Mark Levin decries 'cherry-picked' Bolton leak on eve of impeachment defense

Mark Levin decries 'cherry-picked' Bolton leak on eve of impeachment defense

Hours before the second day of President Trump's Senate impeachment trial defense began, radio host Mark Levin slammed "cherry-picked leaks" released this weekend from former national security adviser John Bolton's forthcoming memoir, The Room Where It Happened.

"Let me get this straight," Levin tweeted. "John Bolton and his lawyer Chuck Cooper submitted the book manuscript to the [National Security Council] for review, which is notoriously known for leaking, on the eve of the impeachment trial, and they’re now surprised about a cherry-picked leak?"

In passages of the unpublished manuscript released by the New York Times, the former diplomat claimed Trump withheld aid to the Ukrainians in the hopes of securing an investigation into political rival Joe Biden.

The impeachment trial entered its second week today with Trump's defense team set to deliver its second day of arguments. The president's team made light work of its first day of defense, closing arguments after only three hours, drawing a stark contrast with the marathon presentations by Democrats, which lasted well into the night.

Bolton, 71, is considered a key witness for Democrats who believe the former White House insider has information that will bolster their case against the president. Bolton and Trump, 73, had an acrimonious fallout in late 2019, and the two argued openly about whether he resigned or was fired.

The House of Representatives impeached Trump on two articles of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in December.