Susan and Karl in Neighbours
They’ve been through a lot, but is this the final straw? (Picture: Channel 5)

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) have been through a lot in Neighbours, but Olivia Bell’s (Alyce Platt) return last year almost spelled the end for them. She betrayed Karl when he told her the truth about Finn Kelly, so could another return for her be the final nail in the coffin for their marriage?

Karl is nervous, Olivia has returned to town and that can only mean trouble. She’s already started getting into Susan’s head and it seems his apprehension is well-founded. The woman who betrayed him is now getting under his wife’s skin.

Olivia approaches him about rewriting her book – she wants to tell the story properly this time, or so she says. For Karl it’s a no-go, she should have got it right the first time around. Susan, on the other hand, is considering assisting Olivia as she so badly wants the story told properly. But why the change of heart for Olivia? There’s something fishy going on here and Karl definitely smells it. He is suspicious of Olivia’s true intentions, has he got a point?

He discovers Susan has been analysing the book The Devil You Know and takes it as a bad sign, he realises how serious she is about contributing to the re-telling. A major no no as far as he’s concerned. Susan’s overwhelmed with the desire to set the record straight without fully understanding the consequences of her getting involved, namely that it could take another dent out of her marriage. And this time it could be irreparable.

Susan in Neighbours
Susan is ready to risk her marriage (Picture: Channel 5)

Karl’s main concern is that going over everything with Finn once again could prove damaging to Susan’s mental health, but Susan thinks the opposite and isn’t willing to listen. In fact, she outright ignores his pleas and agrees with Olivia to help with the new version of the book behind his back. Karl implores her further, begging her to change her mind, but it’s made up, she needs to do this.

Karl knows how this is going to go – it’s going to end in disaster like it always does. Is he about to lose his wife?

Scenes air from Monday 22nd March on Channel 5.

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