Countries that use the Euro as their Currency

The Euro is one of the world’s most valued and traded currencies. The Euro is the official currency of the European Union. The circulation of Euro banknotes and coins is the largest in the world, surpassing the circulation of the US dollar in 2018, with over €1.2 trillion in circulation. After the US dollar, the euro is the second most foreign reserve currency, with €850 billion. The euro is the official currency of 19 of the EU’s 27 member nations, as well as four other European territories.

The euro is a crucial part of the global financial system. Increasing cross-border transactions due to globalization have necessitated that many banks have access to local currency deposits in different parts of the world.

European Union (EU) Countries useEuro’:

No#CountryPresent CurrencyPrevious Currency
1 AustriaEuro (€)Schilling
2 BelgiumEuro (€)Belgian franc
3 CyprusEuro (€)Cypriot pound
4 EstoniaEuro (€)Estonian kroon
5 FinlandEuro (€)Finnish markka
6 FranceEuro (€)French franc
7 GermanyEuro (€)Deutsche Mark
8 GreeceEuro (€)Greek drachma
9 IrelandEuro (€)Punt
10 ItalyEuro (€)Italian lira
11 LatviaEuro (€)Latvian lats
12 LithuaniaEuro (€)Lithuanian litas
13 LuxembourgEuro (€)Luxembourgish franc
14 MaltaEuro (€)Maltese lira
15 NetherlandsEuro (€)Dutch guilder
16 PortugalEuro (€)Portuguese escudo
17 SlovakiaEuro (€)Slovak koruna
18 SloveniaEuro (€)Slovenian tolar
19 SpainEuro (€)Spanish peseta
Other European Countries use 'Euro'
20AndorraEuro (€)None official
21MonacoEuro (€)Monegasque franc
22San MarinoEuro (€)Sammarinese lira
23Vatican CityEuro (€)Vatican lira

Euro Banknotes

€ 5
€ 10
€ 20
€ 50
€ 100
€ 200
€ 500

Euro Coins

Interesting Facts:

  • ” is the symbol of Euro Currency and EUR is the ISO 4217 Code.
  • The 23 European Countries using ‘Euro’, it is popularly known as “Eurozone”.
  • Some nations outside of the Eurozone primarily trade using the ‘Euro’ currency.
  • Kosovo and Montenegro also use the euro as their only currency.
  • The ‘Euro’ is under the jurisdiction of the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem.
  • The Eurosystem is responsible for the printing and distribution of Euro currency notes and coins.
  • After the US Dollar ($), the Euro is the world’s second biggest reserve and most traded currency.
  • With almost €1.2 trillion in circulation (banknotes and coins), the Euro is the most widely used currency in the world.
  • The ‘Euro’ is used by over 343 million Europeans, and it is the second most widely used currency in the world.

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