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1988 (commercials) 1988–2009 2009–present
1988 (commercials) 1988–2009 2009–present

The Nick Jr. brand began as a weekday programming block on Nickelodeon. The Nick Jr. name is now used for both the block and a separate spinoff channel. The brand primarily targets preschool children. The Nick Jr. block launched on Nickelodeon on January 4, 1988, and the Nick Jr. channel was launched on September 28, 2009, replacing Noggin.

Nick Junior

1988 (commercials)

Nick Junior (1988).svg

When the Nick Jr. block premiered on Nickelodeon on January 4, 1988, its name was spelled out as "Nick Junior" in commercials.

Nick Jr.


Nick Jr. (1988) (Wordmark).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Balloon Extra Bold
Launched:  January 4, 1988

Later in 1988, the block started using the shortened "Nick Jr." name for all promos. From that point on, the orange logo is for 'Nick' and blue for 'Jr.' Like Nickelodeon's logo, the wordmark was rarely, if ever, seen isolated from a shape of some kind (usually would be an animal, but was often a orange parent and blue child).


Nick Jr..svg
Designer:  Eric Zim
Typography:  Litebulb (unofficially)
Launched:  September 28, 2009

On September 28, 2009, Nickelodeon's brands went through a complete overhaul. The Nick Jr. channel, named after the block, was launched with a logo in the style of Nickelodeon's new lowercase design. The blue color on "Jr." was kept on Nick Jr.'s new logo. A period was placed at the end of "Jr." for the first time. This logo is used for both the Nick Jr. block (since 2014) and its separate channel.

Nick Jr.