“The Paper Chase”

“The Paper Chase” was a feature-length movie which was released from the United States of America in the Year 1973. The genre of the said movie can be categorized as a combination of drama and love story. The cast of characters among others were Timothy Bottoms, John Houseman and Lindsay Wagner.

The focus of the story line was about one of the 1st Year Students at the Harvard Law School. When individuals entered the mentioned law school as students, it will need a lot of sacrifice and hard work for the said students to be able to survive the rigors that are within its system to be able to make it as future lawyers and then to take the bar examinations which will give them the opportunity to practice the legal profession.

A study group of students, one of whom was played by Bottoms, was formed in order to serve as motivation for them to study hard because being a law school student at Harvard is not a joke. This was presented in the movie by the character played by Houseman who is considered a “terror” professor in the course he teaches which is entitled “Contracts”.

The student character of Bottoms is faced with the challenge of balancing his time for his individual law studies, sessions with the study group he joined and his relationship with a divorced woman (Wagner) who turned out to be the daughter of his professor. He met the woman one evening after buying pizza when she requested that he accompany her because someone had been following her. He walked her home and told her that he is a law student. He asked her if she had been in a law campus before. Her reply: Yes. He did not know then that she is the daughter of his law professor and he visited her again and asked her for a date. She agreed and from then on they became a couple.

There was a scene where Bottoms and one of his study group classmates rented a room in a hotel to review for a certain number of days in preparation for a final examination in the course on Contracts. The duo imposed a no distraction policy for themselves wherein their review would not be disrupted by even the change of the cover of their beds for their room and its cleaning on a daily basis which made the hotel staff suspicious on what they are doing. The hotel front desk man even opened their room with a reserve key and was shocked to see so many papers scattered inside. Earlier, upon their arrival at the hotel, Bottoms’ character suggested that the television be removed from their room.

In those days, the professor send the grades of their students by mail. In the closing scene, Bottoms received the mail, but did not take a look at it. Instead, he made it into a paper airplane and let it fly from the beach where he is standing.

Looking back, his attendance to the classes of Houseman’s character tested his and his classmates endurance and patience to the methods of their professor. There were times when the students were subjected to several and tricky legal questions posed by their professor. This will gauge whether the students will continue with their law studies or will drop out.

Bottoms’ character got the baptismal of fire from the professor on the first day of classes on the Contract course. He thought that the latter will just give an overview of the course and orientation. He was wrong. The professor’s style is to give assignment of legal cases to be read by the students under him on their first day of classes. This assignment is posted on a bulletin board in a selected hall in the law campus. If the student overlooked this, he will have to bear the consequences.

The number of students in the class on the Contract course is about over 100. The professor is in a platform where he can see all his students whose positions are like audience in a theater except for the desks where they put their materials. The professor has a seat plan with the designated numbers for respective students with their photographs which served as his guide in calling them for recitation.

As the days go by, Bottoms’ character adapted to his method of teaching and the insults the professor told his students which served as drills in their becoming lawyers. There was a scene where Bottoms’ character felt insulted when the professor gave him a coin to call his mother. He said bad words to the latter before leaving the class and when he was about to go out of the room, the latter told him that it was the nicest thing he said that day and he returned to his seat. It turned out that he was tested again by his professor.

The subject movie of this online article was later turned into a television series for four seasons which was broadcast in the United States of America.

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Before the 1970s ended, Houseman and Wagner later worked again together in the television series entitled “The Bionic Woman”. Wagner played the lead title role while Houseman (in a guest role) played the main villain in a three part episode.


The Four D’s

Hello Dear Readers!

Let us all have a relaxing chill time from the regular online feature post articles of this blog about certain selected movies by paving the way to the following four selected best proverbs:

  1. “Dead men tell no tales.”
  2. “Deeds, not words.”
  3. “Discontent is the first step in progress.”
  4. “Don’t cross a bridge till you come to it.”

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“Renee Rose”

“Renee Rose” was a movie from the Philippines released by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, (TIIP) Inc. in 1970. This was later shown in the country’s television channels as a morning or an afternoon feature presentation.

This was based on a comic book novel written by Mars Ravelo.

The genre of the movie can be categorized as a love story and drama.

The lead title character was played by Vilma Santos with Edgar Mortiz as her love interest. The cast of characters, among others, were Lilia Dizon, Jose Padilla, Jr., Romy Mallari and Jose Villafranca.

For this blogger, the movie can be described as a character study of an individual who is involved in the field of show business.

The following descriptions of the lead character were presented in the movie:

  • Renee Rose entered the movies as a child. Her mother (Dizon) encouraged her because she sees that her daughter has talent in acting. Renee Rose passed the audition with a scene where she acted with a performer who plays her father who is about to die.
  • The scene that she played happened in real life. His father (Padilla, Jr.) had been sick for quite some time and she did not want to leave his side. However, her mother chose to accompany her daughter to the audition instead of taking care of her husband.
  • Renee Rose did not have a happy childhood after her father died. Her mother became a stage mother to her. She did not allow her to play with other children after they transferred residence. In their former residence, she is playing with a doll she likes very much which was burned by her mother in a stove so that she can focus on an acting career.
  • Her childhood friend (Mortiz) likes her very much since they were young up to the time they became teenagers. Renee Rose is still in show business in her teenage years and her mother is still her stage mother who is intervening on who will be her daughter’s leading man and possible boy friend.
  • There was a scene when Renee Rose saw a fountain and took a dip in formal clothes. This showed that she missed things when she was a child. This shocked his current leading man (Mallari) in the movie that they are filming because it would be a bad publicity for both of them.
  • Renee Rose is being exploited by her mother who likes Mallari’s character to be the real life boy friend of her daughter. The favorite actor of her mother plays along for career purposes but he has a real life girl friend.
  • Mortiz’ character rekindled his friendship and courted Renee Rose after his return to Manila after staying in Davao for several years with his father (Villafranca) when they left the neighborhood where Renee Rose and her mother lives. She loves him in return and they became a couple which did not sit well with her mother.
  • Renee Rose almost died when she was pushed accidentally by Mallari’s character after the latter berated her for embarrassing him in front of the public when she told them that their love team is not for real life. Fortunately, Mortiz’ character arrived in time and she was brought to the hospital at once with the help of Mallari’s character. This situation made her mother changed her attitude for the better and gave her blessing to the relationship between her daughter and her daughter’s real life love.

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The Four C’s

For this online edition, this blogger would like to share the following four selected proverbs as we take a short break from the regular feature articles of this blog about movies:

  1. “Call no man happy till he is dead.”
  2. “Conscience does make cowards of us all.”
  3. “A contented mind is a perpetual feast.”
  4. “Cut your coat according to your cloth.”

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“The Day Of The Jackal”

“The Day Of The Jackal” was a  feature-length movie presentation which was released by film production companies from the United Kingdom and France which went into a joint venture for this project in 1973. 

The storyline of the film was based on the 1971 best selling novel with the same title of well-known author Frederick Forsyth.

The genre of the said movie can be categorized as a combination of action, mystery and suspense, crime and international political thriller.

The timeline of the storyline of the movie was between 1962 and the summer of 1963 when a secret right-wing French paramilitary organization called “OAS” (Secret Army Organization) wanted to assassinate General Charles De Gaulle, then the President of France for granting independence to Algeria as a sovereign nation. Algeria was under the control of France previously.

France is the main setting of the film which was shot in selected countries in Europe.

The cast of characters were played by Edward Fox (3rd photo from the top) and Michel Lonsdale (6th photo, sitting) among others.

Per this blogger’s recollection, when he watched it on television via ABC Channel 5 (the former name in the 1990s which is now known as TV 5) based in the Philippines, the following are the highlights of the movie:

  • The film starts with a group of selected OAS men who ambushed the convoy of De Gaulle by using long firearms in a series of rapid fires that hit his official vehicle. Fortunately, the passengers which include De Gaulle were not wounded.
  • A British professional assassin (Fox) whose real name was not known chose “The Jackal” as his code name in the operation to assassinate President De Gaulle.
  • Three of the remaining core leaders of the OAS based in Austria were the ones who recruited and assigned him as the hit man.
  • The Jackal asked for a fee of $ 500,000.00 as payment for his services.
  • To raise the said amount of money, the members of the OAS conducted several bank robbery operations in selected French cities.
  • The Jackal is also a master of disguises and is an expert in creating false identities (different nationalities) through legal passports.
  • He has networks of people where he can get his logistics and related needs for his mission. However, if they show situations and attitudes where they will become liabilities, he kills them as the need arises.
  • For his mission, he will use a specially crafted rifle which can be hidden and cannot be search.
  • The French Police assigned their best police detective (Lonsdale) to hunt and to anticipate the movements to be taken by The Jackal.
  • The police detective even told his colleagues and superior officers the delineation of duties and the jurisdiction of authority between the French Police and the Action Service (a French militia who is involved in special operations) about their respective operations against The Jackal.
  • The police detective anticipated that the assassin will strike on the celebration of the Liberation Day of France.
  • The assassin disguised as an elderly World War 2 veteran amputee during the day of the major celebration. This became his alibi for a policeman securing the area to allow him to pass.
  • The Jackal was able to reach the building where he has a vantage point in taking a shot at his target. He hid the specially crafted rifle in one of the crutches he used. He took at aim at the head of De Gaulle, but he missed because De Gaulle leaned downward to greet the World War 2 veteran awardee.
  • When Lonsdale’s character learned that the policeman allowed someone to enter the security cordon, he and the policeman went quickly to the building where the assassin went. When they reach its top, they saw the assassin taking an aim again at De Gaulle. The Jackal shot and killed the policeman. The police detective picked up the gun dropped by the dead policeman and shot and killed the assassin.
  • The assassination of De Gaulle on Liberation Day was supposed to be “The Day Of The Jackal”. It turned out to be day of the assassin’s death.
  • The film ends with the mystery of the real identity of the killed assassin whose real name was not known to the authorities and to the people whom he worked with as a professional assassin.

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Fox (a British actor) and Lonsdale (a French actor) appeared later in roles as characters in the James Bond, 007 movies:

  • Fox appeared as “M”, 007’s (Sean Connery) superior officer in “Never Say Never Again” (1983).
  • Lonsdale appeared as “Hugo Drax”, the main villain of Bond (Roger Moore) in “Moonraker” (1979).

“The Key To Rebecca”

Robert Culp

Season Hubley

Lina Raymond

Anthony Quayle

“The Key To Rebecca” was released as a four hour television movie that was broadcast in the United States in 1985. This was shown for two weeks as a two hour movie per week over selected television channels in the said country.

The genre of the said movie made for television can be categorized as a combination of action, espionage and international thriller. The story line was based on the best selling novel of well known author Ken Follett with the same title.

In the Philippines, it was shown as a two-part mini-series in 1987 over GMA Channel 7 in prime time.

The cast of characters were Cliff Robertson, David Soul, Season Hubley, Lina Raymond, David Hemmings (who was also the director of the movie) Anthony Quayle and Robert Culp among others.

For this blogger, the following are the highlights of the subject movie:

  • The timeline was during the Second World War when Nazi Germany was conquering nations in Africa and in the Middle East. The setting of the story line of the movie was in Cairo, Egypt.
  • A US Army Intelligence Army Major (Robertson) whose assignment is with the Allied Forces based in Cairo is hunting a Nazi Spy (Soul) who was born and raised in Cairo. In short, he is an Arab-German.
  • The spy is a cold blooded killer, master of disguises and fully equipped with logistics which include counterfeit currencies, sharp knife for killing, guns and communication equipment. The communication equipment is used by the spy in transmitting secret coded messages to Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (Culp) who is called “The Desert Fox” because he is the Commander of the Afrika Korps of the German military forces.
  • A novel entitled “Rebecca” which is in paperback edition was the spy’s source of coded messages and prepared a list written in paper for the compilation of selected words used in transmitting the secret coded messages. The recipient of the messages in turn uses the same codes in their replies.
  • The Nazi spy was assisted by his mistress who is a belly dancer (Raymond) and the leader of the thieves in Cairo (Quayle) in his secret activities and espionage operations. The belly dancer got very crucial secret information about the movements of the British troops from a British military officer (Hemmings) who became smitten with her. When he found out later her real identity, he was killed by the Nazi spy. The character played by Quayle provided to the spy surveillance on selected military officers who have top secret military plans in their custody which they must protect always.
  • The fearless Allied military officer character of Robertson got help from a lady his team of intelligence agents arrested earlier for black market operations. The said lady (Hubley) posed as a clerk in a store which is visited frequently by the Nazi spy. She served as the bait against the enemy agent so that he can be captured and discover his espionage activities. However, the spy found out later her real identity and her connection to the Allied intelligence officer. She was later abducted and almost killed by the former, but the intelligence officer saved her and killed the Nazi spy.
  • The intelligence officer (who is a widower and has an only son) fell in love with the lady he assigned to trap the spy. The lady fell in love with him also. He was almost killed by the enemy spy when the latter stabbed him in an encounter one evening in a street alley. Fortunately, he was not wounded mortally.
  • The capture of the mistress-belly dancer of the enemy spy by the intelligence officer and his team of agents made matters worse for the character played by Soul. The options of the agent were not open anymore. After he was killed finally, the intelligence agents got his communication equipment and the code words he used in transmitting messages to Rommel. These were used in feeding the wrong information to the enemy forces in the battlefield. The now misled forces suffered heavy damages and casualties when the Allies had located their battle positions. Previously, the enemy troops were the ones gaining the upper hand in the war front. The tides of battles had been changed which favored now the Allied forces. Field Marshall Rommel was very surprised with the sudden turn of events which were unfavorable to him and his troops.

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“Ding Galing”


“Ding Galing” was an action-drama film released in cinemas in the Philippines in 1979.

This was later shown in television channel RPN 9 as a prime time feature presentation and as a screening before noon during the 1980s.

The cast of characters were Jay Ilagan, Janet Bordon, Dindo Fernando, Divina Valencia, Anna Marin, Romeo Rivera, Lito Anzures, Angie Ferro, Romeo Enriquez, Martin Marfil and Jimmy Santos among others.

Ding (Ilagan) has the uncanny ability to open various locks which his close friends in their neighborhood know. One day, his friend (Enriquez) asked for help from him because the friend’s wife bought a new lock which combinations she only knows. Enriquez’ character has many vices which need a large amount of money and he always dipped his hands to the money of his wife because he lost large sums of it all the time.

On the same day, Magno (Fernando) visited the same house and saw Ding’s ability. Magno was very impressed with Ding and asked him to join their group (criminal activities centering on robbery) in the coming days. Ding did not make a commitment then, but he will inform Magno at a later time if he wants to join them.

Ding stopped his studies because he is bored with it. He is already an orphan and he considered his uncle (Anzures) and his uncle’s wife (Ferro) as his parents because they were the ones who took care of him when his parents died when he was still young. His uncle works in a bakery while his aunt is a plain housewife.

He is courting a college student (Bordon) who returns his affection. However, the young lady’s father who is a police officer (Rivera) does not like him and wants another suitor (who came from a clan that can be considered wealthy) for his daughter.

Thinking that he would be at a disadvantage against his rival, Ding decided to join Magno’s group in their criminal activities. In these said activities, he was able to earn a large sum of money for his expenses and he gave a certain amount for the expenses needed at the home of his uncle and his aunt.

He was able also to finance his expenses in courting his lady love. But in a latest robbery, the group members were almost caught by the police because he broke accidentally a plant vase in their target house when it slipped from his hands.

They were the prime suspects by a team of policeman led by Rivera’s character, but was saved by an alibi of an entertainer who works in a beer house (Marin), that they spent the night at the quarters at the said area. She also said that Ding slept beside him. One of the colleagues of Marin’s character was Valencia’s character who was one of the popular ladies during her younger days after quitting her job as a teacher.

When Ding went home one night, he noticed that his uncle is having an episode of non-stop coughing. He gave money to the latter so that he can buy medicine for his cough before going to the bakery where he works.

But, his uncle returned home without going to the bakery because he is not feeling very well and returned the money that Ding gave him. He did not use it because he thinks that the said money came from a bad source. Ding chose not to reply to his uncle and just kept quiet.

Sometime later, Ding won the heart of his lady love and wants to spend his life with her. He asked her to come with him by eloping. At first, the young lady had reservations, but she went him anyway. This did not sit well with her father who later went to Ding’s home to wait for the couple to arrive.

Upon their arrival, the policeman-father hit Ding in the face and punched him repeatedly. He thought that her daughter will give up on Ding, but it was otherwise. Her father had no choice but to give his blessings to the couple, with reservations, to be married under civil rites.

It was shown in an earlier scene that Magno brought Ding to the residence of a former veteran safe cracker (Marfil), in a remote place so that Ding can be mentored by the said person. When the two of them were left alone by Magno and the old man’s grandson, the former safe cracker, who is now blind, advised the young man to quit living the life of a criminal while there is still time. He cited his own experience as an example. He is very greedy with money which did not become useful to him because he can not see it anymore. He believes in the law of karma.

This advise became a motivation to quit the life of crime. This was the reason why he decided to marry his lady love who requested him to promise her that whatever happens, he would not return to the life of a robber. Ding said he will respect this promise to her. But when Ding was faced with a problem about his wife’s pregnancy which needed s surgical operation to save their child that was about to born, he returned to robbery to raise a large amount of money for the procedure.

He immediately went to Magno’s hide out to ask what is the next job of their group and told the latter that he needed money. Magno allowed him to join with the agreement that Ding will get the share of the loot on the spot so that he can go to the hospital after the robbery.

Unfortunately, when they are entering the target premises, a roving guard saw them and called immediately the police station where the one who answered the call is Rivera’s character. The said guard alerted his fellow guards and prepared for defense positions.

Although the group managed to get the large sum of money in the safe, its members (which included the characters played by Enriquez and Santos) engaged in a firefight against the guards and the team of policemen led by Rivera who responded with the call made earlier.

Most of them were killed including Magno. Ding was wounded when he went to the hospital and the policemen were able to tracked him down. Rivera’s character did not know yet that one of the perpetrators was Ding. He did not know also that her daughter is in the same hospital.

The police officer was shocked with what he saw when he found out this later. Ding’s wife had died before being operated with their child that was about to be born. Losing a lot of blood, Ding, before his last breath, berated and bad mouthed the police officer (who is also his father-in-law) for the latter’s attitude.

Ding told Rivera’s character about  his belittling of poor people (“matapobre”) and his being very partial to the moneyed people. He also threw the bloodied pieces of money to the face of the said officer who can only reply cuss words to the situation.

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The Four B’s The Third

Let us all take a pause from the usual features of this blog about movies by giving way to the following selected four best proverbs for our respective personal reflections:

  1. Beauty is but skin deep.”
  2. “Best is cheapest.”
  3. “The best of friends must part.”
  4. “Better be a fool than a knave.”

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“Kiss Of The Dragon”

“Kiss Of The Dragon” was a Martial Arts action movie with a police story theme.

The movie was released in the Year 2001 by a well-known and established film production company called 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

The lead characters of the feature-length movie were played by Jet Li and Bridget Fonda.

Li portrayed the role of a Chinese intelligence officer from Shanghai, China who is on an official secret assignment in Paris, France. He was tapped by his superiors in the police force to coordinate with a select team from the French police in conducting a surveillance operation on an influential Chinese drug lord. The said drug lord is based in Paris and likes to spend his free time with high paid prostitutes.

During the surveillance, two prostitutes entered his hotel suite. One of them stabbed the drug lord which was seen by Li’s character on video. He tried to stop the target criminal for being killed, but the lead officer of the French police team was very quick and killed the drug lord by shooting him.

The lead officer with the rank of Inspector was revealed to be engaged in a drug trafficking and prostitution ring. He killed the drug lord because they have a connection as fellow criminals. With the latter eliminated, their connections would remain a secret.

The inspector framed the intelligence officer for the criminal’s death. He used the latter’s service firearm in the said killing. He made matters worst for the latter because he took the intelligence officer’s passport for “safekeeping” by telling him that he is safe with his team.

Because of this situation, the intelligence officer has no choice but to make his next moves secretly and carefully. He got the copy of the video which he gave later to the diplomatic liaison from China whom he met after the incident happened.

The liaison does not believe the accusation by the French inspector because he knows the intelligence officer very well. Unfortunately, the corrupt police team killed him and got the copy of the video which will prove the innocence of the accused intelligence officer.

Using his martial arts skills and wide experience in police work, he was able to stay on a low profile while being hunted by legitimate police authorities and the corrupt team of policemen led by the traitorous inspector. The other prostitute (Fonda) who witnessed the actual killing of the drug lord helped the intelligence officer in clearing his name.

Fonda’s character was forced to become a prostitute by the corrupt inspector and at the same time hooked on drugs. The inspector held her daughter as a hostage by the police official by placing her in an orphanage.

Li’s character helped Fonda’s character by saving her daughter. The safety of her daughter is her priority before she can stand as witness that the intelligence officer did not kill the drug lord in an illegal way.

She was able to get the video tape from the office of the inspector. The inspector wants the video tape to be returned to him at all cost which will include killing the innocent intelligence officer and the woman he forced into prostitution. However. he failed because the one he betrayed in the surveillance operation fought up to the end against him and killed him eventually to defend himself.

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Another Four B’s

Good Day To All Of Us!

Let us all take a brief vacation from the usual online articles of this blog about the selected films by the following selected four best proverbs:

  1. “Better be sure than sorry.”
  2. “Better late than never.”
  3. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”
  4. “Better to ask the way than go astray.”

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