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Top 5 Best 9mm Suppressor of 2021

You don’t want to bother people at the gun range when using your 9mm pistol, right? That’s where a suppressor can come in handy.

Having a 9mm suppressor does more than reduce the noise produced by the pistol. The suppressor also reduces the recoil on the gun.

With less recoil, your shots will be more accurate. You’ll have a more enjoyable time on the gun range thanks to the newfound control you’ll have.

Let’s look at some of the best 9mm suppressor models you can use today. Each of these will work for the many shooting needs you have.

Best 9mm Suppressor
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What Are the Top 9mm Suppressors?

Suppressor Material Length (in inches) Other Guns Supported Besides 9mm Models
SilencerCo Omega Cobalt-chromium alloy 4.7 for 9K, 6.4 for 45K .40 S&W, 300 BLK, .45 ACP (9K model may not work for all options)
Advanced Armament Illusion 9 For Luger Stainless steel 5 Works with an adapter for ½ to 28 tpi threads
Gemtech GM-9 Aluminum 6.5 300 BLK
Sig Sauer SRD9 Titanium and stainless steel 6 n/a
SilencerCo Maxim 9 Polymer 10.75 n/a

1 SilencerCo Omega

The Omega silencer is often seen as the last word in the silencer world. This is thanks mainly to how it comes with a tubeless body that is fully welded.

The tubeless design ensures that vibrations will not occur within the silencer as you fire. This allows you to keep a steady shot.

A cobalt-chromium alloy is used on this silencer. The design keeps the inside from wearing out due to blast corrosion.

You can find the Omega silencer in 9K and 45K forms. The 9K model is 4.7 inches in length while the 45K unit is 6.4 inches. The 45K model fits onto not only 9mm pistols but also .45 ACP pistols and 300 BLK rifles.

9mm suppressor

  • Capable of working with a fully automatic setup
  • Works with both subsonic and supersonic ammo
  • The 1.5-inch diameter fits well onto the pistol
  • Adds a bit more weight onto the gun
  • Hard to clean out
  • The 9K model does not fit onto as many guns as the 45K one

2 Advanced Armament Illusion 9 For Luger

Your 9mm Luger pistol can utilize this Advanced Armament suppressor model. This unit uses an offset shooting position.

You can adjust the orientation of the suppressor as necessary. This provides you with an unobstructed layout for getting a shot to work right.

Stainless steel is utilized on the inside part of the suppressor. The blast baffle uses a steel coating that allows the ammo to move out smoothly. You can remove the baffle surface from the tip for easy cleaning.

best 9mm silencer

  • Requires little to no adjustment in your aim for perfect use
  • The cone baffle is easy to clean out
  • The steel body lasts for years and does not corrode
  • Hard to apply adapter for use on other guns
  • Too lengthy for smaller guns

3 Gemtech GM-9

The interesting part of this Gemtech suppressor is that it comes with a tube that can be taken apart. You can remove the inside tube for added cleaning. This keeps residue from getting into the suppressor over time.

The lightweight aluminum body on this suppressor is about five ounces in weight. The surface is supported by a black matte finish for a striking look.

The center thread design offers a smooth body all the way through. This prevents you from having to shift your aim as you use the pistol.

best suppressor for 9mm

  • Easy to take apart and put back together
  • Does not require a mount
  • Works with 9mm and full auto ammo plus 300 BLK subsonic ammo
  • The parts need to be aligned properly for use
  • May not work well with supersonic ammo

4 Sig Sauer SRD9 Suppressor

Another 9mm Luger suppressor, this uses a titanium tube. The design adds a strong body without adding lots of weight. Stainless steel baffles add a good layout for handling a shot too.

One end on the suppressor uses a securing setup that offers a strong link from the unit to the gun. It takes just a second for you to screw this in.

This model can work with tilting barrel pistols. The recoil produced by this mechanism is easier to handle as required.

best pistol suppressor

  • Powerful titanium body
  • Easy to attach onto the gun
  • Can work with a fixed barrel spacer
  • Limited selection of cartridges to support
  • Requires regular calibration

5 SilencerCo Maxim 9

The last of the best 9mm suppressors you can use is this SilencerCo model. This unit is a suppressor that comes with a 17-round cartridge for a 9mm Luger.

The suppressor uses a two-dot fixed rear sight for aiming. The double-action setup also provides you with a faster approach for loading up the gun.

The polymer material on the stock allows the suppressor to stay intact without adding lots of weight onto the gun. This may particularly work with a long configuration to produce a better shot with a controlled noise.

9mm silencer

  • Does not speed up the firing process

9mm Suppressor Buying Guide

You need to look at how well a 9mm suppressor can be utilized when finding something appropriate for your pistol.

What Is the Suppressor Made Of?

Take a look at the materials used in the construction of your suppressor so you have something that works well for your shooting needs. A suppressor may be built with a steel body that can handle the added pressure and heat produced by the firing process.

quietest 9mm suppressor
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Aluminum or some alloys may be utilized in a suppressor to reduce the weight. However, aluminum is not always good enough to handle every shot one takes, especially when an automatic gun is considered.

Titanium has become a popular material in recent years. The metal has been noteworthy for offering a dense and strong body while still being light in weight.

What Is the POI Shift?

Review the POI or Point of Impact shift on your silencer. The shift refers to how much of an adjustment you have to make when positioning your gun towards a target. The best suppressor features a minimum POI shift that should not be any larger than the size of a quarter.

Subsonic vs. Supersonic

You must review how well the suppressor will reduce the sounds produced by both kinds of ammo. Subsonic ammo is a round that will go slower than the speed of sound. This one will not produce as much noise.

Supersonic ammo produces small sonic cracks as the ammo goes faster than the sound barrier. This causes the ammo to be louder as it is fired.

How Much Does the Suppressor Weigh?

Be aware of the weight on your suppressor so you don’t have something that might be too difficult to carry around or use. A suppressor should weigh about 6 to 12 ounces on average. This may be a strong total when getting your 9mm pistol secure, so be cautious.

9mm suppressor for sale

Check On the Cone Baffle

Look at how well the cone baffle on the suppressor is laid out. This is the tip part of the suppressor. You should have enough room around the baffle to clean it out. This allows the ammo to move out of the gun quickly and effortlessly.

The baffle may still develop a buildup of residue over time. Therefore, you must clean it out like what you would do with the regular chamber on your gun.

How Long Can It Last For?

Review how many rounds your suppressor can work for before buying it. Some suppressors can handle thousands of rounds of ammo, but others might only work with a couple hundred. The materials used in the construction of the suppressor may be a factor in what causes your suppressor to work for a certain period. Also, a suppressor will experience more stress if it handles a full auto shooting layout.

Check the Diameter

The diameter of the suppressor should be around 1.25 inches. This is enough to fit onto an average 9mm unit.


We have determined that the best 9mm suppressor of 2021 you can use is the SilencerCo Omega. The design on this suppressor offers a simple layout. It is also easy to use with many ammo types.

Regardless of what you choose, you should see how well a 9mm suppressor can work for you. Your suppressor will not only keep the gun from being too noisy but also improve upon how you handle a gun.

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