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‘Young Sheldon’ season 5: Release date, trailer and everything you need to know about the CBS comedy

Young Sheldon
Iain Armitage in 'Young Sheldon' (Image credit: CBS)

Fans of The Big Bang Theory didn’t even have to wait for the comedy series to end before they were treated to a spinoff, as Young Sheldon debuted in 2017 and is now in its fifth season on CBS.

The Big Bang Theory producer Chuck Lorre is once again behind this prequel series, along with Steven Molaro, who worked on The Big Bang Theory as a producer essentially from the beginning. While switching from a multi-camera sitcom to a single-cam format, the pairs' history with the original show has helped Young Sheldon keep the thread of The Big Bang Theory, and particularly the character of Sheldon Cooper, while establishing its own identity.

Here is everything you need to know about Young Sheldon season 5.

What is the plot of ‘Young Sheldon’?

Young Sheldon is a prequel series for The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons. Fans got to know and love the socially awkward but brilliant scientist, with allusions about his childhood growing up in Texas sprinkled in throughout the series, including his devout religious mother, his more extroverted twin sister, his love for his grandmother and more. With Young Sheldon, fans are seeing an expansion of what made Sheldon Sheldon.

It also has expanded on the relationship between Sheldon and his father, and that will be a big part of season 5 it seems. SPOILER ALERT warning.

We know from The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon’s father died when he was a child, and as we learn later in the series that he also committed adultery, something that Sheldon accidentally discovered (causing him to always knock three times on people’s doors). At the end of season 4 of Young Sheldon, these storylines for George Sr. and starting to come into play.

The end of season 4 saw George and Mary fighting, with George angrily heading off to a bar. It is there he is approached by Brenda Sparks, who is recently separated, and asks if he wants some company, which George welcomes. We also know from the penultimate episode of the season that George’s untimely death is also on the horizon, as Jim Parsons’ older Sheldon narrates to the audience.

This all seems to be merging in the season 5 premiere for Young Sheldon, titled “One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires.” The synopsis for the episode reads: “Sheldon and Missy both run away from home, and Mary gets upsetting news about George Sr.” As we see in a promo for the premiere, that upsetting news isn’t just about Brenda, but also refers to George Sr. needing to go to the hospital.

Who is in the ‘Young Sheldon’ cast?

As mentioned, Jim Parsons reprises his role as Sheldon Cooper, providing the narration for the prequel series, but it is young actor Iain Armitage who takes on the titular role of the young Sheldon Cooper. Armitage is only 13 years old, but he has already had some big credits on his resume, including in Our Souls at Night and the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies.

The rest of the Cooper family is played by Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper), Lance Barber (George Cooper Sr.), Montana Jordan (Georgie Cooper), Raegan Revord (Missy Cooper) and Annie Potts as Sheldon’s beloved grandmother Meemaw.

Other actors that appear in the series Wallace Shawn, Wyatt McClure, Ryan Phuong, Matt Hobby, Doc Farrow, Melissa Peterman and Craig T. Nelson. A full cast list is available on IMDb

When does ‘Young Sheldon’ air?

Young Sheldon is part of CBS’ Thursday night lineup of comedies, airing at 8 p.m. ET. It is joined on Thursday night by comedies United States of Al, its new series Ghosts and B Positive. The premiere date for Young Sheldon, and all of the CBS Thursday night lineup, is Oct. 7.

In addition to airing live Thursdays on CBS, Young Sheldon will also be available to watch or stream on-demand the day after the latest episode airs (in this case Friday) on Paramount Plus.

Is there a ‘Young Sheldon’ trailer?

CBS has released a very brief promo trailer for the premiere of season 5, just 15 seconds. But in that 15 seconds, we see what will be perhaps the beginning of George Sr.’s storyline on the show, as he is taken to the hospital. Watch the promo below. 

How to watch ‘Young Sheldon’

Young Sheldon airs live on CBS, which means that it is easily available to viewers with a traditional cable/satellite pay-TV subscription, as all providers offer the four major networks (including CBS) as part of their base package. Anyone still using a TV antenna should also be able to easily watch Young Sheldon, as they can receive their local CBS stations through an antenna.

Those are the old school (but still effective) ways to watch. Newer live TV streaming services are also options for being able to watch Young Sheldon live, as Fubo TVHulu with Live TV and YouTube TV includes live local stations to subscribers. You can also stream Young Sheldon live if you are a subscriber to Paramount Plus’ $9.99 per month subscription plan, as it includes access to local CBS stations (the $4.99 plan does not).

If none of these options are available to you, you can still watch Young Sheldon live if you use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is designed to route network traffic through a specific set of servers in a specific country, allowing viewers to watch content on an encrypted feed over a computer. 


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Of course, you can’t always be in front of your TV to watch a show live, so how can you catch up with the latest episodes of Young Sheldon? If you’re a Paramount Plus subscriber (either subscription package), new episodes will be available to stream on the service the day after they air on broadcast.

If you want to watch previous seasons of Young Sheldon, HBO Max has seasons 1-3, while Paramount Plus features the most recent episodes from season 4.

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