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12. Oct 2021
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€1.60 Tuesday, OcTOber 12, 2021 free inside ireland v Qatar see sPort – first for breaking news Ken’s club i pick players on form, not who they play for Brilliant puzzles pullout GaRdai seaRch beGins we pray they find deirdre exclusive by JoHn HanD Chief Reporter THe sister of a woman who vanished is praying a new search will bring answers to the family of deirdre Jacob – and hers. Gardai yesterday began a major trawl of a wooded site near Usk Little in Co Kildare as fresh probe Officers in co Kildare yesterday part of the murder probe. The location is close to where JoJo Dullard was last seen in November 1995. Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the 21-year-old’s sister Kathleen Bergin, inset, said the search “might just open up the door for some of the other investigations”. see Pages 4&5 vanished 21-year-old JoJo Dullard vanished 18-year-old Deirdre Jacob sister of missing JoJo hopes hunt will also lead to answers for loved one

2 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 the weather 10 Min Crossword 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 aCroSS 6 Core (5) 7 Royal College of Art (abbr.) (1,1,1) 8 Representatives (9) 13 Hunting animals (9) 18 Vehicle (3) 19 Hits with the foot (5) DoWn 1 __ Ifans, actor (4) 2 Ring of light (4) 3 Eyelid swelling (4) 4 Public transport (4) 5 Daybreak (4) 9 Golf score (3) 10 Child (3) 11 Was seated (3) 12 Hearing organ (3) 13 Select (4) 14 Deserve or merit (4) 15 Poses a question (4) 16 Cry of pain (4) 17 Mediocre (2-2) MONDAy’s sOlUTIONs Across: 1 Romantic, 6 Say, 7 Genoa, 9 Busy, 11 Deep, 12 Otis, 14 Opts, 16 Alone, 18 Aug, 19 Immerses. Down: 1 Residual, 2 Maybe, 3 Nags, 4 Inn, 5 Massages, 8 Eyot, 10 Upon, 13 Tsars, 15 Pelé, 17 Ohm. Brought to you by 4-page puzzle pullout inside DMEEIR XR net happy over fishing.. ExTInCTIOn Rebellion took to the streets to protest over Irish fishing laws which are causing the nation to be in “grave danger”. Along with the Irish Wildlife Trust and Sea Change, they dragged a fishing trawler from Dublin’s Parnell Square to Leinster House. A xR spokesman said: “Bottom trawling scrapes a net across the sea floor, obliterates important habitats for fish spawning and should be banned.” nice TO sea yOu Protesters casT aWay Extinction rebellion protest in Dublin yesterday partition was a terrible mistake BY TRevOR Quinn ..but Coveney perspectives on the past to stand in Partition has caused huge the same church and have that division on the island of ireland reflection and I’m somebody who and it was a “terrible mistake”, still attending believes that partition was a terrible Simon Coveney said yesterday. mistake and has caused extraordinary division on this island, but there the Foreign Minister and the government chief Whip Jack chambers will attend a religious service different perspective of history and I centenary event are many other people who have a later this month to mark the centenary of the North. to reflect together and to look believe we need to be mature enough It comes after President Michael D to turn down the invite and he stated forward. higgins declined to attend as he said he had discussed it in great length Mr coveney also said there had he didn’t agree with the title – with the 80 year-old. been a collaborative effort to make it “marking the centenaries of the partition of Ireland and the foundation of Morning Ireland yesterday: he added: “the four christian he told rte radio One’s an inclusive event. Northern Ireland”. “I understand them [the churches have come together to Mr coveney, who discussed why he President’s reasons] but try to take politics out of this felt it was important that they go to I think he recognises, as issue as best they could and to the October 21 gathering, said: “I do I, that the government is in a different which I believe is a genuine provide a service in armagh think the government is making the right decision there, both Jack position in terms of effort to reflect on 100 years of chambers and I will be attending consideration and I partition and hopefully to that service. think it is the right thing focus on a more positive “We’ve got an invitation to go and to do. future on this island I think it’s the right thing to do.” “It’s allowing people together.” Mr coveney said he respected the with very different news@ decision taken by President higgins vieWs Coveney Got a story? email our newsdesk on: Irish Mirror newsdesk: Commercial department: Marketing and Irish Mirror Bingo claims: Public notices: Write: 1st Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 AROUND THE WORLD Iraq captures ISIS terrorist Iraq says it has captured Islamic State’s financial chief in an operation outside its borders. Sami Jasim al-Jaburi was arrested in a “complex external operation” by the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi tweeted, without specifying a location. Army attack Tigray rebels the ethiopian army has launched co-ordinated attacks on all fronts against forces from the tigray region, rebels say. they claimed the government was using artillery, tanks, jets and drones in an attempt to “reinvade” the region. the conflict has caused a humanitarian crisis. Lebanon oil facility blaze FIreFIghterS have extinguished a large blaze at an oil facility in southern Lebanon, which is in the grip of a severe energy crisis. the fire erupted on Monday in a petrol tank belonging to the army at the Zahrani Oil Installation, sending a plume of black smoke into the sky. Arrests over dumped jabs PrOSecutOrS in egypt have ordered the arrest of three people following the dumping of thousands of unused doses of a coronavirus vaccine near the city of Minya. Images posted on social media last week showed piles of white boxes strewn along the banks of a waterway. This publication supports the work of the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman and our staff operate within the Code of Practice. You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at, PH: (01) 6489130, Lo-call 1890 208 080 or email:

DMEEIR 3 THumbS uP Singer looks happy online Rita’s not got any Monday blues... by aIlbHE Daly RITA Ora sent heartbeats racing in a series of snaps wearing a blue bikini. The performer, 30, showcased her stunning figure in a blue and white two-piece with a floral print. She wrote on Instagram yesterday: “I hope you all had an amazing weekend.” The Masked Singer judge is due to jet back to the UK soon after not being home at all in 2021. The Anywhere star has not been seen in the country since her Covid rule-breaking birthday party last November. TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR taking it easy Rita Ora on Instagram yesterday Our oldest by STEPHEN WHITE PEOPLE have been standing on their own two feet for at least six million years, according to a new study. The oldest known footprints from our pre-human ancestors were left 6.05 mancestor million years ago, a team of researchers say. They were found fossilised in beach sediment near the village of Trachilos on the Greek island Crete in 2002, but until now their age was unclear. The big toe is similar to our own, with four smaller toes. There is also an indent from a distinct ball on the sole, which is Six-million-year-old footprints found absent in the feet of other apes. It makes them the oldest evidence of a human-like foot, predating by 2.5 million years tracks STEP back IN TImE One of prints made by the famous “Lucy” species found in Africa. Study co-author Prof Per Ahlberg, of Uppsala University in Sweden, said: “The oldest human foot used for upright walking had a ball, with a strong parallel big toe, and successively shorter side toes. “The foot had a shorter sole, an arch was not yet pronounced and the heel was narrower.” The prints were left on a sandy seashore, possibly a small river delta. Exactly which species of early human made them remains unknown. But like any other fossil they can be a aged by analysing singleorganisms found in them. The study published in the journal Scientific Reports also sheds light on where our earliest ancestors could be found. Six million years ago, Crete was still attached to the Greek mainland, meaning they could have lived across south-east Europe.

4 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR ground search begins annoyed Bob Geldof Bob p****d at Beeb over editing song by mirror rePorters BOB Geldof blasted the BBC for playing an edited version of his new song. The Dubliner, 70, was on Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 Breakfast Show to chat about his new five-track EP Out Of The Back Of Boomtown. He called out the presenter for playing the last few seconds of And I Do which includes the apparently offensive line of “getting p****d”. “That is an edit of that,” Ball said after playing the final moments of the song adding, “because it’s the BBC and it’s early in the morning and we couldn’t play the full version”. Bob said: “You just played the end, literally the end. The track is four minutes long. What happened at the BBC? Come on wise up guys.” Witness saw something being dragged from car boot win Rafael Cabrera-Bello Huge slice of luck for €5k golf punter.. by trevor quinn AN Irish punter was celebrating yesterday after winning €5,600 on golf results. The player who placed the bet in a bookies shop in the capital, stuck a €5 each-way double on the Open de Espana and Shriners Children’s Open. The Dubliner backed Rafael Cabrera-Bello at 40-1 to win the Spanish competition on the European Tour and 25-1 shot Sungjae Im to triumph at the PGA Tour event. BoyleSports spokesman Lawrence Lyons said yesterday: “Our Dublin customer must have known their stuff because it’s not easy picking out two winners in the same week, never mind golfers chalked up at 40-1 and 25-1.” into woods... Suspicious activity prompted fresh body hunt by Paul Healy and JoHn Hand Chief Reporter A MAN seen dragging something from the boot of a car into the woods 23 years ago has led to the latest search for murdered Deirdre Jacob. The hunt at a three-acre woodland site in Co Kildare stems from the sighting which is alleged to have occurred on the evening of the young woman’s disappearance on July 28, 1998. Gardai have spoken to a witness who claims he saw a man dragging something from the open boot of a car into the woods at “Brewel East” near Taggartstown on that date. It is understood the man previously came forward with that information years ago – and he has since been interviewed again in recent times in connection with what he saw. The man’s claims have now formed the basis for what will now be a huge three-week Garda search at the site, disaPPeared JoJo Dullard which is located around 15km from Newbridge, where Ms Jacob was last seen. It is understood that officers wanted to search the site last year, but due to Covid restrictions, had to wait until this week, along with approval for funding from Garda Headquarters. Notorious rapist Larry Murphy, who lived close to the area at the time, remains the chief suspect in Deirdre’s disappearance – and a file is currently with the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to this case. Officers now suspect that Murphy, who was from nearby Baltinglass, may have abducted the 18-year-old student and taken her to the remote site and buried her. A former cellmate said that the rapist “confessed” to him about the murder of Deirdre while in prison. Murphy, 55, who is now living in the UK, has always denied any involvement in the teenager’s disappearance. Officers suspect that several other unexplained murders which occurred within a similar time period, could also be connected to the site. Yesterday, Inspector John Fitzgerald, who is overseeing the search, said they are “mindful” of particular cases, such as the disappearance of 21-year-old JoJo Dullard and believe it is possible that her remains could also be located there. It is not far away from Moone, Co Kildare, where she was last seen on November 9, 1995. But he said: “There’s no link at this stage.” JoJo’s sister Kathleen Bergin revealed how she was informed by gardai of the fresh search but it was on foot of information relating to Deirdre. She said she is praying that it may bring closure to the Jacob family but also hopes that any new information may pave the way to solving the mystery behind JoJo’s disappearance. Kathleen told the Irish Mirror: “We’re praying hard that they find answers for Deirdre’s family. “And you’ll never know, it might just open up the door for some of the other investigations. Because of the location of where it is you never know what they mission Officers in field for missing girl deirdre garda probe Woods in Co Kildare where gardai will look for body might find. Our thoughts now are with Deirdre’s family and friends – we’re all praying that they get some answers after all of this time. “And if they do find something, please God, you never know because it’s in that area [near where JoJo disappeared].” Kathleen explained how it can be difficult to not get her hopes up when a development like this happens, but she is also managing her expectations. She added: “You’ll always be a little bit hopeful because of the location but we have to be realistic too because there’s been searches in the past and nothing came of them. But because of where it is, you can’t help but think that we might just be lucky.” It is understood between 10 to 15 gardai a day are to finely comb the area for any sign of evidence. It is expected that some trees may need to be cut back to assist the search, and ground penetration may be required. An incident room has also been established on the site for the duration of the search, which officially began yesterday. Insp Fitzgerald said: “There was unusual overgrown Conditions are challenging The area has been under review for some time DMEEIR activity in or around the time Deirdre went missing and based on that it felt prudent to commence a thorough search of the area.” The site is private land and has been closed off on foot of a search warrant which was obtained by the High Court. Insp Fitzgerald added: “The area has been under review for some time. We carried out a cursory search initially some time ago. “The recommendation was to commence a search in October to give us the best chance to have success, based on the fact it is thick woodland, there’s a lot of undergrowth there and this time of year gives us the best opportunity to gather any evidence that may be here. “We were reliant on the advice from the forensic archeologist in terms of the growth in the area but also there’s wildlife considerations as well and October was identified as the appropriate moment insp fitzgerald co kildare, yesterday suspect Larry Murphy base Control room hopeful Insp Fitzgerald TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 5 tragic Deirdre Jacob – easier to dig up, not as thick undergrowth, it’s obviously autumn so it should be easier to get through it.” Eight women disappeared between 1993 and 1998 in areas around the borders of Leinster. Former detective sergeant Alan Bailey, who was part of the cold case review of both disappearances, said yesterday he still believes they were victims of the same person. He added: “I do believe that Deirdre and JoJo were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. They just happened to be in an area where a predator was operating.” To date, investigating gardai have followed more than 3,000 separate lines of inquiry – but the case has circled back to prime suspect Murphy. He was released in 2010 having served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for kidnapping, raping and attempting to murder a young woman in the Wicklow Mountains in 2000. Astronomy classes out of this world ASTrOnOMY Ireland is running weekly classes giving people an insight into the solar system. Thousands have taken the tutorials which explore the sun, the stars, deep sky objects, the big bang and exoplanets. The eight-week journey into space with Astronomy For Beginners evening classes are suitable for all and no knowledge of astronomy, science or maths is needed. Advance booking must be made at www. or by calling 086 0646555. An annual subscription to Astronomy Ireland magazine is included in the price. 100 students a week going to food bank MOrE than 100 students every week are turning to a soup kitchen for their basic food needs. Caitriona Twomey of Cork Penny Dinners estimates the numbers of young people visiting the centre has trebled during the past three years due to soaring housing costs. She said: “There are probably about 100 students who come to us for food every week and that would be from UCC and the other third level colleges. “They are the same as you or I and if they’re struggling they’re more than welcome and we would encourage it.” Wind in sails of renewable energy firm A rEnEWABLE energy startup has designs on five sites for new windfarms around the Irish coast. Inis Offshore Wind is being led by former Orsted chief Vanessa O’Connell. Investors have already pledged €126million to support the firm’s aim to produce enough offshore wind generated electricity for 800,000 homes by 2030. Potential sites include two in the Irish sea, two in the Atlantic and one in the Celtic Sea. Ms O’Connell said: “Our aim is to tap Ireland’s unparalleled offshore wind resource and in doing so enable a sustainable energy future.”

6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR BUDGET 2022 PREVIEW Comments Owen Keegan Harris slams ‘sarcastic’ response to student plea By Ciara Phelan H IGHER Education Minister Simon Harris has branded comments made by the CEO of Dublin City Council over student housing as “sarcastic”. Owen Keegan suggested student unions should consider entering the property market if they want to solve the shortage of living facilities. Ruairi Power, president of University College Dublin Students’ Union shared a letter he received from Mr Keegan dated October 11, 2021. Mr Power wrote to the council chief outlining the body’s opposition to purpose-built student accommodation being converted into short term facilities. He published the letter he received from Mr Keegan on Twitter. It read: “If you genuinely believe that excess profits are being made in the PBSA market I am surprised the Students’ Union has not entered the market itself and provided lower cost student accommodation for its members.” Mr Harris has slammed Mr Keegan’s comments as “dismissive” and “sarcastic.” He tweeted: “Student accommodation must be for students. “Dismissive and sarcastic comments don’t help.” The Irish Mirror contacted Mr Keegan for comment. 2 treaties go on display THE Culture Minister has opened an exhibition to mark 100 years since the start of the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations. Catherine Martin unveiled the show in London which saw the two treaty documents, the Irish version and the British one, side by side for the first time in a century. The Treaty, 1921: Records from the Archives opens up historical records, official documents and private papers and runs until October 23. on the beat Gardai out on patrol in dublin €315m in Christmas bonus cash has been set aside for welfare recipients €900m social protection package will be introduced today By Ferghal Blaney Political Editor and Ciara Phelan Political Correspondent Garda numbers will be boosted by 800 next year on the centenary of the foundation of our police force, it will be announced in the Budget this morning. And there will be some early festive cheer with the confirmation that €315million has been set aside to pay the Christmas bonus to all welfare recipients, including everyone on PUP. Funding has been approved for an extra 8,000 frontline healthcare workers and there will be free contraception announced for 17 to 25 year olds. There will be some pain in the Budget, with smokers set to be hit with another 50c on a pack of 20 cigarettes. And the €7.50 a tonne increase in carbon tax will see the cost of filling your car go up by about €1.50 a go. The good news will see a total social protection package come in at more than €900million, with a universal €5 hike for all on any welfare benefit eating up €350million of that. It will be positive for pensioners in 2022 as the basic rate will go above €250 for the first time, going up by a fiver from €248 to €253. And it will be good news on the double for most OAPs as the fuel allowance is also going up – from €28 to €33 a week. The Back to School allowance is going up by a tenner and those on the lone parents allowance get an extra fiver a week. Carers will be a focus of this year’s Budget, with initiatives including a doubling of the Domiciliary Care Allowance for parents looking after sick children going from three months to six months. There will be a €500 grant for wigs and hair pieces for those who need them for medical reasons, like chemotherapy. Violence on our streets has FORCE UP BY 800 »» Gardai recruitment drive to get under way »» Frontline healthcare numbers to increase prompted the Garda recruitment drive which will also see 400 more civilian staff join the force, freeing up more officers for frontline duties. As the gardai mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Criminal Assets Bureau a new €2million Community Safety Innovation Fund will be established. There will also be a package of €13million for the Department of Justice to tackle domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. This is a priority for the Government and Minister Helen McEntee, who returns from maternity leave in three weeks’ time. Around €10million to fund free Plan Health Minister Stephen Donnelly jaB Health staff boost contraception for women will be part of the Government’s Budget announcement today. And funding will be given for the recruitment of an extra 8,000 frontline healthcare workers. The Irish Mirror understands Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has secured the boost and it’s expected the free contraception scheme will be rolled out from July or August next year. A source said women aged between 17 and 25 will be able to avail of it. Individuals will still have to continue to pay the prescription charge. Pubs and nightclubs will be big beneficiaries of an extra €100million tourism drive. Wage and business supports for the owners of bars and venues, similar to the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme for other sectors, will be guaranteed “well into” next year.

DMEEIR 7 Claire: I feel Witness plea after smash Gardai Byrned out TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR y e s t e r d a y renewed their appeal for witnesses after a man in his 30s died in a crash. The two-car smash happened on the M7 northbound in Naas, Co Kildare, between Junction 10 and Junction 9a. One vehicle collided with the central median and a second car collided with the first vehicle at 9.35pm on September 25. a Garda spokeswoman urged “anyone who has any information in relation to this incident” to call them. Presenter taking stock of her life & career after death of her father By Sandra Mallon RTE star Claire Byrne has revealed she is considering quitting hosting her TV show. The presenter admitted she’s at a “crossroads” in her career and doesn’t know whether she should continue fronting Claire Byrne Live. She admitted presenting a radio and TV show is “taking its toll on me”. The mum of three said she also doesn’t want a career like the late Gay Byrne, who said he wished he spent more time with his family. She revealed: “i need to ask myself how i want to live my life. “i’m not embarrassed to say it’s taking it’s toll on me. Of course i realise i’m in a really privileged position. “i’m doing a job i love and i’m well paid for it, but i’m not being honest if i don’t say it’s exhausting or that i’m not seeing enough of my children. “The children hate when i leave on Monday afternoon as i usually try to get home after the radio show for a couple of hours. “i try to rationalise it by saying that lots of mammies and daddies have to work every night and this is just one night. “and because Claire Byrne Live is performing so well in its time slot, the final decision will most likely be mine. “That’s the crossroads i’m at.” The behind the mic Radio & TV presenter Claire Byrne Laois native said losing her dad Tom in June has made her reassess everything. She told rTE Guide: “in the lead up to my father’s death, and ever since, i’ve been thinking that life is really short – eighty odd years and so i’m more than halfway there. The thing is i really love working, my great passion after my family. “So i don’t want to cut my nose to spite my face, but at the same time i’m constantly fighting exhaustion and i don’t want to be in that position long term.” But she said ultimately the decision on her future at the station will be made by someone “above her pay grade”. The 46-year-old added: “So i might have to come to a point where i make a decision if there isn’t a capacity there to move the TV slot.” Opening up about her father’s death, she said it has “hit me like a train”. She revealed: “in a way there is no logic to that feeling. “My father was 86, he had been unwell for a long period of time and yet we were all devastated that he was gone. “You reflect differently on everything in your life when you lose a parent. “it hit us all deeply which is testament to the man he was, someone who was very involved in all our lives and so proud of us all.” hot Seat Claire with Leo Varadkar I’m not seeing enough of my children claire byrne RTE GUIDE

8 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR covid crisis: vaccine plea raIsING a GLass Pals in Sydney yesterday FEELING LUCKY Sile Seoige TV’s Sile due to welcome another tot By saNdra maLLoN TV presenter Sile Seoige has revealed she is weeks away from welcoming the arrival of her second baby. The Galway native and fiance Damien O’Farrell are expecting their second child – a girl – next month. The TG4 star, 42, shared a post online to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week. She said: “I’ve been pregnant four times. Four years ago was the first time and it was joyous, as my son Cathal was born safe and sound. I was pregnant again twice afterwards but unfortunately those pregnancies ended in the first trimester which was really tough for me to take. “Now I’m pregnant again and due next month. And although I feel incredibly lucky... I will never forget the lil beings that were not destined for this world.” Sydney’S cafes, gyms and restaurants welcomed back fully vaccinated customers yesterday after nearly four months of lockdown. The move came as Australia aims to begin living with Covid and gradually reopen with high rates of inoculation. Some pubs in Sydney opened at 12.01am and friends and families huddled together oz returns to life after lockdowns for a midnight beer, television footage and social media images showed. new South Wales State Premier dominic Perrottet told reporters: “I see it as a day of freedom, it’s a freedom day. We are leading the nation out of this pandemic but this will be a challenge.” Mr Perrottet warned infections would rise after reopening, and virus-free states baCK to LIFE Busy city centre such as Western Australia and Queensland are watching what living with Covid-19 is going to look like amid concerns health systems could be overwhelmed. While nSW’s dual-dose vaccination rate in people above 16 hit 74%, in neighbouring Queensland, whose borders remain closed to Sydney-siders. The rate is only 52% and the state rulers are following an elimination strategy with rapid lockdowns to control any outbreak. shows Bryan Adams Bryan’s back for Irish gigs in new year By trEvor qUINN SINGer Bryan Adams yesterday announced he will play Irish shows next spring. The Canadian songwriter is set to play at Dublin’s 3Arena on May 30. Adams, who is known for classic hits such as Summer of 69, is gearing up to release the lead single from his new album So Happy It Hurts. As well as playing Dublin’s 3Arena, the 61-year-old will play Belfast’s SSe Arena on May 29. His UK dates include multiple shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff and more Tickets, which start at €65.50, go on sale at 9am this Friday via Pregnant women told: Get the jab Fears over mothers-to-be By aILbhE daLY UNVACCINATED pregnant women need to get the Covid-19 jab as many are ending up critically ill. The Chair of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said more effort must be made to reach out to women who are not getting the shot. Dr Cliona Murphy from the Coombe Hospital in Dublin warned the virus is a serious risk to pregnant woman. She said: “People think the pandemic is over, it’s not over. “It’s not over for this subset of the population. “Nobody can blame young women for thinking they won’t be seriously affected [by Covid] but, unfortunately, the physiology of pregnancy is different, and it is an extra burden on your body. “The majority of pregnant women who test positive for Covid-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms. “They give birth normally and the risk of ExpECtING Vaccination alert o n p a s s i n g Covid-19 to their baby is low.” However, the HSe has stressed that getting jabbed is the best way to protect mothers and babies from the virus. Dr Murphy told rTe’s Morning Ireland: “ICU care of a pregnant woman and their child, and potential emergency delivery of the baby, is a huge, huge ask of the health services ... and a huge incident for the woman and her family. “Ireland does not have any hospital that has a maternity and intensive care on the same site and it is really, really strange to be having this on an almost weekly basis. Women think they are doing the right thing by waiting to get the vaccine but if a baby is delivered prematurely because a woman gets sick, that baby is not off to the best start in life.” Dr Murphy also revealed she would have expected an increase in vaccinations among pregnant women but just one in 10 were had the jab at her last clinic. HSe Chief Clinical Officer Colm Henry told rTe’s News At One: “We have seen a disproportionate number of pregnant women who are hospitalised entering the ICU. “It is a worry and we would like to see more women being vaccinated.” Restrictions still ‘on track’ to be lifted HeALTH officials yesterday reported 1,358 new cases in Ireland over the last 24 hours. Around 400 people are in hospital being treated, which is the highest number reported since March – at the height of the pandemic. Of this number, 75 are currently in the ICU. The five-day moving average sits at 1,578. Meanwhile, despite high case numbers, the plan remains for the next easing of restrictions next week. Taoiseach Micheal Martin confirmed we “are on track” to lift all rules but the requirement for masks will remain in healthcare settings, indoor retail and public transport. Another announcement before the official easing will come on October 20, and will lay out the exact plan for October 22 onwards – with some additional rules expected for nightclubs.

DMEEIR 9 TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR to thE point Norton Graham’s in your face on show debut by miRRoR REpoRtER CeLeBRITy Gogglebox fans are in for a rude awakening when Graham Norton makes his debut on an upcoming show. The Irish star, 58, admitted to his Virgin Radio sidekick Maria Mcerlane: “I think I was very rude about everyone.” The Cork funnyman, who reviewed the week’s TV with his fellow RuPaul Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, gave his opinion about Countdown presenter Anne Robinson’s plastic surgery. The BBC chat show host said about 77-year-old Robinson’s attempts to stay youthful: “It is fascinating. “Her face is odd, it’s like you cut out a paper plate, coloured it in and stuck it on something.” Killer bro roared for help with blood on his hands brutal death Willie Lynch was murdered in 2017 intERviEw Branagh Branagh says Troubles fear shaped him by miRRoR REpoRtER KeNNeTH Bra n a g h admits he was “scared” when the Troubles began and believes the trauma of the riots in the late 60s helped shape his character. The filmmaker, 60, was speaking to John Wilson for BBC Radio 4’s This Cultural Life ahead of the release in February of his semi-autobiographical movie Belfast. Asked if he’s carried “trauma” from the time the movie is set in 1969, the star said: “I think you can’t go through those kinds of things at that time, at that sort of impressionable age, without it leaving a very, very strong mark. “I think the evidence of it is that it’s taken 50 years to write a film that had to be written from my point of view.” by Eoin REynolds A MAN who killed his brother after drinking and taking drugs had blood on his hands when he ran into a nearby shop “roaring for help”, the Central Criminal Court has heard. Gerard Lynch, 34, pleaded guilty last May to murdering his brother Willie at the family home in Main Street, Pallaskenry, Co Limerick, on December 30, 2017. At a sentence hearing yesterday, Detective Sergeant Michael Reidy told prosecuting counsel Bernard Condon SC that in 2017 Lynch lived with his brother at Pallaskenry. At about 4.20pm on the day of the murder Gerard Lynch entered a shop across the street from his home “roaring for help” with blood on his hands. When locals followed him back into his family home, they discovered the body of Willie Lynch at the top of the stairs. Gerard Lynch left the house, stole Court told of horror as man, 34, sentenced to life for stab murder three bottles of wine from a nearby shop and went to a park. He was arrested later the same day when he went to the home of another man who restrained him until gardai arrived. Det Sgt Reidy said Lynch had taken a combination of alcohol and drugs. There was, he added, an “innocuous altercation” between the brothers earlier that day before the fatal stabbing. Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster discovered four stab wounds. The fatal wound entered the ribs and damaged the thorax. Death would have been instantaneous, she wrote in a report submitted for the hearing. During interviews with gardai, Gerard Lynch admitted to stabbing his brother and told officers where to find the bread knife that he had used. He told gardai: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Lynch has 36 previous convictions, mostly at District Court level. He was jailed for three years in 2007 for arson for setting a hay barn on fire. His barrister Mark Nicholas SC described the case as “absolutely tragic” and said his client was deeply sorry for what he had done. He had penned a letter to the court in which he apologised to his family and in particular to his mother. In the letter, Lynch said that if he behind bars Gerard Lynch. Inset, at court in 2018 could turn back time he would and added: “I miss my brother very much.” Det Sgt Reidy agreed with Mr Nicholas that Lynch had been admitted to the psychiatric unit of Limerick University Hospital five times prior to the murder. He had a history of suicidal ideation and self-harm. He was diagnosed with ADHD which was complicated by his use of tablets, including Xanax, Det Sgt Reidy said. Mr Nicholas added that while his client faces a mandatory life sentence, under the Parole Act 2019, the parole board may take into consideration what was said during the hearing. Mr Justice Paul McDermott agreed to attach a transcript of the hearing to Lynch’s file. The judge expressed his sympathy to the Lynch family. He said he had “no option” but to impose the mandatory life sentence, which he backdated to 2017 when Lynch first went into custody.

10 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 COMMENT 1st Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 A Budget that’s on the money CONSIDERING what an ordeal the last year has been, today’s Budget will be a breath of fresh air. The news is largely positive, with increases for all sectors from pensioners to those on social welfare and even a new allowance for cancer sufferers. Much of this is based on the way the economy has roared back and is forecast to continue doing so. It is not so much growth as a release of pent-up demand, but it’s exactly what the country needs regardless. There are some negatives for taxpayers, of course. The fuel allowance hikes will not remotely cover the soaring cost of heating a home while motorists will be hit by a carbon tax. There is nothing to solve the housing crisis any time soon and if you’re a smoker, there will be 50c on a packet of cigarettes. Meanwhile, nurses will not be put off for long over their pay demands and they may not be the only ones. But all that is for the next few weeks and months. For the moment, we can be happy that things are looking up and the worst seems to be over. And that is reason enough to celebrate, whatever your political leanings. Families need some answers THE mysterious disappearance of Deirdre Jacob could be one step closer to being solved as a new search is under way. A site in Co Kildare will be combed for evidence over the next three weeks and it will bring hope to her family. And there are expectations that the search will also uncover information about JoJo Dullard’s disappearance too in what would be a monumental find. It’s a wonder why it has taken 23 years for this search to occur but at least it is being done and there is a chance for answers. Their loved ones deserve justice. A Qat above.. IRISH soccer supporters will be expecting another decent performance tonight. Sadly, playing against Qatar is as close as we’re going to get to playing in Qatar, but you know what they say. If you can’t join them, beat them. by RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor Amazon’s top 10 Christmas toys for 2021 include a Mario Bros/Lego mash-up and a hi-tech twist on Pictionary. The €53 Lego set featuring Mario’s brother Luigi tops the list. Next is a version of drawing game Pictionary, with players using a Harry Potter magic wand to conjure up clues on a screen. Annual sell-out L.O.L. Surprise! is the most expensive on the list at €173. Its latest incarnation Movie Making Studio has 12 dolls and 70 surprises to unbox. A Batman Transforming playset will set parents back €124. It starts as a 36in figure of the Caped Crusader but transforms into the Batcave complete with lift, Batcomputer and nine pieces of Batarmour. While Pictionary Air Harry Potter is the most affordable on the list at €25.88, a Link-imals Dance ’n’ Groove Penguin is also under €35 at €30.58. The interactive penguin with colourful lights and music helps toddlers learn the alphabet and how to count, and dances to music. And after last year’s off-the-wall Gotta Go Flamingo, this year’s pooing plaything is a €43.44 turtle. Kids feed Shelbert magic turtle food but when he starts singing “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” it’s a race to get him to the loo on time. Matthew Redfearn, toys category manager for Amazon, said: “We at Amazon are doing everything we can to spread a little festive cheer.” The Christmas toy market is worth around €1.2billion and accounts for 30% of annual spend, the NPD Group says. Frederique Tutt, an analyst for the group, said: “With anticipated supply chain shortages and resultant price increases on the cards, people need to shop early.” superheroesSpidey and Batman playsets DMEEIR Christmas wish list.. Here’s what your kids will want under the tree magicalHarry Potter Pictionary Balloon Dino rescue team busPaw Patroller 2.0 HAPPY POO YEARGotta Go Turdle waddle it be? Linkimals Penguin lots of lolsMovie-making studio dolled upPolly Pocket Theme Park ALL PRICES CONVERTED FROM STERLING AT YESTERDAY’S EXCHANGE RATE block head The Lego Luigi Starter Course squeakee Balloon Dino Amazon’s top 10 toys ■ Lego Luigi Starter Course €53 ■ Pictionary Air Harry Potter €25.88 ■ Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park €57.65 ■ L.O.L Surprise! Movie Making Studio €173 ■ Linkimals Dance ‘n’ Grove Penguin €30.58 ■ Spidey and his Amazing Friends – Marvel Web-Quarters Playset €68.24 ■ Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle €43.44 ■ Batman 36in Transforming playset €124 ■ The Balloon Dino €94.11 ■ Paw Patroller 2.0 €65.87

12 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR Protocol boycott ‘unlawful’ By Jonathan McCaMbridge A BOYCOTT of north-south meetings by the DUP in protest at the Northern Ireland Protocol is unlawful, a judge has ruled. Mr Justice Scoffield delivered the declaration at Belfast High Court after Sean Napier brought judicial review proceedings into the lawfulness of the DUP move. The case centred around leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s announcement last month that his party would disengage with the North South Ministerial Council meetings as part of their campaign of opposition to the protocol. Mr Justice Scoffield said wording of the declaration had been agreed by legal counsel for both the applicant and the respondents. Mr Justice Scoffield said: “The statutory scheme, consistent with the Good Friday Agreement, is set up to ensure an appropriate minister must participate, or at least nominate some other minister to participate in their free Move Jeffrey Donaldson place. The evidence clearly suggested individual DUP ministers had neither been attending nor nominating another designated unionist minister to attend in their place. “A situation where North South Ministerial Council meetings are unable to proceed because of the circumstances above is, in my view, plainly a result of unlawful behaviour.” the gypsy Punch Tyson Fury takes it outside with boozy Vegas pool bash 12-page racing pullout inside your EVERY SATURDAY 21.09.2019 award winning QUAD’s clAssic sHOW BY DAVID YATES QUADRILATERAL is the new 10-1 favourite for next year’s 1,000 Guineas after Frankel’s daughter galloped to a stunning nine-length triumph at Newbury. The Roger Charltontrained juvenile, successful on her debut at the Berkshire track last month, powered clear of her rivals in the seven-furlong Dubai Duty Free Full Of Surprises David O’Meara’s in-form sprinter Cold Stare is sure to come fast and late in the Ayr Gold Cup BY NEWSBOY COLD STARE is well worth a second look in the William Hill Ayr Gold Cup (3.50, ITV) on Scotland’s west coast today. But, fitted with a tongue strap and coming back to six, the gelded son of Intense Focus then won at Haydock in June. O’Neill a couple of summers ago. Robbie Downey ’s mount is 7lb higher in the weights than at Haydock, but he is unexposed at six The four-year-old, furlongs and comes here trained by David O’Meara on the back of a (below), was out of luck breathing operation. on his first two starts of There is sure to be the campaign, finishing plenty of pace on in this down the field in 25-runner cavalry handicaps over c h a r g e , a n d seven furlongs Downey will at Haydock p l a y h i s and Chester hand late in in April and his bid to May. capture the £124,500 first prize. F a v o u r i t e Buffer Zone has a 5lb penalty for his win in a valuable handicap a the Curragh last Sunday, but That victory was has to be feared. achieved on heavy going, At bigger odds, growl, but Cold Stare was who hit the bullseye at successful on good Ripon on his penultimate ground when claiming outing, finished second a Listed race at Saint- in this race in 2016 and is Cloud for his former well treated on old form. trainer Eoghan AYR CARD: PAGES 4&5 O’Meara’s Ayr craft can see him take gold as Newsboy says follow the Stare Way LaTE SHOw British EBF Fillies’ Conditions Stakes. Paddy Power cut Prince Khalid Abdullah’s filly (right) to 10-1 (from 33-1) for the Rowley Mile Classic next May — and Charlton will now test Quadrilateral against Group opposition at Newmarket on 11 October. “I wouldn’t be against one more race and she’s earned a supplementation TURN TO PAGE 2 14.09.2019 We’re No1 for sport in Ireland Way HE’S HE’S PARFECT Take O’Brien’s tough stayer to put one over St Leger favourite All the runners and riders with top tips and silks for all meetings in Ireland and the UK AwARD wINNINg NO FOOLS PARADISE Il Paradiso can continue Aidan O’Brien’s dominance in the William Hill St Leger GOSDEN DOubtS OvEr favOuritE BY NEWSBOY and a half. Frankie JOHN GOSDEN yesterday Dettori’s mount goes up warned punters that hot more than two furlongs in favourite Logician is ‘not trip as he bids to defend guaranteed’ to last home his unbeaten record, and in today’s William Hill St Gosden said: “I think the Leger. big question with the The grey son of Leger is whether you get Frankel, Paddy Power’s the trip. 11-10 market leader (left) “It’s not guaranteed. for the final Classic, has He’s by Frankel, who yet to race beyond a mile TURN TO PAGE 2 BY DAVID YATES IL PARADISO is fancied to put Aidan O’Brien in seventh heaven with a win in the William Hill St Leger (3.35) at Doncaster today. O’Brien (above) is the man to follow when it comes to the oldest Classic. Since Milan’s victory on Town Moor in 2001, the master of Ballydoyle has lifted the Leger five times, including the last two runnings with Capri and Kew Gardens. Galileo’s son Il Paradiso is an unexposed three-year-old, scoring by 12 lengths in a twomile handicap at the Curragh in July. That form – he raced from a mark of 89 – is a world away from what is required this afternoon, but Il Paradiso took another step forward when a fine third behind Stradivarius in the Group 2 Lonsdale Cup at York last month. That winner is world class so Il Paradiso and Padraig Beggy – the man who comes out of the shadows to ride Classic winners – are capable of making their presence felt. Hot favourite Logician rates an obvious danger on the back of a four-run unbeaten streak, while Derby fifth Sir Dragonet promises to stay the extended one-mile, six-furlong trip. Sir Ron Priestley is on the up, Technician needs rain and outsiders Western Australia and Nayef Road look up against it. That leaves Royal Ascot scorer Dashing Willoughby, who may repay a bit of each-way action at rewarding odds. BIG-RACE FIELD: PAGE 7 PUff daddY Smoking a cigar By ChriStoPher bUCKtin US editor ROUND two of Tyson Fury’s Las Vegas victory celebrations went swimmingly as he soaked up the love at a knockout pool party. Following his stunning victory over American Deontay Wilder and the nightclub knees-up that followed, the WBC world heavyweight champion was joined by wife Paris for the sun-soaked bash. Despite the toll of Saturday’s 11-round war and after-party the Gypsy King showed no signs of needing a standing count. Wearing shorts, shades, a floored Wilder is cap and a giant crucifix he led revellers, most of whom paid €180 to attend, from his private VIP cabana at Wet Republic as superstar DJ Steve Aoki belted out the tunes. The night before Fury had joined Steve on the decks at Hakkasan as he partied late into the early hours. At the pool party his brothers, Shane and Love Island star Tommy, coach SugarHill Steward and nutritionist George Lockhart were also among the revellers. Smiling Fury blew kisses to his adoring fans while glamorous girls in bikinis tried to approach him under the watchful eye of Paris. Security guards had to hold back eager partygoers more than once, although he was happy to pose for countless pictures. Dad-of-six Fury, who is understood to be returning to his modest home in Morecambe, Lancs, today, opted for a Bud Light, but was seen in front of a DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 13 king keeps on partying up the volume €15,500 bottle of pink Ace of Spades champagne. Most of the partygoers were American, tWo to tAN Soaking up Vegas sun with Paris although Brit Steve Greenwood, who lives and works in Colorado, was there – and calling for the boxer to be honoured by the Queen. The 34-year-old account manager for a PR company told the Mirror: “This is the second time I’ve seen Tyson fight in Las Vegas and I found out then that the after-party is just as exciting as the bout. “He makes you feel very proud to be British. He not only knows how to box, he knows how to have a good time too. “He needs knighting.” At one point, Fury was treated to one of the club’s party tricks as a parade of scantilyclad waitresses rolled out the red carpet. Each of them then held a card that was decorated with a single letter which together spelt out ‘Gypsy King’. As the sun began to fade, cigars were passed around and Fury joined others in singing several hits. The 33-year-old performed Oasis’s Wonderwall before blasting out Queen’s We Are The Champions. He then joined revellers in singing Sweet Caroline to finish the party. Afterwards, Paris, 31, told of her pride in her husband. Posting a picture of the couple on Instagram she wrote: “What a night… what a fight. The last 48 hours have been epic, and I’m still on cloud nine. lotta bottle Champ and Paris lead the party It meant everything to be there with Tyson, he’s worked so hard for this, and he brought it home like the great champion he is. “It won’t be long till we’re back to reality and the school run but for now this is definitely one of the highs of being a boxer’s wife.” In the hours immediately after the fight Fury had been seen swigging €940-a-bottle vodka, jumping on top of the DJ booth and singing to fans as he celebrated his win. Shirtless again, he told revellers: “Without a doubt. I believe I could beat anyone in history.” As the hangovers kick in today, Fury, who made €21million on Saturday to push SpARRINg pARtNER With DJ Steve bELtER Our story on first party his fortune close to €70m, is set to take an 11-hour flight home to reunite with his kids, after weeks parted from them. He has consistently stated his greatest job is being a father and a source told the Mirror: “Between him and Paris, despite all the chaos of his life in the ring, Tyson is prouder of nothing more than being a dad.” Fury himself once said: “Got a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, they’re healthy. “That’s the most important thing, your health and family. “Nothing else really matters. “Your job, your money, your wealth, your career, none of that really matters.” @DailyMirror Charismatic warrior is the People’s Champion DARREN LEWIS HE doesn’t strike you as your typical heavyweight champ to look at. More like the bloke at your local who, despite his spare tyre, fancies a car-park tear-up. Tyson Fury, though, has a fascinating charisma that dovetails curiously with his status as the returning king of boxing’s heavyweight division. The Gypsy King’s win over Deontay Wilder is being ranked among the best fights of all time. He brought smiles to faces at the T-Mobile Arena and around the world as he grabbed the mic post-fight and serenaded the Las Vegas crowd with Walking In Memphis. He’s an entertainer. Fury punches hard and parties harder. Just ask his wife Paris, mother of their six kids. TalenT At the Wet Republic pool party complex next to the MGM Grand, fans paid thousands over the weekend to be seated next to him for photos and videos. The public connects with his authenticity, his willingness to acknowledge he isn’t perfect. Fury, 33, has inspired a generation to address their own issues with alcohol, depression and mental health – battles that threatened to submerge his towering talent in the ring. He defied the odds to go from weighing almost 30 stone to competing at the top of his sport. You don’t have to like him but many people do. He was nominated last year for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award, but took legal action to get his name off the shortlist, arguing he was the People’s Champion and didn’t need the BBC’s validation. That is indeed the status he enjoys right now.

14 DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 Ex-top cop outrage at decision to drop Andrew sex probe WACKY WORLD For more weird stories from around the globe visit Bad buzz on the street THOUSANDS of bees were removed from a vacant house in Atlanta after neighbours said they lived in fear of the insects for several weeks. A removal service hired by the property owner arrived removed the insects. More than it could bear AN Ontario family’s home security camera was rolling when a bear visited their front porch to steal a large pumpkin – and found the task more difficult than expected. It makes it only a short distance before losing its grip and leaving it behind. The cream of the crop A PAIR of Idaho men reclaimed a Guinness World Record when one of them threw 35 ping pong balls that the other caught in a mass of shaving cream on his head. David Rush and Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon topped the mark of 32. Wall that’s a big surprise POlIce in Kansas said a wallet that was returned to its owner had been missing since the early 1970s. The department said officers were able to get into contact with the wallet’s owner, who made the wallet himself, and now lives in lawrence. Twelve pages of puzzles inside exclusive by RusseLL mYeRs Royal Editor A FORMER chief superintendent yesterday slammed the Met Police for dropping its sex crime investigation into Prince Andrew. Dai Davies says another force must now carry out an independent probe. Met Police officers spoke to Virginia Giuffre, who claims the Duke of York sexually assaulted her in london when she was 17. She says she was trafficked by paedophile billionaire Jeffrey epstein, who killed himself in unDeR fiRe cressida Dick, head of Met Police prison in 2019 while awaiting trial for underage sex trafficking. But Scotland Yard decided to take no further action in the case, and refused to probe allegations epstein had abused other young women in Britain. Mr Davies, who headed the royal protection unit, said the decision was very premature, with Prince Andrew subject to a civil claim in a US court and his former friend Ghislaine Maxwell – epstein’s lover – awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. Mr Davies said: “There are far more questions than answers here. What have they reviewed, what have they investigated?” Referring to Former chief calls for fresh investigation frown PrInCE Andrew in Windsor yesterday Met boss cressida Dick, he added: “What did the commissioner ask? So far she has proved herself totally incapable of making operational decisions so there is a strong case for an outside force to be brought in to independently assess all this information.” The Met and Dame cressida have been under fire in the wake of Sarah everard’s murder by a serving officer amid claims of a culture of misogyny. Mr Davies added: “Given the Met’s reputation and inability to keep their own house in order, what trust should the public have in them to investigate a member of the Royal Family? “It is still unknown whether the Met has interviewed a catalogue of potential CRitiCism Dai Davies CLAim Duke and Virginia witnesses including Andrew’s former police protection officers, members of the Royal Household staff and key people associated with epstein and Maxwell. “The whole process stinks of a job done very badly indeed.” Prince Andrew’s legal team has until October 29 to respond to legal papers being served on him in the US lawsuit. A source said: “Despite pressure from the media and claims of new evidence, the Met has concluded that the claims are not sufficient to warrant any further investigation. The Duke has always vigorously maintained his innocence.” @rjmyers PAT fLAnAGAn EVERY FRIDAY LoVE HIM or HATE HIM... He’s the voice of Ireland

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 15 Datalight robbery By Ailbhe is no opt out. We’ve been t o o DAlY Warning staff may quit their jobs en masse EMPLOyERS could see a raft of resignations as the return to office accelerates – unless firms change the way they deal with staff. That was the warning from Dr Nigel Paine, the ex-chief learning officer at the BBC, who insists the pandemic has been a wake-up call for CEOs. Dr Paine pointed to the US and “the great resignation” where more than four million people decided to quit their jobs within a few months and insisted it could happen here. He said: “These are smart, engaged people who have good jobs but they are quitting because the organisations are not delivering what they want.” Teach climate as separate subject: Kids TWO in three children would like climate and sustainability taught as a separate subject in schools, a survey found. The study by the Climate and Nature Summit also found four in five are worried about the crisis. While 86% said the issue has been touched upon, 51% believe it isn’t covered in a way that inspires them to take action. Teen activist Flossie Donnelly said: “It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to see environmentalism taught in a practical form as a core subject on the Irish curriculum and it’s no surprise that so many other kids feel the same.” Brothers’ idea was good one from get grow TWO brothers secured a “game-changing” deal with a caterer after launching Ireland’s first commercial hydroponic farm. Former mushroom farmer Brian O’Reilly and his brother Aidan are to produce basil, baby leaf mixes and microgreens 365 days a year for Compass Group Ireland. The crops will be grown indoors without soil or pesticides in former mushroom tunnels at the duo’s new cutting edge vertical farming facility in Co Tipperary under the new Emerald Greens brand. Dubliner Brian said: “We are no longer export dependent as a business.” STAbbeD Noel Whelan was murdered PHONE users need a “wake-up call” as the devices are collecting our information without consent. Worrying new research has shed light on the practice that is very common on popular Android devices from Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. This is according to an in-depth analysis of a range of phones that has revealed significant data collection and sharing, including with third parties, with no opt-out available to users. The study from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh looked at six types of Android operating system, developed Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme, LineageOS and /e/OS. Even Mobile users need ‘wake-up call’ over 3rd party collection ‘‘when the device was left alone and had very little installed on it, they still sent a lot of information to the developer and to third parties like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook. Professor Doug Leith, Chair of Computer Systems at Trinity College Dublin, said: “I think we have completely missed the massive and ongoing data collection by our phones, for which there CONViCTeD Mark Whelan, 48 focussed on web cookies and on badly-behaved apps. “I hope our work will act as a wake-up call to the public, politicians and regulators. Meaningful action is urgently needed to give people real control over the data that leaves their phones.” Dr Paul Patras from the University of Edinburgh added: “Although we’ve seen protection laws for personal information adopted in several countries in recent years, including by EU member states, Canada and South Korea, user-data collection practices remain widespread. “More worryingly, such practices take place ‘under the hood’ without users’ knowledge and without an accessible means to disable such functionality.” Dad guilty of murdering his girl’s partner By PAul NeilAN A MAN who stabbed his daughter’s partner to death while high on drugs was yesterday found guilty of murder. A Central Criminal Court jury rejected Mark Whelan’s defence that he was psychotic through intoxication and did not know the nature and quality of his acts, didn’t know they were wrong and couldn’t prevent himself from carrying them out. They took just two hours to return their unanimous verdict and gasps were heard in the court. Whelan, 48, of Castlecurragh Heath, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, had denied murdering 22-year-old Noel Whelan at his home on March 30, 2019. The accused is the father of the late Mr Whelan’s partner, who was pregnant at the time he was killed. On Friday Ms Justice Tara Burns told the jury there was “no issue” as to whether or not Mark Whelan killed Noel. It was up to the jury to decide whether or not the appropriate verdict was that Whelan was guilty or not of murder, or guilty of manslaughter. After reviewing differing expert I was satisfied Whelan was voluntarily intoxicated at the time psychiatric evidence, the judge told the jury the evidence in the case did not meet the threshold for Whelan to be found “guilty but with diminished responsibility”, or of being “not guilty by reason of insanity”. Last Wednesday Dr Francis Kelly told Michael Lynn SC, for the defence, that in his opinion the accused did not know the nature and quality of the act, did not know it was wrong and could not refrain from doing it. He added: “I was satisfied that at the material time of the offence Mr Whelan was voluntarily intoxicated with multiple substances – which included cocaine, cannabis and benzodiazepines “I felt he was psychotic at the material time, but I felt his psychosis was caused by intoxication.” But Prof Harry Kennedy, consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Central Mental Hospital, said he found no mental disorder present in Whelan. The case was adjourned to November 15 for sentencing and victim impact statements. DR FRANCIS KELLY IN COURT LAST WEEK

DMEEIR 17 TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR john kierans The Beast from the East Time to give unvaccinated soccer stars the red card WHO in the name of God do some of our Irish international footballers think they are? This country has been to hell and back fighting the Covid pandemic and yet some of our players like Callum Robinson refuse to get vaccinated even though he had the virus twice. You kind of wonder what planet they live on. Are they living in their own little spoiled brat rich bubble, where they can do whatever they want, with little or no accountability and to hell with the consequences? The Irish manager Stephen Kenny, has a lot to answer for. He is the boss and he should have made it perfectly clear that any player who refuses to get vaccinated is not picked for the squad. By refusing to do so he showed how insecure he is, how he is afraid to upset his players, and he needs them more than they need him. Do you think any world-class manager like Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp would put up with this kind of player power and anti-vaccine Help residents & move on mica I don’t for the life of me know why the Government is messing about over the mica and pyrite scandal. Just make the scheme 100% redress and let’s get on with it. All the people affected in Donegal and Mayo did nothing wrong. Asking them to come up with 10% when they haven’t got it is ludicrous. Politicians had no bother finding €40billion to bail out the banks so there is no excuse for not helping out these people. I don’t agree with protestors blocking roads and bringing Dublin to a complete standstill on the M50. Any sane individual would support your cause. So don’t jeopardise that public goodwill by needlessly blocking roads. nonsense? No chance. Klopp publicly said anyone who refuses to get the jab is just like a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car. Whether you like it or not you are endangering other people’s lives. A lot of English Premier League footballers have refused to be jabbed because they fear it will affect their performance on the pitch. All nonsense. It was disclosed a few days ago only seven of the 20 Premier League clubs have more than 50% of their players vaccinated. Kenny’s decision to turn a blind eye is an insult to everyone who died from Covid in this country. This is a devastating disease for the elderly, vulnerable and people with underlying health conditions. Ask the families of anyone who died in the past 18 months and they would have taken your left arm to give their loved ones a vaccine at the early stages of the pandemic. It has been proven that the vaccine saves life, every minute of every day. There is no great conspiracy about them, any minor side effects are outweighed by the successful protection against the virus. Kenny should also look at the hospital numbers every day and he will discover that 70% of the people in hospital and intensive care have not been vaccinated. The manager of our national team and the FAI have a responsibility to our nation and should be leading by example. Instead Kenny tried to defend the indefensible – Robinson and the other players who did not take the vaccine – and then tried to criticise people who held Robinson to account. Do you think jabCallum Robinson the late great Jack Charlton would have put up with that nonsense? He would have told every player to take the jab and that would be the end of it. The IRFU confirmed its professional rugby staff is 99.2% vaccinated, an extraordinary number, and full credit to them. Those who aren’t won’t be playing. For whatever reason soccer players think they are different and can do whatever they like. Kenny does not deserve to be kept on as Irish manager for the way he has handled this whole dreadful Covid mess. If you are not vaccinated you should not play for Ireland. Far too many people I know and loved have died from this disease. ROSANNA’s class is out of this world.. Rosanna Davison, the former Miss World, is an inspiration to all of us. The poor woman suffered 15 miscarriages in her life and yet is now a proud and wonderful mother. Against all odds she now has three children – her daughter Sophie, carried by a surrogate in Kiev, Ukraine, and identical twin boys Hugo and Oscar who she gave i birth to last November. As she said herself, after all her pain and suffering, her dreams have finally come true and she can’t believe she has three kids. I have met Rosanna on a number of occasions over the years and she is a wonderful down to earth woman with no airs and graces. But then her dad Chris de Burgh and her mother Diane Davison are both very decent people. As the fella said, she didn’t lick the class up off the kitchen floor. What in God’s name is Dublin City Council thinking in letting one of the city’s most famous pubs, The Cobblestone, in Stoneybatter be demolished and replaced by a hotel? There should be a preservation order slapped on the building and that should be the end of the matter. A similar move must also be applied to Merchants Arch at the Halfpenny Bridge. We don’t need any more hotels in Dublin city centre, it is apartments we need. No matter what, we must protect the city’s heritage and culture. Chance for town to be a slicker city My home town Drogheda is the fastest-growing in the country. It has a population of more than 80,000 in the immediate surrounding area spanning a couple of miles into East Meath. Thousands of new homes are being built around the town on both sides of the River Boyne which traditionally divides Louth and Meath. So Drogheda is bigger than Waterford, Galway and Limerick and has no CEO or town clerk to run it. Instead it goes under the command of the CEO of Louth County Council based 20 miles up the road in Dundalk. Meath County Council also has its say in large parts of the town. Drogheda has applied for city status. There is absolutely no valid reason why it should not be given by the Government so it gets the proper local infrastructure and investment it deserves. That would not suit either Louth or Meath county councils so watch this space for the big battle ahead. Drogheda is not getting its fair share of the public purse per head of population. I flew back from Spain 6 to Ireland last week after a holiday and not one person at Dublin Airport asked to see my vaccine passport. It’s as if Covid never existed. In fairness to the Spanish when you land in Malaga they have a health desk, they want to see it and also give you a temperature test. Good to talk on air again It was great to be back in the Newstalk studio last Friday after almost two years because of Covid. I really enjoy Kieran Cuddihy’s show every evening from 4pm to 7pm and it was great chatting to him face-to-face. He had big boots to fill replacing Ivan Yates but I think the modest, no-nonsense Kilkenny man has done it. Cuddihy is one of the rising stars of the station. Do you know what I love about him? He doesn’t spend half his time moaning about things on air, he tackles the issues head-on.

18 DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 Regime of dRugs aRms and teRRoR Now in South Korea, he “It was ICE – crystal meth. We’d bY chris hughes Defence and Security Editor North Korea orders assassinations and sells drugs and weapons to fund its brutal regime, an ex-spy claims. Kim Kuk-song, who was in Pyongyang’s intelligence agency for 30 years, said cash from drugs and arms funded the leadership’s luxury lifestyles. told how he led an assassination bid, when Kim Jong-un sent a hit squad to attack a defector. The target, Hwang Jang-yop, had been a in 1997. Kuk-song said North Korean official Kim Jong-un ordered who fled to t h e h i t , the South w h i c h luxuries Leader Kim Jong-un Defector tells of Kim Jong-un’s hit squad failed, to show loyalty to his father Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011. Kuk-song said: “In North Korea, terrorism is a political tool.” He said North Korea’s spies made crystal meth to raise cash for then-leader Jong-il. He said: cash it into dollars to present to Kim Jong-il.” Drugs money and cash from arm sales to Iran paid for the leader’s luxury villas and cars. @defencechris Cat’s Life! is 400 amazing women PRESENTER Cat Deeley’s dress matches the red carpet as she catches up with actress Tamzin Outhwaite at the Women of the Year Awards. That’s Life! broadcaster and charity founder Dame Esther Rantzen, 81, received a lifetime achievement award. The annual event celebrated 400 remarkable women. Dame Esther said: “It’s an amazing honour to be included among those outstanding women.” winner Dame Esther New test can find signs of Alzheimer’s A CHEAP blood test could diagnose Alzheimer’s years before symptoms develop. Scientists have identified a trio of chemicals called microrNAs which are an early warning sign of the disease. Some 90% of those who had highly elevated levels of all three microrNAs developed Alzheimer’s within two years. Lead author Prof Andre Fischer, of University Medical Center Goettingen in Germany, said: “If dementia is detected early, the odds of positively influencing the course of the disease increase. “We are confident that our study results pave the way for such tests.” Testosterone linked to men likely to cheat MEN with high testosterone are more likely to cheat on their partners. And women who have had a lesbian relationship were found to have greater amounts of the hormone, in a study of 3,722 adults. Testosterone replacement is becoming popular to boost men’s sex drive, energy and mood. Males with higher levels were more likely to have had more than one lover at a time in the past five years Lead author Wendy Macdowall, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the data shows gender differences needed to be examined “in the context of social as well as hormonal influences” on sex. Elderly prefer to donate in their country PENSIoNErS are more likely to donate to charity than young adults – but mostly to home-grown causes, a study has found. Some 46,500 adults in 67 countries were asked how much of an imagined pot of cash they would give to a charity for Covid victims in their country or one helping those overseas. older adults in almost all countries would give more overall but less to the international charity, while younger people would give more equally to both. Study leader Dr Jo Cutler of the University of Birmingham said: “older people were much more likely to donate to a cause in their own country.”

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 19 WOMAN CHARGED OVER ‘HIT & RUN’ Accountancy firm is set to hire 100 staff ONE of the country’s largest accountancy firms is set to triple its workforce with 100 new jobs over the next four years. Accountant Online said the skilled positions will be in the accountancy and technology fields with ancillary staff also being hired to bring the workforce to 150 by early 2026. It currently has 51 employees and the firm offers all staff the opportunity to work remotely. CEO Larissa Feeney said: “Accountant Online has been growing steadily and we are delighted to be announcing the next phase of our development with 100 jobs over the next few years.” Readathon to help Irish MS sufferers ONE of the country’s oldest charity fundraisers and the biggest sponsored reading initiative will start in just under three weeks. MS Ireland’s Readathon will begin on November 1 and continue during all of next month to assist those who have multiple sclerosis. Lorna Cahill, who is living with MS is an ambassador for the campaign. She said: “I nearly fell off my chair when I was told I had MS. The diagnosis was very difficult for me to take, I was the fittest I had ever been, had just gotten married and was about to embark on the next chapter of my life.” Warning over bogus callers ‘from charity’ A charity has warned the public of “bogus collectors” who are calling door to door supposedly raising funds for them. Women’s Aid Ireland were forced to post on social media about the incidents after multiple reports came their way on Friday evening. The people behind the scam appeared to be operating in the North Dublin area. Women’s Aid tweeted: “We’ve been informed that there are bogus door to door collectors in Botanic/ Glasnevin area of Dublin who claim to be collecting for Women’s Aid. “We don’t permit this form of fundraising.” Halloween in due corset for Kendall.. by ailbhe daly KENDALL Jenner has teased a return to a kinky Halloween costume as she showed off her knee-high boots in a snap. The 25-year-old reality star and model shared a photo of herself posing in a leather corset, thong, fishnet tights and wore one long-sleeved glove and clutched a pair of sunglasses. Kendall’s kinky goth-chic snap was seen as something of a preview of her upcoming Halloween plans as she confirmed to fans she was contemplating dress up ideas. She wrote on Instagram: “Gotta figure out halloween.” 20-yr-old appears in court following alleged incident By David Raleigh A WOMAN has been remanded in custody after she was charged over a “hit-and-run” that left one man critical and three women injured. A car was allegedly driven into a number of people in Limerick in the early hours of Sunday. Chloe McNamara, of Sarsfield Gardens, Moyross, appeared before Limerick District Court yesterday charged with four offences. The 20-year-old, who wore a hoodie over her head and a face mask in court, was charged with three counts of dangerous driving. The incidents are alleged to have occurred at Cornmarket Row, Limerick city; Carr Street, Limerick City; and at a junction between Cornmarket Row and Carr Street, all on Sunday. McNamara is also charged with failing to give assistance to a male, knowing this person was injured, arising out of an investigation Limerick City scene incident in which she was allegedly involved in, at Cornmarket Row, also on Sunday, and contrary to Section 106 of the Road Traffic Act. Specific details of the case were not disclosed in court. Garda Patricia McCormack, Henry Street Garda Station, Limerick, gave evidence of arresting and charging the accused. She arrested her at 9.14pm last Sunday and charged her with the four offences at 10.33pm that night. Gda McCormack said McNamara “made no reply” when charged. Her solicitor Sarah Ryan told the court her client would not be immediately applying for bail. Judge Patricia Harney granted the accused free legal aid and remanded her in custody on a body warrant to Limerick Prison, to appear before Limerick District Court tomorrow for a bail application, and to hear directions in the case from the DPP.

20 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR Sozzled Sam’s soaring straight to top of league Geordie Sam Fender is heading for the No.1 spot in the album charts this week, which will no doubt see him maintain his recent high spirits... The singer and die hard Newcastle United supporter bravely appeared on BBC Breakfast last Friday at 9am, where he admitted he was “really, really hung over” after celebrating the club’s sale, still wearing a replica tracksuit from the night before. Another Fender booze bender surely beckons if Seventeen Going Under goes top of the table. THE DIARY Gonz-no... Some say Wonka look’s a joke with Ashleigh Rainbird Willie Wonka star Tim looks a right muppet Spare a thought for the costume designer who painstakingly kitted out Dune star Timothee Chalamet to play a young Willy Wonka in the upcoming prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factor. Many internet users said the actor more accurately resembles Gonzo as Charles Dickens in The Muppet Christmas Carol. It probably doesn’t help that it’s snowing in the image Timothee released from on set in Dorset... ‘Cut off’ Little Mix unfollow ex Jesy Alison’s got a munch date There’s normally no such thing as a free lunch, but that’s unless you get to host This Morning. Alison Hammond says the highlight of her day is often when the cameras stop rolling and she and Dermot O’Leary, who will host the ITV show for a week from October 18, get to scoff all the chef’s tasty grub. She says: “I love the half an hour after the show where we can eat the food. It’s like being in a restaurant.” Without the hefty bill those top chefs would charge. I’m in an arms war with Katherine Ryan. We’re both competing – we’re going to end up looking like Joan Rivers. Jimmy Carr tells Radio X about a shared penchant for cosmetic surgery with his comedian pal. The Little Mix split is turning a little bitter. After quitting the group, Jesy Nelson appears to have blocked her three former bandmates on social media following claims the trio unfollowed her. In a conversation with a fan, messages purportedly from Leigh- Anne Pinnock’s account said she, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards had been “cut off ” from Jesy, who blocked them on Instagram. It comes after Jesy admitted “we don’t talk”. Jesy, 30, quit last year, citing the pressure of being in a girl TRio Leigh-Anne, Jade & Perrie band and launched her solo career last week with new single Boyz. “I haven’t spoken to the girls,” she admitted. “It is weird because for so many years we were as close as sisters, together every hour of the day for weeks, sharing beds, laughing, crying just 24/7 the four of us together and then... nothing.” She added: “Hopefully at some point we can all come back together. I love them. They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don’t talk.” Representatives for Leigh-Anne and Jesy were contacted by the Mirror for comment. No Aqua in the mix for Jason’s cocktail party Jason Momoa was spotted out celebrating with the Aquaman 2 cast and crew in East London. At Shoreditch’s Barrio bar he opted for a Mexican wrestler-themed cocktail, which he deemed more superhero appropriate than a pink drink served in an inflatable flamingo.

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 21 hard man Hurt Harvey is still big danger crashed Harvey is free after accident DAnCE QuEEn Shirley Shirley: It’s me, boyfriend ..and mum by MARK JEFFERIES STRICTLY judge Shirley Ballas has revealed her 84-year-old mum is moving into the home she shares with boyfriend Danny Taylor. Shirley, 61, says she is thrilled and is not worried about what Danny, 48, will think. She added: “My mother was diagnosed with cancer about three years ago, which is under control. “But she’s just informed me, ‘I think I’m ready to move in with you, darling... I have had enough of this housework’. She said, ‘I’m a bit worried about what Danny will think?’. “I said, ‘Well, I love him dearly but it’s not about what he thinks – it’s about what you want’. Shirley met actor Danny met when doing panto in 2018. eyes left Harvey targets old foe Leanne Escaped Harvey’s mission of revenge CORRIE villain Harvey Gaskell is bloodied but still brutal after he escapes a crashed prison van. Tough Harvey cuts himself free after the van collides with a car, and pursues Leanne battersby. With one major character known to die next week, Leanne fans will be biting their nails as Harvey ties her up when they are reunited at a party. Harvey, played by Will Mellor, was put in prison after Leanne bravely took the stand and testified against him. but Leanne, played by Jane Danson, is not the only character in mortal danger. Producers want to keep fans guessing about who does not survive Super Soap Week. tape gag Leanne tied up by yob Harvey hIgh FlIER The Zephyr Solar power plane to get world online by AuguSt gRAhAM AN aircraft that can stay airborne for months and get remote areas online is being tested. Airbus’s solar-powered Zephyr looks like a glider but has two propellers. It has an 82ft wingspan and already spent 36 days in the air over two flights. The European aircraft maker said it will eventually spend six months at a time in the stratosphere. It is hoped it could bring the internet to billions of unconnected people around the world. Zephyr flies higher than planes and is cheaper to run than a satellite. Airbus’s Jana Rosenmann said: “It’s got huge potential to reach people that traditionally you’re not going to reach with broadband, there really isn’t a limit to it.” I got the collycobbles by MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor Sally Carman says she had to film a ”terrifying” scene for Corrie’s Super Soap Week of Hollywoodstyle stunts and storyline shocks. Next week, Sally’s character Abi Franklin takes a gun on a mission to kill Corey Brent, who killed her son Seb. But amid a raging storm, the warring pair end up stuck down a flooding sinkhole. Sally, 46, who wore a wetsuit Street star Sally on a terrifying stunt and filming in icy water to film the scenes, said: “We started off these piles and piles of cardboard boxes, and as soon as it on the Monday and finished on Sunday. “By Tuesday I was like ‘I can’t do this’. was done, they went ‘CUT’. “It was so cold. It was the very last day “It was brilliant, and luckily we did a drop through a trapdoor... on to they got what they needed in that one shot because it was terrifying. There’s gushing water coming out pipes... electrical flashes. It was epic.” Corey, played by Maximus Evans, evaded justice when Kelly tEnSE Pair in drama Neelan was convicted of killing Seb instead of him. But ITV producer Iain MacLeod says the killer’s story arc is not over. @mirrorjeffers

22 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR Jodie’s trashion show SHE’S worn some bonkers outfits on the catwalk but nothing prepared Jodie Kidd for becoming a walking dustbin. The ex-supermodel swapped fashion gear for a suit made of her garbage for Channel 4’s Celebrity Trash Monsters: What’s Your Waste Size?. She joined former footballer John Barnes, 57, and Kerry Katona, 41, on the crash course in living sustainably to raise awareness of climate change. Jodie, who now runs a pub, said: “I was shocked. For 52 weeks a year, all that is going into landfill, polluting our beautiful planet. What are we doing? “We only have one planet and it’s already screaming, ‘Stop’. I’m not helping. I thought I was being good but I’m not.” shocked Jodie Kidd comic jack AS the nights draw in, many of us are dreaming of a fabulous family holidays. mouths almighty But the reality can have pitfalls – as day Whitehalls on a break two of our extracts from the hilarious new book, How to Survive Family Holidays, shows. Comedian Jack Whitehall and parents Michael and Hilary share memories and offer tips on everything from fine dining to footwear. Jack, 33, and 81-year-old Michael’s overseas trips have kept us laughing for five years on Netflix show, Travels with my Father. These insights may make you think twice before spending too much time away with your loved ones... Fine Dining - egg I went with my family to a Michelin-starred restaurant, I won’t reveal in which country, but I picked up the menu and the first starter listed was Oeuf. OK, it was France. ‘Egg’. That’s what the dish was called: ‘Egg’. I’m going to need a bit more than that before forking out 30 quid on it. We looked closer. Beneath, in italics, it read: “Two eggs, one farm, three textures.” Who wrote this menu? Dr Seuss? My father called over the snooty waitress and asked for some more details. “The descriptions are ambiguous so the diner can go on a journey,” she explained. “I’m fine with a journey, darling,” he replied, perhaps a little too forcibly, “I just want to know the destination.” I guess he had a point. If you were going on a train you wouldn’t go to the ticket booth, hand over 300 quid and just say, “Surprise me.” And I’m not one of those people who likes to ask endless questions about the food. All I need to know is what I’m ordering. But in the case of ‘Egg’, I decided jungle look to take a punt. If for no other reason than Michael posing it might wind up my dad. ‘Egg’ arrived and in short shorts on holiday it was, as with all things gastronomical, utterly preposterous. Two eggs, some stuff smeared underneath one of them, and both of them covered in foam. doubles act I could see instantly why they were so Mum and son at Wimbledon coy in the first place. It looked like two poached eggs with a case of rabies. Which would have been a much clearer description for the menu; I wouldn’t order it but at least I’d know what my ‘destination’ was. While ‘Egg’ got my father bristling, it wasn’t until dessert that we encountered the straw that broke the camel’s back. My father has simple tastes when it comes to pudding. As a result, he ordered the deceptively straightforward ‘Strawberry’ and, no exaggeration, waited patiently for 30 minutes. My mother, as she always does in these situations, was trying to calm him down. Really the best way of dealing with Daddy is to treat him like a crisis that simply has to be calmly managed. “It’s fine, Michael, just relax, we’re on holiday, don’t make a scene. It’s not like we father calmed down and I pointed out to have a plane to catch.” him that the real baller move would be to “We have tomorrow morning and the wait until they gave him the astronomical speed with which they are making this bill and when they asked him to sign his ‘Strawberry’, we’ll be missing it!” name, just put ‘Man’. He couldn’t and wouldn’t let it go. He “Sir, we are going to need more detail.” beckoned over the waitress and, to give Tell them you like to keep your identity him credit, in what was by his standards a ambiguous so that their accounts very calm tone asked, “Do you have any department can go on a journey. idea why my dessert is taking so long to make?” The waitress rolled her eyes and Fanny packs said, “Because the chef is not making a Let me say right now, for the record, there dessert, he is making art.” is absolutely no – and I repeat no – “Oh, why didn’t you say? Well, maybe practical reason to wear a fanny pack. you could pop back there and get him off Trousers have pockets, and when they his potter’s wheel and ask him to start are found wanting, the backpack has making my creme brulee or mille-feuille or stepped up to the plate. whatever the f*** Strawberry is!” Why now, while abroad, are we I was worried he might start foaming at suddenly desperate to put our valuables the mouth, and we’d already had more in a garish, zip-up pouch and have them than enough of that with ‘Egg’. Eventually dangle from our midriff, like a nylon

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 23 on travails of family travel he’s the daddy Michael gives Jack a stern look it looked like two poached eggs with a case of rabies jack whitehall On fancy restaurant dish on his back Jack gives dad Michael a lift from a boat making a meal of it dad sneaks in a ‘Mcchardonnay’ No boy should hear his father say, ‘I’m just going to have a rootle in Mummy’s fanny pack’ udder? It makes you immediately identifiable as a tourist. All the locals know how to spot the holidaymakers: they’re the ones who look as if their valuables have prolapsed out of them. The only thing worse than the item itself is, of course, its name. It’s like it’s been designed specifically to deliver the maximum amount of embarrassment possible to the child of the parent wearing it; double-barrelled shame. Given my father’s love of innuendo coupled with my mother’s fondness for vaginal banter, the fanny pack is like a red rag to a pair of old perverts. No boy should ever have to hear his own father utter the sentence, “I’m just going to have a rootle in Mummy’s fanny pack.” In the interest of balance and so that we don’t get too many complaints from the International Society of Fanny Packers, my mother wanted to add this. It is a strange hill she has chosen to die on... Hilary: defence of fanny packs I think that Jack’s protestations are a bit disingenuous, as I reckon secretly he wishes he had the confidence and panache, not to say the hips, to carry one off. Many’s the time he has been saved by an essential emergency item from the cavernous nether regions of my fanny pack (I can imagine him squirming as he reads those words, because he knows it’s true!). I have viva las vegas Hilary and Michael in Sin City been known on occasions to wear more than one at a time – double bagging, as it were – so as to get more fanny for my buck, creating what I think of as a very fetching double-decker or mezzanine effect. I also have to factor in that Michael is likely to say to me once we are far from home he “doesn’t want to ruin the line of his jacket by carrying his stuff in his pockets” and could he slip something of his into my “fanny”. Well, Michael Whitehall packs quite a lot in the valuables department I can tell you; we are talking glasses, fountain pens, leather diaries, on dressier occasions even his Prince Albert, a fob watch he inherited from his father, an item Jack for some reason finds even more disturbing than my fanny pack. Michael’s odds and sods would fill a whole fanny pack with ease, hence my requirement to carry more than one. MicHael: THongs down Under I have never understood how anyone can get their foot into a flip-flop, let alone keep it on their foot while walking. In Australia, when filming Travels with my Father, I discovered that they refer to them as ‘thongs’, although no one thought to pass this information on to me before we got there. You can imagine my concern when an eager young production runner called Steve bounded over to me at breakfast one morning and asked if I’d packed my thongs for the beach scene. “I most certainly have not!” I replied. When he suggested I might borrow a pair of his, as we looked about the same size, I nearly spat out my tea. I wasn’t sure if this was impertinence or an attempt at flirtation. I wonder what on earth they call the other thong? You won’t see me dead in either. ■Jack ■ Whitehall, Michael Whitehall and Hilary Whitehall, 2021, from How To Survive Family Holidays, published by Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group on Thursday. ■Extracted ■ by ClairE O’BOylE

24 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 post Caitriona Jackman Historic move as female prof takes up role By trevor quinn A PlAneTARy scientist has become the first ever female senior professor of physics appointed to the role at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in its 81-year history. Caitriona Jackman will lead a research group on planetary magnetospheres – the magnetic bubbles that surround magnetised planets. The limerick woman studied and worked in the UK for 17 years. Prior to working in her chosen field, she completed a PhD in Space Physics at the University of leicester Her position is one of a number of posts specifically for women funded under the Senior Academic leadership Initiative. She said her appointment is a “privilege”. visit Toby Aromolaran Toby sure to Love his trip to Ireland By david kent lOve Island star Toby Aromolaran will be visiting Ireland today. The 22-year-old and his girlfriend Chloe Burrows were runners-up in this year’s summer edition of the virgin Media hit show, losing out to liam Reardon and Millie Court. But viewers were delighted to learn Toby had plenty of Irish links when his family visited during the show. The semi-professional footballer’s mum victoria hails from Mayo Taking to his Instagram Stories in a Q&A, Toby said: “I’m in Ireland next week. Tuesday to Thursday. Dublin and Mayo.” However, he has yet to reveal whether Chloe will be joining him. DMEEIR ‘PRINCESS DI’ KILLER IN MENTAL HOSPITAL Judge told of woman’s progress with treatment not guilty Grace miano was acquitted by reason of insanity Trio want Biden chat to discuss speech disorder stutter Joe Biden By Frances Watkins THRee Irishmen have started a campaign in a bid to meet President Joe Biden and spread more awareness about stuttering. Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland have made a video where they thank the US leader and invite him to a meeting. President Biden has lived with the speech disorder since childhood and has become a hero for those with the same condition. Jamie Googan, Michael Ryan and Michael O’Shea all have stutters and decided to raise more awareness of the condition. Cork inpatient Dublin Central mental Hospital By eoin reynolds A mentAlly-ill woman who believed she was possessed by the spirit of Princess Diana when she killed and mutilated her housemate will remain in the Central mental Hospital. Grace Miano had been charged with the murder of Malawian man limbani “Robert” Mzoma, 27, at Tudor lawns, Foxrock, South Dublin, on november 1, 2018. The 53-year-old was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity by a unanimous jury verdict last month and yesterday appeared before Mr Justice Paul McDermott at the Central Criminal Court. elva Duffy Bl, for the prosecution, told the judge that a consultant psychiatrist at the CMH had recommended that Ms Miano remain in the hospital’s care for ongoing treatment. She said doctors had diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder, a mental illness. Ms Duffy outlined the report’s findings that Ms Miano has made progress and has insight into her illness but is at risk of relapse due to her condition. She is undergoing medical treatment and therapy provided by a multi-disciplinary team at the hospital. Mr Justice McDermott committed Ms Miano to the CMH under the provisions of the Criminal law (Insanity) Act 2006 to continue her treatment. victim Limbani ‘Robert’ Mzoma, 27 man Jamie said a meeting with Mr Biden would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the group. He added: “President Biden did an interview with Anderson Cooper and he was asked a question about stuttering and he gave 17 minutes answering the question, that one interview inspired During the trial Ms Miano’s defence counsel, Michael Bowman SC, told the jury that on occasion she “believed she was effectively possessed by Princess Diana who came to tell her what she had done. She was not in her right mind and claims that the day after [the killing], Princess Diana told her she was the one who did it”. Counsel said the delusions were “as real as they could be to her” and added that the medical opinions were “all one way”. The trial heard from consultant psychiatrists that Ms Miano told gardai she killed Mr Mzoma to “protect Prince William” and had cut off his genitals after death “to protect women”. She also told psychiatrists she had been inhabited by the spirits of Princess Diana and other British royals to stop a plot by Kate Middleton who was trying to put Prince William and Prince Harry in danger. me. We began the process then of developing the first campaign in the world that deals with stuttering and mental wellbeing combined. “One of our goals is to secure a meeting with President Biden... he is our hero and a person that we look up to.”

DMEEIR 25 As data centres take up more and more energy, campaigners say.. TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR BY SHAUNA CORR Environment Correspondent tech giants like Facebook and Google they have become the lifeblood of the digital age. Vast data centres that store your every search and post in the allknowing “Cloud”. But the reality beneath it is an ever growing bricks and cables network of storage facilities for the powerhungry data industry, much of it dotted across the Irish landscape. And climate change campaigners are warning the lifeblood big tech demands is being sucked from the veins of Irish communities and the environment, along with enough energy to power almost one third of homes in the country. This week data centres became a frontline in Ireland’s war to slash its carbon emissions by 2030 and help the global effort to hold back devastating climate change impacts. Political battlelines were drawn when the Government — including the Green Party — shot down an opposition bill that would have paused all new centres until their impact on Ireland’s climate targets is fully understood. The coalition instead wants to classify the digital storage network as part of Ireland’s strategic economic infrastructure. There are also growing concerns the energy-hungry monoliths now dotted across our cities and countryside could turn out the lights while heralding a raft of new fossil fuel power plants. The facilities could be sucking up almost a third of the electricity generated across Ireland by 2030 according to EirGrid. Other estimates put this as high as 70%. The same energy that powers homes, schools and hospitals. STABLE Dublin City University Professor Barry McMullin says immediate concerns the “electricity grid will not be stable over successive winters” could soon overshadowed by “the emissions impact” of Ireland’s growing data centre sector. The companies behind them benefit from Ireland’s low corporation tax rate while Government says they helped rebrand the country as an “innovative economy”. But their growth has also triggered a wave of unease that sparked a failed Social Democrats motion for a temporary moratorium as well as a People Before Profit Planning and Development Bill which sought a ban on any further applications. According to a report from Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry, 10 new data centres went on line from 2020-2021 bringing the total in operation to 70. Between them they were using 900MW of connected power capacity – enough electricity for more than 600,000 homes – and created 1.85% of Ireland’s carbon emissions. The current pressure on electricity supplies from the sector has seen EirGrid and the GrowinG ConCern More data centres, like Facebook’s in co Meath, are in the works We don’t feel there has been enough of an assessment Jerry MceVILLy Friends oF the earth Picture: RTE NEws Tech action on carbon emissions Commission for Regulation of Utilities raise concerns, with the latter warning of “rolling blackouts”. EirGrid chief Mark Foley told the Oireachtas joint committee on Environment and Climate Action recently: “It is correct to say a significant amount of Ireland’s forecasted growth for electricity is expected to come from the ICT sector, namely data centres.” But he was hopeful any growth in demand “can be accommodated by an appropriate policy framework” that will ensure all parties are part of the solution. However, Prof McMullin, who also gave evidence to the committee, has serious concerns. He said: “In the analysis we’ve done in DCU we’ve found it very difficult to understand how continued data centre expansion can possibly be squared with supposed national commitments to reduce climate affecting emissions. EMERGENCY “The Government collectively has set out its stall saying they take the climate emergency seriously and they recognise that much stronger measures are necessary — but they are not 70% how much of Ireland’s electricity data centres could be using by 2030 10 new data centres came on line in the past year bringing total to 70 bringing it down to hard, concrete actions that involve weighing up trade-offs between different kinds of hard choices. The sooner we get to that the better, but in the meantime we shouldn’t be making those choices more difficult. “It’s much harder to shut something down after it’s in place.” Friends of the Earth’s head of policy change Jerry McEvilly added: “We don’t feel there has been enough of an assessment on the impact on our systems.” Proposed plans for a data centre in Ennis, Co Clare include a 4,674sq m power station featuring 18 gas engines with 25m chimneys as well as 66 back up diesel generators in its six 19m high data storage buildings. Theresa O’Donohoe from Future Proof Clare is among those campaigning against the plant she says will use equivalent power to 210,000 homes and up to one million litres of water on a warm day. She said: “It’s not OK – the environmental cost is too damaging. Environmental Trust Ireland president, Michelle Hayes, added: “There should not be competition in a just and compassionate society between the energy needs of individuals and the cloud computing requirements of large corporations.” ADDRESSING THE IMPACT A spokesperson for the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications said: “The expansion of data centres in Ireland is projected to lead to a significant increase in electricity demand. “This raises challenges for the energy system.” But they added: “We do 600k not believe that a complete moratorium on the development of data centres is a propor- tionate response. A number of homes that more appropriate could be powered by response is to enable energy used by centres the transition to a zerocarbon electricity 18 gas engines are part of a proposed data centre in Co Clare system — through policy and regulation.” WATER On the issue of water usage, they said: “Irish Water, working with applicants through the connection enquiry process, has found new data centres are now using water efficient technology. “This uses closed-loop cooling water in their cooling processes. In other words, they are re-using the same water over and over. “As a result, they are really only using newly-added (or additional) water for canteen and hygiene uses. For this reason, future data centre expansion (with closed-loop cooling) is not a concern for Irish Water.” And on the issue of air quality they admitted data centres can have an “indirect impact.”

26 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR HEALTH The presenter talks to Amy Packer about shingles, slipped discs and suffering severe stress Most of us will have recoiled from our own reflection in the mirror after a heavy night at some point. But for Eamonn Holmes, there was one morning that was more alarming than most. “I literally jumped back at my image shouting ‘what the heck is this?’” recalls the presenter, who had no idea what was causing the cold sore-like scabs and stabbing pains in his face. “It was like waking up in a horror movie. “When I called my doctor and said it was on my face the first question was, ‘Is it near your eyes? Don’t touch your eyes because it could affect your vision – you could go blind. Get down here to let me see it’. It was panic stations.” While he was sleeping Eamonn had developed shingles, a painful rash caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox (varicella zoster) virus, an illness he says was entirely unexpected ‘‘ The doc said, ‘Get down here and don’t touch your eyes – you can go blind’ and laid him low for weeks. “I had to ask my mother if I’d had chickenpox and she said, ‘Of course you have!’. “But I thought shingles usually happened to mothers with young kids who were stressed, so it was such a surprise to me,” explains the 61 year old, who is adding his voice to the Understanding Shingles awareness campaign. In the UK, 90 per cent of adults have had chickenpox, so will have the virus dormant in their nervous system. Yet a recent survey of more than 2,000 people, sponsored by GSK, found that many did not know basic facts about shingles, with only 60 per cent aware that having had chickenpox makes you susceptible. The risk and severity of shingles increases with age, particularly in those aged 50 and above, and during times of stress or lowered immune system. In retrospect, Eamonn has no doubt that stress was the trigger of his illness back in 2018. “HM Revenue & Customs had decided to challenge my status as a freelancer [claiming he was an employee of ITV and therefore liable to pay more tax], so we had just been to court. “It was the most horrendous experience of my life, outside my father dying suddenly 30 years ago. A week of absolute bullying and harassment. It was like being clubbed. I was absolutely drained so, low and behold, I developed shingles. It was incredibly painful and EXCLU EAMONN People write y off, bu I’m at top of game exhausting, and I had to take time off work to recuperate. I couldn’t have gone on telly like that. There isn’t a camera filter in the world that could have made me look better,” he jokes. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward though. “We had my eldest BACK TO WORK With Rochelle Humes and Alesha Dixon all bu we ar need “We until i does h ball ga DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 27 SIVE HOLMES will ou t the my be your best Edited by AMY PACKER RECOVERY Eamonn’s fighting back after two slipped discs could do my lines. I was proud of myself for getting through that.” The thought of attending last month’s National Television Awards was more stressful, as Eamonn didn’t feel ready to be seen on air using a crutch. “I decided that if we won I just wouldn’t go on stage because I wouldn’t be able to get up the steps without using the crutch,” he admits. “I discussed it with Ruth and my friend Sue Johnston, the actress, who is a lovely woman – we’ve been very close for 30 years. A few days later the most beautiful silver capped cane arrived in the post from Sue and when I showed it to Ruth she said, ‘just own it’. “I had no idea what the reaction to it would be, but I realised it was the right thing to do because actually I was improving and that was a statement that I was improving. CANED At TV Awards with his wife Ruth ... son Declan’s wedding coming up in a few days’ time. I’d been really looking forward to it because it was the first wedding in the family, but it really had an impact on the day. I looked awful. I had makeup all over my face trying to pretend everything was fine, but my eyes were just two slits.” While most people make a full recovery, shingles can potentially lead to serious and long-lasting problems, including prolonged nerve pain that can last for months or longer. “I was blissfully ignorant about it t I now know that as we get older e more at risk, so people really do to be more aware. all take our health for granted t’s gone, but when it suddenly appen to you it’s a whole new me, isn’t it? Whether it’s shingles, or your sciatic nerve.” The mention of back problems is no throwaway remark. Eamonn has been battling with severe issues since March this year, when two slipped discs in his spine caused nerve damage. “I had a month suffering with excruciating pain, but thankfully steroid injections have dealt with that so pain is no longer the issue it was,” he says. “The ongoing problem is that the discs impinged on my sciatic nerve, which left me with a dead right leg. So I can’t feel my foot and have to use a crutch.” Recovery has been a slow process. “Seven months I’ve been like this and for the first four I didn’t think anything was going to make a difference, so I’ve been feeling a lot of frustration,” he admits. “I couldn’t lie on my back. I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t sleep at night, ‘‘ I had to stop driving because I couldn’t move my foot from the accelerator to the brake which was absolutely awful. “I would try anything and everything but I just didn’t have much belief that anything was going to change.” Thankfully there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. “I’m definitely getting better,” Eamonn says with palpable relief. “I SHOCK Eamonn swollen with shingles have physio almost every day. You have to do the same things over and over again – like choreographing a dance – and you have to push yourself. “My physio would tell me to do the simplest things and I would say, ‘This is ridiculous. I can’t do this. I can’t lie down, I can’t get up, I can’t do anything’. He would shout at me and I would shout at him. But I have to say, in the past few weeks we have embraced each other because there is definitely an improvement now. I’ve started to get some feeling back at last. “I’ve a long way to go and I doubt I’ll be fixed by Christmas, but I certainly intend to give it a heck of a shot.” Throwing himself into work has been a lifeline during the darkest hours of recovery. “I carried on with my work commitments, doing what I was going to do,” says Eamonn, who spent the summer filming a new series, Farm to Feast, for BBC Northern Ireland. “I used my crutch until the camera rolled and then I threw it to the side. I couldn’t walk during the pieces to camera because I just was completely lopsided, but I could stand still and I “People will write you off but am I at the top of my game? Yes. And I’ve got more to give. I wanted to show people they shouldn’t let these things hold them back. Yes, you can be in pain but you can still have a job, you can still have a purpose in life. Besides, distraction is a wonderful thing when you’re in pain.” Despite such a significant injury, Eamonn doesn’t know the exact moment the damage was done. “I just kept thinking ‘why me, why did this happen?’ because I couldn’t actually tell you exactly when it went. I have a rough idea it was getting out of a car and getting back into the same car, but I don’t know for sure.” Ironically, the thought of getting back into a car is helping motivate Eamonn to work harder towards his recovery. “I had to stop driving because I couldn’t move my foot from the accelerator to the brake,” he says. “It has been a big frustration. I like to drive and I like to get out and about, so I’ve found that quite debilitating. “I’m certainly not fixed, but finally I can see that I’m improving all the time. So when I’m better I think I’ll go car shopping, get myself a heck of a car and enjoy the ride.” ■Understanding ■ Shingles is a new campaign supported by Eamonn Holmes together with GSK and the Shingles Support Society. For more information visit

28 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR HEALTH From boosting your heart, brain function and mood, to helping with weight loss and even lifting libido, there are so many benefits to heading out for a jog. But how can you pep up your performance? James Moore discovers some surprising ways to step up your running regime... BE AN ESPRESSO: Olympic gold medal-winning legend Sir Mo Farah drinks coffee 20 minutes before a race, and there’s plenty of evidence that it can help you run faster. The key is thought to be the caffeine in the drink. A report in the British Journal of Sports Science found people who drank coffee before running 1,500 metres on the treadmill finished 4.2 seconds faster than those who hadn’t. CAN’T BE BEET: Experts have found including beetroot in your diet really could help you power up when striding out. A study from St Louis University in the US found it could speed up running times over 5km compared with other foods with the same number of calories. Other studies have shown beetroot can help Run for your life increase stamina. The effect is thought to be down to the nitrate content. There’s also evidence dark chocolate provides a similar benefit. MAKE TRACKS: Listening to music can make running more interesting, and it can increase your endurance by 15 per cent, said Brunel University London research. Other research, from Edinburgh University, identified that the right motivational playlist could be crucial, with tracks such as Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger and Kanye West’s Power being top choices. GRIN AND BEAR IT: Try smiling as you run. It can increase efficiency and help you save energy over long distances, according to a study in the journal of Sport and Exercise. Grinning also helped runners consume 2.2 per cent less oxygen. It is believed smiling can help runners feel more relaxed. JUMP TO IT: Try plyometrics, also known as “jump training”. These fast, explosive exercises could increase your speed over 10km, according to a study by the University of Nebraska. And if you find yourself reaching a running plateau, add in some weights. A study in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found mixing things up with some strength training could help make you a stronger runner. TIME IT: The jury is out on what time of day it’s best to go for a run, though running early can help you avoid poor air quality. But don’t stress if you haven’t got much time. Intense running for less than five minutes has the same benefits for the heart as a 45-minute jogging session, according to experts at Curtin University in Australia. Another study showed just seven minutes of running a day could have significant health benefits. STYLE COUNTS: Runners who exercise outdoors tend to expend more energy than those in the gym – plus it improves their mood. If you are on a treadmill, though, try doing it in front of a mirror. Researchers at Teesside University found watching your reflection can help you coordinate your limbs better so you run more smoothly. DOUBLE YOUR EFFORTS: Several studies have shown running with a group, a friend or your partner can encourage you to stay on track with your regime and even go further. And an added bonus is that one survey found that 66 per cent of runners had more sex when they ran with their partner. SHOE IN: Make sure you’ve got some good footwear for your run – but you don’t necessarily have to shell out on expensive trainers. Although it is unclear why, one Swiss study found runners wearing expensive shoes were actually more likely to get injured.

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 29 Retail therapies By Amy PAcker HEALTH It’s time we stopped calling ovarian cancer a silent killer ■If ■ your inspiration for Sober October is flagging, treat yourself to Wiggles Clear Headed Hamper ( Aecorn’s AF Bitters and NOgroni show you that cocktails don’t have to be sickly sweet – or give you a hangover – while the bar snacks include moreish spiced gordal olives and salt and pepper cashews. ■Think ■ pink for an after-work tipple that comes without the alcohol. Lyre’s, the world’s most awarded non-alcoholic spirits company, has created Pink London Spirit (, a non-alcoholic homage to pink gin. It’s a bit like berry squash on first sniff, but the flavour is more sophisticated, with a good hit of juniper. ■Maltier ■ than a lager, but as satisfying as a normal beer, Lucky Saint ( is low – rather than no – alcohol with a 0.5% ABV and is now available in 330ml cans as well as bottles. Our newly dry tester says it’s the one alternative to booze that doesn’t leave him feeling like he’s missing out. ■There ■ was plenty of trial and error – 189 prototypes and over 100 ingredients – in the making of Sipsmith FreeGlider ( and the result is definitely worth the effort. This alcohol-free ‘gin’ is a zesty and dry spirit which works brilliantly whether used in cocktails or simply served over the rocks with tonic. Annabel Lintott died of ovarian cancer at the age of 46. Now her friends and family are on a mission to spread an important message, Lizzie Catt discovers There aren’t many charity bike rides that detour into a vineyard and end with a glass of fizz. But for friends of TAnnabel Annabel Lintott, incorporating a touch of style into the fundraiser in her memory was a fitting tribute. When Annabel, 46, died from ovarian cancer in February, her friend Ian McCulloch says those who loved her were left feeling “slightly helpless. We can support her husband Paul and their children, but what can you practically do?”. Ian – managing director of drinks firm Silent Pool Gin – and some of Annabel and Paul’s other friends came up with the idea of a charity bike ride with a twist. Their aim is to raise £20,000 for charity Target Ovarian Cancer and hopefully increase awareness of the disease too. “I didn’t know until recently that a woman dies every two hours of ovarian cancer in the UK,” says Ian. “Most of our friendship group are in their mid to late 40s and the women are experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. “We want to make sure that women and GPs don’t dismiss what could be signs of ovarian cancer as perimenopause, or something like IBS, so they get diagnosed as early as possible.” The 116.5-mile “Coast to Toast” bike ride on October 2 began in Milford on Sea in Hampshire, where Annabel was born and grew up. Riders called at the Wiston Estate Winery in Sussex to collect a few bottles of English sparkling wine. The finish line was at the Wimbledon village branch of delicatessen Bayley & Sage, where Annabel was marketing director, to raise a glass in her honour. Jennie Allen, who owns Bayley & Sage, worked alongside Annabel for many years and was a close friend. “She was amazing,” says Jennie, 59. “Caring, stylish and very firm but in a gentle way. She had great manners, charm and immense style. “If she said to me, ‘Jennie, are you sure you’re happy with this?’ I’d know that meant she didn’t like something. I can’t tell you how lovely she was. “She was so gracious, and that grace continued throughout her illness.” CHAINS REACTION Paul and Vanessa’s friends prepare for charity ride TRAGIC Annabel’s diagnosis was too late to save her When Annabel found herself going back and forth to the GP with abdominal discomfort, ending up in A&E with severe pain in 2018, it was Jennie who told her to push for investigations into ovarian cancer. It’s a disease Jennie knows all too well, having been treated for it herself twice. Annabel was finally diagnosed, undergoing surgery involving a radical hysterectomy, the removal of her bowel and spleen and tumours from her liver and diaphragm. She later ‘‘ We want to make sure that women and GPs don’t miss the signs received chemotherapy. Throughout her illness, the friends were in touch most days. “I had received my diagnosis in September 2013 and was treated successfully, but it recurred in September 2014. I was told I had between one and three years left to live,” Jennie said. But, after Jennie’s team at the Royal Marsden Hospital fought for her to have secondary surgery and radiotherapy, she is now six years clear. “I have been so fortunate to come out the other side and have a life expectancy nobody thought I’d have. I’m now determined to help other women.” This starts, says Jennie, with symptoms being understood and investigated promptly. “We must stop calling ovarian cancer a silent killer – women are Symptom checkliSt Symptoms of ovarian cancer: • Persistent bloating – not bloating that comes and goes. Feeling full quickly and/or loss of appetite. Pelvic or abdominal pain (that’s your tummy and below) • Urinary symptoms (needing to wee more urgently or more often than usual) Occasionally there can be other symptoms: • Changes in bowel habit (eg diarrhoea or constipation) • Extreme fatigue • Unexplained weight loss • Any bleeding after the menopause should always be investigated by a GP. Symptoms will be: • Frequent – they usually happen more than 12 times a month • Persistent – they don’t go away • New – they’re not normal for you. If you regularly experience any one or more of these symptoms, which aren’t normal for you, book a GP appointment ■Find ■ out more at pitching up with constant, persistent bloating, abdominal pain, night sweats, tiredness, bleeding or spotting after menopause. I was in a high risk group. Yet we can be told it’s IBS, a bladder infection, coeliac disease, perimenopause or menopause. A CA-125 blood test can help indicate there’s a problem. Women can also be sent for a scan. “I was super, super lucky. The stars aligned for me. They didn’t align for Annabel, and that sort of randomness is not something we should tolerate.” Annabel’s husband Paul says she would agree wholeheartedly with Jennie. “I know exactly what Annabel would say to women. ‘Be firm, get checked out. Trust your gut, and if you know something’s wrong, don’t take no for an answer’.” Paul and the children, Ollie, 17, and Grace, 15, (along with Buzz, the 12-year-old Hungarian wirehaired vizsla) are learning to carry on without Annabel – no mean feat, says Paul. When she went into hospital for her surgery, Annabel gave Paul a “handbook of routines and rota – where the children needed to be and when, what went in packed lunches.” Passionate about food and trained at Leiths Cookery School, Annabel taught the family how to make some of her favourite dishes while she was ill, FaceTiming or answering questions shouted up the stairs. Ollie now cooks a salmon dish of Annabel’s with spring onions, chillies and rice every week. Paul is back to work at his property consultancy Lintott & Company and the children are preparing for a summer of exams next year. “Annabel told us, ‘When I’m gone, I’m gone’. She wanted us to be happy, not sad.” However, Paul, Ian and Jennie all agree that while she loved skiing, there would be no way Annabel could have been enticed into a 12 hour, threecounty bike ride. “She’d think we were mad,” laughs Ian. “Anything that involved sweating or looking ruffled, she wouldn’t have been up for that.” ■Sponsor ■ the team’s efforts at

DMEEIR 30 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DEAR COLEEN your problems solved had enough of our open relatIonshIp Dear Coleen I’m a 29-year-old woman and I’ve had a non-exclusive relationship with my partner for several years. We both date other people, although, to be honest, he does it more than I do. His parents are unconventional and have always had an open marriage, so it’s what he’s used to, but as I’m getting older, I don’t think it’s what I want any more, even though I love my partner. He says his parents haven’t seen other people for years and are happy with it just being them now, but when they were young they were just honest about wanting to sleep with other people. They’ve been together for 30 years, so I guess it worked for them. He thinks we could be the same, but I’m not convinced. I’d love your opinion. Happily married but I keep fantasising about first love Dear Coleen I’m a woman in my early 30s and have a 14-year-old son after getting pregnant with my ex when we were both 18. We split up soon after our son was born, but have always got on really well and he is a really good dad. Now I’m married with a three-yearold daughter and I’ve started to fantasise about my ex a lot. I keep thinking we were just too young back then and if we’d met now we’d have fallen in love, got married and been together for life. I think the only reason we broke up after our son was born was that we were too young to be parents and neither of us was ready to settle down. He ended up going to university and I went back to studying when our son was three. Things are different now, we both have good jobs and life is steady. My ex has a long-term girlfriend, but they don’t have kids. I do love my husband and he’s a great dad to our daughter, but the physical spark I have with my ex makes things so confusing. I have no idea how he feels by the way, or if he’d ever consider starting a relationship with me again. Please help. “I feel if we’d met now we would be a couple for life Coleen says Well maybe because your life is steady at the moment you can have these fantasies, but if you ended up having an affair or leaving your marriage, everything will blow up. It might not be a fantasy then. I think if you’re in a comfortable place and you love your husband, think very carefully about going back. If I were you, I’d look at ways to make your marriage more exciting instead. I’ve often looked back to my first boyfriend, who I was with for four years, and thought he was “the one”, and I’ve looked back fondly on both marriages to the good times, but none of those relationships would work now because we’re not the same people any more. And you and your ex are different people now because of how your life experiences have shaped you. It won’t be the same. We all have fantasies and like to think back to those youthful relationships that were so thrilling – it’s how we act on them that’s crucial. So, before you capsize the boat, be sure it’s the right thing to do. Coleen says Personally, I couldn’t do it either and don’t think it’s for the majority but, if you can do it and make it work, that’s great. I get it at the start of a relationship when you’re not 100% involved, but sustaining it can be hard. If you really don’t want this going forward, it’s not going to work and you have to be honest with him now. If you want to be exclusive in a relationship, then you deserve to have that. It only works if both of you are completely on board with it, which obviously his parents were. I’ve known a few couples in the past who’ve had open relationships and things always start off fine, but in the end one partner doesn’t want to do it any more. I think it can make you very insecure, which is damaging for your self-esteem. you say I’d like to comment on the letter from the woman worried about what potential dates will think of the fact she’s a single, unemployed mum (Dear Coleen, October 7). If the fact you had to give up your job to take care of your child is a problem for a man, then he’s not worth dating. He should like you for you – not because of what job you have or where you live. Look at it this way, if your situation puts some guys off, it’s a good way of weeding out the rubbish ones! Em, via email PROBLEMS? Tell Coleen Nolan about them and she’ll give you an honest answer... every weekday in the Irish Mirror email: – sorry, but Coleen can’t reply personally WRiTe To: Coleen Nolan, The Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP Why am I suddenly socIally aWkWard? you can talk about anything and you don’t care so much what people think of you. When you’re older, you’re more self-aware and more worried about leaving someone with a good impression. And when you start overthinking, it can quickly snowball and become a major anxiety. You know you used to be confident, so you can be again. Channel that and stop worrying about other people. You don’t always have to be the one to start a conversation. I always think if you smile, it looks like you’re open to talking have “forgotten” how to be to people and just a “Hello” social or we’re just a bit out of starts a conversation. practice. Let’s be honest, we Also, don’t worry about what haven’t had much to talk about – happens at the school gates – just Covid, lockdowns, when your kids go to high vaccinations and so on. school, there’s no hanging Also, when you’re younger, around making small talk. Dear Coleen I’ve become more socially awkward as I’ve got older, and don’t really know why. I’m in my 40s now but used to be far more confident when I was younger and able to initiate conversations. Now I find myself going to all sorts of lengths to avoid talking to people, which is making me feel isolated, particularly when it comes to the other mums at school. The more I think about it, the more afraid I become of striking up conversations. Why do you think I’m like this and what I can do about it? Coleen says The pandemic might have had an effect – we’ve all been cooped up for so long, I think many of us Sign up to my newsletter! I’m excited to let you know that I’ve launched a fab newsletter, which I hope you’ll sign up to receive once a week via email. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on love, life and relationships, as well as my pick of the week’s readers’ problems. Sign up by visiting

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 31 TODAY’S Tv with KATIE GALLAGHER TRAPPED Victoria is spotted by Meena Pick of the day EMMERDAlE Virgin Media One, 7pm Keen to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Meena and David, Victoria quietly slips into Farrers. Confused to see David’s bed empty, she panics when she hears the door go and hides. Victoria’s trapped in the bedroom but Meena spots her. She starts unbuttoning her blouse for David and Victoria is forced to reveal herself. Elsewhere Gabby and Diane meet Bernice at the Woolpack, where she is shocked to learn of Diane’s plan to move to Portugal. THEN AND NOW Josh, above, was one of only four kids in his school year Noble king of comedy ADvIcE Denise tells Kim to forget Vincent EASTENDERS RTE One, 7.30pm After finding out the truth about what happened to Vincent, Denise tries to convince Kim to let go of the search for him. Later, Phil is angry that Kim is still showing an interest in Vincent – she could land a lot of people in trouble. Scarlett’s school project is ruined by Bert and Ernie so she asks Janine if her friends, who are deaf, will give a talk at school instead. And Chelsea is nervous about the pregnancy test and bottles it. In the IrIsh MIrror Saturday killer instinct As Super Soap Week makes a dramatic return, Emmerdale’s evil Meena has murder on her mind 16 OCTOBER 2021 CYBER SCANDAL Jason Watkins stars in new conspiracy thriller The Trick All the new shows, soap news and 7-day listings More TV and film news online at WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? BBC1, 9pm COMEDIAN Josh Widdicombe’s ancestry is under the spotlight, kicking off another stellar line-up, with Judi Dench and Pixie Lott among those taking part. Josh grew up in rural Devon in a village so remote that he was one of only four children in his year at the local primary school. The 38-year-old TURMOIl Six-part drama ANgElA BlAcK Virgin Media One, 9pm Angela’s life appears idyllic – a lovely house, days working volunteer shifts at a dog’s home, two beautiful sons and a charming, hard-working husband – Olivier. However, beneath this facade of charmed domesticity, she is a victim of domestic violence. While Olivier is controlling and brutal, Angela loves him and fears to leave him even though she has threatened to countless times. She will stop at nothing to cover star of The Last Leg says: “And if that doesn’t sound Enid Blyton enough for you, the other children were called Thomas, Joanna and Genevieve. “The village was so remote, the bus came once a week and we didn’t have a front door key so we didn’t lock our house when we went out or went on holiday.” Josh doesn’t know much about his family history, only a vague rumour about a connection to Barings Bank, his abuse by hiding the bruises with makeup and fabricating lies to explain away her missing teeth. Angela is approached by a private investigator, Ed, who smashes her already strained domestic life to pieces. With one encounter, her life switches from school runs to buried secrets. This is a six-part Hitchcockian thriller that follows one woman as she risks everything she holds dear to fight back against the man who has suppressed and tormented her for most of her adult life. one of England’s oldest merchant banking firms. He says: “I hope to find out something exciting. My fear is that I come from a really boring family.” He needn’t have worried. What follows is a rollercoaster ride through an extraordinary family tree, with many shocks and surprises along the way. After a less than promising start with an ancestor who was cut BUDgET 2022 RTE One, 2.40pm It’s Budget day and David McCullagh and Sharon Tobin kick off RTE’s coverage with analysis of the Budget speech right through the afternoon. There will be reaction from politicians, representative bodies and organisations across the country via RTE’s network of regional studios. Members of the public in Drogheda and Galway will share their views and Eileen Whelan will be getting the latest reaction from various interest groups in Dublin. Meanwhile, the Six One News out of the family fortune, Josh is delighted to discover a courtier with very personal access to King Charles I. From there it’s a dizzying journey through Elizabethan and other Tudor nobility, by way of a royal love triangle, to an incredible ancestral line which prompts Josh to ask the expert he meets: “Be honest, as a historian, are you really jealous?” will provide a comprehensive look at the Budget with analysis from correspondents along with reaction from politicians. Later in the evening there will further coverage of Budget measures and reaction on the Nine O’Clock News with Sharon Ni Bheolain followed by an hour long Prime Time Budget Special at 9.40pm presented by Miriam O’Callaghan and Sarah McInerney in Dublin and Fran McNulty in Cork. Prime Time will also broadcast from Cork as they meet with farmers, pensioners and others as they react to the day’s announcements. HOSTS David McCullagh and Sharon Tobin

Mick Flavin Trudi Lalor Sandy Ke ly 32 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 All programmes Today’s are listed in British TV Summer Time previews (BST). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat DMEEIR RTE One RTE2 Virgin One BBC One BBC Two 6.00am EuroNews 6.30 Teleshopping 8.05 Today Join Maura, Daithi and Sinead for their unique blend of entertainment, quizzes, wellness, cookery and fashion, along with the quirky and important news items that has the country talking. (R) 10.05 The Ellen DeGeneres Show The host talks to actor Ken Jeong. (R); Weather 11.00 Dr Phil Talk show; Weather 11.55 Shortland Street Drama. 12.25pm Telly Bingo Gameshow, presented by Declan Buckley. 12.40 Budget 2022 David McCullagh and Sharon Tobin present live coverage and analysis of the Budget speech right through the afternoon. There will be reaction from politicians, representatives’ bodies and organisations across the country from RTE’s regional studios. 5.45 Nuacht News stories. 6.00 The Angelus Religious programme. (R) 6.01 RTE News; Weather 6.00am EuroNews 7.00 TRTE Children’s programmes. 12.05pm Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (R) 12.30 Ben 10 Double bill. (R) 1.00 Millie Inbetween (R) 1.30 The Dumping Ground (R) 2.05 Hardball (R) 2.30 4 O’Clock Club (R) 3.00 Junior MasterChef (R) 3.35 Ballybraddan Drama series about the fifth-year children of Ballybraddan Primary School, who all face obstacles but come together as a team on the hurling pitch. (R) 3.50 Ace My Space Sean Treacy and Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick meet Niamh and her brother Ben. Niamh is mad for boxing, and longs for a room that can double up as a gym and chill out zone. (R) 4.20 LIVE UEFA U21 Euro 2023 Qualifier Montenegro Under-21s v Republic of Ireland Under-21s (kick-off 4.30pm). Coverage of the Group F encounter from Podgorica City Stadium. 6.10am The Six O’Clock Show A mix of celebrity chat and all the stories in the headlines. (R) 7.00 Ireland AM Magazine programme featuring health, safety and education reports, entertainment news and interviews with personalities making the headlines. 10.00 This Morning A mix of celebrity chat, features, advice and competitions. 12.30pm News at 12:30 1.00 Virgin Media News: Budget Special Live coverage from Leinster House of Budget 2022 with budget speeches, political reactions and analysis of what it will mean for you. 3.00 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 4.00 Gino’s Italian Escape Gino D’Acampo visits the town of Gragnano in Campania. (R) 4.30 Judge Judy Real-life small-claims cases. 5.00 Judge Judy Real-life small-claims cases. 5.30 News at 5.30 Headlines. 6.15 The Six O’Clock Show 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Rip Off Britain Pensioners being pushed out by companies making the shift online. 10.00 Defenders UK Officers crack down on rogue landlords. (R) 10.45 Claimed and Shamed A holiday insurance scam is foiled when investigators uncover forged documents. 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer Featuring properties in the West Midlands. 12.15pm Bargain Hunt From Epsom Racecourse. (R) 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 1.45 Doctors Bear receives a big surprise from his mum. 2.15 Impossible Quiz show. (R) 3.00 Escape to the Country Jules Hudson is in Hampshire. (R) 3.45 Money for Nothing Transforming dining chairs, a chest of drawers and a cabinet. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip (R) 5.15 Pointless Quiz show. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 6.30am Money for Nothing (R) 7.15 Antiques Road Trip (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Your Home Made Perfect (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 Headlines. 10.00 BBC News Headlines. 12.15pm Politics Live Updates. 1.00 Head Hunters Quiz show. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 Best Bakes Ever A selection of recipes from television chefs. (R) 2.45 Heir Hunters A man travels 9,000 miles to meet his half-sister for the first time. (R) 3.30 Curiosity Two teams from Essex compete. (R) 4.15 Beechgrove Repotted (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above Last in series. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Layer Marney Tower in rural Essex. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Matt Edmondson, Sabrina Grant, Andy Hamilton and Kirsty Wark. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Featuring the winners of Sunday night’s dance-off. It’s Back! 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 Scannal The unsolved disappearance of 13-year-old Philip Cairns, exploring the impact it had on his family. (R) 7.30 EastEnders Jean gets Tommy to open up, and he tells her he wants to know where Michael is buried. 8.00 Fair City Mairead worries that Cristiano is finding excuses to keep his love life on hold. Dolores denies that she is still struggling. 8.30 NEW Designed for Life Arlene McIntyre works with different sized homes. 9.00 RTE News; Weather All the headlines, in-depth interviews and analysis of topical political developments and current affairs. Plus, the weather report. 9.35 Prime Time In-depth analysis of current affairs and the latest topical reports. 10.40 My Little Big Day Documentary telling the stories of six couples who tied the knot in the midst of the pandemic, with each having a wedding vastly different to what they had originally planned. (R); Weather 11.45 Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week The recruits undergo interrogation week as they are held captive by the enemy party as well as being buried alive, then face a 22km mountain march with weights against the clock. 12.45am New Amsterdam. Max takes a chance on a new assistant and clashes with the board on a new plan. 1.45 Holby City. Lofty returns to the hospital with a secret. (R) 2.55 Prime Time (R) 3.40 Dr Phil (R) 3.50 Telly Bingo. Gameshow. (R) 4.35 Doctors (R) 5.05-6.00am EuroNews Magazine 6.45 LIVE European Qualifiers World Cup 2022 Republic of Ireland v Qatar (kick-off 7.45pm). All the action from the friendly at Aviva Stadium, as Ireland look for a morale-boosting victory. World Cup hosts Qatar have been partnered with Ireland’s qualifying group to play against the countries on their spare match dates, but without the contests counting towards the standings. The sides also met in March, with the sides sharing the spoils in a 1-1 draw at Nagyerdei Stadion in Debrecen, Hungary, after Mohammed Muntari cancelled out James McClean’s early opener. Darragh Moloney presents, with analysis from Dietmar Hamann and Lisa Fallon, and commentary by Des Curran and Stephen Kelly. 10.20 Barney Curley: The Man Who Beat the Bookies The story of the racehorse owner Barney Curley – from his tough origins as a Catholic in Fermanagh, through his audacious betting coups and his final charitable decision. (R) 11.20 The Walking Dead Daryl and Carol come to a fork in the road and head their separate ways. Each going into their own type of survival mode, the easiest of challenges become much harder. Post-apocalyptic drama, with Norman Reedus. 12.10am Fantasy Ireland. Outrageous animated comedy series. (R) 12.25 Trapped (R) 1.30 O’Casey in the Estate (R) 2.30 Ireland’s Fittest Family: Reeling in the Ramps (R) 3.25 Clear History (R) 4.05 The Style Counsellors (R) 4.30 How to Be Good with Money (R) 5.00-6.00am EuroNews FEATURING 3 Nathan Carter on life during the pandemic and his plans for a more positive year ahead 3 Fun with Cliona Hagan and soon to be hubby with our Mr & Mrs Quiz 3 Trudy Lalor’s guide to some of the best LIVE gigs over the coming months 3 PLUS a chance to WIN a weekend for two at Country Music’s Biggest Dance Festival ON SALE NOW! 7.00 Emmerdale Bernice is shocked to learn of Diane’s plan, Victoria is trapped, and Rodney hears the news. 7.30 Don’t Look Back in Anger Archive news stories, looking back at the headline stories from 2000. (R) 8.00 News at 8 Headlines. 8.30 Call the Cleaners In Wales, sisters Yvonne and Angela are called to a large abandoned house. In Stevenage, Maxine and Jasmine tackle a house that was – until recently – home to 12 cats. 9.00 NEW Angela Black Angela seems like a happy mum-oftwo, but she is hiding something – her seemingly charming husband Olivier is in fact violent and manipulative. Starring Joanne Froggatt and Michiel Huisman. 10.00 The Tonight Show Claire Brock offers her unique take on the big stories of the day with a panel of guests. There is also a panel discussion covering the key issues in the news that have the nation talking. 11.00 The Hotel Inspector: The Walkout Alex Polizzi has been called to help Alan, landlord of the Crown Inn, nestled in the Wiltshire village of Aldbourne. Seven years ago, Alan took on the Crown hoping it would set him up for retirement. 12.00m’t The Chopping Block. Two Melbourne and Sydney restaurants are given 72 hours to use $5,000 to overhaul their menu, service and décor in an effort to impress critic Alan Saunders. 1.00-1.55am The Chase Australia 4.45 Eggheads (R) 5.30-6.20am The Tonight Show (R) RSVP SPecial • aUTUMN 2021 • €3.95 (£3.95) COUNTRY COUNTRY “I’m not as strong as INSIDE CATChINg UP wITh CLIONA, hUgO, PhILOMENA & MORE MUSIC SPECIAL “I’M EXTREMELY PROUD” Sandy Kelly in her first photoshoot with her daughter and grandson NAThAN CARTER’S jOURNEY TO hAPPINESS MIChAEL ENgLISh 7.00 The One Show Live chat. 7.30 EastEnders Janine goes to great lengths for Scarlett’s school project in a bid to win her daughter’s affection. 7.50 Holby City Lucky awakes from surgery to receive life-changing news from Max, while Hanssen is shocked when a familiar face returns. 8.30 The Goes Wrong Show Robert’s terrified niece makes her debut in a prison break drama, co-starring alongside a bizarre talking bird, and a prosthetic chin. 9.00 NEW Who Do You Think You Are? Josh Widdicombe embarks on a ride through his family history. After a less than promising start, Josh is delighted to discover a courtier with very personal access to King Charles I. 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.25 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.35 Spotlight Jim Fitzpatrick tells the story of the dramatic escape of an interpreter’s family from Afghanistan – and finds out how they are settling in Ireland. 11.05 Match of the Day from Northern Ireland Bulgaria v Northern Ireland. Stephen Watson presents action from the FIFA World Cup Group C qualifier at Vasil Levski National Stadium. 11.45 The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet The latest documentary explores how it may be possible to stop damaging the oceans. 12.50am The Graham Norton Show. With guests including Andie MacDowell, Jodie Comer and Billy Porter. (R) 1.35-6.00am BBC News At home with his family gARTh BROOkS & MO PITNEY Ahead of their Irish tours at COUNtRY tIVaL IN tHE PlUS tickets for PLUS WIN A WEEKEND FOR TWO At all usual newsagents 7.00 Back in Time for School Fifteen teenagers and three teachers embark on a time-travelling adventure through 100 years of education history, beginning in the Victorian era. Presented by Sara Cox. (R) 8.00 Saving Lives at Sea On Ireland’s south-east coast, the three RNLI crews at Dunmore East, Kilmore Quay and Rosslare battle to save a cargo ship. In Hoylake, on the Wirral, a vast effort is required to rescue a mother and daughter. 9.00 Dementia & Us The documentary looks at the effects on those with dementia as the pandemic hits and Britain goes into lockdown. As social interaction helps keep the brain active, it proves to be a very difficult time. 10.00 Live at the Apollo Phil Wang comperes the comedy show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. He warms up the audience before introducing routines by Rachel Parris and actor Brennan Reece. (R) 10.30 Newsnight The latest news, interviews and analysis of political developments. 11.15 Crime NI Monthly crime appeals show presented by journalists Wendy Austin and Dearbhail McDonald. (R) 11.55 NFL This Week Action from the latest fixtures, including Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams. 12.45am BBC News. The latest stories. 1.05 Sign Zone: The Long Walk Home – Our Lives. The remarkable story of Christian Lewis. (R) 1.35-6.30am This Is BBC Two Freeview 6 UTV ITV2 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News 1.55 UTV Live 2.00 Bling 3.00 Winning Combination 3.59 UTV Weather 4.00 Tipping Point 5.00 The Chase 6.00 UTV Live Local reports. 6.15 ITV Evening News Headlines. 6.45 Emmerdale Bernice is shocked. 7.15 LIVE World Cup England v Hungary (kick-off 7.45pm). Mark Pougatch presents coverage of the FIFA World Cup Group I qualifier at Wembley Stadium. 10.00 ITV News at Ten Headlines. 10.30 UTV Live Local reports. 10.45 World Cup Qualifier Highlights Action from the latest fixtures. 11.55 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite Hard-hitting action, featuring Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Cody and Jon Moxley. 12.45am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Loose Women 4.05 Unwind With ITV 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point Dave E4 Channel 4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Yianni: Supercar Customiser 8.00 Timber Kings 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 1.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race 2.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA 3.00 Top Gear 4.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race. Highlights. 5.00 Rick Stein’s India 6.00 QI With Matt Lucas and Holly Walsh. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Featuring Lolly Adefope and Dan Walker. 7.40 Would I Lie to You? With Nikki Fox, Miles Jupp, Nish Kumar and Joe Lycett. 8.20 QI With Sandi Toksvig and John Lloyd. 9.00 QI XL The panellists answer questions. 10.00 NEW Question Team Richard Ayoade invites comedians to join his team. 11.00 Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy British comedy of colour. 12.00m’t Mock the Week 12.40 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.40 Would I Lie to You? 2.15 QI 3.00 Sin City Motors 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Melissa & Joey 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory 2.30 Mike & Molly 3.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight Australia. Reality series. 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Maxine confides in Trish about still having feelings for Warren. 7.30 Married at First Sight Australia The experts give the couples a series of tasks to help bring them closer and allow them to be honest with each other. 9.00 Celebrity Gogglebox Casino Royale, World Cup Final ’66 and Naked Attraction are appraised by the critics. 10.00 Naked Attraction Double bill. 12.10am Married at First Sight Australia 1.40 Gogglebox 2.35 First Dates 3.30 The Big Bang Theory. Four episodes. 5.10-6.00am The Goldbergs 6.05am Countdown 6.45 The Big Bang Theory 7.35 The King of Queens 9.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 Chateau DIY 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 The Perfect Pitch 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News Headlines. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off The amateurs take on dessert week. 9.15 Murder Island Nick and Andrew show they are willing to bend the rules. 10.20 Gogglebox Recent TV reviews. 11.20 Taskmaster Contenders include Alan Davies and Victoria Coren Mitchell. 12.20am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 1.10 Undercover Boss 2.00 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back 2.55 Sex Actually with Alice Levine 3.50 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces 4.45 Location, Location, Location 5.40-6.05am Beat the Chef 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Secret Crush 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Secret Crush 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Secret Crush 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold. With Harry Hill. 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase Gameshow. 7.00 Superstore Double bill. Glenn and his wife hold a gender reveal party at the store; Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their kiss. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill of fun. 9.00 Family Guy Double bill of fun. 10.00 Plebs Double bill of comedy. 11.00 Family Guy Animates antics. 11.30 American Dad! Double bill. 12.25am Bob’s Burgers 1.25 Superstore 2.15 Iain Stirling’s CelebAbility 2.55 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.20 Unwind 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama More4 Channel 5 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather 6.00 Bread Lilo Lil confronts the family when Dad decides to come home. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Classic comedy series. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle try to bury a friend’s pet. 8.00 The Last Detective Dangerous makes a horrifying discovery while searching the home of a murdered pornographic filmmaker, plunging him into the disturbing world of snuff movies. 9.35 New Tricks Brian’s judgement is tested when his own dog, along with those of others, appears to be the victim of a killer from the past. Alun Armstrong stars. 10.50 Bad Girls Shell Dockley arrives back. 12.00m’t Waking the Dead 2.40 Life on Mars 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping Freeview 13 Freeview 18 8.55am Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures 9.15 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 11.05 Escape to the Chateau: DIY 12.10pm Heir Hunters 1.10 Four in a Bed 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 Devon and Cornwall 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Donna and Paul start transforming their abandoned scullery into a kitchen. 7.55 Grand Designs Building a house wrapped around an ancient oak tree. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E A 21-year-old patient is brought in with a suspected stroke, a patient in urgent care is treated for a cut on his leg, and a man breaks his leg after being thrown from his bike. 10.00 Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles Documentary following one of the UK’s leading fetal medicine units. 11.10 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 12.15am 24 Hours in A&E. Documentary. 1.15 Location, Location, Location 2.20 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 3.25-3.50am Food Unwrapped 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.20 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 12.10pm News 12.15 Police Interceptors 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007, 15) ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 5.00 5 News 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away 6.30 Eggheads 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet Peter receives an emergency call from his old friend Ivor. 9.00 Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda attempts to forge a new partnership with Clive’s headstrong young sheepdog. 10.00 Hoarder Homes: Buried Alive 11.05 Shoplifters: At War with the Law 12.05am The Snakeskin Woman: Extraordinary People 1.00 The Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Everest: World’s Greatest Mountain 3.55 Our Valley Family 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 Divine Designs 5.35 Fireman Sam 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol It’s Back! RSVP SPecial • aUTUMN 2021 • €3.95 (£3.95) DMEEIR Virgin two 5.30am The Chase Australia 6.30 The Chase Australia 7.30 Dress to Impress 8.30 Pressure Pad 9.30 Tipping Point 10.30 The Chase 11.30 Paddington Station 24/7 12.30pm Big Star’s Little Star 1.30 Ireland AM 2.30 Emmerdale 3.00 Coronation Street 4.00 Tipping Point 6.00 The Chase 7.00 LIVE UEFA European Qualifiers England v Hungary (kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the game at Wembley Stadium. 10.00 UEFA European Qualifiers Highlights Republic of Ireland v Qatar. 11.00 Emmerdale Bernice is shocked. 11.30 Red Rock Angela takes matters into her own hands. 12.30am The Graham Norton Show 1.30 Sam and Billie: The Mummy Diaries 2.30 The Chase Celebrity Special 3.30 Eggheads. Quiz show. 3.55-4.45am The Royal Today COUNTRY COUNTRY “I’m not as strong as NAThAN CARTER’S jOURNEY TO hAPPINESS INSIDE CATChINg UP wITh CLIONA, hUgO, PhILOMENA & MORE Magazine 3 Nathan Carter on life during the pandemic and his plans for a more positive year ahead 3 Fun with Cliona Hagan and soon to be hubby with our Mr & Mrs Quiz 3 Trudy Lalor’s guide to some of the best LIVE gigs over the coming months 3 PLUS a chance to WIN a weekend for two at Country Music’s Biggest Dance Festival ON SALE NOW! TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 33 virgin three 6.40am Paddington Station 24/7 7.40 The Chase Australia 9.40 Loose Women 10.35 Heartbeat 11.40 The Chase Australia 12.45pm Agatha Christie’s Poirot 2.50 Further Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green 3.50 The Royal 4.50 Heartbeat 5.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 8.00 Heartbeat A trio of Australian sheep-shearers arrive in Aidensfield to help out at Grimedale Farm. 9.00 Lewis The master of Gresham College, an amateur astronomer, is found dead at the Oxford University observatory, and Lewis finds there are numerous suspects. 11.00 Superhospital Maintenance men Martin and John reveal how they double up as the fire-and-rescue team and surgeon Arthur creates a relaxed atmosphere in theatre. 12.00m’t This Morning 2.00-3.00am The Chase Australia. Quiz show. MUSIC SPECIAL “I’M EXTREMELY PROUD” Sandy Kelly in her first photoshoot with her daughter and grandson MIChAEL ENgLISh At home with his family tg4 7.00am Cula 4 7.30 Cula 4 na nOg 10.30 Cruthaim 10.40 Ainmhi 999 11.10 The Wonder Years 11.40 The Golden Girls 12.10pm A Chef’s Life 12.40 Garrai Glas 1.10 Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman 2.05 Buisead 2022. Budget 2022. 3.00 Cula 4 na nOg 4.00 Cula 4 5.27 An Aimsir Laithreach 5.30 Ceol na Talun 6.00 The Golden Girls 6.30 The Wonder Years 6.57 An Aimsir Laithreach 7.00 Buisead 2022 Budget 2022. 8.00 An La a Rugadh Me 8.30 Ros na Run Popular soap. 9.00 Siar sna 00s A look back at 2007. 9.30 Opry Dhoire Daniel O’Donnell is master of ceremonies of Opry. 10.40 Why Women Kill Alma takes matters into her own hands. 11.35 Ros na Run Popular soap. 12.05am An Aimsir Laithreach 12.08 Orange Is the New Black 1.10 Fiorsceal 2.15-7.00am France 24 gARTh BROOkS & MO PITNEY Ahead of their Irish tours PLUS WIN A WEEKEND FOR TWO At all usual newsagents

34 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 Sky Sports News 3.00pm LIVE World Cup Qualifier Kazakhstan v Finland (kick-off 3.00pm). From Astana Arena. 5.00 Sky Sports News. The latest headlines. 7.00 LIVE World Cup Qualifier Faroe Islands v Scotland (kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the Group F match at Torsvollur in Torshavn. Scotland recorded a comfortable 4-0 win at Hampden Park in March’s reverse fixture thanks to a brace by John McGinn and further strikes from Che Adams and Ryan Fraser, but the Faroes will expect to provide a tougher test on home territory. 10.15 Sky Sports News. The latest headlines. 11.00 LIVE NFL Fantasy Featuring fantasy experts. 12.00m’t LIVE Total Access Inside access. 1.00-6.00am Sky Sports News. Headlines. Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 WSL 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 05/06. Leeds United v Watford. 12.00noon EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games. Rangers v Celtic. 1.00 WSL 2.00 Football Years 2.30 One2Eleven 2.55 LIVE World Cup Qualifier Kazakhstan v Finland (kick-off 3.00pm). From Astana Arena. 5.00 World Cup Qualifier Highlights 5.30 UEFA Nations League 6.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 7.00 World Cup Qualifier Highlights 7.30 LIVE World Cup Qualifier Bulgaria v Northern Ireland (kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the clash from Vasil Levski National Stadium. 10.15 World Cup Qualifier Highlights 10.45 World Cup Qualifier 11.15 World Cup Qualifier 12.15am EFL Cup Retro 3.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 08/09 4.00 Championship Season Review 14/15. Highlights. 5.00-6.00am Championship Season Review 15/16 Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am IPL. A look back at most memorable moments from the Indian Premier League. 6.10pm India’s History At Lord’s 6.25 IPL 6.35 Best of the IPL 2017 7.00 IPL 8.00 IPL 9.00 ICC World T20 Cricket 10.00 ICC World T20 Cricket 11.00 IPL 1.00am Cricket in Mumbai 2.00 IPL 4.00 Talking Cricket 5.00 Best of The 2018 IPL 5.30-6.00am Best of The 2015 IPL eir Sport 1 HD 6.00am Football Gold 7.00 1992 – Va Ser Mitic 8.00 Mascherano: From the Heart 8.30 Stories 9.00 Football Gold 10.00pm Seventeen Days in the Crucible 11.00 FIFA World Cup Official Film 11.30 Once in a Life Time 12.30am Barca Legends 1.00-6.00am Football BT Sport 1 6.00am WSL Presents 7.00 Ultimate Kricket Challenge. Eoin Morgan faces Rashid Khan. 7.30 LIVE Badminton Coverage of day four. 11.30pm PSA Squash Highlights. The US Open. 12.30am The WRC Magazine. The latest news. 1.00 LIVE WWE NXT Wrestling action. 3.15 ESPN Films Presents. ESPN Films chronicles the life of Dwayne Wade both on and off the court. 5.15 BT Sport Cricket Reload 5.30-6.00am Ultimate Kricket Challenge BT Sport 2 6.00am The Big Match Revisited 7.00 WWE NXT UK 8.00 The WRC Magazine 8.30 The Big Match Revisited 9.30 ESPN FC 10.00 UEFA Champions League Magazine 10.30 WSL Presents 11.30 Nitro Rallycross Highlights 1.30pm Gallagher Premiership Rugby Highlights 3.00 Rugby Tonight 3.45 BT Sport Cricket Reload 4.00 BT Sport Fight Night 6.00 UEFA Champions League Magazine 6.30 Premier League Legends 7.00 Premier League Legends 7.30 Black History Month 8.30 Black History Month 9.00 WSL Presents 10.00 LIVE MLB Coverage of the game between Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers. 1.30am MLB’s Best 2.00 World Rallycross Championship Highlights 3.00 Classic MOTD – Thrillers 3.30 Classic MOTD – Thrillers 3.45 Gallagher Premiership Rugby Highlights 5.15-6.00am Rugby Tonight Eurosport 1 6.00am Snooker: Northern Ireland Open 8.00 World Superbikes 9.00 Cycling: Paris-Roubaix 10.00 Motocross World Championship 10.30 Snooker 147s. A look back some maximum breaks. 10.45 Snooker: Northern Ireland Open 12.45pm LIVE Snooker: Northern Ireland Open Coverage of the afternoon session on day three of the Home Nations tournament from Belfast. 5.00 World Superbikes Extra. Highlights. 6.00 Snooker: Northern Ireland Open. Highlights. 6.45 LIVE Snooker: Northern Ireland Open Coverage of the evening session on day three. 11.00 Motorsport: WTCR. Action from round five. 11.30 Motorcycling: EWC All Access 12.00m’t Snooker: Northern Ireland Open 1.00 World Superbikes Extra 2.00 Snooker: Northern Ireland Open 4.00 Bennetts British Superbikes Extra 5.00-6.00am Cyclo-Cross BBC Four Freeview 9 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys 7.30 The Joy of Painting 8.00 The Good Life 8.30 One Foot in the Grave 9.00 FILM The Mother (2003/15) ★★★★ 10.45 Nothing Like a Dame 12.05am The Sky at Night 12.35 Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey 1.35-2.05am Great British Railway Journeys 5USA Freeview 21 9.00am Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 12.00noon Law & Order 4.55 Entertainment News on 5 5.00 Law & Order 6.00 NCIS 9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.55am Law & Order: Criminal Intent 3.35-4.00am Criminals: Caught on Camera ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Man About the House 8.35 George and Mildred 9.35 Agatha Christie’s Marple 11.40 Heartbeat 1.45pm Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 A Touch of Frost 6.00 Heartbeat 8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.05 Blue Murder 11.05 Wild Bill 12.10am Agatha Christie’s Marple 2.05-2.30am Man About the House ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am The Protectors 6.25 The Saint 7.20 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 8.15 Dempsey and Makepeace 9.15 The Professionals 10.20 Minder 11.20 The Saint 12.25pm The Big Match Revisited 1.25 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 2.35 Dempsey and Makepeace 3.40 The Professionals 4.40 Minder 5.50 The Big Match Revisited 6.55 The Chase Celebrity Special 7.55 Mr Bean 9.00 FILM Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995/18) ★★ 11.05 FILM Rush Hour (1998/12) ★★★★ 1.10 The Professionals 2.05-3.00am Minder Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV with LoveitBookit 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 2.00 Animal Cops Houston 3.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 4.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 5.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip. Louise Gostelow and David Harper scour Northern Ireland. 9.00 Emergency 10.00 Helicopter ER 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Portals to Hell 2.00 Teleshopping 4.00-6.00am Antiques Road Trip Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Nothing to Declare 12.00noon Border Patrol 1.00 Road Wars 2.00 Border Security: Canada’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 The Librarians 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 S.W.A.T. 9.00 The Rookie 10.00 Fringe 11.00 Killer in My Village 12.00m’t The Librarians 1.00 The Force: North East 2.00-3.00am Police Force: Australia Sky Arts 6.00am Hollywood in Vienna: The Sound of Space & Alexandre Desplat 8.00 Chaplin: RTE Radio 1 FM 88-90MHz 7.00am Morning Ireland 9.00 The Ryan Tubridy Show 10.00 Today with Claire Byrne 12.00noon The Ronan Collins Show 12.45 News at One 3.30 The Ray D’Arcy Show 4.30 Drivetime 7.00 Arena 8.00 The John Creedon Show 10.00 The Late Debate 11.00 Late Date 2.00am Playback Daily 3.00 RTE Gold on RTE Radio 1 5.30-7.00am Rising Time RTE 2FM 90-92MHz 6.00am 2FM Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha and Carl 9.00 Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM 12.00noon Tracy Clifford 3.00 Jenny Greene on 2FM 6.00 Game On 7.00 Tara Stewart on 2FM 10.00 The Alternative with Dan Hegarty 12.00m’t-6.00am 2FM Overnight RTE lyric fm 96-99MHz 7.00am Marty in the Morning 10.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime 1.00pm The Full Score with Liz Nolan 4.00 Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive 7.00 Mystery Train with John Kelly 9.00 The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke 12.00m’t-7.00am Lyric Through the Night RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta 92-95MHz 7.00am Nead Na Fuiseoige 8.00 Adhmhaidin 9.00 Priomhscealta na Nuachta 9.15 Iris Aniar 10.15 Cuideachta Ceoil 10.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 11.00 Barrscealta 12.00noon Priomhscealta na Nuachta 12.08 An Saol o Dheas 1.00 Nuacht a hAon 1.30 La na Cainaisneise 4.00 Binneas Beil 5.00 Tus DMEEIR Entertainment & Factual The Birth of the Tramp 9.10 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering: Burt Lancaster 11.00 The Art of Architecture 12.00noon EM Forster: His Longest Journey 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering: Henry Fonda 3.00 Tate Britain’s Great British Walks 4.00 Pat Benatar: Music Icons 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: Charlie Chaplin 7.00 Landmark 8.00 The Impressionists and the Man Who Made Them 9.00 FILM Sunflowers (2021/U) ★★★★ 10.00 Ivor Cutler by KT Tunstall 11.00 Hansa Studios: By the Wall 1976-90 1.00am Soundbreaking 2.00 Discovering 3.00-4.00am Master of Photography GOLD 7.10am Ever Decreasing Circles 8.15 Are You Being Served? 8.55 Porridge 9.30 Last of the Summer Wine 10.50 Keeping Up Appearances 11.30 Dad’s Army 12.10pm Ever Decreasing Circles 12.50 Are You Being Served? 1.30 Porridge 2.05 The Vicar of Dibley 4.00 Keeping Up Appearances 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Porridge 6.40 Are You Being Served? 7.20 Dad’s Army 8.00 Gavin & Stacey 9.15 Not Going Out 9.55 Men Behaving Badly 10.35 The Young Ones 11.25 Gavin & Stacey 12.40am Not Going Out 1.20 Men Behaving Badly 2.00 The Young Ones 2.40 Ever Decreasing Circles 3.25-4.00am Marley’s Ghosts Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Impossible Engineering 8.00 Forbidden History 9.00 Bangers and Cash 10.00 Secrets of the Transport Museum 11.00 Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways 12.00noon Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Abandoned Engineering 4.00 Living With Hitler 5.00 World War Two From Above 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Bangers and Cash 8.00 Nazi Hunters. Documentary. 9.00 True Evil: The Making of a Nazi 10.00 Narrow Escapes of World War Two 12.00m’t Bangers and Cash 1.00-3.00am Impossible Engineering Alibi 7.10am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries 1.00 The Coroner 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 The Coroner. A man dies shortly after finding some gold coins. 9.00 Happy Valley 10.20 Why Women Kill Radio Britannia Sky Atlantic, 9pm The third season concludes as Cait (Eleanor Worthington Cox, left) searches for Lucius and his knowledge of The Spear. And in doing so, she takes the fight to the redoubt. Aite 5.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 6.00 Nuacht a Se 6.30 Fograi an Lae 7.00 Ceol Binn o na Beanna 9.00 Ri-Ra ar RnaG 10.00 An Taobh Tuathail 12.00m’t-7.00am Scoth na Mairte Cork’s 96FM 95.8-96.8MHz 6.00am KC and Ross in the Morning 9.00 The Opinion Line 12.00noon Afternoon Show 4.00 Drivetime Show 8.00 Total Access 12.00m’t The Best Music Mix Non Stop 3.00-6.00am The Opinion Line Today FM 100-102MHz 7.00am Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show 9.00 Dermot and Dave 12.00noon Mairead Ronan 2.00 Fergal D’Arcy 4.30 The Last Word 7.00 Pamela Joyce 10.00 Ed Smith 12.00m’t Overnight Music 5.00-7.00am Early Breakfast Newstalk FM 100-108MHz 6.00am Breakfast Briefing with Shane Beatty 6.30 Breakfast Business with Vincent Wall 7.00 Newstalk Breakfast with Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly 9.00 The Pat Kenny Show 12.00noon Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan 2.00 Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff 4.00 The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy 7.00 Off the Ball 10.00 The Tom Dunne Show 12.00m’t-6.00am Best of Newstalk Cork’s Red FM 104.2-106.1MHz 6.00am Ray and Jay. Morning show. 9.00 Neil Prendeville 12.00noon Philip Bourke 4.00 Dave Mac’s Drive 7.00 Red Hits with Izzy 10.00 Kilian 11.20 The Good Wife 12.20am Unforgettable 1.20 Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries 2.25-4.00am We Hunt Together Sky Max 6.00am Grimm 8.00 Delicious 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00pm Hawaii Five-0 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 SEAL Team 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 Grimm 8.00 Supergirl 9.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 9.45 Rob & Romesh vs Cricket: The Test 10.45 Wolfe 12.35am Brassic 1.30 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2.30 Road Wars 3.00 Hawaii Five-0 4.00 MacGyver 5.00-6.00am Highway Cops Sky Atlantic 6.00am The Guest Wing 7.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 Deadwood 11.10 Succession 1.30pm Oz 3.45 Blue Bloods 5.35 Succession 7.55 Game of Thrones 9.00 Britannia 10.00 Patrick Melrose 11.10 Dexter 1.20am True Blood 3.30 Californication 4.10-6.00am Storm City Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 Stop, Search, Seize 10.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11.00 Law & Order 12.00noon 9-1-1 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Stop, Search, Seize 4.00 Paramedics: Life on the Line 5.00 Nothing to Declare 8.00 9-1-1 9.00 Departure 11.00 The Rookie 12.00m’t The Good Doctor 1.00 New Amsterdam 2.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 3.00 Grey’s Anatomy 4.00 Station 19 5.00-6.00am Brit Cops: Rapid Response Sky Comedy 8.00am The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 9.00 Everybody Hates Chris 10.00 Parks and Recreation 11.00 Our Cartoon President 12.40pm Silicon Valley 1.50 Veep 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 Will & Grace 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Comedy. 6.30 Silicon Valley 7.50 Veep 9.00 Bored to Death 10.05 Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail 10.30 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 11.30 A.P. Bio 12.30am Wellington Paranormal 1.00 Hitmen: Reloaded 2.00 Trollied 3.30 30 Rock 4.00-5.00am Everybody Hates Chris Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Dive Wars Australia 8.00 Building Off the Grid 9.00 Edge of Alaska 10.00 Diesel Brothers 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Junkyard Empire 1.00 Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail 3.00 Flying Wild Alaska 4.00 Alaska: Homestead Rescue 5.00 Wheeler Dealers 6.00 Fast N’ Loud 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Kindig Customs 9.00 Gold Rush 11.00 Combat Dealers 12.00m’t Gold Rush 2.00 Deadliest Catch 4.00 Gold Rush 4.50 Gold Divers 5.40-6.00am How It’s Made National Geographic 8.00am Air Crash Investigation 10.00 Car S.O.S 12.00noon Europe from Above 1.00 Killer U-Boats: Drains the Oceans 2.00 Drain the Oceans 3.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.00 Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted 6.00 Car S.O.S 8.00 Drain the Oceans. Documentary. 9.00 LA 92: The Riots 11.00 Nazi Megastructures 12.00m’t Hitler’s Last Stand 1.00 WW2: Hell Under the Sea 2.00 Seconds from Disaster 3.00-5.00am Air Crash Investigation Pettit 1.00am The Neil Prendeville Show Rewind 4.00-6.00am Non-stop Hits FM104 104MHz 6.00am The Strawberry Alarm Clock 10.00 10-3 Show 3.00pm The Jam 7.00 Total Access 9.00 The Phone Show 1.00-6.00am The Night Time Network BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.45 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 The Life Scientific 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 The Black and the Green 11.30 The End of the World Has Already Happened 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 Harlem Shuffle 12.18 Call You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 A Home of Our Own 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: Blood, Sex and Money by Emile Zola: Season 3 – Money 3.00 The Kitchen Cabinet 3.30 Costing the Earth 4.00 100 Years of Exile 4.30 A Good Read 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 Daliso Chaponda: Citizen of Nowhere 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 8.00 The Patrick Vallance Interview 8.40 In Touch 9.00 Inside Health 9.30 How to Imagine the Future 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime 11.00 Fortunately 11.30 Poison 11.45 Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week 12.48 Shipping 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping Forecast 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer for the Day 5.45 Farming Today 5.58-6.00am Tweet of the Day Movies Film4 11.00am The File on Thelma Jordon (1950/12) Film noir, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Wendell Corey. ★★★★ 1.05pm The Duel at Silver Creek (1952/PG) Western, starring Audie Murphy. ★★ 2.40 Attack! (1956/PG) Second World War drama, starring Jack Palance. ★★★★ 4.50 Blanche Fury (1948/U) Drama, starring Valerie Hobson and Michael Gough. ★★★★ 6.45 The Post (2017/12) Drama, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. ★★★★ 9.00 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008/12) Action adventure sequel, starring Harrison Ford. ★★★ 11.25 12 Years a Slave (2013/15) Period drama, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor. ★★★★★ 2.05-4.00am Captive (2015/12) Fact-based drama, starring Kate Mara. ★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 6.40am Sky Cinema Preview 7.40 Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019/U) See 2.40pm. ★★ 9.20 Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (2021/PG) See 4.20pm for details. ★★★ 11.00 Little Fish (2020/15) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★★ 12.55pm Rare Beasts (2019/15) Romantic comedy drama, starring Billie Piper. ★★★ 2.40 Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019/U) Animated family comedy, with the voice of Andrew Toth. ★★ 4.20 Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (2021/PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Coco Jack Gillies. ★★★ 6.00 Voyagers (2021/15) Sci-fi thriller, starring Colin Farrell and Tye Sheridan. ★★★ 8.00 Little Fish (2020/15) Premiere. A couple fight to hold their relationship together as a memory-loss virus threatens to erase the history of their love. Romantic sci-fi drama, starring Olivia Cooke. ★★★★ 9.50 No Sudden Move (2021/15) Crime drama, starring Don Cheadle. ★★★ 11.50 Voyagers (2021/15) See 6.00pm. ★★★ 1.40am Drunk Bus (2020/15) Drama, starring Charlie Tahan and Kara Hayward. ★★★ 3.25 Rare Beasts (2019/15) See 12.55pm for details. ★★★ 5.00-6.30am Poster Boys (2020/15) Comedy drama, starring Trevor O’Connell. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 4.00pm High Ground (2020/15) Action adventure, starring Simon Baker. ★★★ 6.00 Burning an Illusion (1981/15) Drama, starring Cassie McFarlane. ★★★ 8.00 Edge of the World (2021/15) Adventure telling the story of the Rajah of Sarawak, James Brooke. Starring Rhys Meyers, Josie Ho and Dominic Monaghan. ★★★ 10.00 Pan’s Labyrinth (2006/15) Period fantasy, starring Ivana Baquero. ★★★★★ 12.10am Triumph (2021/12) Drama inspired by a true story, starring RJ Mitte. ★★★ 2.10 State Like Sleep (2018/15) Mystery, starring Katherine Waterston. ★★★ 4.10-6.00am All My Life (2020/12) Drama, starring Jessica Rothe. ★★★ Sky Cinema Family 5.40pm Beethoven (1992/U) Canine comedy, starring Charles Grodin. ★★★★ 7.10 Back to the Future Part II (1989/PG) Sci-fi comedy, starring Michael J Fox. ★★★ 9.00 Step Up (2006/PG) Romantic drama, with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. ★★ 10.45 Look Who’s Talking (1989/12) Comedy, starring Kirstie Alley. ★★★ 12.25am Mirror Mirror (2012/PG) Fantasy, starring Julia Roberts. ★★★ 2.15 Babe (1995/U) Family comedy, starring James Cromwell. ★★★★★ 3.55 A Boy Called Sailboat (2018/12) Family drama, starring JK Simmons. ★★★★ 5.30-7.10am Robo-Dog (2015/PG) Family sci-fi adventure, starring Michael Campion. ★★★ TCM 5.30pm The Cross of Lorraine (1943/PG) Second World War drama, starring Gene Kelly and Jean-Pierre Aumont. ★★★ 7.20 Ride Out for Revenge (1957/U) Western, starring Rory Calhoun. ★★★ 9.00 Posse (1993/15) Western, directed by and starring Mario Van Peebles. ★★★ 11.25 Mad Max (1979/18) Action thriller, with Mel Gibson and Joanne Samuel. ★★★★★ 1.20-4.00am North By Northwest (1959/PG) Hitchcock thriller, with Cary Grant. ★★★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm Like Father Like Son (1987/PG) Comedy, starring Dudley Moore. ★★★ 6.30 All the King’s Men (2006/12) Political drama, starring Sean Penn. ★★ 9.00 Get Carter (2000/15) Crime thriller remake, starring Sylvester Stallone. ★★ 11.10 The International (2009/15) Thriller, starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. ★★ 1.30am 21 Grams (2003/15) Drama, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. ★★★★ 4.00-6.00am A Mother Betrayed (2015/PG) Psychological thriller, with Lynn Collins. ★★

IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 36 Classified Public Notices (a) UX ENHANCEMENT SOLUTIONS LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 19 Model Cottages, Blarney Street, Co. Cork, Cork, T23EVX0, Ireland & (b) RSNP SOLUTIONS LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 24 Saran Wood, Killarney Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Bray, Wicklow, A98KX53, Ireland (c) GALWAY JAZZ FESTIVAL CLG having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business at 118 Business Innovation Centre, Upper Newcastle, Co. Galway, Galway, Ireland & (d) EDC CATERING LTD having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business at 35 Rathmore Village, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15, D15 46V3, Dublin 15, Dublin, D15R6V3, Ireland & (e) TECHNICALTEA LTD having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business at 27 Oaklands Park, Letterkenny, Donegal, F92FH42, Ireland & (f) DUBLIN GAS BOILERS LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Unit 13G, Block 13, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 1, Dublin 15, Dublin 15, Dublin, D15YCX5, Ireland and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/ or liabilities, have each resolved to notify the registrar of companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the registrar on that basis to exercise her powers pursuant to section 733 of the companies act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register, by order of the board (a) Aideen Lawlor, Director (b) Ritu Pitalia, Director (c) Ciaran Ryan, Director (d) Eamonn Kelly, Director (e) Stephen Doherty, Director (f) Eoin Glennon, Director. DMEEIR HHHH TRAVEL Young@ HEART PACkAgE AT THE 4 sTAR CLAnREE HoTEL, LETTERkEnnY Package are as follows: Planning a Midweek Staycation check out the Clanree Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre in Letterkenny. The Clanree Hotel offers the perfect base to explore Donegal. With 120 luxurious and spacious bedrooms to choose from which include double, twin and executive suites the Clanree Offers something for everyone. During your stay you can enjoy complimentary access to our Leisure Centre with a 20m swimming pool, sauna, steam room and fitness suite in addition to the added bonus of free parking. Dinner is served in McGettigans Bar on a night of your choice. For larger groups please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily negotiate a great value package to accommodate your group. Please note at present due to COVID 19 restrictions only the Pool and Gym are open CALL 074 9124 369 (quoting Mirror Offers) l 3 nights Bed & Breakfast l 2 Course Meal for 2 people on one evening of choice l Tea / Coffee & scone on afternoon of choice. PRICES FROM €150pps This offer is subject to availability all other facilities in the leisure Centre remain closed until further notice. Please check with the Hotel team for further updates. These holidays are sold and supplied by the Clanree Hotel with whom you contract when you accept this offer. Terms & conditions apply, subject to availability.

DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 37 PUNCHESTOWN PETER O’HEHIR 1.15. Ballyadam 1.45. Father Jed 2.20. Bell ex One (nap) 2.55. dysart diamOnd 3.30. eric BlOOdaxe 4.05. auckland 4.40. silver Breeze NEXT BEST 1.15. cape Gentleman 1.45. diGGin deep 2.20. calvadOs 2.55. Jesse evans 3.30. Quantum realm 4.05. christmas Jumper 4.40. lizlucky DOUBLE: Ballyadam and Bell ex One. O’HEHIR’S LONGSHOT: allduckOrnOdinner (1.45) GoinG: Good. Course: Undulating, right-hand 1m. 6f. circuit with 2f. straight. TrifeCTa: All races. PlaCePoT (€15,000 Guarantee): 1.15, 1.45, 2.20, 2.55, 3.30, 4.05. ToP Trainers (with runners): W P Mullins 426, N Meade 150, G Elliott 141, H de Bromhead 71, T Mullins 30, C A Murphy 30, J P O’Brien 27, P A Fahy 23, G P Cromwell 19, R Tyner 16, A Mullins 15, J J Hanlon 15, D G Hogan 11, T Doyle 8, D A MClOughlin7, T Gibney 7, R O’Sullivan 5, Mrs D Foster 5, E Mullins 5. ToP JoCkeys (with rides): D N Russell 142, B J Cooper 51, Mr J J Codd 39, D E Mullins 32, Mr D O’Connor 31, S W Flanagan 30, D F O’Regan 20, B Hayes 13, J J Slevin 12, J S McGarvey 10, Ms L O’Neill 9, D G Hogan 9, I J Power 8, S F O’Keeffe 7, D Meyler 6, D J O’Keeffe 5, R A Doyle 5, Mr F Maguire 4, S D Torrens 4, K C Sexton 4. favouriTes: 39.25% Jumps. WATCH RACING FREE ONLINE AT LADBROKES BEGINNERS 1.15 STEEPLECHASE 2m 1f Winner €7,500 (6 run) 1 114-224 BALLYADAM (184) Henry De Bromhead 6 12-0 (SF)......... D J O’Keeffe – 2 311522 BUDDY RICH (8) Gordon Elliott 8 12-0 ................................ D N Russell – 3 1-p193 CAPE GENTLEMAN (74) Emmet Mullins 5 12-0 (BF) (C) (F) ...B Hayes – 4 23347 GUIDO RENI (10) Karl Thornton 7 12-0 ..........................Donagh Meyler – 5 7-020 HANNON (38) Thomas Gibney 6 12-0 (BF)....................J P O’Sullivan (5) – 60p4-4-43 MAGNIUM (8) Eugene M O’Sullivan 8 12-0 .......... Miss M O’Sullivan (5) – BETTING: 4-5 Ballyadam, 4 Buddy Rich, 9-2 Cape Gentleman, 8 Hannon, 20 Magnium, 33 Guido Reni. 2020: DARVER STAR 8 12 0 K M Donoghue 8-13 Fav (Gavin Patrick Cromwell) 9 ran. BALLYADAM (11-4) 11/4 raced keenly, tracked leaders, disputing 2nd from 3rd, led 4 out, headed 3 out, weakened next, 4th 31L behind My Drogo at Aintree Apr hdl 2m 4f Good to Soft 12 ran. BUDDY RICH (12-0) 15/8 chased leader in 2nd, pushed along to challenge from 3 out and improved to dispute lead from next, ridden and headed from last, no extra and kept on same pace close home, 2nd 2.25L behind Dancing On My Own at Killarney Oct chse 2m 1f Yielding to Soft 6 ran. CAPE GENTLEMAN (10-4) 6/1fav chased leaders on outer and 5th from halfway, pushed along from 2 out and improved to lead from last, soon ridden and headed, no extra and dropped to 3rd close home, 3rd 2.25L behind Saldier at Galway Jul hcap hdl 2m 11yds Good 20 ran. HANNON (9-13) 15/8fav led, pushed along over 3f out, headed 2f out, ridden and dropped to 5th 1f out, kept on one pace inside final furlong, 5th 2L behind Anyonecanhaveitall at Down Royal Sep hcp 2m 1f 170yds Good 9 ran. MAGNIUM (11-9) 16/1 raced mainly in 3rd, no impression before 3 out and kept on same pace from next, 3rd 29L behind Dancing On My Own at Killarney Oct chse 2m 1f Yielding to Soft 6 ran. LADBROKES (Q.R.) HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE 2m 7f 200yds 1.45 Winner €6,600 (16 run) 1 18p403 CHAMPAGNE BEAUTY (17) P D Fitzgerald 7 12-0...Mr M K Tobin (7) – 2 3p-228p CLASSIC CONCORDE (165) Andrew McNamara 8 12-0 (D) ..................... ...............................................................................................Mr S Cavanagh (7) – 3 19f007 SUPER CITIZEN (16) Eugene M O’Sullivan (GB) 7 11-13 ............................. ......................................................................................... Miss M O’Sullivan (5) – 4 p-05-c5p JACK FIASCO (24) Ciaran Murphy (GB) 8 11-12 (C).. Mr A Murphy (7) – 5 5p1401 DIGGIN DEEP (26) P G Fahey 11 11-11 (F) .......................Mr A P Fahey (7) – 6 263614 DOLDIDO (24) Michael Winters 8 11-10 (EW) ... Mr M C O’Donovan (7) – 7 136641 FIRST TOUCH (14) Donal Commins 9 11-10 ...................Mr D O’Connor – 8 004960 FORT WILLIAM (42) John Patrick Ryan 6 11-10 ................Mr F Maguire – 9 281211 FATHER JED (16) John Patrick Ryan 10 11-8 (SF)............ Mr B Barry (7) – 10 15-30-88 ALLDUCKORNODINNER (23) Dermot Anthony McLoughlin 11 11-2 (C) ..............................................................................................Miss J Townend (5) – 11 1-ppp8 PRESENTING POINT (8) Eoghan O’Grady 7 11-2 ................................... – 12 9957 THEHAIRYFELLA (19) D J Barry 6 11-2 ................. Mr J W Hendrick (7) – 13 616454 SAVE US AVIS (16) Peter John Flood 9 10-13 ..........Mr P C Bannon (7) – 14 000779 EXULTATION (37) Mrs Lorna Fowler (FR) 7 10-11 ...........Mr T Hamilton – 15 5p-6782 PAT’S PEARL (18) John C McConnell 10 10-10 .............Mr A Harvey (7) – 16 0-99-531 DIRECT IMAGE (23) Robert Tyner 8 10-7 .......Mr M J M O’Sullivan (7) – BETTING: 9-2 Diggin Deep, 5 Father Jed, 7 Champagne Beauty, 15-2 First Touch, 8 Direct Image, 10 Doldido, 12 Pat’s Pearl, 14 Save Us Avis, Classic Concorde, 16 Allduckornodinner, Super Citizen, 20 Jack Fiasco, Fort William, Thehairyfella, 33 Presenting Point, Exultation. 2020: SUNRISE LADY 8 11 7 Mr B O’Neill 11-1 (Conor O’Dwyer) 18 ran. DIGGIN DEEP (12-0) 15/2 towards rear, headway on outer after 3 out and pushed along to challenge entering straight, led and pecked at last, under pressure and kept on well run-in, held on close home, won by nk from Zagnzig at Sligo Sep 2m 4f 55yds Good 11 ran. FATHER JED (10-4) 9/1 held up rear of mid-division, mistake 1st, headway to 7th 3 out, pushed along in 6th entering straight, ridden 2 out, disputed close 3rd at last, soon 2nd, stayed on well under pressure to lead final 50 yards, just prevailed , won by nk from Hoke Colburn at Listowel Sep 3m Good to Yielding 14 ran. CHAMPAGNE BEAUTY (12-0) 12/1 rear of middivision, 12th when mistake 4 out, headway after 3 out, 7th 2 out, ridden in 3rd early run-in, no impression on principals, kept on one pace , 3rd 5.25L behind Northern Love at Listowel Sep 2m 4f Good to Yielding 14 ran. FIRST TOUCH (11-10) 16/1 prominent, not fluent in 2nd at 5th, improved to lead after 7th, not fluent at 11th, ridden before last, kept on best run-in, won by 1.5L from Room To Roam at Roscommon Sep hcap hdl 3m 48yds Good 16 ran. DIRECT IMAGE (10-6) 9/1 tracked leader, not fluent at 1st, mistake at 2nd, disputed from 7th, headed after 4 out, jumped right 3 out and bumped rival, led 2 out, ridden before last, kept on well, won by 1.75L from Dynamic Allen at Navan Sep hcap hdl 2m 5f 170yds Good 18 ran. LADBROKES GET EXTRA PLACES EVERY DAY 3-Y-O HURDLE 2.202m 60yds Winner €8,100 (12 run) 1 21 BELL EX ONE (23) R P Cody 3 11-4 (D) (SF) ......................Jack Foley (5) – 2 177 WHYZZAT (16) Denis Gerard Hogan (GB) 3 11-4 .......... S A Mulcahy (7) – 3 b BULLOCK PARK (69) Ross O’Sullivan 3 10-12 ..........Mr T P Harney (7) – 4 CAPTAIN CLEVER (12) P A Fahy 3 10-12 ................ Richard Deegan (5) – 5 LAISHANN Gordon Elliott (FR) 3 10-12 (EW).................J C Gainford (5) – 6 pp LUZ LONG (10) J G Coogan 3 10-12 .......................................J S McGarvey – 7 MANKHOOL (18) Denis Gerard Hogan 3 10-12 ...............Donagh Meyler – 8 MY FRIEND FRED (122) T G McCourt 3 10-12 .................. D J O’Keeffe – 9 SLAY THE DRAGON (44) Sabrina J Harty 3 10-12 ...................................... ............................................................................. Gearoid Patrick Brouder (5) – 10 VODKA WARLORD (155) Nigel Thomas Slevin 3 10-12 ............................... ............................................................................................ Kevin A Murphy (7) – 11 13 CALVADOS (23) John C McConnell 3 10-11 (D) (F) ..........S Fitzgerald (5) – 12 SEA SESSIONS (9) Ross O’Sullivan (GB) 3 10-5 .......S O’Callaghan (7) – BETTING: 9-4 Laishann, 3 Bell Ex One, 7-2 Calvados, 11-2 Whyzzat, 6 Sea Sessions, 20 My Friend Fred, 25 Slay The Dragon, 33 Mankhool, 66 Captain Clever, Bullock Park, Luz Long, 100 Vodka Warlord. 2020: QUILIXIOS 3 11 4 D F O’Regan 1-2 Fav (Gordon Elliott) 8 ran. BELL EX ONE (10-3) 4/1 tracked leaders, 2nd halfway, slight mistake 3 out, headway to lead approaching next where slight mistake, pushed along and kept on well run-in, won by 3L from Realist at Listowel Sep hdl 2m Good to Yielding 12 ran. CALVADOS (10-9) 13/2 tracked leaders on outer, 3rd halfway, mistake 4 out, closer early straight and slight mistake 2 out, ridden and no impression from before last, kept on one pace, 3rd 7L behind Bell Ex One at Listowel Sep hdl 2m Good to Yielding 12 ran. WHYZZAT (11-3) 12/1 tracked leaders, went 2nd 5th until after 3 out, weakened before 2 out, 7th 31L behind Addosh at Market Rasen Sep hdl 2m 125yds Good 7 ran. SEA SESSIONS (9-5) 11/2 close up, 5th 4f out, ridden and progress 1 1/2f out, no impression on leader in 2nd 1f out, kept on same pace, 2nd 1.75L behind Powerful Aggie at Killarney Oct hcp 1m 3f 50yds Soft 15 ran. MY FRIEND FRED (8-8) 150/1 always towards rear and pushed along from early, 16th halfway, soon ridden and no extra, eased over 1f out, 16th 31L behind Dandyville at Fairyhouse Jun hcp 6f Good to Firm 16 ran. LADBROKES BEST ODDS GUARANTEED ONLINE HURDLE 2m 2.552f Winner €10,200 (5 run) 1 4314 JESSE EVANS (4) Noel Meade 5 11-8 (BF) (SF)................S W Flanagan – 2 62321-0 WIDE RECEIVER (247) Gordon Elliott 6 11-8 ...............J C Gainford (5) – 3 601650 KOSHARI (19) W P Mullins (FR) 9 11-2 (C2)...................................B Hayes – 4 2-004p2 WOLF PRINCE (17) Gavin Patrick Cromwell 5 11-2 ....J P O’Sullivan (5) – 5 000291 DYSART DIAMOND (18) W P Mullins 6 11-1 (F)................Jack Foley (5) – BETTING: 15-8 Dysart Diamond, 11-4 Koshari, 4 Jesse Evans, 5 Wolf Prince, 7 Wide Receiver. 2020: SIXSHOOTER 5 11 8 S W Flanagan 11-8 (Noel Meade) 5 ran. DYSART DIAMOND (10-11) 12/1 waited with in rear of mid-division on outer, not fluent and briefly pushed along towards rear 4th, headway after 3 out, pushed along in 3rd next, soon ridden to challenge, led last, kept on well , won by 1.25L from Bua Boy at Listowel Sep hcap hdl 2m Good to Yielding 18 ran. KOSHARI (10-10) 14/1 soon chased leaders, slightly slow 5th, not fluent 6th, 5th after 10th, 3rd and not fluent 6 out, mistake 5 out, soon lost position and no impression, weakened, 10th 31L behind Assemble at Listowel Sep 3m Good 18 ran. JESSE EVANS (10-2) 7/4fav chased leaders on inner, 5th halfway, 4th 3f out, pushed along over 2f out, challenged over 1f out, ridden and on terms 1f out, kept on well under pressure until headed and not match winner final 50 yards , 2nd 0.5L behind Rekero at Thurles Oct mdn 2m Yielding 15 ran. WOLF PRINCE (11-3) 33/1 held up in mid-division, headway to 3rd 4 out, on terms next, pushed along when slight mistake and headed 2 out, ridden and no impression before last, kept on same pace, just held on for 2nd, 2nd 3L behind Run For Oscar at Listowel Sep hcap hdl 2m 4f Good to Yielding 16 ran. WIDE RECEIVER (11-12) 40/1 held up in mid-division, weakened to rear before 2 out, soon no extra, 10th 27L behind Appreciate It at Leopardstown Feb hdl 2m Soft 13 ran. PLAY LADBROKES 5-A SIDE ON FOOTBALL MAIDEN HURDLE 3.302m 4f 150yds Winner €7,200 (13 run) 1 2 CHINX OF LIGHT (225) Barry J Fitzgerald 5 12-0 (EW) ............B Hayes – 2 11-7-4 ERIC BLOODAXE (166) Joseph Patrick O’Brien 6 12-0 (SF) B J Cooper – 3 27 QUANTUM REALM (22) Gordon Elliott 5 12-0 (F).............. D N Russell – 4 07 BENNY THE DUKE (125) R P Cody 4 11-12........................Jack Foley (5) – 5 9u CROSSHOUSE BOY (17) Eugene M O’Sullivan 4 11-12 ...J S McGarvey – 6 u FATTAN (17) Denis Gerard Hogan (GB) 4 11-12 ....................... D G Hogan – 7 6909 KINGSTON KID (17) Eugene M O’Sullivan 4 11-12 ............ H Morgan (3) – 8 556 MAGNETIC ZERO (25) S Curling 4 11-12 ......................... C M Quirke (7) – 9 0 OUR PATRON SAINT (35) Sarah Dawson 4 11-12 ................E Walsh (5) – 10 58/2p GLORY BREEZE (15) Miss Denise Marie O’Shea 7 11-7 ... D J O’Keeffe – 11 00 MIALA ARAYA (11) Patrick Breen 6 11-7 ..................... M P O’Connor (5) – 12 33560 MONISHTER ARE MWEE (10) Mrs Jayne Hearne 5 11-7 .......I J Power – 13 60 BANADA BRIDGE (15) Mrs Denise Foster 4 11-5 ..................A W Short – BETTING: 5-4 Eric Bloodaxe, 7-2 Chinx Of Light, 9-2 Quantum Realm, 10 Fattan, 12 Monishter Are Mwee, 16 Magnetic Zero, 20 Kingston Kid, 25 Benny The Duke, Glory Breeze, 33 Banada Bridge, 50 Crosshouse Boy, 100 Our Patron Saint, Miala Araya. 2020: BAPTISM OF FIRE 5 12 0 Rachael Blackmore 9-2 (Henry De Bromhead) 18 ran. ERIC BLOODAXE (12-2) 25/1 chased leaders, moderate 4th halfway, closer 6f out, challenged 4f out, ridden in 5th 3f out, no impression over 2f out, kept on one pace, 4th 14L behind Kilcruit here Apr Bumper 2m 70yds Yielding 8 ran. CHINX OF LIGHT (11-5) 66/1 disputed lead, bumped with rival 1st, headed before 8th, slight mistake 3 out, soon back on terms, slight mistake 2 out, pushed along and led approaching straight, joined approaching last, headed and one pace run-in, 2nd 4.5L behind Panda Boy here Mar mdn hdl 2m 4f Soft 16 ran. QUANTUM REALM (12-2) 9/4 tracked leaders, 3rd on inner halfway, pushed along entering straight and no impression in 7th over 1f out, no extra, 7th 12L behind Johnny Cigar at Listowel Sep Bumper 2m Good to Yielding 17 ran. FATTAN (11-9) 28/1 rear of mid-division, ridden and no impression after 3 out, moderate 6th when mistake 2 out, no extra when mistake and unseated rider last in race won by Skippin Court at Listowel Sep mdn hdl 2m Good to Yielding 18 ran. MONISHTER ARE MWEE (11-4) 66/1 mid-division, pushed along 5f out, soon no extra, completely tailed off, 12th 31L behind Quiet Escape at Gowran Park Oct Bumper 2m Good 12 ran. LADBROKES PROUD TO SUPPORT IRISH RACING HANDICAP 4.05 HURDLE (80-102) 2m 4f 150yds Winner €6,000 (21 run) 1 124-1p0 SHE’S COMMANCHE (23) Adrian Murray 7 12-0 (D) .....S W Flanagan – 2 221u33 CHRISTMAS JUMPER (38) Eddie & Patrick Harty 5 11-13 (BF) (D) (EW) ................................................................................................................ J J Slevin – 3 64908u WOODBROOK BOY (10) John Joseph Hanlon 7 11-13 (D) J S McGarvey – 4 773 AUCKLAND (58) Anthony Mullins (GER) 4 11-12 (SF)...........D E Mullins – 5 454120 YULONG VOICE (17) Shane Nolan (GB) 4 11-11 (BF) (D) (EW)..................... ................................................................................................ M P O’Connor (5) – 6 656662 WHERE’S BUNNY (10) N Dooly 6 11-10 .......................J P O’Sullivan (5) – 7 8257 FINAL ORDERS (24) Garvan Donnelly (GB) 5 11-7 ......................C J Orr – 8 75-6448 KILKENNY STAR (69) C A Murphy 6 11-6 .....................S Fitzgerald (5) – 9 6370 LISTENING MODE (81) Brendan W Duke 5 11-4 ....................R A Doyle – 10 557600 CREGGSMAN (15) John Neilan 6 11-1 .....................................D F O’Regan – 11 0p07-p0 ALLEZ GEORGE (11) James M Barcoe 7 10-11 ......... Sarah Kavanagh (7) – 12 609640 ANNO MAXIMO (12) David Harry Kelly (GER) 4 10-10 P K Donovan (5) – 13 pp53p4 HOPEFULLY (10) M C Grassick 6 10-9 ....................................K C Sexton – 14 590-567 MINELLA AWAY (152) Liam G O’Brien 6 10-9 ...............Donagh Meyler – 15 00-0564 REBELLE CHAUD (12) Alan Donoghue 5 10-9 .................Jack Foley (5) – 16 70-09 SHE’S GOT RHYTHM (38) J R Barry 7 10-9 .............Shane Fenelon (7) – 17 9f-2546 FRAZEL EXPRESS (10) Aidan Anthony Howard 9 10-8 ..S D Torrens – 18 403890 SOME VENTURE (9) Thomas Mullins 7 10-8 .................... S F O’Keeffe – 19 955635 LADY L’LEROM (18) Shane Nolan 6 10-6 ......................J C Gainford (5) – 20 5-07p07 LONDONOFFICECALLIN (17) Miss Evanna McCutcheon 4 10-6 ............. ..................................................................................................... C M Quirke (7) – 21 0p8070 PORT LUNA (10) Ms Helen P Markham 5 10-6 .........Gavin Brouder (7) – BETTING: 4 Christmas Jumper, 11-2 Where’s Bunny, 7 Auckland, 10 Rebelle Chaud, 12 Hopefully, Yulong Voice, 14 Final Orders, She’s Commanche, Lady L’lerom, Woodbrook Boy, 16 Frazel Express, Kilkenny Star, 20 Anno Maximo, Londonofficecallin, Minella Away, Some Venture, 33 Port Luna, She’s Got Rhythm, Creggsman, 50 Listening Mode, 66 Allez George. 2020: MIDLAND MILLIE 6 11 2 Rachael Blackmore 9-2 (A L T Moore) 18 ran. CHRISTMAS JUMPER (11-7) 9/2jfav keen, soon chased leaders, slight mistake 4th, closed up in 2nd from 9th, on terms before 4 out, jumped slightly right 3 out, headed approaching straight, kept on without matching front pair run-in, 3rd 2.25L behind Shanacoole at Wexford Sep hcap hdl 2m 4f Good 12 ran. WHERE’S BUNNY (11-6) 10/1 waited with rear of mid-division, short of room and hampered after 4 out, headway after next, ridden and no impression in 4th after 2 out, kept on same pace under pressure, went 2nd final 100 yards, no impression on winner , 2nd 5L behind Tullyveery Lad at Gowran Park Oct hcap hdl 2m 4f Good 18 ran. AUCKLAND (8-9) 13/2 in rear, slightly detached before halfway, niggled along over 3f out, good headway 1f out, stayed on to 3rd final 100 yards, kept on well, never nearer, 3rd 5.25L behind Groveman at Tramore Aug hcp 2m Soft 8 ran. REBELLE CHAUD (11-2) 22/1 mid-division, mistake 5 out, ridden after 3 out, under pressure in 8th 2 out, 6th and no impression last, kept on one pace, 4th 5.75L behind Fleurys Fort at Clonmel Sep hcap hdl 2m 3f 198yds Good to Yielding 15 ran. HOPEFULLY (11-4) 20/1 waited with, 15th at 6th, impeded 8th, closed up to chase leaders from 3 out, kept on same pace from before last, 4th 9.5L behind Influential Lady at Gowran Park Oct hcap hdl 2m 4f Good 19 ran. IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF MARES FLAT RACE 2m 60yds 4.40 Winner €6,600 (9 run) 1 08 INNISFREE BEAUTY (95) Ciaran Murphy 5 11-11 .... Mr A Murphy (7) – 2 4 LILIAN BLAND (17) Niall Patrick Hennessy 5 11-11 . Mr E P O’Brien (7) – 3 45-2 LIZLUCKY (70) Patrick T Foley 7 11-11 (F)................. Mr M McGuane (7) – 4 MISS MAE WEST Stephen Gerard Carey 5 11-11 ......... Mr P A King (5) – 5 0 WHITE QUARRY ROSE (75) Kevin Michael Smith 5 11-11 Mr F Maguire – 6 BINGO QUEEN Patrick Martin 4 11-10 ....................................................... – 7 0868 DORSET LADY (12) Timothy Doyle 4 11-10 ...................Mr J C Barry (5) – 8 50 ELUSIVE SEA (81) Gordon Elliott 4 11-10 (EW)...................Mr J J Codd – 9 4 SILVER BREEZE (69) Gordon Elliott 4 11-10 (SF) ....... Ms Lisa O’Neill – BETTING: 9-4 Silver Breeze, 5-2 Lilian Bland, 9-2 Lizlucky, 5 Elusive Sea, 14 Dorset Lady, 16 White Quarry Rose, 20 Innisfree Beauty, 25 Bingo Queen, 33 Miss Mae West. 2020: MARE QUIMBY 4 11 7 Mr F Maguire 13-2 (Noel Meade) 17 ran. SILVER BREEZE (11-2) 7/2 waited with in mid-division, 6th halfway, headway to 2nd and pushed along 2 1/2f out, soon ridden and no impression in 3rd, no extra in 4th inside final furlong, kept on one pace, 4th 15L behind Rotten Row at Roscommon Aug Bumper 1m 7f 68yds Good to Yielding 11 ran. LILIAN BLAND (11-4) 80/1 towards rear, 8th 2f out, soon ridden and no impression, went moderate 4th inside final furlong, kept on one pace, 4th 16L behind Pink In The Park at Listowel Sep Bumper 2m Good to Yielding 18 ran. LIZLUCKY (11-2) 50/1 tracked leaders, 3rd over 7f out, 2nd entering straight, pushed along and slightly hampered over 2f out, ridden and no impression over 1f out, kept on same pace, 2nd 2L behind Misty’s Gift at Cork Aug Bumper 2m 2f 180yds Yielding 15 ran. ELUSIVE SEA (11-7) 6/1 tracked leaders, pushed along 4f out, weakened from before straight, 10th 31L behind Hi Stranger at Limerick Jul Bumper 2m Good 14 ran. DORSET LADY (11-2) 50/1 held up towards rear, ridden over 2f out, kept on one pace, 8th 15L behind Sam’s Choice at Clonmel Sep Bumper 2m 160yds Good to Yielding 13 ran. it’s paul to be decided.. By ASHLEY IVESON weight - but while he will Paul NolaN has yet to not have to contend with decide whether to keep the sidelined Monkfish stable star latest this season, Nolan Exhibition over fences or (above) is considering a revert to hurdling this switch of disciplines. winter. He said: “We’re not a Grade one-winning sure where we’re going to novice hurdler two start off and there’s a seasons ago, the eightyear-old went down the whether we’re going decision to be made on novice chasing route last hurdling or chasing. term and found only “We’re very happy with Monkfish too strong on a where he is at the couple of occasions at moment, but that chase the highest level. division seems to be very He rounded off his strong, so we need to campaign by finishing decide whether we take fourth in the Irish Grand on those boys or go down National under a big the staying hurdle route.” IRISH ROUND-UP a chance to get up and adam EXCITING PROSPECT Ballyadam has a chance to show his class with the going set to be good today Henry’s star looks good in opener By PETER O’HEHIR Ballyadam is hard to oppose on his eagerlyawaited chasing debut, in the opener at Punchestown. The County Kildare track is staging its first National Hunt action of the winter season today and tomorrow, with free admission for all racegoers (who have to register in advance on the website, for track and trace purposes) on both days. And the reappearance of Ballyadam, a Grade 1- winning novice hurdler last season, is an ideal appetiser for what lies ahead over the coming months. An easy winner of his maiden in Down Royal and the Grade 1 Royal Bond at Fairyhouse for Gordon Elliott early last season, the gelding then finished behind Appreciate It in three Grade 1 events, at Leopardstown twice and, after being transferred to Henry de Bromhead’s yard, when beaten 24 lengths in the Supreme Novices at Cheltenham. Having achieved a rating of 148, Ballyadam ended his season with a tame effort at Aintree, finishing a distant fourth behind My Drogo in the Grade 1 Betway Mersey Novices Hurdle. Winner of his only pointto-point, Ballyadam is a very exciting chasing prospect and, suited by good ground, I expect him to make a winning start over fences, with the season’s leading rider Darragh O’Keeffe on board. Leading the opposition is the Emmet Mullinstrained Cape Gentleman, whose CV features a win in the Irish Cesarewitch last year and success in the Grade 2 Dovecote Novice Hurdle at Kempton. The Ray Cody-trained Bell Ex One – successful on his second hurdle start, in Listowel – is napped to follow-up in the Ladbrokes Get Extra Places 3-Y-0 Hurdle. Beaten by Realist on his jumping bow in Down Royal, he produced a far more polished display when turning the tables on Elliott’s charge in Listowel and is expected to confirm form with third-placed Calvados, 6lb better off today and wearing cheekpieces for the first time. Bell Ex One, a dualwinner on the flat and rated 75 in that sphere, relishes a strong pace and being produced late. With in-form 5lb claimer Jack Foley on board, he should take plenty of beating, with Calvados and Elliott’s French import Laishann likely to chase him home. The featured Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed Hurdle has attracted only five runners, but is very difficult to solve. The Willie Mullinstrained Koshari is toprated, with a mark of 150. But I prefer to look elsewhere for the likely winner. His stable-companion Dysart Diamond, raised 8lb to 139 for her Grade B handicap win in Listowel last month, is set to receive weight from her four rivals and with Jack Foley claiming a valuable 5lb, Noel Meade’s Jesse Evans might prove the main danger.

Hereford - Hf Huntingdon - Hu Leicester - Le newcastLe - nc Able Kane 3.50 Le Achy Breaky Heart 4.15 Hu Act Of Passion 6.30 Nc Addie Boo Boo 6.30 Nc Aimee De Sivola 2.48 Hf Akhu Najla 1.00 Le Another Bertie 7.00 Nc Any Givin Sunday 1.55 Hu Are You Able 4.55 Le Arizona Gold 3.15 Le Arty campbell 2.13 Hf Asad 3.50 Le Avarice 4.25 Le Baladio 1.38 Hf Baltic coast 8.00 Nc Bean In Trouble 4.50 Hu Bear force One 3.50 Le Bearing Bob 1.00 Le Beauzon 7.00 Nc Benefit 2.05 Le Billian 8.30 Nc Bitcoin Ranger 6.30 Nc Blue Artemis 8.00 Nc Bomber’s Moon 4.50 Hu Bond Boy 1.30 Le Borak 3.40 Hu Brandy cove 1.38 Hf Burrows Seeside 8.30 Nc capla fever 2.40 Le captain Vallo 8.30 Nc ceci Wells 4.25 Le chanteiro 6.30 Nc chef De Troupe 4.25 Le clarendon cross 4.25 Le cloudland 5.30 Nc cosmos Raj 7.30 Nc countessa 5.30 Nc croagh Patrick 1.55 Hu crocodile Tears 7.00 Nc crownthorpe 7.30 Nc Daiquiri francais 2.05 Le Dan De Light 8.30 Nc Dandys Gold 8.30 Nc Dark Motive 4.33 Hf Dark Terms 6.30 Nc Denable 1.55 Hu Divine comedy 4.25 Le Divining 2.40 Le Do Wanna Know 3.05 Hu Dora Penny 2.05 Le Dream Show 1.30 Le Dylan’s Ruby 4.55 Le echo 5.00 Nc el Maga 7.00 Nc emjaytwentythree 3.15 Le enhimaar 8.00 Nc enlighten 3.40 Hu equion 4.55 Le espressoo 6.00 Nc et Apres Thou 4.15 Hu fandabidozi 5.30 Nc fanfan Du Seuil 3.40 Hu fille De La Lune 2.40 Le final List 2.13 Hf finistere 3.05 Hu fox Pro 2.48 Hf foxy Rascal 6.00 Nc franco Grasso 4.25 Le fraterculus 2.13 Hf freewheelin 5.00 Nc funky Town Pinkie 1.30 Le future King 4.55 Le Getaman 2.13 Hf Gilbert 2.40 Le Glimpse Of Gold 3.40 Hu Globetrotter 5.00 Nc Golden Hind 5.30 Nc Golden Shot 1.30 Le Gowanlad 8.30 Nc Great Hall 3.40 Hu Greengage 5.30 Nc Ha Long Bay 6.00 Nc Heart Of Kabeir 6.30 Nc Her Way 4.25 Le Hidden Depths 2.13 Hf Highland Parc 1.55 Hu Hoi An Beach 6.00 Nc Honneur D’ajonc 1.38 Hf Hot Diggity Dog 7.00 Nc How Hard can It Be 4.55 Le Hurry up Hedley 2.40 Le I Spy A Diva 2.30 Hu I’m On Snap 2.13 Hf Ikhtiraaq 1.00 Le Isle Of Dreams 4.55 Le Jack Yeats 5.30 Nc Jackamundo 4.25 Le Jad Mahal 1.30 Le James Park Woods 1.55 Hu Jen’s Boy 3.23 Hf Jersey Lady 5.07 Hf Jewel Maker 7.30 Nc Jordan electrics 8.30 Nc Josie Abbing 4.33 Hf Jubilympics 3.58 Hf Judex Lefou 2.13 Hf Kanukankan 1.55 Hu Keep Right On 3.15 Le Kendelu 2.13 Hf Kendred fire 7.00 Nc Kennet 1.30 Le Kentford Mallard 4.33 Hf Kentucky Kitten 4.25 Le Kentuckyconnection 7.30 Nc Kingofhell 6.30 Nc Knight Of Honour 1.00 Le Kodi Gold 3.15 Le La Hulotte 4.25 Le Lady celia 8.30 Nc Lady Raeburn 2.05 Le Larllunna 8.00 Nc Lethal Vision 6.00 Nc Levendi 4.55 Le Lexington force 3.15 Le Light Of Athena 1.38 Hf Lightning Bug 2.13 Hf Lindwall 5.00 Nc Lisa’s Dream 2.40 Le Little Peachey 4.33 Hf Lochanthem 4.25 Le Lord Sparky 4.15 Hu Lost In Montmartre 3.58 Hf Lucky Lucky Lucky 6.00 Nc Macs Girl 4.55 Le Magic Venture 5.07 Hf Magnificence 4.55 Le Man Of Light 3.40 Hu Manning estate 3.23 Hf Maxi Jazz 4.15 Hu Maysong 3.15 Le Mega Marvel 1.00 Le Merry Secret 8.30 Nc Metal Man 5.00 Nc Miami Present 4.15 Hu Midgetonamission 2.40 Le Midheaven 6.00 Nc Midnight Luck 4.55 Le Midnight Train 1.30 Le Milltown Star 3.50 Le Miss Bamby 4.33 Hf Miss Mcgugen 2.30 Hu Miss Paloma 5.30 Nc Morgan fairy 1.30 Le Morraman 3.23 Hf Motawaajed 3.50 Le Motion In Limine 4.50 Hu Mr Rumbalicious 1.00 Le Mutanaaseq 8.30 Nc Mystery Monarch 1.00 Le Nataleena 5.00 Nc Neff 3.05 Hu Neptunian 6.00 Nc Night Of Sin 4.15 Hu Niven 5.00 Nc No Anxiety 2.48 Hf Notnow Seamus 4.15 Hu Old Dixie 8.00 Nc Old News 7.30 Nc Only for Pascal 4.50 Hu Originator 8.00 Nc Overdraft 1.00 Le Pallas Dancer 5.30 Nc Paradise Of Love 6.00 Nc Parlando 1.30 Le Peltwell 3.40 Hu Percy’s Word 1.55 Hu Persuasion 3.50 Le Persuer 4.33 Hf Pink crystal 6.00 Nc Pivotal Time 4.55 Le Pocket The Profit 6.30 Nc Porsche cavalier 2.05 Le Present Destiny 2.13 Hf Presenting Yeats 3.23 Hf Pyrrhos 4.55 Le Quemonda 4.25 Le Quick Draw 3.05 Hu Quickdrawmcgraw 1.30 Le Railway Muice 4.50 Hu Rapid flight 3.05 Hu Raydoun 6.30 Nc Reassurance 5.00 Nc Regal Vision 1.00 Le Reverential 4.25 Le Rhinoplasty 7.00 Nc Rhythm N Rock 4.55 Le Ring of Light 4.55 Le Rintulla 4.15 Hu Ropey Guest 3.50 Le Roshambo 6.00 Nc Royal Advice 8.30 Nc Sabre Jet 4.25 Le Saxon Queen 2.13 Hf Say Nothing 4.33 Hf Searching 2.13 Hf Sense Of Adventure 4.50 Hu Serenading 7.30 Nc Shanroe Tic Tec 4.50 Hu She’s The Danger 7.00 Nc Singe Anglais 8.30 Nc Soaring Star 7.30 Nc Solanna 2.40 Le Some Detail 3.23 Hf Somewhat cloudy 2.30 Hu Spartan fighter 8.30 Nc Spice Store 4.55 Le Straight Ash 4.25 Le Streak Lightning 7.30 Nc Stromboli 6.30 Nc Substantial 8.00 Nc Sunset Breeze 3.50 Le Swinging eddie 7.30 Nc Sydney Bay 6.00 Nc Symphony Perfect 2.05 Le Takeyourbreathaway 2.40 Le Tangled 7.30 Nc Tele Red 4.25 Le Thawry 5.00 Nc The Late Legend 4.50 Hu The Mousen champ 8.30 Nc The Rutland Rebel 4.50 Hu Theocrat 3.40 Hu Tiger Orchid 5.07 Hf Tilly The filly 6.00 Nc Tomfre 3.50 Le Tommy R 5.30 Nc Tomorrow’s Angel 5.00 Nc Tonyx 3.40 Hu Top Notch Tommy 6.00 Nc Top Table 8.00 Nc Tundra 4.25 Le Two Worlds collide 7.00 Nc Tykenwear 5.00 Nc ulysses 4.50 Hu uncle Johnny 3.15 Le Van Zant 6.30 Nc Variety Island 7.00 Nc Vee Sight 1.00 Le Victoriano 5.00 Nc Vivid Luminosity 2.30 Hu Watching Brief 2.13 Hf Wee Poppy 7.00 Nc Wemyss Point 5.00 Nc Whatwouldyouknow 7.30 Nc White Walker 4.50 Hu Wilde Spirit 3.58 Hf Willie John 7.30 Nc Wobwobwob 3.50 Le Wynn Palace 2.40 Le Your Darling 3.05 Hu Yukon Star 1.00 Le Zyon 3.05 Hu 38 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR TODAY’S Abc guiDe TO FOuR uK meeTingS SP• T FORM p SP• T FORM p HeReFORD HunTingDOn SKY RTV GoinG: Good to Firm. Course: Right-handed, square track of 1m 4f, with nine fences to a circuit and a 300yd run-in. Top Trainers: E Williams 11-118 (9.3%), N Henderson 7-16 (43.8%), A Ralph 7-42 (16.7%), N Mulholland 6-42 (14.3%), Dr R Newland 6-17 (35.3%), E Lavelle 4-22 (18.2%), F O’Brien 4-41 (9.8%), O Greenall 3-20 (15.0%). Top JoCkeys: Sam Twiston-Davies 13-61 (21.3%), Paddy Brennan 8-50 (16.0%), Benjamin Poste 8-86 (9.3%), Max Kendrick 6-24 (25.0%), Richard Patrick 6-37 (16.2%). Trainer TarGeTs (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): None. 1sT TiMe BLinkers: None. CHeekpieCes: 2.13 Arty Campbell, Final List, Fraterculus, Hidden Depths, Searching, 3.23 Jen’s Boy, Presenting Yeats, Some Detail, 4.33 Little Peachey*, Persuer. (*=1st time). 1sT TiMe TonGue sTraps: 2.13 I’m On Snap. 1sT run sinCe WinD op: None. 1sT TiMe HooDs: None. profiTaBLe raCes for favs: 5.07. GoinG: Good. Course: Right-handed flat track of 1m 4f with 9 fences to a circuit and a 200yd run-in. Top Trainers: D Skelton 30-156 (19.2%), N Henderson 28-107 (26.2%), Jonjo O’Neill 21-115 (18.3%), K Bailey 19-122 (15.6%), G L Moore 16-117 (13.7%), Mrs C Bailey 13-63 (20.6%). Top JoCkeys: Harry Skelton 24-128 (18.8%), Nico De Boinville 20-81 (24.7%), Ciaran Gethings 16-90 (17.8%), David Bass 13-89 (14.6%). Trainer TarGeTs (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): None. 1sT TiMe BLinkers: None. CHeekpieCes: 3.05 Quick Draw, 3.40 Borak, Peltwell, 4.50 Motion In Limine, Railway Muice. TonGue sTraps: 3.05 Finistere, 3.40 Borak, Glimpse Of Gold, Theocrat, 4.15 Achy Breaky Heart, Et Apres Thou, Lord Sparky, Maxi Jazz, Notnow Seamus, 4.50 Only For Pascal, Railway Muice, The Late Legend, White Walker. (*=1st time). 1sT run sinCe WinD op: 3.05 Rapid Flight, 4.15 Et Apres Thou. 1sT TiMe HooDs: 1.55 James Park Woods. profiTaBLe raCes for favs: 4.15. 1.38 MaYor of Hereford ricHard JoHnson award noVices’ HurdLe (4) 2m 4f winner £4,084 (4 run) 1 0 BrandY coVe (155) e Williams 4 10-10......................................a wedge - - 2 2f9-9 Honneur d’aJonc (28) Mrs J Williams 4 10-10 (Sf) ...chester williams (3) ●128 G 3 BaLadio (f112) J Mackie 5 10-5 (f) ........................................J Hamilton - - 4 000/ LigHt of atHena (947) (H) R Harris 7 10-5 .......................... c ring (3) - - BeTTING: 2-9 Honneur D’ajonc, 5 Brandy cove, 14 Baladio, 33 Light Of Athena. 2020: STRAW FAN JACK 5 10 12, Sean Houlihan(3) 25-1 (Sheila Lewis), 10 ran. 2.13 caZoo HandicaP HurdLe (5) 2m 6f winner £2,342 (13 run) 1 735-R6 searcHing (15) G Harris 9 11-12 (cD) ..................................... B r Jones 85 fM 2 6424-8 Hidden dePtHs (f30) N Mulholland 6 11-11 ................s twiston-davies 103 G 3 4PP90- finaL List (172) G Harris 7 11-9 ..........................................J nailor (3) 102 GY 4 5P59-9 Judex Lefou (131) T Vaughan 6 11-5.........................................a Johns 103 S 5 615329 watcHing Brief (28) D Brace 8 11-2 ...................................... c Brace 102 G 6 -51274 i’M on snaP (54) T Lacey 7 11-2 (D) (f)............................t doggrell (7) 106 Gf 7 30-871 artY caMPBeLL (15) B J Llewellyn 11 11-2 (cD) (Sf) .........r williams (3) 102 fM 8 8-0038 KendeLu (14) (V) N Hawke 6 11-0 (D) .................................t Buckley (5) 95 GS 9 90-08P fratercuLus (14) O Greenall 4 10-12 .....................................H Brooke ●107 Gf 10 /00-42 getaMan (27) (B) D J Jeffreys 8 10-4 (eW) ............................M Kendrick 104 Gf 11 /P07-0 Present destinY (54) e Lavelle 9 10-3 ...............................t Bellamy 87 fM 12 7P-P46 LigHtning Bug (37) Miss Suzy Smith 4 10-0 ...................... c Hammond 95 Gf 13 905 saxon Queen (25) P Bowen 4 10-0 ..................................Jamie Moore 83 GS BeTTING: 7-2 Arty campbell, 4 Getaman, 5 I’m On Snap, 8 Kendelu, Hidden Depths, 10 fraterculus, Watching Brief, 12 Present Destiny. 2020: KNIGHT COMMANDER 7 11 1, Sean Houlihan(3) 11-2 (Sheila Lewis), 12 ran. 2.48 Hereford racing cLuB noVices’ LiMited HandicaP cHase (gBB race) (3) 3m 1f winner £5,882 (3 run) 1 3-2P2P fox Pro (107) Mrs J Williams 6 11-8 ........................ chester williams (3) 139 fM 2 4214-2 aiMee de siVoLa (18) Nick Williams 7 11-3 (Sf) .......................d noonan 136 GS 3 33-123 no anxietY (113) J Snowden 5 10-13 (Bf) (f) .......................... g sheehan ●141 G BeTTING: 11-10 Aimee De Sivola, 2 No Anxiety, 11-4 fox Pro. 2020: MONBEG THEATRE 11 11 8, Page Fuller(3) 6-4 (J Snowden), 3 ran. 1.55 racing tV noVices’ HurdLe (gBB race) (4) 2m winner £4,084 (7 run) 1 522112 PercY’s word (14) D Skelton 7 11-12 (Bf, D) (Sf) ......................H skelton ●126 S 2 149- anY giVin sundaY (212) Jonjo O’Neill 5 10-12 (D) ........Jonjo o’neill Jr - - 3 75-185 croagH PatricK (98) S england 6 10-12 .............................. J england 88 S 4 /868-8 denaBLe (12) A carson 5 10-12 ............................................n scholfield 88 G 5 /295-6 HigHLand Parc (164) A Murphy 5 10-12 ................................J Quinlan 84 G 6 4 JaMes ParK woods (f13) (H) D f Davis 5 10-12 ....B ffrench davis (7) 106 G 7 u6- KanuKanKan (319) P Hobbs 6 10-12 (f) ..............................t J o’Brien 119 Gf BeTTING: 11-8 Kanukankan, 13-8 Percy’s Word, 6 Any Givin Sunday, 10 James Park Woods, 12 Highland Parc, 50 Denable, 66 croagh Patrick. 2020: PRINCE ESCALUS 5 10 12, Jonjo O’Neill Jr 33-1 (Jonjo O’Neill), 15 ran. 2.30 racing tV Mares’ Maiden HurdLe (gBB race) (4) 2m 4f winner £4,084 (4 run) 1 73-321 Miss Mcgugen (142) S edmunds 6 11-0 ................................c gethings - - Won at Ballingarry 3m ire ptp gs in May beating Its The Way To Go (11-11) by 12l 12 ran 2 2-3 soMewHat cLoudY (134) D Mccain 5 11-0 (f) ....................... B Hughes ●95 G 3-1 (11-0) 3rd of 7, 16l behind Gentle Jolie (11-7) at Cartmel 2m 1f mrs nov hdl (4) gd 3 1- i sPY a diVa (172) K Bailey 4 10-12 (Sf) ........................................d Bass - - 10-3 (10-7) Won at Worcester 2m flat (5) gd bt Walk In The Storm (10-4) by 1¼l, 9 ran 4 2578- ViVid LuMinositY (f28) A West 4 10-12 ..............................L edwards - - 125-1 (10-2) 8th of 10, 42l behind Kilbeg King (11-2) at Uttoxeter 2m NH flat (5) gs BeTTING: 4-6 I Spy A Diva, 3 Somewhat cloudy, 4 Miss Mcgugen, 25 Vivid Luminosity. 2020: VEGAS BLUE 5 10 12, Nico De Boinville 4-11 Fav (N Henderson), 11 ran. 3.05 racing tV noVices’ HandicaP cHase (gBB race) (4) 2m 4f winner £4,357 (7 run) 1 7352-3 finistere (147) D Skelton 6 11-7 (Bf) .......................................H skelton - - 1-1fav (11-4) 3rd of 9, 5l behind Kentucky Hardboot (10-12) at Huntingdon 2m mdn hdl (4) gd 2 3/175- ZYon (217) A West 7 11-7 (Bf) ...................................................L edwards 105 GS 4-1fav (10-13) 5th of 8, 39l behind Run To Milan (10-7) at Exeter 3m nov ltd hcp chs (3) gd 3 P/34-1 Your darLing (159) B Pauling 6 11-6 (c) (Sf) ...............Luca Morgan (5) - - 15-8fav (11-12) Won at Huntingdon 2m nov hcp hdl (4) gd bt Pawpaw (11-10) by hd, 6 ran 4 5fu-23 do wanna Know (144) c Longsdon 7 11-6 (cD) ............ Paul o’Brien (3) ●130 S 11-2 (11-5) 3rd of 7, 11l behind Rock On Rocco (11-8) at Worcester 2m 4f hcp chs (4) gs 5 23513- QuicK draw (173) T Lacey 5 11-5 (Bf) .....................................J J Burke - - 4-1fav (11-11) 3rd of 13, 6l behind Flint Hill (11-2) at Perth 2m 4f hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gd 6 53-f10 raPid fLigHt (107) N Henderson 5 11-0 (D) (f) ..................n de Boinville - - 5-1 (11-10) 10th of 14, 48l behind Hunting Percival (11-9) at Uttoxeter 2m 4f hcp hdl (4) gd 7 6346-3 neff (152) G L Moore 6 11-0 ...............................................Joshua Moore 126 Gf 18-1 (10-12) Last of 3, 18l behind Chapmanshype (10-12) at Fontwell 2m 3f nov chs (4) gd BeTTING: 11-4 Your Darling, 3 finistere, 9-2 Quick Draw, 5 Do Wanna Know, 7 Rapid flight, 10 Neff, 12 Zyon. 2020: GUY 5 11 4, Sam Twiston-Davies 9-1 (N Twiston-Davies), 9 ran. 3.23 centraL roofing HandicaP HurdLe (4) 3m 1f 119yds winner £3,159 (5 run) 1 6-2124 soMe detaiL (f12) N Hawke 7 12-5 (Bf) ............................t Buckley (5) ●121 H 2 /0-644 MorraMan (22) D Mccain 8 11-12 (f) ........................Miss a Mccain (5) 118 Gf 3 3607-3 Manning estate (42) (V) O Sherwood 7 11-10 .......................... d Jacob 116 fM 4 2P-338 Jen’s BoY (90) N Henderson 7 11-7 ............................................J Bowen 72 fM 5 P31331 Presenting Yeats (22) M Harris 5 10-1 (Sf) .......................P Brennan 117 fM BeTTING: 5-2 Presenting Yeats, 3 Manning estate, 7-2 Some Detail, 9-2 Jen’s Boy, 5 Morraman. 2020: No corresponding race. 3.58 caZoo Mares’ HandicaP cHase (3) 2m 5f winner £6,337 (3 run) 1 6338-4 JuBiLYMPics (15) e Lavelle 9 11-8 (D) (Sf) .............................. t Bellamy ●125 S 15-2 (11-7) 4th of 6, 13l behind Montys Medoc (11-0) at N Abbot 2m 6f hcp hdl (4) gs 2 64255- wiLde sPirit (189) H Daly 7 11-0 .............................................r Patrick - - 9-2 (11-12) 5th of 9, 11l behind Itsaboutime (10-0) at Exeter 2m 7f hcp hdl 0-110 (4) gf 3 -7P333 Lost in MontMartre (8) A Ralph 5 11-0 (Bf) (f) ..........a edwards (3) 120 G 11-5fav (11-9) 3rd of 9, 6l bhnd Representing Bob (10-5) at Stratford 2m 3f nov hcp chs (5) gs BeTTING: 11-8 Wilde Spirit, 7-4 Jubilympics, 5-2 Lost In Montmartre. 2020: OSCAR ROSE 8 11 9, Paddy Brennan 11-10 Fav (F O’Brien), 4 ran. 4.33 JacKsons ProPertY Mares’ HandicaP HurdLe (4) 2m 4f winner £3,159 (7 run) 1 2P-321 saY notHing (f65) A Hales 5 11-12 .................................... H Bannister 103 Gf 2 -12961 Josie aBBing (37) (H) f O’Brien 7 11-11 (Sf) ..................Lilly Pinchin (5) 100 Y 3 363124 Kentford MaLLard (37) Seamus Mullins 8 11-6 (D) (f) .......K Jones (3) 104 Gf 4 -f836u Persuer (21) T R Gretton 5 10-13 ..............................................a wedge 103 S 5 -35466 Miss BaMBY (57) J Mackie 6 10-6 ............................................J Bowen ●106 Gf 6 454 darK MotiVe (23) J Snowden 3 10-1..................................... g sheehan 98 fM 7 P758-8 LittLe PeacHeY (160) (H) Miss J Du Plessis 5 10-0 ............ H Kimber (7) 101 Gf BeTTING: 11-10 Josie Abbing, 4 Say Nothing, 6 Kentford Mallard, 8 Persuer, 10 Dark Motive, 14 Miss Bamby, 16 Little Peachey. 2020: COTTON END 6 11 6, Sean Houlihan(3) 6-1 (Sheila Lewis), 14 ran. 5.07 HiLL BiLLY gin ‘nationaL Hunt’ Maiden HurdLe (gBB race) (4) 2m winner £4,084 (3 run) 1 u-1415 tiger orcHid (59) Dr R Newland 6 11-5 (Bf, D) (Sf) ..... s twiston-davies ●85 G 2 9-6 Magic Venture (21) Katy Price 4 11-4 ......................................B Poste 76 G 3 1307- JerseY LadY (234) O Sherwood 5 10-12 (D) (f).......................B J Powell - - BeTTING: 4-11 Tiger Orchid, 3 Jersey Lady, 12 Magic Venture. 2020: BENSON 5 11 5, Lee Edwards 4-6 Fav (Dr R Newland), 12 ran. 3.40 racing tV HandicaP HurdLe (4) 2m winner £5,446 (9 run) 1 -644f1 tHeocrat (18) N Hawke 4 12-1 (D) (eW) ............................. K Buckley (5) 113 GS 15-2 (11-6) Won at Worcester 2m con hcp hdl (4) gd bt Glimpse Of Gold (11-10) by ½l, 12 ran 2 5P7P0- fanfan du seuiL (177) T R George 6 11-12 .............................J J Burke 91 GS 14-1 (11-4) 12th of 16, 37l behind Heaven’s Night (11-4) at Strasbourg(FR) 2m 3f hcp hdl sft 3 -54852 gLiMPse of goLd (18) S Humphrey 10 11-10 (D) ..................a thorne (5) 115 GS 20-1 (11-10) 2nd of 12, ½l behind Theocrat (11-6) at Worcester 2m con hcp hdl 0-110 (4) gd 4 7/4-14 BoraK (14) D faulkner 9 11-9 (D) ...........................................n scholfield 115 H 16-1 (11-2) 4th of 10, 10l behind Jamacho (11-2) at Worcester 2m hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gs 5 2341f- tonYx (174) (H) A Murphy 5 11-8 (Bf) (f) ....................................J Quinlan ●122 G 1-2fav (11-4) Fell in a race won by Ordered Lives (10-13) at Taunton 2m mrs nov hdl (4) gf, 9 ran 6 8/242- enLigHten (265) M & D easterby 7 11-6 (D) .............................. B Hughes 113 GS 12-1 (11-4) 2nd of 11, nk behind Presentandcounting (11-4) at Newcastle 2m NH flat (4) std 7 01111- PeLtweLL (195) N Mulholland 8 11-6 (D) (Sf) ........................ t scudamore 113 GS 1-1fav (10-1) Won at Hexham 2m hcp hdl (4) gs bt Frightened Rabbit (10-11) by 3½l, 9 ran 8 4-u158 Man of LigHt (18) P Hobbs 4 11-6 .......................................t J o’Brien 117 S 14-1 (11-12) 8th of 12, 25l behind Theocrat (11-6) at Worcester 2m con hcp hdl 0-110 (4) gd 9 47257- great HaLL (f33) M Quinn 11 10-10 (cD) ............................. B carver (3) 121 Gf 9-2 (10-5) Last of 7, 42l behind Mr Jack (10-12) at Fakenham 2m 4f hcap hdl (4) gd BeTTING: 3 Peltwell, 4 Theocrat, 9-2 Glimpse Of Gold, 5 Tonyx, 10 enlighten, 12 fanfan Du Seuil, Man Of Light, Great Hall, 14 Borak. 2020: TAKEIT EASY 5 11 6, Kielan Woods 10-1 (Mrs P Sly), 17 ran. 4.15 racing tV HandicaP cHase (5) 3m winner £3,268 (8 run) 1 P5P-2P notnow seaMus (41) (B) D J Jeffreys 10 11-12 ................a Bellamy (7) 103 Gf 2 PP-41u rintuLLa (41) (B) B Pauling 7 11-12 (Bf) .........................Luca Morgan (5) 107 G 3 1PP11- Lord sParKY (183) (B) Mrs c Bailey 7 11-11 (cD) (Sf) ...................s Bowen 111 GS 4 P254P- nigHt of sin (183) P Phelan 8 11-9..............................n f Houlihan (5) 113 H 5 -14422 acHY BreaKY Heart (7) M Harris 7 10-5 (Bf, D) (f) .......M Bastyan (3) ●114 GS 6 054-40 et aPres tHou (91) (B) P Hobbs 7 10-4 ..............................t J o’Brien 111 Gf 7 P-0477 MiaMi Present (17) (B) W Bethell 11 10-0 (D) .......................... B Hughes 110 GS 8 P-0382 Maxi JaZZ (17) (B) c Longsdon 6 10-0 (eW) .............................c deutsch 108 GS BeTTING: 11-4 Rintulla, 3 Lord Sparky, 9-2 Achy Breaky Heart, 7 Maxi Jazz, 10 Notnow Seamus, Night Of Sin, et Apres Thou, 14 Miami Present. 2020: THE LATE LEGEND 7 10 8, Sean Bowen 5-4 Fav (T H Weston), 12 ran. 4.50 racingtV.coM HandicaP HurdLe (4) 3m 1f winner £3,812 (11 run) 1 uP2f61 Motion in LiMine (46) Dr R Newland 6 11-12 (Sf)............. c Leonard (5) 105 G 2 5773-4 Bean in trouBLe (22) Jonjo O’Neill 7 11-11 (c) .............Jonjo o’neill Jr 111 S 3 12166- tHe Late Legend (198) T H Weston 8 11-10 (c) ..........Mr Luke scott (7) - - 4 32-344 sHanroe tic tec (19) (V) B Pauling 9 11-6 (c) .............Luca Morgan (5) ●116 fM 5 547111 raiLwaY Muice (7) S Humphrey 8 11-2 (c, D) (f) ..................n scholfield 101 G 6 -22143 wHite waLKer (22) G Hanmer 6 11-0 (Bf) (eW) .........................s Bowen 111 fM 7 696/0- tHe rutLand reBeL (f26) M Hammond 5 10-6 ................... c o’farrell 86 G 8 -P3590 onLY for PascaL (11) M Sowersby 5 10-5 ..............................c Bewley 112 fM 9 39-P27 BoMBer’s Moon (113) N Twiston-Davies 10 10-4 ...................e edge (10) 114 Gf 10 486P35 sense of adVenture (82) (V) L Allan 7 10-2 ........ shane Quinlan (5) 110 G 11 720815 uLYsses (7) (V) D Shaw 7 10-0...............................................J M davies 111 GS BeTTING: 3 Railway Muice, 4 Motion In Limine, 6 Shanroe Tic Tec, 7 White Walker, Bean In Trouble, 10 The Late Legend, 12 Bomber’s Moon, The Rutland Rebel. 2020: No corresponding race. GREYHOUND RESULTS PERRY BARR. - 11.06 Porthall Blaze 2-1jt (5-2-3, £12.09, TC: £33.36). 11.21 Creevy Tiger 10-3 (3-5-1, £19.76, TC: £63.67). 11.36 Ballybrazil Lark 13-8f (3-6-1, £15.42, TC: £32.90). 11.51 Horse Power 9-4 (4-3-2, £16.00, TC: £27.64). 12.06 Affane Blue 8-1 (3-1-2, £35.92, TC: £93.32). 12.21 Mexican Lucky 5-1 (2-6-4, £22.23, TC: £67.21). 12.36 Great Swanky 11-2 (2-6-5, £25.89, TC: £69.75). 12.51 Izzy Dancer 7-4 (2-5-3, £2.93, TC: £0.00). 1.06 Fairly Lucky 14-1 (1-2-6, £40.17, TC: £168.38). 1.21 Jaxleg Eacram 10-3 (3-2-4, £14.24, TC: £54.65). 1.36 Head Iton Arthur 13-8f (4-1-2, £8.90, TC: £28.16). 1.51 Lie Forrit Pearl 10-3 (3-1-6, £10.71, TC: £34.17). SWINDON. - 11.13 Unknown Melody 10-3 (1-2-6, £47.69, TC: £146.96). 11.28 Duty Beyond 11-10f (3-6-5, £4.43, TC: £11.20). 11.43 Hoolys Jetts 6-1 (2-4-3, £31.77, TC: £46.90). 11.58 Chancing Queen 7-2 (3-4-5, £45.51, TC: £160.36). 12.13 Catchmeifyoucan 5-2 (4-6-3, £9.75, TC: £19.41). 12.28 Ballymac Nala 8-13f (1-3-6, £6.29, TC: £13.51). 12.43 Blackbird Boy 2-1jt (1-2-6, £9.43, TC: £29.36). 12.58 Ide Poady 4-1 (2-6-3, £21.81, TC: £40.32). 1.13 Ballymac Love 2-1 (1-3-2, £14.64, TC: £28.07). 1.28 Ardera Lady 7-4f (1-3-2, £7.33, TC: £23.22). 1.44 Fairhill Corney 5-2jt (6-5-4, £11.63, TC: £45.57). 1.59 Swift Cockatoo 7-2 (5-6-4, £22.49, TC: £61.65). SHEFFIELD. - 2.04 Crokers Ben 3-1 (1-3-5, £8.22, TC: £22.57). 2.19 Redzer Royal 13-2 (5-6- 2, £30.38, TC: £66.10). 2.36 Droopys Skyline 7-2 (3-5-1, £19.88, TC: £56.12). 2.54 Zinedine Zidog 5-4f (3-1-6, £13.18, TC: £58.23). 3.09 Away Bailey 15-8f (2-3-1, £7.54, TC: £29.63). 3.26 Jaxleg Pat 15-2 (2-3-4, £82.37, TC: £161.78). 3.44 Da Pinto Kid 10-3 (3-2-6, £12.21, TC: £33.19). 4.04 Coney Kracnikov 13-8f (5-4-1, £7.90, TC: £15.98). 4.23 Swift Whiff 7-4 (6-2-4, £9.47, TC: £15.55). 4.43 Greenhill Honey 2-1f (2-4-6, £9.28, TC: £22.34). 5.03 Sharpys Jimmy 5-4f (2-1-4, £4.54, TC: £24.02). 5.22 Harton Folk 6-4f (2-1-4, £7.08, TC: £27.20). Tote Exacta: £12.10. Tricast: £36.64. Trifecta: £38.10. CSF: £13.20. NR: Poet. 3.25: HELLO ME (Rossa Ryan 9-2) 1; Mount Mogan (11-4jt-f) 2; The Lamplighter (16-1) 3. 10 ran. ½, ns. (Joseph Parr). Tote: £4.20; £1.40, £1.20, £3.70. Tote Exacta: £9.10. Tricast: £74.12. Trifecta: £79.50. CSF: £10.50. NR: Twilight Secret. Twilight Secret| Rule 4 applies to All Bets, deduct 25p in the pound. 4.00: THUNDER QUEEN (Rossa Ryan 3-1jt-f) 1; Janaat (12-1) 2; Resilience (4-1) 3. 10 ran. 3-1jt-f Sareeha. hd, nk. (R Hannon). Tote: £3.70; £1.30, £3.80, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £52.20. Trifecta: £208.60. CSF: £42.56. NR: Infrared. 4.35: TRICOLORE (H Doyle 6-1) 1; Pretty Sweet (9-4f) 2; Fierospeed (9-2) 3. 11 ran. 1½, ¾. (M Botti). Tote: £7.20; £2.00, £1.20, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £20.60. Tricast: £67.63. Trifecta: £75.10. CSF: £19.85. 5.10: LADY ROCKSTAR (K Shoemark 4-1) 1; Toromona (8-13f) 2; Geminga (8-1) 3. 11 ran. 12l, ½. (W Haggas). Tote: £6.00; £1.10, £1.10, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £9.30. Trifecta: £29.30. CSF: £7.26. 5.45: LOWER STREET (M Dwyer 6-1) 1; One Last Dance (16-5) 2; Tellmeyourstory (33-1) 3. 8 ran. 6-4f Visala. 1¼, 1l. (D M Simcock). Tote: £7.00; £1.80, £1.50, £5.70. Tote Exacta: £31.70. Tricast: £583.10. Trifecta: £350.10. CSF: £25.63. NR: Bint Australia. Placepot: £25.40. Quadpot: £10.20. KEMPTON 5.30: FAST STYLE (T Whelan 3-1f) 1; Alphonse Le Grande (16-1) 2; Under Oath (14- 1) 3. 13 ran. ½, nk. (R Charlton). Tote: £3.20; £1.40, £2.70, £4.40. Tote Exacta: £29.80. Tricast: £624.01. Trifecta: £300.40. CSF: £54.25. 6.00: MISS DOWN UNDER (N Callan 14- 1) 1; Dungar Glory (13-2) 2; Calm Universe (4-1) 3. 14 ran. 3-1f Bellstreet Bridie. 2l, nk. (A Perrett). Tote: £16.70; £4.90, £2.30, £2.10. Tote Exacta: £136.70. Trifecta: £828.40. CSF: £100.29. 6.30: PINBALL WIZARD (A Kirby 7-4f) 1; Strike (4-1) 2; Puerto De Vega (7-2) 3. 8 ran. 2¼, ¾. (C Cox). Tote: £2.70; £1.10, £1.50, £1.80. Tote Exacta: £9.30. Tricast: £22.34. Trifecta: £27.40. CSF: £9.32. 7.00: TIGER CRUSADE (C Shepherd 9-2) 1; Open Wide (13-2) 2; Mishal Star (10-1) 3. 7 ran. 9-4f Motagally. 1¼, hd. (D M Simcock). Tote: £5.60; £3.30, £3.20. Tote Exacta: £43.10. Trifecta: £359.90. CSF: £31.29. 7.30: CU CHULAINN (O Murphy 10-11f) 1; Ocean Heights (13-2) 2; New Force (12-1) 3. 10 ran. 1½, 3½. (B Meehan). Tote: £1.90; £1.10, £2.10, £3.00. Tote Exacta: £7.30. Trifecta: £42.70. CSF: £7.82. 8.00: VERREAUX EAGLE (R Clutterbuck 12-1) 1; Alezan (9-2) 2; Beloved (11-4f) 3. 9 ran. shd, 1¼. (E Dunlop). Tote: £9.70; £2.80, £2.10, £1.30. Tote Exacta: £73.30. Tricast: £193.92. Trifecta: £242.80. CSF: £65.11. 8.30: LION FACE (T Whelan 11-1) 1; Evaluation (9-2) 2; Restitution (5-2f) 3. 9 ran. 1½, 3½. (R Charlton). Tote: £13.80; £3.40, £1.60, £1.50. Tote Exacta: £73.30. Tricast: £163.78. Trifecta: £337.10. CSF: £61.22. Result Stands. Placepot: £101.20. Quadpot: £12.90. YARMOUTH 1.00: SAMBURU (K O’Neill 11-1) 1; Brilliant Blue (16-1) 2; Shigar (100-30jt-f) 3. 12 ran. 100- 30jt-f Tranquil Night. 1¾, ½. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £11.70; £3.40, £3.10, £1.90. Tote Exacta: £176.70. Trifecta: £1029.60. CSF: £177.56. NR: Captain Howse. 1.30: AL BAREZ (J Mitchell 11-8f) 1; Star Zinc (7-1) 2; Anniversary Belle (15-2) 3. 9 ran. 2l, 1¾. (Tom Clover). Tote: £2.10; £1.10, £2.30, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £11.00. Trifecta: £47.60. CSF: £12.02. 2.05: ICONIQUE (H Turner 16-1) 1; Bague D’or (100-30) 2; Sayf Al Dawla (3-1f) 3. 11 ran. ½, 2½. (C Fellowes). Tote: £16.90; £4.30, £1.80, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £81.70. Tricast: £209.78. Trifecta: £541.70. CSF: £65.01. NR: Alghazaal. 2.40: MEADOW SPRITE (T Marquand 9-2) 1; Holy Bee (25-1) 2; Smokey Malone (18-1) 3; Beryl Burton (11-4 f) 4. 16 ran. 1l, shd, 1l. (H Morrison). Tote: £5.10; £1.40, £5.00, £4.10, £1.30. Tote Exacta: £123.00. Tricast: £1878.59. Trifecta: £1396.00. CSF: £121.60. 3.15: GODDESS OF FIRE (D Keenan 11-2) 1; Precisely (9-2) 2; Mumtaaz (100-30f) 3. 10 ran. nk, 1l. (J Ryan). Tote: £5.30; £2.00, £1.70, £1.30. Tote Exacta: £33.40. Tricast: £96.61. Trifecta: £211.10. CSF: £29.70. 3.50: LAWFUL COMMAND (L Steward 13- 2) 1; Bonita B (100-30) 2; Full Of Beans (5-2f) 3. 9 ran. ½, ¾. (B Meehan). Tote: £7.40; £2.30, £1.30, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £30.40. Tricast: £68.63. Trifecta: £112.00. CSF: £28.27. 4.25: SPECIAL MAYSON (D Costello 11- 10f) 1; Eyes (6-1) 2; Priscilla’s Wish (7-1) 3. 9 ran. nk, 1¾. (Mrs P Sly). Tote: £1.70; £2.10, £2.20, £1.10. Tote Exacta: £8.20. Tricast: £32.28. Trifecta: £37.60. CSF: £7.69. NR: Retrouvailles. 4.55: BROXI (R Winston 5-1) 1; Katyusha (10-1) 2; Jack Ryan (8-1) 3. 10 ran. 85-40f True Belief. ¾, 2¼. (D Ivory). Tote: £5.20; £1.60, £3.00, £2.10. Tote Exacta: £52.90. Tricast: £407.41. Trifecta: £313.30. CSF: £51.62. Jackpot: Not won. Placepot: £15.70. Quadpot: £4.70. MUSSELBURGH 1.20: THE GLOAMING (A Mullen 7-1) 1; Elzaal (7-2f) 2; Deevious Beau (20-1) 3. 11 ran. nk, 3¼. (I Jardine). Tote: £7.60; £2.40, £2.20, £4.70. Tote Exacta: £39.40. Tricast: £489.08. Trifecta: £761.10. CSF: £30.77. NR: I’ll Be Good. 1.50: KHAGAN (D Nolan 7-4) 1; Eastern Sheriff (5-4f) 2; Three Castles (5-1) 3. 6 ran. ns, 7l. (D O’Meara). Tote: £2.20; £1.40, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £4.90. Trifecta: £11.90. CSF: £4.26. 2.25: KATS BOB (A Mullen 6-1) 1; Legal Reform (9-2f) 2; Iris Dancer (11-1) 3. 12 ran. ns, ¾. (I Jardine). Tote: £6.50; £2.00, £1.50, £3.50. Tote Exacta: £31.80. Tricast: £244.77. Trifecta: £148.10. CSF: £34.10. 3.00: ROULSTON SCAR (P J McDonald 5-2jt-f) 1; Indian Sounds (12-1) 2; Makanah (5-2jt-f) 3. 6 ran. ns, hd. (S & E Crisford). Tote: £2.40; £1.40, £4.60. Tote Exacta: £20.70. Trifecta: £53.30. CSF: £29.43. NR: Dubai Station. 3.35: NEVER DARK (A Mullen 100-30f) 1; Ventura Flame (9-1) 2; Victory Angel (12-1) 3. 9 ran. 1½, 2¼. (I Jardine). Tote: £3.30; £1.10, £3.20, £2.60. Tote Exacta: £38.90. Tricast: £321.20. Trifecta: £259.50. CSF: £33.41. 4.10: ZIP (B Garritty 4-1jt-f) 1; Fools Rush In (16-1) 2; National League (15-2) 3. 11 ran. 4-1jt-f On A Session. nk, shd. (R Fahey). Tote: £4.50; £2.00, £3.50, £2.90. Tote Exacta: £68.80. Tricast: £469.27. Trifecta: £1242.40. CSF: £73.41. NR: Volatile Analyst. Result Stands. 4.45: MANSFIELD (J Peate 6-1) 1; Val De Travers (4-1) 2; Stronsay (100-30f) 3. 12 ran. hd, 1¼. (Mrs Stella Barclay). Tote: £6.20; £2.10, £2.10, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £41.00. Tricast: £94.87. Trifecta: £158.60. CSF: £28.32. 5.20: CLAY REGAZZONI (C Rodriguez 7-2) 1; Caballero (100-30f) 2; Chinese Spirit (15- 2) 3. 12 ran. ¾, 2¾. (K Dalgleish). Tote: £4.60; £1.70, £1.30, £2.40. Tote Exacta: £14.20. Tricast: £83.18. Trifecta: £99.30. CSF: £16.21. NRs: Captain Corelli, Jackhammer. Placepot: £149.40. Quadpot: £35.50. WOLVERHAMPTON 1.40: POCKET THE PROFIT (W Buick 11- 8f) 1; Brazen Akoya (15-8) 2; Jam Tart (40-1) 3. 10 ran. 4¼, ½. (G Boughey). Tote: £1.20; £1.10, £1.10, £6.70. Tote Exacta: £4.60. Tricast: £59.41. Trifecta: £61.00. CSF: £3.89. NR: Power Il Topo. 2.15: THUNDER AHEAD (J Watson 6-1) 1; Zhang Fei (4-1) 2; Rushmore (16-1) 3. 9 ran. 100-30f Amalfi Bay. ¾, 2¼. (H Dunlop). Tote: £5.70; £2.00, £1.80, £5.60. Tote Exacta: £30.80. Tricast: £366.65. Trifecta: £435.20. CSF: £30.33. 2.50: MOHI (H Crouch 11-4f) 1; Kit Gabriel (4-1) 2; Kingboard Star (16-5) 3. 10 ran. nk, hd. (C Cox). Tote: £3.90; £1.60, £1.90, £1.10. ReSuLTS newSbOY 1.38 HONNEUR D’AJONC 2.13 I’M ON SNAP 2.48 AIMEE DE SIVOLA 3.23 PRESENTING YEATS 3.58 JUBILYMPICS 4.33 JOSIE ABBING 5.07 TIGER ORCHID bOuVeRie 1.38 HONNEUR D’AJONC 2.13 I’M ON SNAP 2.48 AIMEE DE SIVOLA 3.23 SOME DETAIL 3.59 JUBILYMPICS 4.33 JOSIE ABBING (NB) 5.07 TIGER ORCHID newSbOY 1.55 PERCY’S WORD 2.30 I SPY A DIVA 3.05 FINISTERE 3.40 THEOCRAT 4.15 ET APRES THOU 4.50 RAILWAY MUICE (NAP) bOuVeRie 1.55 PERCY’S WORD 2.30 I SPY A DIVA 3.05 YOUR DARLING (NAP) 3.40 TONYX 4.15 ACHY BREAKY HEART 4.50 SHANROE TIC TEC TOP JOcKeY Harry Skelton By road, trainer Marcus tregoning sends originator (8.00) on a 330-mile trip from Whitsbury, Hampshire to newcastle. LONGEST TRAVELLER Trainer ralph Beckett and jockey rob Hornby have a 50 per cent strike rate when teaming up at Leicester — three wins from six runners. So look out for Vee sigHt (1.00) and toMfre (3.50). STAT OF THE DAY (Top in-form jockey with just one booked ride) Nico de Boinville: raPid fLigHt (3.05 Huntingdon) SINGLE-SHOT STAR nORTHeRneR’S nAP TOMMY R (5.30 Newcastle) TOPSPOT PORSCHE CAVALIER (2.05 Leicester) newmARKeT’S beST FUTURE KING (4.55 Leicester) SPeeDHORSe SYMPHONY PERFECT (2.05 Leicester) TODAY’S FAb 4 TiPS CALLS: €0.97c per min plus your telephone company’s network access charge. 18+ only. SP: Spoke, AL10 9NA. Helpline: 0333 202 3390 IRISHDAILY LIVE RACING COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS with Sports Radio 1550 924 238 1550 933 650 (€0.97c per min) (€0.97c per min) GREYHOUND COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS CALL newsbOY 1.00 MYSTERY MONARCH 1.30 PARLANDO 2.05 PORSCHE CAVALIER 2.40 HURRY UP HEDLEY 3.15 LEXINGTON FORCE 3.50 PERSUASION 4.25 AVARICE 4.55 FUTURE KING bOuVerie 1.00 YUKON STAR 1.30 PARLANDO 2.05 PORSCHE CAVALIER 2.40 HURRY UP HEDLEY 3.15 LEXINGTON FORCE 3.50 PERSUASION 4.25 QUEMONDA 4.55 FUTURE KING GoinG: Soft-Good to Soft in places. Course: Right-handed oval course of 1m 5f, with a 5f run-in. 5-7f races run on the straight mile, downhill for the first 4f then mainly uphill to the finish. DrAW: High numbers have a slight advantage, especially when the ground is soft. Top TrAiners: R Hannon 21-166 (12.7%), R Varian 16-68 (23.5%), C Cox 16-112 (14.3%), P Evans 15-104 (14.4%), M Appleby 13-137 (9.5%), W Haggas 12-52 (23.1%), M Bell 12-64 (18.8%). Top JoCkeys: Jim Crowley 26-125 (20.8%), Adam Kirby 19-113 (16.8%), William Buick 18-73 (24.7%), Tom Marquand 17-116 (14.7%), Oisin Murphy 15-106 (14.2%), David Egan 14-87 (16.1%). 1sT TiMe BLinkers: 2.40 Wynn Palace, 3.15 Arizona Gold, Lexington Force, 3.50 Wobwobwob. 1sT TiMe CHeekpieCes: 4.25 Avarice, Divine Comedy. 1sT TiMe TonGue sTrAps: 3.15 Arizona Gold, 4.25 Chef De Troupe, Clarendon Cross. 1sT run sinCe WinD op: 4.25 Sabre Jet. profiTABLe rACes for fAvs: 4.25. TOP DOG’S BEST NEWCASTLE 11.06 Darbys Ranger (Nap) (4-3-6) 11.21 Canny Bamm Bamm (1-4-2) 11.36 Himbos Sapphire (2-4-1) 11.51 Havana Senoir (6-5-3) 12.06 Sonic Stormi (5-3-1) 12.21 Crooks Gooch (1- 6-5) 12.36 Crooks Popeye (1-2-6) 12.51 Lightfoot Sam (6-1-3) 1.06 Target Slick (1-6-3) 1.21 Start Walking (6-2-5) 1.36 For The Fallen (1-2-6) 1.51 Bagarrow (3-5-4) KINSLEY 11.13 Blacksmith Tiny (2-6-5) 11.28 Ask Andy (6-4-1) 11.43 Fire Leopard (1-4-6) 11.58 Errill Patholly (1-3-2) 12.13 Jacksonfire (1-4-6) 12.28 Mildenberger (Nap) (6-4-1) 12.43 Millbank Drake (3-4-5) 12.58 Highview Matilda (3-2-5) 1.13 Shortbacknsides (5-2-4) 1.28 Beepers Bud (3-4-5) 1.44 Ballymac Pia (4-1-2) 1.59 Swift Depositer (6-5-3) SUNDERLAND 2.04 Touch The Clouds (Nap) (6-3-1) 2.19 Dublinhill Klass (5-2-1) 2.36 Dannys Eva (3-4-2) 2.54 Ardmore Jet (6-3-4) 3.09 Caretaker Tom (1-3-6) 3.26 Newinn Billy (3-4-2) 3.44 Posh Alana (6-4-3) 4.04 Morning Light (1-4-6) 4.23 Noirs Cherry (3-5-1) 4.43 Black Illusion (1-3-6) 5.03 Stranger Things (4-3-2) 5.22 Parish Adeus (5-3-2) newsbOY 5.00 LINDWALL 5.30 GREENGAGE 6.00 FOXY RASCAL 6.30 RAYDOUN 7.00 KENDRED FIRE 7.30 WHATWOULDYOUKNOW 8.00 TOP TABLE 8.30 SINGE ANGLAIS (NB) bOuVerie 5.00 LINDWALL 5.30 GREENGAGE 6.00 PINK CRYSTAL 6.30 POCKET THE PROFIT 7.00 BEAUZON 7.30 CROWNTHORPE 8.00 TOP TABLE 8.30 LADY CELIA GoinG: Standard. Course: Left-handed all-weather Tapeta course with a 3f run-in. Races up to 1m run on the straight course. DrAW: High numbers have a slight advantage over 5f. Top TrAiners: R Fahey 94-769 (12.2%), J & T Gosden 56-177 (31.6%), M Johnston 51-457 (11.2%), K Dalgleish 50-474 (10.5%), B Ellison 49-483 (10.1%), B Haslam 42-338 (12.4%), K Burke 41-366 (11.2%), W Haggas 38-122 (31.1%), A Brittain 35-386 (9.1%), D O’Meara 35-400 (8.8%), R Fell 33-409 (8.1%), P Kirby 32-336 (9.5%). Top JoCkeys: Ben Curtis 99-576 (17.2%), P J McDonald 79-664 (11.9%), Joe Fanning 68-476 (14.3%), Daniel Tudhope 68-367 (18.5%), Andrew Mullen 53-622 (8.5%), Callum Rodriguez 53-345 (15.4%), Paul Mulrennan 52-543 (9.6%), Jason Hart 50-529 (9.5%), Graham Lee 44-639 (6.9%). TrAiner TArGeTs (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): None. 1sT TiMe BLinkers: 5.30 Fandabidozi, 7.00 Crocodile Tears. CHeekpieCes: 5.00 Echo, Niven, 5.30 Pallas Dancer, 6.30 Addie Boo Boo, 7.00 Another Bertie, 7.30 Soaring Star, 8.00 Baltic Coast, 8.30 Dandys Gold, Merry Secret, Mutanaaseq. TonGue sTrAps: 5.00 Globetrotter, 5.30 Golden Hind, 8.30 Burrows Seeside. (*=1st time). 1sT run sinCe WinD op: None. 1sT TiMe HooDs: None. profiTABLe rACes for fAvs: 8.00. PRO-BET No bet today sPOtFOrM GOinGs heavy - H; soft - S; Good to soft - GS; Good - G; Good to firm - GF; Firm - FM; hard - HD; Yielding - Y; Yielding to soft - YS. a-w: standard - ST; slow - SL; standard to fast - SF, standard to slow– SS MANSIONBET PROUD TO SUPPORT BRITISH 5.00 SP• RACING HANDICAP (6) 2m Winner £2,700 (13) T 1 (7) 959-56 ECHO (190) J O’Keeffe 6 10-0 (C, D) ........................................... J Garritty 70 G 2 (4) -22319 WEMySS POINT (147) (B) P Kirby 9 9-13 .................................... B Curtis 65 G 3 (10) 254127 NATAlEENA (30) B Haslam 5 9-13 (CD).......................................A Mullen 65 G 4 (6) 0-9111 lINDWAll (5) Sir M Prescott 3 9-12 (SF).....................................l Morris 61 ST 5 (1) /48424 VICTORIANO (26) B Ellison 5 9-11 (EW).................................. B Robinson 67 G 6 (13) 351341 TOMORROW’S ANGEl (13) T Davidson 6 9-11 (D) (F) .....................J Hart 65 G 7 (5) -86139 GlOBETROTTER (21) D Brooke 7 9-8 .............................................G lee 68 G 8 (2) 88/339 NIVEN (136) P Kirby 8 9-7.............................................................D Swift 66 SH 9 (12) 810-70 REASSURANCE (13) (B) D Brooke 6 9-6 (D).......................A Brookes (7) 61 G 10 (11) 7-0523 METAl MAN (13) (V) R Menzies 5 9-2 (BF)............................ P Mulrennan 67 Y 11 (8) 676050 THAWRy (71) (V) A Brittain 6 8-11 (C)...........................................C Hardie ●71 ST 12 (3) 0368 TykENWEAR (18) J J Davies 3 8-4 .............................Miss A Waugh (5) 64 GF 13 (9) 60-560 FREEWHEElIN (21) T Tate 3 8-2 ..........................................JP Sullivan 55 G BETTING: 6-5 Lindwall, 6 Tomorrow’s Angel, 7 Metal Man, Echo, 8 Victoriano, 14 Nataleena. MANSIONBET BET 10 GET 20 HANDICAP (5) 1m 4f 5.30 Winner £3,240 (9 run) 1 (3) 732562 GREENGAGE (11) (H) T Davidson 6 10-2 (CD)....................................J Hart ●80 ST 2 (9) 834511 GOlDEN HIND (18) D O’Meara 4 10-0 (CD) (SF).........................D Tudhope 77 ST 3 (8) 122224 PAllAS DANCER (13) B Ellison 4 9-13 (C)............................. B Robinson 78 SF 4 (5) 347114 COUNTESSA (17) H Palmer 3 9-10 (D) ......................................... B Curtis 73 SS 5 (2) 3/8748 JACk yEATS (112) W Coltherd 5 9-6 ...........................................T Eaves 79 GY 6 (4) 322334 FANDABIDOzI (17) (B) M Johnston 3 9-2 (C) ............................ J Fanning 78 GF 7 (7) 6-8711 TOMMy R (94) Phillip Makin 3 8-13 (F)....................................H Burns (5) 73 GF 8 (6) 55-86 MISS PAlOMA (13) Sir M Prescott 3 8-12 (EW) ............................l Morris 76 ST 9 (1) 7-060 ClOUDlAND (34) W Coltherd 3 8-5 ......................................JP Sullivan 67 SS BETTING: 7-2 Golden Hind, 4 Tommy R, 5 Greengage, Pallas Dancer, 6 Countessa, 7 Miss Paloma, 8 Fandabidozi, 33 Jack Yeats, 50 Cloudland. MANSIONBET BEATEN By A HEAD EBF NOVICE STAkES 6.00 (GBB RACE) (5) (2-y-O) 6f Winner £3,780 (14 run) 1 (12) 81 FOxy RASCAl (21) G Boughey 9-5 (CD) (SF)............................... B Curtis 83 ST 2 (9) 46 HA lONG BAy (10) A Keatley 9-3 ......................................Jimmy Quinn 75 G 3 (5) 84 HOI AN BEACH (15) R Menzies 9-3 ..................................... P Mulrennan 75 SF 4 (2) 55 lUCky lUCky lUCky (21) N Tinkler 9-3..................................T Eaves 82 GF 5 (14) 5 NEPTUNIAN (25) M Meade 9-3 (F).......................................... J Mitchell ●86 G 6 (6) SyDNEy BAy Mrs A Duffield 9-3 ..................................................S Gray - - 7 (8) TOP NOTCH TOMMy B Ellison 9-3 ...................................... B Robinson - - 8 (7) 3 ESPRESSOO (22) M Johnston 8-12.......................................... J Fanning 75 G 9 (1) 65 lETHAl VISION (27) D Brown 8-12 ...........................................C Hardie 63 G 10 (13) MIDHEAVEN D O’Meara 8-12 ..................................................D Tudhope - - 11 (10) 6 PARADISE OF lOVE (26) N Tinkler 8-12 .................................... R Scott 53 G 12 (4) PINk CRySTAl W Haggas 8-12 (EW)...........................................C Fallon - - 13 (11) 5 ROSHAMBO (21) J Camacho 8-12 .........................................C Rodriguez 79 ST 14 (3) 54 TIlly THE FIlly (21) B Smart 8-12 ...............................................G lee 85 GF BETTING: 7-2 Foxy Rascal, 4 Neptunian, 6 Pink Crystal, 7 Midheaven, 8 Tilly The Filly, 10 Lucky Lucky Lucky, Espressoo, 12 Roshambo. MANSIONBET BEST ODDS GUARANTEED NURSERy (DIV 1) (5) 6.30 leicester BRITISH EBF NOVICE STAkES (GBB RACE) (DIV 1) 1.00 (4) (2-y-O) 7f Winner £5,400 (11 run) FORM SP• T p 1 (3) AkHU NAJlA R Varian 9-5 (F)..............................................David Egan - - 2 (10) 06 BEARING BOB (16) M Loughnane 9-5 .........................................P Prince 66 G 3 (2) 22 IkHTIRAAQ (33) Owen Burrows 9-5 (BF) (EW)........................... J Crowley 80 G 4 (7) kNIGHT OF HONOUR J & T Gosden 9-5 ...................................R Havlin - - 5 (11) MEGA MARVEl M Appleby 9-5 ..............................................T ladd (3) - - 6 (1) MR RUMBAlICIOUS A King 9-5 .............................................M Harley - - 7 (6) 43 MySTERy MONARCH (87) E J-Houghton 9-5 ..........................D Probert ●82 GF 8 (8) 7 OVERDRAFT (11) J J Quinn 9-5 ...............................................D Costello 47 SF 9 (9) 0 REGAl VISION (26) M & D Easterby 9-5 ................................. W Pyle (7) 25 GF 10 (5) 7 VEE SIGHT (51) R Beckett 9-5 ................................................. R Hornby 72 G 11 (4) yUkON STAR C Appleby 9-5 (SF) .............................................. W Buick - - BETTING: 9-4 Yukon Star, 3 Mystery Monarch, 7-2 Ikhtiraaq, 7 Knight Of Honour, 8 Akhu Najla, 14 Vee Sight, 20 Mr Rumbalicious, Bearing Bob. BRITISH EBF NOVICE STAkES (GBB RACE) (DIV 2) (4) (2-y-O) 7f 1.30 Winner £5,400 (10 run) 1 (9) BOND BOy M Appleby 9-5 ......................................................T ladd (3) - - 2 (7) 06 DREAM SHOW (39) C Hills 9-5 ............................................k Shoemark 75 SS 3 (2) GOlDEN SHOT Sir M Prescott 9-5 ................................................ R Tate - - 4 (1) JAD MAHAl A King 9-5 ..........................................................M Harley - - 5 (6) 96 kENNET (19) J & T Gosden 9-5 ...................................................R Havlin ●81 GF 6 (8) MIDNIGHT TRAIN C Cox 9-5 (EW)............................................. A kirby - - 7 (10) PARlANDO C Appleby 9-5 (SF).................................................. W Buick - - 8 (4) 70 QUICkDRAWMCGRAW (105) E Williams 9-5 ............................. k O’Neill 45 GF 9 (3) FUNky TOWN PINkIE I Furtado 9-0 ......................................T Whelan - - 10 (5) MORGAN FAIRy W Haggas 9-0 (F)...................................... T Marquand - - BETTING: 5-4 Parlando, 9-2 Kennet, 5 Morgan Fairy, 7 Midnight Train, 8 Jad Mahal, 12 Dream Show, 25 Golden Shot, 33 Funky Town Pinkie. 2.05 BRITISH STAllION STUDS EBF FIllIES’ CONDITIONS STAkES (GBB RACE) (3) (2-y-O) 6f Winner £8,100 (6 run) 1 (5) 421193 DORA PENNy (17) P Evans 9-4 (C, D) .......................................D Probert 89 ST 2 (1) 1 BENEFIT (22) C Cox 9-0 (D) (F) .....................................................J Fahy 88 ST 3 (3) 0117 DAIQUIRI FRANCAIS (33) R Beckett 9-0 (BF, D) .......................H Crouch 88 GS 4 (6) 2531 lADy RAEBURN (27) K Ryan 9-0 ...............................................k Stott 85 G 5 (4) 44174 PORSCHE CAVAlIER (40) R Brisland 9-0 (SF)........................... W Buick ●102 G 6 (2) 128453 SyMPHONy PERFECT (10) R Hannon 9-0 (D).......................Rossa Ryan 97 G BETTING: 5-4 Porsche Cavalier, 4 Symphony Perfect, 6 Benefit, 7 Dora Penny, 8 Daiquiri Francais, Lady Raeburn. 2.40 EVERy RACE lIVE ON RACING TV NURSERy (6) (2-y-O) 1m Winner £2,862 (10 run) 1 (4) 24554 FIllE DE lA lUNE (28) K Burke 9-7 .............................................C lee 60 GF 2 (6) 076414 HURRy UP HEDlEy (1 ) (B) W Haggas 9-6 (SF)..............A Farragher (5) ●64 ST 3 (5) 096 CAPlA FEVER (19) M Botti 9-5 .........................................S Cherchi (3) 58 G 4 (9) 9580 lISA’S DREAM (20) D Carroll 9-5 ............................................... H Shaw 57 G 5 (10) 8077 DIVINING (10) J S Moore 9-5..................................................David Egan 61 ST 6 (8) 400 SOlANNA (40) J Butler 9-4 ..................................................... J F Egan 60 G 7 (2) 600547 MIDGETONAMISSION (7) P Evans 9-4 (F)................................. W Buick 59 GS 8 (3) 8763 GIlBERT (7) A West 9-4 (EW)...............................Elisha Whittington (5) 63 GS 9 (7) 06040 WyNN PAlACE (20) (B) J J Quinn 9-4 .....................................O Murphy 62 G 10 (1) 08076 TAkEyOURBREATHAWAy (20) D O’Meara 9-2 ...................... J Watson 61 G BETTING: 5-2 Hurry Up Hedley, 4 Midgetonamission, 5 Gilbert, 7 Fille De La Lune, 8 Takeyourbreathaway, 12 Capla Fever, Wynn Palace, 14 Solanna. IN FORM TRAINERS: B Pauling 3-7 (43%), C Appleby 11-27 (41%), G Hanmer 2-5 (40%), M Tregoning 2-5 (40%), N Henderson 6-15 (40%), S Humphrey 2-5 (40%), P Hobbs 7-18 (39%), C Longsdon 5-15 (33%), W Haggas 14- 47 (30%), D McCain 7-24 (29%), Mrs Stella Barclay 2-7 (29%), Simon Whitaker 2-7 (29%), T Lacey 3-11 (27%), D Brooke 1-4 (25%). JOCkEyS: Connor Brace 3-8 (38%), Jim Crowley 9-25 (36%), Brian Hughes 10-31 (32%), Adam Farragher 5-16 (31%), Dane O’Neill 5-16 (31%), Nico De Boinville 3-10 (30%), Darragh Keenan 4-14 (29%), Dougie Costello 5-18 (28%), Tom O’Brien 5-19 (26%), Aiden Brookes 1-4 (25%), Alexander Thorne 1-4 (25%), Benjamin Poste 2-8 (25%). newcastle JacKPOt FORM p 7.00 (2-y-O) 6f Winner £3,240 (11 run) 1 (2) 32573 RAyDOUN (17) R Fell 9-9 ........................................................... B Curtis 75 GF 2 (7) 005 kINGOFHEll (35) E Walker 9-7 .............................................. R Coakley 72 GF 3 (4) 854 CHANTEIRO (130) M Johnston 9-5 (EW)................................... J Fanning 70 GF 4 (5) 52475 STROMBOlI (28) D O’Meara 9-5 .............................................D Tudhope ●78 GF 5 (8) 78841 DARk TERMS (29) A Watson 9-5 (D) (SF) ....................................H Doyle 76 ST 6 (3) 5530 ADDIE BOO BOO (34) Darryll Holland 9-5 ...............................R Winston 74 SF 7 (10) 028 VAN zANT (28) R Carr 9-2 ...................................................JP Sullivan 76 G 8 (11) 8120 ACT OF PASSION (11) Ewan Whillans 9-0 (D)......................C Murtagh (3) 76 G 9 (6) 683 HEART OF kABEIR (24) R Fahey 8-12 ............................. B Garritty (3) 69 G 10 (1) 607711 POCkET THE PROFIT (1) (H) G Boughey 9-1(12ex) (F)......... M Crehan (3) 77 GS 11 (9) 370 BITCOIN RANGER (25) J J Quinn 8-7 ..........................................J Hart 71 GF BETTING: 9-4 Dark Terms, 5 Pocket The Profit, 6 Kingofhell, 7 Raydoun, 8 Stromboli, 10 Heart Of Kabeir, 12 Chanteiro, 16 Bitcoin Ranger, Van Zant, Addie Boo Boo, 25 Act Of Passion. MANSIONBET BEST ODDS GUARANTEED NURSERy (DIV 2) (5) (2-y-O) 6f Winner £3,240 (11 run) 1 (3) 78125 kENDRED FIRE (25) J O’Keeffe 9-9 (D) .................................. J Garritty 76 GF 2 (7) 34168 SHE’S THE DANGER (24) A Keatley 9-7 (CD).........................l Edmunds 75 G 3 (6) 440324 BEAUzON (38) D O’Meara 9-6 (EW) .........................................D Tudhope ●77 GF 4 (8) 603216 RHINOPlASTy (22) K Burke 9-6 (D) (SF)...................................S James 75 ST 5 (1) 638 WEE POPPy (29) J J Quinn 9-5 ....................................................J Hart 72 G 6 (5) 040960 El MAGA (25) Phillip Makin 9-5 (D) .............................................. R Scott 74 G 7 (9) 362774 CROCODIlE TEARS (24) (B) H Palmer 9-1 ......................... M Crehan (3) 75 GF 8 (11) 8001 VARIETy ISlAND (11) Simon Whitaker 9-0 (CD) (F) .................... P Dennis 74 SF 9 (4) 464553 HOT DIGGITy DOG (49) (V) K Dalgleish 8-11 (BF)..................C Rodriguez 74 G 10 (10) 907 TWO WORlDS COllIDE (27) B Ellison 8-8 .......................... B Robinson 71 G 11 (2) 06004 ANOTHER BERTIE (11) N Tinkler 8-0.................................Jimmy Quinn 69 SF BETTING: 4 Kendred Fire, 5 Variety Island, 11-2 Rhinoplasty, 6 Beauzon, 7 Crocodile Tears, 8 Wee Poppy, 10 Hot Diggity Dog, 12 She’s The Danger. MANSIONBET WATCH AND BET HANDICAP (4) 1m 7.30 Winner £4,590 (12 run) 1 (2) 822089 CROWNTHORPE (47) R Fahey 6 9-13 (CD)..........................C Murtagh (3) ●88 SS 2 (10) 118253 TANGlED (26) (H) K Tutty 6 9-12 (BF, D) .......................................T Eaves 86 G 3 (11) 1-4267 SERENADING (38) J Fanshawe 5 9-11 (C) (F)....................... P J McDonald 85 GF 4 (8) 565104 STREAk lIGHTNING (20) R Carr 4 9-8 (C, D) .......................JP Sullivan 79 ST 5 (4) 215848 OlD NEWS (10) (B) Mrs L Stubbs 4 9-8 (D) ................... Joanna Mason (3) 83 ST 6 (1) 379453 JEWEl MAkER (14) T Easterby 6 9-8 (CD).............................D Fentiman 80 SH 7 (7) 143647 kENTUCkyCONNECTION (45) B Smart 8 9-8 (CD) ............. G Sanna (7) 81 G 8 (9) 291122 COSMOS RAJ (18) D O’Meara 3 9-6 (D) (EW) ............................D Tudhope 84 G 9 (3) 015915 WHATWOUlDyOUkNOW (20) N Tinkler 6 9-5 ........................... R Scott 85 ST 10 (5) 865087 WIllIE JOHN (29) B Haslam 6 9-4 ............................................A Mullen 86 G 11 (6) 749501 SOARING STAR (18) K Ryan 4 9-4 (CD) (SF)...................................S Gray 87 GS 12 (12) 200160 SWINGING EDDIE (21) G Tuer 5 8-13 .........................................S James 85 G BETTING: 4 Soaring Star, 9-2 Serenading, 6 Cosmos Raj, 7 Jewel Maker, Tangled, 10 Whatwouldyouknow, 12 Crownthorpe, Old News. FOllOW MANSIONBET ON TWITTER MAIDEN STAkES (5) 7f 8.00 Winner £3,672 (8 run) 1 (7) 2 BAlTIC COAST (26) S & E Crisford 3 9-5 (F)............................ J Mitchell 87 G 2 (2) OlD DIxIE K Ryan 3 9-5 .............................................................T Eaves - - 3 (3) 3 ORIGINATOR (46) M Tregoning 3 9-5......................................... D O’Neill 81 G 4 (5) 6- SUBSTANTIAl (347) W Haggas 3 9-5 (EW) ..................................C Fallon 80 S 5 (1) 07- BlUE ARTEMIS (314) J Fanshawe 3 9-0 .............................. P Mulrennan 68 ST 6 (6) ENHIMAAR Mrs Stella Barclay 3 9-0 ...........................................C Hardie - - 7 (4) lARllUNNA B Ellison 3 9-0 ..............................................H Russell (3) - - 8 (8) 32 TOP TABlE (10) J & T Gosden 3 9-0 (BF) (SF) ..................... P J McDonald ●88 ST BETTING: 11-8 Top Table, 3 Baltic Coast, 4 Substantial, 6 Originator, 12 Old Dixie, 25 Larllunna, 33 Blue Artemis, 66 Enhimaar. 2020: FUTURE KING 3 9 5, Pat Cosgrave 10-11 Fav (S bin Suroor), drawn (3), 13 ran. DOWNlOAD THE MANSIONBET APP APPRENTICE HANDICAP 8.30 rtV BET AT RACINGTV.COM SEllING STAkES (5) 7f 3.15 Winner £3,132 (7 run) 1 (3) 777123 kODI GOlD (15) P Evans 3 9-2 (BF)........................................... D keenan 75 G 2 (7) 746683 lExINGTON FORCE (23) (B) R Hannon 4 9-0 (BF) (SF)...........Rossa Ryan ●89 G 3 (2) 349225 MAySONG (31) E Dunlop 4 9-0 (D) (F).......................................... W Buick 86 ST 4 (6) 064-68 ARIzONA GOlD (25) (B) P & O Cole 3 8-12 .............................M Tabti (7) 76 ST 5 (4) 963856 EMJAyTWENTyTHREE (13) Alice Haynes 3 8-12 ...................... k O’Neill 78 G 6 (1) 567037 kEEP RIGHT ON (7) (B) R Hannon 3 8-12....................T Hammer Hansen 77 GS 7 (5) UNClE JOHNNy (V) C Fellowes 3 8-12 .................................. S Donohoe - - BETTING: 11-4 Maysong, 7-2 Lexington Force, 4 Kodi Gold, 6 Keep Right On, Arizona Gold, 10 Emjaytwentythree, 12 Uncle Johnny. EVERy RACE lIVE ON RACING TV HANDICAP (2) 7f 3.50 Winner £10,468 (10 run) 1 (9) -22985 TOMFRE (10) R Beckett 4 9-12 (CD) (EW)....................................R Hornby 107 GS 2 (7) -04616 BEAR FORCE ONE (31) R Teal 5 9-6 (D).............................James Doyle 105 GF 3 (5) 72-103 PERSUASION (45) C Hills 4 9-5 (D) (F).......................................W Buick ●109 GF 4 (3) 412114 MOTAWAAJED (33) W Haggas 3 9-5 (D) (SF) ...........................J Crowley 108 G 5 (8) 080510 ROPEy GUEST (17) (V) G Margarson 4 9-4 (D) ....................... T P Queally 105 S 6 (6) -09240 SUNSET BREEzE (59) (V) Sir M Prescott 4 9-3 ............................. R Tate 106 GS 7 (1) 623214 ABlE kANE (11) B Millman 4 8-13 (C, D) .................................... O Murphy 107 G 8 (2) -65076 MIllTOWN STAR (11) M Channon 4 8-11 (D) ...........................David Egan 105 GS 9 (4) 316035 WOBWOBWOB (14) (B) A Keatley 3 8-9 (D)............................T Marquand 106 GF 10 (10) 243242 ASAD (24) M Appleby 5 8-8 (D)................................................T ladd (3) 106 ST BETTING: 10-3 Motawaajed, 5 Able Kane, 6 Persuasion, 7 Bear Force One, Tomfre, 10 Sunset Breeze, Asad, Wobwobwob. VISIT RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP (5) 1m 2f 4.25 Winner £3,132 (17 run) 1 (13) 6-2641 QUEMONDA (35) P & O Cole 5 9-11 (D) (SF)................................D Probert 74 GF 2 (15) 075938 AVARICE (21) J Butler 4 9-11 (D) .................................................. A kirby 75 GS 3 (9) 5453 TElE RED (18) K Burke 4 9-9 ..........................................................C lee 70 GF 4 (12) 0458 CECI WEllS (31) P Webber 4 9-9 ........................................W Carver (3) 71 GS 5 (10) 636 FRANCO GRASSO (152) P Chapple-Hyam 3 9-8 ..................... C Noble (3) 74 G 6 (17) 792687 TUNDRA (1) P Evans 5 9-7 (D)........................................Gina Mangan (5) 77 GF 7 (6) 45-40 lA HUlOTTE (126) A Balding 4 9-7 ..........................................O Murphy 57 ST 8 (14) 314520 lOCHANTHEM (13) (V) M Bell 3 9-5 (D) ................................ T Marquand 76 GS 9 (5) 521159 HER WAy (21) (B) K Tutty 3 9-4 (D) ...............................Gemma Tutty (3) 75 GF 10 (8) 563560 ClARENDON CROSS (16) R Hannon 3 9-2 ............................Rossa Ryan 77 GF 11 (2) /66660 CHEF DE TROUPE (J14) A Forbes 8 9-2 .................................. R Hornby ●84 GS 12 (16) 831343 kENTUCky kITTEN (34) T Easterby 3 9-2 (D)........................... W Buick 74 G 13 (4) 073676 JACkAMUNDO (6) D Carroll 5 9-1 (BF, D) (F)................................ H Shaw 76 GS 14 (1) 366925 REVERENTIAl (59) D Menuisier 3 9-1 (EW)...........................k Shoemark 75 G 15 (3) 05664 DIVINE COMEDy (24) C Wall 3 9-0 ......................................C Shepherd 79 G 16 (11) 36702 SABRE JET (J50) A Murphy 3 9-0 ...............................................k Stott 73 G 17 (7) 233494 STRAIGHT ASH (21) (V) R Menzies 6 9-0 ............................... S Donohoe 77 GS BETTING: 9-2 Quemonda, 7 Jackamundo, 8 Kentucky Kitten, Reverential, 10 La Hulotte, 12 Tele Red, Straight Ash, Franco Grasso. lEICESTERRACES NExT MEETING MONDAy 25TH OCTOBER EBF 4.55 NOVICE STAkES (5) 7f Winner £4,050 (15 run) 1 (10) 31- FUTURE kING (364) S bin Suroor 4 9-11 (D) (SF)........................O Murphy ●97 ST 2 (1) EQUION A Carroll 3 9-2 ................................................................ R Tate - - 3 (5) 7 lEVENDI (12) P Charalambous 3 9-2 ........................... Grace McEntee (5) 70 ST 4 (14) 6-0 PIVOTAl TIME (26) D Menuisier 3 9-2 .................................k Shoemark 55 ST 5 (3) 80 PyRRHOS (26) T Ward 3 9-2 ................................................ T Marquand 56 ST 6 (12) 3 RHyTHM N ROCk (146) J Butler 3 9-2 (EW) .............................. W Buick 76 ST 7 (13) 0 RING OF lIGHT (48) H Candy 3 9-2 ......................................... R Hornby 32 SS 8 (11) 5 ARE yOU ABlE (25) P Evans 4 8-13 .............................Gina Mangan (5) 60 ST 9 (7) DylAN’S RUBy A Carroll 4 8-13 ....................................................C lee - - 10 (6) 5 HOW HARD CAN IT BE (20) J Best 3 8-11 ............................... J F Egan 76 ST 11 (8) 7 ISlE OF DREAMS (11) D Carroll 3 8-11............................. z Wheatley (7) 28 SF 12 (15) 6 MACS GIRl (34) M Appleby 3 8-11 ...........................................T ladd (3) 63 ST 13 (2) 27 MAGNIFICENCE (20) (H) Brian O’Rourke 3 8-11 .......................David Egan 85 SS 14 (9) MIDNIGHT lUCk H Spiller 3 8-11 ...............................................l Jones - - 15 (4) 5 SPICE STORE (124) A Balding 3 8-11 (F)....................................D Probert 82 GF BETTING: 4-5 Future King, 11-2 Spice Store, 6 Magnificence, 7 Rhythm N Rock, 10 How Hard Can It Be, 20 Midnight Luck, 25 Macs Girl, 33 Dylan’s Ruby, Levendi. sKY (5) 6f Winner £3,240 (14 run) 1 (9) 124054 JORDAN ElECTRICS (13) Ewan Whillans 5 9-10 (D) .................. M Crehan 80 G 2 (7) 284320 DANDyS GOlD (45) R Fell 7 9-10 (CD) ..................................B Harris (7) 75 ST 3 (12) 625626 MUTANAASEQ (19) R Carr 6 9-10 (D) ...............................Joanna Mason 79 G 4 (14) 317342 CAPTAIN VAllO (18) (H) Phillip Makin 3 9-9 (D) (SF) ......Ryan Sexton (7) 80 ST 5 (3) 7-9078 GOWANlAD (11) P Kirby 4 9-9 (CD)......................................A Breslin (3) 76 ST 6 (1) 4-0407 BIllIAN (48) P Kirby 3 9-5 ...................................................J Peate (5) 77 G 7 (5) 222574 lADy CElIA (26) R Fahey 4 9-5 (CD) .......................................C Murtagh 80 SS 8 (4) 489543 SPARTAN FIGHTER (21) (V) A Brittain 4 9-5 (CD) (F)................ H Russell 79 VS 9 (8) 224405 MERRy SECRET (19) L Mullaney 3 9-4 (D).......................S B kirrane (3) 81 GF 10 (13) 660909 ROyAl ADVICE (18) K Dalgleish 3 9-4 (CD) .................. O McSweeney (5) 77 ST 11 (2) 250974 BURROWS SEESIDE (21) P Kirby 4 9-3 (CD) ...........................B Garritty 74 ST 12 (10) 845485 DAN DE lIGHT (13) T Easterby 3 9-3 ..............................Ella McCain (3) 70 ST 13 (11) 243521 SINGE ANGlAIS (17) N Tinkler 4 9-3 (D) (EW)......................... A Jary (7) 80 GF 14 (6) 7-6208 THE MOUSEN CHAMP (15) B Ellison 3 8-10................... Alan Persse (5) ●82 ST BETTING: 4 Singe Anglais, 6 Captain Vallo, 7 Spartan Fighter, 8 Burrows Seeside, 10 Lady Celia, Jordan Electrics, 12 Dan De Light, Gowanlad, Dandys Gold. TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 39 ter-riFF-ic Mishriff is 7-4 favourite for the Champion Stakes on Saturday gosdens on a champions day mish-ion By chris GOuldinG John GoSdEn has the firepower at Saturday’s Qipco Champions day to overtake Charlie Appleby and become the season’s champion trainer with his son Thady. Appleby is uncertain about playing his ace card — derby winner Adayar in Ascot’s Qipco Champion Stakes. But the Gosdens, now joint trainers, have confirmed Mishriff for the Champion Stakes and Palace Pier for the QEII, plus they have possible back-up in Stradivarius in the Champions Long distance Cup. The formidable partnership also plan to run Free Wind (Champions Fillies & Mares) and Sunray Major (Balmoral handicap). Mishriff is the 7-4 favourite for the Champion Stakes and Gosden (below) said: “We’ve been happy with him and we should get better ground than last year (eighth), when he really didn’t like it.” Palace Pier, rated the best miler in the world, heads the QEII betting at 13-8. “It was frustrating when Palace Pier had to miss the Sussex Stakes with a blood disorder,” added Gosden. “But he has since won the Prix Jacques Le Marois and is training well.” The drying ground will favour Stradivarius if he rocks up in what will be a fascinating clash with Trueshan, his conqueror at Longchamp. July Cup winner Starman, the highestrated sprinter in Europe, will not be running at Ascot as he has been retired to stud after suffering an injury. her majesty enters racing hall of fame THE QUEEN has been inducted into QIPCO British Champions Series Hall of Fame for her contribution to racing. Since Her Majesty’s first winner with Monaveen over jumps at Fontwell in 1949, the Queen has celebrated more than 1,800 winners and has twice been champion owner on the Flat in 1954 and 1957. She has also bred and owned the winner of every British Classic apart from the Derby. John Warren, The Queen’s racing adviser, said: “I suspect she will have a lot of inner pride in being invited into the Hall of Fame.”

40 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 foRMuLA onE TuRKISH GP lew stands by his radio rant LEWIS HAMILTON has defended his angry radio outbursts during Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix. Hamilton (below) took aim at his Mercedes team after he dropped from third to fifth following a late pit stop. The world champion, who now trails Red Bull’s Max Verstappen by six points, vented his annoyance, shouting: “F***, man. Why did we give up the place? We shouldn’t have come in... I told you.” He then demanded his race engineer Peter Bonnington left him alone. But in a social media post yesterday, Hamilton said: “Don’t ever expect me to be all polite and calm on the radio when I’m racing. “We’re all very passionate, and in the heat of the moment that passion can come out, as it does for all the drivers. “But any angst is quickly forgotten and we talked it through, and are already looking ahead to the next race.” cricket t20 world cup get a gRiP.. HeRe’s Ben BEN STOkES gave his fans a treat – and the Aussies a scare – by posting a picture clutching a bat again. He had been unable to grip one properly after surgery on his broken left index finger and quit cricket temporarily in the summer. But a week after his second op, and a day after the Ashes squad was named, he tweeted a photo gripping the willow and said: “12th April broken finger. 11th October, first time since breaking being able to get it round my handle.” GET ALL THE LATEST SPORT NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX SIGN UP TO OUR IRISH MIRROR SPORT NEWSLETTER OPEN CAMERA AND SCAN TO SIGN UP unITED ARAB EMIRATES starts on sunday everything stops for t20 Woakes warns: We have to put Ashes on the back burner and be fired up for the World Cup By dean wilson resolved there on our and the ECB’s Cricket Correspondent behalf. You can’t get too fixated on @CricketMirror that – it’s important we focus on CHRIS WOAKES has told the here and now and it’s a great England’s multi-format opportunity to lift some silverware players they need to put the for your country. Ashes to the back of their “There might be another World minds to fully focus on their Cup next year but there are no bid for World Cup glory. guarantees myself or anyone else The all-rounder will be a key part will be selected for it so you have to of Joe Root’s team in Australia after make the most of it now. The Ashes signing up to the 17-strong squad stuff will have to be parked.” that was named on Sunday. Woakes will be a handful with But he must first do Eoin the new ball in the UAE as he tries Morgan’s bidding in the UAE. An to bring his 50-over wicket-taking integral part of the 50-over World skills to the shorter format. Cup win in 2019, Woakes went And when he does eventually nearly six years without playing in make it Down Under, he is the T20 side until this summer. confident the Aussies will meet a He is now back and determined far more challenging prospect than to make sure he does not waste the the man who took just 10 wickets opportunity to make it a World Cup at an average of 50 four years ago. double. And that means the Ashes “I haven’t played a huge amount must wait. of overseas cricket since then but “It’s good news with regards to when I have, I feel like I have Australia and the Ashes tour,” said improved,” said the 32-year-old. Woakes (left). “But there is a small “I feel like I’m bowling a better matter of the T20 World Cup first. length more consistently and have “We’ve a big World Cup in front been able to get that Kookaburra england t20 squad of us, and you don’t want to get to ball to move a bit when I haven’t Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, Jonny the end of the tournament and Bairstow, Sam Billings, Jos Buttler, previously. Tom Curran, Chris Jordan, Liam think, ‘I wasn’t fully engaged’. We “It is a tough place to go, but I’m Livingstone, Dawid Malan, Tymal have to give this our full attention. four years older, have played more Mills, Adil Rashid, Jason Roy, David “What is going on with the Ashes cricket, got more experience under Willey, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood is on the back burner and there are my belt and I believe I’m a better still one or two things being bowler now than I was then.” hunter claims youngest-ever century AMY HUNTER became the youngest-ever batter to score an international century – in Ireland Women’s clash against Zimbabwe. On her 16th birthday yesterday, she struck an unbeaten 121 in Harare to become the youngest player, male or female, to score a one-day international century. Hunter (below) said: “It feels really good. It’s a bit surreal at the moment, I’m not sure what to think! “When I was coming up to my 50 I thought just get by and get there, and then once it came to my 100 I didn’t know what to do, whether to take off the helmet or keep it on! It’s just unbelievable.” The youngest male batter was Shahid Afridi with 102 against Sri Lanka aged 16 and 217 days. The youngest woman was Mithali Raj with 114 not out against Ireland aged 16 and 205 days. Hunter’s 121 helped Ireland to 312 for three from 50 overs and they eventually won by 85 runs. TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 41 GAA conGress d-dAy countdown By Pat nolan PODgE cOLLINs would welcome friday night football if ‘proposal B’ for championship reform is passed. The motion, which would essentially see the League format adopted for the Championship, would result in far more big games packed into single weekends, particularly with the incoming split season model as the Championship will be played between April and July. The Gaelic Players’ Association last week said it would back Friday night games to ensure more exposure and a less cluttered schedule, citing how it’s been a success for ladies football where neighbouring counties are concerned. Clare footballer Collins sits on the GPA’s national executive committee and is very much in favour of ‘proposal B’, which goes to a vote at Special Congress on October 23. The GAA was particularly enthusiastic about Friday night games a number of years ago with Carlow and Laois set the weekend in motion by playing a Friday night qualifier in Netwatch Cullen Park in 2013. The same year, they pushed for a Dublin-Kildare League game to take place at Croke Park on a Friday night though Kildare wouldn’t agree to it. Collins said: “Personally, I’d like the idea of it. “But obviously it would have to be counties that are close to each other, you couldn’t have a situation where lads would be missing out on work or college, and as amateur players that is where it’s going to be an issue. “There’s not a lot on on a Friday evening competition-wise, so you’d have a lot of spectators and a lot of people tuning in to view that game on TV. “I’d be definitely open to it, like you see in other sports – the NFL runs on Monday night and Thursday nights, the same in soccer with Monday Night Football – you’d be more inclined to watch a game on a Monday night than on a Sunday at 3.30 when there is so much on, so it would be something to look at.” Collins’ father Colm is likely to stay on as the longest serving manager in county football with 2022 set to be his ninth season at the helm and Podge, after changing codes at various stages after winning an All-Ireland with the hurlers in 2013, will be committing to the footballers once again. “I’m enjoying football, and I get to both codes with my club.” OkunbOr return skuppered By Pat nolan nEW Kerry boss Jack O’Connor had little chance to run the rule over stefan Okunbor as he made his Gaelic football comeback at the weekend. Okunbor, who has just returned to Ireland after a three-year spell with AFL club Geelong, only lasted some 19 minutes of his club na Gaeil’s intermediate quarter-final win over Ballydonoghue on sunday before retiring through injury. An All-Ireland minor winner, he played under-20 football for Kerry under O’Connor before his departure for Australia. “I’m looking forward to watching him playing with his club na Gaeil,” said O’Connor. “He has got the athleticism, the raw physique to play at the top level, 100 per cent but it comes down to ball skills, decision-making and that.” ProFessIonal Okunbor playing AFL friday night delights cleary Clare ace Collins happy to kick weekend off with a bang if schedule is condensed A coll to Arms Podge collins tracks David clifford of Kerry, right, speaks at gPA gig and, above, dad colm HaMPsey MarKIng Morgan For club By FrancIs Mooney A fAscINAtINg sub-plot to a sensational tyrone sfc tie cast two All-Ireland winners into an unlikely personal duel. goalkeeper Niall Morgan lined out at full forward for Edendork against coalisland and their tyrone skipper Padraig Hampsey and it was the latter who came out on top after two stoppage time goals saw na fianna win the out on HIs eoIn EOIN CLEARY has been hailed by Podge Collins after earning a PwC All Star nomination. While such honours for Clare footballers have become more common in recent years with Gary Brennan and Jamie Malone making the cut, it’s still a standout achievement for a player operating outside of Division One. Cleary (above) got the nod on the back of very nearly guiding Clare to the top flight this year with an impressive showing in Division Two. Collins said: “He’s just an excellent player, and it’s just a pity that this year we only got to see him once in the Championship. “His performance up in Kildare in the League was just out of this world, some of the points he was kicking. “But Eoin is a man like that, it wouldn’t surprise you when you train with him and you see some of the goals he gets.” quarter-final 4-9 to 3-10. Morgan scored two points, one from play, and gave Hampsey a difficult afternoon. “If he got the better of me for one ball, it was the next one, to try and get on the ball myself,” said Hampsey. “Niall is a shrewd operator inside. He wins marks, and he’s a strong player. “He keeps me right in training in the full back line.” under Pressure Meath football boss Andy McEntee McEntee awaits his Royal fate By Paul Keane Andy McEntEE’s hopes of remaining Meath manager have been boosted by confirmation that a 60 per cent majority vote will be required to remove him. Meath’s county board will meet at the Knightsbrook Hotel this evening to consider an executive committee recommendation that the nobber man be axed. Members of the executive committee voted eight to seven last week to end McEntee’s time in charge following an earlier review of his progress. Meath’s 59 clubs, along with officials, will have the opportunity to vote on the issue at this evening’s meeting in trim. McEntee, who led Meath to Leinster finals in 2019 and 2020, wishes to remain for a sixth season having been handed a fresh three-year deal after the 2019 Championship. He will have a green light to remain if he receives as little as 41 per cent of the vote this evening. It had been thought that a mere simple majority may be enough to remove McEntee. If McEntee does continue he will approach 2022 with a new look management team including highly rated coach John McCloskey. should county board delegates opt to retain McEntee, it will be the third time in 11 years that they have gone against the wishes of the executive regarding senior team management. delegates rejected a proposal to retain then Leinster title winning manager Eamonn O’Brien in 2010. two years later, an attempt to remove seamus McEnaney as manager was prevented by a county board vote. Meath blew a great chance to secure promotion to division 1 this year, losing a play-off against Kildare, though finished the season on a relative high with a strong Leinster semi-final performance against dublin.

42 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 RUGBY MORE BAD NEW FOR REDS ACE REALLY NOT AGAIN RG Snyman faces another lengthy spell on sidelines. Left, try against Stormers GUTTED Snyman faces another long spell out over cruciate rupture BY MICHAeL SCULLy RG SNymaN’S unfortunate injury diagnosis is the first discordant note struck of munster’s fantastic season. “Here I go again. #round2fight,” the South African lock posted on Instagram yesterday. The high-flying Reds are level with Ulster at the top of the new United Rugby Championship standings, with both provinces a point ahead of Leinster, having secured three bonus point victories on the spin. Johann van Graan would have had time to digest the fact that another long lay-off was coming for his World Cup-winning Springbok, with the head coach (right) revealing after Sunday’s impressive victory at the Scarlets that Synman had suffered another “significant” injury. And confirmation followed early yesterday afternoon, with the 26-year-old told that he had ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament again. Between rehab of the initial injury and then needing a skin graft after a fire pit accident at the start of the summer, it took the giant second row more than a year to return to action. His long-awaited and much-anticipated comeback after only managing seven minutes on his debut in August 2020 only lasted three appearances off the bench. His introduction as a replacement in the season opener a g a i n s t t h e Sharks was met with a heartfelt roar f r o m t h e Munster faithful, something he later de- scribed as a “goosebump” moment. Then he gave DMEEIR an encouraging glimpse of what he was going to bring to the team in scoring in the comeback win against the Stormers. But he only lasted nine minutes at Parc Y Scarlets, coming off after a seemingly innocuous lineout jump. Sadly, it’s a massive setback for him again on a personal level as he awaits a meeting with the specialist regarding the next steps. It is also a big blow for the province, who do still have quality options with T a d h g Beirne to return after his Lions commit- ments and South African Jason Jenkins JUST PLeASe dON’T HUrry bACk HArry BY MICHAeL SCULLy HaRRy ByRNe has been told there is no need to rush back after his latest injury frustration. The 23-year-old Leinster playmaker’s bid to make a statement to Leo Cullen and andy Farrell ended prematurely as he was forced off in the 23rd minute of Saturday’s 43-7 victory over Zebre. Byrne, only returning from a foot injury, got a knock on the hip pointer and will be further assessed but he is ruled out of Saturday’s RDS clash with the Scarlets. “He’s trying to make an impression, trying to get some game time,” said Leinster’s attack coach Felipe Contepomi (inset). “Like anyone here, whenever he has the chance he wants to go out and enjoy it. “I feel sorry for him because he has been training hard and he’s been on and off with niggles and injury and some sickness and so he needs stability. It’s another setback but hopefully nothing major.” Contepomi says out-half Byrne (right) is a positive person and, despite the proximity of URC STANDINGS P W D L F A Pts Munster ....................3 3 0 0 119 48 15 Ulster ........................3 3 0 0 99 40 15 Leinster ....................3 3 0 0 81 16 14 Glasgow ....................3 2 0 1 77 68 11 Edinburgh ................3 1 1 1 73 70 9 Ospreys .....................3 2 0 1 58 64 8 Benetton ..................3 2 0 1 58 73 8 Dragons ....................3 1 0 2 64 56 7 Cardiff .......................3 1 0 2 66 68 6 Scarlets ....................3 1 0 2 71 82 6 Lions ..........................3 1 0 2 60 75 6 Connacht ................3 1 0 2 77 75 5 Sharks........................3 1 0 2 68 90 4 Bulls ...........................3 1 0 2 39 84 4 Stormers ..................3 0 1 2 56 76 3 Zebre .........................3 0 0 3 36 117 1 nearing his debut after a shoulder injury. However a fit Snyman would have been a serious weapon for van Graan this season. Instead, his two-year contract will end with him managing just 50 minutes or so for the province unless he is able to return before the end of the season. And it remains to be seen if he will be staying in Limerick beyond that. “We are all hugely disappointed for RG,” said the Reds boss. “After doing everything that was asked of him and working so hard to get back into great shape everyone feels for him right now. “While this is a setback, we know RG is young and resilient given everything he has gone through in the last year so there is a strong sense of perspective. “We have seen what other world class players have done in this position before and they have come back to reach the successful heights of their careers. “And I would expect no different for someone of RG’s class and standing.” the November internationals, the most important thing is for him to get right. “In terms of his mentality he’s good,” he said. “But I can imagine it’s a setback, he was so keen to get back after a very weird injury as well on the foot.” Caelan Doris trained yesterday and could be available for the Scarlets clash while Josh murphy (calf) has resumed full training and Jack Dunne is poised to follow suit. Ciaran Frawley and Scott Penny picked up dead legs against Zebre and will be assessed. IT CONNACHT GO ON Paul Boyle wants an end to woes Plea for a consistent Connacht BY JOHN FALLON ConnaCht, for once, will be hoping the inconsistency which has crippled them in recent years will continue this weekend. they are bidding to bounce back from their demoralising 35-22 loss at home to Dragons by shocking leaders Munster at thomond Park. But back rower Paul Boyle knows they need to find that elusive consistency if they are to have an impact this season. “that’s the most frustrating part. It’s a massive work-on,” said the 24-year old. “We’ve been talking about getting consistency but it’s going to take more looking inward on ourselves to really find out.” Boyle admitted morale was high in the camp after their 34-7 win over the Bulls but they then collapsed against Dragons, having started well before inexplicably losing their way as the newport side won in Galway for the first time in 17 years. he continued: “It felt like being on the cusp of it and then it was silly turnovers, handling errors or penalties that could not quite give us the impetus in the game that we wanted. “the frustrating part is that we were not far off. But that is not good enough. It really isn’t so we are going to have to be so much better over the next two weeks. “all is not lost. What it felt like out there, especially in that first half, was that we were close to taking them down. We just did not do it.” It was a horrible way for the Wexford man to spend his 60th game for Connacht and he knows they need to identify what went wrong if they are to have a chance against a Munster side who are top of the table after posting three straight bonus point wins. he added: “Every time we did something half good we couldn’t finish it off and make it completely good.” TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 43 boxing return of the king SNOOKeR - NI OpeN Huge thirst for success By chris McKeNNa TYSON FURY partied for hours with pals before flying home to the UK yesterday. The Gypsy King downed booze with his friends at a pool party at Wet Republic in the MGM Grand on Sunday afternoon, hours after he hammered Deontay Wilder in a brutal battle in Las Vegas. Fury, 33, was joined by wife Paris as he let loose with friends and fans in an afternoon session. The Brit (above) was dancing and spraying drink around to celebrate knocking out Wilder in the 11th round. He was also pictured with top DJ Steve Aoki during his three hours in the day club. Wilder faces a long spell on the sidelines after breaking a bone in a hand. He went to hospital after the fight but was later released. Trainer Malik Scott said: “He’s seen a doctor afterwards. He has a busted lip, he broke his hand, broke his finger, knuckle, something like that but life goes on.” ‘A massive Brit battle’ From back page Wilder in 11 rounds and the Body Snatcher says it would be a huge fight for the UK. He said: “Tyson Fury has been mandated to fight me twice and didn’t fight me, so now hopefully the WBC will force the position and leave him with no choice but to fight me. “Let’s be honest, it would be a massive British fight, two British fighters fighting for the heavyweight world championship. That would be great.” Wilder ducked Whyte when he was the WBC’s mandatory challenger and he claims the Bronze Bomber may be forced to quit because Fury gave him such a beating. “He took a lot of punishment and it could have finished his career potentially,” Whyte said. Wilder, 35, has no intention of retiring according to trainer Malik Scott. Scott said: “We have some big plans going forward. We are going to come back from this.” scare crow Fury’s dad says Tyson has the whole heavyweight division quaking... and Usyk will be really terrified as champ wants those belts he lost outside the ring By DaviD aNDersON @MirrorAnderson Tyson Fury’s dad believes oleksandr usyk is scared of his world champion son. John Fury (above) says Tyson is targeting Usyk after knocking out Deontay Wilder in 11 rounds in Las Vegas because he wants back his old WBA, IBF and WBO belts to become undisputed champion. Usyk must first win his rematch with former champion Anthony Joshua and John feels the Ukrainian is wary of taking on the unbeaten Gypsy King, who partied bigtime after his Vegas win (top). He said: “Usyk is more scared of Tyson than you will ever know because he knows how good he is. “It’s all about what AJ does next, does he go straight into the rematch with Usyk? “Tyson doesn’t care who’s next and he’ll fight anyone. He fears no man because he knows he has the beating of them all. He’s said he’d love to fight again this year against Dillian Whyte or whoever is out there. “He’s going to go after those other belts and Usyk. He had those three belts before he had to give them up because of his problems. He never lost them in the ring and regards them as his. He wants them back and he will fight Usyk or Joshua, whoever he needs to get them.” Fury could have a huge homecoming fight at Old Trafford next and his dad says he has won over the British public because of the battles he has won in and outside the ring. The public shunned Tyson when he beat Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 to become world champion for the first time because of his sexist and homophobic comments. John says people now admire him because of his unassuming personality and openness over his mental health problems. “Being British means the world to him and he is proud to fight for his country,” he said. “He should be proud because a few years ago, he had bad advice, he was in dark places, said all the wrong things, but you know what, the British public are warming towards the real Tyson Fury. They’re story of tyson’s world title belts NOv 2015: Beats Wladimir Klitschko by unanimous points in Dusseldorf to win the WBA, IBF, WBO and Ring magazine titles. Dec 2015: Stripped of IBF belt for refusing to agree to face their mandatory challenger. Oct 2016: Vacates the WBA and WBO belts when he pulls out of rematch with Klitschko as he battles with mental health issues. Feb 2018: Stripped of Ring magazine belt and status as division’s No.1 due to inactivity. Feb 2020: Stops Deontay Wilder in seven rounds to win WBC and Ring magazine crowns. Oct 2021: Knocks out Wilder to defend WBC and Ring magazine belts. Wants winner of Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk to claim WBA, IBF and WBO titles and become first undisputed world heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis in 2000. seeing the nice, warm, goodnatured father, son, cousin and brother he is.” Tyson’s co-promoter Frank Warren believes he will fight Usyk because Joshua will lose the rematch. And he says the Fury is one of Britain’s greatest sporting figures. “I would love that fight between him and Joshua to happen but Joshua’s never going to beat Usyk in my opinion,” said Warren. “Tyson is the man to beat. Who out there can beat him? “When you think where he’s come from and all the problems, suicidal thoughts and everything, the ups and the downs, getting off the floor and coming back. He’s got this inner resolve, he’s a true man. “He went to Germany and beat Klitschko in his own back yard, outboxed the best fighter of his era. He’s now been to the States three times and for me he’s the best heavyweight of his era. “He’s up there with the Alis and Foremans, all these guys.” chaMpiON Judd Trump is going for a 4th straight title Judd just loves it in Belfast By shaNe MacDerMOtt DEFENDING champion Judd Trump hopes the Belfast fans can spur him on to a famous FOURTH straight Northern Ireland Open title. The world No 2 has amazingly beaten rival Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-7 in the previous three finals. And ahead of facing Chinese cueman Gao yang in the second round, Trump said: “The passion of the fans here, you can just feel it. “That rubs off on me and any support like that really gives me that extra incentive to do well and entertain. “The atmosphere here is in the top three of all the events that we play in. “Especially when you get down to that one table set-up, whether that’s against Ronnie or whoever else. “It’s amazing in that arena, especially when it’s full.” Only the likes of all-time greats Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry have won the same event four times in a row. But Trump played down expectations after a seven week hiatus between tournaments. “It’s so different playing pool as opposed to snooker for me,” admitted Trump, who played in the US Open Pool Championship during snooker’s lay off. “Being here there’s so much expectation on me, everyone expects me to win or do well every time I get to the table.” O’Sullivan revealed he’s battling boredom in his first event back this season. The disinterested six-time world champion beat veteran Andy Hicks 4-1 to reach the last 32. Rocket admitted: “I was very bored out there. I just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible.” World champion Mark Selby survived an almighty scare to keep his title bid on track beating Can yupeng 4-3 on the final black. Fergal O’Brien lost 4-0 to England’s James Cahill.

44 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 Courtois: We’re just like robots By James Nursey THIBAUT COURTOIS has slammed football authorities for treating players like “robots” and putting cash before safety. The Real Madrid goalkeeper (above) played for Belgium in both of their Nations League finals matches in Turin during the international break. The former Chelsea man, 29, has now played 14 matches this season for club and country since the Euros finished in July. He is fuming with UEFA after a much-changed Belgium side lost to Italy in the third-placed play-off on Sunday, a game he described as “pointless”. He feels the time has come for stars to speak out about the packed schedule. He said: “Top players will get injured and injured and injured. We are not robots. It’s just more and more games, and less rest for us. Nobody cares.” Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes is one of the world’s most overused stars, according to world players’ group FIFPro. Their report revealed he has barely missed a game for club or country since joining United in January 2020 and claimed his 90 games in 20 months was too much. It added: “Between November 2020 and April 2021, his share of minutes in the critical zone did not once drop below 68 per cent and was close to 100 per cent on multiple occasions.” DMEEIR NEWCASTLE CAN NOW THINK BIG PICTURES: sTeVe CommiNs FUTURE IS HAZY Steve Bruce is running training for now – but is not expected to stay long BORROWED TYNE... Bruce takes his first session under the Toon’s new owners... but there won’t be many more By simoN bird @SimonBird_ STEVE BrucE survived his first training session under Saudi ownership – after Amanda Staveley visited the playing squad. The veteran boss put his players through their paces after a chat with Staveley, whose PCP Capital Partners firm have taken charge of the day-to-day operations at St James’ Park. Newcastle stars including Allan Saint-Maximin, skipper Jamaal Lascelles and Federico Fernandez all met the new 10 per cent stake holders. Keeper Mark Gillespie (top) was among those who trained. It remains unclear whether Bruce will take charge of his 1,000th game as a manager when Tottenham visit on Sunday. That will see a sell-out stadium for the unveiling of the new ownership and there will be a senior Saudi A r a b i a n presence for the first time since the buyout. Hoping to attend is Yasir Al- Rumayyan, governor of the state-funded Public Investment Fund which has an 80 per cent stake in the £305million deal announced on Thursday. He is now Toon non-executive chairman. The speed of the takeover, resurrected in the past fortnight, took the club’s football operations by surprise. They had a plan in place for who would take over as boss 18 months ago, but candidates Rafa Benitez and Mauricio Pochettino are now at Everton and Paris Saint- Germain respectively. Bruce will not be in charge for long, and some fans were asking why he was not immediately shipped out. Frank McParland, f ormerly of Rangers, Burnley and Brentford, is PCP’s football advisor, and is helping with the managerial search. Former Dortmund chief Lucien Favre, Brendan Rodgers, Frank Lampard and Rangers’ Steven Gerrard are under consideration. They also need a powerful well- connected sporting director, and ex-PSG chief Antero Henrique and former Schalke and Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick are being interviewed. Early transfer targets include Burnley defender James Tarkowski and Juventus benchwarmer Aaron Ramsey. Staveley (below) toured the club’s much-derided training ground with husband and business partner Mehrdad Ghodoussi. On Friday she said: “The training ground is really awful and needs a huge amount of investment, and luckily that is one area we are not restricted. “You need medical facilities. There is no point in having fantastic players if there is nowhere for them to train.” Callum Wilson and Jonjo Shelvey trained and could be fit for the weekend. TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 45 rash back early to lift united By DaviD aNDersoN MARCUS RASHFORD is ready to make his Manchester United comeback on Saturday to provide under-fire boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with a big boost. Rashford has yet to play this season after having shoulder surgery in the summer following Euro 2020. The England forward (above), who resumed training last month, is back two weeks ahead of schedule for the Premier League clash at Leicester. His injury return is welcome news for Solskjaer with United losing three of their last six matches in all competitions. Rashford, who scored twice in a behindclosed-doors friendly against Blackburn, said: “I wouldn’t say my recovery is coming to an end, because obviously I have to keep looking after it. But I’m in a much better place physically and mentally. “Now I’m fully free of that, I feel much better physically and mentally.” rams desperate to cut points penalty By JaMes Nursey DerBy’S administrators are launching a late action against the club’s 12-point penalty. The rams’ financial fire-fighters are desperate to reduce the punishment as the club is likely to be hit with further points deductions over the club’s accounting. Derby’s administrators want to sell the club by Christmas and don’t want bidders to be deterred by the big deductions – and likely relegation. But mike ashley (left) has not yet opened talks with the Championship basement side after selling Newcastle. The eFl announced yesterday that Derby’s appeal had been lodged and said the matter would now be referred to an independent arbitration panel. Wayne rooney’s side faces a further points deduction over breaches of eFl financial regulations under owner mel morris, who had a protracted row after selling the club’s ground to himself. oi, arsenal ... ox needs Game time! By JohN Cross ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN fears he might have to quit Liverpool for more regular game time. Oxlade-Chamberlain, 28, has made just one Premier League start this season and would be reluctant to leave Anfield but remains ambitious and wants to play. The situation could alert his former club Arsenal as they look to strengthen their squad and he was a very popular player during his time at the Emirates. The England international (above) started the season and the first game at Norwich on the back of an impressive pre-season after which he was hoping to get his Liverpool career back on track. But since then, the Ox has struggled for game time. He played as a substitute and in the Champions League and Carabao Cup but he is keen to get himself back in the England frame. bond is LiVinG The dReAM LIFE , GLOVE & HAPPINESS ...It’S ALL HERE IN LA Ex-Baggies keeper Jonathan says way out west is best From Neil McleMaN in California @NeilmClemaN JONATHAN BOND has swapped the bench at West Brom for the beach in California and says other British players should go west to find their own American dream. The former Wales and England Under-21 keeper spent more than two years at The Hawthorns while only playing six cup games. But since his January transfer to LA Galaxy, the 28-year-old has become an MLS A-Lister with a great lifestyle and a model girlfriend (right). “To wake up every morning to sunshine, you are immediately in a better mood than in England,” he said. “I live in Century City so I can be at the beach in 10-15 minutes. “You can go skiing and to the beach on the same day if you plan it right. I moved here single, then I met my girlfriend Kyra Santoro within a month of being here and she’s been a big, big reason why I felt very settled very quickly.” The former Watford, Reading, ..and the money’s not bad either! Gillingham and Peterborough keeper has also finally got his hands on a regular first-team place after never making a league appearance with Sam Johnstone between the sticks at the Baggies. “When two seasons go by it’s, ‘OK, I do need to find somewhere to play now,’” he added. Bond confessed it “wasn’t really that much of a difficult decision” to turn down offers from Bristol City and Blackburn to cross the Atlantic. “ A f t e r Covid, I think the Championship is having a bit of a tough tim e w hi l e MLS is thriving. And it is nice to be recognised and have the respect of From Neil McleMaN CARLOS VELA and Javier Hernandez are the two highest-paid players in MLS but LA Galaxy keeper Jonathan Bond says publishing salaries is “bizarre”. The MLS Players Association releases a list of players salaries every year and it is available online for fans and team-mates to check and compare. A team’s basic salary cap is $4.9million (£3.59m) in 2021. The Designated Player Rule – people in and around the club.” Bond is keeping up the British and Irish tradition at Galaxy started by David Beckham – who has a statue outside the stadium – and continued by Stevie Gerrard, Robbie Keane and Ashley Cole. In the stats-obsessed States, Bond ranks third in MLS for saves – 100 – and has three “shutouts” in 25 games. He is also keeping Jurgen Klinsmann’s son, Jonathan, out of the team. Bond has a US p a s s p o r t through his Seattle-born mother, Elena. But after representing both England and Wales youth levels, he is not sure if the rules will now allow him to play for the USA. “I need lawyers to look known as the Beckham Rule after the England star signed for the Galaxy from Real Madrid in 2007 – allows each of the 27 franchises to sign three players outside the cap. The large Hispanic community in California means the two Mexicans are the big stars. Ex-Arsenal and West Brom forward Vela, the captain of LAFC, earns $6.3m (£4.6m) with ex-Manchester United and West Ham forward Chicharito on $6m (£4.4m). The average base salary this into it,” he said. But Bond is certain other Brits should look to play in the MLS. “I would recommend coming here, big time,” he added. “It is an amazing platform. I think that’s shown from the amount of players that are now being bought from MLS by teams in Europe. “And if you’re a younger player, you’re allowed to develop here, given time to breath. Things that aren’t as short term so managers aren’t as worried about losing three games in a row.” Galaxy have gone nine games without a win since August but are still in sixth place in the Western Conference, with the top seven qualifying for the play-offs. “Our next game against Portland Timbers this weekend is huge,” he said. It is certainly No Time to Die for Bond who was invited to the world premiere of the 007 movie before it was switched from LA to London. “It must have been because of the name,” he added. “Someone must have thought it was funny to say ‘We should invite him.’” season is $398,725 (£292,299). Bond signed a two-year deal with options worth a basic $450,000 (£329,888) and a guaranteed total of $501,875 (£367,917). Bond said: “I don’t like making pay public because the day they come out, you don’t need it. You’re trying to keep everyone together in the changing room. I’m talking of what potentially it could do. It takes a strong changing room for that not to affect people. The whole thing is bizarre.”

46 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 england v hungary SOUTHgATE: nO SEnSE In ARSEnE IdEA By John CRoSS GARETH SOUTHGATE has slammed Arsene Wenger’s World Cup plans as “making no sense”. The England boss met Wenger (above) two months ago and was open to changes which would see a World Cup every two years. But he said “they seem to change every time” he gets an update. One of FIFA chief Wenger’s ideas is to have just one international window. But Southgate warned: “What if your player was injured in October and you miss that one month or however long a break’s supposed to be? He doesn’t play international football for a year. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me. ”I saw some initial proposals and I’m not quite sure exactly what’s on the table now.” RIcE SO HAPPY TO TAkE IT ALL On dEc By John CRoSS DECLAN RICE has become a “sponge” as he is desperate to improve as a player. England boss Gareth Southgate revealed he has regular chats with the West Ham midfielder (below), 22, who has established himself for club and country. Southgate said: “He is a real sponge for tactical information and observations on his game and he is desperate to be the best he can possibly be. Even though he is young he has got tremendous leadership qualities. “He is captaining his club at an incredibly young age. So you can see all the signs of what might be possible. “There are the experiences he’s been through and because of his mentality he is going to improve even more.” HURT WILL FIRE US UP SAYS ROSSI By MIKE WALTERS HUNGARy coach Marco Rossi admitted last month’s 4-0 defeat by England “hurt” so much it extinguished the fire of their Euro 2020 thrills. Rossi (above) and his side were unlucky not to progress from a tough group in the summer, drawing with France and Germany as they bowed out to a cruel late equaliser in Munich. But he admitted they will settle for walking off the Wembley pitch “at least with our chins up” tonight. Rossi said: “England in the second half especially showed all the potential, they were able to score in all situations – you could say teach us a lesson. “The 4-0 hurt us and our fans, too. We will see if we can recover the fire we had during the Euros.” DMEEIR climbing every mountain quALIFyING GRouP I P W D l F a gD Pts England 7 6 1 0 23 2 21 19 Albania 7 5 0 2 11 6 5 15 Poland 7 4 2 1 24 8 16 14 Hungary 7 3 1 3 12 11 1 10 Andorra 7 1 0 6 4 19 -15 3 San Marino 7 0 0 7 1 29 -28 0 ‘To be in a Ballon d’Or list among names I’ve looked up to as a kid is a dream come true’ By AnDY DUnn Chief Sports Writer @andydunnmirror NOT long ago, Mason Mount’s biggest admirers, fortunately for him, tended to be his managers. Gareth Southgate and Frank Lampard were the chairman and vice-chairman of the Mason fan club. Now that fan club is truly worldwide. To follow his landmark achievements on the pitch, which included winning the Champions League with Chelsea, Mount has been nominated on the shortlist, albeit a long shortlist, for the Ballon d’Or. That means some very good judges rank Mount amongst the top 30 players in the world. And while he won’t be winning the gong this time, the significance of being nominated is not lost on Mount. He said: “It is such a special thing. As a kid growing up, you look at the Ballon d’Or and how it is the top of the top from a personal point of view. To be nominated in the top 30 in the world is a dream come true. “It’s special to be among names that I’ve looked up to as a kid. To be alongside them shows that you can never stop working hard. “And it is just the beginning of a long journey. Once you get that feeling of winning something and performing at the highest level, you gain that extra confidence to help you set new targets. That is something I have always done, mentally-wise. “A Ballon d’Or nomination is one of the best things you can achieve as a player but I want to achieve more and more.” Mount, 22, is not the only member of Southgate’s squad to be in the Ballon d’Or mix. Harry Kane and PROBABLE TEAMS England hungary Pickford Gulacsi Walker Lang Stones Szalai Mings Kecskes Shaw Nego Foden Z Nagy Rice A Nagy Mount Holender Sterling Schafer Kane Sallai Grealish Szoboszlai TV TIMES: Live on ITV from 7.30pm Raheem Sterling have been nominated, as has Phil Foden. And having watched Foden, mostly from the sidelines, give a masterclass in Andorra, Mount knows the competition for places in the England starting XI has not been as fierce for a long, long time. He said: “I was sitting on the bench up close and personal with it. I know what Phil is about, I’ve played against him many times, not just in a professional game but in the academy as well. “I know what Phil has got in his locker and to see him do it on the big stage, like he has done so many times, is special. “The passes he sees, the passes he picks out and the way he moves with the ball, he is a top, top, top player. “So you know the level we have in this group means if you drop your standard even a little bit, it won’t be accepted. The DMEEIR qualifying group i wembley, KO 7.45pm TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 47 eMile high Smith Rowe gets a hug from Curtis Jones after firing England ahead criminal when i leave oUt stars GARETH SOUTHGATE has revealed he feels like he “commits a crime” every time he leaves a player out. He will ring the changes for England’s World Cup qualifier with Hungary tonight and is set to bring back the big guns at Wembley. That could even mean he leaves out Phil Foden despite his man-of-the-match performance in Andorra and Southgate says it hurts every time he has to make a big call on team selection. “I have a headache and commit a crime every time I pick a team,” said England manager Southgate. “We have such strong competition for places. There were lots of players who did their own confidence and reputation the world of good the other day and that is pleasing to see. “We can’t be a team that has a day off. We want to keep consistency – and we’ve had that throughout this calendar year. “Everyone has pride in putting the shirt on. “We want the squad to feel involved.” competition is so high, it is what you want as a player to keep pushing yourself to that next level.” England will be looking to take a step closer to World Cup qualification when they face Hun- gary at Wembley – a step closer to having another crack at winning a trophy. Mount said: “We have always been humble but, at the same time, massively confident in what we can do. “We’ve shown in the Euros what we are capable of and now we have that experience under our belts we can keep trying to achieve something massive for the country. “That has always been the goal. To be the best in the world, and to win major tournaments.” ‘settled’ kane finding goals for three lions By John CRoss England attack at Wembley even GARETH SOUTHGATE has though his goal-scoring form has suggested Harry Kane is deserted last year’s Premier scoring goals for his League Golden Boot winner. country because he England boss Southgate said: feels “settled” when “He’s scored against some of he plays for the biggest opponents England. for us. Three Lions “I can’t talk about captain Kane has the club but I think he yet to score in the feels settled in our Premier League this environment. season for Tottenham. “I think he got a He scored in all three of hat-trick last week in the England’s World Cup European game in the space of qualifiers last month but looks about 25 minutes. as if he is still suffering from a “There’s a lot changes at the hangover with Spurs even club, a new manager and new though he has scored in Europe tactical formations, so like all and the Carabao Cup for his club. players, there will be an Kane (above) will lead the adaptation to that.” when the magic magyars tamed ‘invincible’ lions By MiKe WAlTeRs Two bolts of lightning, nine years apart, tore at the soul of English football, the first establishing Hungary as cradle of the beautiful game. The shattering defeats forced England to revise tactics, team selection and management. ENGLAND 3 HUNGARY 6 nov 25, 1953, Wembley only one previous defeat on English soil against foreign opposition led to a climate of complacency. But when olympic champions Hungary arrived on the back of a 24-match unbeaten run and with Nandor Hidegkuti and Ferenc Puskas in their lineup, England were 4-1 down inside 27 minutes. The visitors were streets ahead of walter winterbottom’s outdated formation and squad, which was still picked by an FA committee. worse was to come for winterbottom. Six months later England were humiliated 7-1 in Budapest, still their heaviest defeat. HUNGARY 2, ENGLAND 1 May 31, 1962, Rancagua Hopes were high but England had a depressing start to their world Cup bid in Chile. They fell behind when keeper Ron Springett misjudged Lajos Tichy’s innocuous shot. Ron Flowers levelled with a penalty, but Florian Albert grabbed the winner. England exited in the quarter-finals to eventual winners Brazil and it was the end for winterbottom after 139 games in charge. He handed over to Alf Ramsey, and the rest is history. Mason’s jabbed after Euro woe MASON MOUNT revealed he has been vaccinated after his own Covid nightmare at the Euros. The England star was forced to self-isolate after coming into close contact with Chelsea team-mate Billy Gilmour who tested positive after the Scotland clash at Wembley. That ruled Mount and Ben Chilwell out of the final group match with the Czech Republic and neither played against Germany after being isolated for ten days. Mount was back for the final but, while other players have been reluctant to get jabbed or join the vaccination debate, the Chelsea midfielder had no hesitation. “I’m double vaccinated now,” said Mount. “Going through that experience, missing the game, a top, top game, kind of did have an effect on my decision.” yoUng lions thank emile Andorra U-21 0 England U-21 1 Euro under-21 qualifying group 7 By siMon BiRD RHIAN BREWSTER was sent-off and it was left to Arsenal star Emile Smith- Rowe to rescue a win as England struggled. Smith-Rowe netted his first goal for the Under-21s, finishing a lightning counter attack and pinpoint pass by Liverpool’s Curtis Jones... and it came from Andorra’s only corner kick. It was a slog for England as Sheffield United striker Brewster was dismissed after 56 minutes following a clash with defender Eric Vales. Brewster, who scored for Lee Carsley’s men against Slovenia last week, left the pitch furious and finger pointing at ref Igor Stojchevski. He ruled Brewster had elbowed Vales as he tried to shield the ball, but it hardly even appeared to be a foul. The 21-year-old was shown a second yellow card after he had been booked for a late boot on Alex Alonso. The young Lions struggled to break down a resilient, packed Andorra defence and their highly motivated midfield. A year ago, the Under-21s twice went ahead but could only draw 3-3 on the same pitch. Despite having the talents of Smith Rowe and Man City starlet Cole Palmer, alongside £23million Brewster up front, England laboured. Pick of the bunch was tricky Palmer who did well wide on the right, and Smith Rowe took his chance, with only the keeper to beat, very well. England: Green 6, Livramento 7, Guehi 7, Harwood-Bellis 7, Thomas 7, Gallagher 6, Doyle 6, Garner 6 (Jones 57, 7) Palmer 7 (Gomes 65, 6), Smith-Rowe 8 (Balogun 90), Brewster 4. clarke: we needed to feel loved Faroe Islands v Scotland World Cup qualifying group f, Ko 7.45pm By Ronnie esplin STEVE CLARKE believes his players have been boosted by “feeling the love” from the Tartan Army after Saturday’s dramatic 3-2 win over Israel. Scott McTominay’s winner kept the Scots in second place in Group F – with a play-off spot in their own hands ahead of tonight’s game in the Faroe Islands. And Clarke (above) said the acclaim following the game gave players a feelgood factor they missed after the side qualified for Euro 2020 with a penalty shoot-out behind closed doors in Serbia. He said: “It’s important for the public and players to have a moment after the game. Good for them to feel loved.”

48 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 estonia 0 wales 1 Moore 12 FROM JAMES NURSEY in Estonia KIEFFER MOORE was Wales’ match-winner to keep up the pressure on the Czech Republic in the race for second place. But the big striker was later subbed with blurred vision after also collecting a booking ruling him out of Belarus’ visit next month. Moore’s close-range tap-in was enough to secure four points this month from a double-header of away games in Prague and Tallinn. The Czechs remain second but Wales could leap above them with four points from their last two games, including Belgium at home to finish with. Just as in their 2-2 draw in the Czech Republic, Wales showed plenty of enterprise and grit. But they were forced to hang on in the second half before prevailing to keep alive hopes of second spot and a play-off place. Estonia went into the match off the back of their first victory in the group against Belarus. But Rob Page kept to his declared intention of fielding an attacking line-up to go for the win. He gave a full Wales debut to former non-league wing-back Sorba Thomas and promoted Connor Roberts and Harry Wilson into the starting line-up. Page was rewarded with a bright opening from the visitors as Roberts curled a left-foot shot from distance which Arsenal keeper Karl Hein tipped over. From Dan James’ corner, Joe Rodon won the initial header before Aaron Ramsey had a header stopped on the line. It left Cardiff striker Moore with a right-foot tap-in after 12 minutes for his seventh international goal in his 23rd appearance. Moore might have added another but Hein got down well at his near post to stop the striker’s near-post flick. But Wales still needed Joe Rodon to clear off the line in the 21st minute after Wilson’s poor pass on the edge of the box gave Sergei Zenjov a sight of goal. It was a shocking self-inflicted scare for Wales, which followed hot on the heels of Danny Ward’s own goal howler against the Czechs. But Wales escaped and could have added to their advantage from a Wilson free-kick which he curled straight at Hein as the visitors dominated possession. After the break, improved hosts Estonia might have levelled but Erik Sorga headed just over from Markus Poom’s free-kick. Moore also took a whack in the face for his efforts in the home penalty area after tussling with Marten Kuusk. But the referee waved away Welsh appeals for a penalty and later booked Moore, meaning the striker will miss Belarus’ visit next. In a tense finale, the visitors needed keeper Ward to make a fine one-handed save in the 77th minute from Vlasiy Sinyavskiy’s curler as Wales hung on for a crucial victory. ratings qualifying group E le coq arena, tallinn Kieffer Moore is first to the ball to put Wales ahead after just 12 minutes MOORE KEEPS ’EM IN CZECH Wales win puts pressure on rivals in battle to be second By JAMES NURSEY EStONIa walES Hein .........................7 teniste ....................6 Kuusk ......................6 tamm ......................6 paskotsi ..................6 pikk..........................5 poom .......................6 mets ........................6 Kait ..........................6 Zenjov .....................6 sorga .......................6 SUBS sinyavskiy (pikk 57) 6, ojamaa (teniste 76), Kirss (sorga 81), Kallaste (Kait 82), Vastsuk (Zenjov 82) Ward ........................7 mepham ..................7 rodon ......................8 ampadu ...................6 C roberts ................7 allen ........................7 ramsey ...................7 Wilson ......................7 thomas....................7 moore ......................7 James......................7 SUBS Harris (moore 71), morrell (ramsey 80), gunter (C roberts 83), Johnson (Wilson 83) REFEREE: sandro scharer (sWi) motm JOE RODON wORld CuP qualIfyINg gROuP E p W D l f a pts Belgium 6 5 1 0 21 4 16 Czech rep 7 3 2 2 12 9 11 Wales 6 3 2 1 8 7 11 Estonia 6 1 1 4 8 16 4 Belarus 7 1 0 6 6 19 3 SCRAPPING Joe Allen and Joe Rodon (right) in action 1-0 ovER thE toP Ethan Ampadu tries his luck in Tallinn last night REsults & FIxtuREs FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Group E Belarus (0) .......... 0 CzeCh rep (1) ..... 2 Schick 22, Hlozek 65 estonia (0) ........... 0 Wales (1)............ 1 Moore 12 p W D l F a pts Belgium .................... 6 5 1 0 21 4 16 Czech rep ................. 7 3 2 2 12 9 11 Wales ........................ 6 3 2 1 8 7 11 estonia ...................... 6 1 1 4 8 16 4 Belarus ..................... 7 1 0 6 6 19 3 European Qualifying Group G hollanD (3) ......... 6 GiBraltar (0) ..... 0 van Dijk 9 Depay 21, 45 (pen) Dumfries 48 Danjuma 75, Malen 86 latvia (0) ............. 1 turkey (0) .......... 2 Demiral 70 (og) Dursun 76 B Yilmaz 90 (pen) norWay (1) .......... 2 MonteneGro (0) 0 Elyounoussi 29, 90 p W D l F a pts holland ..................... 8 6 1 1 29 6 19 norway ...................... 8 5 2 1 15 6 17 turkey....................... 7 3 3 1 17 14 12 Montenegro ............... 8 3 2 3 11 11 11 latvia ........................ 7 1 2 4 7 11 5 Gibraltar ................... 8 0 0 8 3 34 0 European Qualifying Group H Croatia (1) .......... 2 slovakia (2) ....... 2 Kramaric 25 Schranz 20 Modric 71 Haraslin 45 Cyprus (1) ........... 2 Malta (0) ............ 2 Papoulis 6 Z Muscat 53 Sotiriou 80 Degabriele 90 slovenia (1) ......... 1 russia (2) ........... 2 Ilicic 40 Diveev 28 Dzhikija 32 p W D l F a pts russia ....................... 8 6 1 1 13 5 19 Croatia ...................... 8 5 2 1 13 3 17 slovakia .................... 8 2 4 2 9 8 10 slovenia .................... 8 3 1 4 9 9 10 Malta ........................ 8 1 2 5 8 17 5 Cyprus ...................... 8 1 2 5 3 13 5 Group J iCelanD (2) .......... 4 lieCh’stein (0) ... 0 Thordarson 19 Gudmundsson 35 (p), 79 (p) A Gudjohnsen 89 n MaCeDonia (0) .. 0 GerMany (0) ....... 4 Havertz 50 Werner 70, 73 Musiala 83 roMania (1) ......... 1 arMenia (0) ........ 0 Mitrita 26 p W D l F a pts Germany ................... 8 7 0 1 23 3 21 romania .................... 8 4 1 3 11 8 13 n Macedonia ............. 8 3 3 2 15 10 12 armenia .................... 8 3 3 2 8 11 12 iceland ...................... 8 2 2 4 11 15 8 European Under-21 Championship Qualifying Group Seven anDorra u21 (0).. 0 enGlanD (0) ........ 1 Smith-Rowe 67 p W D l F a pts Czech rep ................. 3 3 0 0 6 0 9 albania ..................... 4 3 0 1 7 4 9 england ..................... 3 2 1 0 5 2 7 slovenia .................... 4 1 1 2 3 5 4 kosovo u21 ............... 3 1 0 2 2 3 3 andorra u21 ............. 5 0 0 5 0 9 0 Snooker NortherN IrelaNd opeN (Belfast)—1st rd: A Burden (Eng) bt Y SiJun (Chn) 4-2; L Haotian (Chn) bt A Carter (Eng) 4-2; M Mann (Eng) bt X Guodong (Chn) 4-2; L Brecel (Bel) bt W Liang (Chn) 4-2; A Carty (Eng) bt T Ford (Eng) walkover; Y Bingtao (Chn) bt D Jones (Wal) 4-3; J Cahill (Eng) bt F O’Brien (Irl) 4-0; M King (Eng) bt B Hawkins (Eng) 4-0; M Selby (Eng) bt C Yupeng (Chn) 4-3, R O’Sullivan (Eng) bt A Hicks (Eng) 4-1, O Lines (Eng) bt B Woollaston (Eng) 4-0. TenniS atp & Wta BNp parIBas opeN (Indian Wells, California)—Men’s 2nd rnd: a Murray (Gbr) bt (30) C Alcaraz Garfia (Spa) 5-7 6-3 6-2. Men’s 3rd rnd: (11) D Sebastian Schwartzman (Arg) bt (18) d evaNs (Gbr) 5-7 6-4 6-0. toDay’s Diary (7.45pm unless stated) FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Group C Bulgaria v Northern Ireland ...................... (Live on Sky Sports Football) Lithuania v Switzerland ............................ (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Group F Denmark v Austria .................................... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Faroe Islands v Scotland .......................... (Live on Sky Sports Main Event) Israel v Moldova ....................................... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Group I Albania v Poland ...................................... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) England v Hungary ................................... (Live on ITV 1) San Marino v Andorra .............................. (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Group a: Portugal v Luxembourg, Serbia v Azerbaijan (Both Live on Sky Sports Red Button). Group B: Kosovo v Georgia, Sweden v Greece (Both Live on Sky Sports Red Button). Group d: Kazakhstan v Finland (3pm) (Live on Sky Sports Main Event), Ukraine v Bosnia-Herzegovina (Live on Sky Sports Red Button). DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 49 WORLD CUP QUaLifieR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY ANYTHING LESS IS A KOP OUT.. Kelleher: Of course I’m aiming to be No.1 for Liverpool.. there’s no point in me being there otherwise By MIchAeL ScULLy Caoimhín Kelleher isn’t shy about having his sights set on being liverpool’s no.1. Kelleher, 22, will hit another career milestone tonight when he starts his first senior international for Ireland. He has played second fiddle to another rising netminder, his former Ireland under-21 colleague Gavin Bazunu, but the Corkman is prepared to play the long game for club and country. Kelleher made his Liverpool debut last year and acquitted himself well. Jurgen Klopp has promoted him to be the club’s second choice keeper behind Allison Becker and he kept a clean sheet in the Carabao Cup against Norwich three weeks ago. With Becker likely to be late back due to quarantine issues after playing for Brazil, Kelleher could make his first Premier League appearance of the season at Watford next Saturday. After turning down the chance of a loan move to Holland a year ago, he is ambitious to push on at Anfield. “There’s no point being somewhere and not thinking you could be number one,” stated Kelleher. “You have to have that mentality and I want to push on and be number one – and hopefully if I get a chance I’ll take it. “I’m just focused on when I do get games for Liverpool that I can put in a good performance and show that I am capable of playing at that level. “I’m always ready to go on, but I don’t think there has been any injury. If there is I’ll be ready to come on.” Kelleher insisted yesterday he had “no regrets” about passing up the chance to go on loan, even though Bazunu’s decision to do so put the 19-year-old into pole position for game time with Ireland. Reflecting on that opportunity in Holland, Kelleher recalled: “It was quite close and maybe if a few injuries hadn’t happened, I’d have gone. “I think since I didn’t go on loan, I got my chance with Liverpool and did quite well. “You always have to progress and not be stagnant. So the next step for me was to be number two, and I’ve taken that next step so I’m happy.” i’ll just keep at it Caoimhin Kelleher working hard during ireland’s training session yesterday Of course, Kelleher is also benefiting from the fact he is mixing it with the likes of Mo Salah (inset) and Sadio Mane every day. “Some of the best players in the world are training at Liverpool, so it can only improve you as a player by training at that level,” he said. “It has helped me a lot and I just look forward to training every day, trying to improve and to better myself. “It’s great to be in and around that and learn from it. It means a lot to me – I’m so happy to be going in every day and learning from players with such a high quality.” I WOULDN’t Be GAVIN OFF BAD VIBeS By MIchAeL ScULLy Caoimhín Kelleher insists he has no issue with Gavin Bazunu getting the nod ahead of him at present. Bazunu (left) started in all but the opening game against Serbia in this World Cup qualifying campaign, having seized his chance when both Darren randolph and next in line Kelleher were injured. When asked how it feels to watch his colleague in action, Kelleher responded: “i don’t know what you expect me to say, but i am happy for him, i like to see him do well. “The goalkeeping group is quite close, we don’t wish anything bad to happen – we all train collectively together to get the three points and if he makes a save i am just as happy as any player or fan watching, i want to get the win as well. “We have known each other for three years maybe, and we get on well together. “There are quite a few of us REP. OF IRELAND v qAtAR AvIvA stADIum, 7.45Pm who were playing for the under-21s and made the transition to the senior team at the same time, so we are quite close. “We know how good we all are, so we just want to make that next step and put some wins together and drive on from there.” the FUtURe IS BRIGht NI manager Ian Baraclough Boss Bara is staying so Bullish Bulgaria v N. ireland Group C, Sofia, 7.45pm By DARReN FULLeRtON NORTHERN Ireland’s World Cup dream may be fading, but Ian Baraclough insists he has seen bright signs of progress during his time in charge. Assuming Switzerland either draw or win in Lithuania tonight, anything other than maximum points in Bulgaria will end all hopes of securing second in the group. The outside chance of reaching Qatar via the playoffs will be dead and buried, although Baraclough believes there’s still plenty to be positive about moving forward. The 50-year-old, whose 18-month contract expires at the end of the campaign, said: “I think we are in a good place. I think the future is bright for Northern Irish football, I really do. “We have found that we have more numbers than we probably had a year ago and we have players who are capable of stepping up into the squad. “I have more players to choose from now and it certainly gives me more of a headache picking a squad.” Baraclough hasn’t been afraid to blood youngsters with Millwall defender Dan Ballard, Preston’s Ali McCann and Liverpool teenager Conor Bradley all handed debuts on his watch. The likes of Blackpool striker Shayne Lavery, Cardiff City defender Ciaron Brown and Morecambe midfielder Alfie McCalmont have also been given more game time. “We’ve got to be careful not to put too much pressure on the young players… but clearly we have seen some progression in that,” he said. “We have seen performances that back up the decision to throw them in. “Conor (Bradley) is the youngest in the squad, but we put him on against Switzerland and we can rely on him. “If I feel it is right I put them in – I have no fear of doing that.”

50 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 u21 Euro QuAlifiEr DMEEIR international friendly rePUBliC of MUST-WIn GaMe Ireland U21 boss Jim Crawford Crawford: A sprint to the finish Montenegro v Rep.Ireland Today, 4.30pm BY Mark McCadden JIM CRAWFORD has described the race for Euro 2023 qualification as a “sprint” as he tries to keep pace with Sweden and Italy. That means picking up a win today in Montenegro ahead of a crucial doubleheader next month against the top two sides in Group F. “We don’t take too much notice of the table yet, it really is game to game, but there are only 10 games in it. It’s a sprint and you need to win your games,” said Crawford. “Sweden have come here to Montenegro and won, and we have to match that. Yeah, we need to win. “The pressure is on, but that’s what you want. Players have to learn how to operate in an environment eQUaLISer Aidomo Emakhu earned Irish draw where there are must-win games. That’s all part of the development. “With November being such a huge window, we want to be there or thereabouts regarding points (at that stage). “The table after November will be quite clear for everybody to see (in terms of) who the frontrunners are, and who has the best chance of qualifying for the finals. “This is a very important game for us.” •SHAMROCK ROVERS striker Aidomo Emakhu earned Ireland’s U19s a second draw against Sweden in three days. The Hoops teenager cancelled out Jusef Erabi’s opener in the second of a friendly double-header against the Scandinavian side in Marbella. Manager Tom Mohan made 11 changes from the side that drew 2-2 last week. EVERYONE SHOULD BE SCRAPPING FOR SHIRT BY PaUL O’HeHIr will be real competition CAOIMHIN KELLEHER has for places in all been told to challenge Gavin areas. Bazunu every step of the “In goalkeeping it way for Ireland’s No.1 spot. just happens that Manchester City prospect Caoimhin, Mark Bazunu – on loan at Travers – who is Portsmouth – has only nailed having a great season down the starting role this at Bournemouth – year. and Gavin have come He got the nod ahead of in. Liverpool No.2 Kelleher “Gavin has been because of his run of club absolutely brilliant in games in League One. recent matches. And he has been “You want this level exceptional this season and of competition, you is one of the most exciting want that going forward Ireland players to emerge in for the next few years. a generation. “That’s important.” But Ireland boss Stephen But Kenny has confirmed Kenny expects the pair to that tonight it will be drive each other on, along Kelleher’s (above) chance to with Mark Travers. impress when he makes his Kenny said: “What we’re first start for Ireland. trying to do and have tried The Ireland manager for a while is to create an added: “Caoimhin is a real environment where there’s natural goalkeeper, he’s a going to be real competition terrific talent. for places. “Caoimhin made his debut “Not everyone is having a at half-time in the game against Hungary but this is great time at club level so his first start and in front of that opens the door and the home crowd so he means that there’s deserves it.” inconsistency in selection. I WANT TO BE LIVERPOOL NO.1 – “But going forward there SEE PAGE 49 HE’S GOT TO FORM HIS OWN OPINIONS FROM BACK PAGE part in their development in tier and Jamie McGrath is at the last year. To be able to mid-table Scottish Premier play a lot of matches has League side St Mirren. helped them develop.” But Kenny said last night: Ogbene (below) could be “I agree that is unusual to be rewarded with a starting role playing for Ireland but tonight having come off the you’ve got to pick what you bench to score his first goal see and if players do well for Ireland in Baku on you have to reward that. Saturday. “I can’t be influenced by Against Hungary in June, what club they are at and he became the first African base selection on that.” born player to win a senior Quizzed specifically about cap for Ireland. Ogbene and McGrath as Kenny said: “A lot of emerging forces in the Irish people in Cork are very team, Kenny said it would be proud of him having done so wrong of him to urge them well. He’s forging a career to move to a higher level. for himself at the moment in “It wouldn’t be League One. appropriate to “Ideally, you’d say anything want him playing about either at the highest club possible level he because can but he’ll take they have each game step been a big by step.” no MIsses RobInson Stephen Kenny’s hoping Callum Robinson can be relied upon for goals ireland v qatar I AM GOING TO BUILD IT FROM BACK Kenny feels case for defence is clear & obvious by PaUL O’hehIr STEPHEN KENNY has revealed why he is going back to the future so that Ireland can be at their best against top nations. The Republic of Ireland boss is a deep thinker on the game, but was also developing a tinkerman reputation as he experimented with formations. For now, he has settled on a flexible 3-4-2-1 set-up that was first trialled against tonight’s opponents Qatar back in their March friendly draw in Hungary. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that the formation is also used by Chelsea, where new Ireland coach Anthony Barry is one of Thomas Tuchel’s chief lieutenants. But yesterday Kenny admitted he has settled on that way of playing in order to maximise Ireland’s strong defensive unit. Throughout his career, the Dubliner has always wanted attacking players in his teams with creativity and flair. And he believes that his current crop of forwards can eventually find their rhythm at senior international level. But while that is a work in progress, Kenny appreciates Ireland have to style their game on their strongest weapon right now. With Shane Duffy back at the peak of his powers and John Egan showing why Kenny has so much faith in him, it’s the smart call. Particularly so with a promising cast of young centre-backs coming through. Ahead of tonight’s Qatar clash, Kenny said: “It’s the realisation – it’s possibly fair to say – that 60 per cent to 70 per cent of our best players are defenders. “There are also three emerging centre-backs coming through at their clubs, Andrew Omobamidele, Dara O’Shea and Nathan Collins. “We’ve then got players who can play wingback at their clubs. We can shape our team around that and it can be tactically flexible against the better nations. “The flexibility within that gives us a better chance against the better nations. What we’ve got to improve on is that aspect against teams we’re capable of beating. “We changed to a back three in March and it has been used in all the games, bar Andorra when we played a back four. “We have varied it by playing 3-4-1-2 but the first time we played a 3-4-2-1 was actually against Qatar in March.” But while building a team around its strongest components makes sense, Kenny won’t be ignoring the other elements. And he is hoping Callum Robinson’s superb brace in Azerbaijan is the catalyst for a higher goal return from the forwards. “ H e i s someone Doherty DMEEIR who has the capacity to create and score goals,” said Kenny of the West Brom ace. “He’s not necessarily a prolific scorer of goals but he got a high number at Preston and scored goals this year for West Brom, he’s done well so far before he got his illness. “Hopefully he can have a good impact, he’s at that age now where he’s at the peak of his career and hopefully he can be someone who scores goals for us.” Jon Walters wasn’t prolific at club level but scored 14 valuable goals for Ireland and Kenny said of Robinson: “I see there’s a sort of comparison with Walters. “They both played wide and as central strikers although Jon Walters scored goals even from the wide right position in that campaign. “Callum likewise played on the right the other day but when he got his goals, he went up front. “It could be argued his best position is Probable Kelleher line-up Omobamidele Duffy Hourihane Robinson Parrott TV Times: Live on RTE2 from 4pm Hendrick Egan Knight TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR off the left where he’s played a lot of his football at Preston.” Kenny has pinned enormous hope on Adam Idah’s 20-year-old shoulders and the Norwich City striker started the last four internationals. But the prolific scorer at underage level – 34 goals in 61 internationals from U15s to U21s – has yet to break his senior duck. He was whipped off after an hour in Baku, although had been laid down with a fever that saw him confined to his hotel room in Azerbaijan two days before the game. Kenny must decide whether to rest him tonight or persist in the hope that a first goal could set the wheels in motion for more. “He’s okay and available. He still did a good job for the team on Saturday and led the line. “Certainly, he has had bigger impacts on games, in the last window for sure. But it was a selfless act, getting out there and putting himself forward, having been struck down. “He put in a selfless hour for the team and that was appreciated.” Stevens 51 aviva stadium tonight, 7.45pm DOUBTFUL Josh Cullen and Daryl Horgan are struggling A RHYTHM QATAR FOR IRISH BOSS by name here STEPHEN KENNY has ruled out making sweeping changes against Qatar tonight as he wants to keep the momentum going. The Ireland boss is determined to go into next month’s final World Cup qualifiers at home to Portugal and away to Luxembourg on a high. He said: “First of all we would like a good performance and we’ll have to earn a victory against Qatar. “Then we’ll take on Portugal and it’ll be a great occasion. We would want two good results in November between Portugal and Luxembourg, that’s certainly our objective.” But Josh Cullen and Daryl Horgan are likely to miss out tonight as they nurse knee and ankle injuries respectively. Jason Knight (below) is available after missing Saturday’s 3-0 win in Azerbaijan having been struck down with a fever in Baku. Kenny said: “There won’t be wholesale changes. It’s a great game for us to try and build on Saturday night. “Qatar are like a club team in that they’ve played 17 games since March between Copa America, the Asian Cup (holders) and also in the CONCACAF getting to the semi-finals. “It’s an interesting challenge for us and we want to do well. “We’ve got a home crowd, a 25,000 sellout (capacity is restricted) which for a friendly is terrific. “We would like to win the game.”

gUTTEd as snyMan CURsE sTRiKEs again sTaVElEy WalKs in... BUT BRUCE Hasn’T BEEn RUn OUT OF TOOn...yET see Collins: i’d love some Friday evening action under the lights see page 41 page 44 see page 42 dillian: i WanT TO COME TO TysOn’s PaRTy rep. of ireland v qatar THE FORM FACTOR Kenny: Premiership or League One?.. I don’t care as long as you are playing well By DaviD anDerson DILLIAN WHyTE has called on heavyweight king Tyson Fury by saying “Let’s get it on” in a major fight for Britain. Whyte will be in line for a crack at Fury’s WBC belt if he defends his By PaUL o’HeHir stepHen KennY insists he will continue to pick players based on their form – not the league they play in. Seven of the Ireland squad to face Qatar tonight – and Azerbaijan last weekend – are with League One clubs. Two of them, Gavin Bazunu and Troy Parrott, are on loan from Premier League giants Manchester City and Tottenham. But Wigan’s James McClean and Will Keane, Rotherham’s Chiedozie Ogbene, Wycombe’s Daryl Horgan and Charlton’s Harry Arter – on loan – play in the third turn to page 51 interim title against Otto Wallin on October 30 at The O2, saying he has waited long enough to fight him. Fury (above) is set to be mandated to face the winner of Whyte versus Wallin after knocking out Deontay turn to page 43 international friendly aviva stadium, KO 7.45pm aMy BREaKs RECORd WiTH TOn see page 44 Published by MGN Ltd at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP (020-7293 3000) and printed by The Irish Times Ltd at 4080 Kingswood Rd, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office Serial No. 34,941 ©MGN Ltd Tuesday, October 12, 2021 E Austria €3.50, Belgium €2.00, Bulgaria 3.70 BLG, France €2.00, Germany €2.00, Greece €2.50, Italy €2.20, Netherlands €2.00, Portugal €2.95 (cont) 341Esc, Spain €2.95, Malta €2.50 (inc VAT), Turkey: yTL 10, Cyprus €2.40, Denmark 20DK, Norway NKR22, Egypt EGP. 12.00

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Quizword ACROSS 6 and 10 1929 autobiography by Robert Graves (7,2,3,4) 8 Team game similar to basketball played mainly by women (7) 9 1900 opera by Giacomo Puccini (5) 10 See 6 Across 12 Word representing the letter S in the NATO phonetic alphabet (6) 14 Nikolai —, author of 1842 novel Dead Souls (5) 15 Largest Asian antelope (6) 16 City and railway junction in Romania that has belonged to Turkey, Austria and Hungary (4) 19 Model of Ford motor car named after the son of the founder of the company, Henry (5) 21 David —, politician who shared the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize with John Hume (7) 22 Republic in West Africa known until 1974 as Portuguese Guinea (6-6) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror DOWN 1 Indoor version of baseball invented by George Hancock in 1887 (8) 2 German submarine in World Wars I and II (1-4) 3 The —, region of SE England between the North Downs and the South Downs (5) 4 Channel of the nose also called a naris (7) 5 Mountain range in south central Europe (4) 6 World Heavyweight boxing champion from 1926-28 (4,6) 7 Andreas —, prime minister of Greece from 1993-96 (10) 11 Ornamental form of the common carp (3) 12 Female adult pig (3) 13 Rugby union hooker whose 2005 Ireland Test debut was against New Zealand (4,4) 14 Judy —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Judgment at Nuremberg (7) 17 Jack —, Home Secretary from 1997-2001 (5) 18 Gordon —, athlete voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1955 (5) 20 First king of Israel in the Old Testament (4) 6 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 Crossword ACROSS 6 Musical instrument (12) 8 Type of penguin (7) 9 Scandinavian (5) 10 Throw lightly or casually (4) 12 Place for storing wine (6) 14 Thighbone (5) 15 Pushes gently (6) 16 Large container for rubbish and rubble (4) 19 Lawful (5) 21 Everlasting (7) 22 Very secure (4,2,6) 17 18 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror DOWN 1 Calm, tranquil (8) 2 Part of a dress (5) 3 Enraged (5) 4 Steel hand tool (7) 5 Prophet (4) 6 Male relative (5-5) 7 Main city (10) 11 Affirmative (3) 12 Young fox (3) 13 Similarity (8) 14 Plume (7) 17 Untidy (5) 18 Under (5) 20 Fossil fuel (4) CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! 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Cryptic clues ACROSS 1 Distressing, seeing soldier in cart crash (6) 4 Silent swan (4) 7 Melanie has style (4) 8 Pressure to clear out a bundle (6) 9 Ties up venue (4) 10 Lean on table (4) 12 Creature of pride (4) 14 Rendition’s conclusion (3) 16 Wonder in drawer (3) 17 Former spouse gets morning inspection (4) 20 Mite moving in fourth dimension (4) 23 Crazy flyers (4) 24 Cancel directions to entrance (6) 25 Zero return on old flooring (4) 26 Regrets stratagem, we hear (4) 27 Less sensitive to quantity (6) DOWN 1 Head in charge of subject (5) 2 Care about some land (4) 3 Room only for instrument (5) 4 Great deal of service (4) 5 Joined the team (6) 6 Journalist gets soldiers to improve (5) 11 In and around former empire (4) 13 Emit to create something (4) 15 Pay to get comfortable (6) 16 Bream changing colour (5) 18 Cross none off as an element (5) 19 Obvious about Shakespearean king (5) 21 Goddess is mentioned twice (4) 22 Youngster clambering about (4) 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 15 ACROSS 1 Very sad (6) 4 Stifle (4) 7 Dash (4) 8 Package (6) 9 Location (4) 10 Inventory (4) 12 Feline (4) 14 Finish (3) 16 Amazement (3) 17 Test (4) 20 Occasion (4) 23 Flying mammals (4) 24 Nullify (6) 25 Floor covering (4) 26 Feels remorse (4) 27 Integer (6) 7 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Quick clues DOWN 1 Theme (5) 2 Unit of area (4) 3 Stringed instrument (5) 4 Large amount (4) 5 Merged (6) 6 Correct (5) 11 Ancient Peruvian (4) 13 Unit (4) 15 Colonise (6) 16 Fossil resin (5) 18 Type of gas (5) 19 Transparent (5) 21 Egyptian deity (4) 22 Young sheep (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! TWO-SPEED COFFEEBREAK 1550 501110 (€0.75/min) TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818229660. Min age 18+. The name game Hidden in the grid is the name of an actor. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 30-sec brain teaser Boost your brain power with our 30-second test. Start with the number on the left and follow the instructions. Beginners should aim to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds. Intermediates should finish their own puzzle and the Beginner’s Challenge. Genius players have 30 seconds to complete their own plus the Intermediate. Good luck! Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror BOX1: What type of creature is the mythical roc? Horse (O) Bird (C) Reptile (R) BOX2: What type of creature is the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Snagglepuss? White tiger (P) Panther (U) Mountain lion (O) BOX3: Which street is associated with the American advertising industry? Madison Avenue (S) Fifth Avenue (B) Wall Street (P) BOX4: Semaphore is a telegraphy system which commonly uses what in order to communicate? Flashing lights (S) Dots and dashes (C) Flags (K) BOX5: Which nickname is given to Norwich City Football Club? Songbirds (G) Canaries (J) Nightingales (I) BOX6: Which gameshow is hosted by Gino D’Acampo? Family Fortunes (A) Deal Or No Deal (S) Eggheads (O) BOX7: Retired Welsh athlete Iwan Thomas has represented Great Britain in which Olympic event? Triathlon (L) Marathon (M) 400m (N) BOX8: Teddy and Looby Loo were friends of which television marionette puppet? Muffin the Mule (R) Andy Pandy (U) Captain Scarlet (M) BOX9: What is the most abundant chemical element in the universe? Oxygen (K) Hydrogen (H) Carbon (G) BOX10: Octavia Spencer (pictured) stars as a lonely middle-aged woman who terrorises a group of teens in which 2019 horror film? Us (A) I See You (W) Ma (C) BEGINNER 42 +27 ÷3 −8 ×5 −18 2/3 ÷2 of this INTERMEDIATE 15 ADVANCED 192 ×8 Increase by 60% −56 3/4 +154 ×2 of this +28 Take the cube root +45 Increase by 75% ÷16 +154 4/5 of this −48 ×4 +187 ÷37 Mirrorgram Solve our ten-letter anagram T I L T G A I T E R Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER

2 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR PUZZLES Speedbreaker 1 16 25 17 2 18 25 21 6 5 19 18 Target time: 17:57 mins ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1 2 3 4 Test your codecracking skills against us! We took 17 minutes and 57 seconds to complete this puzzle — can you do better? We’ve taken a completed crossword puzzle and replaced each letter in the grid with the same number throughout. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. If you find it hard to get going, call the Extra Letter line where you will also find a little bit of extra help. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions in Thursday’s Irish Mirror 14 15 16 17 18 €75 to be won! 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 W 19 20 21 22 23 A Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) and tell us which letter is represented by the number ‘1’ in today’s Speedbreaker. Last Tuesday’s winner: Joan Wooton, from Bradford 24 25 26 N SolutionS Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) for 5 extra letters or the full solution. Deduct one minute from the target time for each extra letter used. 2 10 2 23 8 10 23 2 9 15 20 2 25 25 2 21 23 18 14 6 16 10 21 24 1 10 25 21 21 3 19 5 19 24 7 6 7 21 11 14 16 10 W A N 12 26 1 4 16 6 16 10 21 10 26 10 19 22 6 6 21 16 10 2 16 17 12 22 10 14 17 20 21 25 6 2 1 18 19 2 10 11 14 19 13 15 2 21 16 26 Just a bit of fun Which one of our three definitions is correct? HEST 1 Rough cloth 2 Command 3 Of yesterday Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Scribble pad ✍ TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818 229660. Min age 18+. 4 14 25 8 15 20 25 14 10 2 7 21 Arrow Word The tribe led by Boudicca Term of office Frolics Strikes Storyteller Huge Mollusc Secret place Wooden pole Appetiser Arrow Words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Study of bodies Urges Blunder Quantity of paper Mountain pass Alone Puts up with Cutlery items Dec's partner Attacks _ Bellucci, pictured Member of an ancient sect Format (3-2) Failure The Old Man and the _, novel Savoury jelly Pat Paddle Strong taste _ Piaf, late _ Boag, French ex Strictly singer dancer Lassoed Attack (3,2) Eating plans Form Slacks Promoter (5,5) Colour Epoch Observes Born Top of a building Throw Star sign Strange device _ Perkins, presenter Tree _ Mac- Graw, actress Atoms Withdraw Salver Head covering East Sussex town Sea eagles Employ Curves Beer Engraver Ayrton -, F1 driver Dull Of the item Bucket Fibs Get up Everything Toe protector Show again Poem Eggs Don't _ For Me, Argentina Hearing organ _ Craig, pictured Flower parts _ Upon a Time in the West, film Brenda Blethyn detective series Goat-like man DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 3 Su-doku corner Easy su-doku 8 1 2 7 4 3 4 1 8 9 6 1 7 6 The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 4 8 9 8 1 2 6 3 7 5 2 9 9 2 9 1 4 8 3 1 5 7 Su-doku toughie The rules for Su-doku are easy, but this one’s a toughie! Each number from 1 to 9 must appear only once in each horizontal and vertical line, and only once in each 3x3 grid. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) to hear SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES or FULL SOLUTIONS to the easy and toughie su-dokus and hitoshii. Killer su-doku 10 7 8 27 9 13 5 17 22 10 7 9 14 16 14 7 16 22 15 11 12 11 10 24 5 11 7 8 15 20 18 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 5 FUTOSHIKI 2 4 5 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Word Ladder Arrived Concern Uncommon Wordsearch Can you find all the listed words meaning random in the grid? Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror E E J D A R S S E L M I A I T U L M W W A L Q C E X M G T Q L O A S F L A E G R Q E Q U K B A S T P U T H Y L Y Y N N D E K T U N G N I S I R P R U S H Y R D E E E E F A R B O K Y T S A J B R D K X E D F T C G F U Y O P R I I D P T P G V H O R K Q Q I C I C Z E F A X P T R D D O N C S H N G C E L C U E Z C I T A R R E I E T A S O A T N A V E L E R R I S E V H L V B X R Y R O T L U S E D V K L A J A D R H Q A L B Q N E E C P L F M P U L K G G R C ACCIDENTAL AIMLESS CASUAL DESULTORY ERRATIC INCIDENTAL Charge Ceremonial act CAMP SITE IRREGULAR IRRELEVANT ODD OUT OF THE BLUE SLAPDASH Using the clues provided, fill in each step of the ladder with a new word, changing one letter at a time. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror STRAY SURPRISING SURREAL UNEXPECTED UNPREDICTABLE Brickwork 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS QUIZWORD ACROSS: 1 James, 4 Stump, 10 Angel, 11 Rorqual, 12 Lysander, 13 Siem, 15 Dickey, 17 Lowell, 19 Fram, 20 Hornbeam, 23 Haddock, 24 India, 25 Gomez, 26 Alfie. DOWN: 2 Angus, 3 Erlangen, 5 Taro, 6 Maurice, 7 Ballad Of The, 8 Green, 9 Flim-Flam Man, 14 Hornbill, 16 Claudio, 18 Hooke, 21 Erdei, 22 Zone. CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Clerk, 4 Study, 10 Eerie, 11 Torpedo, 12 Tea towel, 13 Roll, 15 Nitric, 17 Catnap, 19 Tyre, 20 Foolscap, 23 Operate, 24 Rumba, 25 Stone, 26 Snack. DOWN: 2 Larva, 3 Rhetoric, 5 Turf, 6 Die down, 7 Destination, 8 Steep, 9 Lollipop man, 14 Cauldron, 16 Torrent, 18 Money, 21 Comic, 22 Pawn. Two-speed COFFEEBREAK ACROSS: 1 Augur, 4 Brass, 7 Rim, 9 Sponge, 11 Fair, 12 Eat, 13 Tempest, 15 Pioneer, 18 Ash, 19 Oath, 20 Glider, 23 Oil, 24 Enrol, 25 Plead. DOWN: 1 Answerphone, 2 Urn, 3 Rig, 5 Adage, 6 Stretchered, 8 Mere, 10 Out, 13 The, 14 Mar, 16 Otter, 17 Ergo, 18 Aid, 21 Lip, 22 Ill. SATURDAY’S SPEEDBREAKER 1=M, 2=Y, 3=H, 4=R, 5=B, 6=N, 7=D, 8=W, 9=G, 10=V, 11=I, 12=X, 13=S, 14=F, 15=C, 16=U, 17=T, 18=P, 19=A, 20=Q, 21=E, 22=L, 23=O, 24=J, 25=K, 26=Z. Enter the solutions to the clues in their numbered layers of the wall. Each word must be an anagram of its neighbours, plus or minus one letter. 1 Managed 2 Called 3 Fury 4 Male goose 5 Authoritative 6 Haul 7 Scrap of fabric ARROW WORD Bingo Tue Oct 12 2021 Game 39 Day 2 73 21 52 79 20 31 34 12 28 27 22 87 V S H A S P N E V A D A D I T T O G G B A S R A T S A F A R I E M M A O T R Y P I T U P R A I S E O S L O I S P E A L G P D E L H I E T E E N A G E R A A L L T H E R A G E E K I M O N O O L M T H Y M A R S T R E S S E D I P B R I E Y U U R S A A S K S N E C E S S A R Y I G I D E A B E L L T H I S A N N A E E T O W O N S E T T A K E E B B O R E R R U E L A D E N E T O N D Y E A D D In the Irish Mirror every Saturday there’s €1000 to be won in our Big Name prize crossword EASY SU-DOKU 1 9 4 8 2 3 6 5 7 2 1 5 4 7 9 3 6 8 9 4 6 7 3 1 5 8 2 KILLER SU-DOKU 1 5 2 7 4 9 3 8 6 8 7 3 1 5 6 4 2 9 9 4 6 8 3 2 5 1 7 MIRRORGRAM SOUTHBOUND 30-SEC BRAIN TEASER Beginner 13; Intermediate 292; Advanced 109. JUST A BIT OF FUN 3 Concurrence 3 8 7 5 2 6 6 4 5 9 1 7 2 1 9 8 3 4 7 6 4 3 8 9 1 3 8 2 6 5 5 9 2 7 4 1 8 5 3 1 7 2 9 2 6 4 5 8 4 7 1 6 9 3 6 2 8 3 1 4 7 9 5 3 1 4 5 9 7 8 6 2 7 9 5 6 2 8 1 3 4 4 6 1 2 7 3 9 5 8 BRICKWORK Bar, Crab, Brace, Cabers, Bares, Base, Sea. 2 3 7 9 8 5 6 4 1 WORD LADDER Hard, Harp, Hare, Bare, Bale, Balk, Ball. HERE are the numbers for Day 2 of Game 39 on your Bingo card. TO WIN a full house £250 prize, all 15 numbers on the Game 39 grid must be correctly crossed off with the Daily Mirror numbers. If you’re still short by Saturday, buy the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People for more numbers and the chance to win a £100 prize. TO CLAIM Call 01420 525501 (RoI 01 868 8620) from 10am to 3pm on Mondays only. If you get a full house on any other day, you will need to phone and make your claim on the following Monday. No responsibility accepted for failure to call within stated hours. Standard Reach PLC rules apply, see 5 8 9 4 6 1 2 7 3 SU-DOKU TOUGHIE FUTOSHIKI 1 3 2 5 4 3 5 4 1 2 4 2 5 3 1 2 1 3 4 5 5 4 1 2 3 WORDSEARCH G Q M D T E E O X U H R Z A L B A S J V K R Z E Q S E F E R E Y R N A Z T Y P O E D F S O M R V T H G I L S F X N U P O M I S R E A D L F Z A U L A B S I A I W R J A R K P L F L O M I S J U D G M E N T B H V O O U S U N O I T A R R E B A B B F P F A L S E S T E P V A H U A O P U T F O O T I N I T Q N U O S E R E P O O L B L L N G X H D S S D S G P Y L S A S L P W V A L V O L O Q T Y D Z E A P M U D D L E R O H D R F K S G F A G N J P A Q F L I I NINER RESULTING NAME GAME PURPLE HAZE 1U, 2A, 3P, 4E, 5L, 6Z, 7E, 8R, 9H, 10P.

4 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Big Picture CAN YOU FIND THE LOVEHEART? DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 5 Enter Vowel Su-doku Corner Each clue is the answer word with the vowels removed. For example, a clue PL (4) might lead to Plea, Pile, Peal, Opal etc but not Loop or Lope. You’ll have to work out which option fits with its neighbours to complete the grid. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Across Down The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions at the end 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 20 1 TCST (7) 5 FRC (5) 9 DPS (6) 10 BNRY (6) 11 STND (4,5) 13 RMD (6) 15 TRLS (6) 17 LMSHS (9) 21 RTN (6) 22 DBTS (6) 23 GNS (5) 24 RFR (7) 2 SD (4) 3 CHLR (7) 4 SDS (5) 6 WND (5) 7 CRLLS (4-4) 8 BST (6) 12 GRTP (5,3) 14 CHNG (6) 16 CCB (3,4) 18 MZ (5) 19 ND (5) 20 STY (4) DIFFICULTY easy 5 4 2 2 8 6 6 5 6 2 1 3 2 5 8 4 6 7 3 5 1 3 4 7 5 3 4 7 9 1 2 6 4 1 8 5 Double A Jigword VM O DA K V AC OA D S KM A A AT A S M A V C O T A D KC A S A T B L U IE EM O IB BR L E U P E B B LU M U PO E I R U M E Arrange these crossword fragments to create two completed symmetrical crosswords in the EO grids below. R BE P U Solutions at the end B SD U CB C S UY UB L C E CD N U BT LB E D N S Y U T B C CY U L E N T TA U NM AV O OD K N VA O DC S KA N AT C SA U T A I SA M I AC A T U N C T I S U N I A I S AI OA M N A C C U B L I E RE U DB I I R EP T U E D U BI T PE E B MU L E U C M E GO M R O H ME R C E M G C BH LG UR UE H D MI OT RE E B RD SI U CA CI U SA UL A CE A CN A UE T LA EI NE B I VB D U LY B E T R I V U Y R L I E V BU T AL DE AT B A Y E T U DA V E O T D O D K AE A A T OC T S E N A NU S A T T C C D E S E U T VN U I N NS I I S I O N V N O U T ON A A V N O TN U N I NS AI AT E S E E E M C E A E R U D I E O RT R UE C TM O GC U D D P IO I T T E EP M A G C E E C O P I U R E N S T O G A U R N S B H L U B P U AI S A A T O G A U R N MS C G H W L S IS I A A S M O R A A L E R AE A Y E R I R A A A L Y E R V I E S E A R L Y S U VU C LC U T W L S A B L E D WT L S A R I V U L E T LB E NY T V ND E T O D D EA E T TC OE O NS NU A A T T E E S D K AV O SN AT N TO N V N O N IN I A S T O E E C E R U E O D I E ET E CP C O P E T G BO A G U PA M R U N R C S A M N T O G A A C U R N S S G H P W L S I A E A R S L B A EY L E A U R E R L L Y M O R E C C UW S L EL A N TS R W L S A IA V U L E BT D YB Y O N C D EU V T ON N AO T ET N US N I S I A R U D I T ET O EG A C U OR N MP S C G H A A A A SW E S L E AS R LA Y R I V U L E T T O N A T E S V N O N E C O P T O G A U R N S S E A R L Y W L S A DIFFICULTY medium DIFFICULTY hard 7 6 8 8 5 3 2 1 9 8 4 7 3 6 6 8 2 7 4 7 9 8 2 1 5 7 6 2 7 6 3 5 Solutions at the end

6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Big X Su-doku The rules for Big X Su-doku vary only slightly from the standard su-doku rules. The 9x9 su-doku at the centre of the X shares four of its 3x3 boxes with those of the outer su-doku. None of the 9x9 su-dokus can be solved individually, you must cross-reference between the intersecting grids. Solutions at the end 4 8 3 6 8 2 7 1 5 6 4 5 7 6 2 3 5 7 4 2 9 3 5 4 9 4 1 2 4 2 6 7 9 8 4 3 2 9 1 7 6 4 2 6 9 4 4 1 2 3 5 1 2 4 Honeycomb All the solutions read clockwise around their numbers. The solution to clue number 1 starts from the given letter. 1 Late meal 2 Vibrated 3 Ten years 4 Knife 5 Spool back 6 Cancelling 7 Chewed 8 Squirm 9 Songbird 10 Suave 11 Write music 12 Handles 10 9 8 11 7 12 6 S T 1 5 2 3 4 8 1 7 9 6 5 8 3 5 8 9 4 6 5 6 9 2 1 3 1 2 8 4 7 9 5 4 2 7 9 1 3 8 4 5 2 1 6 2 3 9 6 7 5 2 8 7 7 5 8 4 4 8 3 1 2 9 4 8 9 4 9 2 8 2 4 1 5 6 1 8 1 4 5 9 5 3 2 Word wheel You have 10 mins to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each must use the hub letter and at least 3 others. Letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. There is at least one 9-letter word to be found. Solutions at the end How you rate: 8 words, average; 12 words, good; 16 words, very good; 18 or more, excellent. U E S F F S I P N General knowledge quiz ART & LITERATURE 1 Which American author wrote The Bostonians? 2 On whose poem is the hymn Jerusalem based? 3 From which country is the haiku verse form? 4 Who wrote The Holcroft Covenant? 5 What nationality was author and politician Machiavelli? 6 Which novelist wrote Tender is the Night? GEOGRAPHY 7 The Massif Central is in which country? 8 The Parc des Princes is in which French city? 9 The Ruhr river flows through which country? 10 Which US state is nicknamed the Aloha State? 11 Which frozen body deposits moraine? 12 What is the capital of Denmark? NATURE 13 The name of which type of creature can be preceded by white, basking or whale? 14 What is a male cat called? 15 What type of creature is a mudskipper? 16 Of which vegetable is the shallot a type? 17 What is the largest wild member of the dog family? 18 What type of creature is a coot? SPORT & LEISURE 19 For which South American national football team did Romario and Bebeto play? 20 Which chess piece has the most freedom of movement? 21 Hurley and shinty are similar to which Olympic sport? 22 Michel Platini won the 1984 UEFA European Championship with which team? 23 Elland Road is the home ground of which football team? 24 Who won the 1994 British Grand Prix? POT LUCK 25 The Turin Shroud was claimed to bear the image of which historical figure? 26 With which flower is Remembrance Sunday associated? 27 Osiris was a god in which country’s mythology? 28 Which type of oil is an ingredient in most Italian sauces? 29 Turmeric is a seasoning and dye of which colour? 30 How many cents are there in a nickel? Solutions at the end Solutions at the end DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 7 Pathfinder Niner Loop Beginning with the top highlighted letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. Solutions at the end Literary characters P E R N I H E B E R F I I N S E T P N E T P E L R Y N P P O A N A I W O O C K J Y N R Y P N N I N A H S U N A O M A A F K A N N R A I H E E R T N U D A R E E R M L E R Y E L L O R L R A H C S A U I X N D E L T O T R F N E F Q N O A E R S T E T E L O O R A O T L F L L I G T T Y L D A N D E M O L A G R U B E O R N K L W O I M R N A Y A M T R E E N S F S E T I E H D A W I V I L T E I L C K I F O M T S G U O N I P O O T D I R R E S T M P P I P N G S Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 741562 gives a bird 7863 gives a bird 9494 gives an extinct bird 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 5634 gives a Roman emperor 19345 gives an English poet 82147 gives an Italian navigator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Triangle Draw 3 straight lines to make 5 triangles. Lines must be drawn from dot to dot, either passing through one dot or none at all. Valid triangles must not contain lines running through them, every line segment must form part of a triangle. Draw a continuous loop in the grid so that the number in each circle corresponds to the number of adjacent squares containing turns in the loop. Part of the loop has been drawn to get you started. Solutions at the end 3 1 1 2 2 1 3 2 3 Example solution 4 3 3 1 2 4 2 2 3 3 2 3 3 3 2 3 1 1 0 1 3 2 2 3 1 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 4 1 2 4 3 Arrow Word The arrows show the direction in which the answer to each clue should be placed. Solutions at the end Leafy veg Horse Ballot Young woman Teeth Bellow Poem Card game Take lessons Prima donna 2.54 cm Weed Moguls Trinkets Hill Shrivel Dined Selfworth Seem Play on words Cereal grains Eagle Draw near Poolbased sport (5,4) Imitated Relieve Biros Trophy Stolen goods _ Healy, singer Snakes Helper Acquires Cooking pot Strong taste Hatchet Stage Prices Seeps Stage whisper Noble gas Summit _ Cotton, soap icon Lees Former Russian rulers Jugs

8 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Spot the difference Can you find six differences between the two pictures below? Solutions at the end Clockword The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter R in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer ring will spell out the name of a former rugby league star. Solutions at the end 11 12 1 10 2 9 R 3 8 4 7 6 5 1 Money-making scheme 2 Rubbish 3 Linger 4 Potion 5 Rugby 6 Cricket delivery 7 Hand tool 8 Writer 9 Child 10 Spirit 11 Rubber 12 Over there Mirrorgram Solve our ten-letter anagram. Solutions at the end D E A R E S T W E B Anagram crossword Fill in the grid using anagrams of the listed words. There may be more than one option for each word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 19 14 22 23 Across 7 OUR ALB 8 STALER 9 SAVE 10 DISPUTER 11 WEBSTER 13 MANES 15 KEELS 17 RESALES 20 THE RAFTS 21 KIN’S 22 I SNORE 23 NOVELS Down 1 A PLACE 2 CO-ED 3 DEPRESS 4 PUPAL (2 words) 5 IN PLACES 6 THE E’EN 12 CHATTIER 14 IT TENDS 16 FLORAE 18 TENDER 19 SARGE 21 LOSE Fill In There are no clues to this word puzzle other than the number of squares in the grid and the length of the words or phrases. Can you place all the words in the grid? Solutions at the end 3 LETTERS AWN BOT EMU ERA EWE 4 LETTERS BATH EATS ECHO FACT IDLE NAME OATH STYE TOME YOGI 5 LETTERS BRIBE CAMEO COPSE CYCLE OLIVE PLANT RADIO RAMEN SAINT TWEAK 6 LETTERS AUTUMN CURDLE ENRICH NAPKIN STRAND SUDOKU TANGLE TEEPEE TONGUE UNWRAP 7 LETTERS BAZOOKA BLANKET COVETED EDITION GAROTTE INVOICE OTOLOGY OVERSEE PROCEED RAINBOW RHUBARB TEACHER 8 LETTERS ALLSPICE ANALOGUE OUTSKIRT OVERTAKE 9 LETTERS AESTHETIC ENCLOSURE NEEDINESS OBSERVANT ORCHESTRA WHOLEMEAL 10 LETTERS TREMENDOUS UNKINDNESS 11 LETTERS ADJUDICATED PREMEDITATE DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 9 Mindbenders Jigsaw su-doku Kakuro Can you tackle this tricky set of logical posers, fiendish word games and mathematical mysteries? Solutions at the end 1 On a camping trip, Sue went to bed before the teacher, who did not go to bed last. The banker went to bed later than the journalist. Sam is not a nurse or a teacher, and he went to bed before Simon. The journalist went to bed later than Sally. What does each friend do for a living and when did they go to bed? 2 Which two words meaning ‘peruse’ and ‘fair’ combine into one meaning ‘rearrange’? 3 Find the neckwear items in these anagrams: a) Ninety Ski, b) Gold Coral, c) Baa Thereof. 4 Leo is trying to collect all the football stickers for Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy. He has as many stickers as there are letters in the countries’ names. If he had twice as many he’d still be 15 short. How many stickers are there for those three countries in total? Gogen 5 What is the next number in the series: 68463 8559 1071 135? Scribble pad ✍ Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. Solutions at the end 1 2 X V S I K ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY Y R P C F D U E T G V D X L B Q O R F H J I A O M J Y W A C U G E T N L N M P B Q K H W S BAROQUE CHAMP DUST EIGHT FROWN JOUSTER KITE LYRE PAWN ROUX VESTRY BOX CLOT FLAG JIG KEG MONTH PRY QUIXOTE STAGE STEADY SWEAT VIEW WHET ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 8 6 4 1 1 6 2 5 8 1 9 5 6 9 5 1 3 4 8 4 8 6 5 3 9 Fill in the rows, columns and boxes with the numbers 1 to 9 without the same number appearing twice in any row, column or box. Solutions at the end Killer su-doku 8 12 11 14 10 10 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions at the end Circlegram Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words, names or terms on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? Solutions at the end 4 19 13 6 14 15 5 11 20 9 20 12 12 5 14 17 15 9 7 15 9 17 7 11 15 10 9 16 4 A L L I O M I D W ? O N I G O N I G 11 35 10 12 10 14 24 8 23 30 6 33 20 4 21 8 10 7 3 6 9 14 15 7 35 13 9 3 7 10 23 4 Fill in the white squares with the numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block of squares must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block must add up to the number in the shaded square above it. No number may be used more than once in any one block. Solutions at the end Futoshiki 4 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions at the end Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. Solutions at the end G O C L R W T O E A A D B A M L S A N A M G B R A Y S L C E O N S H W F E S F A D R

10 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Logic Using the grid below, can you work out who performed each dance? Solutions at the end Five couples are taking part in a dance showcase. Each couple has decided to perform a different dance to show off their dancing skills. Two members of the audience are discussing the dances after the show. “My favourite performance was Camille’s dance. Her waltz was one minute longer than Erin’s performance,” said Andy. “Who was Camille partnered with?” asked Monique. “I can’t quite recall. Her partner definitely wasn’t Dafydd or Amir,” replied Andy. “Bradley and Daisy’s tango was the shortest performance of the five, which is a shame as it was very entertaining,” said Monique. “I believe Ezra performed either the rumba or the jive. His performance was shorter than Alexa’s,” added Andy. “The performance of the jive lasted for three minutes and thirty seconds,” said Monique. “You have a good memory. I recall that the performance of the foxtrot lasted for under three minutes and was not performed by Amir,” replied Andy. If each dance couple consists of one male and one female dancer, can you determine who performed each dance, and how long each performance was? Tango Rumba Jive Waltz Foxtrot Alexa Brianna Camille Daisy Erin 2 min 15 secs Amir Bradley Carlos Dafydd Ezra 2 min 15 secs 2 mins 30 secs 3 mins 10 secs 3 mins 30 secs 4 mins 10 secs Alexa Brianna Camille Daisy Erin 2 mins 30 secs 3 mins 10 secs 3 mins 30 secs 4 mins 10 secs Word Spiral Starting from 1, fill in the grid clockwise with four-letter words. The last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next to reveal a hidden word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 9 10 14 15 8 11 4 1 Fingertip cover 2 Fibs 3 Scorch 4 Log boat 5 Story 6 Slippery fishes 7 Counterfoil 8 Skeleton part 16 13 12 7 6 5 Keyword clue: Strengthen 9 Test taken at school 10 Masculine 11 Heroic 12 Talon 13 Knit with this 14 Minus 15 Halt or pull up 16 Close friends Battleships Find where the fleet of ships shown are hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Solutions at the end A B C D E F G H I J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 2 3 1 2 2 2 1 4 1 x Battleship 3 x Destroyer 2 x Cruiser 4 x Submarine 1 3 0 3 2 2 2 2 4 0 2 Codeword In this completed crossword puzzle, each letter has been replaced with a number. Three letters have been given to start you off, so write these letters wherever their numbers appear in the grid. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions at the end 20 22 22 1 1 10 18 2 26 2 5 7 6 25 22 26 18 22 N 18 22 21 24 26 8 18 10 3 18 O 9 12 8 19 4 12 10 25 W 15 12 9 26 12 4 6 26 26 23 19 22 23 2 22 11 12 6 5 20 24 11 26 13 22 17 6 15 1 12 16 26 18 5 22 16 7 6 10 5 24 25 1 15 15 24 22 18 2 17 12 15 8 26 6 8 14 10 12 12 26 12 12 22 3 22 25 1 5 26 10 4 5 26 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 N W 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 O A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z DMEEIR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 11 Mirror Image Which of the shapes A-D is an exact mirror image of the original? A B Number Fit All of the listed numbers fit into the grid and there’s only one way to do it. One number has been provided to get you started. ORIGINAL C D 4 digits 3436 5046 6034 6965 9485 9679 5 digits 12350 26141 34347 73458 2342858 6234985 7329739 8 digits 23474358 25244434 54252524 62349635 63458429 65485664 2 3 4 2 8 5 8 6 digits 134435 204303 276357 565832 7 digits 1822668 TODAY’S SOLUTIONS BIG PICTURE BIG X SUDOKU FUTOSHIKI JIGSAW SUDOKU SUDOKU: EASY SUDOKU: MEDIUM SUDOKU: HARD 1 4 7 8 9 2 3 5 6 8 6 2 3 7 5 1 4 9 3 5 9 1 6 4 8 7 2 5 9 8 7 2 1 4 6 3 6 2 3 9 4 8 5 1 7 7 1 4 5 3 6 9 2 8 9 3 1 6 5 7 2 8 4 2 7 5 4 8 9 6 3 1 2 8 3 7 5 6 3 8 2 9 4 8 6 2 1 3 7 9 5 4 1 6 6 8 2 4 9 6 1 1 5 4 7 3 2 8 8 2 7 4 1 3 5 1 7 9 9 6 4 3 5 2 1 3 6 7 5 4 8 9 7 4 5 8 3 9 2 6 1 6 8 9 2 4 1 5 3 7 4 9 8 1 6 7 3 2 5 5 3 2 9 8 4 7 1 6 1 7 6 5 2 3 8 9 4 2 1 5 3 4 5 4 2 1 3 4 5 3 2 1 1 3 4 5 2 3 2 1 4 5 9 8 5 6 2 4 7 1 3 4 9 1 7 8 5 6 3 2 2 5 6 3 4 7 9 8 1 3 1 7 8 9 2 4 5 6 5 4 2 1 6 8 3 7 9 8 2 3 4 5 9 1 6 7 1 3 9 2 7 6 5 4 8 6 7 4 9 3 1 8 2 5 7 6 8 5 1 3 2 9 4 7 8 5 6 9 7 4 8 2 1 3 3 4 7 1 9 2 6 8 5 1 2 8 6 5 3 4 7 9 2 1 3 9 4 5 8 7 6 5 3 4 1 9 2 7 4 6 3 5 8 8 4 5 2 7 6 9 1 3 2 6 7 8 5 4 3 9 1 6 7 2 7 9 6 3 8 1 4 5 2 9 8 1 7 3 6 8 2 5 1 9 4 1 8 4 7 5 2 6 3 9 5 8 1 6 3 2 9 4 7 5 2 9 8 6 3 1 4 7 4 6 9 1 5 7 2 8 3 6 3 7 4 1 9 5 2 8 3 2 7 9 8 4 5 6 1 3 6 2 5 9 4 7 8 1 2 4 3 5 6 8 7 1 9 4 7 1 6 2 8 3 9 5 6 7 8 2 1 9 4 3 5 9 5 8 1 3 7 2 6 4 9 1 5 4 7 3 8 2 6 Male partner Amir Bradley Carlos Ezra Dafydd Female partner Alexa Daisy Camille Erin Brianna Dance type Jive Tango Waltz Rumba Foxtrot Dance length 3 mins 30 secs 2 mins 15 secs 4 mins 10 secs 3 mins 10 secs 2 mins 30 secs 9 3 2 5 ENTER VOWEL O U T C A S T F O R C E S H E O W U D E P O S E B I N A R Y D L D O E E E A S T I N D I A G R S L A R M A D A T R I A L S E C C S A L M S H O U S E T A I N C S R A T I O N D O U B T S P Z G U B Y G E N E S R E F E R E E DOUBLE JIGWORD V O D K A S A T I E B P U S U C C U L E N T A O N C U E R U D I T E I A A A E D E T O N A T E S E E C O P A S S E A R L Y A M A C B L U E M O R E B D B Y T U N I S I A M C G H R I V U L E T V N O N T O G A U R N S W L S A LOOP LOGIC HONEYCOMB 1 Supper, 2 Purred, 3 Decade, 4 Dagger, 5 Rewind, 6 Nixing, 7 Gnawed, 8 Writhe, 9 Thrush, 10 Urbane, 11 Notate, 12 Treats. Word wheel PUFFINESS GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 1 Henry James, 2 William Blake, 3 Japan, 4 Robert Ludlum, 5 Italian, 6 F Scott Fitzgerald, 7 France, 8 Paris, 9 Germany, 10 Hawaii, 11 A glacier, 12 Copenhagen, 13 Shark, 14 A tom, 15 A fish, 16 Onion, 17 Wolf, 18 A bird, 19 Brazil, 20 Queen, 21 Hockey, 22 France, 23 Leeds United, 24 Damon Hill, 25 Jesus, 26 The poppy, 27 Egypt, 28 Olive oil, 29 Yellow, 30 Five. ANAGRAM CROSSWORD Across: 7 Labour, 8 Alerts, 9 Vase, 10 Stupider, 11 Bestrew, 13 Names, 15 Sleek, 17 Leasers, 20 Farthest, 21 Sink, 22 Senior, 23 Sloven. Down: 1 Palace, 2 Code, 3 Pressed, 4 Lap up, 5 Pelicans, 6 Ethene, 12 Theatric, 14 Dentist, 16 Loafer, 18 Rented, 19 Gears, 21 Sloe. CLOCKWORD 1 Earner, 2 Lumber, 3 Loiter, 4 Elixir, 5 Rugger, 6 Yorker, 7 Hammer, 8 Author, 9 Nipper, 10 Liquor, 11 Eraser, 12 Yonder. Ellery Hanley 1 1 2 3 3 2 1 6 4 9 7 4 3 2 2 1 2 1 0 1 2 3 1 3 9 1 8 5 2 3 6 4 4 2 6 5 8 7 1 5 3 9 4 3 2 1 8 7 6 1 8 4 6 2 7 9 5 8 5 1 7 3 9 4 6 2 1 8 4 5 9 7 2 8 6 5 3 1 9 7 6 3 9 4 8 2 6 7 2 4 1 3 5 KAKURO KILLER SU-DOKU 5 6 3 1 4 9 9 8 6 7 5 1 8 7 1 7 2 6 9 3 1 2 8 8 6 7 9 3 7 1 2 6 1 9 3 1 8 5 4 3 8 2 2 6 2 1 6 2 5 7 3 9 8 1 4 3 9 1 4 2 8 7 6 5 7 4 8 5 6 1 2 3 9 9 1 6 2 4 3 5 8 7 5 3 7 8 9 6 4 2 1 2 8 4 1 7 5 6 9 3 8 7 9 6 1 4 3 5 2 4 6 3 9 5 2 1 7 8 1 5 2 3 8 7 9 4 6 NUMBER FIT 2 5 2 7 6 1 6 0 3 4 6 2 3 4 9 6 3 5 4 2 1 2 6 4 6 3 4 5 8 4 2 9 5 0 4 6 0 2 1 7 3 4 5 8 2 3 4 2 8 5 8 2 6 2 3 4 9 8 5 1 2 3 5 7 1 9 7 2 3 4 9 6 7 9 2 3 4 7 4 3 5 8 3 4 5 3 6 6 3 4 8 6 5 4 8 5 6 6 4 3 4 3 6 7 5 8 7 4 2 0 TRIANGLE BATTLESHIPS SPLIT DECISION C R E A M 3 L A A A N G R Y S L O 3 2 S W E A R GOGEN 1 X V S I K Y R P C F D Q R H J L U O Y N E T G V F J A M W A C U M P B Q D I G K X L B O E T N H S 2 W MIRRORGRAM SWEETBREAD PATHFINDER Peter Pan, Anna Karenina, Winnie-the-Pooh, Silas Marner, Charlotte Gray, Heidi, Forrest Gump, Oliver Twist, Madame Butterfly, Lorna Doone, Frankenstein, Pippi Longstocking, Artemis Fowl, Don Quixote, Moll Flanders, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Jane Eyre, Huckleberry Finn, Mary Poppins NINER 1 UNLOCATED 2 BARONETCY MINDBENDERS 1 Sue nurse first, Sally teacher second, Sam journalist third, Simon banker fourth. 2 Readjust. 3 a) Skinny tie, b) Dog collar, c) Feather boa. 4 57. 5 18 (+9, /8) CIRCLEGRAM The letter represented by the question mark is S. Williams, Wiggins, Goodison, all British olympic gold medallists. MIRROR IMAGE C WORD SPIRAL 1 Nail, 2 Lies, 3 Sear, 4 Raft, 5 Tale, 6 Eels, 7 Stub, 8 Bone, 9 Exam, 10 Male, 11 Epic, 12 Claw, 13 Wool, 14 Less, 15 Stop, 16 Pals. Bolster CODEWORD 1=P, 2=B, 3=X, 4=F, 5=L, 6=N, 7=Y, 8=T, 9=W, 10=R, 11=G, 12=I, 13=Z, 14=J, 15=S, 16=V, 17=D, 18=O, 19=H, 20=K, 21=Q, 22=E, 23=C, 24=U, 25=M, 26=A. FILL IN T E E P E E O A T H B R I B E N R R U O O L E C H O A U T U M N T W E A K L C S E G H N O V E R T A K E B A Z O O K A S E R I I R L E C U R D L E R A D I O E A T S R M T L T M T E A C H E R A E S T H E T I C A N S E A N P R E M E D I T A T E O L I V E H E O R O U O S U D O K U A W N N A P K I N B S N G K L C S A I N T A D J U D I C A T E D R E O E N N O B S E R V A N T E D I T I O N D E A A N R Y O G I R A M E N E N R I C H T N S E A S A H C O V E T E D A L L S P I C E L S E F O N S C O P S E T A N G L E B A T H G W C U M O R C Y C L E S T Y E U N W R A P SPOT THE DIFFERENCE ARROW WORD K V G R O S L D I P A L O M I N O D A N D E L I O N L T O R A T E A A V C J E W E L L E R Y A P P R O A C H I A G C U P U N A O W A T E R P O L O P A N T A N G P H A S E O O Z E S A S I D E F E E S N E O N A P E X D O T D R E G S T S A R S E W E R S 3 3 3 3

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES GO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER 12 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 12.10.2021 RIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER RUSSELL ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ICORN GRANT AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO MINI CANCER EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO horoscopes ARIES TAURUS LEO GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO VIRGO LIBRA LIBRA LEO SCORPIO SCORPIO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Aries March 21–April 20 Libra Sept 24–Oct 23 SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES A needy friend’s constant A control freak who is close demands are starting to create a to you or related to you is trying to lot of inconvenience SAGITTARIUS for you. CAPRICORN The AQUARIUS manage your PISCES life. If you are single, LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO things ARIES they are TAURUSasking you SAGITTARIUS GEMINIto do CAPRICORN CANCERtheir actions are keeping you from AQUARIUS PISCES are taking up a great deal of your finding true romantic happiness. If time. If this is unusual for them you know in your heart who or PISCES you won’t mind ARIES making TAURUS a few GEMINI CANCER ARIES small what TAURUSyou really GEMINI want then CANCER show sacrifices to help keep your others you’re in charge of your life relationship strong. and relationships. LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS For TAURUS more call 1560 CAPRICORN GEMINI 932201 CANCER AQUARIUS For PISCES more call 1560 932207 TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER ARIUS GO LIBRA SCORPIO RIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO Taurus April 21 – LEO May 21 ARIES VIRGO Scorpio LIBRA SCORPIO Oct 24 – Nov 22 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES You’re disappointed TAURUS in GEMINI a CANCER You’re struggling to come close friend or partner whose to terms with someone’s CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS actions SAGITTARIUS have CAPRICORN been deceitful. AQUARIUSIt’s PISCESconfession. A workmate has difficult to know how to handle trusted you with information you this. How does their behaviour SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN would prefer AQUARIUS not to have PISCESknown compare with what you have about. If you can discuss this LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO already been through LEO together? VIRGO Is dilemma LIBRA with SCORPIO your boss it will feel it unusual? If this is the first time, like a weight has been lifted from SCORPIO it could be easier to forgive them. your shoulders. For more call 1560 932202 For more call 1560 932208 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Gemini May 22 –June 21 Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER A friend’s SAGITTARIUS cheerfulness CAPRICORN will AQUARIUSClarity PISCES of vision will help you PISCES be contagious keeping you feeling see what’s needed to achieve your confident. Even though you are cherished goals. Listening to your LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO enjoying your friendships, you’re intuition will help you sense also seriously thinking about LEO obstacles VIRGO that LIBRAlie ahead. SCORPIOTrust your arranging a trip where there will intuition even if this prompts you be no one ARIES else’s company TAURUS but GEMINI your to CANCER change plans on the spur of the amour’s. You will both appreciate moment or to take a different some time to yourselves. route to normal. SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES For CANCER more call 1560 932203 ARIES TAURUS For GEMINI more call 1560 CANCER932209 ICORN AQUARIUS PISCES MINI EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES ARIUS GO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ICORN SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES MINI BRARIES ARIUS LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA Cancer June 22 –July 23 SCORPIO Capricorn Dec 22 –Jan 20 You aren’t expecting You’re determined to reach wonders from a team effort but a goal and once you have made SCORPIO you TAURUSdo expect GEMINI to have CANCER fun at the your mind up, nothing is going to LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO same time. When asked for ideas stop you from achieving this. For to ARIES help SAGITTARIUS move TAURUS this CAPRICORN project GEMINI forward, AQUARIUS CANCERyou PISCESwon’t stop until you get there. keep them practical and realistic. This will lead to a worthwhile Avoid going to extremes but at the achievement but don’t forget that same time, keep your outlook on all your hard work should be life flexible. balanced with relaxation. PISCES For LEOmore call 1560 VIRGOSAGITTARIUS 932204LIBRACAPRICORN SCORPIOAQUARIUS For more call 1560 PISCES932210 Leo July 24 – August 23 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 There is something You have a lot to think important you need to discuss about. Discussions are heavy and with a partner or a close friend. complicated when legal, money SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS You’re uncertain about their PISCES and contractual matters are reactions LEOalthough VIRGO you have LIBRA a SCORPIO looked at in detail. You don’t feel strong feeling they won’t be happy. ready to make any dramatic TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Is this a subject you can approach changes. Time spent with a quiet tentatively at first? It might help, friend will add a touch of serenity before confronting them. to your day. For more SAGITTARIUS call 1560 932205 For more call 1560 932211 CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Virgo Aug 24 – Sept 23 Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 You might need to find a Life is getting too serious. new way to cope with You long to escape routine and disappointment. You haven’t felt heavy responsibilities. You’re so emotional and sensitive before. seriously thinking about cutting It would make a lot of sense to ties with someone who seems to steer away from people, places think they hold a degree of power and situations that make you over you. Being cooped up in the miserable. Aim for friends and same place for too long will make places that make you happy. you feel claustrophobic. For more call 1560 932206 For more call 1560 932212 Calls cost €1.28 per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0818 205 403 The Spirit Sisters Call our team of Psychics BY PHONE BILL 1570 923 215 €1.78/min from an Eircom landline. Other networks and mobiles may be more. CALL & PAY BY CARD (01) 554 1915 €35.60 / 20 Mins. Calls charged at standard network rate. All calls recorded. 18+. Entertainment purposes only. You must be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission. We may send free promotional messages. Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk - Make this vegetable tatin with nuts and cheese as a showstopper. Perfect for a veggie family, it also makes a great centrepiece 500g block puff pastry 3 slim carrots, about 12-13 cm long, halved lengthways 3 slim parsnips about 12-13 cm long, halved lengthways plus 1 large parsnip, peeled and grated 2tbsp olive oil 2 heaped tbsp slightly salted butter 5 banana shallots, 3 halved lengthways, 2 thinly sliced small bunch sage, leaves picked and finely chopped 4 rosemary sprigs, leaves picked and finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely grated or crushed 100g caster sugar 125ml red wine vinegar 100g blue cheese, crumbled (we used Cropwell Bishop) For the candied nuts 50g walnuts, roughly chopped 25g caster sugar 2 tsp butter 3 rosemary sprigs DMEEIR CARTOONS Veggie delights BBC Good Food daily recipe to collect Root vegetable tatin with candied nuts & blue cheese PreP: 25 mins Cook: 50 mins - 55 mins easy serves 6 Heat oven to 1 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Roll out the pastry to just larger than a 30cm diameter ovenproof frying pan and use the pan as a template to cut out a round of pastry. Leave in the fridge, or a cool place while you prepare everything else. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add 2 the carrots and parsnips and cook for 5 mins. Drain and set aside to dry off slightly. Heat the oil and 1tbsp of the butter in your pan and cook the sliced shallots and grated parsnips for 1-2 mins over a medium-high heat until just starting to brown, then add a good splash of water to the pan. Stir to scrape up any brown bits, turn the heat down slightly, cover and cook for 4-5 mins, stirring every so often. The parsnips should be tender. Add the herbs and garlic and cook for another minute, then tip into a bowl, scraping out as well as you can. Season a little and set aside. 3 Add the sugar and vinegar to the pan and bring to the boil. Cook for a few minutes until syrupy, then stir in the remaining butter. Set aside to cool slightly, then arrange the vegetables in the pan, fanning them out. Top with the herby shallot and parsnip mixture, pushing it into any spaces there may be. Lay the pastry over the top of the vegetables and push in the edges a little. Place in the oven and bake for 30-35 mins until puffed and deep golden brown. While the tart bakes, put the nuts, 4 sugar and butter in a small frying pan with a pinch of salt. Cook over a medium-high heat for about 5 mins, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved and coated the nuts. Add the rosemary for the last minute. Tip out on to a piece of baking parchment and leave to cool for a few minutes. 5 Once the tart is baked, remove from the oven and carefully turn out on to a serving board. Scrape out any bits that are left in the tin and add back to the tart. Bash the nuts to break them up and scatter over, along with the crumbled cheese. TOMORROW’s Recipe: AuTuMn vegeTAble sOup WiTh cheesy TOAsTs