List of Edison Blue Amberol Records: Popular Series

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Cover of "A Golden Treasury of Edison Blue Amberol Records" catalog

Blue Amberol Records was the trademark for a type of cylinder recording manufactured by the Edison Records company in the U.S. from 1912 to 1929. Made from a nitrocellulose compound developed at the Edison laboratory—though occasionally employing Bakelite in its stead and always employing an inner layer of plaster—these cylinder records were introduced for public sale in October 1912. The first release in the main, Popular series was number 1501, and the last, 5719, issued in October 1929 just as the Edison Records concern closed up shop. The Edison company also maintained separate issue number ranges for foreign, classical and special series that are not included here. The issue numbers are not necessarily continuous as some titles were not released, or otherwise skipped. Nevertheless, the Blue Amberol format was the longest-lived cylinder record series employed by the Edison Company.[1] These were designed to be played on an Amberola, a type of Edison machine specially designed for celluloid records that did not play older wax cylinders. Blue Amberols are more commonly seen today than earlier Edison 2-minute brown or black wax and 4-minute black wax Amberol records.

The following very incomplete list of Blue Amberol Records is ranked by issue number, title, writer(s), performer(s) and date. Dates are certainly not chronological for either recording or issue; the issue of certain titles could be delayed or never deployed, and some Blue Amberol releases are merely reissues of earlier records that had appeared in other formats before the Blue Amberol existed. From about July 1914, Edison's Diamond Discs were used to master Blue Amberols and releases of the same titles appear in both series, though with totally different release numbers. Some of the very last Blue Amberols were dubbed from electrical recordings, though the Amberola was never manufactured with an electrical pickup; in later years, some enthusiasts have refitted Amberola players with electrical pickups and there[where?] is evidence that even at the end of the 1920s there were kits one could order to make the conversion.

Edison Blue Amberols 1501–2499[edit]

Issue Number Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Date
1501 Overture from Semiramide Gioachino Rossini American Standard Orchestra 1912
1502 Trio From "Faust" Agnes Kimball, Reed Miller & Frank Croxton 1912
1503 The Palms Jean-Baptiste Faure C. W. Harrison 1912
1504 Roses Bloom for Lovers Grace Kerns 1912
1505 When You're Away Helen Clark and Harvey Hindenmeyer 1912
1506 Over The Waves - Waltz José Juventino Policarpo Rosas Cadenas New York Military Band 1912
1507 Town Topics of Punkin Center Cal Stewart 1912
1508 Light As a Feather - Bell solo Charles Daab 1912
1509 La Paloma Sebastián Iradier Edison Concert Band 1912
1510 My Best Girl and Me Edward M. Favor & Chorus 1912
1511 My Uncle's Farm Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1912
1512 I'm Smiling at De Moon Dat Smiles At You Gillette & Chorus 1912
1513 Just That You Are You J. Strauss Walter Van Brunt 1913
1514 The Mocking Bird - Fantasia (Xylophone) Daab 1913
1515 Anchored Knickerbocker Quartet 1912
1516 Just Before the Battle, Mother Geo. F. Root Will Oakland & Chorus 1912
1517 Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep Knight Frank Croxton 1912
1518 Whispering Hope Alice Hawthorne Helen Clark & Harry Anthony 1912
1519 Medley of Reels (VIOLIN) D'Almaine (?) Kitty O'Neill 1912
1520 Nita Gitana Reed Miller 1912
1521 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Gus Edwards Ada Jones & Male Quartet 1912
1522 Money Musk Medley -Virginia Reel National Promenade Band 1912
1523 "Hi" and "Si" of Jaytown Steve Porter & Byron G. Harlan 1912
1524 Silver Bell Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1912
1525 The Rosary Ethelbert Nevin Elizabeth Spencer & Knickerbocker Quartet 1912
1526 Teasing Mood (Moon) Walter Van Brunt 1912
1527 Serenade (Title) Florentine Instrumental Trio 1912
1528 Quartette from Rigoletto Frank Croxton & Quartette 1912
1529 Row Row Row William Jerome - James V. Monaco Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1912
1530 A Little Girl At Home Elizabeth Spencer & Harvey Hindemeyer 1912
1531 Way Down South Heidelberg Quartet 1912
1532 Dixie Medley - Banjo Solo Fred Van Eps 1912
1533 Tell Mother I'll Be There James F. Harrison & Edison Mixed Quartet 1912
1534 Oh! You Circus Day - Medley (Whi.) Joe Belmont 1912
1535 Music Vot's Music Must Come From Berlin Maurice Burkhart 1912
1536 Ma Lady Lou Walter Van Brunt & Chorus 1912
1537 List! The Cherubic Host (Holy City) Frank Croxton and Chorus of Female Voices 1912
1538 I Will Love You When the Silver Threads are Shining Among the Gold Manuel Romain 1912
1539 Medley of Southern Plantation Songs Edison Military Band 1912
1540 Under the Big September Moon Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1912
1541 When Was There Ever a Night Like This? Charles W. Harrison 1913
1542 My Hula Hula Love Metropolitan Quartette 1912
1543 Red Wing Kerry Mills Frederick Potter & New York Military Band 1913
1544 Darkie's Dream & Darkie's Awakening- bjo Fred Van Eps 1913
1545 Abide with me William Henry Monk Frank Croxton & Quartette 1912
1546 For This Charles W. Harrison 1912
1547 Silver Threads Among the Gold Will Oakland 1912
1548 Good Night, Good Night Beloved Emos Quartet 1912
1549 My Sumurun Girl- Melody- banjo Al Jolson and Louis A. Hirsch Fred Van Eps 1912
1550 Casey Jones B Murray & Chor 1912
1551 The Count of Luxembourg -Waltzes Franz Lehár Orchestra 1912
1552 Are You Going to Dance? Elizabeth Spencer & Irving Gillette 1912
1553 Bell Solo from the Magic Flute W. A. Mozart Charles Daab 1912
1554 Roses, Roses Everywhere Hindermeyer 1912
1555 Where the Moonbeams Gleam (Daniels) Campbell and Gillette 1912
1556 When I Waltz With You Charles W. Harrison 1912
1557 Nearer My God to Thee Knickerbocker Quartette 1912
1558 Minuet- Paderewski America Standard Orchestra 1912
1559 The Valley of Peace Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison *(Young & Wheeler) 1912
1560 Coon Song "The Preacher and the Bear" Arthur Collins 1912
1561 The Glory Song Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison 1912
1562 The Land of Golden Dreams Elsie Baker & James F. Harrison 1912
1563 Aunt Dinah's Golden Wedding Empire Vaudeville Company 1912
1564 Sounds from the Operas - Waltzes National Promenade Band 1912
1565 I Want To Love You While The Music's Playing Knickerbocker Quartet 1912
1566 The Village Band - March Song Theodore Morse Walter Van Brunt & Chorus 1912
1567 One Heart Divine Elizabeth Spencer & Irving Gillette 1912
1568 On a Beautiful Night with a Beautiful Girl Will D. Cobb - Gus Edwards Walter Van Brunt 1912
1569 Nora Acushla Will Okland & Chorus 1912
1570 Serenade Kotzschmar The Tollefsen Trio 1912
1571 Darktown Eccentricities Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1912
1572 She Was Bred In Old Kentucky Manuel Romain 1912
1573 Lustspiel Overture Adalbert Keler Edison Concert Band 1912
1574 Medley of War Songs New York Military Band 1912
1575 Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Joseph A. Phillips & Chorus 1912
1576 Rap, Rap, Rap, Rap On Your Minstrel Bones Edward Meeker 1912
1577 The Wedding Glide from "The Passing Show of 1912" Ada Jones, Billy Murray, & Chorus 1912
1578 The Shepherd Boy Venetian Instrumental Trio 1912
1579 My Song Shall Be Always Thy Mercy Agnes Kimball & Reed Miller 1912
1580 Dear Robin I'll Be True Will Oakland & Chorus 1912
1581 Edelweiss and Almenrausch - Instrumental Venetian Instrumental Trio 1912
1582 Luella Lee Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1912
1583 Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile Cal Stewart 1912
1584 On a Good Old-Time Straw Ride Byron G. Harlan 1912
1585 When I Carved Your Name On The Tree Harvey Hindermeyer 1912
1586 Weeping, Sad and Lonely Elizabeth Spencer & Chorus 1912
1587 Everybody two-step Billy Murray 1912
1588 That Mellow Melody Anna Chandler 1912
1589 That's How I Need You Joseph McCarthy & Joe Goodwin Henry Burr & Irving Gillette 1912
1590 My Little Lovin' Sugar Babe Premier Quartet 1912
1591 Buddy Boy - Coon Duet Percy Wenrich Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1912
1592 I'm The Guy Billy Murray 1912
1593 O Dry Those Tears! Mary Carson 1912
1594 The Village Gossips Cal Stewart & Byron G. Harlan 1912
1595 Mystic Dreams Waltz Charles Daab 1912
1596 Good-Night Farewell Knickerbocker Quartet 1912
1597 Kentucky Days Billy Murray & Chorus 1912
1598 Wonderful Peace R. Festyn Davies 1912
1599 Where the Edelweiss is Blooming Elizabeth Spencer & Irving Gillette 1912
1600 Home Sweet Home the World Over Edison Concert Band 1912
1601 The Holy City Edwin Skedden & Edison Mixed Quartet 1912
1602 When I Get You Alone Tonight Billy Murray & Chorus 1912
1603 Temple Bells, from "Under Many Flags" Irving Gillette & Chorus 1912
1604 Heimweh (Longing for Home) Venetian Instrumental Quartet 1912
1605 Hitchy Koo Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1912
1606 Silent Night Franz X. Gruber - Joseph Mohr Elizabeth Spencer (soprano), Young & Wheeler 1912
1607 Sweetheart, Let's Go A-Walking Billy Murray & Chorus 1912
1608 Luke (Recitation) Harry E. Humphrey 1912
1609 Don't Turn My Picture to the Wall Elizabeth Spencer & Walter Van Brunt 1912
1610 Say Love Is Not a Dream , from "The Count of Luxembourg" Elizabeth Spencer 1912
1611 Who Puts Me in My Little Bed Ada Jones 1912
1612 Spirit of Independence (March) New York Military Band 1913
1613 At the Gate of the Palace of Dreams Joseph A. Phillips 1913
1614 Bridal Chorus from "Lohengrin" (opera) Richard Wagner Metropolitan Quartet 1912
1615 When the Old Oaken Bucket Was New Manuel Romain 1913
1616 Dialogue for Three, flt, oboe & cla Julius Spindler, Santangelo & Anthony Giammatteo 1913
1617 Sleepy Rose Arthur C. Lichty 1913
1618 Ragtime Soldier Man Edward Meeker 1913
1619 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still Charles Harrison 1913
1620 Venus Waltz American Standard Orchestra 1913
1621 Everything's At Home Except Your Wife, from "Oh! Oh! Delphine" Walter Van Brunt 1913
1622 Orpheus Overture [Jacques Offenbach American Standard Orchestra 1913
1623 I'll Sit Right On the Moon Edna Brown 1913
1624 Take Me To That Swanee Shore Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan 1913
1625 You're The Flower Of My Heart,Sweet Adeline Royal Fish & Orchestra 1913
1626 Patriotic Songs of America Premier Quartet & New York Military Band 1913
1627 When I Met You Last Night in Dreamland Helen Clark & Edwin Skedden 1913
1628 Non-E-Ver R. Festyn Davies 1913
1629 I'll Love You Forevermore Harry Anthony 1913
1630 How Could I Forget Thee? Neapolitan Instrumental Quartet 1913
1631 Sweet Antoinette Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison 1913
1632 Fables Bob Roberts 1913
1633 Rock of Ages (Christian hymn) Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1634 Kiss Me, My Honey, Kiss Me Ted Snyder Billy Murray & Ada Jones 1913
1635 A Day Dream Helen Price Clark 1913
1636 Mattinata Charles Hackett 1913
1637 On the Mississippi Billy Murray & Chorus 1913
1638 Belle of New York & 2nd Regiment Connecticut Nat'l Guard Marches New York Military Band 1913
1639 Waltzing Doll Venetian Instrumental Quartet 1913
1640 Venetian Song Alan Turner 1913
1641 St Luke 23: 33 to 38 & Calvary Rev. William H. Morgan, D.D. and Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1642 St. Mark 4: 35 to 41&Peace! Be Still Rev. William H. Morgan, D. D. and Edison Mixed Quartet. 1913
1643 Yiddisha Professor Irving Berlin Maurice Burkhart 1913
1644 Unlucky Mose Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
1645 Down in Dear Old New Orleans Young, Conrad, & Whidden Premiere Quartet 1913
1646 That Syncopated Boogie-Boo Premiere Quartet 1913
1647 Nearer, My God to Thee- Piano Sarah Flower Adams Ferdinand Himmelreich 1913
1648 Dixie Daniel Decatur Emmett N. Y. Mil. Band, w/ Fife & Drum Corps & Chorus 1913
1649 Gipsy John Albert A Wiederhold 1913
1650 Menuett The Tollefsen Trio 1913
1651 Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg A. Lincoln Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1652 Patrick Henry's Speech P. Henry Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1653 Finch's Poem "The Blue and the Gray" Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1654 Washington's Farewell Address Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1655 Webster's Speech in reply to Hayne Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1656 Henry Grady's Speech on "The New South" Harry E. Humphrey 1913
1657 Dictation & Spelling, 2nd Year, 1st Half Harry E. Humphries 1913
1707 Miscellaneous (Math) Problems 1912
1711 Manhattan Beach & El Capitan Marches John Philip Sousa Sousa's Band 1913
1712 Darky School Days Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
1713 The Vacant Chair Elizabeth Spencer & Chorus 1913
1714 Uncle Josh Keeps House Cal Steward 1913
1715 I Will Sing of My Redeemer Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1716 Medley of Country Dances - Violin Eugene Jaudas 1913
1717 Sympathy, from "The Firefly" Charlotte Kirwan and Harvey Hindermeyer 1913
1718 Oh, What A Beautiful Dream! Walter Van Brunt 1913
1719 When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam' Irving Berlin Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1913
1720 The Wearing of the Green Marie Narelle 1913
1721 O, Little Mother of Mine Geo. Nevin Frank Croxton & Chorus 1913
1722 Hungarian Dances (G Min & D Maj) Brahms The Tollefsen Trio 1913
1723 The Hymns of the Old Church Choir A. Solman Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1724 Let Me Like a Soldier Fall—Maritana (Wallace) Charles Hackett & Chorus 1913
1725 Flanagan’s Irish Jubilee Porter Steve Porter & Co. 1913
1726 Annie Laurie, pno Scott–Himmelreich Ferdinand Himmelreich 1913
1727 Deep Down in My Heart Tom Kelley Joseph Parsons 1913
1728 The Two Beggars Wilson Anthony & Harrison 1913
1729 Ride of the Thuringia Hussars Wm. Santelmann United States Marine Band 1913
1730 William Tell Fantasie Rossini Charles Daab 1913
1731 Selection from "The Doll's Eye" Herbert Victor Herbert & His Orchestra 1913
1732 Laughing Love H. Christiné New York Military Band 1913
1733 Under The Cotton Moon - Coon Song Billy Murray & Chorus 1913
1734 Here’s to Love—The Sunshine Girl Rubens Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1735 Georgia Land - Coon Song Harry Carroll Walter Van Brunt & Chorus 1913
1736 My Little Persian Rose Anatol Friedland Charles Harrison 1913
1737 That Old Girl of Mine Earle C. Jones - Egbert Van Alstyne Frederick J. Wheeler * (James F. Harrison) 1913
1738 When I Lost You Irving Berlin Irving Gillette 1913
1739 All Night Long Shelton Brooks Anna Chandler 1913
1740 Favorite Airs from the Geisha Sidney Jones Edison Light Opera Co. 1913
1741 I’ll Get You Gus Edwards Walter Van Brunt 1913
1742 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison Young & Wheeler 1913
1743 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (song) Ballard Macdonald, Harry Carroll Manuel Romain 1913
1744 Tango Land—Tango (For dancing) H. Lodge National Promenade Band 1913
1745 My Faith Looks up to Thee Lachner–Bassford The Frank Croxton Quartet 1913
1746 You're Just as Sweet at Sixty as You Were at Sweet Sixteen Will Oakland 1913
1747 The Baseball Girl Miss Ray Cox
1748 7 The Baseball Girl Miss Ray Cox 1913
1749 Goodbye Boys Andrew B. Sterling - William Jerome - Harry Von Tilzer Billy Murray 1913
1750 Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss American Standard Orchestra 1913
1751 La Paloma Yradier Mary Carson 1913
1752 When That Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam Medley Berlin Nat'l Promenade Band 1913
1753 Roll On, Missouri Collins & Harlan 1913
1754 My Tango Maid Henry Lodge Charles W. Harrison 1913
1755 Lead Kindly Light J. Dykes Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1756 La Bella Argentina—Tango Carlos Roberto National Promenade Band 1913
1757 Little Boy Blue Ethelbert Nevin Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1758 Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold Ernest R. Ball Donald Chalmers 1913
1759 Two Jolly Sailors Israel and Porter Porter and Harlan 1913
1760 Annie Laurie and Home Sweet Home (bells) Dunn–Payne John F. Burckhardt 1913
1761 Low Bridge!—Everybody Down Thomas S. Allen Edward Meeker 1913
1762 Always Take a Girl Named Daisy G. W. Meyer Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1913
1763 Down at Finnegan’s Jamboree- Violin & Co. Charles D’Almaine and Co. 1913
1764 Stradella Overture Frederich von Flotow Edison Concert Band 1913
1765 Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean's Blue to Gold Byron G. Harlan 1913
1766 Old Comrades - March C. Teike United States Marine Band 1913
1767 Three Little Owls and the Naughty Little Mice &I’m Old But I’m Awfully Tough Cal Stewart 1913
1768 Monte Cristo Kotlar Jorda–Rocabruna Instrumental Quintet 1913
1769 Turkey in the Straw Golden and Hughes 1913
1770 Fisher’s Hornpipe Medley - vin Charles D’Almaine 1913
1771 Just Plain Folks Ada Jones & Chorus 1913
1772 Somewhere Charles K. Harris Irving Gillette and Chorus 1913
1773 Invitation to the Waltz Weber National Military Band 1913
1774 Italian Army March - Accordion solo Guido Deiro 1913
1775 The Dream Melody Intermezzo (Naughty Marietta) (Herbert) Victor Herbert & His Orchestra 1913
1776 God Be With You Till We Meet Again W. G. Tomer Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1777 Any Girl Looks Good in Summer Phil Schwartz Walter Van Brunt and Chorus 1913
1778 Only a Pansy Blossom Oakland & Chorus 1913
1779 Happy Days A. Strelezki Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1780 Favorite Airs from "Erminie" Jakebowski Edison Light Opera Co. 1913
1781 My Hero from "The Chocolate Soldier Elizabeth Spencer & Chorus 1913
1782 Garland of Old Fashioned Roses Manuel Romain 1913
1783 Ship of My Dreams Helen Clark & Harry Anthony 1913
1784 Welcome Home Anna Chandler 1913
1785 Chanson Triste Victor Herbert & His Orchestra 1913
1786 Last Night Was the End of the World Charles W. Harrison 1913
1787 As I Sat Upon My Dear Old Mother's Knee Will Oakland and Chorus 1913
1788 Mary and John Walter Van Brunt 1913
1789 She Sleeps 'Neath the Old Ohio River Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison 1913
1790 Jim Lawson's Medley of Reels Charles D'Almaine 1913
1791 You Can't Play Every Instrument in the Orchestra Maurice Burkhart 1913
1792 You're a Great Big Blue Eyed Baby Premier Quartet 1913
1794 Beautiful Beckoning Hands Edison Mixed Quartette 1913
1795 Dream of the Tyrolienne - Instrumental Venetian Inst Quartette 1913
1796 Snookey Ookums Irving Berlin Collins & Harlan 1913
1797 Famous Songs in Irish Plays Walter Van Brunt 1913
1798 Where the River Shannon Flows Will Oakland and Chorus 1913
1799 Sweet Dreams of Home Charles Daab, bells 1913
1800 Oh, You Silv'ry Bells Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1913
1801 Then You'll Remember Me Charles Hackett 1913
1802 My Little Persian Rose - Medley Two-Step National Promenade Band 1913
1803 Down on Uncle Jasper's Farm Steve Porter & Byron G. Harlan 1913
1804 On Parade Medley National Guard Fife And Drum Corps 1913
1805 Father O' Flynn Frank Croxton 1913
1806 Ragtime Violin Premier Quartet 1913
1807 Glowworm Paul Lincke Edison Concert Band 1913
1808 And the Green Grass Grew All Around Premier Quartet 1913
1809 Jesus, Lover of My Soul Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1810 Invercargill March New York Military Band 1913
1811 When the Roll is Called Up Yonder Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1812 Aloha Oe Toots Paka's Hawaiians 1913
1813 I've Got the Mumps Franklin Irene Franklin 1913
1814 The Talkative Waitress Franklin Irene Franklin 1913
1815 I Want to Be a Janitor's Child Franklin Irene Franklin 1913
1816 I'm A-Bringing Up the Family Franklin Irene Franklin 1913
1817 She's My Daisy Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1818 Good-Bye 'Till We Meet Again Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1819 Just a Wee Deoch and Doris Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1820 It's Nice When You Love a Wee Lassie Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1821 I Love a Lassie Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1822 - A Wee Hoose 'mang the Heather Lauder Harry Lauder 1913
1823 Favorite Airs from Patience Gilbert & Sullivan New York Light Opera Company 1913
1824 It Takes a Little Rain with the Sunshine Walter Van Brunt 1913
1825 Ciribiribin Waltz Song Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1826 Light Cavalry Overture Edison Concert Band 1913
1827 Sail on Silv'ry Moon Albert H. Campbell and Irving Gillette 1913
1828 Kathleen Mavourneen Mrs. Clarence Eddy 1913
1829 Down by the Old Mill Stream Vernon Archibald & Marie Kaiser 1913
1830 A Woman's Smile Charles W. Harrison 1913
1831 I Would that My Love Elizabeth Spencer and E. Eleanor Patterson 1913
1832 I'll Change the Shadows to Sunshine Ernest R. Ball Irving Gillette 1913
1833 I'll Change the Shadows to Sunshine Irving Gillette 1913
1834 When Michael Dooley Heard the Booley, Booley Billy Murray 1913
1835 The Little Flatterer Charles Daab 1913
1836 Gathering Home Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison 1913
1836 Ragtime Regiment Band Edward Meeker 1913
1837 Clamy Green Billy Golden and Joe Hughes 1913
1838 I Love You, California Knickerbocker Quartet and Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1839 I'd Do as Much for You Ada Jones and Billy Murray 1913
1840 Just Plain Dog Van Avery 1913
1841 In My Harem Billy Murray 1913
1842 La Rumba—Tango National Promenade Band 1913
1843 Good-Bye, Boys Medley Two-Step National Promenade Band 1913
1844 Melinda's Wedding Day Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan 1913
1845 Daddy Has a Sweetheart and Mother is Her Name Manuel Romain 1913
1846 There's One in a Million Like You Walter Van Brunt 1913
1847 The Whip March New York Military Band 1913
1848 Moonlight Bay Premier Quartet 1913
1849 Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty! Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1850 Dream Faces Elizabeth Spencer and Chorus 1913
1851 Why Did You Make Me Care? Charles W. Harrison 1913
1852 I Laughed at the Wrong Time Cal Stewart 1913
1853 I'm Looking for a Nice Young Fellow Who is Looking for a Nice Young Girl Ada Jones and Chorus 1913
1854 Always Gallant Polka Charles Daab 1913
1855 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1856 Where the Silvery Colorado Etc. Irving Gillette & Chorus 1913
1857 Memories of Home Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
1858 Silver Star Ada Jones and Billy Murray 1913
1859 Hula, Hula Medley Two-step National Promenade Band 1913
1860 Darling Nellie Gray Metropolitan Quartet 1913
1861 Wedding of the Winds Waltz P. Frosini 1913
1862 God is Love, His Mercy Brightens Agnes Kimball, Reed Miller and Frank Croxton 1913
1863 William Tell Overture Edison Concert Band 1913
1864 Alexander's Ragtime Band Medley (Banjo) Fred Van Eps 1913
1865 Old Black Joe Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1866 Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee Stewart Cal Stewart and Co. 1913
1867 Teddy Bears' Picnic American Symphony Orchestra 1913
1868 Lasca - Recitation Edgar L. Davenport 1913
1869 When the Evening Bells are Chiming Songs of Auld Lang Syne Manuel Romain 1913
1870 The Butterfly, flt & cla Eugene C. Rose and George Rubel 1913
1871 The Golden Wedding Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1913
1872 Selection from "The Red Mill" Herbert Victor Herbert's Orchestra 1913
1873 When You and I Were Young, Maggie Will Oakland & Chorus 1913
1874 Gobble Duet (from The Mascot) Edmond Audran Elizabeth Wheeler & Harry Anthony 1913
1875 The Rube & The Country Doctor Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley 1913
1876 Characteristic Negro Medley Peerless Quartet 1913
1877 Romance - Tarantella Schubert-Lucantoni Jose' Rocabruna 1913
1878 Jolly Fellow's Waltz Sousa's Band 1913
1879 Put On Your Slippers, You're In for the Night Ada Jones 1913
1880 Doctor's Testimonials - Vaudeville Sketch Golden & Hughes 1913
1881 We're Tenting To-night Henry Clay Work Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1882 Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey Ada Jones 1913
1883 Moonlight in Jungleland Medley New York Military Band 1913
1884 Rainbow Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1913
1885 Shepherd's Dance - Violin Charles D' Almaine 1913
1886 Love's Old Sweet Song J. L. Molloy Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
1887 The Prettiest Little Song of All- Bells Charles Daab 1913
1888 Marching Through Georgia Henry Clay Work Charles Harrison & Chorus 1913
1889 Angel's Dream - Waltz New York Military Band 1913
1890 Pinafore Airs Gilbert & Sullivan Edison Light Opera Company 1913
1891 Pinafore Airs No. 2 Gilbert & Sullivan Edison Light Opera Company 1913
1892 Pinafore Airs No. 3 Gilbert & Sullivan Edison Light Opera Company 1913
1893 Pinafore Airs No. 4 Gilbert & Sullivan Edison Light Opera Company 1913
1894 Under Southern Skies Manuel Romain & Chorus 1913
1895 Officer of the Day - March National Promenade Band 1913
1896 Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop Stewart Cal Stewart 1913
1897 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Collins & Harlan 1913
1898 Gloria from the 12th Mass (K.427) W. A. Mozart Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1899 Angel's Serenade Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
1900 The Boom is On the Rye Harry Anthony & James Harrison 1913
1901 The Bridge Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1902 Hear the Pickaninny Band Seymour Furth Walter Van Brunt & Chorus 1913
1903 Sauerkraut is Bully- Medley Watson George P. Watson 1913
1904 Extase-Reverie Louis Ganne' Tollefsen Trio 1913
1905 Pussy's in the Well George Nevin Manhattan Ladies Quartet 1913
1906 Rum Tum Tiddle Jean Schwartz Billy Murray 1913
1907 An Easy Job On the Farm Golden Billy golden & Joe Hughes 1913
1908 Old Folks at Home- pno Foster-Meecham Andre Benotist 1913
1909 Seated Around an Oil Stove Hill Murray K. Hill 1913
1910 Good-Bye, Rose Herbert Ingraham Walter van Brunt 1913
1911 Say Au Revoir, but Not Good-Bye Harry Kennedy Will Oakland & Chorus 1913
1912 The Show Troupe at Punkin Center Steward Cal Stewart 1913
1913 I love to tell the Story W. G. Fischer Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1914 Moonlight Dance Herrmann Finck American Standard Orchestra 1913
1915 Waialae (Waltz Song) Prince Leleohoku Toots Paka's Hawaiians 1913
1916 Pulupe (Waltz Song) Prince Leleohoku Toots Paka's Hawaiians 1913
1917 Tomi! Tomi!- Hawaiian Hula Solomon Hailama Toots Paka's Hawaiians 1913
1918 Lalani Hula's Hawaii Toots Paka's Hawaiians
1919 Raymond Overture A. Thomas Edison Concert Band 1913
1920 Call Me Back Charles W. Harrison 1913
1921 Where the Red Red Roses Grow Jean Schwartz Helen Price Clark & Walter Van Brunt 1913
1922 Trocha-Tango National Promenade Band 1913
1923 Emmett's Lullaby Will Oakland 1913
1924 Crossing the Bar Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1925 Too Much Mustard Cecil Macklin National Promenade Band 1913
1926 Serenade Moritz Moszkowski Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
1927 The Beautiful Dawn of Love Neil Moret Arthur C. Cough 1913
1928 That Tinkling Tango Tune Albert Gumble Billy Murray 1913
1929 Funny Doings At Sleepy Hollow Harlan E. Knight & Co. 1913
1930 Way Back Home Peerless Quartet 1913
1931 You Made Me Love You Joseph McCarthy - James V. Monaco Anna Chandler 1913
1932 When I Want a Little Loving Albert H. Campbell & Irving Gillette 1913
1933 Come Where My love Lies Dreaming Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1934 Down On The Farm In Harvest Time Harlan Byron G. Harlan 1913
1935 Sleepy Chile Elsie Baker 1913
1936 Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us James Edmeston Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1937 O You Silv'ry Bells! Medley Two-Step National Promenade Band 1913
1938 We've Got a Parrot in Our House Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1913
1939 The trail of the Lonesome Pine National Promenade Band 1913
1940 Draw Me Nearer Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison 1913
1941 Somebody's Coming to My House Irving Berlin Walter Van Brunt 1913
1942 Come and kiss Your Little Baby Lew Brown & Albert Von Tilzer Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1913
1943 There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland Ballard Macdonald - Harry Carroll Walter Van Brunt 1913
1944 Down On The Mississippi Premier Quartet
1945 Just Some One Manuel Romain
1946 The Sweetest Story Ever Told Venetian Instrumental Trio
1947 Only to See Her face Again Will Oakland & Chorus 1913
1948 Bear's Oil Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
1949 Come Josephine in My Flying Machine Ada Jones & Billy Murray with Chorus 1913
1951 Kathleen Mavoureen J. N. Crouch Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1951 Entered Apprentice Degree Hymn Male Quartet
1953 Master Mason Degree Dirge Male Quartet 1913
1954 Master Mason Degree Male Quartet 1913
1955 My Sweetheart (Tesoro mio) - accordion solo Ernesto Bubucci Guido Deiro 1913
1956 When The Bell In The Lighthouse Rings Gus Reed
1957 Sheridan's Ride Edgar L. Davenport 1913
1958 Killarney, My Home O'er The Sea Frank X. Doyle & Chorus
1959 Waiting Down By the Mississippi Shore Albert H. Campbell & Irving Gillette 1913
1960 Boston Commandery March Thos. Carter Edison Concert Band 1913
1961 The Lighthouse By the Sea Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
1962 Bride of the Waves - Cornet solo Herbert L. Clarke w/ Orchestra accomp. 1913
1964 Sailor's Hornpipe Medley Charles D'Almaine 1913
1965 Grand Baby Or Baby Grand Ada Jones
1966 The Kiss H. Bennie Henton 1913
1967 A Day in Venice (Suite) American Standard Orchestra 1913
1968 A Day in Venice (Suite) No.2 American Standard Orchestra 1913
1969 Grandma's Mustard Plaster Hill Murray K. Hill 1913
1970 Masaniello Overture Auber Edison Concert Band 1913
1971 Peaches and Cream Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1913
1972 Dancing On the House Top Edwin Christie Charles Daab 1913
1973 Do They Think of Me At Home? Manhattan Mixed Trio 1913
1974 Bonnie Doon Marie Narelle 1913
1975 March Religioso Edison Concert Band 1913
1976 Be Happy R. Wagar Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
1977 Ah! Moon of My Delight Reed Miller 1913
1978 I Want to Be Home Down in Dixie Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1913
1979 Birds of the Forest Guido Gialdini 1913
1980 Infanta March, bjo Fred Van Eps 1913
1981 I. O. O. F. Opening & Closing Odes, two separate tracks Male Quartet 1913
1982 I. O. O. F. Initiation & Installation Odes Male Quartet 1913
1983 I. O. O. F. Male Quartet 1913
1984 Are You Coming Home Tonight? Harry Anthony & James Harrison 1913
1985 So-So Polka Charles Daab 1913
1986 Uncle Josh's Rheumatism Stewart Cal Stewart 1913
1987 It's Got to Be Someone I Love Ada Jones 1913
1988 Jere Sanford's Yodeling and Whistling Specialty Sanford Jere Sanford 1913
1989 II Trovatore-Anvil Chorus Verdi Edison Light Opera Company 1913
1990 Gerimeo Polka US Marine Band 1913
1991 Praise Ye (Attila) Verdi Agnes Kimball, Reed Miller & Frank Croxton 1913
1992 Beautiful Lady Elizabeth Spencer 1913
1993 Long, Long Ago, flute Julius Spindler 1913
1994 Never the Maiden Dreamed Charles Harrison 1913
1995 At the Mill - March Bohumir Kryl & His Band 1913
1996 The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls Irving Gillette & Chorus 1913
1997 You'll Do the Same Thing All Over Again Billy Murray 1913
1998 Silver Bell American Standard Orchestra 1913
1999 The Old Time Street Fakir Steve Porter & Byron G. Harlan 1913
2000 Chimes of Normandy Airs Edison Light Opera Company 1913
2001 Rastus, Take Me Back! Marie Dressler 1913
2002 A Woodland Serenade Edison Concert Band 1913
2003 I Hope I Don't Intrude (Bells) Charles S. Daab 1913
2004 Crucifix Reed Miller & Frank Croxton 1913
2005 The Skater's Waltz Emile Waldteufel N.Y. Military Band 1913
2006 Comic Epitaphs Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
2007 When Old Folks Were Young Folks Manuel Romain & Chorus 1913
2008 Madame Butterfly - Selection G. Puccini Victor Sorlin 1913
2009 The Revival Meeting at Pumpkin Center Stewart Cal Stewart & Co. 1913
2010 Souvenir - Mandolin Drdla Demetrius C. Dounis 1913
2011 All Aboard for Blanket Bay Harry Anthony & James Harrison 1913
2012 In the Golden Afterwhile Luther A. Clark Peerless Quartet 1913
2013 Good Night - Waltz New York Military Band 1913
2014 Der Tambour der Garde Overture A. E. Titl Edison Concert Band 1913
2015 Villanelle Marie Kaiser 1913
2016 They've Got Me Doin' It Now Billy Murray 1913
2017 When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandy Irving Gillette 1913
2018 A Little Bunch of Shamrocks Frank X. Doyle 1913
2019 Here Comes My Daddy Now - Medley National Promenade Band 1913
2020 You're the Same Old Girl Walter Van Brunt 1913
2021 Snow Deer Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1913
2022 Curse of an Aching Heart Henry Fink - Al Piantadosi Will Oakland
2023 Sunshine and Roses Irving Gillette & Elizabeth Spencer 1913
2024 Chant Sans Paroles (Souvenir de Haspal) The Tollofsen Trio 1913
2025 Is My Name Written There? Harry Anthony & James Harrison 1913
2026 That Tango Tokio Billy Murray 1913
2027 Salvation Nell Peerless Quartet 1913
2028 Let Us See Your Rainbow Smile Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1913
2029 National Emblem March New York Military Band 1913
2030 There's a Mother Always Waiting You at Home, Sweet Home Will Oakland & Choris 1913
2031 Goodbye Summer! So Long Fall! Hello Wintertime! Premiere Quartet 1913
2032 Mammy Jinny's Jubilee Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1913
2033 You're My Girl Walter Van Brunt 1913
2034 Gold and Silver - Waltz J. Strauss National Promenade Band 1913
2035 Where Did You Get That Girl? Billy Murray 1913
2036 Peg O' My Heart Alfred Bryan - Fred Fisher Walter Van Brunt 1913
2037 Alderman Doolin's Campaign Speech Porter Steve Porter 1913
2038 Marche Lorraine New York Military Band 1913
2039 Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay Premiere Quartet 1913
2040 Come Back, I'm Pining Away Anna Chandler 1913
2041 When Old Silas Does the Turkey Trot to the Turkey in the Straw Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1913
2042 Face to Face Helen Price Clark 1913
2043 The Pullman Porters On Parade Edward Meeker 1913
2044 S. R. Henry's Barn Dance New York Military Band 1913
2045 The Shipmates Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
2046 The Old Oaken Bucket Knickerbocker Quartet 1913
2047 Every Little Movement American Standard Orchestra 1913
2048 Alexander's Ragtime Band Billy Murray 1913
2049 Trust In the Lord Nevada Van der Veer & Reed Miller 1913
2050 The Passing Caravan - Patrol New York Military Band 1913
2051 Favorite Airs from the Arcadians Edison Light Opera Company 1913
2052 Irish and Scotch Melodies Charles Daab 1913
2053 I Long to See the Girl I Left Behind Manuel Romain 1913
2054 Praise Ye - Attila G. Verdi Bohumir Kryl Band 1913
2055 Asthore Reinhald Werrenrath 1913
2056 Garry Owen Eugene A. Jaudas 1913
2057 One Fine Day G. Puccini Agnes Kimball 1913
2058 Dream Pictures American Standard Orchestra 1913
2059 Mrs Clancy's Boarding House Empire Vaudeville Company 1913
2060 Waltz Caprice, mandolin & gtr. Samuel Siegel & Ray Butin 1913
2061 Sweet Longing Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
2062 Calm as the Night Elizabeth Spencer & James Harrison 1913
2063 Virginia Reel National Promenade Band 1913
2064 Hail! Hail! Day of Days Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
2065 Thy Sentinel I Am T. Foster Why 1913
2066 Come On Over Here Elizabeth Spencer & Billy Murray 1913
2067 That Tango Tokio Medley National Promenade Band 1913
2068 When Dreams Come True Thomas Chalmers 1913
2069 I Wish That You belonged to Me Ada Jones & Murray 1913
2070 Adele Elizabeth Spencer 1913
2071 Ragtime in the Air Billy Murray & Chorus 1913
2072 Liebesleid Hans Kronold 1913
2073 In the Shadow of the Pines Vernon Archibald & Royal Fish 1913
2074 Hotel Porter and the Traveling Salesman Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
2075 Dear Old Girl Will Oakland 1913
2076 The Horse Trot National Promenade Band 1913
2077 If We Were On Our Honeymoon (From "The Doll Girl") Jerome Kern Elsie Baker & Royal Fish 1913
2078 The International Rag Irving Berlin Billy Murray 1913
2079 Those Ragtime Melodies Gene Hodgkins Peerless Quartet 1913
2080 Maria Padilla Gaetano Donizetti Julius Spindler & Anthony Giammatteo 1913
2081 We Have Much to be Thankful For Irving Berlin Manuel Romain 1913
2082 'Cross the Mason–Dixon line Henry I. Marshall Premier Quartet 1913
2083 Garewell Marguerite Boardman Charles W. Harrison 1913
2084 Aisha - Indian, Intermezzo (From Weber & Fields' "All Aboard John Lindsey Edison Concert Band 1913
2085 Lieber Augustin (from the comic opera "Lieber Augustin") Carl Weber Elizabeth Spencer 1913
2086 Look In Her Eyes (from the comic opera "Lieber Augustin") Jerome Kern Vernon Archibald 1913
2087 Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut) Jean Schwartz Billy Murray 1913
2088 The Girl in the Gingham Gown (from the NY Hippodrome revue "America") Harvey Hindermeyer 1913
2089 Hungarian Rag Julius Lenzberg New York Military Band 1913
2090 Bells of Christmas I. H. Meredith Edison Concert Band & Chorus 1913
2091 Ring Out the Bells of Christmas W. C. Williams Edison Concert Band & Edison Mixed Quartet 1913
2092 Old Jim's Christmas Hymn William B. Grey John Young & Fredrick Wheeler 1913
2093 The Musical Wizard and the Bell Boy Spencer Len Spencer & Albert Campbell 1913
2094 Song Bird - Intermezzo Harry L. Alford Charles Daab 1913
2095 'Lizabeth Ann Theodore F. Morse Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1913
2096 Valse Boston Dirgo-Lumbye National Promenade Band 1913
2097 Cradle Song Elsie Baker
2098 Cradle Song Kate Vannah Elsie Baker 1913
2099 Every Little Movement Karl Hoschna Marie Narelle, Albert Porter & Chorus 1913
2100 Selections from Rigoletto G. Verdi Edison Concert Band 1913
2101 The Two Poets (Vaudeville Sketch) Billy Golden & Joe Hughes 1913
2102 Romance from L'Eclair Jacques Hallevy Venetian Instrumental Trio 1913
2103 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen T. Westerdorf Will Oakland & Chorus 1913
2104 Stars and Stripes Forever March John Phillip Sousa Sousa's Band 1913
2105 The Bird on Nellie's Hat Alfred Sollman Ada Jones 1913
2106 The Last Chord Sir Arthur Sullivan Reed Miller 1913
2107 Amoreuse Waltz Rudolph Berger Paul Frosini 1913
2108 Uncle Josh in a Photograph Gallery Stewart Cal Stewart 1913
2109 The Broken Melody August Von Biene American Standard Orchestra 1913
2110 Gypsy Love Song (The Fortune Teller) Victor Herbert Frank Croxton & Mixed chorus 1913
2111 The Premiere Polka Edward Llewellyn Arthur S. Whitcomb accomp by US Marine Band 1913
2112 A String of Laughs Hill Murray K. Hill 1913
2113 The Owl in the Old Oak Tree Benj. Hapgood Burt "That Girl" Quartet 1913
2114 Southern Dream Patrol Franz Mahl New York Military Band 1913
2115 The Beautiful Galatea Overture Franz von Suppé Edison Concert Band 1914
2116 Sunlight - Waltz Song Harriet Ware Marie Kaiser 1914
2117 The Lord Is My Shepherd Smart Charlotte Kirwan & Kathryn Hall Staats 1914
2118 Take Me Back Irving Berlin Walter van Brunt 1914
2119 A Dream J. C. Bartlett Ernest Albert Couturier 1914
2120 When the Song Birds Sing No More Emory B Randolph 1914
2121 When I Dream of old Erin Friedman Irving Gillette & Chorus 1914
2122 If You Only Knew What I Know, Says the Moon Sharp Ada Jones 1914
2123 Marriage Bells, xyl & bells O' Reardon John F. Burkhardt & Charles Daab 1914
2124 Frisco Dan Van Allstyne Billy Murray 1914
2125 Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight Robert Lowery Edison Mixed Quartet 1914
2126 My Mother's Old Red Shawl Moreland Will Oakland 1914
2127 Old Black Joe - With variations- piano Foster-Benotist Andre Benotist 1914
2128 The Maple Leaf Forever Muir Knickerbocker Quartet & New York Military Band 1914
2129 On the Old Front Porch A. Lange Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1914
2130 On the Honeymoon Express Kendis & Stilwell Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1914
2131 When I Lost You Irving Berlin Charles D'Almaine 1913
2132 Favorite Airs fro Rob Roy Reginald de Koven Edison Light Opera Company 1914
2133 Floating Down the River White Premier Quartet 1913
2134 An Irish Husband (From "The Marriage Market " Jerome Kern Irving Gillette & Chorus 1914
2135 Miss Mexico - Tango Henry Frantzen National Promenade Band 1914
2136 Tra, La, La, La! Irving Berlin Billy Murray 1914
2137 What D'ye Mean You Lost Yer Dog? Daly Edward Meeker 1914
2138 When the Corn Is Waving Blamplain-Buck Knickerbocker Quartet 1914
2139 The International Rag Medley - Turkey Trot Irving Berlin National Promenade Band 1914
2140 Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee (from "A Winsome Widow) Henry Marshall Elizabeth Spencer & Walter Van Brunt 1914
2141 Down In Monkeyville Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1914
2142 The Lass from County Mayo Raymond A. Browne Owen J. McCormack 1914
2143 In the Land of Plankity Plank Theodore J. Morse Premiere Quartet 1914
2144 From Maine to Oregon - March Sousa New York Military Band 1914
2145 Aida - March G. Verdi Edison Concert Band 1914
2146 The Kerry Dance James J. Molloy Elizabeth Spencer 1914
2147 On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away Paul Dresser Vernon Archibald & Chorus 1914
2148 Kiss Me Goodnight Goodwin & Brown Billy Murray 1914
2149 The Nightingale Ed Mollenhauer Henry Heidelberg 1914
2150 When the Twilight Comes to Kiss the Rose Good-night Henry W. Petrie George Wilton Ballard 1914
2151 Sweet Anna Marie Theodore Morse Albert Campbell & Irving Gillette 1914
2152 A Little Christmas Basket & Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! Paul Lawrence Dunbar Edward Sterling Wright 1914
2153 When De C'on Pone's Hot & 'Possum Paul Lawrence Dunbar Edward Sterling Wright 1914
2154 Our Volunteers - Waltz Santelmann United States Marine Band !914
2155 Would You take Me Back Again? A. Solman Manuel Romain 1914
2156 There's Lots Of Stations On My Railroad Track Leo Edwards Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1914
2157 Ruy Blas Overture Mendelssohn Victor Herbert & His Orchestra 1914
2158 Samson et Dalila - My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice Saint-Saens Mary Jordan 1914
2159 Underneath the Tango Moon Harry Carroll Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1914
2160 Flee As A Bird Mrs. S. M. A. Dana Helen Price Clark 1914
2161 Tango - La Bella Cubanera National Promenade Band 1914
2162 How Long Have You Been Married? Rennie Carmack Billy Murray 1914
2163 Ever Of Thee Farley Hall Venetian Instrumental Qrt. 1914
2164 Just Because It's You (from "The Little Cafe") Ivan Caryl Elizabeth Spencer 1914
2165 Tres Chic - One Step Dan Caslar National Promenade Band 1914
2166 The "Honest" Hold-Up Man and Billy Beans Hill Murray K. Hill 1914
2167 Dinah Henry I. Marshall Peerless Quartet 1914
2168 When It's Springtime In Virginia Erdman Owen J. McCormack 1914
2169 Under the Double Eagle March J. F. Wagner New York Military Band 1914
2170 Saw Ye My Savior? - Communion Hymn Mary Baker Eddy Edison Mixed Quartet 1914
2171 Dance of the Hours Ponchinelli New York Military Band 1914
2172 'Tis But A Faded Flower Ambroise Thomas John Young & Frederick Wheeler 1914
2173 Lead Me to That Beautiful Land Goertz & Berlin Stella Mayhew 1914
2174 King Karl March C. Unruh New York Military Band 1914
2175 The Bonnie Blue Flag Polk Miller & His Old South Quartet 1914
2176 Laughing Song Polk Miller & His Old South Quartet 1914
2177 What A Time Polk Miller & His Old South Quartet 1914
2178 The Watermelon Party Polk Miller & His Old South Quartet 1914
2179 Favorite Airs from Mikado Gilbert & Sullivan New York Light Opera Company 1914
2182 You've Got Your Mother's Big Blue Eyes Walter Van Brunt
2183 Stabat Mater - Inflammatus, cnt Gustav Heim
2185 Beautiful Bird, Sing On Marie Kaiser
2186 The Old Clarinet Empire Vaudeville Co.
2187 Dream Days Manual Romain
2190 That's How I Lost Him Ada Jones
2191 Fein Und Chic Gavotte United States Marine Band
2192 Aunt Mandy Golden and Hughes
2195 Bonnie Scotland Medley (Xylophone) Charles Daab
2197 The Pussy Cat Rag Ada Jones & the Peerless Quartet
2199 G.A.R. Patrol New York Military Band
2201 Dixie Days Owen McCormack & Chorus
2202 By The Old Wishing Well Campbell & Gillete
2203 Columbian Exposition March New York Military Band
2204 Dreams of Galilee Edison Mixed Quartet
2206 Dreaming - Waltz Hesitation National Prominade BND
2208 When It's Apple Blossom Time In Normandy National Promenade Band
2209 Dream Tango National Promenade Band
2210 Hallelujah, Christ is Risen! Edison Mixed Quartet
2211 The Bubble, from "High Jinks" Emory B Randolph & Chorus
2212 All Aboard For Dixie Land Ada Jones & Chorus
2213 The Rosary Albert Couturier
2214 A Little Love, A Little Kiss Reed Miller
2215 Favorite Airs from Pirates of Penzance Gilbert & Sullivan Edison Light Opera Company 1914
2216 Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Billy Murray
2217 Cavallara Rusticana - Siciliana and Intermezzo American Standard Orc.
2220 My Love Nell F. G. MacLean
2222 Gillette and mixed chorus
 Sing me the rosary
2224 I'm Crying Just For You Jones & Murray
2230 I'm Crazy 'Bout A Ragtime Minstrel Band Edward Meeker
2231 The Santley Tango National Prominade Band
2232 The Ragtime Dream Collins & Harlan
2233 I'm On My Way To Mandalay Campbell & Gillette
2236 The Dear Old Songs Will Oakland
2238 When The Bloom Is On The Cotton, Dixie Lee Manuel Rowan
2239 My Old Kentucky Home Edison Concert Band
2242 The Carrousel-Swedish Folk Song National Promenade Band
2243 Danish Dance of Greeting National Promenade Band 1914
2245 Highland Schottische Band 1914
2246 The Irish Jig - Irish Folk Song National Promenade Band
2248 Lassie's Dance - Swedish Folk Dance National Promenade Band
2250 Clap Dance - Swedish Folk Dance National Promenade Band
2252 Favorite Airs from "The Mascot" Edison Light Opera
2254 In The Candle-Light Helen Clark & Emory B Randolph
2256 When You're All Dresses Up And No Place To Go Billy Murray
2258 I Miss You Most of All Joseph McCarthy Sr. & James V. Monaco Manuel Romain
2261 Song of The Mill Elizabeth Spencer & Chorus
2263 Peg O' My Heart - violin solo Alfred Bryan & Fred Fisher Charles D'Almaine 1914
2264 Love's Own Sweet Song C.C.S. Cushing - E.P. Heath - Emmerich Kalman Elizabeth Spencer (soprano) & Irving Gillette
2265 Softly and Tenderly Edison Mixed Quartette
2267 Nights of Gladness - Waltz Boston National Promenade Band
2268 Camp Meeting Band Collins & Harlan
2270 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm A. Seymour Brown - Albert Gumble Al Campbell & Irving Gillette
2271 There's A Girl In The Heart Of Maryland National Promenade Band
2272 An Afternoon in June Murray & Belmont
2278 Moonlight on the Lake Knickerbocker Quartet
2280 Si Perkin's Barn Dance Jones & Spencer
2282 Songs of Scotland Edison Concert Band
2285 Cantique De Noel Albert Quesnel
2287 Oh Canada Henry Burr
2289 Jessie, The Flower O'Dunblane Marie Narelle
2293 Isle d'amour - Waltz Hesitation National Promenade Band
2294 Leg Of Mutton - One-Step National Prominade Band
2296 Rye Waltzes National Promenade Band
2298 Poem National Prominade Band
2300 In the Valley of the Moon Spencer & Archibald
2305 While The Rivers Of Love Flow On Charles Harrison
2306 John 14 1-3 & A Home On High Rev. M.C. Peters and The Edison Quartet
2309 Lord, I'm Coming Home Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison (as "Young & Wheeler")
2310 She's Dancing Her Heart Away Manual Romain
2311 Where Can I Meet You Tonight Jones & Murray !!
2314 Celebratin' Day in Tennessee Collins & Harlan
2315 In The Valley Where The Blue Birds Sing Emory B. Randolph
2317 Elk's Opening & Closing Odes Knickerbocker Quartet
2320 B.P.O.E. Elk's Song Nat. M. Wills
2325 Fourth Of July Patrol New York Military Band With Chorus
2327 Favorite Airs from "Emani" Edison Light Opera Co.
2328 I Love The Ladies Irving Kaufman
2331 Sing Rock-A-Bye Baby To Me Will Oakland
2332 On The Banks Of Lovelight Bay Clark & Randolph
2335 He's Working In The Movies Now Billy Murray
2336 In The Heart Of A City That Has No Heart Irving Gillette
2337 Panama Exposition - accordion solo Pietro Frosini
2337 The Wedding Of The Rose American Standard Orchestra
2338 Norah McNamara Eugene Emmett
2339 Traumerei & Romance Robert Schumann Elias Breeskin 1914
2342 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Of Young Charms - Kitty Berger Harp-Zither.
2343 The Passing Of Salome - Waltz Hesitation National Promenade Band
2344 On the Shores of Italy Al Piantadosi - Dave Oppenheim - Jack Glogau Albert C. Campbell & Irving Gillette
2346 He'd Have To Get Under. Get Out And Get Under - Medley National Promenade Band
2347 Chicken Reel Edward Meeker
2348 Pepper Pot National Prominade Band
2349 If Your Heart Keeps Right Homer Rodeheaver
2350 I Walk With The King Homer Rodeheaver
2351 Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me Homer Rodeheaver & Chorus
2354 Somebody Cares Homer Rodeheaver
2360 While They Were Dancing Around Irving Kaufman
2361 The Whistling Coquette Jones & Murray
2362 Sunshine And Rain Mildred Hartley
2364 Do You Remember? Irving Gillette
2366 You Broke My Heart To Pass The Time Away Manuel Romain
2367 On The High Alps Venetian Instrumental Qrt.
2368 A Perfect Day - Quartet Metropolitan Quartet
2370 Looking This Way J. W. Van De Venter Elizabeth Spencer & F. Eleanor Patterson
2371 Kathlyn - Waltz Hesitation National Promenade Band
2372 Harmony Bay Campbell & Gillette
2373 Happy Tho' Married Fred Duprez
2375 This is the Life Irving Berlin Billy Murray
2377 Down Home Rag - One -Step Van Eps' Trio
2379 Who Paid The Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle National Promenade Band
2380 Stick To Your Mother, Tom Will Oakland
2381 Ballet from "William Tell" Edison Concert Band
2384 Buck Dance, acc: John J. Kimmel
2385 Aeroplane Dip - Waltz Hesitation National Promenade Band
2386 Mary, You're A Little Bit Old Fashioned Walter Van Brunt
2387 Recessional Edison Mixed Quartette
2388 The Rose Of The Mountain Trail Vernon Archibald
2389 Grande Valse De Concert Edison Concert (Reed) Band
2391 If They Would Only Move Old Ireland Over Here Edward Favor & Chorus
2392 All On Account Of You Irving Gillette
2393 Hearts and Flowers Venetian Inst Quartet
2394 'Twas In September Jones & Murray
2395 When You Play in the Game of Love Joe Goodwin - Al Piantadosi Manuel Romain
2396 The Blue Jay And The Thrush Harlan & Belmont
2399 Kentucky Babe Manhattan Quartet
2400 Lorena Metropolitan Quartet
2401 The Dorothy - Three Step National Prominade Band
2403 The Wanderer Walter Van Brunt
2404 Something Seems Tingle-Ingling Otto Harbach - Rudolf Friml Walter Van Brunt
2405 Humoreske (Dvorak) Samuel Gardner, vln.
2406 He'd Push It Along Edward Meeker
2407 Castle House Rag One-Step Band
2409 Bedtime At The Zoo Ada Jones
2410 By The Dear Old River Rhine Campbell & Gillette
2411 Patrol Comique American Standard Orc.
2412 March Of The Inland Tribes Liberati's Band
2413 Suffragettes March Liberati's Band
2414 La Mia Seperanza Valse Liberati's Band
2416 Ma Pickaninny Babe Will Oakland
2418 The Lover And The Bird Mary Carson
2419 Mother Machree (Violin) Charles D'Almaine
2420 Trust And Obey Edison Mixed Quartet
2423 Valse June National Promenade Band
2424 Christ My All Young & Wheeler
2425 You're More Than The World To Me Manuel Romain
2427 Wedding Of The Winds -Waltz American Standard Orchestra
2428 When the Angelus is Ringing Joe Young - Bert Grant Irving Gillette
2429 Jimmy Trigger's Return From Mexico Golden & Hughes
2430 The Robin And The Wren Harlan & Belmont
2432 Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Knickerbocker Quartet
2434 Mignon-Polonaise Guido Gialdini, whi
2435 Too Much Ginger - One Step National Promenade Band
2437 When It's Night Time Down In Burgundy Clark & Van Brunt
2439 La Marseillaise New York Military Band
2440 Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping
2444 The Post In The Forest Heim & Waldhorn Quartet, cnt & French horn
2445 Tickle Toes - One Step National Promenade Band
2446 First Love - Waltz Hesitation National Promenade Band
2447 Massa's In De Cold, Cold Ground Metropolitan Quartet
2448 Roll Them Cotton Bales James W. Johnson - J. Rosamond Johnson Premier Quartette
2449 Let's Grow Old Together, Honey Manuel Romain
2453 Somewhere a Voice is Calling Spencer & Archibald
2456 My Croony Melody Collins & Harlan
2457 In The Evening By The Moonlight, Dear Louise Harvey Hindermeyer
2458 Humpty Dumpty Rag New York Military Band
2461 The Soldiers of The King Joseph A. Phillips
2462 Love's Last Word Walter Van Brunt w/chorus
2464 The Night Before Christmas Harry Humphrey
2465 L'Elegante Polka- xyl Charles Daab
2466 Jocelyn P.A. Silvestre - Victor Capoul - Lamartine - Benjamin Godard Elizabeth Spencer
2467 L'Estudiantina - Waltz Hesitation National Prominade Band
2468 Aba Daba Honeymoon Arthur Fields & Walter Donovan Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan
2470 Reuben-Fox Trot National Promenade Band
2471 I Want To Go Back To Michigan National Promenade Band
2472 Come To Me Clark & Archibald
2473 Spring Of Love Venetian Instrumental Quartet
2475 Adoration (Violin) Richard Czerwonky
2476 The Birth Of A King -Christmas Song Thomas Chalmers & Chorus
2478 O Come, All Ye Faithful Edison Mixed Quartet
2482 Hark! The Herald Angles Sing Edison Mixed Quartet
2487 It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary Jack Judge Albert Farrington & Male Chorus 1914
2488 By The Setting Of The Sun Walter Van Brunt
2492 Lu Lu - Fado National Prominade Band
2494 Fairest Rose Charles Daab
2496 The Girl from Utah One-Step Band
2497 When The Roses Bloom Spencer & Randolph
2498 Messiah- Comfort Ye, My People Reed Miller
2499 Messiah-Every valley shall be exalted Reed Miller

Edison Blue Amberols 2500-3499[edit]

Issue Number Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Date
2500 Rinaldo - Leave Me To Languish Adelaide Fischer
2501 California and You Billy Murray & Chorus
2503 Tao Tao One-Step Chinese Dance National Promenade Band
2504 La Bohème - Waltz Song Guido Gialdini
2505 Vulcan Song T. Foster Why
2506 Weber's Last Thought - Fantasia Gustave Heim, cnt.
2507 I Want to Go Back to Michigan, Down On the Farm Irving Berlin Billy Murray
2508 Because & Yesterday and Today Charles Granville
2510 I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay Premier Quartet
2512 Martha - The Last Rose of Summer Elizabeth Spencer
2513 He's a Rag Picker Irving Berlin Peerless Quartet
2514 The Dodo Dawdle National Promenade Band
2515 In Siam Billy Murray
2516 For You Clark & Archibald
2523 Le Rouli-Rouli National Promenade Band
2524 Oh Promise Me Anton Weiss, flugelhorn
2526 Grandfather's Clock Helen Clark & Walter Van Brunt
2527 Rienzi Overture Brass Orchestra
2530 Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers R. P. Weston - Herman E. Darewski Billy Murray
2531 Echoes From The Movies P. Frosini, acc
2534 Sally In Our Alley Knickerbocker quartet
2535 One Wonderful Night Kaiser & Randolph
2536 My Lady Of The Telephone Joseph Philips & Chorus
2538 Operatic Rag Sodero's Band
2539 Out To Old Aunt Mary's Harry Humphrey
2542 My Melancholy Baby George A. Norton - Ernie Burnett Walter Scanlan
2543 Huguenots-Benediction of the Poignards Edison Concert Band
2544 Way Down on Tampa Bay Owen J. McCormack
2545 Cecile - Waltz Hesitation National Prominade Band
2547 When You Wore a Tulip Jack Mahoney m. Percy Wenrich Walter Van Brunt
2548 Goodbye Girls I'm Through John Golden - Ivan Caryll Owen J. McCormack
2551 Let Bygones Be Bygones Clark & Archibald
2552 Back To The Carolina You Love Owen J. McCormack
2553 The Heart of Paddy Whack - A Little it of Heaven Frank X. Doyle
2554 My Orchard Is Short Of A Peach Like You Collins & Harlan
2555 Tip-Top Tipperary Mary Philips & Chorus
2556 The Little Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray
2557 There's a Bungalow in Dixieland Morton Harvey
2558 Let Us Have Peace Phillip Wolfram
2560 The Sorrows of Death William Pagdin
2561 On the 5:15 Stanley Murphy - Henry I. Marshall Pete Murray
2563 Brown October Ale, from "Robin Hood" Thomas Chalmers
2564 The Jolly Coppersmith New York Military Band
2567 Italian Fantasia Frosini
2572 Someone E. Spencer & Archibald
2574 Millicent Waltz Hesitation Jauda's Society Orchestra
2575 After The Roses Have Faded Away Clark & Phillips
2579 Day Of Resurrection Edison Mixed Quartet
2580 I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Alfred Bryan - Al Piantadosi Helen Clark
2581 Tennessee, I Hear You Calling Me Premier Quartet
2586 Little House Upon the Hill Ballard Macdonald - Joe Goodwin - Harry Puck Manuel Romain
2590 After Sunset Edison Concert Band
2591 The Same Sort Of Girl Spencer & Van Brunt
2592 Love's Golden Dream Clark & Randolph
2593 Some Baby Van Eps's Banjo Orchestra
2597 The Dying Poet Sodero's Band
2599 The Heart of Paddy Whack - Irish Eyes of Love Frank X. Doyle
2600 When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget Van Brunt & Helen Clark
2602 O That We Two Were Maying E. Spencer & Chalmers
2605 The Ancient Order of Hibernians of the USA Jack Glogau Edward Meeker
2607 Play a Simple Melody Irving Berlin Mary Carson & Walter Van Brunt
2609 Lucia di Lammermoor - Sextette Sodero's Band
2610 I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay Premier Quartet
2611 The Nightingale Song—Coronet Solo Bach
2616 Alone In The Deep Knickerbocker Quarte.
2617 My Old Kentucky Home Thomas Chalmers
2622 Don't Take My Darling Boy Away Clark & Phillips
2623 In the Hills of Old Kentucky Morton Harvey
2626 Tannhauser - Pilgrims' Chorus Metropolitan Mixed Chorus
2627 Hey Wop! George L. Thompson
2628 What is Love Irving Berlin Elizabeth Spencer & Cho.
2629 I Want to go to Tokio Maybelle Mac Donald & Walter Van Brunt
2631 America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee) Metropolitan Quartet
2635 Little Grey Home In The West Emory Randolph
2637 Auntie Skinner's Chicken inner Collins & Harlan
2638 Land Of Dreams & You Walter Van Brunt
2644 United Service Passing In Review Sousa' Band
2645 Pick A Chicken Jaudas' Society Orchestra
2646 Laughing Love—Whistling Solo
2647 Oh, How That Woman Could Cook Maurice Burkhart
2648 Indiana Van Brunt & Cho.
2652 The Star Spangled Banner Thomas Chalmers
2653 King Of The Air March Charles Daab, xyl.
2654 I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay Judas' Society Orchestra
2655 Are You the O'Reilly? Billy Murray
2657 War Talk At Pun'kin Center Cal Stewart
2658 There's a Little Spark of Love Still Burning Joe McCarthy - Fred Fisher Walter Van Brunt
2660 Norma-Hear Me, Norma Spindler, flute & Glammatteo, cla.
2661 Good-Bye Everybody Clark & Phillips
2663 Alabama Jubilee Jack Yellen & George L. Cobb Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan
2664 My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice Albert Witcomb, cnt.
2665 II Bacio Mary Carson
2667 Make Up Your Mind, Maggie MacKenzie Glen Ellison
2668 Lohengrin-Introduction to Act 3 American Standard Orchestra
2671 Ma Curly-Headed Baby Beatrice Collin & Chorus
2672 Some Little Girl Named Mary Irving Kaufman
2675 Fondly of Thee I'm Fondly Dreaming Elizabeth Spencer and Thomas Chalmers (Foley Hall)
2677 My Little Dream Girl Walter Van Brunt
2684 Gasoline Gus & And His Jitney Bus Billy Murray & Chorus
2685 Ula Like No Alike - Melody of Hawaiian Hulas Frank Ferera, Hawaiian gtr
2686 Love Me As You Used To Love Me Reed Miller
2687 Hello, Frisco! Gene Buck - Louis A. Hirsch Harvey Hindermeyer & Helen Clark
2692 Beautiful Lady in Red Emory Randolph & Chorus
2693 By Heck L. Wolfe Gilbert - S. R. Henry Jaudus Society Orch.
2695 We'll Build A Little Home In The U.S.A. Irving Kaufman & Chorus
2696 I Like Your Town Glen Ellison
2697 The Three Bears - Bedtime Story Edna Bailey
2700 My Little Girl Sam M. Lewis - William Dillon - Albert Von Tilzer Arthur C. Lichty
2701 Aloha Oe - Waltz Medley W. Smith & W. Kolomoku, Hawaiian gtrs.
2702 Fairy Tales Overture Edison Concert Band
2706 Spring's Awakening Mary Carson
2707 It's Tulip Time In Holland Arthur Lichty
2708 The Gladiator March New York Military Band
2710 Asleep In The Deep William MEYER
2711 Open The Gates To The Temple Hardy Williamson
2712 Dance of the Skeletons Sodero's Band
2713 Robert's Globe Trot- Fox Trot Jauda's Society Orchestra
2714 Climbing Up De Golden Stairs Walter Van Brunt
2715 The Birds and the Brook American Symphony Orch.
2716 Circus Day In Dixie Premier Quartet
2719 Daisies Won't Tell Helen Clark & J. Phillips
2720 Which Switch is the Switch, Miss, For Ipswich? Billy Murray
2721 Wee Little House Glen Ellison
2723 The Relic Hunters Golden & Marlowe
2726 Waipio Medley—Hawaiian Guitar Smith & Kolomoku
2730 Garden of Roses Waltz Band
2731 Twinkle Waltz Charles Daab
2734 Ragging The Scale Jauda's' Society Orchestra
2735 Where the Water Lilies Grow Royal, Fish, & Cho.
2738 Mother Machree Walter Van Brunt
2740 Ah, Could I But Once More So Love, Dear Emory Randolph
2741 They did the Goose - Step Home Irving Kaufman
2742 Parla Guido Gialdini, whi.
2743 Dat's What I Call Music Edna Bailey
2744 Gypsy Baron. Treasure Waltz Hungarian Orchestra
2745 You're My Girl Walter Van Brunt & Helen Clark
2746 We'll Never Let The Old Flag Down Fredrick J. Wheeler
2747 Call of the Motherland F. J. Wheeler
2748 We'll Have A Jubilee in My Old Kentucky Home Billy Murray & Chorus
2749 When I Leave the World Behind Irving Berlin Glen Ellison
2751 That's the Song of Songs For Me Walter Van Brunt
2755 Coronation March from "Prophete" Sodero's Band
2757 Whistling Rufus Jauda's Society Orchestra
2759 They Didn't Believe Me Herbert Reynolds - Jerome Kern Gladys Rice & Walter Van Brunt
2761 All Aboard For The Country Fair Harlan Knight & Co.
2762 The Little Grey Mother James Doherty & Chorus
2764 Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner Medley Sisty & Seitz's Banjo Orchestra
2765 The Last Waltz Sisty & Seitz's Banjo Orchestra
2766 Chimes of Normandy Airs, No. 2 NY Light Opera Co.
2767 O Little Town of Bethlehem Carol Singers
2768 Once In Royal David's City Carol Singers
2769 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Carol Singers
2770 O Come , All Ye Faithful Sodero's Band
2772 Dominion Of Canada March Sodero's Band
2773 Keep the Home Fires Burning 'Till The Boys Come Home Lena Guilbert Ford - Ivor Novello Frederick J. Wheeler
2775 Auf Wiedersehen, from " The Blue Paradise" Lenihan & Rice
2776 When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele Charles McCarron & Nathaniel Vincent Billy Murray
2786 Blue-White March New York Military Band
2789 Lauterbach and Hi-Le-Hi Lo With Yodels George Watson
2791 Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars Maurice Burkhart
2797 Molly Dear, It's You I'm After Frank Wood - Henry E. Pether Walter Van Brunt
2799 I'd Rather Be A Lamp-post On Old Broadway Billy Murray
2802 Sometimes A Dream Comes True Walter Van Brunt
2803 The Nightingale's Song Helen Clark & Chorus
2804 Henry Gibson's Narrow Escape Golden & Marlowe
2805 She's The Daughter of Mother Machree Burton Lenihan
2806 Young America, We're Strong For You Irving Kaufman & Chorus
2807 Bridal Blushes - Waltz Jauda's Society Orchestra
2810 Ben Hur Chariot Race March New York Military Band
2812 Henry & Hank At The Levee Kaufman Brothers
2814 M-O-T-H-E-R, A Word That Means The World To Me Howard Johnson m. Theodore F. Morse George Wilton Ballard
2815 Cohen at the Telephone George Thompson
2816 My Sweet Little Colleen Walter Van Brunt
2817 Along the Rocky Road to Dublin Premier Quartet
2818 Melody in F (Rubenstein) Isidore Moskowitz, vin
2819 Just Try to Picture Me (Back Home in Tennessee) William Jerome m. Walter Donaldson George Wilton Ballard
2820 Help The Other Fellow Knickerbocker Quartet
2821 The Allies March To Freedom C. Ballard & Male Chorus
2822 Cheery O' Fredrick Wheeler
2824 Back Home in Tennessee Vecsey's Hungarian Orc.
2825 I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay New York Military Band
2826 The Mocking Bird Richard Milburn - Septimus Winner Elizabeth Spencer & Walter Van Brunt
2830 Sons Of Mother Earth Weary Willie Trio
2831 Could the Dreams of a Dreamer Come True? George Ballard
2834 I'm Dreaming Of You Ward Barton
2835 There's a Long, Long Trail Stoddard King - Zo Elliott George Wilton Ballard & Chorus
2837 Iolanthe Airs—Part 1 Gilbert & Sullivan New York Light Opera Company
2838 Collins & Harlan
2839 I Love a Piano Irving Berlin Walter Van Brunt
2840 In Monterey Burton Lenihan
2842 I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River Bert Kalmar - Joe Cooper Billy Murray
2843 America, I Love You - March New York Military Band
2844 Lorna Emory Randolph
2847 Let The Merry Church Bells Ring Carol Singers
2848 Attila—"Praise Ye" Grand Trio Sodero's Band
2849 Wait 'till the Clouds Roll By Walter Van Brunt
2851 Molly Dear, It's You I Am After - Melody One-Step National Promenade Band
2852 In The Gloaming Emory Randolph
2853 Massa's In De Cold Cold Ground Fred Bacon, bjo
2854 Answer Thomas Chalmers
2857 Go To Sleep, My Little Pickaninny Gladys Rice
2859 You'll Always Be The Same Sweet Girl Manuel Romain
2861 Iolanthe Airs—Part 2 W.S. Gilbert - A.S. Sullivan New York Light Opera Company
2863 Hungarian Serenade Allessio's Mandolin Qrt
2864 My Mother's Rosary Walter Van Burnt
2866 Around The Map Jaudas' Society Orchestra
2868 When The Right Girl Comes Along Billy Murray w/chorus
2869 Boys Of The Dardanelles F. Wheeler & Chorus
2872 Little Cotton Dolly Criterion Quartet
2876 Spanish Rhapsody Alessio's Mandolin Quartet
2877 Memories Gustave Kahn - Egbert Van Alstyne Burton Lenihan
2878 I Wonder If You Still Miss Me Sometimes George Wilton Ballard
2884 Stop! Look! Listen! Jauda's Society Orchestra
2885 Songs of Other Days, No. 1 Metropolitan Mixed Chorus
2887 Song Of The Soul Marir Kaiser
2888 Songs We Used to Sing In Dixie Land Merle Alcock
2889 Kitinka Walter Van Brunt
2892 The Creation With verdure clad Marie Sundelius
2893 Railroad Jim Vincent Edward Meeker
2897 I Can Dance with Everybody But My Wife Joseph Cawthorn - John Golden Billy Murray
2902 Wonderful Rose of Love George Ballard
2903 De Sandman & the Drum Criterion Quartet
2904 Battle Cry Of Freedom Walter Van Brunt
2906 Serenade from "Les Millions d 'Arlequin" Vecsey's Hungarian Orchestra
2909 My Pretty Lena (Yodle Song) W. Barton
2910 Serenade Schubert Burton Lenihan
2911 Aloha Oe Waltzes Jaudas' Society Orchestra
2912 Dixie Metropolitan Quartet
2913 What A Wonderful Mother You'd Make Walter Van Brunt
2914 Yankee Doodle Metropolitan Mixed Chorus
2915 America Fantasie New York Military Band
2916 Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula Walter Van Brunt
2917 Hawaiian Airs, No 1 Louise & Ferrera, Hawaiian gtrs.
2919 Wake Up, America! Joseph Phillips
2920 Since Mother Goes to the Movies Billy Murray
2921 Are You Half The Man Your Mother Though You'd Be Walter Van Brunt
2922 First Heart Throbs John F. Burchhardt, bells
2923 When It's Orange Blossom Time in Loveland George Ballard
2927 Hilo March (Hawaiian Guitar) Louise & Ferreira
2928 Slidus Trombonus Sodero's Band
2929 Lullaby from "Jocelyn" Ernest Albert Couturier, cnt
2931 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday On Saturday Night? Sam M. Lewis - Joe Young - George W. Meyer Billy Murray
2933 True To The Flag March US Marine Band
2936 Setting The Pace Jaudas' Society Orchestra
2940 If I Knock the 'L" Out of Kelly Ada Jones
2941 Medley of Hawaiian Airs No. 2 Louise & Ferreira
2942 Are You from Dixie, Cause I'm from Dixie Too Jack Yellen - George L. Cobb Billy Murray
2943 A Love-Sick Coon Golden & Marlowe
2944 Keep off the grass (Banjo Solo) Vossman Ossman
2845 Serenade (Schubert) Emst Albert Couturier, cnt.
2946 My Bonnie, Bonnie Jean Walter Van Brunt
2948 Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You Walter Van Brunt
2950 The Missouri Waltz Jauda's Society Orchestra
2952 Winter Song Criterion Quartet
2954 She Sang Aloha To Me Walter Van Brunt
2956 Hapa Haole Hula Girl (guitar duet) Helen Louise and Frank Ferreira
2957 Baby Shoes Joe Goodwin - Ed Rose (lyricist) - Al Piantadosi Elizabeth Spencer (soprano)
2958 Hapa Haole Hula Girl Louise & Ferrera, Hawaiian gtrs
2959 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Walter Van Brunt
2961 On The Hoko Moko Isle,Melody Jaudas Society Orchestra
2962 Sweet Cider Time, When You Were Mine Joseph Phillips
2963 Story of the Little Red Hen - Little Maud's Story Alice Goddard
2967 Walkin' the Dog National Promenade Band
2968 A Gay Gossoon V. Ossman
2970 Dublin Mary Brown Irving Kaufman
2971 On The Beach - Medley Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
2974 You're a Dangerous Girl Clark & Philips
2975 Shades of Night Spencer & Van Brunt
2976 The Lily And The Frog Collins & Harlan
2979 When Priscilla Tries to Reach High C Jones & Murray
2981 The Hospital Patients Golden & Marlowe
2984 The Star Spangled Banner Harry Humphrey & the Choir Boys of St. Ignatius Loyola
2986 Arrah Go On, I'm Gonna Go Back To Oregon Billy Murray
2987 I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Walter Van Brunt
2989 When That Little Yellow Fellow Plays Piano Collins & Harlan
2991 Good Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You Rice & Van Brunt
2993 Dragon's Eye Peerless Quartet
2996 In A Dusty Caravan Walter Van Brunt
2999 I Sent My Wife To The Thousand Isles Billy Murray
3000 By The Sad Luana Shore - Step This Way Elizabeth Spencer & George Wilton Ballard
3001 I Surrender All Metropolitan Quartet
3002 Bantam Step - Fox Trot Jauda's Society Orchestra
3005 Spring Band Intermezzo Sodero's Band
3006 For Dixie And Uncle Sam George Ballard
3010 He's The Makin's of A Darn Fine Man Ada Jones
3011 Smiles, Then Kisses - Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3012 I Was Never Near Heaven In My Life Mayo & Tally
3013 Ireland Must Be Heaven Walter Van Brunt
3015 On The South Sea Isle Helen Clark
3019 Pretty Baby Gus Kahn - Tony Jackson - Egbert Van Alstyne Gladys Rice
3020 For Killarney And You Charles W. Harrison
3021 Du Du, And Dr. Eisenbart George Watson
3022 Ben Bolt Carolina Lazzari
3024 My Sweet Sweeting Waltz Louise & Ferera, Hawaiian gtrs
3026 Mighty Lak' A Rose Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3027 Turn Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday George Wilton Ballard
3028 Annie Laurie Criterion Quartet
3029 Joy to the World Carol Singers
3031 O Sing To God Shephard & Clark
3034 Santa Claus Song , yodel George P. Watson
3036 Christmas Eve Robert Gayler, celeste
3037 O'Brien is Tryin' To Learn To Talk Hawaiian Ada Jones
3038 There's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl Grant Clarke - Fred Fisher Gladys Rice
3041 Mississippi Days Collins & Harlan
3044 Songs of Other Days, No. 4 Metropolitan Mixed Chorus
3045 Kamehameha March—Guitar Duet Helen Louise & Frank Ferera
3046 Dream Hardy Williamson
3048 I'm A-Longin' Fo' You Merle Alcock
3050 Old Virginny — One Step Jaudas' Society Orch.
3051 In Florida Among The Palms Walter Van Brunt
3052 New York Blues - Classical Rag Pietro Frosini, acc.
3055 The Whistler and His Dog New York Military Band
3059 Give Me All Of You from " Flora Bella" Rice /7 Van Brunt
3062 Come Back, Sweet Dreams, from "The Girl from Brazil" Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3065 Hawaiian Hula Melody Louise & Ferreira, Hawaiian Gtrs
3066 The Trial of Josiah Brown Harlan Knight
3068 Silver Star Rice & Ballard
3069 The Garden of Flowers Walter Van Brunt
3072 Eyes Have A Language of Their Own Irving Kaufman
3073 The Last Rose of Summer & Old Folks at Home M. Nagy, zimbalon
3075 After All Charles Harrison
3076 Flora Bella, From "Flora Bella" Gladys Rice
3079 Sweet Genevieve Ida Gardner
3080 Just One Day George Ballard
3081 A Garden Dance Imperial Marimba Band
3083 Goldberg's Automobile Troubles Dave Martin
3084 A Broken Doll - London Taps Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3085 It's Not Your Nationality, It's Simply You Billy Murray
3088 Go Get 'Em Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3090 When the Boys Come Home John Hay - Oley Speaks Frederick J. Wheeler
3093 The Chicken Walk - The Century Girl L. Kaufman
3095 There's a Little Bit of Bad, Etc. Jaudas' Society Orch.
3097 Take This Letter to My Mother Will Oakland
3100 When You Hear Jackson Moan On His Saxophone Billy Murray
3101 Oh! Frenchy! Sam Ehrlich - Con Conrad Arthur Fields
3101 Ellis March Ford Hawaiians
3103 Killarney John Finnegan
3106 Good-Night Dinny, And God Bless You George McFadden
3108 Carnival Of Venice - Variations Pietro Frosini, acc.
3109 Medley of Scotch Airs Fred Bacon, bjo.
3111 Flora Bella Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3113 Way Down In Iowa Billy Murray
3114 Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love Premier Quartet
3116 Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose Raymond Egan - Richard Whiting Manuel Romain
3121 What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For Grant & Murray
3122 Medley of Southern Airs Fred Bacon, bjo
3123 Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe Ada Jones
3124 With His Hands In His Pockets and His Pockets In His Pants Byron G. Harlan
3125 They're Wearing 'Em Higher in Hawaii Joe Goodwin - Halsey K. Mohr Premier Quartette
3126 Erin is Calling George Ballard
3129 Kawaihau Waltz Ford Hawaiians
3130 When You And I Where Young, Maggie Walter Van Brunt
3133 I Hear You Calling Me Elizabeth Spencer
3134 I'm Going Back To California George Ballard
3135 Don't Slam That Door Ada Jones & Billy Murray
3136 Blue Danube Waltz Imperial Marimba Band
3137 Naughty, Naughty, Naughty! from "Show of Wonders" Gladys Rice
3139 Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag George Asaf - Felix Powell Helen Clark
3140 That Funny Jas Band from Dixieland Henry I. Marshal (music) and Gus Kahn (lyrics) Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1916[2]: 80 
3141 Waialae Medley Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3143 How's Every Little Thing In Dixie Premier Quartet
3145 Angels, Roll The Rock Away - Easter Hymn Calvary Choir
3146 Poor Butterfly Jaudas' Band
3147 Little By Little & Bit By Bit, from "Go To It" Billy Murray
3149 Aloha Oe Ford Hawaiians
3150 One Kiss And All is O'er George Wilton Ballard
3152 The Band Festival At Plum Center Jones, Porter & Harlan
3153 One, Two, Three, Four Medley Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3154 Sari Waltz Imperial Marimba Band
3155 Caprice Viennois G. H. Green, xyl.
3156 Santa Lucia Ferando Guaaneri
3158 The Coon Waiters Billy Golden & James Marlowe
3159 In the Sweet Long Ago George Wilton Ballard
3160 Shall We Gather At The River? Metropolitan Quartet
3162 Flona Bella Waltzes Jauda's Society Band
3164 Loin Du Bal Creatore & His Band
3165 Marche aux Flambeaux - Organ Solo Scotson Clark Albert Ketelbey
3165 The Hot Dog's Fancy Ball M. J. O'Connell
3170 Why Don't You Come Back Home Again Manuel Romain
3173 Tho' I'm Not The First To Call You Sweetheart George Ballard
3174 Have-a-heart Waltz Jaudas' Sociery Orchestra
3175 Songs of Other Days, No. 6 Metropolitan Mixed Chorus
3179 I'm So Busy, from "Have A Heart" Grant & Murry
3280 Aloha Sunset Land Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3183 Brighten The Corner Where You Are Apollo Quartet of Boston
3184 In The Garden Apollo Quartet of Boston
3185 Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin', Caroline Vernon Dalhart
3189 A Broken Doll Manuel Romain
3190 Come On Over Here, It's A Wonderful Place Ada Jones
3191 King Cotton March New York Military Band
3196 Night Time in Little Italy Collin & Harlan
3197 Everybody Loves a Jass Band Leon Flatow Arthur Fields
3198 Home Again-One Step Jaudas' Band
3199 Honor Thy Mother And Father Manuel Romain
3200 The Valley Of Love Ansonia Instrumental Quartet
3201 Let's All Be Americans Now Adolph Hahl
3202 The Stars And Strips Forever March Imperial Marimba Band
3203 Melody of American Patriotic Airs New York Military Band
3204 Silver Bay Metropolitan Quartet
3205 'Twas Only An Irishman's Dream George Wilton Ballard
3206 Silver Threads Among The Gold M. Nagy, zimbalon
3208 Dreams Carolina Lazzari
3210 Faust Waltz (Not marked Thomas A. Edison, Pat July 29, '02) Orchestra
3216 It's A Long, Long Time Since I've Been Home Billy Murray
3219 Uncle Sam Medley, No. 2 National Guard Fife & Drum Corps
3220 The Liberty Bell March John Philip Sousa N.Y. Military Band
3221 The American Patrol New York Military Band
3222 For Me and My Gal Edgar Leslie - E. Ray Goetz - George W. Meyer Billy Murray
3223 Hawaiian Butterfly Melody Jauda's Society Orchestra
3224 Gentle Spring Very short section! Murray & Belmont
3225 Scatter Seeds Of Kindness Metropolitan Qrt.
3226 Kiss Me Again Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orch.
3226 Why I love Him Robert Clark
3227 My Waikiki Mermaid - Hula Medley Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3230 Henry And Hank in Vaudeville Kaufman Brothers
3233 The Boy Scouts of America March New York Military Band
3234 The Cute Little Wigglin' Dance Collins & Harlan
3225 Mo-Ana - Hawaiian Waltz Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3237 On Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh Premier Qrt.
3238 Hong Kong Arthur Fields
3239 America, Here's My Boy George Ballard
3241 Canary Cottage - One Step Fresco "Jazz" Band
3242 Poor Butterfly Armand Vecsey & his Hungarian Orchestra
3243 It's Time For Every Boy To Be A Soldier Gladys Rice
3244 There's Egypt In Your Dreamy Eyes Vernon Dalhart
3245 The Man Behind The Hammer And The Plow Arthur Fields
3247 Oh Boy! Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3251 He's Living The Life of Reilly Edward Meeker
3252 What Kind of American Are You? Helen Clark
3255 A Darkey's Oration On Women Golden & Marlowe
3257 Oh What Wonderful Things One Little Girl Can Do Arthur Fields
3258 The Road That Leads To Love Manuel Roman
3259 The Sunshine Of Your Smile Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3260 Where Do We Go From Here? Arthur Fields
3261 Sweet Peggy Magee Jones & Spencer
3263 Our Own Make - Polka Jules Levy, cnt
3265 Down In Lily Land Coxx Young
3267 Hawaiian Dreams Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3269 Wiliwili Wai Ford Hawaiians
3270 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls & The Heart Bowed Down Venetian Instermental Qut
3273 Kathleen Mavourneen M. Nagy, zimbalom
3274 Myona Waikiki Hawaiian Orc.
3275 Over There George M. Cohan Billy Murray
3277 Blest Be The Tie That Binds Metropolitan Quartet
3278 Molly Dear - Waltz Jaudas' Society Orc.
3285 Akahi Hoi Ford Hawaiians
3288 Under The Stars Walter Van Brunt
3289 Gentle Annie Apollo Quartet of Boston
3290 All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me Irving Kaufman
3292 Buzzin' The Bee Lou Chiha "Frisco", xyl.
3298 Havanola Jaudas' Band
3299 You May Hold A Million Girlies In Your Arms Arthur Fields
3301 That Creepy, Weepy Feeling. His Little Widows Gladys Rice, Marion Evelyn Cox, George Wilton Ballard, and Harvey Hindermeyer
3302 Felicia Waltz Judas' Society Orchestra
3304 Some Sweet Day Bye and Bye Metropolitan Quartet
3306 It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning G. Ellison
3307 The Low-Back'd Car Walter Van Brunt
3314 The Drytown Blues Lou Chiha "Frisco", xyl
3315 When I Dream Of Old Erin Apollo Quartet Of Boston
3316 From Me to Mandy Lee Premier Quartette
3317 Bill's Visit to St. Peter Golden & Heins
3318 Wonderful Girl, Good Night Grant & Murray
3321 Goodbye Broadway, Hello France C. Francis Reisner - Benny Davis - Billy Baskette Arthur Fields
3322 Huckleberry Finn Premier Quartet
3323 Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You Vernon Dalhart
3324 Send Me Away with a Smile Louis Weslyn - Al Piantadosi Arthur Fields
3326 Good Luck and God Be With You, Laddie Boy Will D. Cobb - Gus Edwards Lawrence E. Gilbert
3328 When Johnny Marches Away New York Military Band
3329 Bill's Dog Towser Golden & Heins
3330 Christmas Memories Robert Gayler, celeste.
3331 U.S. Army Bugle Calls, No. 1 S. W. Smith & Bugle Squad
3332 U.S. Army Bugle Calls, No. 2 S.W. Smith, USN, & Bugle Squad
3334 If I Had The World And All It's Gold Manuel Romain
3340 Mother, Dixie And You Arthur Fields
3342 Put The Cork Out Of Erin Irving Kaufman
3345 Joy To The World, Our Lord is Born Today Metropolitan Qrt.
3347 Old Jim's Christmas Hymn Edward Allen
3351 Some Sunday Morning Jones & Murray
3352 Pull the Cork Out of Erin Irving Kaufman
3354 Lily of the Valley Jones & Murray
3355 Ole Virginny Days Homestead Trio
3356 Honest Injun Lou Chiha "Frisco", xyl.
3357 Goodbye, Good Luck, God Bless You - Medley Waltz Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3358 The Spirit Of America New York Military Band
3361 Medley of Irish Jigs Pat Scanlon, acc.
3363 Good Bye Broadway, Hello France C. Francis Reisner - Benny Davis - Billy Baskette Jaudas' Society Orch.
3365 Long Boy - Rube War Song Steve Porter
3367 We're Going Over Premier quartet
3368 It's A Long Way to Berlin But We'll Get There A. Fields
3372 Royal Italian March New York Military Band
3374 There It Goes Again Billy Murray
3378 I Don't Want To Get Well Arthur Fields
3381 I'd Feel At Home If They Would Let Me Join The Army M.J. O'Connel
3383 Where The Sunset Turns The Ocean's Blue To Gold George Ballard
3387 Naval Reserve March New York Military Band
3388 Sweet Emalina, My Gal Vernon Dalhart
3391 Bungalow In Quogue, from "The Riviera Girl"
3393 Valse Llewellyn Rudy Wiedoeft Rudy Wiedoeft
3395 Ballet Egyptian, No. 1 & 2 American Symphony Orc.
3396 Two Roses Carolina Lazzari
3398 So Long, Mother George Ballard
3399 I'm All Bound Round with the Mason–Dixon line Sam M. Lewis - Joe Young - Jean Schwartz Vernon Dalhart
3403 Camp Songs of the US Army, No. 2 Male Chorus
3406 Knit, Knit, Knit Rice, Clark & Cox
3411 All I Need is Just a Girl Like You Burkhardt - Olman Rachael Grant & Billy Murray
3412 Dixieland Memories No. 1 Orpheus Male Choir
3413 Dixieland Memories No 2 Orpheus Male Choir
3414 Impassioned Dream Waltz Peerless Orc.
3421 Saxophone Sobs Rudy Wiedoeft, sax
3423 For You And Tennessee Harmony Four
3425 Lullaby Helen Clark
3426 They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me Joseph McCarthy (lyricist) - Fred Fisher Billy Murray (singer)
3428 Somewhere In France Is The Lily Edward Allen
3430 Tho' I Had a Bit o' The Devil In Me George McFadden
3431 Favorite Hymns of Fanny Crosby, No 1 Calvary Choir
3433 Are You From Heaven Vernon Dalhart
3435 Katy Mahone Shannon Quartet
3436 Break The News To Mother George Ballard
3437 Til We Meet Again (Not marked Thomas A. Edison, Pat July 29, '02) Band
3440 The Garden Of Allah Vernon Dalhart
3441 Life's Railway To Heaven Allen & Hart
3442 Rambling Rose - One-Step Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3443 I'm Sorry I made You Cry Burr
3444 When I Hear that Jazz Band Play - Fox Trot Jaudas' Society Orch.
3446 Kohala March - Instrumental Trio Ford Hawaiians
3447 When Yankee Doodle Learns to "Parlez Vous Français" Ed Nelson - Will Hart Fields
3449 The Glow Worm Imperial Marimba Band
3450 Smiles Burr
3451 Silver Threads Among the Gold Eliz.' Spencer & Cho.
3452 Just As Your Mother Was Harmony Four
3454 Hush-A-Bye, Ma Baby - The Missouri Waltz Marion Cox & Vernon Dalhart
3455 Longing For My Dixie Home Harvey Hindermeyer
3457 The Laddie In Khaki Glen Ellison
3458 A Dream Picture From " Uncle Tom's Cabin" Edison Concert Band
3460 The Battle Song Of Liberty March New York Military Band
3464 The Elephant and the Fly Moor & Kohon
3467 Work, For The Night Is Coming ^& Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me Metropolitan Qrt.
3468 A Little Love, A Little Kiss Ralph Errolle
3470 Nobody Knows The Trouble I See Vernon Dalhart
3471 American Aviation March Creatore & His Band 3473 Says I To Myself, Says I Ada Jones
3474 Chong. (Fox Trot) (Not marked Thomas A. Edison, Pat July 29, '02) Van Eps Banjo Orchestra
3475 How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Etc. Van Eps Banjo Orchestra
3478 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Not marked Thomas A. Edison, Pat July 29, '02) Orchestra
3481 New York Militart Band
3482 Watermelon Whispers George Hamilton Green, xyl.
3483 I'll Take You Back To Italy Ada Jones & Billy Murray
3487 Safe in the Arms of Jesus The Calvary Choir
3488 Farmyard Medley Premier Quartet
3492 The Nation's Awakening March New York Military Band
3493 Kimmel March John K. Kimmel acc.
3496 Each Stich Is A Thought Of You Helen Clark & the Criterion Qrt.
3497 A Submarine Attack Premier Quar & Co.
3498 K-K-K-Katy Billy Murray & Chorus

Edison Blue Amberols 3500-4499[edit]

Issue Number Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Date
3500 Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (w. Monty C. Brice m. Walter Donaldson) Ada Jones
3504 Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. M.K. Jerome) Homestead Trio
3506 The Makin's Of The USA Billy Murray
3507 Send Me A Curl Premier Quartet
3510 Rag-A-Minor Jazzarimba Orchestra
3511 I'm Just A Ragged Newsboy Walter Van Brunt
3512 The Volunteers March New York Military Band
3514 Oh! Mi! Edward Meeker
3516 On the Road to Home Sweet Home (w. Gus Kahn m. Egbert Van Alstyne) John Young & George w. Reardon
3517 Lorraine Vernon Dalhart
3518 Three Pickaninnies Collins & Harlan
3519 I'll Come Back To You When It's All Over Edward Allen
3521 Connaught Man - Medley of Jigs John J. Kimmel, acc
3522 He Lifted Me Metropolitan Quartet
3523 Roamin' in the Gloamin' G. Ellison
3524 Three Wonderful Letters From Home George Ballard
3528 Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware George W. Meyer w. Howard Johnson Arthur Fields
3531 That Grand Old Gentleman, Uncle Sam A. Fields & Cho.
3535 The Sunshine of Your Smile Vernon Dalhart
3539 Selection from "The Bohemian Girl" Creatore & his Band
3541 Trumpeter's Carnival March New York Military Band
3543 Put Me in My Little Bed Gladys Rice & Chorus
3545 Bye And Bye Jones & Murray
3546 The Colored Recruits Golden & Heins
3547 Ben Bolt & In The Gloaming Bohumir Kryl
3548 Homeward Bound George Ballard
3549 Bring Me a Letter from My Old Home Town R. Jones
3551 We'll Do Our Share Harmony Four
3553 When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band To France Arthur Fields
3554 Jazbo Jazz Earl Fuller's Jazz Band
3556 Piccolo Pic Creator & His Band
3557 Poet & Peasant Overture, Part 2 American Symphony Orchestra
3558 Piccolo Pic Creatore & His Band
3560 Alice, I'm In Wonderland Vernon Dalhart
3563 Clover Club Imperial Marimba Band
3564 Any Old Place The Gang Goes Edward Meeker
3567 Blue Rose Waltz Jaudas' Society Orc.
3568 We're All Going Calling On The Kaiser Arthur Fields & Chorus
3569 When I Send You A Picture Of Berlin Billy Murray
3573 The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane Metropolitan Qrt
3574 Go Down, Moses Reed Miller
3575 Somewhere In Hawaii Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3576 Down In Jungle Land Collins & Harlan
3578 Second Mazurka (Godard) Andre Benoist, pno.
3583 Aloma Land Waikiki Hawaiian Band
3588 Sliding Sid New York Military Band
3589 Nona Waltz Imperial Marimba Band
3590 My Old Shako Peter Dawson
3591 The Land Where the Roses Never Fade R. Clark
3597 When You Come Back Premier Quartet
3598 Mammy's Chocolate Soldier Harmony Four
3599 In The Land O' Yamo Yamo Billy Murray
3600 Little Tommy Went A-Fishing Criterion Quartet
3603 General Pershing March Imperial Marimba Band
3606 Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight Rice & Cox
3608 When I Send A Picture of Berlin Jauda's Society Orchestra
3610 Jazz De Luxe Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band
3612 Good-Bye Alexander (w.m. Henry Creamer & Turner Layton) Ada Jones 1918
3613 Smiles Harmony Four
3614 Watch The Bee Go Get The Hun Edward Meeker
3615 Smiles Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3616 Hawaiian Breezes Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3617 Everything is Peaches Down in Georgia (w. Grant Clarke m. Milton Ager) Collins & Harlan
3618 The Battle In The Air Premier Qrt
3619 Ambros And Steve In Court Golden & Heins
3621 The Song Of Ages - Christmas Song Metropolitan Quartet
3622 Oriental - Fox Trot Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3624 Just Blue - Fox Trot All Star Trio
3625 When I Get Out Inn No Man's Land Arthur Collins
3630 If I'm Not At The Roll-Call Harvey Wilson
3632 Soldier Songs, No 1 Male Voices
3634 Mandy-Yip-Yip-Yaphank Billy Murray
3636 The Y.M.C.A. From "Yi-Yi-Yaphank" George Ballard
3638 Soldier's Songs Male Voices
3639 Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning A. Fields
3640 Everything Is Hunky Dory Down In Hunky Dory Town from " Everything", NY Hippodrome Collins & Harlan
3642 I Ain't Got Weary Yet Arthur Fields
3643 Keep The Home Fires Burning Homestead Trio
3644 Dear Spirit, Lead Tho Me Metropolitan Qrt
3645 Hindustan All Star Trio
3646 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, from "Oh Look" Harvey Wilson
3648 Concerto No. 2 in D Minor-Andante (Goltermann) Willem Willeke, vic
3649 Ja-Da (w.m. Bob Carleton) Arthur Fields
3652 Creole Belles & Soldiers In The Park Mrch New York Military Band
3655 I'm Sorry I Made You Cry Herbert Soman, vin
3656 Hawaiian Nights - Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3662 I Want A Doll Billy Murray
3663 The Irish Washerwoman Harold Veo, vin.
3665 Hawaiian Nights Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
3666 After You've Gone (w. Henry Creamer m. Turner Layton) Rachael Grant & Billy Murray
3668 Clancy's Wooden Wedding Edward Meeker
3670 Till We Meet Again Gladys Rice & Vernon Dalhart
3672 Miss Trombone New York Military Band
3673 The Best Is Yet To Come Billy Murray with Chorus
3675 When You Look in the Heart of a Rose (w. Marion Gillespie m. Florence Methuen) Edward Allen
3676 Some Day Waiting Will End Leola Lucey
3677 Rose of No Man's Land (w. Jack Caddingan m. Joseph A. Brennan) Moonlight Trio
3682 Mollie Darling Charles Hart
3686 Zampa Overture, Pt 2 American Symphony Orchestra
3692 Le Regiment de Sambr-et Meuse New York Military Band
3700 Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty! Calvary Choir
3702 Don't Cry, Little Girl, Don't Cry Irving Kaufman
3703 This Is The Time Jaudas' Society Orchestra
3704 Madelon (w. Alfred Bryan m. Camille Robert) [Arthur Fields]
3707 The Right of The People To Rule Theodore Roosevelt
3708 The Farmer and The Businessman Theodore Roosevelt
3709 Social and Industrial Justice Theodore Roosevelt
3711 Love is Idleness Sodero's Band
3712 A Coon Possum Hunt Golden & Heins
3714 I Found the End of the Rainbow (w.m. John Mears, Harry Tierney, & Joseph McCarthy) Irving Kaufman
3716 Sensation Jazz One - Step All Star Trio
3717 What Mystry, Why Thus Control Klatzkin & Mantia, cnt & tb
3722 Peace Chimes March New York Military Band
3725 In the Land of Beginning Again (w. Grant Clarke m. George W. Meyer) George Wilton Ballard
3726 How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm After They've Seen Paree? (w. Sam m. Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) Byron G. Harlan
3728 The Day I First Met You Lucey & Dalhart
3730 Johnny's In Town Arthur Fields
3732 Wedding March New York Military Band
3733 Beautiful Ohio (w. Ballard Macdonald m. Mary Earl) Jaudus' Society Orchestra
3735 The Alcoholic Blues (V. Dalhart)
3736 The Boy And The Birds New York Military Band
3739 Mickey (w. Harold H. Williams m. Neil Moret) Vernon Dalhart
3740 Kisses (The Sweetest Kisses Of All) Gladys Rice
3741 St. Louis Blues All Star Trio
3742 Bring Back Those Wonderful Days Arthur Fields
3745 The Arkansas Traveler Len Spencer
3746 Satan, I'm Here Ernest Hare
3747 Salvation Lassie Of Mine Clark & Hart
3752 Have A Smile For Everyone You Meet
3754 Alderman Doolin's Campaign Speech Steve Porter
3756 Let Us Not Forget - A Message to the American People Thomas A. Edison
3757 National Airs of the Allies New York Military Band
3758 That Wonderful Mother of Mine (w. Clyde Hager m. Walter Goodwin) Will Oakland
3759 Beautiful Ohio Metropolitan Quartet
3765 The Glowworm We Girls Qrt.
3766 Nigger Blues Al Bernard
3767 We're Going Over There Premier Quartet
3769 Chong, He Comes From Hong Kong Premier Quartet
3772 Alabama Lullaby Gladys Rice & Marion Cox
3773 I Want To Hold You In My Arms Bernard & Hare
3774 Serenata - Narcissus Sibyl Fagan, whi
3775 In The Secret Of His Presence Hart & Shaw
3776 Waters of Venice Rice & Dalhart
3778 Sothern Melodies J. F. Burchardt, bells
3781 Dear Little Boy of Mine (w. J. Keirn Brennan m. Ernest Ball) Will Oakland
3789 B-Hap-E Louisiana Five
3790 Everyone Wants A Key To My Cellar Al Bemard
3793 Hezikiah Hopkins Comes To Town Len Spencer
3794 The Lord's Prayer, Doxology, Responses & Hymn Rev. W. H. Morgan, DD & Calvary Choir
3798 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Clark & Ballard
3801 Heart Breaking Baby Doll Arthur Fields
3802 Egyptland - Fox Trot Green Bros, Novelty Orchestra
3804 Kentucky Dream Lucey & Hart
3805 Tenth Regimental March Conway's Band
3809 Think, Love, Of Me Gladys Rice
3810 Ruspana - One-Step Tuxedo Dance Orchestra
3812 I'm Not Jealous Grant & Murray
3813 In Heavenly Love Abiding Metropolitan Quartet
3816 Selection from " The Royal Vagabond" Peerless Orchestra
3817 That Soothing Serenade Betty Barrett
3820 Witches George Ballard
3824 Fluffy Ruffles Green Brothers Novelty Orchestra
3825 Saxophobia Fox Trot Yerkes Saxophone Sextette
3827 Patrol of the Scouts Conway's Band
3828 Sweet Siamese - Fox Trot Tuxedo Dance Orc
3829 Why Did You Come Into My Life Lewis James
3830 The Opera At Pun'kin Center Cal Stewart
3832 Lonesome - That's All George Ballard
3833 The Ambassador Polka (Coronet) Bohumir Kryl
3834 When The Bees Make Honey Irving & Jack Kaufman
3835 Police Court Scene Steve Porter
3841 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Tuxedo Dance Band
3842 Sweet Leonore Lewis James
3843 Foot Warmer Louisiana Five
3845 Uncle Josh In A Cafeteria Carl Stewart
3846 Sipping Cider Thru a Straw (1919 song) W.M. Carey Morgan & Lee David) Collins & Harlan
3847 You're Making A Miser Of Me Rachael Grant
3850 The Vamp -Oriental One-Step Green Brothers Novelty Orc.
3851 The 23rd Psalm & He Leadeth Me Rev. W.H. Morgan
3852 Today, Tomorrow and Forever Edward Allen
3854 Shake, Rattle and Roll Al Bernard
3855 I'm True To Them All, from "The Girl Behind The Gun" Arthur Fields
3857 A Race For A Wife Jones & Spencer
3858 I 'm Sorry I Ain't Got It Vernon Dalhart
3859 Echo Moor Capodiferro, flute & cnt.
3860 The Wooing Hour Peerless Orchestra
3863 He Used To Be A Farmer Byron Harlan
3867 Shadows Lucey & Hart
3868 Macushia Albert Lindquest
3869 Gypsy Girl Tuxedo Dance Orc
3870 Christmas Bells Robert Gayler, celeste
3872 Oh! What a Pal Was Mary (w. Edgar Leslie & Bert Kalmar m. Pete Wendling) Edward Allen
3875 A Day In Toyland Peerless Orchestra
3876 That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone (w. Richard W. Pascoe m. Monte Cobb & Alma M. Saunders) Will Oakland
3877 Did You Mean All You Told Me Last Night? Manuel Romain
3879 The Rose Of My Heart Will Rhodes, Jr.
3880 Shall You? Shall I? Hart, Shaw & the Calvary Choir
3881 See The Old Man Moon Smile Bernard & Hare
3882 I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now (w.m. Irving Berlin) Fred Hillebrand
3883 My Baby's Arms from "Ziegfeld Follies of 1919" Vernon Dalhart
3885 I've Made Up My Mind To Mind A Maid Clark & Philips
3886 Romance from "L'Eclair" Peerless Orchestra
3888 Breeze, Blow My Baby Back To Me Premier Quartet
3891 Flirtation Valse Conway's Band
3892 Wait Until The Roses Bloom Wheeler Wadsworth, sax.
3893 You're My Gal Bernard & Hare
3895 My Desert Love Lewis James
3896 Clarinet Squawk - One-Step Louisiana Five
3897 In The Old Sweet Way Clark & Ballard
3898 A Cowboy Romance Len Spencer & Co.
3899 Little Arrow And Big Chief Greasepaint Jones & Spencer
3900 Granny Marion Cox
3901 Alexander's Band Is Back In Dixieland Premier Qrt.
3902 Cleo - Fox Trot The All Star Trio
3903 Fancy Little Nancy Wheeler Wadsworth, sax.
3905 The Same As His Father Did Before Him Glen Ellison
3906 'Twas An Old Fashioned Song He Was Singing Lewis James
3908 Love Blossom Metropolitan Quartet
3910 Floatin' Down To Cotton Town Premier Quartet
3911 Nobody Ever Tuxedo Dance Band
3912 Back Home On The Farm Golden & Hughes
3913 I'm A Dancing Fool Al Bernard
3914 I Love You Just The Same Sweet Adeline Premier Quartet
3915 Carolina Sunshine Vernon Dalhart
3916 Love's Adieu Archibald & James
3917 Serenade D'Amour Imperial Marimba Band
3921 A Picture Of Long Ago Jones & Spencer
3922 Broken Blossoms Clark & Ballard
3923 Uncle Josh's Birthday Cal Stewart
3927 The Turkish Patrol Edison Concert Band
3929 Since You First Smiled On Me Herbert Tilley, Jr.
3930 St. Louis Blues Al Bernard
3931 Davy Jones' Locker Fred East
3932 In Tyrol - Yodel Song Frank Kamplain
3933 Golden Gate, Open For Me Lewis James & Louie Ferrell
3934 Freckles Bert Harvey
3935 St. Patrick's Day Melody Larry Brier's
3936 Flanagan's Real Estate Deal S. Porter
3937 A Bullfrog Am No Nightingale Ernest Hare Chorus
3938 Floating Down The Old Monongahela Charles Hart
3941 Nobody Knows Louise Terrell
3943 Now I know The Lyric Male Quartet
3944 Who Wants A Baby? Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
3945 Molly Malone, from " Passing Show of 1919" Charles Hart
3947 Lisztiana Conway's Band
3948 Shall We Meet? Archibald & L. James Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
3949 Chasin' The Blues Al Bernard
3950 Sweet And Low Tuxedo Dance Orchestra
3952 Lucille All Star Trio
3953 Sahara, We'll Soon Be Dry Like You Billy Murray
3955 Let the Rest of the World Go By (w. J. Keirn Brennan m. Ernest R. Ball) Marion Evelyn Cox & Harvey Hindermyer
3957 A Matrimonial Mixup Golden & Hughes
3958 Little Girls, Goodbye Lewis James
3959 The Mighty Deep W. Glenn
3960 Linger Longer Letty Helen Clark & J. Phillips
3962 Dixie Lullaby Homestead Trio
3963 Sunny Weather Friends Harvey Hindermeyer
3964 You'd Be Surprised (w.m. Irving Berlin) Billy Murray
3965 Dardanella - Fox Trot Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
3966 Make That Trombone Laugh Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
3968 Triplets George H. Green, xyl.
3969 Flanagan's Troubles In A Restaurant Steve Porter
3972 Old-Fashioned Garden from "Hitchy-Koo. 1919 (w.m. Cole Porter) Helen Clark
3973 Buddha - Melody Lenzberg's Riverside Quartet
3975 You Are Free, from "Apple Blossoms" Betsy Sheppard & Lewis James
3976 When Honey Sings an Old Time Song (w.m. Joseph B. Carey) George Wilton Ballard
3977 Love's Rosary Charles Hart
3978 Hippity Hop Premier Quartet
3979 Roll On, Silvery Moon Frank Kamplain
3981 Once Upon A Time from "Magic Melody" Lewis James
3980 I Come From Get-It-Land Bernard & Hare
3982 You're a Million Miles from Nowhere When You're One Little Mile from Home (w. Sam Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) William Bonner
3983 Karavan Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
3985 Oh, Gee! - Medley of Irish Reels John J. Kimmel, acc.
3986 For You Helen Clark
3987 The Cruiskeen Lawn from " The Lily of Killarney" Leona Lucey
3988 Swanee Bernard & Kamplain
3989 Patches- Fox-Trot Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony
3990 My Isle of Golden Dreams (w. Gus Kahn m. Walter Blaufuss) Tuxedo Orchestra
3995 Comrade O'Mine George Ballard
3996 Crimson Blushes American Symphony Orchestra
3997 The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
3998 Buddies Waltz Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
3999 The Country Fair At Pun'kin Center Cal Stewart
4000 The Devil's Dream Melody (Reels), vin. J. Samuels
4001 O (w. Byron Gay m. Arnold Johnson) Billy Murray
4002 My Friends, Morris And Max Maurice Burkhart
4004 Pittsburgh, Pa. Monroe Silver
4006 Peggy-One Step (w. Harry Williams m. Neil Moret) Lopez & Hamilton's Kings of Harmony
4007 Say It With Flowers Vernon Dalhart Chorous
4011 In The Shadow Of The Desert Palm Betty Barrett & H. Wilson
4013 I Might Be Your 'Once In A While' from "Angle Face" Leola Lucey
4016 When You Write, Sweet Marie Vernon Dalhart
4017 Left All Alone Again Blues, from "The Night Boat" Rachael Grant
4018 Daddy, You've been a Mother to Me (w.m. Fred Fisher) George Wilton Ballard
4019 Everybody Calls Me Honey Helen Clark
4021 Who Ate Napoleons With Josephine, from "As You Are" Maurice Burkhart
4023 A Spring Morning - Intermezzo Sibyl Fagan., whi.
4024 Unlucky Blues Al Bernard
4027 Rose of Washington Square (w. Ballard Macdonald m. James F. Hanley) Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4028 Let's All Be Good Pals Together Young & Wheeler
4029 Cohen on his Honeymoon Monroe Silver
4030 Only A Step To Jesus East & James
4031 Kaiwi Waltz Toots Paka's Hawaiians. gtrs duet
4032 Dancing In The Barn - Schottische National Promenade Band
4033 Brazilian Chimes Crescent Trio
4036 On Miami Shore (w. William Le Baron m. Victor Jacobi) Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4038 Hawaiian Twilight Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
4040 When Your Gone, I Won't Forget Terrell & Ballard
4041 Oh, By Jingo Oh, By Gee You're the Only Girl for Me (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Premier Quartette
4042 Dardanella (w. Fred Fisher m. Felix Bernard & Johnny S. Black) Gladys Rice & [Vernon Dalhart]
4045 All Over The World Fisk University Jubilee Quartet
4047 Everybody's Buddy Lewis James
4049 Bow-Wow Wiedoeft & Wadsworth Quartet
4050 Oh Joe - Please Don't Go
4052 Hawaiian Smiles Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
4054 Dinnie Donohue, The District Leader William Cahill
4055 As You Are Hart & James
4056 La Veeda (w. Nat Vincent m. John Alden) Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4057 Sweeter As The Years Go By Helen Davis & Charles Hart
4058 Alabama Moon Gladys Rice
4059 Alexandria Max Fell's Della Robbia Qrc
4061 I'll Always Keep A Corner In My Heart For Tennessee Reese Jones
4062 That Naughty Waltz Clark & Phillips
4063 Moon Shine On The Moonshine Bernard & Hare
4064 Who'll Take The Place Of Mary? Talbert O'Farrell
4067 At The Moving Picture Ball Maurice Burkhart
4070 I'd Love To Fall Asleep And Wake Up In Mummy's Arms Reese Jones
4071 My Lovin' Sing Song Man Bernard & Kamplain
4072 I'll See You in C-U-B-A (w.m. Irving Berlin) Fred Hillebrand
4076 Haley's Fancy John J. Kimmel, acc.
4081 You've Been The Sunshine Of My Life Lewis James
4082 Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Moon Helen Clark
4085 Pretty Kitty Kelly (w. Harry Pease m. Ed G. Nelson) William Bonner
4088 When A Peach In Georgia Weds A Rose From Alabama Hart & James
4089 I Know Why Clark & Phillips
4096 Close To Your Heart Gladys Rice
4098 Jean - Medley Fox Trot Wiedoeft's Palace Orchestra
4099 The Pilot Brave Hart & East
4102 Home At Last Harvey Hindermeyer
4103 Chili Bean (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Billy Murray
4104 That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine Talbert O'Farrell
4105 Your Voice Came Back To Me Gladys Rice
4108 Alice Blue Gown, from "Irene" Helen Clark
4109 What's The Good Of Kicking Maurice Burkhart
4112 Polly Premier Quartet
4114 Tired Of Me George Ballard
4117 Mary, from "The Love Nest" Terrell & Ballard
4119 Missy - Medley Fox Trot Wiedoeft's Palace Trio
4120 Washington Gray's March Conway's Band
4121 Wailana Waltz Toot's Paka's Hawaiians
4123 Jennie Fox Trot Stevens' Quartet
4125 Fantasia from "Simon Boccanegra" Caso & Giamatteo, flute & cla
4127 My Garden of Love Lewis James
4128 Kol Nidrei, Part 1 Lauri Kennedy, 'cello
4129 Medley of Old Time Tunes Pietro Frosini, acc.
4131 The Wedding Of The Rose - Intermezzo Conway's Band
4132 On The Dreamy Amazon Herbert Tilley, Jr.
4133 I Want A Jazzy Kiss Collins & Clark
4135 In Sweet September Green Bros. Novelty Band
4136 Celestial Chimes Robert Gayler, celeste
4138 Hawaiian Twilight Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
4139 The Kingdom Within Your Eyes Talbert O'Farrell
4140 Love. Here Is My Heart Reed Miller
4140 I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly (w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder) Manuel Romain
4141 The Love Nest Medley Imperial Marimba Band
4142 The Chautauoua at Pun'kin Center Cal Stewart
4146 Pussy Willow Waltz Imperial Marimba Band
4147 My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle Aileen Stanley
4148 Messe Solennelle-Sanctus Albert Lindquest
4149 All She'd Say Was "Umh Hum" (w.m. King Zany, Mac Emery, Gus Van & Joe Schenck) Reese Jones
4151 Keep The Love Lamp Burning Gladys Rice
4152 Return of Spring - Waltz Three Vagrants
4153 Sweet Luana Rice & Lennox
4154 Bonnie Brier Bush March Conway's Band
4155 In Old Manila Shepherd & James
4157 Hungarian Rhapsody (Popper) Lauri Kennedy, 'cello
4156 Railroad Blues Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4159 When I Looked In Your Wonderful Eyes Edward Allen
4160 Venetian Moon Rae Eleanor Ball, vin.
4161 Witch Of The Waves - Medley Joseph Samuels. vin.
4162 Curro Cuchares March Pietro Frosini, acc
4163 Sally Green, The Village Vamp Premier Quartet
4165 Slide, Kelly, Slide Al Bernard & Ernest Hare
4166 Feather Your Nest - Fox Trot (w.m. James Kendis, James Brockman & Howard Johnson) Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4167 The Four Jacks March Pietro Frosini, acc.
4169 Dinnie Donahue On Prohibition William Cahill
4171 Whispering - Fox Trot Green Brothers' Novelty Band
4176 Our Little Love Affair Shepherd & James
4179 Sunrise and You Herbert Tilley, Jr.
4182 Avalon (Al Jolson song) (w.m. B. G. Desylva, Al Jolson & Vincent Rose) Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4183 My Home Town Is A One Horse Town Jim Doherty
4184 Old Pal, Why Don't You Answer Me (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. M.K. Jerome) Lewis James
4185 Down In Chinatown Premier Quartet
4186 The Crocodile Imperial Marimba Band
4187 Tarentella Siciliana Three Vagrants
4189 Son-O'-Mine Elizabeth Spencer
4190 Speed - One Step Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4193 Je Ne Sais Pa Pa Harry Raderman's Jazz Orc.
4195 Les Cloches De St. Malo Conway's Band
4197 A Perfect Day Lou Chila "Frisco", xyl.
4200 The Hula Blues Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4207 Lindy Premier Quartet
4208 Garden Of Roses Lewis James
4209 Broadway Rose (w. Eugene West m. Martin Fried & Otis Spencer) Lyric Male Quartet
4210 Beela Boola Electric City Four
4211 Bell's Of St. Mary's Lewis James
4212 I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop Reese Jones
4213 Darling - Medley Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4217 Annie, My Own - Fox Trot Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4220 Margie - Fox Trot Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4221 Play Me A Dixie Melody Al Bernard
4222 Miss Johnson's Party Joseph Samuels, vin
4224 Broadway Rose (w. Eugene West m. Martin Fried & Otis Spencer) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4225 Home Again Blues (w.m. Harry Akst & Irving Berlin) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4226 Palasteena - Fox Trot Greene Bros. Novelty Band
4227 My Mammy (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) Premier Quartette
4228 Timbuctoo Al Bernard
4230 Good-Bye - Lady Bill Spencer & James
4234 The Royal Tour March Shirley Spaulding, bjo.
4236 That Old Irish Mother of Mine (w. William Jerome m. Harry Von Tilzer) Allen McQuhae
4237 Sweet and Low J. Levy's Brass Band
4238 Down The Trail To Home Sweet Home Hart & James
4239 Recollections of 1861 to 1865 Edna White 1921
4242 Bright Eyes (w. Harry B. Smith m. Otto Motzan & M.K. Jerome) Orlando's Orchestra
4246 Do You Ever Think of Me? (w. John Cooper & Harry D. Kerr m. Earl Burtnett) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4251 Rebecca James Doherty
4255 Arabia Green Bros. Novelty Band
4257 Mother Of Pearl G. Ballard
4258 Honey Olive Briscoe
4264 Crazy Blues (w.m. Percy Bradford) Noble Sissle
4267 I Like It Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4271 A Scene On The Levee Billy Golden & The Empire Vaudeville Co.
4272 Siren of A Southern Sea Green Bros. Novelty Band
4273 Playmates Clark & Phillips
4275 Country Days Al Weston & Irene Young
4277 Uncle Josh Takes The Census Cal Stewart
4291 I Call You Sunshine - Medley Harry Raderman's Jazz Band
4295 Light Cavalry Overture Edison Concert Band
4296 At The Circus Weston & Young
4297 The Bird and The Saxophone Sibyl Fagan
4298 Loveless Love (w.m. W. C. Handy) Ernest Hare
4299 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour Metropolitan Orchestra
4301 Ump-Pah- Pah Al Bernard
4304 Scene On The Old Plantation Golden & Empire Vaudeville Co.
4305 Oh Yeedle Ay Bernard & Kamplain
4309 Ain't We Got Fun Billy Jones
4311 Kiss A Miss Medley Greene Brothers Novelty Band
4312 Hey Paw Premier Quartet
4320 Never Give Up Metropolitan Quartet
4321 Nobody's Rose George Ballard
4323 I'll Keep On Loving You Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4324 It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Wendell Hall
4325 I Was Born In Michigan Premier Quartet
4327 I'm Nobody's Baby Alleen Stanley
4328 Peggy O'Neill (w.m. Harry Pease, Ed G. Nelson & Gilbert Dodge) Billy Jones Orchestra
4329 Moonlight - Fox Trot Max Fells' Della Robbia Orc.
4331 Down Yonder (w.m. L. Wolfe Gilbert) Premier Quartette
4340 The Last Little Mile Is The Longest Lewis James
4352 All By Myself Helen Clark
4359 She's The Lass For Me Glen Ellison
4360 The Sinner And The Song Fred East
4361 Carolina Lullaby Homestead Trio
4365 Jane Lanin's Orchestra
4370 Valse Caprice Losey's Orchestra
4376 My Galway Rose Walter Scanlan
4382 Catalina Broadway Dance Orchestra
4384 Ain't You Comin' Out Malinda? Bernard & Hare
4385 Canadian Capers H. Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4390 The Portobello Lassie Glen Ellison
4393 Mavoumeen - Irish Eyes Walter Scanlan
4395 Yield Not To Temptation Metropolitan Qrt
4397 Gee Willikens Byron Harlan
4402 Christmas Carols Bells of Old Trinity, New York
4403 Why Dear? Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4404 On A Little Side Street Jones & Jones
4406 By The Waters Of Killarney Broadway Dance Orc
4414 Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old 'Tucky Home (w. Sam H. Lewis & Joe Young m. George W. Meyer) Ray Cropper
4415 I Know Why Your Mother Called You "Baby" Club De Vingt Orc
4420 Kentucky Home Crescent Trio
4422 When You And I Were Young, Maggie Herbert Soman, vin
4424 Molly On The Trolley Dalhart & Shepard
4425 When Francis Dances With Me Ada Jones & Billy Jones
4426 Three O'clock In The Morning Club de Vingt Orchestra
4427 Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes (w. Harry Pease & Johnny White m. Ira Schuster & Ed G. Nelson) Jones & Hare
4435 Sadie's Birthday Party " Edge says " Made In U.S.A. " " Julian Rose
4436 O Happy Day Metropolitan Quartet
4440 Carolina Lullaby Rae Eleanor Ball, vin.
4441 Silver Sands Of Love Spencer & Hart
4442 Rosy Cheeks Club De Vingt Orchestra
4451 Wabash Blues "Edge says "Made in U.S.A." " Broadway Dance Orchestra
4452 Georgia Rose "Edge says "Made In U.S.A." " Wiedoeft's Californians
4457 The Wonderland of Dreams Rae Eleanor Ball, vin.
4459 Dapper Dan (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Jones & Hare
4465 Tea Cup Girl Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4467 Remember The Rose Shepherd & James
4468 Little Min-Nee-Ha "Edge says "Made in U.S.A." " Isabelle Patricola
4471 Tuck Me To Sleep Lou Chiha " Frisco" xyl
4472 Leave Me With A Smile - Fox Trot Club De Vingt Orchestra
4476 When Shall We Meet Again Richard A. Whiting Gladys Rice & Lewis James
4477 I've Got My Habits On Bernard & Dalhart
4481 Judy, from "Irish Eyes Walter Scanlan
4484 He Will Hide Me Metropolitan Qrt
4491 Polonaise Militaire United States Marine Band
4492 Mother Of My Heart Jerome Uhl
4496 Brother Low Down Al Bernard

Edison Blue Amberols 4500-23059[edit]

Issue Number Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Date
4502 When I Was Twenty-One Glen Ellison
4508 Dear Old Southland (w. Henry Creamer m. Turner Layton) Vernon Dalhart
4520 A Country Fiddler At Home Charles Ross Taggart
4534 Who - Believed In You? H. Lange, pho.
4541 Come, Thou Fount Of Ev'ry Blessing Metropolitan Quartet
4543 Cord And Tassel Dance Reed Orchestra
4546 Carry Me Back To Old Virginny F. MacMurray, vin.
4547 Toreador Of Mine Shepherd & Hart
4553 In the Little Red School House G. Jones & E. Hare
4555 Memories Of The South Ernest L. Stevens, pno.
4560 On A Little Side Street Emest L. Stevens, pno
4574 California - Fox Trot Vincent Lopez orchestra
4575 Swaying - Waltz Ernest L. Stevens, pno
4579 Yiddisher Jazz Julian Rose
4584 Flanagan And His Motor Car Steve Porter
3585 There's Silver In Your Hair Lewis James
4589 Erin, You're Wearin' A Wonderful Smile Walter Scanlan
4608 When You And I Were Young Maggie, Blues Billy Jones
4610 Stumbling - Fox Trot Broadway Dance Band
4613 Hawaiian Nightingale Palakio's Hawaiian Orchestra
4614 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers - Novelty March Vincent Lopez Orchestra
4625 Just Keep On Smiling J. Harold Murray
4628 If Winter Comes Atlantic Dance Orchestra
4631 Lovable Eyes Atlantic Dance Orchestra
4632 Georgette - Fox Trot Atlantic Dance Orchestra
4633 That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine Joseph Phillips
4635 Santa Claus Hides In Your Phonograph Harry Humphrey
4636 Valse Caprice Victor Young, pno.
4643 Kitty Donahue Robert Denning
4649 My Old Hawaiian Home Palakiko's Hawaiian Orchestra
4655 Susie Collins & Harlan
4658 Poppies Joseph Roberts, bjo
4660 Rose of Bombay - Fox Trot Wiedoeft's Californians
4666 Call Me Back, Pal O'Mine Spencer & Hart
4668 A Country Fiddler At The Telephone Charles Ross Taggart
4672 Look Down, Dear Eyes Lewis James
4676 You Tell Her, I Stutter Jones & Hare
4685 Porters On A Pullman Train Collins & Harlan
4695 You Gave Me Your Heart Broadway Dance Orchestra
4701 Red Moon Waltz E. Stevens Trio
4702 My Southern Home Harry Raderman's Orchestra
4705 La Paloma Marta De La Torre & A. Valencia (Violin & Guitar)
4707 Whistling Al Burt's Dance Orchestra
4709 Fate Atlantic Dance Band
4715 Creole Serenade Rae Eleanor Ball, vin.
4716 Tomorrow - Fox Trot Ernest Stevens' Trio
4718 Jake The Sheik - Fox Trot Atlantic Dance Band
4722 Open Your Arms, My Alabamy - Fox Trot Kaplan's Melodists
4723 Jennie Steven's Quartet
4724 My Cuban Pearl - Tango Kaplan's Melodists
4730 I 'm Yours With Love And Kisses That Girl Quartet
4739 Charlestown Blues Kaplan's Melodists
4740 The Pelican Fox Trot Kaplan's Melodist's
4744 When Will The Sun Shine For Me? Kaplan's Melodists
4745 You've Got To See Mamma Ev'ry Night Broadway Dance Orchestra
4747 Beale Street Mamma Broadway Dance Orchestra
4757 Barney Google Jones & Hare
4764 No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A-M-M-Y Kerr's Orchestra
4765 Silent Night Elizabeth Spencer, J. Young, & V. Archibald
4766 Love Cure - Valse Intermezzo E. L. Stevens, pno.
4769 A Kiss In The Dark Kaplan's Melodists
4772 Yes, We Have No Bananas Fox Trot Green Bros. Novelty Band
4775 Babe - Fox Trot Atlantic Dance Band
4778 Yes, We Have No Bananas Billy Jones
4783 The Old Rugged Cross Helen Clark & R. Roberts
4793 If You're The Same Tomorrow James Stevens
4800 Swingin Down the Lane Fox Trot P. Victorin's Orchestra
4801 Oh, Harold! Atlantic Dance Band
4812 Just A Girl That Men Forget James Doherty
4821 What Do You Do Sunday, Mary - Fox Trot McNalpak's Dance Orchestra
4824 It Ain't Gonna' Rain No Mo' Wendell & Hall
4831 Memory Isle Homestead Trio
4836 Regret Lange's Parisian Dance Orchestra
4838 Raggedy Ann Broadway Dance Orchestra
4841 You're in Kentucky Sure As You're Born Jones & Hare
4844 In Love With Love Broadway Dance Orchestra
4868 Oh Boy, What Joy We Had In Bare Foot Days Billy Jones
4869 California, Here I Come Atlantic Dance Orchestra
4880 The Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle Billy Jones
4892 Down Here Where The South Begins Jones & Hare
4894 Paradise Alley Harry Raderman's Dance Orchestra
4898 The Wreck On The Southern Old 97 Vernon Dalhart
4902 I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight Jones & Hare
4906 Everything You Do Harry Raderman's Orc
4907 Save A Kiss For Rainy Weather Green Bros. Novelty Band
4909 A New Kind Of Man Arkansas Trio
4914 The Old Red Barn Medley John Baltzell. Champion Old Time Fiddler
4915 Cruel Back Bitin' Blues Ellen Coleman with Lem Fowler's Orchestra
4916 McDonald's Reel Jasper Bisbee
4923 Dixie Kid Criterion Quartet
4926 Charley, My Boy Georgia Melodians
4927 I Wonder What Has Become Of Sally Broadway Dance Orchestra
4929 Georgia Lullaby Clark & Heart
4934 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Fred Kinsley, (pipe organ)
4936 Arkansas Traveler - Breakdown Austin & Reneau, harmonica & gtr
4940 Doodle Doo Doo Broadway Dance Orc.
4946 My Best Girl Kaplan's Melodists
4947 Barnacle Bill the Sailor (w.m. Carson Robison & Frank Luther) Frank Luther
4947 Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now Ager, Yellen Ernest Hare
4950 I Want To See My Tennessee Dalhart & Smalle
4955 Way Out West In Kansas Vernon Dalhart & Co.
4963 How Do You Do Jones & Hare
4969 I'll See You In My Dreams Ace Brigode & his 14 Virginians
4973 Little Brown Jug Austin & Reneau, harmonica & qtr.
4980 Wedding March Mendelssohn American Symphony Orchestra
4999 Titina Billy Jones
5010 Don't Bring Lulu Jones & Hare
5011 In the Baggage Coach Ahead V. Dalhart & Company
5013 Many, Many Years Ago Vernon Dalhart
5015 The Time Will Come Vernon Dalhart
5017 Moon Of Waikiki Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
5026 St. Mark 10 & Why Do You Wait? Rev. S.P. Cadman, DD
5037 Abide With Me Fredrick Kinsley, org
5040 Row, Row, Rosie! Mike Speciale's Orchestra
5045 Oh, How I Miss You To-night James Doherty
5049 The Death of Floyd Collins (w. Andrew Jenkins m. Irene Spain) Vernon Dalhart & Co.
5051 Silver Head Polla's Clover Garden Orc.
5052 She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain (Traditional US) Vernon Dalhart
5057 Jesse James Vernon Dalhart
5059 The John T. Scopes Trial Vernon Dalhart
5064 Cecelia Billy Wynn's Greenwich Village Orchestra
5065 The New Gaiety Fred Van Eps, bjo.
5066 Persiflage Fred Van Eps, bjo.
5067 Southern Blues F. Ferera & Paaluhi, Hawaiian gtrs.
5068 St. Lewis Blues F. Ferera & Paaluhi, Hawaiian gtrs.
5070 Remember - Waltz Jack Stillman's Orchestra
5071 Christmas Morning At Clancy's Porter & Jones
5079 The Church in the Wildwood Apollo Quartet of Boston
5083 Nobody But Fanny Florida Four
5086 Roll 'Em Girls - Fox Trot & Song The Florida Four
5088 The Letter Edged In Black Vernon Dalhart
5094 Ida Red Fiddlin Powers Family
5096 Mother's Grave Vernon Dalhart & Chorus
5100 A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You - Fox Trot Mike Speciale's Carleton Terrace Orchestra
5104 The Prancin', Dancin', Yodelin Man Barnard & Kamplain
5105 The Prisoners Song Kaplan's Melodists
5111 Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals Metropolitan Entertainers
5113 I Need Jesus Homer Rodeheaver
5116 Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Kaplan's Melodists
5122 The Freight Wreck At Altoona Vernon Dalhart & Co.
5123 Sour Wood Mountain Fiddlin' Powers & Family
5126 I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Kaplan's Melodists
5128 When the Work's All Done This Fall E.V. Stoneman
5135 The Engineer's Child Vernon Dalhart
5136 Thanks For The Buggy Ride Earl Oliver's Jazz Band
5155 The Old Oaken Bucket Kaplan's Melodists
5159 The Spanish Shawl Georgia Melodians
5160 After I Say I'm Sorry Frank Braidwood
5164 Valencia Jack Stillman's Orc w/ Charles Harrison, vc
5165 Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again Tennessee Happy Boys w/ Arthur Fields, vc
5167 One Little Smile Hilo Serenaders
5169 Kitten On The Keys Zez Confrey, pno.
5171 The Jealous Lover Of Lone Green Valley Vernon Dalhart
5172 The Prisoner's Sweetheart Charles Harrison
5173 Where They Never Say "Goodbye" Homer Rodeheaver & Chorus
5175 The Ship That Never Returned Vernon Dalhart & Co.
5176 The Chain Gang Song Vernon Dalhart
5178 Bye Bye Blackbird National Male Quartet
5181 Somebody's Lonely Frank Braidwood
5184 In The Middle Of The Night Radio Franks
5185 Hi-Diddle-Diddle Jones & Hare
5087 Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow Tree Ernest V. Stoneman
5188 When The Works All Done This Fall Ernest Stoneman
5199 When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bobin' Along Frank Braidwood
5200 Sinking Of The Titanic Ernest Stoneman
5210 Lucky Day Duke Yellman's Orchestra
5212 The Day Is Dying In The West Metropolitan Qrt.
5213 Crazy Quilt B. Rolfe's Palais d'Or Orchestra
5221 Lonesome And Sorry Rae Eleanor Ball, vin.
5226 The Black Bottom Stern's Bellclaire Orchestra
5227 Drifting And Dreaming Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
5230 My Cutie's Due at Two to Two Today (w.m. Albert Von Tilzer, Irving Bilbo, & Leo Robin) Al Campbell & Jack Kaufman
5252 A Little Music In The Moonlight Four Aristocrats
5255 Star of the East Calvary Choir
5258 McGregor's Toast Harry Lauder
5262 I'd Love To Call You My Sweetheart Jonny Marvin
5268 Hello, Bluebird Vaughn De Leath
5278 I'm The Man That Rode The Mule Around The World Vernon Dalhart
5281 Because I Love You Don Voorhees Vanities Orchestra
5298 Broken Hearted Melody Waikiki Hawaiian Orc
5299 Blue Skies Don Voorhees Vanities Orc.
5304 Valeeta Waltz Henry Ford's Old Time Dance Orchestra
5312 Blue Skies Vaughn De Leath
5315 Oh Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (w. E.H. Chapin m. George N. Allen) Vernon Dalhart
5329 Me Too - Fox Trot Golden Gate Orchestra
5333 Ain't She Sweet? C. Doerr's Orchestra
5335 The Scotch Errand Boy Harry Lauder
5349 In The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old Sam Patterson Trio
5350 The Tattooed Man - Selections Victor Herbert's Orchestra
5359 The Doll Dance B. A. Rolfe's Palais d'Or rc
5370 Fifty Million Frenchman Can't Be Wrong Jack Kaufman
5375 Picture's From Life's Other Side Sam Patterson Trio
5383 Bright Sherman Valley Ernest V. Stoneman
5394 The Wreck of the Number Nine V. Dalhart
5395 The Mississippi Flood Vernon Dalhart
5398 Ballet Music from "Le Cid" Victor Hubert's Orchestra
5405 At Sundown Al Lynn's Music Masters
5412 Wal, I Swan! (Or Ebeneezer Frye) (w.m. Benjamin Hapgood Burt) Al Bernard
5413 When The Moon Shines Down Upon The Mountain Vernon Dalhart
5414 My Blue Ridge Mountain Home Vernon Dalhart & Carson Robison
5425 The Referee Harry Lauder
5430 My Blue Heaven Al Friedman's Orc w/Vaughn DeLeath, vc
5444 I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again Walter Scanlan
5445 Good News D. Kaplan's Happiness Orc.
5448 Baby Feet Go Pitter-Patter Irwin Abram's Orchestra
5460 O! Dem Golden Slippers Vernon Dalhart
5482 Among My Souvenirs (w. Edgar Leslie m. Horatio Nicholls) Charles W. Harrison
5496 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella L. Lillienfeld's Biltmore Orchestra
5520 Frankie and Johnny Billy Jones
5546 Laugh, Clown, Laugh Arthur Fields
5564 Six Feet of Earth F. Luther & C. Robinson
5572 Little Green Valley Luther & Robison
5573 The Prisoner's Lament Ernest Stoneman
5583 Take Up Thy Cross (A. H. Ackley ) Baritone and mixed voices
5591 Mr. Hoover & Mr. Smith Jones & Hare
5619 A Mother's Dying Wish Pop Collins & His Boys
5652 Big Rock Candy Mountain (Traditional US) Vernon Dalhart
5667 Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine (w. Irving Kahal & Willie Raskin m. Sammy Fain) Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan
5684 I Faw Down An' Go Boom Arthur Fields & His Assassinators
5705 Two Gun Cowboy Frankie Marvin & his Guitar
5716 Kansas City Kitty Billy Murray's Merry Melody Men
5717 Every Moon's A Honeymoon Rollickers
5719 October 1929
9434 Grisamas Far Swedish Arvid Paulson
9860 Lvi Solou Pochod Bohemian Bohumir Kryl & His Band
9862 Orly Polskie Bohemian Bohumir Kryl & His Band
9864 Jako Matka & Verne Milovani Bohemian Hanna Foerster & Bohumil Ptak
9865 Nestastny Safaruv & Vsecko Jedno Je Bohemain Bohumil Ptak
9866 Mne Darovalo Prstynek & Sedela Cikanka Bohemian Bohumil Ptak
10046 Wedding Bells Stanley Kirkby
11232 Kalinka Russian Alexander Sashko
22046 Lindas Mexicanas Mexican Banda de Policia de Mexico
22121 Merci Mexican Arriaga & Yanez, mandolin & gtr.
22137 Cadetes Del 47 Mexican Banda de Policia de Mexico
22427 Luce Mia! Mexican Daddi
23001 Poet And Peasant Overtures British National Military Band
23002 Thora British Peter Dawson
23003 Roamin' In The Gloamin' British Harry Lauder
23004 Poppies And Wheat British Olly Oakley, bjo.
23005 Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes British Ernest Pike
23006 Keep On Swinging Me, Charlie Long-Scott, British Florrie Forde
23007 Off I Went To Doctor Jack Charman
23008 March, Strathspey & Reel Highlanders Bagpipe Band
23009 Come Along, Be One Of The Boys Stanley Kirkby
23010 The Kangaroo Hop Godfrey & Williams Billy Williams
23011 Fight The Good Fight Williamson & Kinniburgh
23012 My Heart Is With You Tonight Hardy Williamson
23013 The Bells Of St. Malo Nation Military Band
23014 The Singer Was Irish Peter Dawson
23015 I Must Go Home Tonight Billy Williams
23016 The Broken Melody(Van Biene) British Jean Schwiller, vic.
23017 Breakfast In Bed British Harry Lauder
23018 Muleteer Of Malaga T. F Kinniburgh
23020 Regimental Marches #3 National Military Band
23021 Valse Triste National Military Band
23023 When I Survey The Wonderous Cross Williamson & Kinniburgh
23024 My Young Man is Not the Chocolate Soldier Fred Godfrey and Billy Williams Billy Williams
23025 The Choristers Waltz Alhambra Orc
23026 The Volunteer Organist Peter Dawson
23027 Little Willie's Woodbines Billy Williams
23028 The Death Of Nelson Ernest Pike
23029 Medley of Irish Airs British Alexander Prince, concertina
23030 My Boy Florrie Forde
23031 Burial Of Sir John Moore British Bransby Williams
23032 Yes, Let Me Like A Soldier Fall Hardy Williamson
23033 Why Do You Keep Laughing At Me? Stanley Kirkby
23037 Wille's Gane Tae Melville Castle Thomas Kinniburgh
23038 The Wibbly, Wobbly Walk Jack Charman
23039 Tell Her I Love Her So Charles Compton
23040 New Colonial March British National Military Band
23041 Praeludium National Military Band
23042 Wait Till I Am As Old As Father British Billy Williams
23043 Evening Breeze National String Qrt.
23044 The Miner's Dream Of Home Peter Dawson & Mixed Quartet
23045 A Dream Of Paradise Hardy Williamson
23046 The Yacht I've Not Got Billy Merson
23047 Mister Cupid Stanley Kirkby
23049 Come Into The Garden, Maud Charles Compton
23050 Hark! Hark! My Soul Smart & Faber, British Williamson & Kinniburgh
23051 Keep Straight Down The Road Florrie Forde
23052 The Old Rustic Bridge British E. Pike & P. Dawson
23054 The Ragtime Yokel Jack Charman
23056 Alice, Where Aet Thou? Ernest Pike
23059 The Kilty Lads British Harry Lauder
23062 Sally In Our Alley Charles Compton
23063 I Do Like You Susie Stanley Kirkby
23065 Carmen-Toreador Song British Peter Dawson
23067 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul Hardy Williamson & Thomas Kinniburgh
23069 Patricia Florrie Forde
23070 It's Mine When You've Done With It Billy Williams
23071 In Sheltered Vale T.F. Kinniburgh
23072 The Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above Pike & Dawson
23073 She's The Lass For Me Harry Lauder
23075 I Want To Be Down Home In Dixie, from "She Knows Better Now" Collins & Harland
23077 Beside You G. Hughes Macklin
23078 The Ragtime Wedding Billy Williams
23079 The Athol Highlanders March British Highlanders Bagpipe Band
23080 I Loved You More Than I Knew Charles Compton
23083 In Gay Paree Jack Charman
23084 The Bandolero Peter Dawson
23087 Parted G. Hughes Macklin
23088 On Her Pic-Pic-Piccolo Billy Williams
23089 A Dinder Courtship T. F. Kinniburgh
23090 In The Island Of Go As You Please Jack Charman
23091 Excelsior Pike & Dawson
23092 Dear Love Remember Me Charles Compton
23093 'Tis A Story That Shall Live Forever Stanley Kirkby
23094 The Gay Cavalier Billy Merson
23096 Bells Of London March British National Military Band
23097 Your World Is My World Hardy Williamson
23098 Sandy, Take Hold Of My Hand Daisy Taylor
23099 I Wish I Were Back In Lancashire Stanley Kirkby
23101 A Ragtime Honeymoon Stanley Kirkby
23103 Sing Me To The Gloaming T.F. Kinniburgh
23104 Where Shall We Go Tonight? Jack Charman
23105 Salome - Intermezzo W. Loraine - British National Military Band
23107 Farewell In The Desert Hughes Macklin
23108 All The Girls Are Lovely By The Seaside Jack Charman
23109 I'm Coming Back To Bonnie Scotland Daisy Taylor
23110 The Call Of The Homeland T.F. Kinniburgh
23111 The Merry Widow Waltz from "The Merry Widow" Alexander Prince, concertina
23112 Don't Play That Old Love Melody Hardy Williamson
23113 She Does Like A Little Bit Of Scotch Billy Williams
23114 Little Miss Demure Stanley Kirkby
23116 Overture Oberon National Military Band
23117 Macushia Hughes Macklin
23118 Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy Florrie Forde
23119 Jocelyn-Berceuse Jean Schwiller, vic.
23120 Shipmates O'Mine Thomas Kinniburgh
23122 The Dollar Prince Waltz, from "The Dollar Prince" Alhambra Orchestra
23123 Make Up Your Mind, Maggie Mac Kenzie Daisy Taylor
23125 Eileen Alannah Macklin & Brazell
23126 I Do Love You , My Orange Girl Jack Charman
23127 Queen Of The Earth Peter Dawson
23132 Love Could I Only Tell Thee Charles Compton
23133 All The Ladies Fell In Love With Sandy Billy Williams
23134 Come Sing To Me Sergeant C. Leggett
23136 Christmas Awake Male Qrt.
23137 Christmas Song Hughes Macklin
23139 The Awakening Of Scrooge Bransby Williams
23140 The Dawn Of Light Male Qrt.
23141 Christmas Time Jack Charman
23142 Yuletide Memories National Military Band
23144 The Mistletoe Bough Male Qrt.
23145 The Star Of Bethlehem Hardy Williamson
23146 Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me? Billy Williamson
23147 Nazareth (Gounod Peter Dawson
23148 The Street Watchman's Christmas Bransby Williams
23149 While Shepherd's Watch'd Ernest Pike
23152 Land Of Delight Hughes Macklin
23153 Jean Loves All The Jockeys Bransby Williams
23154 My Word Stanley Kirkby
23155 I Want You Near British Charles Compton
23156 On The Banks Of Allan Water Macklin & Brazell
23157 Aisha- Indian Intermezzo London Concert Orc.
23158 Martrimonial Handicap Jack Charman
23159 "Roses" from "The Rose of Shiraz Hardy Williamson
23160 The Old Plaid Shawl Thomas F. Kinniburgh
23161 Oh Molly Mac Intyre Billy Williams
32162 Polish Dance # 1 National Military Band
23163 Just Like Bein' At Hame Harry Lauder
23164 I Am A Roamer Peter Dawson
23166 Oh Sing To Me The Auld Scotch Songs William Davidson
23169 The Irish Emigrant Stanley Kirkby
23170 Selection from "The Gondoliers" National Military Band
23171 Bedouin Love Song David Brazell
23172 The Green Eye Of God Bransby Williams
23178 Bonnie Scotland British Alexander Prince, concertina
23248 British
23249 Ballet Egyptian No. 2 British National Military Band
23269 Ballet Egyptian, No 4 National Military Band
23278 Mary (Kind And Gentle is She) British Macklin & Brazell
23279 What Time Tomorrow Night? British Billy Williams
23282 The Little Grey Home In The West British Hughes Macklin

23291 Ballet Russe No.1 Czabdas British National Military Band
23328 Regimental Marches - No 1, Brigade of Guards British National Military Band
23399 Sailing On The Good Ship Sunshine British Irving Kaufman
26019 Der Freischutz-Ansprache des Eremiten German F. Browler & Carl Nebe
26061 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht German Steidl Quartet
26067 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht German Steidl Quartet
26102 Am Meer German Elite Qrt.
26110 Lohengrin-Gott Gruss euch German Theodor Lattermann
26120 Tannhauser-Ansprache des Landgrafen German Theodor Lattermann
26133 Wohlauf Noch Getrumken German Max Kuttner
26136 Nar Dasseine Bit , from "Der Beltelstudent" German Max Kuttner
26150 Der Waffenschmied-Der Waffenschmied German Eduard Lichtenstein
26178 O Schone Zeit, O Sel'ge Zeit German Emma Loeffler
26180 Soviel Stern Am Himmel Stehen German John Frederich
26181 Tief In Bohmerwald German Harvey Hindermyer
27042 Louise-Depuis le Jour French Berthe Lowelly
27074 Carmen-Chanson du Toreador French Louise Dupouy
27131 Si Tu M'Aimais (Denza) French Louis Dupouy
28101 Tales Of Hoffman-Barcarole Classical & Operatic Rappoid & Chalmes
28102 Thais-Meditation Classical & Operatic Albert Spalding, vin.
28103 Ben Bolt Classical & Operatic Eleanora De Cisneros
28104 One Sweetly Solemn Thought Thomas Chalmers
28106 Ava Maria (Gounod) Classical & Operatic Rappold & Spalding, vin.
28107 Love's Old Sweet Song Classical & Operatic Christine Miller
28108 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Classical & Operatic Anna Case
28109 I Hear You Calling Me Classical & Operatic Orville Harrold
28113 II Trovatore-Ah si ben mio Classical & Operatic Ricardo Martin
28114 Cavalleria Rusticana-Vol io sapete Classical & Operatic Maria Labia
28125 Mignon- Je suis Titania Classical & Operatic Blanche Arral
28126 Prophete-Ah! mon fils! Classical & Operatic Maria Deina
28127 L'Africana O Paradiso! Classical & Operatic Carlo Albani
28129 Mary Classical & Operatic Orville Harrold
28133 Rigoletto-Cara nome Classical & Operatic Selma Kurz
28135 Orfeo ed Euridice-Che faro sense Euridice Classical & Operatic Marie Deina
28136 Romeo et Juliette - Ah, leve toi soleil Classical & Operatic Gaston Du Bois
28137 Tosca-Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amour Classical & Operatic Adelina Agostinelli
28142 Nocturne in E Flat, Op 9, No. 2, (Chopin) Classical & Operatic Katheen Parlow, vin.
28143 Old Folks At Home (Foster) Classical & Operatic Margaret Keyes
28145 Home, Sweet Home Classical & Operatic Eleonora De Cisneros
28147 Barbiere di Siviglia-Una voce poco fa Classical & Operatic Selma Kurz
28148 II Trovatore - II balen del suo sorriso Classical & Operatic Carlo Galeffi
28151 Samson et Dalila - Mon Coeur s'oeuvre Classical & Operatic Marie Delna
28154 Tannhauser - O, Kehr' zuruck Classical & Operatic Fr. Egenieff
28155 Martha - Lost, proscribed Classical & Operatic Hackett & Chalmers
28156 The Flowers That We Love & Mariette Classical & Operatic
28157 Elijah-O rest in the Lord Classical & Operatic Christine Miller
28158 Cavalleria Rusticana- Siciliana Classical & Operatic Riccardo Martin
28159 La Traviata-Addio del passato Classical & Operatic Adelina Agostinelli
28161 Aida-Celeste Aida Classical & Operatic Florencio Constantino
28162 Lucia di Lammermoor-Aria del follia Classical & Operatic Selma Kurz
28163 Souvenir of Moscow - Russian Airs (Wieniawski) Classical & Operatic Albert Spalding, vin.
28167 Good-Bye (Tosti) Riccardo Martin
28172 Good Bye, Sweet Day Classical & Operatic Christine Miller
28181 Coppelia-Entr Acte & Waltz Vacsey's Orc
28192 Menuett in G Flat Major (Beethoven & Valse Bluette (Drigo) Kathleen Parlow, vin.
28194 The Lawn Swing Classical & Operatic
28197 Trovatore-Miserere Classical & Operatic Case & Althouse
28198 Martha - None So Rare Paul Althouse
28202 Just For Today Christine Miller
28203 II Trovatore-Home to our mountains Classical & Operatic Keyes & Beddoe
28210 O Lord, Be Merciful Classical & Operatic Marie Rappold
28217 Elisir d'Amore-Una furtiva lagrima Karl Jorn
28228 Mad'le Ruck, Ruck, Ruck Classical & Operatic Karl Jorn
28261 Annie Laurie Anna Case
28275 On The Road To Mandalay Classical & Operatic Henri Scott

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