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Barbara Bouchet: Moneypenny



  • Sir James : [taking the reins of the British Secret Service]  Oh, by the way, Moneypenny, since I've come in here, have you heard me stammer?

    Miss Moneypenny : No, sir!

    Sir James : Splendid. Let me know if I do; I haven't got time for that sort of thing now.

  • Miss Moneypenny : I really have to note your qualifications.

    Cooper : Height: six foot two and a half. 184 pounds. Trophies for karate and judo, holder of the Kama Sutra black belt.

    Miss Moneypenny : Very impressive. How do you spell that?

    Cooper : I'll show you!

  • Sir James : Good lord! Moneypenny, you haven't changed a bit.

    [Long Kiss] 

    Miss Moneypenny : Actually, I'm Miss Moneypenny's daughter.

    Sir James : How is your dear mother?

  • Miss Moneypenny : [Kissing on a bed]  And what is your name?

    Cooper : Cooper, big eyes; but, don't be formal, call me Coop.

    Miss Moneypenny : It sounds like something for keeping birds.

    Cooper : That's me!

  • Sir James : From now on, all remaining agents and trainees will be known as James Bond 007, including the girls.

    Cooper : Won't that be rather confusing, sir?

    Sir James : Exactly! The enemy won't know which way to turn. You are now, James Bond.

    Miss Moneypenny : Congratulations, 007.

    Cooper : And you, 007, sir.

    Sir James : Good hunting, 007!

  • Sir James : No one can be such a perverse idiot as to assault a Customs official. It must be deliberate.

    Miss Moneypenny : It may just be natural talent, sir.

  • Sir James : I must say, this place brings back a few memories.

    Miss Moneypenny : Yes. Mother told me some of them.

    Sir James : [Opens liquor cabinet]  She probably also told you that I'm partial to jasmine tea.

    Miss Moneypenny : [Writes it down]  Jasmine tea, sir.

  • Sir James : Ah, this is where you come in Moneypenny. I want you to go through all the Auxiliary Files.

    Miss Moneypenny : The lot, sir? It'll take all night.

    Sir James : Your mother did some of her best work at night.

  • Miss Moneypenny : Eh, wIll you be needing me tonight, sir?

    Sir James : Very probably.

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