WWE SURVIVOR SERIES RESULTS: Angering Words Do Not Bring Down the Soul Survivor (November, 22nd 2015) | Cattie's Womens Wrestling

WWE SURVIVOR SERIES RESULTS: Angering Words Do Not Bring Down the Soul Survivor (November, 22nd 2015)

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Hello All. So due to the computer tower crashing late on Friday, i had to miss out on the Divas Championship Match at Survivor Series between Paige and Charlotte and it feels so weird not staying up to watch a wrestling pay per view when scheduled so upon recapping this match, which i will be watching for the first time, i have no idea what to expect despite seeing their match hours later on RAW. Lets see what went down between the once aligned divas turned enemies shall we?

Charlotte and Paige make their way to the ring for the expect to be heated title clash, Becky once again nowhere to be seen to accompany her bestie Charlotte. Upon both making it to the ring, Charlotte goes right into a waist-lock on Paige, but Paige demands her to release her grip. Paige scrambles as Charlotte doesn’t do as demanded, instead taking her down to the mat. Paige eventually forces the champ to release, clinging to the ropes with her arms and legs. Paige slips to the apron, shoulder tackling Charlotte before she can attack again. Paige yanks Charlotte towards her, scoring many knees to her on the apron then sending her face into her knee to follow it. Paige elbows Charlotte, a second blocked by the champ who fights back with one of her own. Charlotte hits another elbow then gets pushed to the ring post. Charlotte hits it then tumbles to the floor.

Paige heads to the second turnbuckle, taunting before heading to the floor below, targeting Charlotte and sending her head first into the announce table. Paige launches her back into the ring, grounding her to the mat before she can retaliate. Paige taunts away at Charlotte while leaving her struggling in an abdominal stretch. Paige climbs to the back of Charlotte to further wear her down but Charlotte sends her off via a counter. Charlotte eventually makes it to her feet, hitting the famous Ric Flair-esque chops to Paige. Paige tries cutting momentum with a kick to Charlotte, but Charlotte comes back with a big boot after taking to the ropes, knocking Paige flat to the mat. Charlotte tries early to lock in her Figure 8 finish, but Paige pulls Charlotte by her hair into a roll up, looking to pin the champ who breaks out at a count of two. Paige gets a near fall on Charlotte.

Paige avoids the second big boot from Charlotte, nailing a super-kick and attempting to pin again, but its another near fall. Paige mocks Charlotte, teasing using the Figure four but Charlotte kicks her away, creating a little distance. Charlotte takes Paige down, gripping one foot and locking her figure four leg-lock on the screaming Paige. Paige rolls over with much might, trying her best not to submit. Charlotte rolls outside, leg-lock still applied, hanging below the apron, shades of her singles match for the women’s title with Natalya back at NXT Takeover. Charlotte is forced to break off from Paige who is clung to the ropes. Charlotte blocks a kick from Paige, who is positioned on the apron, prizing the anti diva onto her shoulders. Charlotte viciously drops Paige head first to the apron. Charlotte mimics Paige’s usual “This is My House” taunt before sending Paige head first to the apron and rolling her back to the ring.

Charlotte stomps at Paige upon making it back to the ring, also adding a knee drop or two for more damage. Charlotte chokes Paige with her knee before the referee demands her release. Charlotte head scissor stomps Paige a number of times, then placing Paige in a leg scissor. Charlotte takes the legs of Paige for a pin attempt, but the referee denies it, seeing Paige’s shoulders aren’t against the mat. Charlotte shows off her athleticism as she catapults Paige around the ring using both legs. She attacks Paige in the corner with numerous shoulder tackles, but her last ends sour when Paige moves from the corner, causing Charlotte’s shoulder to connect with the ring post. Paige grabs the hurt Charlotte and tosses her straight to the floor from the apron. Paige, seeing a count-out victory would do nothing, clambers to the outside apron to taunt the champ before the two get in a fist fight on the floor.

Paige rolls Charlotte back to the ring, stretching her against the ropes, her boot applying pressure to Charlotte’s back. Paige further attacks her back while also stretching her left leg. Paige wraps Charlotte in a leg scissor, targeting her midsection, but Charlotte attempts a reversal, pushing the contender backward so both her shoulders touch the mat for a pin. Paige escapes at two, resulting in a near fall. Charlotte escapes the grip of Paige by slamming her back first to the mat upon twisting around her body. Charlotte gets little time to regroup over in the corner as Paige hits her with a high knee. She hits with a load of knees until Charlotte sends her crashing into the turnbuckle. Charlotte blocks a kick by Paige, nailing a neck-breaker to the heel diva. She musters strength to force Paige away from the ropes, covering her for her next pin attempt but getting a near fall once again.

The Crowd seem more on the side of Paige as the two battle it out with forearms to one another. That comes to an end when Paige stalls Charlotte with a kick, soon having her whip reversed. Paige clings to the ropes rather than run into Charlotte’s offense, chucking her to the ropes but soon being taken down by Charlotte’s surprise spear. Charlotte, positioned behind Paige, then follows that with the old Bow Down to the Queen/Natural Selection former finishing move, but does not pin as she instead has to watch Paige fall to the outside. Charlotte chases Paige around ringside, grabbing odd of her and sending her back in the ring. Charlotte sees herself in another possible chase as Paige rolls back out within moments, and gets sent head first into the apron by Paige. Paige continues her assault as she launches Charlotte into the barricade. Paige does so again, but this time near to the ramp. Paige stands atop the barricade, taunting the fans before Charlotte positions herself aside Paige on the barricade, spearing her off it and sending both of them to the floor. Charlotte makes it back in the ring at the count of seven, following Paige and she locks the figure four on Paige. Paige taps as Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight, though the ref doesn’t notice Charlotte’s hands underneath the ropes. Charlotte retains her divas title.

(Paige vs Charlotte; Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall it was most certainly more physical than the post RAW collision both had, and there was some great spots thrown in and needed aggression from Charlotte in addition. The Only thing that held this match back in my opinion was the crowd. Most appeared silent while most tried to shout out that they wanted Sasha. Theres no denying how good a performer Sasha is, but we cant deny that at the same time Charlotte and Paige were putting their bodies in the line in a physical match up and the chants make it go unappreciated. Indicating from RAW it appears we are getting a second round between the two, with the possible but not yet clarified addition of either Sasha or Becky, depending if Becky’s multiple losses take her anywhere, but with the divas being less held back as of late, now is a great time to use the usual brutal stipulations of TLC for the ladies to create something very much memorable and if they can turn up the animosity between Paige and Charlotte more to fuel their second battle on PPV, then imagine how intense the two could be in a Tables Match or Street Fight?

– Catherine

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