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Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have been booting off people who admit that they were amongst those who stormed the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6.

After the violence at the US seat of government, one of the Trump supporters who turned up boasted to Bloomberg that his Bumble account was ‘blowing up’ because of the pictures he’d uploaded of himself.

Well, those days are over now.

Bumble and Match Group, the large dating app company that owns Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, and Match are starting to block access from anyone who participated in the unrest, according to the Washington Post.

A statement reads: “Rest assured that we prohibit any content that promotes terrorism or racial hatred, and we’ve already removed any users that have been confirmed as participants in the attack of the US Capitol.”

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Then, a spokesperson from Tinder said: “We have, and will continue, to ban any users wanted by the FBI in connection with domestic terrorism from all of our brands, and we always cooperate with law enforcement in their investigations.”

To be fair, if they were present at the rioting and violence that occurred that day, they’ve potentially got bigger fish to fry than their dating app accounts being blocked off.

The authorities have been attempting to track down everyone involved in the storming of the Capitol, and so far more than 70 people have been arrested for their involvement.

On top of that, a number of people have lost their jobs since publicising their attendance in DC on January 6.

Few have been as silly as the man who wore his work’s lanyard along to the Capitol, but as employers have discovered their workers’ involvement, they’ve been quick to distance themselves from them.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA
Capitol Building Rioters Are Losing Their Jobs After Being Identified
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It turns out that supporting an attempted coup – as some have referred to it – isn’t exactly the best publicity for a company.

To make matters even worse for the Trump supporters, some women who don’t agree with the insurrectionists have been deliberately logging on to get people to admit they helped storm the building, then reporting them on to the authorities.

One such woman wrote: “Swiping through dating apps to see if any guys have pictures of them at the capitol so I can send it to the FBI. It’s my civic duty.”

Another said: “Get in girls. We’re going hunting.”

You have to wonder why no-one has already picked up these eligible bachelors in the first place, right?

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