Is Amanda Knox guilty? |
  • Immature and insecure.

    Even her stepfather was not sure whether she should go to Italy, because she was not mature enough to be in a foreign country alone. She was jealous and self centered. She was jealous of Meredith and had a hard time controlling her impulses. Sometimes the the objective evidences are not present, but Amanda's body language and immature behavior was enough. She was laughing in court and was disrespectful by not taking Meredith's death seriously.

  • Amanda Knox is crazy.

    After that had happened, you can tell by Amanda's facial expressions that she is guilty (for she looks very different than before; it is not the traumatized face). She was drunk that night, and when she went into the bathroom, she didn't notice the blood or get shocked until after taking a shower! When her friend died, she really didn't show her shocked expression normally (imagine if that happened to your friend). Amanda got 4 million dollars for killing Meredith!

  • She Admitted to Being Present

    Why would an innocent person admit to being present at the murder of a friend without being tortured?

    That kind of thing can happen with mentally defective subjects and children under the age of 16, but Knox was/is a reasonably intelligent and extroverted 3rd year university student in her twenties.

  • Her Italian boyfriend said that she lived for the moment

    Knox's behaviour has been commented on by numerous experts. Google psychopath and Amanda Knox and there is some interesting commentary.

    In the documentary, "Amanda Knox: the Untold Story", the forensic expert commented on Knox's prison diaries (which were unethically leaked). He said that she was a complete narcissist; in some places she compared herself to Helen of Troy, apparently; and she was under the delusion that everyone was coming on to her.

    Her ex boyfriend, Raffelo Sollecito, wrote in his book that she lived for the moment. That tells you everything about her motivations: she didn't have a clear motive. They were high, and something very bad happened. She's GUILTY, and it shows every time she's onscreen. Why does her PR team insist on putting her up as a smart girl? Her vocabulary is horrible and she's a terrible liar.

  • She lied to her mother in the first phone call and hasn't stopped lying since

    Why does she need a different story for every different kind of audience? She told her family and the general public she was badly treated, she testified in court she was well treated. She told her family and the general public the police gave her Patrick Lamumba's name, she testified in court that they didn't. Why does she continue to act as if she has been wronged when she admits to lying in a murder investigation? Why does she need a PR campaign to claim there was no evidence when there are thousands of pages of evidence and court documents? Why does she want to tell her 'story ' in a book when the only place it matters is in court? How dare she talk about needing closure? She thinks she can get away with murder by writing silly narratives that give a better impression of her than is true. Please read her email full of lies written days after the murder where she practices her alibi story, or look up Amanda Knox talking dolls on youtube, to get a sense of how many lies this woman has told. She wants 'closure' so she can write 'the end' on her ridiculous mess of stories. She comes across as a disturbed individual. Her only defence is 'it couldn't have been me, I'm a nice girl'. That is not a defence.

  • Lies, Damned Lies

    There is a saying in America: The truth about a liar is that a liar can never remember his own lies. And that's why I'm sure Knox is guilty. She couldn't remember her own lies, so she made up new lies. That's what guilty people do. And the fact that she lied, flat-out lied, about her alibi is damning.
    Mike Tucker, author of 1931
    Visiting Scholar on Counterterrorism, US Naval Academy

  • guilty but what about rudy guede...

    I agree with all the evidence and have no doubt she was involved somehow.
    Someone held the poor girl down, but why hasnt rudy guede made any concrete statements
    concerning her and her BF involvement. Many americans say the italians were simply "anti american" if that were the case why did they sentence a man from italy (her BF) and another from ivory coast?

  • The overall quantity of evidence

    Her own confession putting herself at the scene
    The false accusation against her employer
    The subsequent changes in her account as she was arrested
    The mixed blood spots
    The footprint
    Her table lamp locked in the murder room
    The different accounts of the locked door
    Both cell phones turned off
    The DNA evidence implicating her and her boyfriend
    The staging of the murder scene..False break in..Moved body..Covering body
    Her dubious account of her activity the morning after the murder
    The witness who saw her and her boyfriend overlooking the cottage on the murder night
    The shopkeeper who saw her when she claimed to be in her bed sleeping
    The 3am call to her mother which she denied making
    Her overall behaviour after the murder

  • The staged burglary and clean up

    The staged burglary and clean up is enough to point the finger fully at Amanda being involved. Who else would have done that? She had the key, the mop, the knowledge of the house, the time, the reading lamp, the relationship with Meredith. Why would anyone clean up if they were not involved.

  • The evidence shows that Amanda Knox is guilty.

    A number of things indicate the guilt of Amanda Knox. She implicated an innocent man, glass was found on top of clothes (indicating that it was staged), drug users are known to be unstable, she had an association with Gude and she also acts guilty. Innocent people do not get anxious or change their stories.

  • Knox is a victim of terrifying mob prejudice - The police, their forensics "experts", and the prosecutor are the one who should be in jail

    - "They were drunk, they were on drugs, and they wanted to have an orgy" - puritanical prejudice, "Reefer Madness".

    - "She implicated an innocent man" - 20-year old innocent abroad, interrogated all night, without a lawyer, in a language learned for 6 weeks, browbeaten by police (who failed to make a tape), psychologically "broken" until acquiesced in police theory must have met a man who she texted (mistranslated an English idiom), and had traumatic amnesia

    - "Someone held the poor girl down" - Guede admitted was an accomplice, maybe scared (how long before he got stabbed in jail?)

    - "Many americans say the italians were simply 'anti-american'" - media sensationalized demented prosecution theory of rape orchestration by men in thrall to her sexual power

    - "She is plainly a psychopath! She stutters, pauses" - Survived terrible ordeal that should fill people with rage at the injustice, and crush the the spirit of most of us. How should she speak?

    - "The break-in was staged" - possible, but scene so contaminated (no photos of window shutters, Filomena disturbed glass as retrieved laptop). Guede and accomplice may have staged to divert suspicion since he had a connection to the house.

    - "Knox's blood mixed with Kercher's appears in the hallway" - her DNA (not blood) was in the house because she lived there (!!)

    - "It contains pictures of the crime scene" - lurid shots (shown in a prosecution last-gasp stunt) of a phenolphthalein reaction not blood

    - "knife taken from Sollecito's drawer. The DNA evidence on that knife was questioned" PCR tests are so sensitive (amplifying few molecules of DNA) contamination can occur terrifyingly easily. Forensics withheld full documentation until the appeal

    - "Knox did cartwheels" - no she didn't (splits). Lecherous policeman asked her to show her yoga moves.

    - "The knife found in her boyfriend's kitchen had just been cleaned with bleach" - no it hadn't. A policeman picked it at random because thought it looked "clean", and that knife didn't fit the wounds anyway

    - "several neighbors saw Amanda and her bf out and about around the location" - no they didn't, that evidence fell apart (wrong night)

    - "Computer records on the bf's computer -- show there was zero activity" - computer actually gives (some) alibi for most probable time of death (unknown because bungling police didn't take body temperature);

    - "only Meredith and Amanda had a key to the apt that weekend" - Guede's own account says he talked his way in (he'd visited apartment below before).

    - "cleaning of the scene" - no evidence scene was cleaned, just police concoction

    - "True Justice for Meredith Kercher" - the sick f&%$s who put that stuff together are the really twisted minds in this story

    - "Forensic evidence proved that at least 3 people were involved" - two people. Two. One still unknown

    - "Explain the need to buy bleach?" - no evidence she bought or tried to buy bleach (receipts didn't show that)

  • No solid evidence and FACTS

    It's pretty funny how 90% of the people vote yes are basing this off emotions rather than FACTS. You know like the fact that there was no DNA evidence for her, oh right emotions and how you "feel" should over rule facts right? Yeah no. Another thing is people pointing out her sexual desires as part of being guilty, it's just like the Jody case in which the defense tried to use his sexual preferences into something that could be a "possible" reaso to why she had to kill him in "self defense" give me a break. If sexual desires is a way to determine sheathed you are guilty for something than everyone who has read the best seller shades of grey or whatever is automatically guilty.

  • Is this a joke?

    I don't know how this could possibly be real life. There is ZERO evidence convicting her of murder. Not even one solid piece. How do those policeman still have their jobs? They need to be seriously investigated for because it seems the entire department is corrupted. How embarrassing it must feel to be so publicly incompetent at fulfilling your job. This was a witch hunt from the beginning and Amanda was made an example. It's disgusting.

  • Amanda Knox is innocent

    After reading her book, looking the evidence and following both the trial and appeal it is obvious the prosecution way overstepped and in the interim has tried to save face. You simply can't judge people on reactions because EVERYBODY reacts to situations very differently. Everything I have seen is completely normal behavior for a naive little girl thrown into a world she had no business in. For her to have been a psychopath there would have been signs in her earlier life. Instead, Amanda was a model student and a good person with morals. Nothing shows up to contradict these facts.

  • Guilty beyond reasonable doubt

    Come on, 2 college kids do a thrill killing in a place one of them lives?
    Rudy bolts from the country and she stays put.
    Doesn't make any sense
    She has little to no DNA in the room the murder took place. It couldn't have been scrubbed or Rudy's DNA would have been gone too. They have their murderer, why do they persist in going after these 2 .
    People tell me I have little emotion. I do , just my face doesn't show it. That's the way I am .
    I can be torn apart inside and not shed a tear. Some people are like that. It doesn't mean anything, all you Internet physiologists don't know what your talking about. Its has nothing to do with empathy or anything else. This is why why we have to be Guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
    Isn't it obvious These 2 kids were trying to put distance between them and the murder, so they wouldn't be suspects ? Being naive kids they lied and said the wrong things and implicated themselves. Just like children do.
    The Italian justice system is more of a railroad system, they want a conviction and will do anything they have to, to get it.

  • No DNA or evidence.

    It's impossible to link her to the scene. I still believe in that your innocent until proven guilty. Evidence was mishandled and nothing links her to the murder. You just can't accuse someone of a murder with no evidence. If her DNA was found on or around the body I might feel differently.

  • Amanda is Absolutely Innocent

    There was no evidence in the beginning and there is no evidence now. Rudy Guede is the only one responsible for Meredith's murder. His DNA, bloody footprint, break in (just like the same MO he used in prior burglaries) proves it. Italy cant accept that they made a huge mistake convicting Amanda & Raffaele. This is an attempt to save face.

  • Fraudulent Evidence and Internet Thuggery

    This isn't even close, but it's a testament to how easily sometimes police and prosecutors can coverup their mistakes by simply accusing and providing evidence that doesn't even withstand a cursory examination. A "murder knife" which doesn't match the wounds and tests negative for blood found a quarter of a mile away from the crime scene in a drawer? "Bloody footprints" that tested negative for blood but the prosecution tried to hide in court? "Mixed DNA" which amounts to swabbing in a resident's sink where one couldn't avoid getting their DNA on it if they tried? A bra clasp obviously a contamination risk found with traces of about four others that was videoed the day of discovery but apparently left there and "found" six weeks later when the prosecution was running out of evidence and happens to be the only trace of either innocent in the murder room when the real murderer left evidence of himself all over it?

    Absurd, which is what happens when a nutcase prosecutor already convicted of abuse of office while pursuing a nonsensical theory that a long inactive serial killer was really the work of a satanic cult, filing bogus charges on twenty or so people before finally being stopped. Shortly after he takes a mundane rape murder by a known burglar and pretends to find "evidence" of pagan rituals and therefore must be the work of a couple of college kids his police take into the backroom and interrogate until they're, confused, broken and incoherent and he gets them to sign nonsense statements to implicate another innocent which he refuses to release for 20 days despite them recanting the same day and multiple times subsequently.

    Add to that a plethora of mistakes and outright lies fed to the press that live on through hate sites dedicated to taking the freedom of the two innocents rather than admit they were duped by the police lies and tabloid press. This was a very straightforward burglar surprised in the act who fled the country and was identified by the evidence he left all over the room, while nothing of the three arrested was found--until they came up with that dubious contaminated bra clasp when they were facing having to release everyone and admit their bizarre ritualistic orgy scenario was complete nonsense.

    FBI agents John Douglas and Steve Moore both strongly opposed the obviously fraudulent conviction and campaigned for the innocence of Raffaele and Amanda. The court appointed Italian independent experts delivered a devastating report on the junk DNA science and the entire forensic case, in accord with about ten other DNA scientists who came forth to protest the perversion of science practiced by police and accepted by the first court.

    The residue of that disgusting tabloid smear and the transmission of outright lies, mistakes and irrelevancies produced by the police and prosecution lives on at dedicated hate sites to this day, and it appears many of them have already infested this poll. They should be ashamed.

  • How about no evidence.

    There is no evidence Knox was involved at all. No scientific, no witnesses, no cctv, no DNA, all while they both have a quite strong alibi.

    The prosecution made use of drug addled bums and proven liars to make a case...But that facts remain they is not one reliable piece of evidence linking Knox to this crime. No motive, no prior history. All while the very common crime of a interrupted robbery turned rape and murder against a single rather smallish girl is indisputable. Volumes of evidence exist that proves this is exactly what happened...And it is no mystery as to who did it...His name is Rudy Guede. His DNA is found on, and inside the victim. Also on her clothing, her purse. His shoe prints in her blood, his finger prints also in her blood, his palm print also in her blood...

    How dumb do you have to be to not understand this? Oh wait those who voted yes probably think the government took down the twin towers also ....Right?

  • Nope, she's not.

    Anyone who's close friend or roommate is brutally murdered in a foreign country would PANIC. She didn't do it. Cops interrogated her all night and forced a confession, so she cracked. She never murdered anyone. There's no motive that I can see and she deserves to be free, so she is.

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Anonymous says2013-04-30T04:21:42.057
There is quite a lot of evidence, actually. There is a reason why the Hellman report has been annulled. Try reading some court reports rinstead of relying on Amanda Knox's PR nonsense.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T15:18:20.083
Did anyone else notice in the interview with Diane Sawyer Amanda Knox shook her head yes while saying no to the questions “Did you kill Meridith Kurcher” and Where you there that night”……She's guilty
Anonymous says2013-05-03T04:55:06.543
There's a lot of evidence, starting with the fact that AK's boyfriend was heavily into drugs and knives, and that a drop of the victim's blood was found in Filomena's room with AK's DNA in it. Also AK's footprints revealed by the luminol...
Anonymous says2013-05-03T08:07:11.620
Yeah, I noticed her nodding YES when asked if she was there, and then when asked if she had anything she was hiding she said no. Then paused -- and as if more thoughts were coming to her -- forming into words about to come out -- and she moved her face as if keeping herslelf from saying them -- and then said with self controll - I wasn't there.
Anonymous says2013-05-26T01:59:36.260
There is so much evidence against her.Also .There is an old saying "the camera never lies" look at all the photos that show her looking evil...You cant just say this is a trick of the light! Inocent people dont look like this!
Anonymous says2013-07-02T21:06:53.750
Amanda Knox is a fox! Who ever is the true GOD in this world will KILL Amanda Knox as she KILLED Meredith Kercher. ONLY Amanda Knox was involved in killing of Meredith Kercher. She is Guilty! Why DON'T we Americans see this in her body language and in her eyes. We try to put blame on everybody else but NOT on Amanda Knox? Why? Wake up Americans...Right now, she is living a fake life. Remember, "whatever goes around will come around."
Anonymous says2013-09-23T22:58:52.300
She's just so fake in her latest round of interviews, as the Italian courts ready to retry her. She's barely coherent; everything sounds like she read it from a bad self-help guide. I really don't think she's all there, and I do think she - probably a sociopath - can compartmentalise things very well. Those photos of her laughing in the lingerie store in the day after Meredith Kercher's body was discovered? Something's wrong with this woman. Hey, the Italian system isn't perfect and they messed up the crime-scene evidence, but all the facts and demeanours and behaviours (note that in common law systems such as the US and UK, demeanour CAN be considered evidence) added up...She's guilty and I pray for the dignified and collected Kercher family.
sodoff says2014-01-30T21:48:22.300
Just declared guilty yet again by Italian court!
kan621ash says2014-01-31T08:37:16.233
She is guilty if she was not guilty why would she blame it on her employer came on man any one with comenn sense will find her guilty over and over and i have been thru trail befor !! If u r innocent you dont change your story!! Put your self in her place if u did not do any thing your story will be stright not like hers !!!!!! She is guilty i bet my house and all my property on it !!!!
dfali02 says2014-02-01T02:08:29.880
She is guilty. Send her back to Italy, she makes the US look worse. We do not need people like her in our country. Poor beautiful young Meredith killed due to jealousy and envy.
Bret_Z1986 says2014-02-09T08:55:54.287
Jealousy and envy? Did you happen to notice Knox was hot and Kercher wasn't? That's idiotic.
lodgey37 says2014-02-17T19:45:30.117
Idiots who think she s guilty can t you read
mickuk says2014-02-19T21:34:21.337
Brett_z...Your blind
mickuk says2014-02-19T21:36:26.637
mickuk says2014-02-19T21:38:40.487
Guilty of involvement at least!!!
mickuk says2014-02-19T21:40:16.517
In my opinion
Snowball says2014-02-20T03:09:43.693
Guilty - truejustice.Org
tempusr says2014-03-02T21:51:07.337
Ton of evidence to show guilt
obrien says2015-03-02T23:40:23.910
Occam's Razor is a concept that should be employed when starting analyze this case. Those principles would have been beneficial to he prosecutor, Guiliano Mignini -- a man (1) convicted of abusing his office, (2) obsessed by the cult-driven theories of human/sexual sacrifice for decades resulting in numerous floundering investigation, and (3) with a history of denying accused the right to legal counsel. It's takes a serious of mental gymnastics (read, "assumptions") to conclude that two roommates that met about six weeks before a murder had established a deadly relationship because they annoyed one another as roommates, such that Knox would recruit her boyfriend of less than a month to recruit a person (already known as a knife-wielding burglar) to torture Ms. Kercher as punishment for some perceived puritanical belief system after smoking a couple of joints. Then, the State would use a confession taken in another language to help convict her, all the while the drifter with a history of break-ins (while possessing a knife) had confessed to the crime without implicating two teenagers. Amanda Knox might be a horrible person for implicating her boss. But, she would never have been in that position has she been provided counsel. She might be jealous. She might be weird. But these traits, if true, and any dishonesty doesn't create physical evidence against her. The physical evidence has been more than called into question, including the propriety of the testing and collection.

Let's use the same system of logic to demonstrate why the theory of the case is so absurd. Assume that I believe aliens are responsible for most murders (my analogy for the Monster of Florence). I then accuse you of committing murder. You blame another person who has a verifiable alibi. And, another third person then confesses to the crime (albeit, without acknowledging that they are an alien). I have not demonstrated that, because somebody was killed and you blamed somebody else for the crime, that you committed the crime. I also have not demonstrated that you are an alien or that aliens exist. However, an entire trial was conducted based on the recycled and repeatedly debunked theory that the Monster of Florence was alive in two teenagers that had meet 30 years after this theory was first put forward.

I have also yet to hear any reasonable explanation as to how, at best, there was trace DNA evidence of Knox and Sollecito and substantial DNA evidence for Guede. Setting aside whether the DNA was contaminated or not, do we not have to assume under any scenario that somehow these three took the time and effort to (nearly) eradicate all DNA evidence for Knox and Sollecito, despite all allegedly participating in violent death of Ms. Kercher, but apparently decide to leave the DNA evidence for Guede? Or, was the murder/sacrifice agreement not so detailed as to address the partial clean-up of evidence? Apparently, the DNA evidence of Guede found inside Kercher was, in the opinion of the latest judicial opinion, inconsistent with the theory that Kercher's death was caused by Guede, a known knife-wielding burglar.

The opinion vacating the acquittal is, at best troubling. If the roommate-orgy theory fails, the court concludes that, well, "shoot," we may never really have -- or apparently need -- any motive to implicate Knox or Sollecito. Who here has every been irritate at a noisy or messy roommate? Did you decide to sacrifice them following a orgy gone awry because you argued over noise or a dirty bathroom? I also like the conclusion that, because a separate court did not convict Guede of theft (despite agreeing to an expedited trial of Kercher's murder) that Knox must have stolen the money because Knox had to pay rent -- not that she had no way to pay rent -- just that rent was paid using money. Of course, then too, Guede was not apprehended for some time, allowing a burglar plenty of time to ditch credit cards and cash.

Having done criminal appellate work for a court, I think I have some understanding about general legal principles, although I do not propose I am familiar with the Italian justice system. I can say, however, that this a seriously strained legal theory.
KellyH1980 says2015-07-25T01:18:58.943
Here is a list of evidence that was reportedly used in the case and every single result was found to be fraudulent - lies that were concocted to sensationalize the story and create a false picture of a typical North American teen (teens in Canada are exactly the same as in US) and paint her with a monstrous label - please see this link and read all the evidence and how it never fit with either Amanda or Raffielle. The real killer was Rudy Guede who is currently behind bars.
KellyH1980 says2015-07-25T01:19:24.450
Here is a list of evidence that was reportedly used in the case and every single result was found to be fraudulent - lies that were concocted to sensationalize the story, sell tabloids, and create a false picture of a typical North American teen (teens in Canada are exactly the same as in US - we are not prudes unlike the Brits) and paint her with a monstrous label - please see this link and read all the evidence and how it never fit with either Amanda or Raffielle. The real killer is Rudy Guede who is currently behind bars. By the way, unless Amanda floated on air above the murder scene, where copious amounts of blood spewed out from the victim then I very much doubt she or Rafielle had been in the room or even the same house on the night Kercher had her throat slit. You can view pictures of the blood bath on this website that debunks the evidence and judge for yourself - it is impossible to clean every scrap of your own DNA (which is invisible) and completely leave anyone else's DNA in the process and even if you could pull off this miracle with bleach then as soon as lumina (used in forensics to show the blood patterns etc) became visible under black light then you would have large cleaning rag swipes showing long swaths of cleaner not foot prints - anyone who has ever washed a window with cleaner would understand this or are you guilt-hungry mobsters a bunch of low IQ idiots?

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