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Astrology Birth Chart for Elizabeth Grenville (Jan. 1, 1720)

Published May 29, 2024
Date of Birth: January 1, 1720
Deceased: 1769 (Age 49)
Birth City: City of Westminster, England
Birth Country: United Kingdom
Local Time: n/a
UTC Time: n/a
Sidereal Time: n/a
Lat: 51° 29’ 51” N.
Lon: 0° 8’ 9” W.
Alt: n/a
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Ascendant: Aries

Elizabeth Grenville was an English artist and writer. She was the wife of George Grenville, prime minister from 1763 to 1765; the daughter of Sir William Wyndham, a prominent Tory politician; and the mother of William Grenville, prime minister from 1806 to 1807.

Elizabeth Grenville was born on January 1, 1720, in City of Westminster, England, United Kingdom. Her birth geographical coordinates are 51° 29’ 51” North latitude and 0° 8’ 9” West longitude. Elizabeth Grenville passed away at the age of 49 in 1769.

Astrologically, Elizabeth Grenville falls under the Sun sign of Capricorn, with Aries as her Ascendant, Virgo as her Moon sign, and Taurus as her Black Moon Lilith sign.


Planets represent different aspects of personality, life themes, and energies within a birth chart, influencing individual characteristics, motivations, and experiences.

Planets in Signs

Planets in a zodiac sign denote how the energies and qualities associated with those planets express themselves within the context of the themes and attributes of that particular zodiac sign.
Sun10° 21’ 20” Capricorn
Moon20° 41’ 7” Virgo
Mercury28° 27’ 50” Capricorn
Venus25° 14’ 19” Scorpio
Mars8° 37’ 2” Aries
Jupiter5° 0’ 11” Libra
Saturn22° 7’ 55” Scorpio
Uranus14° 58’ 10” Libra
Neptune17° 53’ 59” Taurus
Pluto19° 5’ 30” Virgo
Ceres4° 34’ 33” Sagittarius
Chiron13° 2’ 35” Pisces
Eros21° 25’ 7” Scorpio
Hygiea21° 13’ 14” Cancer
Juno29° 0’ 11” Scorpio
Pallas15° 32’ 27” Sagittarius
Vesta13° 27’ 46” Libra
Ascendant24° 19’ 47” Aries
Black Moon Lilith0° 10’ 45” Taurus
Midheaven9° 36’ 20” Capricorn
North Node20° 32’ 1” Leo
South Node20° 32’ 1” Aquarius
Part of Fortune4° 39’ 34” Capricorn
Vertex8° 28’ 1” Libra

Sunin Capricorn10° 21’ 20”

The Sun in Capricorn in a Natal Chart is a placement associated with patience and reliability. You are consistent and preserve tradition. You look to […] Read more »

Moonin Virgo20° 41’ 7”

The Moon in Virgo in the Natal Chart makes you realistic and helps you keep your feelings in check. You are honest, can ignore your […] Read more »

Mercuryin Capricorn28° 27’ 50”

Mercury in Capricorn in the Natal Chart makes you eager to express your ideas about money, finance, and career. You often think of investments and […] Read more »

Venusin Scorpio25° 14’ 19”

Scorpio Venus in the Natal Chart makes you loving and sensitive. You are creative and relate to your loved ones emotionally and intellectually. You are […] Read more »

Marsin Aries8° 37’ 2”

Aries Mars is a powerful placement, as Mars is this sign’s planetary ruler. You are charming and can be energetic and optimistic. You are passionate […] Read more »

Jupiterin Libra5° 0’ 11”

Libra Jupiter in the Natal Chart makes you diplomatic and influential. You have a broad reach and bring charm and beauty to others. You are […] Read more »

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Planets in Elements

Planets in elements denote how the fundamental energies and qualities associated with those planets interact with the elemental nature of the signs they inhabit, shaping an individual’s overall temperament and approach to life.

Earth Element

The earth element in astrology is associated with practicality and grounding. This element is associated with career and wealth. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are signs […] Read more »

Water Element

Astrologers and other occultists study the water element to understand emotional healing. This element relates to love and compassion. Numerous planets in water signs in […] Read more »

Air Element

The air element in astrology corresponds to three signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This element is associated with new insights and perspectives. The air element […] Read more »

Fire Element

The fire element in astrology is associated with passion and motivation. This element brings creativity and intensifies planets and natal houses. Your competitive nature comes […] Read more »

Planets in Qualities

Planets in qualities signify how the inherent attributes and tendencies of those planets align with the modalities of the signs they occupy, influencing an individual’s style of action, decision-making, and engagement with the world.

Cardinal Quality

The Cardinal quality in astrology is associated with new seasons and initiative. Cardinal signs mark the equinoxes and solstices. The Cardinal modality represents the extremes […] Read more »

Fixed Quality

The second Quality in astrology is the Fixed modality. Fixed Signs follow the Cardinal Signs, bringing strength and endurance. These signs build upon the foundation […] Read more »

Mutable Quality

The third Quality astrological signs are grouped into is mutable. Mutable Signs come at the end of a season. Mutable Signs are associated with flexibility […] Read more »

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Planets in Houses

Planets in a zodiac house signify where in life’s areas and experiences the energies and influences of those planets are predominantly focused and expressed.
Sun0° 44’ 60” Tenth House
Moon23° 2’ 14” Sixth House
Mercury18° 51’ 30” Tenth House
Venus30° 54’ 33” Seventh House
Mars40° 58’ 9” Twelfth House
Jupiter37° 21’ 18” Sixth House
Saturn27° 48’ 8” Seventh House
Uranus47° 19’ 18” Sixth House
Neptune23° 34’ 13” First House
Pluto21° 26’ 37” Sixth House
Ceres3° 22’ 17” Eighth House
Chiron15° 23’ 43” Twelfth House
Eros27° 5’ 20” Seventh House
Hygiea11° 36’ 54” Fourth House
Juno34° 40’ 24” Seventh House
Pallas14° 20’ 11” Eighth House
Vesta45° 48’ 54” Sixth House
Black Moon Lilith5° 50’ 59” First House
North Node21° 30’ 28” Fifth House
South Node21° 30’ 28” Eleventh House
Part of Fortune12° 36’ 41” Ninth House
Vertex40° 49’ 8” Sixth House
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Aspects reveal the dynamic relationships and interactions between planets within a birth chart, influencing the way their energies combine and manifest in an individual’s life experiences and personality traits.

Within this birth chart, there are 19 major aspects, alongside 17 minor aspects, as well as 7 extra aspects.

Major Aspects

Major aspects highlight significant connections between planets, providing insights into key dynamics, challenges, and potentials shaping an individual’s life journey and psychological makeup.
Moon Sextile Saturn
Neptune Trine Pluto
Sun Square Mars
Moon Conjunct Pluto
Moon Trine Neptune
Mercury Sextile Venus
Venus Conjunct Saturn
Saturn Sextile Pluto
Uranus Quincunx Neptune
Mars Opposite Jupiter
Saturn Opposite Neptune
Sun Square Jupiter
Sun Square Uranus
Moon Sextile Venus
Mars Opposite Uranus
Mercury Trine Jupiter
Venus Opposite Neptune
Sun Trine Neptune
Moon Trine Mercury

Explore detailed articles on the major aspects in this birth chart, gaining deeper insights into this cosmic identity. Dive into each aspect and uncover how it shapes Elizabeth Grenville’s life journey.

Moon Sextile Saturnorb: 1°

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Sun Square Marsorb: 2°

The Sun square Mars can make you restless. You have an anxious personality and may be energetic and hyper. You find motivation to overcome insecurities, […] Read more »

Moon Conjunct Plutoorb: 2°

The Moon conjunct Pluto in a Natal Chart is an ideal placement for charisma. You are influential and inspire others to follow your lead. You […] Read more »

Moon Trine Neptuneorb: 3°

The Moon trine Neptune in a chart typically indicates that a person is caring and compassionate. They are sensitive and friendly, and it is probably […] Read more »

Mercury Sextile Venusorb: 3°

Mercury sextile Venus in a Natal Chart typically indicates a person is friendly, personable, and social. They are likely affectionate and have no problem communicating […] Read more »

Venus Conjunct Saturnorb: 3°

Venus conjunct Saturn in a Natal Chart makes you sincere and authentic. You fall in love slowly and can be cautious in relationships. You have […] Read more »

Uranus Quincunx Neptuneorb: 3°

Uranus quincunx Neptune in a chart creates conflict between Neptune’s idealism and Uranus’ eccentricity. They may feel they are being pulled back and forth by […] Read more »

Mars Opposite Jupiterorb: 4°

Mars opposite Jupiter in a chart typically indicates that a person has the potential to be highly successful. They will face challenges but are often […] Read more »

Saturn Opposite Neptuneorb: 4°

Saturn opposite Neptune in a chart typically indicates that a person will have issues with responsibilities, self-doubt, and confusion. They may have trouble connecting with […] Read more »

Sun Square Jupiterorb: 5°

The Sun square Jupiter in the Natal Chart makes you stifle your unique and independent nature. You crave freedom, but you may be grandiose. You […] Read more »

Sun Square Uranusorb: 5°

The Sun square Uranus in the Natal Chart makes you resistant to changes. But when you navigate unexpected changes, you find freedom and empowerment. You […] Read more »

Moon Sextile Venusorb: 5°

When the Moon is sextile Venus in a Natal Chart, this typically means that a person is a kind and loving person. They tend to […] Read more »

Mars Opposite Uranusorb: 6°

Mars opposite Uranus in a chart typically indicates a challenging relationship between Uranus’ unconventional nature and Mars’ passionate one. A person with this aspect in […] Read more »

Mercury Trine Jupiterorb: 7°

Mercury trine Jupiter in a chart typically indicates that a person has a positive view of life but is also intelligent and grounded enough not […] Read more »

Venus Opposite Neptuneorb: 7°

Venus opposite Neptune in a chart typically indicates that someone has difficulty getting what they want. They likely crave love, romance, and the finer things […] Read more »

Sun Trine Neptuneorb: 8°

The Sun trine Neptune in the Natal Chart makes you compassionate and spiritual. You are endearing and charming. You can be flirty and easily attract […] Read more »

Moon Trine Mercuryorb: 8°

When the Moon trines Mercury, there is a strong connection between the mind and the heart. It is not difficult for a person with this […] Read more »

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Minor Aspects

Minor aspects represent subtler connections between planets, offering additional nuances and layers of interpretation to understand more detailed influences on an individual’s personality and experiences.
Moon Quincunx South Node
Mars Opposite Vertex
Jupiter Sextile Ceres
Jupiter Square Part of Fortune
Sun Conjunct Midheaven
Moon Sextile Eros
Moon Sextile Hygiea
Mercury Sextile Juno
Venus Quincunx Ascendant
Mars Square Midheaven
Saturn Conjunct Eros
Saturn Trine Hygiea
Uranus Sextile Pallas
Mercury Square Black Moon Lilith
Saturn Square North Node
Saturn Square South Node
Uranus Conjunct Vesta

Discover additional layers of meaning with this collection of articles on the minor aspects found in Elizabeth Grenville’s birth chart. Delve deeper into these cosmic nuances to gain a richer understanding of this astrological profile.

Moon Quincunx South Nodeorb: 0°

The Moon quincunx the South Node in a chart can create tension between the past and what a person needs to feel comfortable and secure […] Read more »

Sun Conjunct Midheavenorb: 1°

The Sun conjunct Midheaven makes you outspoken and authentic. You openly share your talents and align your unique abilities with your public status. You are […] Read more »

Venus Quincunx Ascendantorb: 1°

Venus quincunx the Ascendant in a chart can create difficulties with people-pleasing and an overreliance on outside validation. People with this quincunx in their charts […] Read more »

Saturn Conjunct Erosorb: 1°

Saturn conjunct Eros in a chart can create caution and discipline over desires, urges, and passion. This can have pros and cons, but it is […] Read more »

Uranus Conjunct Vestaorb: 2°

Uranus conjunct Vesta in a chart can create a fiery and entirely unique energy in a person. How people express this aspect varies wildly, but […] Read more »

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Extra Aspects

Extra aspects, though less emphasized than major or minor aspects, contribute subtle nuances and intricacies to the overall astrological interpretation, offering additional insights into an individual’s personality traits and life experiences.
Chiron Quincunx Vesta
Eros Trine Hygiea
Eros Square North Node
Eros Square South Node
Hygiea Quincunx South Node
Juno Quincunx Black Moon Lilith
Midheaven Square Vertex

Explore how these extra aspects contribute to the intricate tapestry of Elizabeth Grenville’s life path through subtler influences. Dive into each extra aspect and uncover the hidden gems that shape a unique cosmic identity.

Midheaven Square Vertexorb: 1°

The Midheaven square of the Vertex in the Natal Chart makes you struggle to find your way professionally. You may embark on several career ventures […] Read more »

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A house starting in a zodiac sign indicates the area of life where the qualities and themes of that sign are particularly emphasized and influential within an individual’s birth chart.
First House24° 19’ 47” Aries
Second House1° 12’ 16” Gemini
Third House22° 2’ 53” Gemini
Fourth House9° 36’ 20” Cancer
Fifth House29° 1’ 33” Cancer
Sixth House27° 38’ 53” Leo
Seventh House24° 19’ 47” Libra
Eighth House1° 12’ 16” Sagittarius
Ninth House22° 2’ 53” Sagittarius
Tenth House9° 36’ 20” Capricorn
Eleventh House29° 1’ 33” Capricorn
Twelfth House27° 38’ 53” Aquarius
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