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Yes, some have used (and some may still use) ACE or A.C.E. to identify dates (specifically year numbers) as belonging to the current period of the Gregorian Calendar, which is the calendar commonly used in many countries, especially English-speaking and other traditionally culturally Christian countries, including the US, and is also something of a de facto lingua franca of timekeeping. In this case, it does stand for After the Common Era, and is presumably intended as the converse of BCE or B.C.E., Before the Common Era. The usage seems illogical, however, because the calendar specifies only two periods of time, the Common Era, which is the period we live in, and the period before it, while After the Common Era along with Before the Common Era, suggests three periods of time: Before the Common Era, (In) the Common Era, and After the Common Era, since an era is a period, rather than an instant, of time.

Until the late 20th Century, the most common way to indicate this meaning was with AD or A.D., sometimes thought to mean After Death, but historically abbreviations of the Latin phrase Annō Dominī, which means in the Lord's Year. In more recent years, CE or C.E., for Common Era, has gained widespread acceptance, presumably in an attempt at cultural neutrality.

Note that, except for AD/A.D., all these notations are in English, and that other languages use other notations.

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Q: Does ACE stand for After Common Era?
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What is a CE?

BCE stands for Before Civilized Era. CE stands for Civilized Era. ACE stands for After Civilized Era. Sorry, I will correct my first mistake. BCE stands for Before Common Era. CE stands for Common Era. ACE stands for After Common Era.

What is the year you live in is it AD or BC?

A.D. stands for Ammo Domini... B.C. stands for Before Christ. So, we live in AD. But, they are trying to change it it BCE and ACE. These stand for Before Common Era and After Common Era.

What does BCE stand for?

Before the Common Era.

What does CE in dates stand for?

common era

What century is it if the year is 2009 ACE?

The 21st century. ACE means After the Common Era. Just another way of saying AD.

What does BCE and CE stand for?

BCE stands for before common era and CE stands for common era.

What does CE stand for in the date 570 CE?

Common Era (or Current Era).

What does 1 CE stand for?

It means "year one of the Current Era" (or Common Era).

What does common era stand for?

Common Era merely replaces AD. Our present year is 2010 common era or 2010 CE. BCE is before common era and replaces BC. Julius Caesar was killed in 44 BCE.

BCE stand for?

B.C.E stands for Before Common Era.

What does ce stand for in 1100ce?

Common Eraor Christian Era

What does ACE stand for in stating year e.g. 109 A.C.E.?

CE stands for "common era" in most dates I have never seen ACE before. Perhaps Ad Common Era?Addition:The usual terminology is:BCE Before the Common EraCE The Common EraThis terminology allows non-Christians to observe a standardised way of counting the years without having to have the Christian Lord pushed down their throats - a reasonable concession on our part as they outnumber us about four to one, and things would otherwise be chaotic if each major religion observed a religious calendar more palatable to them.

What does BC and BCE stand for?

Before christ and before common era

What does ac stand for in years?

i think it means "after common era" because BCE stands for "before comon era"

Islam what does ce stand for?

CE stands for common era. It is, in simple terms, the same as AD. In following with this, there is BCE, or before common era, which is the same as BC.

What does CE stand for as in 2431 CE?

It stands for Common Era, as in the era starting 1AD of the Christian calendar. BCE is Before Common Era. It is sometimes used to have a non-Christian element to the description of the year.

What does the year 30ce stand for?

CE stands for Common Era as in Anno Domini (AD)

What do bc bce ad and ce stand for?

BCE stands for before common era

What key event are the AD and BC centered around?

AD stands for anno Domini [Some use AC for "After Christ"], and follows the birth of Jesus, while BC stands for "Before Christ". They are centered around the birth of Christ.Alternatively, BCE and ACE stand for "Before Common Era" and "After Common Era", and do not single out 'Christ' necessarily, but rather the shift in history that occurred there.

What does ha stand for?

humour ace humous ace ha ha this is my best shot

What does the acronym b.c.e stand for when referring to time?

bc : before Christ, ad : Anno Domini (which is Latin for "Year of our Lord"), bce : before common era, ce : common era.

What does ce stand for on the year of birth or death?

C.E. stands for the Common Era or the Christian Era. It is used by some scholars in place of A.D.

What does CE stand for in the year 140 CE?

current era CE ; Common Era (Also , AD ; Anno Domini ) . See link .

Why did bc ad change to bce ce?

BCE and CE stand for "Before the Common Era" and "Current Era". BC and AD stand for Before Christ and Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord), but there are very many people who use the Gregorian calendar who do not recognize Jesus as the Lord or the Christ. By using the phrases Common Era and Before the Common Era, they can acknowledge the basis for the numbering without professing a faith that they do not share.

What does the CE symbol stand for in the roman empire?

It doesn't. CE stand for "Christian Era". dating from the birth of Jesus. The Roman Empire existed both before and after that date. It is also referred to as "Common Era".