tracking
                                        Food, Family, Faith Program – Do You Have Access to a
                                                    Refrigerated Truck?
                                        Calendar Dates                                  
                                                    June 9: Priests Zoom Meeting w/Archbishop – Time Change
                                                    June 13 – Diaconate Ordination of Tony Galati
                                        Reopening Resources and Reminders

    Th June 4, 2020       NO MAILING
    W June 3, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    APC Meeting This Saturday
                                        Phase Two of Reopening
                                        Pope Francis on the Death of George Floyd, Racism and Protests
                                        U.S. Bishops Receive Call from Pope
                                        Combating Racism – Sources from the USCCB and the Archdiocese
                                        Calendar Dates
                                        Reopening Resources and Reminders
    T June 2, 2020         NO MAILING
    M June 1, 2020        Archbishop Sample
                                                    New Video – Call for Unity and Peace
                                        Mark Your Calendars – Vicariate Meeting Canceled
                                        U.S. Bishops’ Statements in the Wake of the Death of George Floyd
                                                    And National Protests

    F May 29, 2020       Archbishop Sample
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesday at Noon – Angelus & Rosary
                                                                Friday Chapel Chat LIVE – 6:00 PM
                                                                Sunday Mass at the Cathedral – 11:00 AM
                                        Use of Satellite Sites for Mass – See Memo
                                        Mark Your Calendars – Pope to Lead Rosary LIVE Saturday Morning
                                        June 1-5 - Annual Priests Retreat
                                        June 2 – Living as Missionary Disciples Webinar
                                        June 3 – Suicide Webinar – Archdiocese of Seattle
                                        June 9 – Priests Meeting with the Archbishop – Time Change
                                        June 13 – Diaconate Ordination
                                        Death Announcements
                                                    Paulist Father Richard Colgan, former pastor of St. Philip Neri
                                                                Parish, died May 25, 2020
                                                    Fr. John Waldron died Thursday, May 28, 2020
                                                    Br. Brian Clearman, OSB, of Mt. Angel Abbey, died May 29, 2020
                                                    Reopening Resources
                                                    Reopening Parish Life – Limited Expansion
                                                    Clarification on Collecting Names for Mass Sign-Ups

    Th May 28, 2020      NO MAILING
    W May 27, 2020      Use of Satellite Sites for Mass Approved
                                        Reopening – Limited Expansion
                                        Clarification on Collecting Names for Mass Sign-Ups
                                        Wellness Resources for Clergy, Religious & Lay Ministers
                                        Prepare for Pentecost – Free Music and a Novena
                                        I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food – Food, Family, Faith Program
                                        Pope Francis to Lead Rosary LIVE Saturday Morning
                                        Annual Priest Retreat – June 1-5
                                        Diaconate Ordination – June 13

    T May 26, 2020          NO MAILING
    M May 25, 2020        MEMORIAL DAY – NO MAILING
    F  May 22, 2020        Archbishop Sample
                                                    Video Messages to RCIA, First Communion and     
                                                                Confirmation Candidates
                                                    Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesday at Noon – Angelus & Rosary
                                                                Friday Chapel Chat LIVE
                                                                Rare Event – 11:00 AM Mass at the Cathedral
                                                                            Celebration of the Rite of Consecration of a
                                                                            Virgin Living in the World
                                                                Memorial Day Mass LIVE - Monday 10:00 AM
                                        Prepare for Pentecost – Start Novena Tonight!
                                        Important Notice Regarding Masses:  Please Continue to Follow the
                                                    Plan for Limited Reopening until Further Notice
                                        Sacrament of Confirmation Memo
                                        Virtual Priest Retreat – June 1-5
                                        More Than 10,000 Food Boxes Distributed Through the Food-Family-
                                                    Faith Program in Week One!
                                        Reopening Resources
                                                    New CDC Guidelines for Faith Communities
                                                    Protocol for COVID-19 Exposure at Mass
                                                    Limited Plan for Reopening Masses
                                                    Readiness Checklist
                                                    Archdiocesan Web Resources
                                                    Ethics & Medics – Health Care Ethics Information
    Th May 21, 2020      NO MAILING

    W May 20, 2020      Archbishop Sample
                                                    RCIA Video
                                                    Confirmation Candidate Video
                                        1000’s of Food Boxes Distributed
                                        Catholic Charities Resources
                                        Reopening Notes
                                        Satellite Sites
                                        Weekend Mass Signups
                                        Protocol for COVID Exposure at Mass

    T May 19, 2020        NO MAILING
    M May 18, 2020      Archbishop Sample
                                                    Indult to Celebrate Additional Masses
                                                    Weekly Livestream Schedule
                                                                Wednesday at noon – Angelus and Rosary
                                                                Fridays at 6 PM – Chapel Chat – Live
                                                                Sundays at 11 AM – Mass at the Cathedral
                                        Critical Update – Food Distribution – Food, Family, Faith Program
                                                    Through USDA Grant
                                        Circuit Court Ruling on Governor’s Executive Orders
                                        Consecrated Virgins – May 24 - Livestreamed Ceremony
    F May 15, 2020       Notes on Limited Plan for Reopening Masses
                                        Resources for Parishes Reopening This Weekend
                                        Free Book – Catholicism in the Time of Coronavirus
                                        Feeding the Hungry! – Grant from USDA in Partnership with Pacific Fruit
                                        Prison Pen Pal Program – Please Participate
                                        Blazing the Trail – Weekly Podcast
                                        Tomorrow Morning – Support Blue – Prayer Vigil for Law Enforcement
                                        Good News! Permission for Livestream/Reprint Use of OCP Copyrighted
                                                    Resources at No Charge

    Th May 14, 2020    NO MAILING
    W May 13, 2020     Feast of Our Lady of Fatima – Consecration Prayer
                                      Feed the Hungry – Large Grant to Provide Food to Those in Need
                                      More Parishes Reopening This Weekend
                                      Media Requests of Priests
                                      Collection Names for Mass Sign-Ups & Contact Tracing Clarification
                                      Pen Pal – Adults in Custody
                                      Blazing the Trail – Week Podcast
                                      Virtual Prayer Vigil to Support Law Enforcement
                                      Health Tips from Oregon Health Authority

    Tu May 12, 2020   NO MAILING

    M May 11, 2020    Mailings to Come Mon. Wed. Fri.
                                      Archbishop Sample
                                           Limited Reopening Plan
                                           Archbishop’s Weekly Livestream Schedule        
                                      Reopening Resources
                                            Readiness Checklist – Use with Plan for Reopening Masses
                                            Cleaning Supplies Order Form
                                            Check Our Webpage
                                      Parish COVID-19 Exposure Checklist
                                      Amazing Parish Webinar – Thursday May 14 at 10:00 am
                                      All Pastors – Still Not Too Late! – Apply for PPP Loan

    F May 8, 2020        Archbishop Sample
                                      Use of Masks Required for Communion Distribution
                                      Limited Reopening Plan – updated
                                      Chapel Chat Tonight
                                      Reopening Resources
                                      Cleaning Supplies from Kleen Way Company
                                      All Pastors – Apply for PPP Loan
                                      PPP Loan Accounting Guidelines
                                      Grant to Feed the Hungry

    Th May 7, 2020     Archbishop Sample:
                                           Video Message on Reopening
                                           Archbishop’s Weekly Livestream Schedule
                                      More Reopening Support
                                      PPP Update – Accounting Guidance
                                      Today! National Day of Prayer During COVID Pandemic
                                      Free REVIVE Course – Stay on Mission
                                      Livestreamed Memorial Day Masses from Our Cemeteries

    W May 6, 2020       Archbishop’s Reopening Plan & Video (new Vietnamese version)
                                      Reopening Support – website, webinar, readiness checklist
                                      Virtual Theology of the Body Conference May 8-10

    Tu May 5, 2020      Archbishop’s New Video Message on Reopening (English & Spanish)
                                      Archbishop’s Weekly Livestream Schedule
                                      Reopening Support – Webpage, Webinar, Checklist
                                      Teacher Appreciation Week – Videos of Archbishop & Supt.
                                      New Video of Our Priests
                                      Today is Giving Tuesday

    M May 4, 2020       Limited Reopening of Masses Announced
                                      Plan for Limited Reopening of Masses
                                      Key Points for the Faithful
                                      Reopening Webinar Announced
                                      Pastoral Center Contacts – Reopening Masses

    F  May 1, 2020      Archbishop Sample – Re-consecration at Noon TODAY
                                      Limited Reopening Plan to be Released to Priests
                                      Archbishop’s Reflection at 6 PM Tonight
                                      Pope Asks Faithful to Add Two Prayers to Rosary
                                      First Friday Devotion
                                      How to Practice First Saturday Without Mass
                                      Get Ready for GivingTuesday

    Th April 30, 2020   Limited Reopening Plan to be Released Tomorrow
                                      Consecration of U.S. and Diocese to BVM
                                      Free Book from the Pope

    W April 29, 2020   Happy 6th Anniversary! Bishop Peter Smith
                                      Limited Reopening Update
                                      Families & Parishes – Consecration to BVM
                                      Surviving or Thriving Workshop

    Tu April 28, 2020   Archbishop Sample
                                      Back By Popular Demand – More videos from priests
                                      Archdiocesan Prayer for Our Time

    April 27, 2020    Video Message from Archbishop Sample
                                      Friday – Re-consecration of U.S. to B.V.M.
                                      Surviving or Thriving Workshop
                                      Good Shepherd Sunday
                                      Video of Priests a Huge Hit

    F  April 24, 2020    Archbishop Sample – New Video Message
                                      Live from Chapel Tonight at 6:00 pm
                                      Livestreamed Sunday Mass at 11 AM
                                      List of Livestreamed Masses
                                      More on Re-consecration of the U.S. to the B.V.M.
                                      PPP Update
                                      Music Copyright Violations
    Th April 23, 2020   Archbishop Sample – Restoring Mass & Sacraments
                                      Take Action:   Ethical COVID-19 Vaccine
                                      Recording:  Today’s Parish Pastoral Webinar
                                      Charitable Giving Tax Changes

    W April 22, 2020   Archbishop Sample – Re-consecration of US to Blessed Mother May 1
                                      Video Message from Our Priests
                                      Pope Francis Homily

    Tu  April 21, 2020  Archbishop – Live Rosary – April 22 at Noon
                                      Signs of Relief from COVID-19 Pandemic
                                      Re-Opening Update
                                      Take Advantage – Three Months Free REVIVE
                                      Date Nights – Marriage Refresh and Renewal – Starts April 26, 2020
                                      10 Ways to Help Your Community

    M, April 20, 2020   Archbishop Sample – Video Message to Adults in Custody
                                      Re-opening – U.S. & Oregon
                                      PPP Update – Re-apply
                                      Catholic Sentinel – Latest Digital Edition
                                      Online Lecture with Peter Kreeft April 22
                                      Parish Leadership Webinar, April 23
                                      Cleaning Parish Facilities
                                      Emergency Sanitation & Hygiene Survey
                                      Ethics & Medics on Rationing Health Care
                                      Ethical Vaccine for COVID-19

    F April 17, 2020     Archbishop Sample – Live Tonight at 6:00 pm
                                      Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday
                                      LIVE Masses for Sunday
                                      Life, Justice & Peace Newsletter

    Th April 16, 2020   Approved for PPP Loan? – Important Notice
                                      Parish Pastoral Webinar–Rethinking the NEW Normal, April 23, 1:00 pm
                                      Prayer Campaign for First Responders
                                      Livestream Music License
                                      Attention Priests: Video Montage
                                      Victims Assistance
                                      NEW Formation for Parish Staff and Volunteer Leaders
                                      Archdiocesan prayer for Our Time

    W April 15, 2020   Archbishop Letter to Pastors on RCIA, Confirmation, 1st Communion
                                      Friday Evenings with the Archbishop at 6:00 pm
                                      Divine Mercy Sunday Holy Hour Livestreamed
                                      New Copyright Permissions
                                      Funerals Update
                                      Parish Giving Editorial
                                      Paycheck Protection Plan – Send Info to Financial Services
                                      Request for Self-made Video Messages from Priests
                                      Online Lecture with Peter Kreeft April 22
                                      One Link to All Previous Mailings Now Available

    Tu April 14, 2020    Join Archbishop for Weekly Wednesday Rosary at Noon
                                        Funerals – Notice from Office of Divine Worship
                                        OneLicense – New Podcast/Streaming License for Copyrighted Music
                                        Safety First Grants on Hold
                                        Amazing Parish – Leadership Webinar, Apr. 16 at 10am
                                        Divine Mercy Sunday
    Good Friday – Easter Monday    No COVID-19 Mailings

    Th April 9, 2020       Livestreamed Holy Week services at the Cathedral
                                       Archbishop’s Easter video message
                                       Archbishop’s Video Message for Elect and Candidates
                                       Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper
                                       Livestream at 5:30 PM with Archbishop Sample
                                       Mass of the Lord’s Supper link corrected & Liturgical Note
                                       Celebrating the Triduum at Home & Spanish resources
                                       Stations of the Cross Video Link
                                       Good Friday National Prayer & Indulgence
                                       Friday Evenings with Archbishop Continue next week
                                       Good Friday celebration of the Passion at the Cathedral
                                       Easter Vigil with Archbishop Sample
                                       Easter Sunday Mass with Archbishop Sample
                                       Table of Contents for Previous Mailings
                                       Contact List for Pastoral Center
    W April 8, 2020         Archbishop’s Easter video message
                                        Archbishop’s Video Message for Catechumens and Candidates
                                        Archdiocesan Day of Prayer & Fasting
                                        Catholic Schools – Distance Learning Until End of Year
                                        Paycheck Protection Program Update
                                        Holy Thursday Liturgical Note & Renewal of Priestly Promises
                                        Resource Recommendation – Aleteia
                                        Livestreamed Holy Week Services at the Cathedral
                                        National Day of Prayer on Good Friday
                                        Blazing the Trail with Bishop Smith on the Pandemic
                                        Pastoral Center Contacts

    Tu April 7, 2020       Decree Extending Suspension of Masses – Vietnamese
                                        Livestreamed Holy Week Masses with the Archbishop
    M April 6, 2020        Decree Extending Suspension of Masses - English and Spanish
                                        Wednesday – Archdiocesan Day of Prayer and Fasting
                                        Video Message from Pope Francis
                                        Attn. Priests: Chrism Mass & Renewal of Promises Holy Thurs. at 10 am
                                        Good Friday – National Day of Prayer at 9:00 am
    F April 3, 2020         Live Prayer Service Tonight at 6:00 pm with the Archbishop
                                        Recorded Stations of the Cross
                                        Live Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral at11:00 am
                                        Live Masses this Weekend
                                        Last Day for Priests to Order Sacred Oils
                                        Liturgical Directives and Guidance for Holy             Week
                                        Holy Week at Home
                                        Litany of the Sacred Heart & National Prayer Service on Good Friday
                                        How to Practice First Saturday Without Mass
                                        Online Resources from OCP
                                        Electronic Versions of Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela
    Th April 2, 2020       Archbishop Sample – Anniversary of Installation
                                        CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program
                                        Virtual Catholic Conference – April 3-5
                                        Catholic Sentinel – New Electronic Format
                                        Livestreamed Holy Week Services At the Cathedral
                                        Updated Video Stations of the Cross Video
                                        Pastoral Webinar a Big Hit
                                        Under Our Lady’s Mantle
    W April 1, 2020        Live Prayer with the Archbishop every Friday at 6:00 pm
                                        Mass Formulary in “Time of Pandemic”
                                        Additional Solemn Intercession for Good Friday
                                        Pastoral Resources from the USCCB
                                        Music and Resources from OCP
                                        See Regular Website Updates
    Tu March 31, 2020  Video Message from the Archbishop
                                        Pastors Only – Order Sacred Oils
                                        Holy Week Liturgical Questions
                                        Holy Week Special Collection Postponed
                                        Confessions Where Priest Not Available
    M March 30, 2020   COVID-19 Pastoral Guidance Webpage
                                        Child Protection Compliance Letter
                                        Confession Cards
                                        Livestreamed Palm Sunday Mass – 11:00 am April 5, 2020
    F March 27, 2020    Papal Prayer Service Recording Available
                                        Livestreamed Spanish Mass – 12:30 pm Wednesday, April 1, 2020
                                        Livestreamed Bilingual Rosary - 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 1, 2020
                                        Letter from the Archbishop to the Faithful (in three languages)
                                        Guidance on Confessions
                                        Mental Health Resources
                                        Hospital Visitation Memo Correction
    Th March 26, 2020  Livestreamed Mass – 5th Sunday of Advent 11am, Sun., Mar. 29, 2020
                                        Private Prayer in Churches
                                        Stewardship Office Updates
                                        Updated Hospital Visitation Memo
                                        Portland Cemeteries
                                        Financial Services
                                        Parish Funds Trust Information
                                        Property and Risk Management Notice
    W March 25, 2020   Holy Father Urbi et Orbi Service 10:00 am – March 25, 2020
                                        Fri. 6pm Livestreamed Prayer & Message from Archbishop’s Chapel
                                        Stations of the Cross
                                        Liturgy Update for Holy Week
                                        Catholic Schools – Letter from the Superintendent
                                        Pastoral Center Staff Praying for You
    Tu March 24, 2020  Archdiocesan Website Updates
                                        Virtual Support Team
                                        Additional Memos and Resources
                                        Liturgical and Sacramental Update
                                        Pastoral Care of the Sick
                                        Private Home Masses
                                        COVID-19 Pastoral Response Core Team Contact Info
                                        Essential Staff/Social Distancing
                                        HR COVID-19 Workplace Exposure
                                        HR Tips for Working from Home
                                        Providence Hospital Visits


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