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Introduction Edit

A college student struggling for cash opted for an experiment which was advertised as safe but paid a lot of money. As soon as he was strapped to a chair and had electrodes placed on his head, he fell asleep but woke up to this robotic voice in his head. 

With these words started Daneel's adventures in an unknown world.  Will he explore and conquer the rapidly changing new world, as the system stated? Or will he die and be forgotten within the eddies of time? 

Appearance(2nd Life) Edit

He had brown hair which was cut short and a sharp nose with a prominent bridge. A pointed chin and an angular jaw resulted in a face which would have been considered quite handsome back on earth. His green eyes though served to make him lean more towards the cute side, especially considering that this body was only twelve years old.

System Edit

Current Functions( + Upgrades) Edit

  • Ether Detection (Ch-2)
  • Host Status Analysis (Ch-2)
  • Deployment of Auxiliary Tools (Ch-2)
  • Mission Control (Ch-2)
  • Data interface module (Ch-7)
  • Information Scanning (Ch-7)
  • Absorption Technique Deployment (Ch-14)

Upgrades Edit

Level Chapter Cost
Human 2 -
Warrior 73 10,000
Champion 387 100,000
Hero 995 1,000,000

Above Hero

- 10,000,000?

[World Domination System, Lvl 2 Unlocked.]Ch.1154


"Where can i find the answer to all these question ?"

[Correct question has been asked. Unlocked answer: secret conditions to be fulfilled to reveal the answer the answers can only be sought after in the place known as 'MAINLAND'. After reaching the primary objective of World Domination System, level 2, all of host questions can be answered. World Domination System, level 2 will be activated with change in host's location.]

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