A Better Place - Mark A. Roeder I hate it… very much.
No, I’m not saying that I hate this book, but the feeling I get reading it. Are you confused? Well, please think about something: you have your good live. Is not perfect, but you are happy, in a good house, with a loving one near you (family or a partner) trying to stay exactly as you are now… happy and enclosed in your perfect or almost perfect little world. So you are there and start to read this book, and all the walls that enclose you, the ones you created, fall down so hard that you stay chocked.
That’s what I hate so much. The feeling that I CAN do more to help this world became a better place... Is so sad, read a fiction book that is so realistic!

To who will read it, I just want to say that it's a remarkable book, and I was addicted to Brendan and Caspar love story… I cry so long, not for the suffering of this fictional characters, but thinking of how many are now, in this precisely moment for example, suffering incest or being raped… by they skin color or sexual orientation. Think that all happen now, and not in pages of books, but in their real lives.
Well done to the writer, and I admire his courage to write this lovely and cruel book.

Quick note: kindle file (bought at the day 03/09/10, price almost 12 dollars, on Amazon.com) with problems. The conversion of the pdf file to kindle extension was not done right and this book has bugs. I understand the story, obviously, but I was a little annoyed paying 12 dollars to read a file with casual numbers appearing in the middle of paragraphs (probably the pdf file was numbered) and without right paragraph structure (mostly of the paragraphs are not justify).