In 1997, someone at the WB decided to take a crazy chance. They decided to okay a series based on a 1992 flop movie with one of the crazier titles around. Somehow, this show turned into a massive hit that ran for seven seasons, and two on the CW. It made Joss Whedon a cult icon and acclaimed for its fantastic mix of horror, comedy and drama. Buffy the Vampire Slayer helped change the television landscape, leading to slews of series focusing on whip-smart heroes and fun pop culture references. But few have touched the same power Buffy had to win over fans and it was helped by its spin-off Angel. Both shows created a cornerstone of amazing genre television that still is acclaimed today.

What helps is that both series boasted some of the hottest women around. Long before the term “CW Look” entered the TV lexicon, Buffy (and Angel) were boasting some very sexy ladies. Some played down their age to be teenagers while others were being centuries old. Slayers, vampires, witches, even humans, they ran the gamut but all shared an amazing heat. It’s hard to pick out the best but a few stood out from the pack. And it helped that each was more than willing to flaunt their looks in various spreads, often in very little clothing. Here are 20 of the hottest pics made by the ladies of Buffy and Angel to show how two series could rock fans with the hottest women of their time.

20  Sultry Sarah

Sarah Michelle Gellar was already a veteran when she was cast as Buffy Summers. She had played Susan Lucci’s daughter on All My Children, even winning a Daytime Emmy for the part. Gellar tried out for the role of Cordelia, thinking she was better there but Whedon wanted her as Buffy. Despite her short size, she packed in enough punch, believable in the fight scenes as well as handling the dramatic moments as well. Gellar became a star with the show as well as various movies and soon a major hit with magazines.

This is one of the countless spreads she did in that time and a steamy one. The white shirt shows off the amazing black lingerie and garters with Gellar’s very toned body shown off. Her hair looks dirty but also steamy to make this a standout pic. As either Buffy or herself, Gellar loved to show off her amazing sexy side and a key reason the show became such a massive hit.

19 Beauty By The Beach

Famously, a different actress played the part of Willow in the pilot for Buffy but Alyson Hannigan was cast in the role when the series was picked up. Willow was a geek into computers, in love with best friend Xander and mostly known for humor and dressing down. But as the show went on, Hannigan’s inner heat helped the role blossom more. Willow was soon becoming a powerful witch and dating werewolf Oz. A major boost was the Willow of an alternate universe who was a leather-clad vampire.

The character really came into her own when she came out as a lesbian with witch Tara. She had her darker moments, even close to destroying the world but redeeming herself in the end. Through it all, Hannigan was a joy for fans with her funny lines and a hot redhead. This pic from a recent vacation shows Hannigan still looks absolutely stunning, her leopard-print bikini showing off a body you can’t believe has had two kids. Her evolution was a highlight of the show and why Willow is one sexy witch.

18 Faithfully Hot

Something about Eliza Dushku just screams out “sultry minx” and this pic is perfect for her. Lying on her front on a fur carpet adds heat right off the bat and the tight black underwear just makes it better. It shows off her smooth curves, nice backside and perfect supple curve to her spine. The topper is the look she gives the camera, a classic “come hither” gaze that sums up how incredibly sexy Dushku is at any point. This was the reason for her casting as Faith, a tough Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in season three of Buffy.

At first just showing off a tough attitude and smart mouth, Faith takes a turn to the dark side and joins the evil Mayor in his schemes. After time in a coma, she came back to attack Buffy then Angel before being arrested. She’s later redeemed to join the team in the final season and Dushku winning in the role. Many still wish she’d agreed to a Faith spin-off as Dushku and hot outfits go together in a winning way.

17 Dawning Heat

Buffy fans were familiar with the wild plot twists but the last scene of the fifth season premiere was something else. Entering a room, Buffy finds a strange girl going through her stuff and both calling out “Mom!” The girl was Dawn, Buffy’s little sister…who had never appeared before despite everyone acting like she’d always been around. It turned out Dawn was “the Key,” a mystical source of energy hunted by evil forces. To keep her safe, some monks used a spell to make her a human and altered the memories of everyone else. While fans were annoyed by her at first, Dawn did win them over in the end to be a heroine in her own right to help save the day.

Michelle Trachtenberg was well known as a child star with roles in Harriet the Spy and other movies when she was cast. She changed her image big time with her hot role in the wild comedy Euro Trip. While she had roles on shows like Nurses, Trachtenberg showed off more of her sexy side as the conniving Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl. This spread showed Trachtenberg had grown up big time, the tight black corset framing her nubile body, garters on her lush legs and hair framing a great face. It’s a fantastic look at how a cute gal can turn into one very hot lady.

16 Terrific Torres

If you’re going to cast someone as a goddess, you better get the right pick. Thankfully, the Angel producers did so when they had to cast Jasmine in the fourth season. The character was brought out by a mystical birth, a gorgeous woman whose very presence caused folks to fall to their knees in worship. She promised a new beginning for the world and it seemed good. However, the truth came out: When someone was exposed to her blood, they saw Jasmine’s true form as a horrific, maggot-covered corpse who also fed on people. Thus, the team has to save the world from her “peace.”

The producers selected Gina Torres for the role, already a favorite of TV fans. She had starred as a warrior on Hercules and the short-lived Cleopatra 2525. Torres would reunite with Whedon to play Zoe on the beloved cult series Firefly. She’s been busy since with roles from a wicked spy on Alias to 24, Hannibal and playing lawyer Jessica on the hit Suits. This pic shows her off nicely, the nice look showcasing the almost regal presence she brings to any part. Torres’ role on Angel was short but notable for dominating the screen.

15 Cheer For Charisma

It is astounding that Charisma Carpenter was 26 when she took on the role of Cordelia Chase. The actress just looked perfect as a high-schooler and was winning for the role. Cordelia was head cheerleader and queen bee of Sunnydale High, wicked with one-liners and put-downs and a sassy attitude. At first mostly for background subplots, she eventually joined the team and could be a surprising help at times. More surprising was how she and geeky Xander had a relationship and losing her money made her more humble as much as she tried to hide it.

This pic showcases what could be an early look for Cordelia, perfect for a cheerleader. The skirt shows off her legs and hips while the top frames that very nice chest. The dark hair flows back to show her bright smile and a face that still seems ageless. It’s no wonder the producers added Cordelia to the spin-off Angel for a long run as her great humor and fantastic beauty made her a lady sexy as hell no matter her age.

14 Lovely Lilah

While there were threats of vampires and demons when the spin-off Angel began, it soon became clear another threat was growing. Wolfram & Hart were basically a law firm for demons who had major plans to trigger the end of the world for their own gain. Their chief agent soon became Lilah Morgan, a conniving and wicked lawyer who wasn’t above killing to get ahead. Played by Stephanie Romanov, Lilah won fans over with her sneaky humor and great look. A highlight of season three was her and Wesley engaging in a wild affair that took dark turns. Sadly, it ended with Lilah killed by a possessed Cordelia although it turned out her W&H contract kept her around as a ghost.

Romanov was a former model and used that beauty well but had the acting chops too. She even played Jackie Kennedy in the 2000 drama Thirteen Days and numerous TV roles. This picture shows the elegant grace in her black slip but somehow, Romanov makes it look hotter than any skimpy bathing suit, especially with that sultry smirk. She doesn’t act nowadays but for a time, Lilah nicely heated up the show as a lady fans loved to hate.

13 Killer Kendra

A big twist in season two of Buffy was when she found herself facing someone with the powers of a Slayer. It turned out that when Buffy briefly drowned in the first season finale, it caused another Slayer to be “called.” This was Kendra from Jamaica and the show had fun with her being far more 'by the book' and dedicated to the battle than Buffy was. Despite a rough personality, she showcased great fighting skills and fans liked her. As it turns out, that was all the setup to Kendra being killed by Drusilla in the second season finale and thus leading to Faith being Called.

Bianca Lawson had already been known for her time on Saved By the Bell: The New Class. This pic shows off the beauty she kept under wraps as Kendra, the sultry black hair, the lovely bikini and the sandy background just makes it all the better. Lawson has had numerous TV roles and movies since such as Teen Wolf. Her biggest part was playing the lady who soon pulls Shay Mitchell's character into a lesbian affair on Pretty Little Liars. Lawson recently starred as a tough spy on the series Rogue and that combination of beauty and action is a reason she looks so great.

12 Great Glory

The fifth season of Buffy was dominated by the storyline of Glory. An ancient goddess from another dimension, Glory had finally come back to life and was out to get back to her own realm, not caring doing so would destroy Earth. She was incredibly powerful, able to absorb attacks and suck out memories to leave people mindless husks. The genius was that the character was played like a spoiled brat, ranting at her minions and treating a facial with the same seriousness as killing the Slayer. It built up to an epic showdown that (briefly) cost Buffy her life.

To cast the role, the showrunners went to someone who could live up to the hot part of the title. Clare Kramer had played a cheerleader in the hit Bring It On and thus fit the part well. This pic showcases the good casting choice with Kramer rocking a red-white-and-blue bikini top and dark shorts. The cowboy hat on top the blonde mane helps as well as a nice expression. Kramer has been busy mostly with minor TV roles and direct-to-video movies yet this pic shows how casting her as a goddess was a great choice.

11 Awesome Anya

The classic Buffy episode “The Wish” has Cordelia, angry over Xander and Willow kissing, mention to new student Anya that she wishes Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. Anya suddenly turns into Anyanka, a vengeance demon who grants the wish. This creates a nightmare world where vampires rule Sunnydale, including Xander and Willow who kill Cordelia and Buffy murdered by the Master. It’s all set to normal with Anya losing her powers and forced to live as a human. It was supposed to be a small role but Emma Caulfield was so winning that the producers decided to bring her back and she became a regular.

The show soon pushed Anya and Xander as a couple with Anya shown having no tact, leading to funny lines and very hot scenes. Caulfield was loved in the part, always ready with a one-liner and some sexy sequences and outfits. She was tragically killed in the series finale but the character still loved by fans. Caulfield has appeared in numerous TV shows since, notably the Blind Witch on Once Upon a Time. But one look at her in this stunning white bikini with coat showing her body off and it’s no wonder many a fan would wish to know Emma even better.

10 Hot Harmony

Harmony Kendall was showcased in the first three seasons of Buffy as one of Cordelia’s followers and the cliché dumb blonde. More interested in makeup and clothing, Harmony was a background player in some rather idiotic bits for comedy. Seemingly killed in the season three finale, she was brought back as a vampire who was little more than an annoyance to the gang due to her stupidity. She was still funny and so brought onto the final season of Angel as his secretary at an evil law firm.

Mercedes McNab had been notable as a child star in the Addams Family movies and other shows. She got a major boost thanks to Harmony, showing off a very hot side, including a Playboy spread. This pic shows her off in a bikini and highlights her very ample curves, lush blonde hair and that sexy smirk that she put to good use on the show. McNab is pretty much retired from acting today but many fans still remember how lovely her Harmony was to look and laugh at.

9 Dominating Dushku

Eliza Dushku has been pretty busy since Buffy ended. She turned down a Faith spin-off to star in the drama Tru Calling which was cut too soon. After roles on various shows, Dushku reunited with Joss Whedon for Dollhouse. The sci-fi series focused on Echo and other “dolls” who are programmed with personalities ranging from mid-wife to hostage negotiator and more. Several of these roles are for sexy encounters with clients and this episode was a major highlight. Echo comes in from an appointment as a dominatrix, still clad in the stunning leather costume. Between the nice patches, the boots and the great ponytail, Dushku is terrific in the outfit. Better is how she spends the scene matter of factly discussing domination and even slapping a guy with her whip.

Sadly, the series ended after just two episodes despite a good fanbase and critical acclaim. Dushku took a break from acting to attend college in Boston but is making a comeback. She played a tough FBI agent on the Cinemax series Banshee which showed off her rear end in a love scene. Dushku set to return in the new CBS hit show Bull and whatever role she plays, is sure to be a hot lady in it.

8 Tantalizing Tara

Season four of the series had major changes for Willow as she went to college. She and Oz had an ugly breakup as he cheated on her with another werewolf and Willow lost. She soon met Tara, a witch known for a shy and withdrawn personality complete with a stutter. They were soon bonding and before anyone knew it, they were in a relationship. It had its ups and downs as Willow was into dark magic for a time and they broke up. They reunited just before Tara was tragically killed.

Benson had been run down by fans for her appearance but this spread in Maxim shut up a lot of haters. Benson shows off in a stunning corset, bending over to give a flash of surprisingly nice cleavage. Her hair flows around her face as her expression is one of serene beauty yet also hints of a naughty side as well. This spread shows that Benson could be quite the looker and why her relationship with Willow still remains one of the most popular parts of the entire series.

7 A Leg Up

Sadly, the hottest pictures of Charisma Carpenter can’t be published here which were her fantastic 2004 Playboy spread. But any pics of this amazing woman are something. Here’s a great example, her in a lovely bikini that shows off every one of her great curves. It amps up her nice cleavage and pushes her sexy appeal majorly, especially the nice smirk on her face as she flaunts herself nicely. It shows an ageless beauty that doesn’t seem to know when to quit.

Indeed, Carpenter has been very busy since leaving Buffy and Angel with numerous TV roles from CSI to Lucifer. She had a recurring role on Veronica Mars that led to a reunion with Alyson Hannigan in one episode. She played a conniving mother in the too-short-lived series The Lying Game and donning a tight leather outfit for Legend of the Seeker. No matter the role, Carpenter still looks absolutely stunning and that charm and sex appeal help make her a winner long after Buffy has ended.

6 Raunchy Rohm

The producers of Angel had plans for the character of Kate Lockley. An LAPD detective, Kate was soon involved in some of the cases worked on by Angel and his team and some feelings between them. She was rocked to find out Angel was a vampire and it got worse when her dad was killed by some so they became more enemies than allies. The producers had planned for the character to eventually join with the team full-time. But before that could happen, Rohm was offered a role on Law & Order so Kate was written out as transferring to another city.

Rohm’s L&O tenure is notable, going four seasons and her Serena infamous for her exit: Fired after botching a case, she suddenly asks if it was because she was a lesbian. Rohm has kept up her TV career with roles on Heroes, The Client List, Stalker, The Last Ship and numerous Hallmark and Lifetime movies. This spread from Stuff magazine shows her underrated sex appeal, giving a hot look at the camera with a lovely top and bare mid-riff. Her time on the show was limited but Rohm has built a good career and shows she can be hotter than she seems.

5 Awesome Acker

When Winifred Burkle first showed up on Angel, she was a total mess. A scientist trapped for five years in a demonic dimension, Fred was in rags and on the verge of a breakdown. Rescued by the team, she came back to Earth with them and soon showing off much nicer as she grew. That was helped by Acker’s amazing sexy appeal, a lovely charm that turned her from a beanpole to a beloved character. A major turn in the final season was Fred transformed into an ancient god and Acker pulling off the tight leather suit.

This picture from a magazine spread showcases the amazing heat Acker can possess. She may not flash as much cleavage as others but the loose shirt is great on her, showing off a flat belly and an alluring look to her eyes that adds to her heat. Acker reunited with Whedon on the series Dollhouse and numerous smaller TV roles. Her biggest part has been the nutcase hacker Root on the acclaimed drama Person of Interest that showed more of her sexy side off. As this picture shows, Acker is much hotter than she’s given credit for to boost her majorly.

4 Buffed Benz

Julie Benz has the honor of being the first woman on-screen for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She showed up in the opening as a seemingly innocent teenager being pulled into danger…only to turn out to be a vampire feasting on a teenaged boy. She was Darla, a centuries old vampire who turned out to have been the one who turned Angel long ago and his ruthless partner. She was actually killed off but proved so popular that the producers resurrected her for Angel and had her made a vampire again. In a wild plot twist, she became pregnant with Angel’s child and sacrificed herself to let it be born.

Benz has had a good career since, highlighted by playing the doomed Rita on Dexter. Her roles since have included a stripper on Desperate Housewives; a super-speedster mom on No Ordinary Family; mayor of a future town on the sci-fi drama Defiance; a cop on Hawaii Five-O; and a Hollywood madam on Training Day. In any role, Benz is a hot looker, still looking great with her blonde hair and this pic showcases her in fine shape. The red top and shorts frame a flat belly and terrific legs as well as the bright smile she’s made famous. She was the first lady to show up on Buffy and still among the best.

3 13 Luscious Landau

For many fans, Buffy really took off in its second season with the introduction of two characters. The first was Spike, a wild British vamp who became a major fan favorite and eventually series regular. Joining him was his lover Drusilla who had a dark backstory. She’d been targeted by Angel who murdered her family and turned her into a vampire the day she was to become a nun. That drove Drusilla insane and granted her visions of the future. Landau played the role nicely with a twisted humor, a childlike innocence that belied Drusilla being a ruthless killer herself. She left in season three but popped up again on Angel.

The role was played by Juliet Landau, daughter of Martin Landau and even had a role in Ed Wood (the same movie that won her dad an Oscar). This pic showcases a much hotter side in the skirt that shows off her legs and nice corset top. The hair is wild but showcases her alluring eyes and the beauty that helped her win the part. Landau is better known for her voice work such as Zatanna on Justice League and even Lois Lane for an animated movie. But fans remember her best as this evil lunatic who could still charm them well.

2 Wicked Willow

While Alyson Hannigan had been getting a boost for a while, Willow was still seen as a quiet geeky girl and Hannigan much the same way. But she changed that with American Pie as Hannigan stole the movie as the band camp geek who turns out to be a wild minx. This led to Willow getting a boost on the show and it was backed up by Hannigan doing fantastic spreads like this one. The pink and black lingerie shows off her stunning mid-section and her red hair billows out to frame her face and shows how hot Hannigan can be.

Since the series ended, Hannigan has ended up latching onto an even bigger role. She played Lilly, the quirky schoolteacher on the long-running CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This allowed Hannigan to show off more of her funny style and some sexy moments too. Hannigan is taking a break to deal with family today but proved she was as red hot as her hair.

1 Vamp Slayer

Topping off the list is Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. By 1998, the show was establishing as a massive hit and winning over critics as well. Gellar was also hitting it big as star of I Know What You Did Last Summer and boosting her credit majorly. For this spread in Rolling Stone, the photographers decided to have fun by having the Slayer take on a vampy look. The red leather is stunning, capturing Gellar’s great curves and the black laces add a special vibe to them.

Since Buffy ended, Gellar has mostly stuck to raising a family with Freddie Prinze Jr. However, she returned to television, playing twins in the CW series Ringer which only lasted one season. She then starred with Robin Williams in the comedy The Crazy Ones which sadly was axed just before Williams’ tragic death. Gellar still keeps busy with kids and one can hope for a return to remind folks how Buffy still has the good where it counts.


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